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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date8/10/2005 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:26 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, August 10, 2005 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Callahan, and Kostyshock. Bell and Garcia arrived later. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Public Works Director Presson. Police Chief Schardan, Police & Fire Board Chairman Pamatot, seventeen (17) citizens, and three (3) reporters.
6:31:22 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the July 27th Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. He asked for a motion to have the minutes placed on file. The motion was made by Limberg, and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - abstain; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Gulledge - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:09 PM Gulledge Introduced Mike Pamatot, Chairman of the Police and Fire Board. He explained that Pamatot was here to swear in the newly hired police officers. He said he wanted to thank Mike Pamatot, Ron Kubicek, and Lendell Phelps for all the extra hours they have put in getting the Board set up. He asked Pamatot to come forward and swear in the two newly hired officers.
6:33:32 PM Pamatot Talked briefly about the Police and Fire Board obligations in order to get an eligibility list started. He said this eligibility list is good for two years.
6:35:22 PM Bell Arrived and was seated.
6:35:32 PM Pamatot At this time, swore in the number one Police Officer candidate, Luke Joseph Tillman. He said Tillman has never been a police officer, therefore, he will have to attend the Police Academy, which begins in September.
6:37:27 PM Pamatot Swore in the number 2 Police Officer candidate, Tony Manley. He said Manley is a Police Officer, and is already certified through the Academy.
6:38:16 PM Garcia Arrived and was seated.
6:39:02 PM Pamatot Commented that this completes phase 1 of the Police and Fire Board. Now they will begin working on phase 2, which is to establish a Fireman eligibility list. After phase 2 is completed, they will work on phase 3, which is to establish a Sergeant's eligibility list for the police officers.
6:39:49 PM Gulledge Asked when Tillman and Manley will start to work.
6:40:10 PM Schardan Answered that Tillman will start August 15 and Manley will start August 16.
6:40:28 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan to discuss the next agenda item, Shock & Strut Assembly for Unit 148.
6:40:43 PM Schardan Commented on Unit 148, a 2003 Chevrolet Impala with 64,000 miles on it. The shock and strut assembly is worn out and needs to be replaced. He has three bids. Jack Schmitt Chevrolet bid $954.45; Buzz's Automotive bid $736.75; and the low bid is Megyese's Service Center in the amount of $704.51. He recommends having Megyese do the work.
6:41:09 PM Schmidt Asked how they found out all the struts were bad.
6:41:51 PM Schardan Replied that when the car is driven on a rough road, or goes over a bump there is no give. The officers feel it.
6:42:02 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan if he needs the car. He said he does, and no matter what, it has to be fixed. Mayor asked the trustees if anyone has a problem with giving Schardan permission to go ahead with having the car repaired. They agreed he should go ahead, and the Board would approve the lowest of three bids at the Board meeting on the 17th.
6:43:01 PM Schardan Commented on the Detective car. They are in the process of getting everything switched over. He said they will have to purchase another light bar for the back and possible a light for the dash.
6:43:53 PM Gulledge Asked Presson to discuss a memo they received from Bob Massa of Juneau Associates concerning the Third Street Outfall.
6:44:19 PM Presson Said this is basically a change order for adjusting the proposed inlet on the south side of Third Street and the construction of a rip rap blanket where the pipe will surface. The Village is still trying to obtain the easements. Because they have not been able to obtain the necessary easements, the layout had to be changed.
6:45:08 PM Gulledge Commented that it is a key easement that they don't have. This change will increase the contract price by $1,811.00, bringing the total to $19,184.84. He said they could probably do this the original way, but it may cause severe erosion. Presson agreed.
6:46:29 PM Limberg Asked where the problem easement is located.
6:46:47 PM Gulledge Answered it is the property easement closest to the walking trail. He asked the trustees if anyone has a problem with this; no one did. He told the Board it would be formally approved on the 17th at the Board meeting.  He went to the agenda item, Date for RV Parking Ordinance Compliance. He said they need to agree on a date for compliance and stick to it.
6:48:17 PM Limberg Suggested January 1, 2006, Schmidt, Bell, and Callahan agreed.
6:48:38 PM Kostyshock Commented they are going to have to put a pad down and put up a fence. He wonders if this is enough time, and also how is the Village going to contact everyone.
