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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date1/26/2005 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:03 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of January 26, 2005 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. He then asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Trustee Bell arrived later. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Water & Sewer Superintendent Presson, Police Chief Schardan, one citizen and three (3) reporters.
6:31:09 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the minutes of the January 12th Caucus meeting. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There being none, he called for a motion to place the minutes on file. Kostyshock made the motion and Schmidt made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:50 PM Gulledge Asked Presson and Kostyshock to discuss the Public Works matters on the agenda.
6:32:08 PM Kostyshock Discussed the 159 Water Main Relocation, Phase 2, Change Order 2 and final payment in the amount of $6744.20.
6:32:27 PM Gulledge Explained that this item is the one discussed two weeks ago. This was the missing change order and final payment on this area of the water main relocation north of 162 on 159. This is the final payment for Phase 2. He asked if there were any questions or comments. There were none. He said this will be on the Board agenda for approval next Wednesday.
6:33:09 PM Schmidt Asked if this is the reason for adding 92 days to the project.
6:33:41 PM Gulledge Told him he was looking at the wrong one. This is an old one that has been done for quite a while. It was never submitted to the Village before.
6:33:56 PM Kostyshock Discussed accepting the Motor Fuel Tax Expenditure Statement in the amount of $23,306.24. He commented that this has already been paid, but the expenditure forms must be signed to get the money. When the money is received it will be transferred to the General Fund.
6:34:25 PM Gulledge Commented that Schmidt came to him with a couple of questions on the addition. He said he didn't have an answer for him, but he knows that they applied for the $23,306.24 because that is all the Village can get. He will try to find the answers before next Wednesday. This will be on the agenda next Wednesday.
6:35:23 PM Kostyshock Talked about the Water Main Relocation, Phase 3, Change Order 5 in the amount of $9832.94.
6:35:57 PM Gulledge Explained Change Order 5 by reading the memo from Juneau' office. The changes made to the contract are the additional work to relocate an existing hydrant, lower the water main south of An-Ja-Lo Drive, and installation of four (4) additional services on West Perry Street. He asked if anyone had any questions or comments on Change Order 5. There were none. He said this will be on the Board agenda for approval next Wednesday.
6:37:50 PM Kostyshock Discussed the Water Treatment Training. He said this was for Presson and Simpson. It is a Basic Water Treatment course at SIUE Campus. The fee for the CEUs for twelve weeks is $450.00, and this is the one Simpson will be attending. The Class B Water Operations is also at SIUE, January 26 and 27. The fee is $250.00 and Presson will be attending this course to keep up his Class A License.
6:38:59 PM Schmidt Asked if Simpson is compensated for his time in doing this.
6:39:17 PM Presson Answered no. The Village pays for the class. He explained that this class will allow Simpson to take a test for his license.
6:39:19 PM Garcia Asked Presson if he was saying that Simpson did not get paid for attending the class.
6:39:24 PM Presson Replied that it is a night course, and he goes on his own time.
6:39:36 PM Kostyshock Discussed the next item, KC Hall contract for the Water Operator's meeting on April 20, 2005.
6:39:43 PM Presson Explained that a couple years ago, the Village hosted the Water Operator's meeting. He is asking the to Village sponsor this again by paying the KC Hall rental fee of $250. He said there are a few other people who are co-sponsors.
6:40:28 PM Gulledge Explained that the Village is a member of this organization, and it rotates month to month to other communities, and it takes over two years for everyone to participate. He asked for questions or comments. He asked Presson to get the contract and this will be on the agenda next Wednesday.
6:40:50 PM Bell Arrived and was seated.
6:41:00 PM Presson Discussed the next agenda item, Well #3 acid treatment. He said the capacity is shrinking in that well, and it has to be acidized. He said he put together two different bids, and he recommends that Layne Western do it.
6:41:07 PM Gulledge Commented that this was done about eighteen months ago on this well.
6:41:14 PM Limberg Commented that he doesn't understand the difference in the bid prices between Layne Western and Brodtke for the same process.
