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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date4/27/2005 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:13 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, April 27, 2005 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. He asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Attorney Wigginton, Street Superintendent Mann, Water & Sewer Superintendent Presson, Police Chief Schardan, Fire Chief/Building & Zoning Administrator Flaugher, Comptroller Brussatti, Engineer Juneau, Mike Pamatot of the Police & Fire Board, two (2) reporters, and twenty-three (23) citizens.
6:31:08 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the April 13th Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He asked for a motion to have the minutes placed on file. The motion was made by Limberg, and seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:44 PM Gulledge Went to the first item on the agenda, Fire & Police Commission Update. He commended those who have worked on setting up the Boards. He asked Mike Pamatot to give an overview of what they are doing.
6:33:06 PM Pamatot Gave a general background of what the Commission does. He spoke about the hiring procedures. He said they are in the process of establishing a hiring list for the Police Department and also one for the full time Fire Department. Most of the Fire Department is volunteer. Applications are available for the Police Department now and will be accepted through May 3rd. On May 10th the Commission will start the process to establish a hiring list. He commented that by State Statute, if a position becomes available they must take the first one on the list. If the person doesn't want the job, then they must offer it to number two, and so on. After they get the Police hiring list, then they will do one for the Fire Department for the EMT position. The last step in the procedure is to establish a promotion list, and for now it will only be in the Police Department.
6:37:16 PM Gulledge Asked if anyone had any questions for Pamatot.
6:37:42 PM Callahan Commented that when Chief Schardan was putting his budget together for this year, he pointed out about hiring the number one person on the list. This makes the budget more difficult because the difference between hiring someone that is already a trained officer versus someone that is not. He asked if there were any provisions in the law to compensate for the fact that there may be a need for a licensed, trained officer.
6:38:14 PM Pamatot Talked about the point system. One is points for already having gone through the Police Academy. A person who has completed the academy will have a higher score than a person who has not been to the academy. He again said that by State Statute, they must take the number one person.
6:38:57 PM Callahan Asked if when they do a list for the Fire Department, if it will be open to the public, or is it only open to the Village's firemen.
6:39:11 PM Pamatot Said it will go to anyone. He said the only difference is that the only full time firemen are EMTs. When they advertise to establish an eligibility list, they will be looking for Paramedics only.
6:39:48 PM Garcia Asked about the age limit.
6:40:08 PM Pamatot Replied that this too, is by State Statute. If a person is over 35, he cannot be on the eligibility list to be hired as a police officer. However, he said this is being challenged.
6:42:12 PM Gulledge Went to the next agenda item Sanitary Sewers in Bauer Lane. He talked about the letters he sent to the residents, and also sent a second letter asking for a response. He said the responses came back that 71 wants sewers, 4 want sewers but don't want to give an easement making the total 75. There were 52 that didn't want sewers. Seventeen said they didn't want the sewers, but would give an easement, making the total 69. There was no response from 43. He sent the second letter and received four responses back. He talked about a special sewer district, also a "backdoor referendum" and explained that if the Board would pass an ordinance to outline a special sewer district, the people who don't want sewers have sixty (60) days to circulate a petition, and if they have over 51% of the special sewer district saying no, it would be defeated. His recommendation to the Board is to do a partial special sewer district. The area consists of 54 lots, and 27 people have told him they want sewers; 2 of these people said yes, but they were also two of the people that didn't want to give an easement. It would be a total of 29 "for" in this area and there are 16 "no". There are four more that don't want sewer, but will give an easement. Counting these four, the total no votes is 20. This makes is 29 for and 20 against. He asked Juneau to discuss the facts, figures, and numbers.
6:46:50 PM Juneau Displayed with power point the area that would be served. It includes Borri Drive, Bauer, Lincoln Drive, Nelson Drive, and the south part of Saddlewood Drive. He estimated the cost to construct the sewer to be $420,640.00 for construction engineering and EPA grant application to get a low interest loan. If the Village applies the $2000.00 tap on fee for the 59 people to connect the IEPA loan amount would be $302,640.00. He talked about the financing and said it would cost $35.00 per month. He spoke about this being added to their sewer bill. He talked about a local bond issue, which would move faster than an IEPA loan. This would be approximately $43.00 per month. This is in addition to the operation and maintenance replacement costs which are ongoing for the treatment of wastewater. This is $2.00 per thousand gallons. An average household uses around 5000 gallons, or $10.00 per month.
6:51:57 PM Gulledge Commented that he has given each trustee a map of the area, and he told the people he would not disclose who the property owners are. He asked the Board not to share the map he gave them to the public. He commented to the Board that this is the best opportunity to get the project started. He said if the Board goes forward with this, it has to be done by an ordinance, and public hearings. He said all the property owners affected will be notified by certified mail of the public hearing. If this passes, the people living in this area will have 60 days to gather the proper petition to defeat the potential pursuers of the area.
6:55:10 PM Bell Asked why the north side of Saddlewood is not included.
6:55:28 PM Gulledge Replied that a lift station would have to be installed at the end of Jacquelyn Court, raising the cost. Juneau commented that they have chosen the most economical way.
6:55:53 PM Callahan Asked how will they get to the south part of Saddlewood.
6:56:20 PM Gulledge Replied that to his knowledge they already have the easements they need. They will go around the outside.
6:56:43 PM Schmidt Talked about letting homeowners include the tap on fee in the loan.
6:57:51 PM Gulledge Answered that the tap on fee is going to be used to reduce the amount of money that will be borrowed.
6:58:10 PM Kostyshock Asked about the flat rate of $335.00. He asked if everyone would be paying the same.
6:58:27 PM Wigginton Answered that the cost of repaying the bonds or loan to fund the project will be based upon the assessed valuation of the property. Just as it is in Special Service Area #1 and #3. There is no individual assessment. It is paid as a separate line item on their tax bill.
6:59:23 PM Juneau Commented that he (Wigginton) is talking about a special sewer taxing district. What he is presenting is an option if it is done as a revenue bond issue.
7:00:14 PM Gulledge Commented that they will have to look at this. They are not sure yet. If this moves forward, everything will be explained at the public hearing. He asked the Board what they wanted to do. Limberg said he would like to see them move forward with this. Schmidt said move forward. Bell said move forward.
7:01:03 PM Callahan Said he is for it, but wanted to point out that in another area, an individual in the neighborhood went around, telling "little white lies" about some of the things the Board was doing, and got people to sign the petition. When the petition was turned in, it stopped the project. The people still do not have sewers. He cautioned those in attendance to beware of this happening in their area.
7:02:58 PM Gulledge Commented that what Callahan is saying is correct, however, the Board understands better how to do this than they did before. They will make sure everyone, both sides, is given the right information. He asked Kostyshock what he wanted to do. Kostyshock said to proceed, it is good investment. Garcia said she is for it. He said they will set the wheels in motion to put together an ordinance. He asked Sandy Callahan to pass out the estimates that were discussed tonight to those who were not in the audience.
7:05:19 PM Dan Owen 430 Joseph Drive asked that since they are only talking about one area, if it means the other areas did not pass.
7:05:47 PM Gulledge Answered that it is either too close to call, or it's behind in the count. He said he feels they have a good opportunity for this to go through in this area.
7:06:25 PM Callahan Commented that it isn't the no votes. It's that there are no easements. The people in the front part of Bauer will not give an easement.
7:06:43 PM Gulledge Told Owen that he feels in the very near future there is going to be some other opportunities for another section of Bauer Lane when some other things become available in that area. He commented that hopefully, a developer may have to pay for the lift station, etc.
7:07:20 PM Callahan Asked if the yellow line was the sewer district. He was told it wasn't.
7:08:42 PM Mike Barbarotto 5 Barbarotto Lane said he and his sister, who lives next to him didn't get the letter. Gulledge replied he was missed the first time, but their names were added to the second mailing list. He will check on this.