6:49:12 PM Gulledge Said the will just do the best they can. It will be put on the water bills, in newspapers, in the Gazette, etc. He said it will not be available on the web site, however, copies will be available at Village Hall.
6:50:25 PM Kostyshock Asked what will happen if after January 1, someone moves in and is not in compliance with the ordinance.
6:51:03 PM Gulledge Answered that they will have to be in compliance.
6:51:45 PM Callahan Asked if they expected compliance the first day.  Mayor answered yes.
6:52:15 PM Schmidt Commented he wants to have a list of all addresses that are not in compliance now, and then they can notify those on the list of the compliance date.
6:53:36 PM Gulledge Commented he doesn't see how this will help. He continued his poll of setting the compliance date as January 1, 2006.
6:54:25 PM Garcia Said she is okay with January 1, 2006.
6:54:39 PM Callahan Asked if they will need to hire someone to enforce these codes.
6:54:56 PM Gulledge Said he and Schmidt are discussing this. They will probably be bringing something to them in a couple of weeks for consideration.
6:55:16 PM Callahan Commented on enforcing the portable sign ordinance. He said there are portable signs all along Route 159 that are illegal according to the ordinance.
6:55:59 PM Gulledge Said he knows some in the audience that have questions or comments on the RV Parking Ordinance. He will permit a few questions from the audience, and will try to answer them.
6:56:38 PM Pat Cusanelli 9 Northwood, talked about being in compliance. She was at one of the other meetings, after receiving a warning from the Code Enforcement Officer. She was told then that she is in compliance. Her question is about the surface. Will the entire side of the house or driveway on the side of the house have to have the surface, or just where the boat or trailer sits. She said she is confused about the articles in the newspapers.
6:57:58 PM Gulledge Said she can e-mail him her questions, he hasn't read the newspaper, and doesn't know what they implied. He will get answers to her questions as soon as possible.
6:59:14 PM Cusanelli Said her trailer is parked in her back yard, but is not on a hard surface.
7:00:16 PM Bell Commented that the new ordinance allows back yard parking, and back yard parking does not need a hard surface
7:01:42 PM Gulledge Asked Bell to discuss the next agenda item, Purchase of an FTR foot pedal.
7:01:53 PM Bell Commented that a foot pedal and a license for Log Notes is needed for the new position, to be able to edit the log notes. This will be purchased from BusCom, and the foot pedal plus the license for Log Notes will cost approximately $600.
7:02:52 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they are okay with this. They all said they were.
7:03:22 PM Gulledge Said that the editor of the Village Gazette, Jack Kime, has written an editorial he would like to include in the September edition. Kime is asking permission from the Board to include his editorial. Mayor asked the trustees if they were agreeable to this. All trustees were okay with the article being published in the Gazette. Mayor told the trustees if they have any information for the Gazette, it needs to be in by the close of business tomorrow.
7:04:51 PM Gulledge Discussed the Firemen's Park comfort station renovation drawings and the new bike trail comfort station in Drost Park. He asked Bell to discuss the two projects.
7:05:13 PM Bell Talked about the first drawing, the bike trail restroom. It will be of stone and brick construction with a metal roof as a roof option if funds are available.
7:06:59 PM Gulledge Said the plans do not show baby changing facilities, but they will be added.
7:07:12 PM Bell Commented that this will be paid for with two grants, OSLAD and the MEPRD grants.
7:10:24 PM Kostyshock Asked if it would be possible to have two sinks. He was told they will check into this.
7:11:44 PM Bell Said this facility also features a pet drinking fountain.
7:11:55 PM Gulledge Commented the only change on the plans is that the building was turned the wrong direction. He will have the architect to change it.
7:12:22 PM Bell Talked about the plans for the new facility in Firemen's Park. He explained the floor plan for the new facility. It will be entered from the park area. There will be a circular concrete walk with a couple of benches, and there will be two sinks in this facility, as well as baby changing facilities. The old facility will be demolished. A complete new roof will be replaced over the pavilion, storage area, and new restroom. A brick wall approximately 40 inches in height will be added on the Perry Street side of the Pavilion.
7:16:25 PM Schmidt Asked how the brick wall is going to interfere with the gas lines for the fryers at Homecoming.
7:17:03 PM Bell Answered it will not interfere, he has checked it out.
7:17:57 PM Gulledge Commented this is being done strictly for aesthetics, to conform with the storage building and new restroom facility.