6:41:29 PM Presson Answered they are similar in process. The last time it was done, they used a high pressure ejection process with Brodtke and they were really happy with their process. However, he doesn't believe it is necessary this time to go with the high pressure ejection for this treatment. He believes this needs to be done only every four or five years.
6:42:12 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any other questions or comments. There was none. He said this will be on the agenda next week also.
6:42:20 PM Kostyshock Discussed the prices for the Keebler water main extension. He said they discussed this at the last Caucus, and they have a price for the materials. They have four bids, and the low bid is Midwest Municipal at $16,061.48. This doesn't include the bore or hot tap. He said the Public Works crew will do the work, with the exception of the bore.
6:42:56 PM Gulledge Commented that this will loop the system from 162 down North Keebler to Old Keebler Road. He asked for questions or comments. There being none, he said this will be on the agenda next Wednesday for approval.
6:43:24 PM Callahan Asked Presson where the dumping is coming from on Third Street.
6:43:26 PM Presson Replied he thinks it is Keller, but he would have to check into it to be sure.
6:43:35 PM Gulledge Commented that Keller says it is not them, Ehret says it is not them, and it is not the Village. At the meetings, no one owns up to doing this. Someone keeps dumping there.
6:43:48 PM Presson Said it is definitely not Ehret. He said he will try to catch whoever it is.
6:43:50 PM Callahan Commented in one of the piles, he saw some asphalt, which is not allowed. Most of it looks pretty clean.
6:44:07 PM Gulledge Said they are doing this on West Zupan also. No one wants to own up to it at the meetings.
6:44:29 PM Callahan Commented that he knows the ground is low and the people that have the trees on the north side of the lot, if the elevation is changed, it will kill the trees.
6:44:58 PM Garcia Asked about the entrance from 159 onto East Division. This really needs some work. It is very rough and there are some really low places.
6:45:05 PM Presson Assured Garcia that he would make sure this gets filled and packed down tomorrow.
6:45:30 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda item, Vacate Oakleigh Court Right of Way.
6:45:57 PM Schmidt Said in May of last year Mr. Bertlesman came to the Board with a proposal. He lives on Chelsea Drive, which is off Bauer Lane. He has a drive which is really a street right now, and has a fifty foot right of way. He has half of it poured with concrete. He would like to make it twenty-two feet wide, the full length of the drive. He also at the same time wants the Village to vacate the fifty foot right of way, so he could turn it into a private street, which he would maintain. Originally he went to Flaugher, and Flaugher suggested that he go to the Board. He did this. The Board told him to go before the Planning Commission, he did. The Planning Commission had no problem with this. He was told by the Planning Commission that someone from the Village needed to vacate the fifty foot right of way, so he could finish the driveway the way he wanted as long as he agreed to turn it into a private street, which he would maintain, along with the three other parcels. He said somewhere along the line this fell through the cracks. An ordinance was never drawn up to vacate the fifty foot right of way. He is asking permission to allow Attorney Wigginton to draw up an ordinance.
6:48:49 PM Gulledge Commented that he had a meeting with Attorney Wigginton today. He said he received the items Schmidt sent. He said it is up to the Board how they want him to proceed. He wants to make sure they want him to draw up an ordinance vacating the right of way. However, Bertelsman must supply him with all the necessary engineering documents, plats, or whatever is needed to complete it. He said he can do this next Wednesday, provided Bertelsman gives him the information needed.
6:49:51 PM Kostyshock Asked how many homes he plans on putting there.
6:50:04 PM Schmidt Answered that it is platted out for three more lots.
6:50:08 PM Callahan Asked if they are all to the east, nothing to the west.
6:50:11 PM Gulledge Commented that the west is not his property. He doesn't want to build a road that another property owner can use, and not share the expense of the road. The discussion continued with Schmidt using a power point display to show the location of drive, lots, road, etc.
6:52:06 PM Bell Commented that it seems to him that Bertelsmann's original request was for a variance from thirty feet to twenty-two feet because it wasn't going to be a private drive.
6:52:59 PM Gulledge Said it was going to be a private road. However, the Village still has to vacate the fifty foot right of way, if they decide to allow this. He said Attorney Wigginton said he could do this, all he needs is direction from the Board. He also said the Board should make sure if they choose to do this, that Bertelsman has to provide all the necessary plats, and any documents the engineer would have prepared. He asked the Trustees if they have a problem with this being on Wednesday's agenda.
6:54:01 PM Limberg Said he doesn't have a problem, but he is not for doing this.
6:54:06 PM Schmidt Said he is okay with it.
6:54:09 PM Bell Said he is okay with it.
6:54:12 PM Callahan Said yes.
6:54:13 PM Kostyshock Said it is okay, but it is too bad the person to the west couldn't share the cost of making it a street.
6:54:28 PM Garcia Said it is okay, but for some reason she thought they had passed an ordinance that they would not allow private streets.
6:54:41 PM Gulledge Commented that they have always had that, but they have approved a couple of them. He went to the next agenda item, Park Committee Recommendation.
6:55:04 PM Bell Said the Park Committee has one recommendation, and also they discussed requesting the status on Park Recommendations. The recommendation the Park Committee has is for the Village Board to somehow in the process or check list procedure that the Planning Commission does, see that the Park Committee is notified in advance of developments that are going to be platted and where there is green space fees to be applied. He asked Schmidt about the check list the Planning Commission goes through, if there would be a place where the Park Committee could be notified.
6:56:24 PM Schmidt Answered that he will do this.
6:56:30 PM Bell Commented that they want this to be an official check list because after the first few times, it may be forgotten.
6:56:51 PM Gulledge Said he told them they would do this two months ago.
6:56:57 PM Bell Asked where this checklist is located, and who takes charge of it after the Planning Commission.
6:57:37 PM Schmidt Replied Kevin does.
6:57:56 PM Bell Commented that Kevin will be the person to perform this task.
6:58:37 PM Garcia Discussed the next agenda item, Personnel Issues. The first item discussed was on page 33. She said if it was okay with the Board she would like to delete the sentence that reads "Paid time off for holidays will not be counted as hours actually worked for the purposes of determining overtime".
6:59:37 PM Callahan Asked what this means.
7:00:15 PM Gulledge Said what this is saying is if there is a holiday during the week, and an employee is on vacation or off for whatever reason, they do not have forty hours, therefore they are not eligible for overtime pay.
7:00:43 PM Garcia Discussed the first paragraph on page 38 of the manual. "Time off on sick leave, vacation leave or any leave of absence will not be considered hours actually worked for purposed of performing overtime calculations". She this goes along with the statement on page 33. She would like to change is this.   "Time off on sick leave" should stay as it is. She wants to delete "vacation leave or any leave of absence".
7:01:34 PM Presson Explained that what is happening is right now, if he has an employee that uses a vacation day, or sick leave, or personal day throughout the week, if they have to come in on the weekend, they will not receive overtime. He would like it changed so that if they use a vacation day and they have to come in on the weekend, they still get overtime.
7:02:04 PM Gulledge Commented that it currently states that they have to physically work forty hours to be eligible for overtime. If they are off for a holiday, or they are sick, they do not get overtime on the weekend.
7:02:20 PM Garcia Said Presson is having trouble because why would they want to come in if they are not going to get overtime.
7:02:49 PM Gulledge Commented that in his opinion, this should be changed. It was just overlooked during the revisions.
7:03:27 PM Bell Commented that he, too, feels this should be changed.
7:03:46 PM Gulledge Asked if anyone has a problem with changing it. No one had a problem with it. He said it will be on the agenda to make the changes next Wednesday.
7:04:09 PM Bell Said while they are on this subject, there has been come concern about holiday pay. He was talking to a police officer that was concerned about working Christmas.
7:04:25 PM Gulledge Commented that this is discussed on page 33. It states there that if an employee is scheduled to work on the actual holiday that falls on a Saturday or Sunday, and is observed on Friday or Monday, the employee will be paid for the actual holiday worked.
7:04:52 PM Schardan Answered that the dispatchers, firemen and police officers that worked patrol on the actual holiday gets paid for the actual holiday, not what is observed by the Village.
7:06:41 PM Garcia Commented that they need to set a date to discuss employee raises.
