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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date9/14/2005 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker


6:31:08 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, September 14, 2005 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Public Works Director Presson, Police Chief Schardan, four (4) citizens and one (1) reporter.
6:32:13 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the August 31st Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk.
6:32:25 PM Schmidt Commented regarding last entry on page 14 of the August 31st Caucus minutes regarding water rates. Stated he listened to the tape and noted his comments were difficult to hear due to other conversations that were taking place at the time. Stated the entry that he is in favor of a water rate increase is incorrect. Asked what the procedure would be to have a correction made to the August 31st minutes.
6:33:29 PM Gulledge Stated the procedure would be to request the minutes be approved with the change as noted. Asked him to state the correct comment from the August 31st meeting.
6:34:25 PM Schmidt Stated his comment was that he agreed with Trustee Limberg that a rate increase should not be imposed, but the situation should be re-evaluated in six (6) months.
6:34:59 PM Gulledge Stated the correction for the record. (Note: The August 31, 2005 Caucus Meeting Minutes were corrected to reflect this change on September 15, 2005.)
6:35:12 PM Bell Asked if the correction would be made before posting to the Web Site.
6:35:25 PM Gulledge Answered yes. Made a motion to approve the minutes with one change on page 14, as stated. The motion was made by Bell, and the second was made by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes.
6:35:59 PM Gulledge Went to the first agenda item, Body Armor for Police Department. Opened the floor to Chief Schardan.
6:36:20 PM Schardan Commented that he checked on the Vest Grant, and because the vests he would like to purchase are more expensive, there is not enough money to purchase a vest for every officer at this time. Stated the grant pays up to 50% of what is purchased. He noted that since receiving the grant, it has paid 45% once, 35% once, and the full 50% once on purchases made in the past. Stated he would like to purchase five (5) vests at this time. The purchase would be made up to $3,600.00 for submission to the grant to be reimbursed. Stated in January the grant application opens up again. Stated the application period will be from January through March, and the money will be awarded around May or June. This means that in June or July of next year, there should be enough money to purchase the vests for the rest of the officers. Commented on the conditions of the vests: Age is not a factor in the determination of condition. The condition is determined by how the officer cares for the vest, how often it is worn, how they store it; there are many factors to consider as to how long the vest will last. Stated the oldest vest in use right now is seven (7) years. Stated in his past experience, he has been told seven (7) or eight (8) years is a good life-span for a vest to continue to be safe. With this in mind, he would like to replace the two (2) vests that are seven (7) years old. Stated there are three (3) officers that have not received one yet. This is a total of five (5) vests to be purchased at this time. The next oldest vest is six (6) years in November. The other two (2) are at (5) five years this past August. Stated he would like to replace those in June or July of next year in order to get the grant paid up to 50% of that cost. Stated he checked with Ray O'Herron, who came and took measurements. Ray O'Herron's cost is $650 per vest, with one carrier and a plate, and $775 per vest for a second carrier, which would be a tactical vest, with the "Police" stencil on the back, velcro closures and extra pockets. Commented he found another company called Belco Uniforms, out of North Dakota. Stated they carry the same vests with two carriers and one plate at a price of $595. Stated when he contacted the company he was informed they would sell them to Maryville for the same price. Stated he has advised Ray O'Herron, and Ray will speak with his contact at Second Chance to see if they could match the price.
6:40:07 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions.
6:40:14 PM Schmidt Asked Schardan, other than by visual inspection, how can he determine whether the vest is viable.
6:40:23 PM Schardan Answered the vests must be laid flat when not in use; they are not meant to be hung or folded. Stated he has been told the worst thing that can be done to a vest is to cause a crease in the material, which is when it is most susceptible to penetration, therefore the vest must be inspected for such creases. The other factors of an inspection would be to look at the condition of the outer carrier, check the condition of the latching. Stated there is really no way to know the safety for sure. Commented on his reading about testing on vests that were only a year or two old where some failed and some passed. Stated the bottom line was that an officer is better off having some kind of protection than nothing.
6:41:36 PM Schmidt Asked if O'Herron took measurements on all of the officers. Schardan replied yes. Schmidt asked if there was enough grant money, how many vests would he purchase. Schardan replied he would replace them all. Schmidt asked if future grant money would be jeopardized by over-spending at this time.
6:42:26 PM Schardan Answered he did not think so. Stated that if the vests are purchased through O'Herron, it would be November before they would be available, so there is only another six (6) or seven (7) months before the others will be reimbursed at 50%. In his opinion, Maryville should not spend the extra $2,000. Stated no officer would be in dire need with the vests that are left.