7:18:40 PM Kostyshock Asked if it would be possible to put architectural shingles on roof.
7:19:16 PM Callahan Asked why they were replacing the whole roof.
7:19:38 PM Gulledge Answered that the roof is in bad shape.
7:21:48 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any other questions.
7:22:10 PM Bell Commented that the majority of the funds will come from the Public Comfort fund.
7:23:13 PM Gulledge Commented that it may not cover the whole project.
7:24:23 PM Bell Talked about Park Committee recommendations from their August 8th meeting. The first recommendation is to approve Good Shepard School using Pavilion #1 and the Walking Path in Drost Park to host a small 3-school cross country meet for the middle school age teams in September. They also recommend waiving the pavilion rental fee.
7:26:24 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they were okay with this. Each trustee said they were okay with it.
7:27:34 PM Bell Said the second recommendation is to allow the Collinsville High School boys soccer team to continue to use the practice areas in Drost Park for practices during the school soccer season.
7:28:40 PM Gulledge Said he has had no complaints with the Soccer team practicing here. They leave the area in good shape, and the coaches are very strict about parking, fast driving, etc. He asked the trustees if they were agreeable to allowing them to continue practicing here. All the trustees were in favor of it.
7:30:16 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. He said there is a concert in the park on August 21, 2005 at 2:00 p.m. with Joey James Band. On September 10th the Rabies Clinic is scheduled from 9 a.m. to Noon at the Senior Center. He reminded everyone that Village Hall will be closed on Labor Day, September 5th.
7:31:11 PM Callahan Set an Economic Development Committee meeting for Monday, Sept 12, at 7 p.m.
7:31:53 PM Gulledge Went to the To Do List, page 1. Callahan asked about the fire hydrant problem. Mayor responded that most of them are fixed, but he isn't sure about all of them. He said there is a CARD meeting Tuesday, August 16th, a 7p.m. He has a meeting before, but he plans on trying to make it. He may ask someone to go, just in case he can't be there in time to speak.
7:32:49 PM Gulledge He went to page 2.
7:34:21 PM Callahan Asked about the "concrete ordinance"
7:34:39 PM Gulledge Answered that he is waiting for recommendations from the Planning Commission.
7:34:51 PM Limberg Asked if the Park Board has done anything about the Frisbee Golf.
7:35:09 PM Bell Answered that they are still considering it.
7:35:40 PM bell Asked if the Merz Pavilion Pathway has been done. He was told no.
7:36:23 PM Gulledge Went to page 3.
7:36:31 PM Schmidt Asked when Petroff was going to start on the Old Town Storm Sewers.
7:36:46 PM Gulledge Answered it should be any day, they are trying to finish up the bond schedule.
7:37:12 PM Bell Talked about the storm that went through this evening. He said it appears that the storm drains on Oakridge may be clogged. He would like this checked out.
7:39:22 PM Schmidt Asked about the Birch Lane Storm Sewer problem.
7:39:37 PM Gulledge Replied that they are trying to figure out the easements. He went to page 4. There was nothing to discuss. He went to Trustee Comments.
7:40:24 PM Limberg Talked about the Library meeting on Monday evening. He said the committee expressed some concerns on how to let the people know the Library is there. He said this is a hard working group of people. They are numbering books and categorizing them, etc. They are working hard to get the Demonstration Library started in October. He also announced a Book Sale in September.
7:44:15 PM Schmidt Said he is continuing to receive photos of past mayors. He will be getting bids for frames and matting very soon.
7:46:19 PM Kostyshock Commented about people not knowing where the Library is located. He suggested putting a map in the Gazette.
7:47:38 PM Garcia Commented that she thinks they need a large pavilion, like the one in Troy, in Drost Park.
7:49:25 PM Bell Suggests replacing the current pavilion near the current comfort station. He said there is plenty of room.
7:51:23 PM Gulledge Said there will be a resignation letter from a fireman on the Board agenda next week. He said he appreciates the fine job the Police and Fire Board has done.
7:52:39 PM Garcia Thanked the Public Works Department for responding so quickly to a large tree that was blown over by the storm, blocking Gary Avenue. The crew was there and had it removed from the road in a very short time.
7:52:56 PM Gulledge With nothing further to come before the Board, called for a motion to adjourn. Bell made the motion to adjourn, and Schmidt made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:53:20 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville