1993 - 2009

 April 1993 
Larry Gulledge was elected Mayor.

April 1994 
Red'z Barbeque Shack opens at the intersection of Rtes. 162 & 159.

October 30 ,1995 
Maryville opens a new post office north of the Knights of Columbus building on Route 159. The official address is #1 Oak Drive. 

May 1, 1993 - 1999

  • New $400,000 Fire Station was constructed at 300 N, Donk St. by Jun Construction.
  • Hired Alan Ortbals to provide economic development services for the village.
  • Anderson Hospital's Women's Pavilion was dedicated.
  • Clerk Frank Vallino retired per resolution on July 21, 1999.
  • Route 162 waterline was installed.
  • The two-story building (Village Hall) and Police Station were renovated.
  • A Special Census was conducted in 1994 and 1997.
  • Playground equipment was purchased from Reese Recreation Products for $9,935.00 and installed in Drost Park.
  • Two pavilions were constructed in the Park System for $15,500.00.
  • Boundary line agreements were signed with Troy, Glen Carbon, and Collinsville.
  • West Main Street (Phase I and II) was reconstructed as a concrete road from the beginning of the Rolling Meadows Subdivision to Pleasant Ridge Road using a combination of federal, county, and local funds.
  • Maryville joined the Madison County Cable TV Consortium in which a number of communities banded together to negotiate better cable TV franchises with Charter Communications.
  • The Lakeview Acres Road Water Main Extension was completed allowing for looping of the water system.
  • The Wheel Tax was repealed.
  • An emergency water supply agreement and water connection was established with Glen Carbon.
  • Old underground fuel tanks were removed at the old fire house.
  • New Christmas decorations were purchased for the village which are seen every Christmas lighting up Routes 159 and 162 through the village.
  • Open house for the dedication of the Fire Station and Administrative Building held on May 21, 1994.
  • Road and sewer improvements were made to E. Main Street via a $125,000.00 grant from Madison County Community Development by Theims Construction.
  • West Main Street Water Main was relocated (due to Phase I of W. Main St. road construction) by D&K Backhoe for $33,768.00.
  • Village sign marquee, directional signs, and building designation signs were erected.
  • Police Chief Donald Sonnenberg was presented the Medal of Valor.
  • Water tap-on fees were raised.
  • The village received federal funding under a COPS FAST grant for one additional police officer.
  • Special Service Area #3 was created for sanitary sewers (a $350,000.00 project for Plocher Construction) for residents of Maryville Park Terrace and Lin Hy Terrace. Residents will pay of cost of these sewer mains via property taxes.
  • The Drost Park Master Plan was created by the Southwestern Illinois Planning Commission in conjunction with the Park Committee.
  • Two full time firefighters (EMTIs) were hired by the village for the Fire Department.
  • Development agreements with the Osborns (Stonebridge Farms & Copper Creek Subdivisions) and Thomas (Fox Mill Estates) were created to rebate sewer tap-on fees for construction of sewer lift stations in these developments.
  • A survey of residents concerning water softening of the village water was conducted and based on a 70% approval rating water softening was authorized to be added to the village's water plant. This $850,000.00 project by Fitzpatrick-Murphy Building Contractors is paid for by residents with an extra charge on their water bills for softening.
  • A grant of $125,000.00 was received from Madison County Community Development for sanitary sewers for portions of Giofre, Nepute, Drost, and Williams Streets.
  • A business district was created at the intersection of Route 159 and I55/70 which will contain the new Collinsville-Maryville-Troy (CMT) YMCA.
  • The Postal Service expanded the postal district containing Maryville and constructed a new post office at #1 Oak Drive.
  • The Homecoming Association in coordination with the Village of Maryville and the Maryville Fire Protection District purchased a new ambulance, multi-purpose truck, and a fire truck.
  • High service pumps at the water plant were refurbished and/or upgraded as well as well pumps being pulled and refurbished.
  • Minimum and maximum well setback zones were established for the wells at the Maryville Water Treatment Plant in an effort to prevent pollution/contamination of the wells and associated ground water.
  • Village Personnel Policy was revised.
  • The Public Works Department upgraded equipment with the purchase of new backhoes, snow-plowing trucks, and a trailer.
  • In association with the county's Keebler Road Project some $160,000.00 of water lines were relocated as well as the sewer metering station being relocated.
  • East Main Street was refurbished for some $90,000.00 in a low interest loan from Madison County as well as some funding from Madison County.
  • Portions of Blossom Lake Lane were refurbished for $19,900.00 by Yates Concrete.
  • A $170,000.00 low interest loan was received from Madison County for construction of the Blackburn Terrace Interceptor Sewer.
  • A full time Building & Zoning Administrator and Code Enforcement Officer (Kevin Flaugher) was hired by the village.
  • The village executed a Brine Waste Agreement and Collective Sewers Agreement with Glen Carbon.
  • A Comprehensive "Master" Plan was developed by the Southwestern Illinois Planning Commission for the Village of Maryville at a cost of $26,900.00. A Master Plan Committee of trustees and citizens helped to develop this plan.
  • A moratorium was placed on the construction of telecommunication towers with the village.
  • An erosion control ordinance was established in the village in response to the explosive growth of the village and the need to prevent erosion and keep the streets clean.
  • The Maryville Police Department implements its Senior Citizen Police Academy.
  • The Maryville Municipal Utility Tax is revised.
  • The Small Waterline Project is completed to replace water lines on portions of S. Donk, Nepute, and Hayden.
  • Multiple legislative grants were received by the Village of Maryville as sponsored by State Representative Jay Hoffman:
    • a. Two $20,000 grants for police cars.
    • b. One $30,000 grant of computers/video cameras for the Police Dept.
    • c. One $25,000 grant for the Fire Dept. for turn out gear and a thermal imaging goggles.
    • d. One $40,000 grant for flashing signals for the Fire Dept. and installed by the Illinois Dept. of Transportation (IDOT).
    • e. One $20,000 grant for Maryville parks.
    • f. One $110,000 grant for purchase of a new fire truck.
    • g. One $8,000 grant for purchase of a new heating/A/C unit for the Maryville Senior Citizen Center.
  • A new roof was put on the Maryville Senior Citizen Center.
  • The village is spending approximately $150,000 from the Hotel/Motel Fund and Public Comfort Fund to build a parking lot/boat ramp/public comfort station in Drost Park.
  • The Village Board of Maryville expressed its concerns to the Collinsville Community School District #10 concerning overcrowding in the schools, particularly Maryville Elementary School.
  • The Village of Maryville received a grant of $5,000 as seed money from Illinois Power for baseball lights for the baseball fields in Drost Park.
  • Authorized bonds for the construction of the new YMCA in the amount of $2.5M. The YMCA is responsible for repaying these bonds and Maryville was only the conduit to procure this bonding action.
  • Received a grant of $225,000.00 for three new police officers under the COPS Universal Hiring Program as sponsored by the federal government.
  • A public golf course was built in the Stonebridge Farms subdivision.