6:42:55 PM Schmidt Asked if the Village decided they needed the vest, would the purchase affect any future grant money. Schardan answered no, as this grant keeps coming up every year. Schmidt stated if that is the case, he would like to see the Board approve the purchase of a new vest for every officer and use the older vests as spares.
6:44:14 PM Bell Asked what the maximum grant amount is at this time.
6:44:30 PM Schardan Answered $1,793.
6:44:46 PM Gulledge Commented the other thing that needs to be considered regarding buying all new vests now; it is not just about the present time, but five years or seven years or whenever this needs to be done again, chances are the grant money will be lost the following year anyway. Compared the situation to purchasing police cars: they try to purchase a couple of cars each year so there is always something new to replenish. Stated the only issue would be that if there is a safety issue for the officer, his recommendation would definitely be to purchase all new vests. Stated if there is not a safety issue, his opinion is to buy what we can this year and come back eight (8) or ten (10) months later and get the rest in order to take full advantage of the grant money. He clarified the plan to outfit the two officers that currently have the oldest vests, and give one to each of the three officers that do not currently have one. Made the comment that the vests are fitted to each individual officer, and asked if Schardan would recommend use by others.
6:46:16 PM Schardan Commented it was not something that should be done every day. Commented that the newer vests are less bulky and are lighter and cooler than the older vests. He said none of the officers have stated that their vest is in such bad condition that they need it replaced right now.
6:47:03 PM Garcia Asked for clarification that the safety issue is not a problem. Schardan reiterated that none of the vests is in unusable condition now. Asked if officers were ever allowed on the street without a vest.
6:47:37 PM Schardan Answered there is one officer that does not use a vest. When Schardan joined the force, he was told the reason was that the type of vest the officer has is so heavy and hot, and this particular officer has a heart condition and would obtain a medical release, if required, in order to keep from wearing the vest.
6:48:15 PM Gulledge Asked for the Board's opinion on the matter.
6:48:27 PM Limberg Asked Schardan if he had enough funds in his budget to pay for all the vests. Schardan replied he would have to check, but he thought he did.
6:48:48 PM Bell Commented if the grant is reimbursing 50%, the purchase is really only for six (6) or seven (7).
6:49:06 PM Schardan Commented if he could get the better price of $595, six (6) vests would only cost approximately $3,600. At this price he would be able to purchase a sixth one, while still getting the other five that need to be replaced. At that time there would only be four left to be replaced.
6:49:27 PM Callahan Said he agrees with Schmidt. Asked Schardan if there was protocol for storage of the vests.
6:50:01 PM Schardan Answered that each officer takes them home, so it is up to the officer to store the vest correctly. Stated his intent to create an inspection form and start a policy to have the Sergeants inspect their officers' vest every year. Commented that right now there are no records regarding this issue, and a procedure needs to be put in place.
6:50:29 PM Garcia Asked if the officer should leave the vests at the station, versus taking them home. Schardan answered there was no where in the station to lay the vests flat.
6:50:56 PM Gulledge Commented the officers are taking the responsibility, knowing if they don't take care of the vest they could suffer for it. Asked the trustees their opinion on the purchase. Added that if they are purchased through O'Herron, the cost may be more. All of the trustees indicated their agreement.
6:51:41 PM Schardan Clarified that he should obtain a price to replace all of the vests. Mayor indicated he should.
6:52:06 PM Callahan Suggested to Schardan to type up instructions for care of the vest.
6:52:18 PM Schardan Stated there are instructions included with the new vests that he will pass on to the officers.
6:52:25 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions for the Chief. There were none.
6:52:41 PM Schardan Stated as a reminder, the Community Preparedness Planning is scheduled on Thursday, September 15, 2005 at 1:30 pm. Stated the Regional Institute of Community Policing is going to start assisting the police department.  Stated his understanding that it is a six (6) month program, consisting of four (4) different sessions. Stated other participants included Illinois Power, Southwestern Electric, two nursing homes and the hospital. Stated tomorrow's meeting would basically be looking over plans, making sure nothing is overlooked.
6:53:12 PM Gulledge Commented that the meeting is open to the public.
6:53:24 PM Schmidt Asked if this is something coordinated just for the Village.
