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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date2/23/2005 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:31:01 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, February 23, 2005 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Also present were Clerk Long, Attorney Wigginton, Water & Sewer Superintendent Presson, Street Superintendent Mann, Engineer Juneau, one (1) citizen, and two (2) reporters.
6:33:03 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the Caucus minutes of the February 9th meeting. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He called for a motion to place the minutes on file. The motion was made by Kostyshock, seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:33:44 PM Gulledge Explained that Jack Kime called him and asked to be taken off the agenda. In his place, he discussed the Illinois Route 159 - Phase 3 Water Main Relocation. Bob Massa of Juneau Associates sent a printout of everything that has happened on the project, along with a memo. There is a Change Order #6 in the amount of $4423.20 for a 1" service line. The project was bid with 3/4" service lines, however, it was determined that some commercial customers should have 1" service lines. He asked if anyone had any questions or comments on the change order. No one did. He said this will be on the agenda next Wednesday for Board action. Next, he discussed Ehret's request for payment #5 in the amount of $121,991.99 for completion of the project, less the 5% retainage which is $27,007.77. The retainage will be kept until the walk throughs are completed, as well as the sign off on the project. He asked if anyone had any questions on Ehret Plumbing & Heating's application for payment 5. There were no questions or comments. This will be on the Board Agenda next Wednesday.
6:36:58 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda item, Mandatory Sump Pump Ordinance. He asked Charlie Juneau to discuss this matter.
6:37:39 PM Juneau Said there has been a request for an ordinance to be prepared to require sump pumps to be put in all new residential construction basement areas, and the sump pump was only to handle seepage water, not sanitary waste water. The attorney has prepared the ordinance.
6:38:29 PM Gulledge Explained that two weeks ago, at the Caucus meeting, he was told to talk to the attorney and the engineers about making it mandatory for all homes to have sump pumps. He said now there are questions on whether or not they should be doing this, and if the Village is doing it, should they make it just for basements or garages that are below ground surface. He said he thinks this is what they are to discuss this evening and to find out if the Board still wants to do this.
6:38:58 PM Juneau Commented that he thinks ground water and drainage water around anyone's residential lot is their responsibility. It is no responsibility of the Village. The Village has no responsibility or liability on how the house is built or how they grade their yard except that they must have positive drainage away from it to protect the natural drainage ways.
6:39:50 PM Bell Responded by explaining the reasoning behind the request for an ordinance. He agrees it is the home owner's responsibility, they bought the house. However, most of the homeowners were told by the builder that they would never need a sump pump. As a result, they had four inches of water in their basement. He said it makes sense to him, if they dig a big hole in the ground, water is going to go there. There has to be a way to get the water out of there. Most of these homes, for the last nine to ten years never needed a sump pump. However, when they did, it was very expensive to them. He said it makes sense to him, if they can, they require the builders to put in sump pumps. He said this is why this came about. He knows the Mayor received calls and he also received calls about water in the basements.
6:41:44 PM Juneau Commented he doesn't know why they would have three to four inches of water in their basement without a sump pump. If they have a basement, they have a floor drain.
6:42:20 PM Bell Responded that the floor drain collects the water that is inside the basement. The floor drain does not grasp the water that is seeping up under the foundation or in some cases, they had a rough in for a bathtub, and the water was pouring up through it, running across the basement floor.
6:43:11 PM Garcia Commented that she has a sump pump and when it is raining a lot, they can hear the water draining from the sump pump and into the septic tank.
6:43:54 PM Juneau Discussed sump pumps and septic tanks and the possibility of overloading the septic tank. He said ground water is clean water and should be discharged to the surface.
6:46:08 PM Bell Said this is what they are asking for, a way to drain the water away from the house to the storm sewer.
6:46:59 PM Kostyshock Talked about floor seepage going into the sanitary sewer. He said the Village is treating the water whether they want to or not. He said if everyone has to put in a sump pump drain tile and when the house is inspected, make sure it is going outside and into the sewer, it would eliminate all the water coming in through the basement floor going into the sanitary sewer. He said his subdivision covenants and restrictions state they must have a sump pump and drain tile for each house. He said they have never had a problem.
6:48:10 PM Juneau Commented that he questions whether the Village should be passing such an ordinance. He said there is an ordinance on books that does require sump pumps be put in for sanitary waste.
6:49:44 PM Bell Commented that most subdivisions do not have it in their covenant, and even if they do, not all builders follow the covenant. He feels the Village is the only one who can really do anything to enforce it.
6:50:26 PM Presson Said his concern about this is in the winter and the ice build up from the sump pumps. The residents will not want this, and they will cut the pipe and run it into the sanitary sewer. He said they do not have access to stop them from doing it, and when they start doing this, there will be major failures in the sanitary system.
6:51:24 PM Gulledge Commented that he doesn't know what is right or wrong. He knows that what Presson said is right. He said he thinks Bell wants the Village to pass a mandatory sump pump ordinance that states every basement or garage, etc. that is under the ground surface must have a sump pump. He said his biggest question is, if it is mandatory, and the power goes off, is the Village responsible.
6:53:57 PM Bell Said there is a battery backup, but they last only three to four hours.
6:54:47 PM Callahan Asked if it would it increase the Village's liability if they require this, and the system malfunctions.
6:55:15 PM Wigginton Answered that the building code requires all kinds of mandates with respect to building codes. Just because something fails in the house, it does not automatically make the Village liable.
6:56:28 PM Callahan Asked if seams are allowed in the basement floor.
6:57:10 PM Bell Said yes. He asked Juneau that if they do this, what is best way.
6:57:52 PM Wigginton Commented that if the Village does move forward on this, he will bring to the Board the language he has found in other codes.
6:58:21 PM Gulledge Took a "straw poll". He asked the trustees what they wanted to do. Limberg replied no; Schmidt replied no; Bell replied yes; Callahan replied no; Kostyshock replied yes; Garcia replied yes. Mayor voted no. The issue will be dropped. He went to agenda item #6, Concrete Back Property Lot Markers.
6:58:43 PM Wigginton Said he prepared an ordinance to amend the subdivision code in a variety of ways. He added a set amount of radius that was suggested by John Dutton. He added proposed final grades in all the rear lot corners, and requiring monuments, markers at all rear lot corners. He said the only question he had when was preparing the ordinance was, this is a subdivision code, and the language that Dutton provided under Section 154.017, Lot Requirements, would create a new sub-section (E) "The building contractor shall note the rear lot corner elevations on the proposed plot plan along with the proposed finished grade of the first floor elevation of the dwelling to be constructed." He said he doesn't know how this will work in the Village's procedure. When a subdivision plan is prepared for Preliminary Plat and Improvement Plan, there isn't anyone who builds until sometime after the subdivision final plat is prepared. His question is does this work?
7:00:29 PM Juneau Answered that the intent is the subdivider on the final plat will show those monuments have been set at each back lot corner.
7:00:42 PM Wigginton Commented that he has that under sub-section D. When the subdivision is in place, the building contractor comes along, is he supposed to submit something along with his request for a building permit, a proposed plot plan that will show a proposed finished grade.
7:01:28 PM Juneau Said when a builder comes in with his site plan to get a building permit, he has to show how the house is going to sit on the lot, the dimensions where the building is to the lot line. He is also going to have to add to that how he is going to grade his lot so it maintains those elevations that the back lot forms.
7:01:54 PM Wigginton He commented that this makes sense, the builder will an additional notation on the plat he submits for a building permit. He said he will change the ordinance.
7:02:17 PM Callahan Asked Wigginton if he added a penalty clause if the contractor or homeowner changes or removes the markers. He was told yes. He asked about a lot that has a drain in the back of it, and it has the two corners at "elevation 10" and there is a drain in the back that is at a lower elevation, if this prevents a "bow" in the yard, as long as they have the two corners at the right height. He said the lot is level but behind it is a drainage area.
7:03:12 PM Juneau Responded that the purpose of the two back lot corners that show what elevations the whole back line should be on, so that water will drain from one lot to the next, etc. The water must flow from one lot to the next.
7:04:04 PM Gulledge Said he hopes this works. He went to the next agenda item, Sewer Tap On Fees. He said this discussion was begun two weeks ago. It was decided they needed more information. He received the information after the packets went out. He had given the information, which was in the form of a memo from John Dutton. He opened this for discussion.
7:04:55 PM Callahan Said the only question he has, is in all cases in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon and Troy is the water tap considered one tap or is there any kind of fee for water taps that are different from standard.
7:05:33 PM Juneau Replied water taps are different than sewer taps. The water taps generally are based on the size of the meter requested. You pay the water tap based on the size of the meter. On an individual house, some have 5/8" meters, some have a 1" meter.
7:06:03 PM Callahan Asked if in this case, all three communities are automatically deferring to the size of the water main, nothing to do with the number of units.
7:06:19 PM Juneau Responded this is correct. If a big commercial, such as the hospital, has a six inch water meter, they are paying a sizable sum for that meter. He said the Village has a scale for the size of the meter.
7:06:35 PM Callahan Asked in a large facility, if he would decide how big the water main would be.
7:06:39 PM Juneau Replied the designer of the facility would come to Village and say what size they would need.
7:06:42 PM Callahan Asked Presson what the Village's fees are for the bigger tap ons.
7:06:45 PM Presson Responded that he would have to look it up, he is not certain.
7:07:52 PM Callahan Commented that he just wanted to know. He said he should also ask what the water fees are also, because when dealing with sewer fees, the water rates also change. This discussion went on about the differences in fees in Edwardsville and Glen Carbon.
7:11:11 PM Gulledge Commented that he has the book with the rates in it. He gave the fees. Water larger then two inch is $3700.00 inside and outside is $4500.00 plus costs of non-Village services and other related equipment.
7:11:21 PM Callahan Commented that there is nothing larger than two. He asked Juneau what the two nursing homes have. He was told they are probably three or four inch water taps.
7:11:25 PM Gulledge Said he thinks the hospital has a 4 inch, but they had a terrible time when they had to take the meter out.
7:11:44 PM Juneau Commented that the problem the Village of Maryville has right now is they have in the present ordinance only one flat fee for a connection to the sewer. whether it is for a Laundromat, car wash, major apartment building, etc.
7:12:13 PM Callahan Talked about when the CWBA was considering coming to Maryville. There was nothing on the books for a large development then. He said the Board was in favor, five to one, in giving them a break, mainly because they didn't know what to charge. Then, they decided to make it one for one, for every unit there would be one sewer and one water. He commented about calling the Building Inspector in O'Fallon and asked him what these things are, is it apartments, or is a nursing home. He said it is definitely apartments. But, they are basically apartments without cooking facilities. He asked the water clerk how many minimum bills the Village has. He said it is a big number. There are a lot of senior citizens that don't use anywhere near the minimum, yet they are charged a minimum water bill, and a facility fee. If they build a new home in Maryville, they would have to pay the whole $4000.00 or whatever it is, even though they will only be using 2000 gallons a month. The first thing he was looking at was the $20000.00 minimum. He said to him it is not realistic. He feels the Edwardsville number gives a little more justification. He thinks it could be presented as instead of giving them a 90% cut, maybe a 50%, however, he still feels it is a problem because existing property owners, those using a minimum amount of water. The Village is not giving these people a break and are charging them a facility fee. He went on to talk about the meeting for the possibility of sewers in the Bauer Lane area. He said they can't offer the people anything. They can let them use their tap on fee to reduce the debt, but the Village cannot give them any money to help them build the sewers, because the Village doesn't have it. Yet at the same time they are talking about giving someone else a break to come into town and can't do anything for the existing property owners.
7:16:42 PM Garcia Commented that she knows where he is coming from, but the Board didn't think about this when they set up the sewer taps.
7:16:46 PM Callahan Said they did, because they didn't want to do the Christian Living development.
7:17:02 PM Gulledge Commented that the Board should not confuse the potential development that may be coming in. This is not currently in the Village Limits. They will be under an annexation agreement, that each one of the Board members will get a chance to vote on. This is for what is in the Village Limits now. He said what his intention to this, is that the Village does have something wrong, and he is not sure how to fix it. The Village has enough trouble bringing in commercial development into the community. He said he wonders how hard it would be if a hotel, or a motel, etc. would want to come into the existing Village Limits, how will the Board react. He said this needs to be adjusted, he knows of no one who would pay $2000 for each room in the building. He said he is worried about Maryville and what happens if someone comes to Maryville, within the existing Village Limits, with a hotel, motel, or whatever, what are they as the Board going to do. He feels now is the time to address this issue before something does happen.
7:19:20 PM Juneau Talked about things other than hotels, or apartment buildings, such as a Laundromat, car washes, etc. He said there will be one tap and the existing ordinance charges $2100.00. He can build the facility and could use probably at least 100,000 gallons a day. This would overload the sewer system, and the Village will have to build facilities to take care of this. and there is nothing in the ordinance that will allow any of this cost to be passed on to the customer.
7:20:55 PM Callahan Commented that the Village just did this with the car wash across the street. He said in all fairness, he thinks it is a money making thing for the Village because they do not have a bulk rate, and never have had.
7:20:57 PM Gulledge Commented that Juneau is not talking about water, he is talking about sewers.
7:21:03 PM Callahan Said the water rates are tied to the sewer rates. Whatever the water rate is, the sewer rate is.
7:21:18 PM Bell Asked if Edwardsville estimates the usage up front. 
7:21:48 PM Juneau Said yes, they come in with their loading onto the sewer system.
7:21:53 PM Gulledge Commented that they follow the EPA guidelines.
7:22:03 PM Wigginton Commented that both Glen Carbon and Edwardsville adopted the EPA guidelines, It is set forth in the administrative code and almost every municipality goes off the "P.E." (population equivalent) now.
7:24:07 PM Juneau Said to get the EPA permit, the estimate based on population equivalent must be given. He said the EPA has calculations for everything and will come up with the population equivalent and the gallons. He recommends charging the existing tap on fee and an additional $150 per population equivalent.
7:25:40 PM Garcia Asked about a 103 room apartment building and what the fee would be, based on these calculations.
7:25:59 PM Juneau Answered that it would depend upon the type of apartment building. They go with 2 1/2 people for an apartment, and the schedule depends on whether it is a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment.
7:27:16 PM Callahan Asked why the Village would want to charge $20,000 when someone else is charging $151,000.
7:27:20 PM Gulledge Commented that Maryville is not Edwardsville.
7:27:34 PM Wigginton Said they keep getting off the issue. The issue is what does Maryville do with the entire corporate limits today. He suggests preparing an ordinance, so they will know exactly what they are looking at, with real numbers in it. Then they can debate whether they like the numbers or not. They can vote it either up or down.
7:28:00 PM Gulledge Said this will be done, and will be on the agenda in two weeks.
7:28:12 PM Callahan Said his question is if they negotiate with someone outside the Village, and they have this ordinance passed, are they going to follow the ordinance they have in place, or are they going to do something different.
7:28:46 PM Gulledge Answered that he, Schmidt, and Wigginton have been working with potential development in Maryville, and they have an agreement that they have worked out. They will probably start the procedure as far as public hearings, etc., and at that time, the Trustees will have an opportunity to vote yes or no. The developers are ready to bring it to the Board and Planning Commission. He said again, that this is separate from what he is trying do to. He doesn't want this confused with the sewer tap on fees. This is a negotiated agreement they have been working on for a potential developer. Everyone will see it and everyone will get an opportunity to vote on it.
7:30:04 PM Callahan Asked why the Village is starting so low, if they know the one end is $151,000. and the bottom end is $81,000.
7:30:25 PM Gulledge Said they are in negotiations, they have been finalized and they are going to set up public hearings. In two weeks they will be bringing something to the Board, where it can be physically looked at. He said Attorney Wigginton suggest getting something in front of the Board and quit jumping all over. They can look at it, and he will get a copy to each Trustee as early as possible.
7:31:01 PM Callahan Asked again why the Village is starting so low.
7:31:03 PM Gulledge Replied it is a place to start, and the Board can change it.
7:31:12 PM Juneau Said in his letter, he was just striving for a happy medium, a middle of the road figure.
7:31:23 PM Limberg Asked if $150,000. is about the same as Glen Carbon is charging.
7:31:32 PM Juneau Replied Edwardsville is higher. He talked about the rates in the surrounding communities.
7:33:26 PM Gulledge Ended this discussion and asked if anyone had anything else for Juneau.
7:33:28 PM Bell Said the Park Board is asking where Juneau is with the park ground acquisition, and if he needs anything from the Park Board besides the property they have identified in the Master Plan. These are the ones that they want to try to obtain.
7:34:23 PM Juneau Answered, this is what they will start with.
7:34:27 PM Gulledge Went to the next Agenda item, RJN Group Proposal, and asked Presson to discuss this.
7:34:31 PM Presson Said this group helps the Village, and not only Maryville, but several other cities and towns in this area. He has prepared the paperwork, and he goes to the monthly meetings to make sure everyone is up to date on the EPA's Phase II Stormwater requirements.
7:35:04 PM Gulledge Commented that this agreement is the same as last year, it is a fee for services $1800.00. The fee is due April 1st. He recommends continuing this service, and also said that if the fee is paid by February 28, it will be $1500. He asked the Board if they wanted to continue the service another year. All agreed. He asked if it would be okay to pay the $1500 Monday. They agreed to this also.
7:37:09 PM Callahan Asked Presson how he felt about the sump pump ordinance.
7:37:45 PM Presson Answered he was not for this and expressed his concerns. He said his problem is that an overload on the system is going to happen. He said it is a good idea, and it would work from what Trustee Bell is saying. His concern is how would the Village control the public from hooking into the system illegally. Also it would start overloading the stormwater facility as well.
7:38:31 PM Callahan Said the reason he brought it up is that the Village has a right with the existing ordinance to smoke the lines.
7:38:47 PM Presson Said smoking the lines will not tell if anyone is hooked illegally. Sump pumps have a back flow prevention on them.
7:38:52 PM Callahan Commented that the only way they could tell is if it was a high water table.
7:38:58 PM Presson Said they only way to tell is to physically enter the home and look where they are piped into.
7:39:02 PM Callahan Asked about the television system the Village bought. He asked if it would do anything.
7:39:06 PM Presson Answered that the camera only goes up where to lateral enters the main. It can't go up into the lateral.
7:39:21 PM Callahan Asked if the Village has received a sewer bill from Collinsville for the high water.
7:39:24 PM Presson Replied he didn't know if the bill has been received. The charts he keeps however, is almost double.
7:39:50 PM Gulledge Said the next agenda item, #9, Generator Maintenance at the Water Plant has been put on hold. It is for some repairs that need to be done, and this needs to be checked into further. He discussed item #10 Life, Goes On/Organ & Tissue Donor. This comes from Secretary of State, Jesse White. He said he is sure that everyone knows of someone or who knows someone, who is in need of an organ transplant. He said if the Board doesn't have a problem, he will ask Attorney Wigginton to draw up a proclamation. He said it is a good program. He said he would like to get someone, or an organization, to become involved. He went to Calendar Updates.
7:42:10 PM Schmidt Said there will be Planning Commission meeting on Monday February 28. Three items are on the agenda. One is a proposed minor subdivision, Phyllis Heinle. Second is a final plat approval for the 2nd addition to Remington, and third, a final plat approval of Stonebridge Bluffs and Stonegate Estates. He said it is open to the public.
7:43:34 PM Bell Said the Art Show will be held Sunday, March 6, at the Senior Center from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
7:44:18 PM Kostyshock Said the Library Committee meeting will be March 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the Library.
7:44:42 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List, page 1.
7:45:13 PM Schmidt Asked about the11 x 17 plat amendment to the ordinance.
7:45:39 PM Wigginton Said it is in the amendments to the Subdivision Code Ordinance.
7:45:53 PM Callahan Commented that Brussatti finally moved the Construction Fund Money to the General Fund, because the problem with Hart Contracting has been eliminated.
7:46:00 PM Gulledge Commented that $10,000. was left in the fund as part of the agreement, and this is what they need to finish the repairs. After they are done, the fund will be completely closed.
7:46:15 PM Schmidt Asked if there was anything on Bertelsman.
7:46:50 PM Wigginton Answered it is done. There will be a public hearing to vacate the street. He said he carbon copied the Bertelsman on his letter to the Mayor.
7:47:00 PM Bell Asked Wigginton if he is okay with one electronic copy, or should they put "per industry standard" on it.
7:47:03 PM Wigginton Said the builders will understand what this means. It is okay the way it is.
7:47:11 PM Gulledge Went to Page 2. He asked Callahan about the budgets.
7:47:20 PM Callahan Said he has not seen any of them. There was nothing in his packet. He said he probably should call Jolene.
7:47:27 PM Gulledge Commented he doesn't know either. Most of the Department Heads have told him they turned them in. He told Callahan when he gets them put together, they will need to schedule a budget meeting. He went to Page 2.
7:48:14 PM Bell Discussed the walking path in the Park and the walking path at Anderson Hospital. He said some of the park committee members as well as residents have said they can go to Anderson and walk around their path and it is perfectly fine. The park walking path is not. They are made out of the same material. But the one in the park has a serious drainage problem. He asked the Park Board to go our there and mark problem areas. He said they have asked the engineers to do this, they have asked the Board to order more material and start building it up. He doesn't know why it can't be fixed. The hospital has got it done. The park committee is going to go out and try to mark the area where perhaps a drain tile should be installed, and he thinks they need to order more material to build it up so that it is not below surface and holding water all the time. He said this happens every year.
7:50:50 PM Callahan Talked about building the Khoury League. The ground the Village Hall sets on, from the street back to around the Senior Building is jet black loam. But in the middle of the Khoury League field that sets in back of the Senior Building, it turns to sand. The sand runs across the lake, all the way through the park. There were a lot of problems sewering Lin Hy Terrace because of it. He said he is 90% sure the hospital is black loam. That is why theirs doesn't collapse.
7:52:09 PM Bell Said the path needs to be built up. They fill in the ruts and holes. He said they really needs to build the path up.
7:52:24 PM Gulledge Commented with the situation out there, it needs to be a permanent surface. He knows this is not popular with some of the members of the Park Committee. Juneau has been out there, and they have had other people out there.
7:53:03 PM Mann Said when it rains there are spots out there they can't mow until it is dry. He agrees it does need to be blacktopped.
7:55:34 PM Gulledge Asked Juneau to go out there with Mann and Kostyshock. He said Bell or someone from the Park Committee should go also. He knows there is a problem and it needs to be fixed.
7:56:05 PM Shoup Said three from the Park Board are going to meet out there tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 p.m. and walk it to try to see where the problems are.
7:56:37 PM Kostyshock Commented that he and Mann both went out there and looked. He thinks the only solution is to put a berm and redirect the water in the two locations. That way nothing will be coming across the path.
7:57:32 PM Callahan Commented that Bauer Lane is an example. The first part of Bauer Lane has no curbs, and over the years there has been a lot of asphalt put down on Bauer Lane. But, at Jacquelyn Court there are curbs on both sides, and that road even maintains it crown. Curbs keep everything from spreading.
7:58:12 PM Gulledge Went to Page 3. There was nothing to discuss. He went to page 4.
7:58:33 PM Callahan Asked Bell to add the Economic Development Committee meeting on March 14, at 7:00 p.m. in Village Hall.
7:59:21 PM Gulledge He went to Trustee Comments.
7:59:29 PM Callahan Commented on the workday at the Library, last Saturday. He said there was a good turn out, and a lot of response from the community. He deferred to Kostyshock to talk about the book shelves.
8:00:35 PM Kostyshock Said they were measuring for book shelves, and they are going to get a price on metal and wood. He said they did get a lot of books. He said they will have another workday next month. He said three of them, himself, Mann and Dorchincez attended classes the last two days the Southern Illinois Grounds Maintenance School and Trade Show at the Convention Center in Collinsville. He said they taught them all about trees, flowers, etc.
8:02:12 PM Callahan Brussatti called him today and he did call Mary Kane about the Water Softening Fund. He asked if the Board has heard from Jim Ferris about GASB 34.
8:02:38 PM Gulledge Said he spoke with Ferris and he is supposed to give him a quote, but he has not seen him since then. He is supposed to be here tomorrow, he will talk to him then.
8:02:54 PM Garcia Asked about cable rates in different municipalities and how come Collinsville is cheaper than Maryville.
8:04:10 PM Schmidt Commented that this is one of the things they are going to address. He said he doesn't know that this is such a good thing. If Maryville is cheaper than some other municipality, then they might be raised. He also said that not everyone has the same signal strength coming from Charter.
8:04:27 PM Gulledge Explained why he voted no on the sump pump ordinance. He has a concern that it will be a strain on Village Government, and the Public Works Department if they were forced to put a sump pump in. If the Village did this and something went wrong, the people would blame the Village as they do with anything, whether or not the Village is responsible. He personally feels they should have sump pumps.
8:05:32 PM Bell Asked if they could ask the attorney to look into the dwelling part of the Building Code.
8:05:37 PM Gulledge Told Bell if he had a copy to bring it in and they would look at it.
8:05:46 PM Mann Asked that before the final payment is made to Ehret to make sure that where they broke through and damaged the gas line, he wants to be sure it is fixed properly and the concrete is poured.
8:06:42 PM Gulledge Said he will talk to Massa tomorrow. He will be at the Public Works meeting. He said if there was no further business to come before the Board, he would entertain a motion to adjourn.
8:07:38 PM Schmidt Made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk 

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