Taking Care of a Pit Encoder-Receiver-Transmitter (ERT)

Helpful Tips

If you have an encoder-receiver-transmitter (ERT) mounted on the top of the meter pit lid in your yard or driveway, be careful not to run over it with a lawn mower or snow blower. Don't bury the ERT or the meter pit and don't place objects on top of the ERT. We will still need access to your meter and ERT from time to time, and objects on the ERT may block the very weak radio signal.

We've found the greatest hazard to a pit ERT is any lawn machinery. Even our special recessed meter pit lids can't protect these electronic devices from the sharp devices on lawn machinery. If you hire someone to take care of your lawn, be sure to remind them not to run over the meter pit. If the ERT is broken by a lawn mower, or some other device, you will receive a bill for the repairs.

Leave Your Pit Alone

By Village of Maryville ordinances, you are not allowed to open your water meter pit. The ERT is connected to the meter by a wire that could be broken or pulled out of the ERT. If the ERT is damaged, we'll have to replace it at your expense.

Landscaping around the meter pit or anything else around the meter pit is not allowed by village ordinances also. If you have any questions about your meter pit, email the Maryville Water Department or call at (618) 345-7027 ext. 2329. If the water clerk cannot answer your question, we will send a field technician to meet with you.