7:09:27 PM Gulledge Discussed the next agenda item, Boats, Trailers, RV Parking. He said he asked Attorney Wigginton if any action can be taken by the Board this evening. He was informed that as far as changing the ordinance, the Board can't change the ordinance without holding a public hearing in front of the Planning Commission, and one in front of the Board. This would entail a change in the amendment to the Zoning Ordinance. The main discussion is going to be whether or not the Board wants to stand pat or change the ordinance. He asked the attorney if the Board would send a recommendation to the Planning Commission or just how does this work.
7:10:43 PM Wigginton Replied that the Village can initiate a request to change or amend the Zoning Ordinance. He recommended that this evening the Board take public comments since they do not have any authority to take any action.
7:11:39 PM Bell Commented that if the Board decides to change the Ordinance, they must decide what they want to change it to. He said he asked Trustee Schmidt to put together some options.
7:12:10 PM Schmidt Said he has talked with the other Board members, and has an idea of how they feel. He said has driven through the Village numerous times and looked at the different situations that exist. he has looked at some of the subdivisions and what they have with the homeowners association. He commented that whatever the Board decides, either not to change it or  proposes a change in the Ordinance, if a person lives in a subdivision that has an organized homeowners association, the covenants supercede the Village ordinance. With a power point display, he talked about several options. The first option is to leave the ordinance as is. Second, allow parking on the side of the house, no restrictions. The third option is to allow parking on the side of the house, only on a concrete or asphalt pad. The fourth option is to allow parking on the side of the house, only on concrete or asphalt pad, enclosed by a fence at least six feet high, no cyclone fences, if space permits. He said they should discuss on options two, three, and four to prohibit parking on the side of the houses that face the street on a corner lot. Parking on the side of the house that faces the street should be prohibited. He said he took into consideration those that have more than one item, if the ordinance is changed, as long as the two do not exceed 32 feet in length. He talked about the fencing in option four. He feels the front facing of the fencing should be five feet back from the front face of the house.
7:17:16 PM Bell Commented that five feet is a bit much, two or three feet would work better.
7:17:42 PM Callahan Asked what happens to the rear parking.
7:17:46 PM Bell Answered that it is still allowed.
7:18:11 PM Kostyshock Commented that in option #4, a fence will look worse than the camper or boat, etc. A camper will be above a six foot fence anyway.
7:18:37 PM Bell Commented it depends on what it is. If it is a boat, it looks nice. He is in favor of the 32 feet maximum, and he thinks they should allow parking on side with concrete. The fence, he said, he could go with or without.
7:19:43 PM Gulledge Said he will allow a few people to speak that have not addressed the Board before.
7:20:27 PM Schmidt Commented that no matter what happens, the Board will give sufficient time to remedy the situation.
7:21:20 PM Pat Cusanelli Said she lives on Northwood. She is a "horse trailer person". Her trailer has living quarters in front, and is about 24 to 26 feet overall. She had a gravel drive put in, with drain pipe, etc. She said she went to City Hall to see if there would be a problem. She was told there wouldn't be a problem. She talked about getting a citation. She didn't like the way this was handled.
7:23:56 PM Gulledge Interrupted Cusanelli and told her that she is in compliance, her trailer is to the back of her house. He apologized to her.
7:26:06 PM Tom Betts 907 Nelson, said he came to City Hall and told them where he planned on parking his camper. They told him it would not be a problem. On April 5th, he received a citation. He had a driveway, with drainage put in. It is on the side of the house, but his house sits counter clock wise. One side of his house is on Bauer Lane and the other side is on a side street. He said he is seeking a waiver.
7:27:34 PM Gulledge Told Betts that all the Board is doing tonight is talking about the existing ordinance. They will not be taking any action tonight, other than to say they will keep the ordinance as it is, or if they will modify or amend it. If changes are made, it will have to go before the Planning Commission in the form of a public hearing. Then it will come back to the Board with the Planning Commission's recommendation.
7:28:17 PM Betts Said he did try to do things right, and he wondered if there would be a "grandfather" clause.
7:28:25 PM Wigginton Commented that there is always an option, in unique situations, to seek a variance from the requirements of the ordinance.
7:29:23 PM Dan Owen Asked what is classified as "back yard". He asked if they could have someone show them if it is okay before they build a driveway. Mayor replied that he would suggest that. They should contact Building & Zoning and ask them to come out and look at what he plans on doing. He also suggested having it put in writing.
7:30:24 PM Mike Barbarotto Asked what they consider "back of the house".
7:30:42 PM Gulledge Answered the back of the house, is what is across the back yard, behind the house.
7:31:10 PM Ron Motil 33 Foxmoor Drive commented that he is in favor of a more restricted covenant. Maryville is great place to live. He said if there are not restrictive covenants, it opens the door to lesser restrictive covenants. He commented that once the Village starts lessening the restrictions, it becomes more difficult to enforce other ones. He asked the Board to be cautious about lessening the ordinance.
7:34:34 PM Callahan Asked if covenants in the subdivision address this matter.
7:34:55 PM Motil Said they do.
7:35:38 PM Larry Neeman 3500 Mary Drive said he didn't know there was such a rule or law, or when it was passed. He asked why it wasn't published, and why no one came around. He heard about the people receiving citations. He commented that the "Board didn't do their job". The ordinance was not made public.
7:36:19 PM Bell Replied that all Village Ordinances are public record. He said they went an extra step and published them on the web site. When the ordinances are passed, public hearings are held, etc.
7:36:55 PM Neeman Commented that it was not obvious. The first he heard of it was this past week.
7:37:20 PM Schmidt Asked what he suggests in the way of making him informed.
7:38:29 PM Gulledge Commented that this ordinance wasn't enforced until people complained to some of the Trustees. He talked about one of the violators going around town and took pictures of other violators, and commented that if he was cited then the others should be cited also.
7:41:57 PM Garcia Commented that most of the trustees were on the Board when this ordinance was changed. The reason it was changed is because they had many people complaining about the boats, etc. The Board changed the ordinance. They spent taxpayer's money to do it, and had all the required meetings. Also, there are reporters at the meetings every Wednesday night. It was in the papers. Now that it is being enforced, everyone wants it changed back.
7:42:33 PM Neeman Commented that it is not out of the Board's pocket, and the insurance will go up if it has to be moved off the property. Also, it is inconvenient.
7:43:29 PM Limberg Commented that the ordinances are available to anyone who wants to come to Village Hall and ask for them. He said he lives in a subdivision where the covenant doesn't allow any vehicles to be parked on the side of the house, recreational vehicles or anything.
7:44:50 PM Garcia Asked about the people who have already spent money to comply with the ordinance. She doesn't feel it will be fair to them, if the Village would decide not to change the ordinance.
7:45:22 PM Dominick Meyer 201 Bauer Lane commented that he has had a motor home since 1965. He said he has traveled all over the United States, and has friends who live in $500,000.00 and up homes. They park motor homes along the side of their house, as long as it is behind the front line. He said he has never heard of fences around them.
7:46:16 PM Gene Harshaw 714 Valley Drive, said he likes Bell's idea of option number 3, side yard parking on a concrete or asphalt pad. He commented that as far as the fence goes, it would take a 15 foot fence to hide an RV.
7:46:52 PM Bell Responded to Garcia's statement about changing the ordinance. He said they did change the ordinance, but the change was not from allowing parking on the side to not allowing parking on the side. Several residents have boats on the side of their house, enclosed in a fence. He said he is not totally set on a fence. He said he wants to make it clear that the Board didn't take away the right to park on the side.
7:48:22 PM Gulledge Polled the Board to see if they wanted to keep the ordinance the same or send it to the Planning Commission for change. Limberg said send it for change, Schmidt said change, Bell said send it for change, Callahan said change, Kostyshock said change, Garcia said no. He said they will send this to the Planning Commission.
7:49:20 PM Wigginton Said there will be a public notice of the hearing in the newspaper. There will not be individual notices sent. It will be placed on the agenda which will be available at Village Hall. The Planning Commission meets the 4th Monday of the month.
