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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date3/9/2005 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:08 PM Limberg In the absence of Mayor Gulledge, who was ill, called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, March 9, 2005 to order. He asked those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance, after which, he asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, and Kostyshock. Trustee Garcia was absent. She, too, was ill. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Attorney Wigginton, Building & Zoning Administrator/Fire Chief Flaugher, Water & Sewer Superintendent Presson, Street Superintendent Mann, Police Chief Schardan, five (5) citizens, and one (1) reporter.
6:31:22 PM Limberg Called for approval of the minutes of the February 23, 2005 Caucus. He asked if there were any comments or corrections to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There being none, he asked for a motion to place the minutes on file. Schmidt made the motion, and Kostyshock made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:11 PM Limberg Went to agenda item 5, Jack Kime - Library Issues. Kime was not present at this time. Limberg talked about Kime's written statement that was distributed in the Trustee packets. He asked the trustees if they had any comments on the statement.
6:32:29 PM Callahan Commented that he and Kostyshock co-chair the Library/Historical Museum Committee, and the night they discussed the request for the Collinsville District Library, Kime's request was that the Board reconsider the issue of whether to go with Collinsville as a district or go it alone, with a Demonstration Library. Kime said he didn't think this had been given a public hearing on both sides. Callahan commented that Collinsville had been here before they became a district. He said they asked Collinsville's attorney if Maryville could be guaranteed certain things as a Village.  The answers were not favorable in terms of getting representation. As a Board, they decided to go on their own. The night of the meeting where the Library Board discussed Collinsville's District Library request, as a representative of the Village Board, he told the committee that he thought they as a Board was committed to go it alone. He said he hadn't heard anything different. He said they had a meeting last night and everything seems to be go forward with the Demonstration Library.
6:34:17 PM Kostyshock Commented that they want to "control their own destiny ".  He said no matter what, the people are going to be paying taxes either to Collinsville or to Maryville.
6:34:44 PM Limberg Said when he read Kime's letter, he got the impression that Kime thinks the Village should get a written proposal from Collinsville, and also Maryville. He said the only problem he has with the situation in Collinsville is that in the past Maryville gets very little representation when the tax money is provided in their community.
6:35:42 PM Callahan Said they did have a meeting with Collinsville. It was before they became a district, but they had anticipated becoming one. The Board asked legal questions about a guarantee of representation, a meeting place, a room in Maryville, etc. The answers came back no. He said Collinsville was also wanting another city south of Collinsville, and if they promised Maryville a lot of things, then the other community would want the same thing.
6:36:30 PM Bell Said Kime mentioned in his letter about setting up a committee made up of residents to investigate this matter. Bell said he is in agreement, he wants to see the Village go for the Demonstration grant. The residents would have a chance to look at it and vote on it.
6:37:16 PM Limberg Went to agenda item #4 and asked Flaugher to discuss Dennis Heinle's request for Easement Access.
6:37:44 PM Flaugher Introduced Dennis Heinle, and explained that the reason he is here is that he has purchased the property on the southeast corner of North Lange and East Division. It is deeded as one parcel, and has a duplex and a house on it. He wants to split the lot into two lots. However, East Division Street ends as a public street at the corner of North Lange. From Lange Street back to the Senior Center is an easement to get to the Center and the park property. He said Heinle went to the Planning Commission and they were favorable toward his plan. He is requesting from the Board permission or approval to be granted access to the easement to get access to his proposed Lot #2.
6:38:16 PM Bell
Asked if he wanted access from East Division.
6:38:21 PM Flaugher Replied it is basically off Division Street across from the Public Works Building. It is not a platted street. The street ends at Lange. He just needs rights to the easement, and that is what he is requesting tonight from the Board. This piece of property was displayed on the Power Point.
6:40:12 PM Callahan Asked if there was a reason that East Division Street is not platted.
6:40:16 PM Flaugher Said the street was not constructed until the Senior Building was built. It was originally a gravel drive back to the building, and was eventually blacktopped but it was never dedicated as a public street.
6:40:33 PM Callahan Asked if it wouldn't be a good idea to plat it.
6:40:44 PM Wigginton Commented that first of all they will have to review what the Village's rights are. It is his understanding from what has been said tonight that the Village's right to use the roadway is through an easement.
6:40:57 PM Flaugher Said the property is deeded to the Village, but there is an access easement to get to the Senior Center.
6:41:01 PM Wigginton Asked who owns the underlying property. Flaugher said the Village, and that is why Heinle is here.
6:41:12 PM Bell Looking at the Power Point display, commented that it looks like the Village has five or six entrances. He asked where Heinle is looking for the access.
6:41:31 PM Flaugher Replied it looks like it would be in the area of the Public Works parking area.
6:43:23 PM Schmidt Asked Attorney Wigginton what would be the easiest thing to do.
6:43:36 PM Wigginton Replied the Village should have it as a public street. He said short of doing it as a public street, they would need to enter into easement agreement with Heinle. The easement would be restricted to residential use only.
6:44:07 PM Schmidt Said he would prefer having it turned into a public street.
6:44:12 PM Callahan Commented that at some point they planned on running it all the way to the lake, as a paved street.
6:44:47 PM Wigginton Said that since the Village owns the property, they can work with the engineer to make it public street if the Board wishes.
6:45:06 PM Kostyshock Asked Presson and Mann if it would be a safety hazard if Heinle came straight across from their entry way. They both agreed it would not.
6:46:16 PM Limberg Said Attorney Wigginton will review this and determine if it will be a public street or accessibility, if the Village has the right, and it appears it does.
6:46:29 PM Flaugher Asked if there would be a problem with Heinle having his surveyor to go ahead and do the surveying.
6:46:43 PM Schmidt Said he sees no problem with it if the attorney doesn't. He said this is zoned SR-1 for some reason. He asked if this will affect any of the buildings on the front or west parcel.
6:46:57 PM Flaugher Replied they are existing, so he assumes they are grandfathered in.
6:47:05 PM Wigginton Commented that if he is doing a minor subdivision, the new lot he is creating will have to be SR-1, it will be over 1600 square feet.
6:47:10 PM Flaugher Replied it may have to be rezoned. He is not sure it is SR-1.
6:47:28 PM Limberg Commented he may have to get a variance. When he put the second house on his property on Lange Street, he had to get a variance because of the size of the old lots in town.
6:47:50 PM Wigginton Commented the lots are 150x95, so he will have to request a zoning change from SR-1 to SR-2.
6:48:08 PM Kostyshock Asked if this will be a single family home. He was told yes.
6:48:24 PM Limberg Commented that the Board has no problem with his pursuing this. He went to the next agenda item, Automatic Mutual Aid Agreement with Troy Fire Department. This is something that many communities in Madison County are doing. He asked Flaugher to discuss this item.
6:48:57 PM Flaugher Began by saying that Maryville has a mutual aid agreement, County wide, with all the departments in Madison County. This agreement is an automatic mutual aid agreement with Troy Fire Department. This means when Maryville is paged out on a structure fire or some type of incident involving a building or it could possibly be a structure fire, then both departments would be paged out simultaneously, whether it is in Maryville's district or Troy's. He said this is becoming commonplace in a lot of the departments in the area, and actually nationwide, because of the need for additional manpower, especially in the daytime. He said there is an insurance and hold harmless clause that both parties have agreed to. He said tonight he is asking for the Board's feedback and their authorization to have the Mayor enter into this agreement.
6:52:12 PM Wigginton Commented that tonight this is just for review. It is a standard agreement, a little different from the mutual aid agreement which is not an automatic response.
6:52:51 PM Schmidt Commented that he believes that this will positively affect Maryville's ISO rating.
6:53:08 PM Flaugher Said they do receive additional ISO points. Also there is additional manpower and equipment available.
6:55:21 PM Bell Commented that this will help Maryville mostly in the daytime.
6:55:38 PM Limberg Commented as an ex-chief in the fire department he thinks this will be beneficial to Maryville. They have a mutual aid agreement through Madison County, but this is even better. The only thing is they may have to change the SOPs.
6:56:06 PM Flaugher Replied they may have to work on that. He commented on page 2 of the agreement that each community provides the other with maps with their boundaries. He said the important thing is at least four times a year there will be interdepartmental training.
6:56:21 PM Callahan Asked Flaugher if at this point, the agreement is just with Troy. Flaugher replied it was. He asked if Collinsville or Glen Carbon had contacted him.
6:56:28 PM Flaugher Said he approached Collinsville about this several years ago when they were in ISO, and they didn't want any part of it. Collinsville has a tougher time, because they are union, and a full time department.
6:57:44 PM Limberg Went to the next agenda item, and asked Chief Schardan to present his request.