  • August 1999 - Village Trustee Todd Bell started work on the Village of Maryville Web Site.
  • August 1999 - A boat ramp is completed and opened for lake access in Drost Park.
  • August 1999 - Tony Fritz is hired as a dispatcher for the Police Department.
  • September 1999 - Maryville Fire Department receives an $110,000 grant presented by Rep. Jay Hoffman for the purchase of a new fire truck.
  • October 1999 - The public comfort station in Drost Park is completed.
  • October 1999 - Melissa Bailey is hired as the Water Clerk for the Public Works Department.
  • October 1999 - Officer Shawn Philpott is hired with a COPS Fast Grant, to join the Police Department.
  • November 1999 - Economic Development Committee is re-established.
  • November 1999 - Officer Matthew Spaller is hired with a COPS Fast Grant, to join the Police Department.
  • November 1999 - James McMahan is hired as a laborer for the Public Works Street Department.
  • December 1999 - A new police vehicle, a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria, is purchased for the Police Department.


  • February 2000 - Administrative Assistant for the Police Department position is created.
  • February 2000 - Kristin Mathis is hired as a dispatcher for the Police Department.
  • April 2000 - Collinsville Area Recreational District completes and opens a new children’s playground at Maryville School.
  • May 2000 - Officer Thomas Garrett is hired to join the Police Department.
  • May 2000 - University of Illinois Master Gardner Program begins site beautification project at Drost Park.
  • May 2000 - New playground equipment is purchased and set up near Pavilion #1 in Drost Park.
  • June 2000 - CMT-YMCA opens.
  • June 2000 - A new police vehicle is purchased for the Police Department, a 2000 Ford Crown Victoria.
  • July 2000 - Madison County Board authorizes a $125,000 grant for sewers for portions of Giofre, W. Main and Williams streets.
  • August 2000 - Casey, a 5-6 year old German Shepard, joins the Village’s Police Department as it’s first K-9 patrol dog.
  • September 2000 - Terry Drenkhahn is hired as a laborer for the Public Works Water Department.
  • November, 4 2000 - Ground breaking ceremony for construction of new Public Works Building.
  • December 2000 - Terry Hodapp joins the Fire Department as a full time Fireman.
  • December 2000 - New police vehicle, 2001 Chevrolet Impala, is purchased for the Police Department.