6:53:44 PM Schardan Answered it is for the Village. Stated his understanding of the assistance was they would make sure whatever plans the Village writes are consistent with the Madison County, State and National Plan. Stated Jack Quiggley from Madison County Emergency and Debra Charlock with Madison County Health would be in attendance.
6:54:15 PM Gulledge Commented the Village has been working on this issue for almost a year with the hospital. Stated Schardan found this program a month or two ago, and set the meeting up. Schardan is the individual that is facilitating this portion of the plan. Stated the meeting is open to the public, from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
6:54:46 PM Schardan Commented that it is about a three hour session, and people are not required to stay. Stated his belief that the Institute will give some guidance and direction on the plan, after which committees will need to be formed to include himself, Patrick Presson, and Kevin Flaugher.
6:54:51 PM Gulledge Asked for other comments.
6:54:53 PM Bell Stated corrections were made to the website and the new officers were added. Asked Schardan to review the addition.
6:55:12 PM Gulledge Went on to the next Agenda item, CK Power Maintenance Contract. Opened the floor to Public Works Director, Patrick Presson
6:55:16 PM   Commented that the batteries are five (5) to six (6) years old, and there is weather wear on several hoses. Stated they would also like to get the battery cables replaced. Stated the price of $860.62 would include changing the batteries, cables, hoses and a new coolant flushing system for the generator at the water plant.
6:56:13 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or comments. There were none. Asked for the item to be placed on the agenda for the September 21, 2005 Board Meeting.
6:56:33 PM Presson Went on to the strainers. Stated filter #5 at the water plant had six (6) strainers that went bad, which caused them to backwash a couple of tons of anthracite into the backwash tank. Stated this has been cleaned up and the filter is broken down. The necessary repairs have been made inside. Now the strainers need to be replaced and the new media needs to be added to it. Stated he looked at several different companies, and All Service came in the cheapest. Stated this company was used previously to redo all the media two years ago. Stated seven (7) strainers would come to a cost of $783, and the media to be delivered and installed came to a cost of $2,206.
6:57:33 PM Bell Asked about the issue of delivering on a flat bed.
6:57:39 PM Presson Answered there is a choice between a flat bed and a trailer, but the Village is responsible for the offload of the anthracite because it comes through a different trucking company than All Service. Stated the Village has no way to unload it off of a box truck.
6:58:14 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or comments. Stated the procedure must be done and Patrick called around and found that All Service gave the best price.
6:58:26 PM Callahan Asked what the anthracite actually does and how often it must be replaced.
6:58:46 PM Presson Answered the anthracite is a filter media, that is actually inside the pressure filters. When the water is forced through, anthracite is what removes the iron, magnesia and pathogens. Stated it was just replaced, and that the lifespan of the media is usually between fifteen (15) and twenty (20) years, depending on the level of iron and magnesia, and the amount of water pushed through.
6:59:01 PM Callahan Asked what they do with the old media. He was told it is moved off site. Clarified that removal was part of the contract.
6:59:12 PM Gulledge Asked for comments or questions. There were none. Stated the item would be placed on the agenda for the September 21, 2005 Board meeting.
6:59:29 PM Gulledge Went on to the next item, Brush Chipper. Stated this has been reviewed in the past. Stated it was a purchase the Village has wanted to make, but previously did not feel there was sufficient manpower to use it. Stated with the addition of two full-time employees to the Public Works Department, the issue has been raised again. Invited Presson to explain.
6:59:46 PM Presson Commented that several other surrounding communities have chipping programs in place. Stated he looked at several different 12-inch chippers, which will handle a 12-inch log. Stated this would be more than sufficient for the Village's needs. Recommends the Vermeer BC1000XL, which has three safety switches.
7:00:21 PM Gulledge Commented that the memo indicates what it will cost, but Madison County has been contacted, and the Village could be eligible for an 80/20 grant, which would be 80% of the cost to the County, and 20% to the Village. Commented that this purchase was almost made a year ago, but the issues were manpower, safety and training. Now the Department has the manpower, and will get the training.
7:01:19 PM Bell Commented that this will be untreated mulch that people don't want to use around their house. Commented he remembers the last time the issue was brought up the negative response by the Board was unanimous.
7:02:01 PM Presson Commented that, after going through previous records, the major concern last time was that the Village was unable to meet the manpower required through the grant. With the added personnel in the past three (3) years, the Village is more than able to meet that requirement.
7:02:14 PM Bell Asked what benefit this will do for the Village.