7:50:24 PM Gulledge Commented that the fourth Monday in May is the 23rd and the meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. in Village Hall. He went to the next agenda item.
7:50:49 PM Schmidt Gave a Power Point presentation on the leaf burning issue and talked about the laws. See the attached power point presentation.
8:01:23 PM Gulledge Asked The Trustees their opinion on the leaf burning issue.
8:01:40 PM Limberg Commented he would like to see the Village discontinue leaf burning. He feels it is a health hazard.
8:02:00 PM Schmidt Said he would be in favor of allowing some burning in certain months of the year.
8:04:42 PM Bell Said he would be in favor of allowing burning on certain days, and in the daylight hours.
8:05:04 PM Callahan Said he has no problem with limiting the burning, but he would need a place to get rid of his yard waste.
8:06:18 PM Kostyshock Said he is for allowing burning from 8 to 4.
8:07:57 PM Garcia Said she doesn't burn, and if the Village disallows burning, the Village should provide a service for the people to get rid of their yard waste.
8:08:46 PM Gulledge Commented that it seems the majority of the people wants to allow some type of burning. He said he doesn't think they should allow burning every day. He would not be opposed to limiting burning to a couple times a week. He said he would be in favor of setting up something, such as one week day, and weekend day, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., year round. He asked the Trustees their opinion. Limberg is not for burning. Schmidt is in favor of restricting the burning. Bell said he is okay with restricting. Callahan said this is going to make it very difficult to enforce. He doesn't think it should be that restrictive. Kostyshock said he thinks Friday and Saturday would be good days. Garcia said she is okay with this, but she doesn't think the Village has a big problem. He asked Attorney Wigginton to work on a leaf burning ordinance that will allow burning twelve months a year, such as Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. He went to the next agenda item.
8:15:14 PM Bell Discussed the Park Committee recommendations. The first recommendation is to purchase event parking signs that can be placed on the north and south side of Firemen's Park to direct them to additional parking at the Catholic Church parking lot. He said this will be on the Board agenda for approval. The second recommendation is to investigate and complete the possible installation of a sidewalk from Firemen's Park eastward to the Mother of Perpetual Help Church parking lot. He said he has not discussed this at a Fire Department meeting. He asked Fire Chief Flaugher if he had any thoughts on this. Flaugher replied he has no problem with this.
8:20:22 PM Kostyshock Commented about the possibility of a person getting hit by a truck or ambulance leaving the station.
8:20:30 PM Bell Said this is a legitimate concern. He has this same concern every year at Homecoming time. They discussed this and the Committee thinks it might be best to bring the sidewalk out away from the building so that a person will not be walking up against the building.
8:22:23 PM Bell Discussed a suggestion from the Park Committee that the Village purchase a portable sound system to be used by all Village departments.
8:31:46 PM Gulledge Due to the length of the meeting, called for a motion to recess for five minutes before beginning discussion on the budget. Schmidt made the motion, and Bell made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
8:40:44 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to reconvene the meeting. The motion was made by Limberg - yes; Bell - yes; Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
8:41:15 PM Callahan Began the discussion on the 2005-2006 budget.
8:41:50 PM Garcia Commented that her first question is if there will be enough money coming in to cover the budget.
8:41:53 PM Callahan Commented on the income line items in the Administration Department. Specifically the taxes and how they are distributed into the other funds. The discussion centered on the property tax. He said it appears to him there is approximately $150,000.00 more revenue than anticipated.
8:43:41 PM Gulledge Commented that the Tax Levy just came in from the County. He suggests setting up appointments with the different departments to work on these budgets.
8:44:29 PM Callahan Said he would like to ask some questions while he had the people here. He said now that the Village has a Downstate Police & Fire Pension, are they going to be allowed to put this on tax levy for 2006.
8:45:02 PM Wigginton Replied that this will be a line item on the levy. He commented that they levied for the Police Pension and Fire Pension this time. The levy came in this week. He said he will meet with the Mayor and Clerk to certify it.
8:45:31 PM Callahan Suggests putting a number in the Downstate Pension, that would equal what was received last year in IMRF and Social Security. The discussion went on to the expenses. He questioned the utilities line item. Mayor explained that utilities were not being charged off to the right buildings, however, this has since been corrected. Next he asked Flaugher if he thinks the budget amount of $130,000.00 in Building Permit Fees is reasonable. Flaugher said yes, and explained that it is hard to estimate, it depends on how much building will be going on. He asked Flaugher if he had adjusted the Building & Zoning wage line item, due to Hellrung's resignation. Flaugher replied he has. Next, Callahan suggested that instead of having #8 Schiber Court as a separate fund, it be included in the Buildings Fund. He doesn't understand why it is separate. He thinks it should be included under Buildings, but it can still have a separate line item. He went to the Motor Fuel Tax. He asked why the snow removal line items is $11,147.00 for next fiscal year when this past year only $922.35 was spent on snow removal. He suggests adjusting the figure. He talked about Maintenance Supplies - Streets. There was $10,000 in 2004; $8,000 in 2005, and $42,000 for 2006. He asked Mann if he had something in mind. If he does, make a note of it, otherwise adjust the amount.
8:51:19 PM Callahan Discussed the Street Department budget next. He asked Mann if he was planning on added an employee. Mann said he would like to. He asked about the street lighting expense. It was determined that it is in line with the previous years, considering there have been several traffic lights as well as street lights added. Next, he asked Mann why the increase from $7300 in 2004 to $67,000 in 2006. Presson and Mann replied that this figure for concrete and blacktop that was not covered under Motor Fuel Tax.
9:00:16 PM Kostyshock Asked Callahan if they were going to meet to discuss these budgets. They have never met to talk about these except at the Caucus meetings. He has a lot of things he wants to discuss. He said the budget is misleading as far as the Motor Fuel Tax. He said there is $419,000. in the Motor Fuel Tax Fund. He discussed some of the projects he wants to do this year.
9:04:07 PM Gulledge Commented that Motor Fuel Tax is a restricted account, and can't be used for just anything.
9:09:37 PM Callahan Talked about the Park and Recreation Budget. He asked Bell about the land acquisition, and if thought he would be purchasing land. Bell answered that they wanted that it the budget, so that if they can purchase some ground there will be enough money to pay for part of it this year. He asked if the Park Improvement line item included the grant money. Bell said the grants are included.
9:11:38 PM Callahan Talked briefly about the Police budget. Chief Schardan was excused from the meeting. However, he did answer a couple of questions. Callahan said Schardan is estimating a Police Officer Pension of $67,000. This will come out of the Downstate Pension. However, Wigginton informed Callahan that the amount of the levy is $42,449. This will be added into the Police budget.
9:16:33 PM Gulledge Suggested again to Callahan that he make appointments with the Trustee in charge and the Department Heads to discuss their budgets.
9:16:55 PM Kostyshock Said he wants to have a meeting. He has a lot of questions.
9:17:46 PM Callahan Said he will meet with him and his staff on Monday, May 2nd at 3:30 p.m.
9:23:44 PM Wigginton Explained that the Village will still be an Appropriation form of government, and will still be doing the appropriations, but there will be a budget, which controls departments or committees from coming in and requesting money throughout the year on things that were not anticipated.
9:27:31 PM Gulledge Summed up the budget discussion. Callahan will meet with the Department Heads. When Callahan is done with them, he will meet with the Mayor. Mayor said he wants to be ready in two weeks to have the budget in place.
9:29:20 PM Gulledge Discussed the next agenda item, 2005 Madison County Community Development Block Grant. There was a public hearing at 6:15 p.m. this evening. There was one recommendation made at the hearing. He said they are limited to the type of request they can make because it is for low to moderate income. He suggests asking for an additional $30,000.00 for the completion of the Outreach Center. The application must be in on May 5th. He asked the trustees if they were okay with this. They all agreed.