  • January 2001 - Officer James Newcomb is hired to join the Police Department.
  • February 2001 - The Village becomes a participating municipality with J.U.L.I.E.
  • March 2001 - The Madison County Community Development Block Grant sewer project on Williams and Giofre Streets is completed.
  • March 2001 - Food Pantry opened in the new location above the old Firehouse at Donk and Zupan Streets. The Pantry will be open on Tuesdays 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.; Thursdays 10 a.m. to 12 Noon; and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 12 Noon.
  • March 2001 - Three warning sirens located in the Village are installed and operational. A $25,000 Illinois First Grant sponsored through Rep. Jay Hoffman’s office funded the sirens.
  • March 2001 - Census Bureau publishes updated numbers. The Village of Maryville is number one in the immediate area and number 2 in percentage of growth in Madison County. Our population is now listed at 4651.
  • April 2001 - The Village’s Fire Department receives a grant from the Illinois Health Department for two automated electronic defibrillators valued at about $4000 each.
  • April 2001 - Two new police vehicles, 2001 Chevrolet Impalas, are purchased for the Police Department.
  • May 2001 - May 2nd - Maryville’s first full-time Mayor, Larry Gulledge, is sworn in as Village President for his third consecutive term. Newly elected trustees; Jack Callahan, Linda Garcia, and Edward Kostyshock are also sworn in to their offices.
  • May 2001 - A Centennial Committee, with Trustee Kostyshock as Board liaison, is created.
  • May 2001 - Jeff Henry is hired as a laborer for the Public Works Street Department.
  • June 2001 - Public Works Supervisor, John Michael (Big Mike) Dorchincez, passes away on Monday, June 4th at approximately 5:30 p.m. Big Mike was an employee of the Village for twenty-eight (28) years.
  • June 2001 - Two automatic defibrillators are purchased for the police department vehicles, bringing the total for the department to five.
  • June 2001 - Appointment of Patrick Presson as Water & Sewer Superintendent.
  • June 2001 - Appointment of Gary Mann as Superintendent of Streets, Alleys, Lights, and Buildings.
  • July 2001 - New Public Works Building is completed and turned over to the Village.
  • July 2001 - Dale Henshaw and Joe Simpson are hired as laborers for the Public Works Water Department.
  • July 2001 - New police vehicle, 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe, is purchased for the Police Department. Purchased with assistance from a State of Illinois 75/25 Grant.
  • August 2001 - Ribbon cutting ceremony for the Maryville Outreach Center is August 11th.
  • August 2001 - Bid opening for improvements to Village Hall and Police Station is August 15th.
  • August 2001 - Christopher Hartman is hired as a dispatcher for the Police Department.
  • August 2001 - Karl Altenberger joins the Building & Zoning/Code Enforcement Department.
  • September 2001 - Concession Stand located behind the police department is torn down by the Street Department on September 19 in preparation for construction to begin on the Village Hall and Police Department buildings.
  • October 2001 - Grandma’s Attic, a “re-sale shop”, located in the Maryville Outreach Center is up and running.
  • October 2001 - Construction begins on the Village Complex additions/improvements. This encompasses the Administration Building, Police Department, concession stand, public comfort station and parking lots.
  • October 2001 - Officer Kenneth Finley joins the Village’s Police Department. Officer Finley is the third and final police officer hired with a COPS Fast Grant.
  • October 2001 - New Public Works Building ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication of building to the memory of John “Big Mike” Dorchincez is held October 20.
  • October 27, 2001 - Centennial Dance at K.C. Hall, kicks off Centennial celebration activities scheduled for the upcoming year.


  • Village of Maryville Centennial Celebrations. History book written and published, Museum developed and opened. Centennial Plaza constructed between Village Hall and Police Station. Memorial Wall constructed on Village Complex property along Hwy. 159.
  • Dugouts are constructed for baseball and softball fields.
  • Green Space ordinance created and approved.
  • Agreement entered into with Illinois Department of Transportation for Highway 159 widening and improvements through Maryville along with construction of sidewalks at Village’s expense.
  • Renovation and new addition to Village Hall and Police Station and parking lot improvements are completed.


  • Road improvements are begun in Lyn Hi subdivision.
  • Taser guns purchased for Police Department.
  • Radio Read water meter system is purchased and implementation plan created to replace meters throughout Village by end of 2009 with 2010 being the clean up year, at the end of which the public works department will switch to a fixed network where towers will read the meters.