7:02:25 PM Presson Answered, as an example, with the storms we've had recently, the brush collection adds an excessive amount of brush that the Village is left responsible for when we do those collections. This is going to significantly reduce the area in use during that time. It will provide the residents a solution without having to leave their homes, as the Department will be able to dispatch personnel to pick up their brush at that time. From a security standpoint, this also limits access to the water tower.
7:03:03 PM Gulledge Commented that eventually, burning will no longer be allowed. At that point, the residents will need a solution on what to do with their trees and brush.
7:03:17 PM Bell Commented the Village could use the mulch at the park, although he wasn't sure the Master Gardner would want to use it.
7:03:24 PM Kostyshock Stated that Collinsville Township delivered two (2) truckloads of untreated mulch the previous day. Stated it will be used for pathways, around trees, etc.
7:03:51 PM Bell Stated that safety was a big issue the last time this was proposed.
7:03:54 PM Callahan Commented that residents used to be able to obtain mulch from power companies, but the companies have been sued so many times, they no longer offer this service.
7:03:58 PM Bell Stated that was another issue at the previous proposal. Asked what would happen if the Village supplies the mulch to the residents and a similar issue arises. The comment was made that the Village does not have to supply it to the residents. Bell asked what would be done with it if it's not offered to the residents.
7:04:41 PM Kostyshock Commented that there is always someone that needs mulch, and believes if the Village supplies it, the residents will use it.
7:04:47 PM Bell Stated he is not totally against it, but he wants to make sure the same concerns brought up last time are addressed this time.
7:05:00 PM Gulledge Commented that the biggest issues last time were manpower and safety. Stated Patrick believes there is now enough personnel, and the program will be a benefit to the Village. Stated one of the issues they didn't consider before is that in the near future, burning will not be allowed.
7:05:34 PM Callahan Asked about the "sound control" option mentioned in the brochure.
7:05:59 PM Presson Answered this control was for the benefit of the operator. Stated his opinion that this option is not needed. Stated his preference for this machine due to the three safety features.
7:06:30 PM Bell Asked if they are equipped to tow the machine. Presson answered it can be towed by a one-ton or a two-ton.
7:06:37 PM Garcia Asked if the Village can provide a service to the residents to come to their home and chip what brush they cut down.
7:06:45 PM Presson Answered that would be a proposal he would write up and present to the Board for approval.
7:06:54 PM Garcia Commented her opinion that if the purchase is made, the Village should provide that service. Discussion regarding the specifics of a plan was held.
7:07:21 PM Presson Commented that his plan would be to dedicate two days per month to this service.
7:07:35 PM Schmidt Asked how the grant works.
7:07:51 PM Gulledge Answered that he has talked to Joe Parente and got the paperwork. The Village is required to provide three bids, and they approve the grants at their Board meeting. Stated he believes the Village would be ready to submit the request at the October meeting. Stated that Parente indicated if the Board approves the purchase, there is a great indication the grant would be received. Commented the funds are through the Madison County Solid Waste Management Grant. Asked the Board their opinion. All agreed. Stated the necessary information would be submitted for to the County.
7:08:56 PM Bell Asked if it is in the budget. Presson answered yes.
7:09:20 PM Gulledge Went on to the next agenda item. Asked Bell to discuss Pay Request #2, Outreach Center.
7:09:40 PM Bell Stated this pay request is to HS Contractors in the amount of $36,486. Explained the bill is for exterior walls, framing, roof, overhead, general conditions and bonds.
7:11:03 PM Gulledge Asked to have the item placed on the Board Meeting agenda. Went on to the next item, Crawford, Bunte, Brammeier (CBB) Proposal. Explained the board asked CBB to make some changes to the proposal presented at the August 31st meeting. Stated the main changes were to even up the potential impact fee to multi-family and single-family. Referred to the comparison: Schedule A is what was presented at the August 31st meeting; Schedule B shows equal assessments for Single family and multi-family; and Schedule C shows results per residential trips made by each type of housing. He explained the reason CBB is not represented at the meeting tonight is that according to the contract, CBB will attend one more meeting, and the Mayor wants to make sure they are on the right track before CBB comes back. Stated he is not looking for approval tonight; he is simply soliciting opinion as to whether they are on the right track. He commented that two weeks ago Callahan asked about school impact fees. Stated he got a call this week that some School Board members would like to meet with him. Asked the Board if they preferred he meet with the School Board, or have them come in to talk with the entire Village Board.
7:13:50 PM Garcia Commented she'd like to hear what they have to say.