9:31:51 PM Gulledge Discussed hiring the2005 summer help. He said he and Kostyshock have discussed this. What they Village has done in the past is hire young people from Maryville first. The second opportunity is to hire from the Fire District, and third is outside the Fire District. He said they had six last year, three (3) right now want to come back. This year he is proposing hiring eight (8), and he recommends paying $7.50 per hour. The trustees all agreed.
9:34:55 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates.
9:35:06 PM Bell Said there was a good turnout for the Kite Flying Day. The Book Sale went well. The made $401.01. The Mayor's Prayer Breakfast is Thursday, May 5. The Bike Safety Rodeo is on Saturday, May 7. The Memorial Day Service is from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at Village Hall.
9:36:57 PM Kostyshock Asked the dates of the Fishing Derby. He was told it is on the 18th of June, from Noon to 2 p.m. He said the reason he asked is because he wants to be sure the paint drop off is not the same day like it was last year. He wants to take his grandchildren to the fishing derby. It was discovered that it is. He was told to go ahead with his grandchildren, others can take care of the paint drop off.
9:38:06 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List, page 1.
9:38:30 PM Bell Commented that the Website Minutes and Agenda is getting close. He is working on this.
9:38:50 PM Gulledge He went to page 2, there was nothing. He went to page 3.
9:39:14 PM Schmidt Commented that the Employee Appreciation Day is also June 18th. The trustees decided to see if the Paint Drop Off Day can be switched with another community. Mayor asked Mann to call McCleary and see.
9:39:59 PM Gulledge He went to Page 4; there was nothing. He went to Trustee Comments.
9:40:34 PM Schmidt Discussed the results of the Planning Commission meeting on Monday, April 25th. The final plat approval of the 2nd Addition to Remington Place was on the agenda. The Planning Commission recommends the Village to approve. They recommend approval of the Grimes 1st Addition, which is basically a single home owner that has a large lot at the end of Anthony Drive. They want to subdivide and sell a lot to someone who wants to build a home there. The preliminary plan approval of Cambridge House is also recommended for approval. The fourth item is the approval of the preliminary plat of Tuscany Ridge, which is an SR-2 development behind the Assisted Living Building.
9:46:04 PM Schmidt Commented on a piece of property in Stonebridge that he came across as he was driving around town looking for the boat and trailer violations. It is an abandoned house. The grass is unusually long. He talked with the neighbors, and apparently the people moved out New Year's Eve night. He said Paul and Carla Harrell, Nathan Spatisch, and some others have taken it upon themselves to cut the grass on this lot.
9:47:33 PM Gulledge Commented that he will send Building & Zoning out to post a notice on the door. The Village crew can begin taking care of the yard, and a lien will be filed on the property.
9:47:52 PM Bell Reported that the Clerk and Comptroller's computers are in. He said he had to purchase a licensed copy of Office today for the Public Works. The other ones will be set up soon. One in Public Works and the other in the Police Department.
9:48:54 PM Kostyshock Reported that Scenic View Landscape put in new mulch around the Village Complex and planted new flowers.
9:49:19 PM Gulledge Said the bid date for Old Town Storm Sewer Improvement bids are due in on May 9th, at 10a.m. The Sanitary Interceptor Sewer bids are due at 10 a.m. on May 19th, and the bids on the Maryville Outreach Center are due on May 24th at 10 a.m. On Wednesday, May 4th the newly elected Trustees and the Mayor will be sworn in. He plans on making his appointments that night also. He reminded the Trustees that Friday night is the Outreach Appreciation Dinner at 6 p.m. He complimented Trustee Kostyshock, Scenic View, and the Master Gardeners on the great job they have been doing on the landscaping around the Village Complex. He said that at the next Caucus meeting, the ordinance on sanitary sewer tap on fees for larger commercial type buildings will be on the agenda for discussion. With no other business to come before the Board, he called for a motion to adjourn.
9:51:46 PM Bell Made the motion to adjourn, and the second was made by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried, and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville