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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Public Hearing #1 Zoning Request - Halloran Property
Date3/16/2005 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:02 PM Gulledge Called the first Public Hearing of Wednesday, March 16, 2005 to order. There were twenty-five (25) persons who signed the Public Hearing Attendance Sheet. Mayor explained the purpose of the hearing was to discuss a zoning request on the Halloran Property, that is approximately 29.89 acres. He said the first meeting on the request was Monday, March 14th at 7:00 p.m. before the Planning Commission. He explained that the Planning Commission is strictly a recommendatory Board to the Village Board. The Village Board has the only and final action that will be taken on this subject. He explained there are three (3) parcels, Lot A, B, and C. They are zoned B-1. The larger lot (Lot B) is SR-2, which is the same zoning that Lyn Hi Terrace and Copper Creek Subdivision have. He opened the hearing to the public for questions or comments.
6:31:54 PM Karen Schwander 813 Copper Ridge Asked If SR-2 is just single family homes, no duplexes or apartments or anything like that. Mayor told her that is correct. She asked if the supported living complex was considered commercial or retail. Attorney Wigginton explained that it is considered commercial. It is a for profit supported living center, and is considered a commercial enterprise because it is a for profit business. She asked if this is a nursing home, or something like the drug rehab center. Attorney Wigginton replied no, it is technically a supported living center that assists people. The people that reside there, if they have to be transferred to a nursing home, they will have to be discharged from the facility into a hospital or nursing home. She asked if it is definite that the supported living business will be there, or has it been decided yet. Attorney Wigginton replied if the property is annexed and rezoned it will be placed there. This is part of the agreement, that it will go on Lot C, which is the frontage along 162. Her other comment, which they brought up at the meeting on Monday, is that those who live on Copper Ridge are worried about the water drainage. She said they assured them on Monday that according to law, there can't be anymore run off from that property than there is now. She asked if there will be a chance for them to be involved in the planning or to look at the plans to make sure it will not happen. Mayor Gulledge said yes. He said that if they would leave their name and address, he will make sure they are notified when this comes before the Planning Commission. They will be discussing all the individual building portions of what happens.
6:35:18 PM Gulledge Asked Steve Macaluso to address her question. He said he wanted everyone to know this is a zoning issue that they are discussing. It is not a Planning issue.
6:35:22 PM Steve Macaluso of O'Fallon, Illinois Said they do a lot of development in St. Clair County. His firm owns a property called Cambridge House in O'Fallon. He invited those in attendance to tour the facility. He said they are going to replicate it in Maryville. He gave a brief description of the building. He said it has nothing to do with drug rehabilitation, nothing to do with nursing homes, and nothing to do with intensive care. He explained that supported living is a level of care that allows a person to live independently, but have a watchful eye on them. The person has an apartment, but no kitchen appliances. He said they do not want them to be cooking, they want to know that they have had their meals. The staff monitors this.
6:39:23 PM Bill Millikin , 917 Copper Ridge Questioned the process that was used for the zoning. He said he attended the meeting Monday. He said no one on the Planning Commission had any knowledge of what was being put on the property. He said all of the people who will be affected by this had no understanding of what it was going to be. They were told the property was going to be rezoned to B-1. He asked if the decision was going to be made tonight. He was told by Mayor Gulledge that it would be. He wanted the decision to be delayed, until they could see the entire package of the development.
6:40:46 PM Wigginton Replied that this has been the subject of numerous discussions, and the meetings are all public meetings. He said that Maryville takes an extra step in it's zoning process, and requires all plans like this one to go through a public hearing with the Planning Commission as well as a public hearing before the Board. Most municipalities only use one public hearing, and it is with the Planning Commission. He said the agreement specifies exactly what can be on Lots A, B, and C in terms of business. Lot C is located as far away from Copper Ridge as possible. He said there will be an SR-2 residential development between Cambridge House and Copper Ridge. He said if they follow the Comprehensive Plan, it would put commercial right up to their back yard. He said they are not doing that. They decided to balance it out by putting SR-2 between them. Lots A & B are going to be retail stores in the form of a strip center, and possibly a one building facility, such as a CVS or a Walgreen's type of facility. This is specified in the agreement. 
6:42:17 PM Millikin Said his concern is that all the other people at Monday's meeting were not informed of anything. He said questions were asked, but no answers were given.
6:43:21 PM Wigginton Replied that all the Planning Commission was to consider was if the property should be rezoned or not. They are not supposed to get into the specific uses, what is proper, what is improper, etc. He said the Board changed its ordinances last year to require the Village to send notices to adjoining property owners.  Prior to last year, no notices were sent.
6:44:51 PM Gulledge Commented that they have done everything they can to make people aware that there was a public hearing tonight to talk about rezoning issues only. This is for the protection of the would be developer as well as the community. There is another step where they have to come before Planning Commission. He said they are bound by State Statute. He also said that the Board is going to vote on the zoning issue tonight.
6:46:17 PM Gulledge Due to the time, and other hearings to be held, closed this hearing.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk 

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The Village of Maryville