7:14:16 PM Gulledge Stated he would ask if the School Board representatives will come to a Trustee meeting. Went back to the issue of the CBB proposal. Asked the board's opinion on the new numbers, and if they are on the right track.
7:14:41 PM Bell Stated he was not at the August 31st meeting, so he had some questions. Asked about the time frame on the bond.
7:15:19 PM Gulledge Answered this is not a suggestion for a bond, the numbers are just an example to show the board what it would look like if a bond was obtained. Stated they are not advocating a bond because he didn't think any of the trustees would be willing to undertake the expense if they weren't sure they'd be able to make the payments. Asked if the numbers on Schedule B look more realistic.
7:16:12 PM Garcia Asked at what step the fee would be assessed.
7:16:42 PM Gulledge Answered it will be whatever the Board decides; it could be done at the contractor level, or at the time of issuance of a building permit.
7:17:04 PM Callahan Asked for clarification of the differences in the schedules. Stated Schedule A is the original estimate, that was $2,500 per lot for single family at 2.5 lots per acre, and $1,000 per unit for multi-family. Explained that two other choices are now being presented, where one takes the cost down to $2,200 for everyone.
7:17:41 PM Gulledge Commented that the cost was for single and multi-family, commercial would be different. Stated residential would be $2,200, multi-family would be $2,200, and commercial would be $575. Commented that if you look at it based on trips, which is the formula the State recognizes, residential would be $2,370 and multi-family would be $1,565, so you're getting away from the equitable split between residential and multi-family.
7:18:19 PM Garcia Asked if this applies only if people buy in the Lakeview Acres and Pleasant Ridge area.
7:18:26 PM Gulledge Answered that whatever funnels on to Lakeview Acres Road or East Main Street is one project, and the other project is whatever funnels on to Pleasant Ridge Road. Clarified they are talking about two separate projects. Stated that someone building in an area that does not have direct access to any of those roads would not be assessed this fee.
7:19:00 PM Garcia Asked how they can prevent a builder from buying thousands of building permits to prevent paying the fee.
7:19:08 PM Gulledge Answered if this Board decides to go ahead with the proposal he would suggest, until the ordinance is put in place, that they put in some type of moratorium on new plats for these particular areas. Stated there is a lot of work to be done. Commented that there is at least a minimum of three (3) to four (4) months to do a plat.
7:20:01 PM Callahan Commented that, at Pleasant Ridge for example, it could be argued that the property that is in back of the Maryville Business Center is not coming off of Pleasant Ridge but is coming off of Route 159, therefore it is not part of the assessment district.
7:20:18 PM Schmidt Asked if there was a road platted on the Comprehensive Plan to Pleasant Ridge Road from Route 159. Mayor answered that is correct. Asked if we could use that as part of this road district.
7:20:37 PM Gulledge Answered he believe that road will happen. Said he didn't know if that could be done, and it would be a great question for Dave Brammeier.
7:20:57 PM Callahan Commented his opinion that boundaries should be set and stated that anyone building within that boundary will be assessed the fee regardless of how the property will be accessed.
7:21:11 PM Gulledge Answered that it cannot be done that way.
7:21:38 PM Bell Stated his only problem is the difference in costs between Lakeview Acres/East Main and Pleasant Ridge. Asked why there is a difference there.
7:22:27 PM Gulledge Answered that question was raised at the previous meeting, and it was explained that these are stand-alone projects, and must be presented as such to the State if they are ever challenged.
7:22:53 PM Callahan To further explain to Bell, he commented that the fee goes up every year.
7:23:11 PM Gulledge Commented this is because the cost of the project is going to increase. Stated his opinion that the Board will not be in favor of doing it on some type of bond unless they were sure they would be able to make the payments.
7:23:31 PM Garcia Commented that there is not much ground to build houses on Pleasant Ridge Road.
7:23:36 PM Gulledge Responded there are 256 acres. Commented that one must remember it is a much shorter road than Lakeview Acres.
7:23:48 PM Garcia Asked how far on Pleasant Ridge the project goes.
7:23:50 PM Gulledge Answered the boundary line agreement goes to just on the other side of the overpass at I55/70.
7:24:44 PM Callahan Commented about not wanting to borrow money due to the uncertainty of the economy. Asked what obligation does the Village have to those people that have paid the fees.