6:57:55 PM Schardan Said when Ken Finley decided to leave the Police Department to go into his own business, he expressed a desire to work for the department on a part time basis. He said he called Finley Monday just to be sure he still wanted to work part time. He told him he did. He said he would be available to work evenings and weekends.
6:58:37 PM Limberg Asked if Finley understands that there are no benefits for part time employees and the wage is $15.00 per hour. Schardan replied that he did.
6:59:05 PM Schmidt Asked Schardan if he knew when Finley last had a physical.
6:59:32 PM Schardan Replied probably when he first started.
6:59:39 PM Schmidt Asked if he should have a physical.
7:00:53 PM Wigginton Asked if they required all part time people to go through physical fitness training. He said this would be a policy decision.
7:01:46 PM Schardan Discussed purchasing a handheld breathalyzer. He said his officers are asking for them. They can use these out on the street, however, they are not admissible in court. He said it adds to probable cause. He explained how it works. The one he is looking into is an ALCO-Sensor FST and the cost is $525.00. The mouthpieces are 19 cents each, and he would like to order a hundred. This would be paid from the DUI fund.
7:04:28 PM Wigginton Commented that the results are not admissible in court, but it allows an officer to make a decision out in the field as to whether or not he should take the person in for a standardized breathalyzer test.
7:07:55 PM Schardan Discussed the problems with the base radio in the Police Station. The telecommunicators couldn't pick up the frequency and couldn't transmit. They called ACT first to see if it was their problem. It was not. They sent Wireless USA to check this out. The problem was in Maryville. Wireless USA sent a bill which is $148.75, and attached an agreement saying that if Maryville was to sign a maintenance agreement for one year on the base station, they would cut the bill 50%. The rate they want to charge is $12.00 per month, and covers everything except physical damage, the antenna, and acts of God. They also quoted prices for the portable and mobiles. He also had Secom give a quote for a maintenance agreement. Secom's quote was $192.00 per month and Wireless USA is $4.00 for each walkie which is $32.00 plus the car radios, which is another $32.00 which is $64 plus $12.
7:10:57 PM Bell Said he has a question about the 800 mz radios. He said Maryville is about the only department in this area still using them. He said he knows the Fire Department is not happy with the radios, and he asked if the Police Officers were having problems.
7:11:49 PM Schardan Commented that it is a matter of time, within next five years, there will be no VHF equipment. Everything is going to the narrow band. The 9-1-1 Board is in negotiations now with the consolidation. One of the things they are discussing is trying to get a Countywide radio frequency so everyone can talk to each other. He said he personally would like to see this accomplished.
7:14:42 PM Callahan Asked Chief Schardan if they have changed the procedures on the Tasers, because of what has been going on.
7:14:58 PM Schardan Replied no, he thinks their policy is fine just the way it is.
7:16:09 PM Limberg Asked Presson to discuss the next agenda item, the purchase of additional radio read meters.
7:16:17 PM Wigginton Commented that the Village is required to go out for bid. This is a Hundred Thousand Dollar contract. The bid that is being relied on is from 2003. He said he is assuming that AMCO Meters will honor their bid from 2003, and will submit the same bid under competitive bidding, or better it. He said because of the amount of the contract, the Village is required to go out for bid.
7:16:45 PM Presson Said all three companies that bid previously, held the same prices as last time.
7:16:53 PM Wigginton Said it doesn't matter, the Village is still required by Village code and by Statute to go out for bid.
7:16:57 PM Kostyshock
Said they did get a good bid on this, because they are holding the prices that they bought them at two years ago. He doesn't think anyone will beat their price, but if it has to be rebid, they will do it.
7:17:33 PM Limberg Said he feels it is only fair to rebid this.
7:18:08 PM Callahan Asked Bell if all the software and hardware problems have been worked out.
7:18:26 PM Bell Answered that Presson could probably answer this better than he can. However, Melissa seems to be happier with it. They have worked out the data transfer, it is working. There has been one billing cycle, but he doesn't know how much radio reading was done in that cycle. Presson replied every one that was in was read.
7:19:51 PM Callahan Talked about the supply of meters. He said he thought they used more one inch than three quarter inch.
7:19:54 PM Presson Replied they do, but the three quarter inch will give him an opportunity to change out entire neighborhoods, such as the 162 area.
7:20:17 PM Limberg Went to the next agenda item.
7:21:29 PM Wigginton Commented he wants to table the sewer tap on fees, he doesn't have the ordinance completed.
