Limb Removal Program

Due to an increase to the Village for disposal of limbs and brush, there will be a $10 user fee for each pickup location, payable at the time of pickup, effective January 1, 2022.  A pre-addressed envelope will be provided at the time of pickup to be returned to Village Hall (by mail or drop-off in person or the outdoor drop box).  All other restrictions still apply.

Contact Street Superintendent Bob Keplar at 618-345-7028, extension 2326, for additional information.

The Village of Maryville has a limb removal program for Maryville residents. Below are the guidelines established for assisting residents with brush and limb cleanup:

  • If someone other than the property owner trims the trees then the limbs / brush must be disposed of by them. We will not pick up limbs or brush that was cut by a hired company or individual. We will not pick up yard waste bags.  
  • Brush and limbs are limited to pieces no larger than 10 inches in diameter and must be manageable by one man. 
  • The brush pile must fit into an area 4 feet x 8 feet and will be picked up once a month per address.
  • Brush and limb collections will be the first Monday and Tuesday of each month unless a holiday falls on the Monday. Then we will pick up on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Residents will need to place all brush and limbs within ten feet of the curb (debris is prohibited from being placed on sidewalks or streets).
  • Residents must make an appointment for pickup prior to the the collection days with the address needing to be picked up. You may call 618-345-7027 ext. 2321 or email