7:25:07 PM Gulledge Answered he would have to check on the legality, but his opinion would be the need to figure out a way to spend it or reimburse it to the residents. Stated that would be a good question for Brammeier. Commented on the idea that the funds could be used for partial repairs to the road, although his preference would be to go from entrance to entrance. He reiterated the need to check with legal counsel.
7:25:49 PM Callahan Commented if you know how much money you need to borrow you know what your payment schedule is, so maybe at any given point if you have at least five (5) years of money in the pool, you could assess the risk because we can stop taking money in completely for five (5) years and still have enough money to pay it, or some kind of similar rule of thumb. Commented it is hard to say we're not going to do this for twenty years until we have all the money.
7:26:43 PM Gulledge Commented the Village is continuing to take steps to look for alternate funding. Explained meetings were held this week with people from the State. Stated they are trying to get Lakeview Acres Road/East Main Street classified as a State road. Stated the representative was impressed with the potential development that area has. Stated Pleasant Ridge Road would not qualify for this. Stated the Village is trying to stay ahead. Stated they have talked to the County and believes they will get a commitment from them.
7:28:32 PM Callahan For the benefit of Trustee Bell who was not present at the previous meeting, commented that his concern was that the school district would impose an impact fee, and if the Village imposes an impact fee, suddenly there is an exorbitant pre-building fee for a certain area of the community. Commented builders will no longer want to build there.
7:29:14 PM Bell Commented that is happening in a lot of areas, especially in Collinsville School District.
7:29:48 PM Gulledge Said they must figure out a way to repair the roads. Agrees the school issue will need to be dealt with. Reiterated his opinion that the Village Board is a part of that, but the school district also has a board that is responsible for finding the funding for their schools. Commented the Village could work with them and try to find ways to help, but there is no one to help the Village with the road problem. The Village is responsible for fixing this problem the best they can. Commented when the school district comes to them, they will have to deal with it based on the information they provide. Schmidt asked if the school district needs Village approval to impose fees. Gulledge answered there are other ways they could do it, but his understanding is that they want the communities to take the lead on the issue.
7:31:42 PM Garcia Stated her concern that, when this project was discussed before, the Village was not able to get the easements. Asked after collecting all this money, if they are still not able to obtain the easements, how will the road be fixed.
7:32:15 PM Gulledge Answered that on East Main there might be a couple of small problems. Stated one idea is that when developers come in, the Village require they give sufficient right-of-way easements for a fifty (50) foot road, which will work out to eight (80) feet. Stated his belief that Lakeview Acres will take care of itself with regard to easements. Stated we may struggle with East Main. Stated there are other ways to get right-of-way for roads, water and sewer, because it is not for commercial development. Stated his belief that it will work out. Commented that when they dealt with this issue on East Main before, the Village did not push it because there wasn't enough money to fund the project.
7:34:00 PM Gulledge Asked the Board if the current information was enough to invite CBB to come to the next meeting. Suggested if the Trustees have questions they could submit them in writing and he will get them to Brammeier in advance of the meeting.
7:35:00 PM Callahan Commented that the new information suggests the equalization between multi-family and residential, however now there is the possibility that if in the future the Village wants to build a road, they may decide the only way to do so is to turn it all into multi-family because they will get more money. Stated it is a negative, but he still thinks it is a fairer view than Schedule A.
7:35:49 PM Gulledge Explained the State does not have a classification on PDR. What was projected as multi-family was mostly PDR. Stated he will see if he can get CBB back at another caucus. Went to the next agenda item, Establishing a Position of Public Service Officer. Stated he has met with Limberg, Schmidt, Schardan and Wigginton to try to decide what would be in the best interest of the Village as far as establishing this position. Stated that some of the neighboring community leaders are establishing such positions. Stated it is normally attached to the Police Department. Explained these individuals have multiple jobs, but their main function is coordinating code enforcement. This ordinance is patterned primarily after Glen Carbon's. Invited discussion regarding the issue. Explained that, in Glen Carbon, this person is appointed by their Village President for the length of their term. Stated whether it was an appointment would be up to the Board. Stated this individual would not be on a managerial pay scale, but would follow our Telecommunicator/Public Works employee pay scale. Stated it would start at $14.75 per hour, with a 50 cent increase after six (6) months, and $1.50 after one year, and then would fall in line with other raises in the chart for Telecommunication/Public Works employees.
7:40:07 PM Callahan Asked what is the advantage of having the position appointed other than the issue of dismissal based on performance.
7:40:33 PM Gulledge Commented that was it. Stated he does not have a preference, and the decision of appointment was up to the Board.
7:40:47 PM Callahan Commented that when this position was first introduced, it was started as an appointed position and the decision was made to switch it to a regular pay schedule after a year. Commented on it being a stressful job. Commented appointment sometimes limits the people that are willing to take the job because they know they are tied to a term.
7:41:44 PM Gulledge Agreed and reiterated the decision was up to the Board.
7:42:00 PM Bell Commented instead of putting them on the pay scale, put them on the appointed list and there is better control over how raises are decided.
7:42:36 PM Schmidt Commented that a structured pay scale increase is more attractive to a potential employee, and may increase interest.
7:43:04 PM Garcia Commented that an appointed position has the potential to be eliminated with the possibility of new administration, regardless of their job performance.
7:43:57 PM Kostyshock Asked if this person will be trained to do building inspections when Flaugher is on vacation, etc. The answer was no.
7:44:00 PM Gulledge Explained what was done before the last position was filled was to use individuals from the Fire Department, and tried to minimize what they had to do. Stated his opinion on the need for training. Stated he discussed the issue with Presson. Talked about the issue of Flaugher being out due to vacation or illness, and asked Presson if he had anyone that could be used in that capacity. Stated this is a rough draft, and there is nothing stopping the use of this individual to back-up Flaugher. Stated he was looking more at trying to separate the departments. Stated he believes it could be worked out with someone from Public Works and/or someone from the fire house. Stated this position would need to be backed up as well. Stated he wasn't sure how that would work, whether it would be a police officer or Flaugher. Stated the potential for this position to also be the animal control officer. Stated there are two or three applicants interested that meet the criteria. Stated a couple are also licensed telecommunicators also. Stated the feeling that this person should have some type of uniform, not looking like a policeman, but some type of Public Works uniform stating the Public Safety Officer position. Stated the position should have a uniform allowance. Bell suggested this person could be responsible for the monthly training classes. Stated the primary responsibility would be code enforcement, everything else would fall somewhere underneath that.
7:48:03 PM Callahan Stated the description sounds like one person having an overload of responsibilities.
7:48:50 PM Gulledge Stated there is a lot of interest in this position, and the people who have contacted the Village about this job are doing similar things right now.
7:48:56 PM Callahan Stated that the primary reason for this position is the problem the Village has had with code enforcement. Stated his opinion that the added responsibilities will take away from the goal of code enforcement.
7:49:11 PM Gulledge Stated that many jobs within the Village include the need for multi-tasking. Reiterated that the main focus will be code enforcement. Stated if this position is implemented, Flaugher will be in charge of each lot until an occupancy permit has been issued. When the permit is issued, the property comes under the PSO officer's job.
7:51:35 PM Bell Talked about all the responsibilities the position will be expected to handle. Commented code enforcement is a large job, and maybe two people are needed.
7:53:17 PM Gulledge Answered that Glen Carbon has a full time position like Flaugher, that position has a full time position under it, plus a part-time position at twenty (20) hours per week that strictly does everything Flaugher's position does, plus a full time PSO Officer. Stated Glen Carbon builds 100 houses per year, while Maryville is building 150 per year. Commented that Troy has two (2) full-time Code Enforcement Officers, and they are not building as many houses as Maryville. Stated this position is a start, and if it does not work out the situation will be reviewed just like any other problem. If a second part-time position is needed, it will be considered. Stated he does not intend to take the person away from the primary job of code enforcement.
7:54:31 PM Bell Commented that the job description should be written up to state code enforcement should be at least 35 hours per week.
7:54:37 PM Gulledge Stated Schardan will be in charge of the position, and he understands the issue. Stated if that job does not get done, the individual will not be approached, Schardan will be responsible. All issues will go through Limberg's department and Chief Schardan.
7:55:21 PM Bell Stated his opinion that people will naturally fall into doing the part of the job that they want to do. Stated if there are three (3) or four (4) tasks to choose from, they are going to start with the easiest and/or more pleasant.
7:55:45 PM Gulledge Stated that is not going to happen again with this employee because he is not going through this again. The last employee had to leave, and this one will leave too, because the worst part of this job is code enforcement, and as Mayor, he will not put up with this individual not performing their job.
7:56:09 PM Limberg Commented that it is a supervisory issue -- if the individual is supervised correctly, they will do the job they are told to do.
