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Pre-Plan Inspections
The Maryville Fire Department has implemented a pre-plan program in which firefighters will perform detailed pre-plans of target hazard buildings in their response territory.

These pre-plans include information that would assist the fire department in case of an emergency and then would be accessible by computer during an emergency, including:
  • Building layout
  • Building's location 
  • Fire department connections and hydrants
  • Hazards
  • Occupancy

If you have pre-plan information or would like to get more information regarding pre-plans for your facility or building, please call Assistant Fire Chief Darin Hartman at (618) 344-2990.  

Fire Inspections 
There are a number of occupancies within the Village of Maryville that receive regular fire and life safety inspections. Examples include day cares, health care facilities, and institutional occupancies. Any business within the Village is subject to a periodic fire and life safety inspection by inspectors with the Maryville Fire Department.

The Village of Maryville