7:21:47 PM Callahan Asked Presson about the Schiber Court lift station. He said he noticed on the bills that the bills for this lift station is five to six times higher than the others. He asked if this is the one in the hospital area.
7:22:21 PM Presson Replied it is the hospital area and Copper Creek, Remington, Autumn Oaks and basically that entire area.
7:22:30 PM Callahan Asked what the capacity on it is now.
7:22:34 PM Presson Replied they are at the point now that any future development in that area will result in upgrading the lift station.
7:22:42 PM Callahan Asked how much that would cost.
7:22:47 PM Presson Said it depends on the type of development. It could be as simple as changing out the pumps. The actual force main was oversized when it was done, so it's capacity is good. The wet well is sufficient right now, so the pumps and impellors would be the main expense, and would be approximately between $30,000. and $60,000.
7:23:05 PM Callahan Asked about the emergency pump the Village bought. He said he knows it was specifically for all pumps, but it was actually intended as a backup for the main pump.
7:23:17 PM Presson Replied it is there, and they have actually used it, and have had great success with it.
7:23:21 PM Limberg Asked Mann to discuss the tree cutting in the Cemetery.
7:23:29 PM Mann Said there is a dead tree in the cemetery, on the west side. It is among the tombstones of the Kettle family. These are old stones. He said he would rather have professionals cut it down. If the stones get damaged, they will be responsible for the replacement, not the Village. He obtained three bids, and had them bid it two ways. They cut it down and haul it away, or, cut it down and the Village haul it away. The bidders were Ahlers, Scott's Tree and Landscape Service, and Randy's Tree Service. Ahlers bid was the lowest at $250 to cut down the tree, $300 for removal and clean up. There is an addition charge of $75 to remove the stump. He said the Village will haul off the debris. He does have insurance. The area of the tree was displayed on the Power Point.
7:26:53 PM Schmidt Commented that the tree needs to come down, as well as a lot of other foliage that needs to be cleared out.
7:27:22 PM Bell Asked if it was a bigger tree than the one in the Park that needs to come down. He was told it is bigger. He suggested having the one in the park removed also.
7:27:35 PM Kostyshock Said that the Village crew can take that tree down.
7:28:50 PM Limberg Explained to Kime the discussion the Board had in his absence about the library. He said the Board leans toward going with their own library. He said some of the reasoning for this is if they would go with Collinsville, there is a problem with representation. In the past Maryville has had problems with some of the direction Collinsville has taken the Village as far as being included in some of the items the residents are taxed on.
7:30:10 PM Kime Commented that he feels there is another side that should be heard.
7:30:38 PM Callahan Commented to Kime that one thing he stated in his letter. He said they did have a public meeting with the head of the Collinsville Library when it was still the City Library. The guy that was there is now the President of the District. They talked about which route to go. Collinsville was there because they wanted Maryville to go with them. Maryville specifically asked them if in a legal agreement the could guarantee Maryville representation on the Board, could they guarantee Maryville a building, could they agree to spend XX amount of money. He said in all instances the answers came back no they could not. He went on to explain as he did previously about Collinsville wanting another community to join as well. Basically Collinsville couldn't give Maryville any of the things they wanted to protect themselves.
7:32:12 PM Kime Commented that he has looked at the proposal, and he is not clear how Maryville could be excluded from having representation.
7:32:25 PM Callahan Commented that Collinsville has 20,000 votes, Maryville only has 5,000. He said they did ask for spots on the Board, like the School Board was set up. He said evidently they did away with that because they can't do that anymore. Maryville would always be running against those 20,000 plus the other town at the southern end that would have four or five thousand people. They would want representation also. He said the Board wanted Collinsville to guarantee them numbers.
7:33:18 PM Bell Said they have the same problem with CARD. Maryville has no representation, and the money is not spent wisely for this area. He said he doesn't want to have to go to the Collinsville Library, show his tax bill, etc. to prove he pays taxes to them.
7:33:44 PM Kime Commented that he is not suggesting Collinsville has a great proposal, or that Maryville has a great proposal. What he is saying is that at some point they will have to go to the citizens of this community. He said as far as he can tell, there has not been a fair comparison of the two. He wants the decision made based on facts. He suggests getting a written proposal from the Library Committee of what they are planning to do.
7:36:41 PM Callahan Talked about a meeting he attended as Liaison with the Library/Museum Committee. It was the February meeting. This committee wants a library, and they also know that Collinsville has a good library. However, they have already been given direction by the Board. Maryville has not had a good working relationship with Collinsville. As Bell mentioned earlier there is also a problem with the recreational district, and the Village also has had ongoing problems with Collinsville and the sewer bills. It seems everything always gets contentious with Collinsville. He said as a representative of the Board at the meeting, when the Committee asked what the Board thinks, he told them the Board in his opinion, wants to go the direction they are going now, with the Demonstration Library.
7:39:04 PM Kime Said he is not suggesting Maryville go with Collinsville. He has worked a number of hours with the volunteers, and he knows what they are doing. He knows they are a very dedicated group. He said he is not certain if the Village would be asked to defend the library on a factual basis, that they could do so.
7:39:36 PM Callahan Commented that at this stage, they cannot go with the Collinsville Library on a practice basis. Because if they go, the residents will have to pay the tax. Maryville has a building they recently purchased. The Library Committee asked to use the building. He said technically the only expense they are having now is paying the utilities on the building. The Library Committee is going for a grant in the amount of between $100,000. and $150,000. Once they get the grant, the "clock starts" and at some point within the calendar year, if there is a municipal election, at this point if residents of Maryville decide they want to go with the Demonstration Library, then they start paying the tax the following year. If they decide they do not want the library, all the proceeds of that grant will be returned to the Lewis & Clark District, and they disburse it among the districts already in existence. He feels this is the best and least expensive way for Maryville.
7:42:30 PM Limberg Commented that this way Maryville can control their own destiny. He said it was time to move on with the agenda and asked Bell to discuss the Park Committee Recommendations.
7:44:55 PM Bell Said at the Park Committee meeting, the committee came up with six recommendations for the Boards approval. The first recommendation is to give the Drost Park Khoury League permission to pursue fundraising efforts to install lighting for the ball fields. He said they discussed this and the Khoury League is aware that this is an expensive endeavor. The Khoury League is not asking for any funding from the Village, nor are they asking the Village to pay the utility bill when they get the lights.
7:45:51 PM Callahan Commented he spent seven (7) years working in the Khoury League, and it is very close to his heart. He said one of the problems they always had, was who does the things belong to. If they raise money to buy the lights, they would have to be given to the Village.
7:49:10 PM Bell Commented that he feels like the Khoury League Board members he has dealt with know that anything permanent that is put into the ground becomes Village Property. He discussed the second recommendation. They are asking permission to hold a select team softball tournament on April 9, 10, and 11, 2005. This is a Saturday through Monday. The third item on the list of recommendations is to allow the use of the lawn in front of the Administration Building, on the North side of the driveway, by the Drost Park Khoury League for three temporary T-ball fields. He commented that they would like to add more softball fields, but there is no room. The next item he discussed is the Park Committee wants to properly add sufficient agate screening to the Walking/Jogging Path at once so it is quickly ready for use, and the next recommendation goes along with the previous recommendation, to look into getting a lasting solution to the drainage problems along the Walking/Jogging Path, as marked by the Park Committee members, and the area near the Merz gazebo that will be quickly remedied with the use of the Bobcat. He said since this recommendation was written, Mann, Shoup, Mayor, and Juneau have gone out there. There is a problem there. The most common complaint he receives is that a person can go to Anderson Hospital and walk their path. Their path is perfectly fine. The walking path in Drost Park is full of ruts, it is wet, etc.
7:56:05 PM Kostyshock Commented that they were all out there, and he has had Presson and Mann there also. They all agree that there is no base, and it needs a base. This will cost money, but must be done. Also, the path that goes straight across to the flower garden from the far end, needs to be eliminated, filled in, and move the path over to flower garden. It continually washes out.
7:56:35 PM Bell Said he thinks they are looking for a long term solution to this problem.
7:57:01 PM Presson Said he is going to permanently solve the drainage issue around the gazebo area. He said once he does this section, he will show the Board an overall solution to the rest of park. He plans on starting this first section Monday. He wants the Board to see the end result and the price before they go any further.
7:57:48 PM Kostyshock Commented that this isn't on the path itself, it is in between the restroom and the shed.
7:57:57 PM Bell Commented that this is a pretty low area. Some spots are not bad. He said their thoughts were if the bad spots had enough drains under them, and they were built up. He said that Juneau told him that whatever the hospital was using, it is not the same as what the Village is using.
7:58:28 PM Mann Said he did talk to Juneau about this. Juneau said he was going to come up with a solution on a different way of fixing it.
7:59:34 PM Kostyshock Suggested letting Presson fix the one area and see how they like it. He said the cost will be around $2,000.00. He asked the Board if they were willing to spend this much to make it right. The Board agreed.
8:00:15 PM Presson Using the Power Point showed the area he will be starting with.
8:02:19 PM Mann Commented that in the meantime, for a temporary fix, he will put lime dust on the trail. And as soon as Juneau gets back with him with a solution for fixing the path, they will do it.
8:02:55 PM Bell Asked Attorney Wigginton to read and discuss the final recommendation, to withdraw all properties within the corporate limits of Maryville from the Collinsville Area Recreation District.
8:03:11 PM Wigginton Said the Park Committee's recommendation is to pursue all legal opportunities to withdraw all properties within the corporate limits of Maryville from the Collinsville Area Recreation District post haste. He said he will take their recommendation and discuss it with the Administration, and see where they want to go with it.
8:04:19 PM Limberg Asked Attorney Wigginton to discuss the Halloran Annexation Agreement.
8:06:20 PM Wigginton Said he, Schmidt, and Mayor Gulledge have been involved in negotiations with Milburn Road, LLC to a bring mixed use residential/commercial project on approximately 29.89 acres that are adjacent to the corporate limits of the Village if Maryville. He said some time ago, they approached the Village, and then they had a meeting with Schmidt, Mayor, a member of the Planning Commission, a member of the Economic Development Committee, the engineers and himself. They have talked back and forth, and this is the annexation agreement. They wish to annex to the Village, and he said they want them in the Village. The annexation agreement will be subject to a public hearing, which is required by law, next week at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday, March 16th. He distributed a copy of the agreement to each trustee. He said they are proposing an assisted living center of over 100 units. They also under the agreement are going to have certain lots that will be commercial, General Business B-1. He said they have negotiated minimum depths on these lots, that the first 300 feet, they must have a minimum depth of 300 feet along 162, which is consistent with what the Planning Consultant advised the Village several years ago to try to maintain 300 feet of commercial frontage along 162. He said they have also locked them in to use restrictions that they can only use those properties for businesses that generate retail sales tax. He said they are not talking about professional office buildings. They are talking about something that generates retail sales tax. He said they can choose one of the lots that 75% must be retail, and the other 25% or one unit could be for a non sales tax business, such as an Edward Jones or an H&R Block. These restrictions stay on for five years from the date of the first occupancy permit, not from the date of the agreement. He said part of the agreement is Maryville already has an eight inch water line on the south side of 162, and sewer at the rear lot. They are going to pay a tap on fee of $22,355. They are going to dedicate all the improvements that they build to the Village. They are going to agree to pay all fees, green space fees, park improvement fees, property fees, development fees, etc. The only fee that they did not want applied to them is if the Village does a road impact fee for the upgrade of Lakeview Acres Road. They agreed since this is still in the preliminary stages, and also any traffic that the development would generate wouldn't be on the Lakeview Acres Road or East Main Street.
8:12:11 PM Bell Commented that they would have a road improvement on 162 for a turning lane.
8:12:14 PM Wigginton Said they are responsible for all of that. IDOT is requiring that they put a left turn lane in at a cost in access of $225,000. He doesn't know where it will be, he hasn't been in any of the IDOT meetings. He said originally this was going to be fifty-five acres, and they were going to do the north side as three commercial lots, but because of the cost that IDOT is imposing on them, to do it all at once, they couldn't do the deal. They would not be able to get an adequate return on their investment. He said in respect to Lot D, which is going to be behind the first 300 feet of commercial, they are proposing a residential SR-2 subdivision. He said they told them that they would have to go through the Planning Commission for plat approval. He said the Village is not as a part of this agreement, agreeing to any type of lot layout.
8:14:44 PM Bell Asked what the final number was on the sewer tap.
8:14:48 PM Wigginton Replied it is in Section 7 of the agreement, $22,355.
8:15:11 PM Bell Asked how many residential SR-2 lots they are talking about. He was told 40 to 45. He commented when they come in they will be subject to green space.
8:15:34 PM Wigginton Answered the fee is $500 per lot.
8:15:38 PM Bell Said his other question is what the distances are.
8:15:40 PM Schmidt Replied that the distances on the assisted living building is 450 feet deep.
8:16:03 PM Wigginton Said he doesn't know the distance from 162 to the closest point of the building. He said it will not be right on the edge of 162.
8:16:20 PM Bell Commented he read 180 feet back, which is three times as far back as Maryville Manor, which is 60 feet.
8:17:56 PM Callahan Commented that he has a problem with the use of the ground. The Planning Commission and the Economic Development Committee worked a year on a future use map, and the ground was designated commercial. He said less than a year ago the Board voted six to nothing to adopt the map. Now, the first thing "out of the box" they are putting multi-family on ground designated commercial.
8:19:17 PM Bell Responded it is still B-1.
8:19:33 PM Callahan Commented it is still a residential apartment. He said if they don't follow the map, someone else can come in and say the Village isn't following their own Map. Having the apartments there makes the future use map useless. The 2nd thing is the tap on fees. Five or six years ago, the Board decided they wanted one meter, one sewer tap on per unit, now they changed their mind. He said the tap on fee for this building would be in excess of $200,000. by existing ordinances. And also another $200,000 for water fees. The Board has agreed with Juneau's recommendation of the tap-on fee of $23,000. But they are only getting one water tap-on. He commented that if it is the biggest one the Village sells, instead of $406,000. they are charging $28,000. He talked about pump station that he asked Presson about earlier. He said this pump station is heavily used. Presson said it could cost $40-50,000. to upgrade. This development is going to be a big user, probably the equivalent of thirty or forty homes. This unit is being put on the most heavily used pump station, which is going to cost the Village money to upgrade anyway. They are getting a 90% reduction in sewer tap on fees, and a 99% reduction in water tap fees. He said to him he doesn't think it is fair to existing residents, but he also doesn't think it is fair to the Village. It will cost more to upgrade the pump station than they are being charged.
8:21:59 PM Presson Responded that the development was notified that should they choose to develop this area, there would be an additional cost to upgrade the lift station.
8:22:54 PM Wigginton Said this was addressed to the extent that the Village's feelings that seven to nine million dollars in property improvements, which the Village will receive property taxes, along with the additional residents, even if it is one per unit, it would be 103 times approximately $109 per person on the Village share of State Income Tax. He said it was a number they felt they had to negotiate. Obviously they wanted to pay a lot less.
8:23:52 PM Callahan Commented that if they were two properties east, it would have cost them $95,000. Maryville is fairly cheap compared to the surrounding towns.
8:24:15 PM Kostyshock Commented that most of the surrounding towns are setting up TIF Districts, and they are giving away millions of dollars. The Village will be collecting utility tax, Motor Fuel tax, sales tax, water & sewer usage, property tax, etc.
8:25:10 PM Limberg Commented that there is a Public Hearing on this next week.
8:25:18 PM Schmidt Talked about the Comprehensive Plan. He said they did spend eight months working on it. He said he compares the Comprehensive Plan with always being able to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning. It gives the Village the power and the level to swing the hammer on development that is going to come in, and if the Village doesn't think it is going to work according to the Comprehensive Plan, they have the hammer to say "this isn't for us". On the other hand, if a developer comes in with an idea of something that perhaps didn't cross their mind and fit into a certain parcel, it gives the Village the opportunity to step back, rethink a certain area, even though they blanketed both sides of 162 almost to 700 to 1000 feet on each side of 162 that was open ground to commercial. He said he doesn't feel it is prudent to think a business is going to deed that far off the road in smaller developments because they are not going to be seen from the highway. This parcel they are discussing, especially the tail end part of it is going to jut into Copper Creek. He said he doesn't know that he would want a business with lights and noise going that far into Copper Creek from the highway. This development they are proposing the businesses are up front and the residential part backing up to Copper Creek. He said it would be a disservice to the people in Copper Creek to put business that far into the back of the property. He said they are sort of going against the Comprehensive Plan, but he said they must look at what the property is, and what surrounds it at the time, and what the developers are wanting to do with it. It gives the Village the power to go against the Comprehensive Plan if they choose to.
8:28:53 PM Bell Commented on the Comprehensive Plan. What they did here was they went one lot deep on each side, marked it commercial. He said they wouldn't want commercial all the way back to Copper Creek. He said also at the time, they talked about the commercial being the frontage part, and residential behind that.
8:29:06 PM Callahan Responded that the other thing they did during the entire Comprehensive Future Use Plan, not only were the areas designated commercial, they cut back on the multi-family everywhere. He said they even took some existing multi-family, and said they would prefer it to be commercial property. He commented that what the Board is doing here is two things. They are putting multi-family in an area they said they wanted to be commercial.
8:29:50 PM Bell Said it is not really multi-family, it is multi-resident. There will be one person in each of the units, not a family. He said they are basically saying now that the majority of the front is commercial and the back of it is SR-2, and there is a part that is B-1.
8:30:33 PM Wigginton Said it is B-1, technically it is a business. It is an assisted living care unit facility. It is not multi-family in the traditional sense that it is an apartment complex. It is B-1.
8:30:53 PM Limberg Said there is a public hearing scheduled on this for next week. He went to Calendar Updates.
8:31:10 PM Bell Said there is a Library Work Day on the 19th of March, an Economic Development meeting on the 14th of March. The Planning Commission meeting is on the 28th.
8:31:39 PM Schmidt Asked that the large item pick up on March 28, 29 and April 1 be added.
8:32:26 PM Kostyshock Asked to have the Library events placed on the calendar.
8:32:51 PM Bell Said the park events include Go Fly A Kite Day is March 23rd. In May there will be a Bike Rodeo. Also May 21 is the Fire Department Golf Scramble.
8:33:21 PM Limberg Went to the To Do List, page 1. There was nothing to discuss on page 1. He went to page 2.
8:33:59 PM Bell On page 2, he said they had their second meeting on the GIS. Everyone got a little bit done from the first meeting. They have some good ideas, and Juneau is working on a proposal for updates to the GIS system. He said he is getting a bid on a server for the GIS. They will continue to have a meeting once a month for a while until things get started, then they will go to every two or three months.
8:35:05 PM Limberg Commented that Chief Schardan and Mayor attended a meeting today on the Communications Consolidation. They will have some information perhaps at the next Caucus meeting.
8:36:18 PM Callahan Talked about the budget. He asked Clerk Long to have Jolene put something in their packets for the next Caucus. He commented on the GASB 34, and compliance by May 1. He said he remembers Ferris saying it wasn't a very big deal for a community the size of Maryville.
8:36:50 PM Limberg Went to page 3. He said the public hearing on Halloran is scheduled. He went to page 4; there was nothing to discuss on page 4. He went to Trustee Comments.
8:37:34 PM Kostyshock Said Keith Chandler has given a bid on the bike trail entrance.
8:38:22 PM Bell Said the Park Committee has already agreed they want to do this. He asked him to put the bid in the Park mail slot. He asked about the Osborn Development. He said he knows there was a prior agreement. He said the agreement has handwritten notes at the bottom, "no sidewalks" "no green space". He asked if he has a prior agreement on everything he is going to build. He was told no.
8:39:04 PM Kostyshock Said he has a question on Stonebridge. He said the ordinance says sidewalks are the responsibility of the buyer of the home. He said he doesn't know why they wouldn't put the sidewalks in, if the owner is responsible for it.
8:39:18 PM Wigginton Commented that they argued with them on that point for a long time. But the agreement that was made at that time, the Village didn't have the sidewalk ordinance. They had it, but got rid of it. Then, after they finished and finalized the deals on the whole Stonebridge annexation, at the time the Village did not require sidewalks. He said they told them it is not at their cost, they make the homeowner pay for it. It would make their subdivision look a lot nicer, but they chose not to do it.
8:39:57 PM Kostyshock Commented that he doesn't understand, they chose to do it at Remington, but not in Stonebridge. He feels it is a safety factor; people are not walking in the middle of the street with their dogs and kids.
8:40:46 PM Wigginton Said he agrees, and that is why they changed the ordinance. However, on that particular development it was done before the ordinance was is force.
8:40:52 PM Bell Said his question is, does the same agreement apply for every piece of land that a certain developer already owns in this community.
8:41:02 PM Wigginton Replied no, that was subject to an annexation agreement, and that is why they specifically wrote in the Halloran Agreement that they would be responsible for any and all current and future ordinances. The only exemption is the road impact study.
8:41:42 PM Schmidt Commented that he thinks the reason the Osborns agreed to go with sidewalks in Remington is because the next parcel of ground that they will be developing is a parcel that is not under the annexation agreement.
8:42:48 PM Limberg Announced the Congressional Prayer Breakfast on May 2, 2005 at 7:30 a.m. at the Gateway Center in Collinsville. Last year the Village reserved a table for eight at a cost of $120.00. Mayor Gulledge asked him to bring this up to see if anyone wanted to attend. He said if there was nothing more to come before the Board, he would entertain a motion to adjourn.
8:44:33 PM Bell Made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk 

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The Village of Maryville