7:07:08 PM Gulledge Said he is going to be asking the Department Heads to provide him with a budget in the very near future. They should by then have an idea of what they want to do. He suggested February 23rd or March 9. He went to Calendar Updates.
7:08:07 PM Callahan Asked when the meeting for Bauer Lane sewers is scheduled.
7:08:28 PM Gulledge Answered it will be at the Senior Center on Tuesday, February 8th, at 7 p.m. He asked Bell to put this on the calendar. There were no more Calendar updates, he went to the To Do List, page 1. There was nothing on this page to be discussed. He went to Page 2.
7:10:10 PM Callahan Commented on the Budget. He said he has asked Jolene to come up with a format that all departments can use to fill out their budget. The one she has given him to approve looks good.
7:11:45 PM Bell Asked if this format will fit the format for the budget in Summit. He was told it would.
7:12:01 PM Callahan Said that before, each budget was different, had different line items and was very difficult to read. The form has all line items listed on the same line for all departments, and there are blank lines at the end for items that are different in each department.
7:14:11 PM Gulledge Commented he has discussed the budget with his staff and department heads that the line items are to be realistic figures. He explained to them that this is not like an appropriation ordinance.
7:15:10 PM Bell Discussed the purchase of common things, such as a GIS Server. He wants to purchase one sometime this year. He asked how this could be put on the budget. It will not be for just one department, it will probably be used by most departments.
7:15:31 PM Callahan Suggested that when he comes up with a number, the next step will be what percentage each department will be using it. After determining this percentage, that amount will be added into that department's budget.
7:19:04 PM Gulledge Talked about the GASB 34, which comes into affect in May of this year. This will have to be included in the budgets. He asked Callahan to contact Jim Ferris to see what needs to be done.
7:19:35 PM Callahan Commented that the Board did decide to use Ferris instead of any of the bids that came in on the GASB 34. Asked that this be put on the agenda, and for someone to call Ferris.
7:20:13 PM Schmidt Said he will see him tomorrow, and he will ask him.
7:20:31 PM Bell Asked Kostyshock if he has heard from landscaper. 
7:20:34 PM Kostyshock Said he has been trying to get him, but if he doesn't respond, he has talked with the Master Gardeners, and perhaps they can help this Spring.
7:20:41 PM
Commented on the Park Committee meeting. He said they discussed requesting a status on past projects, such as the Walking Trail, the Merz Gazebo, etc. He said he informed them that these are on the To Do List, and Kostyshock is on top of these.
7:20:42 PM Kostyshock Commented they are waiting for a break in the weather.
7:21:41 PM Bell Said the committee is recommending some kind of light, a porch light, or a light on the Master Gardner Shed that will light the area at night. He said at night on the camera all you see is black. The Comfort Station is lit up by the post light. The camera pointing toward the Master Gardner Shed is blocked at night. There is no light there to light the area.
7:22:30 PM Limberg Said the power is there.
7:22:53 PM Bell Asked that this be added to the To Do List to read "second light on Master Gardener Shed".
7:23:54 PM Gulledge Went to page 3. He commented on the Annexations Category. He met with Attorney Wigginton this afternoon. The notice he sent on the Webb Annexation, has a Caucus meeting date instead of a Board meeting date. He has February 9th instead of February 2nd. Wigginton is going to check to make sure a Special Meeting can be called because the notices have already be sent out. He went to Page 4.
7:25:30 PM Bell Asked that under Planning Commission, the Park Committee request to be informed when there are green space fees be added.
7:26:04 PM Gulledge Commented that there has not been an Economic Development meeting for some time. February 14th would be the normal meeting night, however, he is going to send notices tomorrow that there will be a meeting on Monday, February 7th. He went to Trustee Comments.
7:26:39 PM Schmidt Commented about a plastic free standing holder holding pamphlets outside the Fireside Inn, on the sidewalk. He commented he doesn't know if the Village has an ordinance that would prohibit this. 
7:27:55 PM Callahan Commented there is an ordinance against off-site advertising.
7:28:04 PM Schmidt Said he would like for someone to look into this. He commented that with the Board's permission he wants to initiate a program, and he wants to try to obtain pictures of all the past Mayors of the Village. He would like to have a gallery set up somewhere in Village Hall to display them. He also discussed the Village Gazette. He said the fourth edition is ready to be mailed. He asked if anyone has had any comments from the public about the paper. No one has had any comments, good or bad. Next he discussed the Planning Commission meeting. There were three items on the agenda. One was the Anderson Hospital Oncology Center. There are a couple of variances they will have to obtain before the Planning Commission goes any further on approving it. The second item on the agenda was the 1st Addition To Remington Place Final Plat. He explained that this is twelve lots that will be part of the first addition. Another item that was on the agenda was the Stonebridge Bluffs & Stonegate Estates Final Plat, however, Joe Osborn requested that this matter be tabled.
7:34:11 PM Gulledge Commented that a property owner, Roger Shoup, was present at the meeting with some concerns about drainage and putting more water in the creek that flows behind Hickory Knolls Subdivision. This will be on the agenda Wednesday.
7:34:30 PM Bell Said he has a GIS meeting scheduled for February 7th at 9 a.m. in Village Hall. They will be discussing future plans using the GIS system.
7:35:08 PM Callahan Commented that about six or eight months ago there was a representative from the Moose Lodge come to a meeting and talk about possibly starting a Service Center. He said that last Thursday he and Schmidt met with two representatives from the Moose at the Red Apple. He said they want to start a Service Center, which is a lower level, not a lodge. They told them quite a bit about what they do as a service organization. They have several very interesting programs. Schmidt and he discussed ways to help them get started in the Village. One way is to check to see if any resident is a present or former or member of the Moose. He talked about contacting these people to see if they would be interested in helping start a Service Center in Maryville. He said they offered them space in a future newsletter to tell what the Moose does and how they would like to get started, etc. They talked about using the Senior Center, if they could work it out with the Khoury League so there would be no conflict. Next he talked about the trees being cut down on the southwest corner of 159 and 70. He asked if there was a development agreement on this particular piece of property. He was told there is no agreement. He talked about the oncology center. He said he spoke with Schmidt and mention it also to Kostyshock, that on New Years Eve there were several concrete trucks and a concrete crew working on the oncology site, pouring concrete. He said he didn't remember the Board passing the final plat, but he found out later that they haven't. He said it looks like they dug the footings, but he doesn't think they poured any concrete in them. He said they are dug and filled with rock and covered with plastic. He said they have put in in-ground drainage, and it looks like the start of a sewer system. He said the question is how can there be a PUD and the work not inspected. He said he was told that the hospital thought someone had taken care of this. They stopped working immediately when they found out it was not inspected. He said all the equipment is there but nothing is or has been done since.
7:39:38 PM Gulledge Commented that with any development, any person can do anything they want to do on their property, but they run the risk that when the inspections are made, if it is done wrong, or if there are questions, they have to dig up sewer lines, etc. They have done this in the past, made the developer dig up the work. He said he went out to the site after Schmidt called him. Everything they have done, has been done at their expense. He said he had Flaugher to go the hospital and let them and the contractor know that anything they are doing, they are taking a chance that it will not be approved. He said they immediately pulled off the site. He had a meeting with them after the Board meeting last Wednesday. They wanted him to give approval for them to pour footings. He told them under no uncertain terms is anything to be done out there, and if anything is done, it is at their own risk.
7:41:14 PM Callahan Said there was something about the sanitary sewer needed to be revised. This was something that was brought up at the meeting. He said it looks like they have already done something.
7:41:30 PM Gulledge Commented that they will have to change it. If they don't come up with an approved plan, they will have to make the necessary changes to make it an approved plan.
7:41:48 PM Callahan Asked if the Planning Commission was going to approve the set backs they were asking for. He was told yes.
7:42:07 PM Gulledge Commented that the Planning Commission is only a recommending board. It looks like some of this is going to have to go to the Zoning Board of Appeals.
7:44:17 PM Garcia Said she doesn't think hospital was trying to pull anything.
7:44:39 PM Bell Commented that the contractor should know what the rules are.
