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Fred Winters Park


  1. Grill
  2. Picnic Areas
  3. Playground
  4. Restroom(s)
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A passive park in memory of Pastor Fred Winters located at the end of Duke Drive off West Main Street.

Fred Winters Park is a 5.5 park south of Blackburn Terrace Subdivision in the Village of Maryville, Illinois.  The majority of the property has been owned by the Village for years and was formerly used as a sewer lagoon site prior to the interceptor sewer construction in the 1970's.  The major feature of the park is its service as a trailhead to the MCT Schoolhouse Trail.  The park includes a parking lot with an adjacent 12 foot by 7 foot restroom, bike racks, trash receptacles and a park bench were also included in the area surrounding the parking facility.

From the parking lot, a 0.20 mile 8 foot wide concrete bike trail connects to the MCT Schoolhouse Trail.  Additional amenities include 2 16-foot gazebos, each with picnic tables, BBQ grills and trash receptacles.  Each gazebo is accessed by paved walkways connecting to the bike trail.  A small play area with a swing set, benches and a glider swing and a meditation garden area are also key features of the recreation area.