  • Approval for digging of new water well #4.
  • Work begins on Highway 159 improvements through Maryville .
  • Construction of and purchase of equipment for older children’s playground in Drost Park .
  • Dredging of Drost Park Lake .
  • Village Comprehensive Plan is updated.
  • Construction of Cedar Valley Bike Trail Entrance.
  • Expansion and further development of Professional Park including addition of Subway Restaurant.
  • Special Census is requested and conducted. New population total is 5,905; up from 2000’s Census count of 4,651.
  • Microsurfacing of streets in Lyn Hi subdivision.
  • Demonstration Library is formed and granted approval to use Village owned building at #8A Schiber Court .
  • Establishment of Firefighters’ and Police Officers ’ Pension Funds and Boards.
  • Maryville Village Gazette, a bi-monthly newsletter, is started by volunteer Jack Kime . The Village Gazette is produced by the Village and distributed to all Maryville residents.
  • Purchase of In-Car camera video system for police units.


  • Addition of Anderson Hospital Oncology Institute.
  • Deep Water Well #4 is completed.
  • Plans for construction of Cambridge House Supportive Living Facility are approved.
  • New Maryville Outreach Center building is constructed. Funds are obtained through a grant from Madison County and fund raising efforts by the Maryville Ministerial Alliance and Mayor Gulledge.
  • 2nd Comfort Station in Drost Park along Schoolhouse Bike Trail is constructed. Funding obtained through Madison County Park & Recreation District and Illinois OSLAD grants.
  • Renovation of Firemen’s Park restroom and pavilion.
  • Phase 1 of Old Town Improvement project is begun. Phase 1 includes improvements to the storm sewer system and drainage.
  • Construction of an 18” parallel interceptor sewer is approved.


  • Purchase of Americana Falling Star pole decorations along Highway 159 for July 4th observances.
  • Electric and water lines are installed to the baseball and softball fields in Drost Park .
  • Addition of three new baseball/softball fields in Drost Park .
  • Completion of new comfort station in Drost Park .
  • Completion of renovations to Firemen’s Park restrooms and pavilion.
  • Addition of Village of Amberleigh development.
  • Addition of Tuscany Ridge development.
  • High Service pumps at water plant are upgraded/replaced.
  • Curb and gutter replacements and microsurfacing along Maryknoll.
  • Join Troy Chamber of Commerce.
  • Phase 2 of Old Town Improvement is approved. Phase 2 includes road reconstruction, resurfacing and sidewalks.
  • Improvements to Drost Park and Copper Creek lift stations are begun.


  • Park Committee institutes “Movie in the Park” events.
  • Online bill pay option made available to water and sewer customers.
  • Maryville Community Improvement Board is established.
  • Electrical upgrade to Police Station.
  • Plans are approved for Villa Marie Winery.
  • Annexation of 50+ parcels along Keebler Road and West Main Street .
  • $353,000 Award of Safe Routes to School Grant. Project provides for the installation of sidewalks in the Rol ling Meadows subdivision, directly across from Maryville Grade School .
  • Addition of Physicians Building #2 at Anderson Hospital .
  • Mayor authorizes permits for AT&T light speed node project. (Provides for availability of AT&T U-verse to some areas of Maryville .)
  • Completion of improvements to Third Street Outfall project, along Highway 159.
  • Addition of Warren Billhartz Cancer Center at Anderson Hospital .
  • Phase 2 of Old Town Improvements is completed.
  • Name of Troy Chamber of Commerce changed to Troy/Maryville Chamber of Commerce.
  • Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunities awards three grants:
    • $1,800,000 for Lakeview Acres Road Improvements
    • $25,000 for a Fire Department Training Facility
    • $25,000 for a large pavilion for Drost Park


  • Overlay of Sher Nan Drive.
  • Special Census requested and conducted. New population count is 7,280 up from 2004’s Special Census count of 5,905.
  • Village electronic message board is up and running.
  • Installation of new street signs and poles in Old Town to complete Old Town Improvement Project.
  • Establishment of Route 159/162 Business District.
  • Construction of new Walgreens begins.
  • Village’s Comprehensive Plan is updated.
  • 14” Water line extension completed along Highway 157.


  • Walgreens completed and opened on January 9, 2009.
  • Construction of sanitary sewer systems to homes along Northwood Avenue. Funds obtained through Madison County Community Development grant.
  • Purchase of three additional In-car camera video systems for police units.
  • Community Improvement Board institutes program to place Maryville “Welcome Banners” throughout Village sponsored by area businesses and/or residents.

Overall, Mayor Gulledge's era is characterized by explosive community growth through annexations and new developments.

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