7:45:38 PM Callahan Talked about his concerns with the Planned Urban Developments, residential and commercial. He asked if the Village is really negotiating with the people, and getting the Village's input into the PUDs, or is whatever goes through the Planning Commission it. He asked if they actually sit down and tell a developer the Village wants all the brick a certain color, every home is to have a certain amount of brick, etc. Or, is it just a standard approval like someone asking for a residential permit or commercial permit.
7:46:21 PM Limberg Answered when he was Board Liaison and they were dealing with Shell Credit, the Planning Commission "stood their ground" and said there would be a certain amount of buffer, and they did not give in. The Planning Commission does look closely at each plan and tries to do what is best for the Village.
7:47:39 PM Schmidt Commented that he was at that Planning Commission meeting and Shell Credit rolled up their plans and walked out. He said they pushed the Planning Commission to a point he hadn't seen, and has not seen in the two years he has been Liaison to the Planning Commission. They are very firm.
7:48:46 PM Bell Commented that he thinks Callahan's question is more in the carrying out of the project.
7:49:39 PM Gulledge Said the bottom line is the Board has the final say. The Planning Commission can only recommend.
7:52:50 PM Bell Asked about contractor's being required to install sump pumps in the homes they build.
7:53:06 PM Gulledge Replied it would be no problem. He needs to have the Board draw up an ordinance.
7:54:18 PM Callahan Commented he thinks it would be better for the Village to have an ordinance that specifically states that they cannot be pumped into the sewer.
7:57:35 PM Bell Said he is recommending that the attorney draw up an ordinance requiring any future houses being built in the Village of Maryville, that have a basement, be required to have a sump pump installed, including the pump.
8:00:11 PM Gulledge Asked each trustee. They all agreed. He will instruct Attorney Wigginton to draw up the ordinance.
8:01:56 PM Kostyshock Said today they moved the books to library. Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. there will be a work day. They will also accept donations of books then.
8:02:22 PM Gulledge Commented that the owner of Subway, Jim Shepard, will have a grand opening on Tuesday February 8th, and has extended an invitation to the Board and Staff . The ribbon cutting will be at 4:30 p.m. He reminded the trustees that anyone who wants to attend the Bauer Lane Sewer meeting, it is on the same day, February 8th at 7:00 p.m. at the Senior's Building. He said Schmidt attended the Cable TV Consortium meeting last Friday. He reminded the Board that they had approved up to $1121.00. Someone else has joined and the rate has dropped to $894 from $1121.
8:03:52 PM Schmidt Commented that they got this group together, thinking that the current agreement expired in December, 2005. However, it was discovered at the meeting that the current agreement doesn't expire until December. 2006.
8:04:01 PM Bell
Commented that he has one concern on this. One of the things this Charter Consortium does is work with the municipalities and what they receive in the form of high speed internet, etc. He thinks the Village of Maryville has a good agreement with them, considering the number of systems the Village has on pipeline.
8:05:55 PM Gulledge Talked about Jolene working more hours. She is approved to work up to 24 hours a week, and is currently working 20 hours a week. Her hours were cut due to the 1000 hour per year rule. He is asking the Board give him the flexibility to increase Jolene's hours to 32 hours per week. Currently, he plans on working her 29 hours per week. With this, she has to opportunity to opt into IMRF. The Village will have to pay IMRF 9.95% of her gross; she will pay 4.5 %. There will be no other benefits since she is not a full time employee. He asked Jolene to put together a list of things she does, and she actually does more that he thought. She works primarily for him, but also does a lot to help Thelma and Marvin and the rest of the staff. She was very instrumental with the Special Census, Employee Manual, the Centennial Plaza Bricks, etc. Anyone who has any dealings with the Village Hall knows she is the one most people go to.  She makes things right, and helps a lot. If the Board approves this next Wednesday night, IMRF will be notified and she will be eligible to join. If they wait until she reaches the 1000 hours, then it would be retroactive. He said he either needs the Board to approve this, or hire someone else a couple of days a week to help. He asked each trustee if they were okay with this. The trustees each said they had no problem. He said this will be on the agenda next week, up to 32 hours, however, they are planning on 29 hours a week to start. With no other business to come before the Board, he called for a motion to adjourn.
8:12:56 PM Limberg Made a motion to adjourn and Bell made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk 

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