7:56:24 PM Bell Stated his opinion that the job is not easily defined. He further explained the task is not defined that well. Stated this job is looking for code violations. Asked how do you define whether the individual has done their job and in a sufficient time-frame. Stated you can look back at the last individual and see that he wrote two violation in a year, which is not acceptable, but how do you gauge what is acceptable.
7:57:21 PM Gulledge Answered that it all goes back to the supervisor in charge, who will set the guidelines. Stated he got a copy of a report that is given each month to the Troy Trustees and the Mayor, of everything that is done. Commented that with the last individual, the Board had no idea what was done because there were no reports submitted, so it was impossible to determine if he was doing the job correctly. Commented on the need for the Board to get behind this position and not use their Trustee status to undermine the decisions of the enforcement officer.
7:59:34 PM Kostyshock Commented that, to give an example of the Board not being aware of what is done, in the last two days a resident called to report someone was burying paint cans in a back yard, another resident reported erosion, another resident reported litter in the road; Flaugher is responsible for checking on each of these reports. Stated it is too much to expect him to do when his main job is building inspector, issuing permits, etc. Stated people don't realize all of the different jobs for which he is responsible.
8:00:29 PM Gulledge Asked if the Board had anything specific in the ordinance they wanted changed. Stated the Village wants to advertise for a PSO Officer, and needs an ordinance to be able to advertise for the position. Stated his goal is to have someone in this position in November.
8:01:01 PM Bell Commented on the need for training for the officer, particularly in the area of knowing and understanding the ordinances. Commented there is no one that know all of the ordinances. Asked how training would be handled.
8:01:20 PM Gulledge Stated every point made is valid, however the goal for tonight is some kind of ordinance to set up the position. Stated there will be two (2) or three (3) months in which a job description will be formulated, and all of these issues will be addressed at that time.
8:01:45 PM Garcia Stated she does not see the advantage of having an appointed position. Stated her opinion that the individual should be hired with twelve (12) months' probation instead of six (6) months.
8:02:13 PM Gulledge Asked each of the trustees their preference regarding appointment of the position.
8:02:16 PM Limberg Voted for not appointed
8:02:18 PM Schmidt Voted for appointed.
8:02:21 PM Bell Voted for appointed
8:02:54 PM Callahan Voted for not appointed.
8:02:56 PM Kostyshock Voted for appointed.
8:02:57 PM Garcia Voted for not appointed.
8:03:01 PM Gulledge With the opinion tied at three not appointed and three appointed, Mayor said he would go with Schardan and Attorney Wigginton's opinion and make it an appointed position. Garcia asked for clarification of overtime. Gulledge answered they would not be paid overtime. Asked for any other questions or comments on the ordinance. Went through the ordinance page by page. Comment was made that Page 1, Item E regarding compensation should be removed if the position is appointed.
8:05:29 PM Callahan Asked for clarification on whether this individual will be eligible for overtime. Commented that initially this person will be overwhelmed and there will be overtime.
8:05:55 PM Garcia Made the comment that if they allow overtime pay for this position, all other appointed positions should get overtime pay.
8:06:08 PM Gulledge Stated Attorney said there is nothing wrong with leaving Item E in the ordinance and letting them follow that pay schedule. They are still appointed, we follow the schedule, we know when their raise is going to be. Eligibility for overtime will be up to the Board. Discussion was held as to whether the original position was paid overtime. It was determined the original position did not incur any overtime.
8:06:55 PM Limberg Stated his thought that initially this person will be overwhelmed in order to get things back on an "even keel", and there will be some overtime. Stated with this job description, a lot of times the homeowners can't be contacted during Village normal business hours. Stated his belief that there will be overtime in the first year, and after that time some of the other duties will gradually be worked in. Stated he does not believe the Mayor intends for all of the listed responsibilities to be performed right from the start. Stated initially this position will be 90-100% code enforcement to get the Village back on track. As things calm down and this individual has a handle on enforcement issues, other time is freed up to handle the additional duties.
8:08:32 PM Gulledge Gulledge agreed with Limberg. Went back to Item E. Stated he thinks the position should be appointed. Stated Attorney indicated it is fine to put the position in the same classification of pay and include overtime eligibility. Reminded the Board that all overtime needs to be approved by the supervisor and the Board.
8:09:12 PM Garcia Argued that the issue is not fair to other appointed employees who do not receive overtime pay.
8:09:49 PM Limberg Addressed Garcia comments, stating the appointed personnel at the Village are very dedicated and do a great job. The Village tries to compensate those people through the raises given to show their appreciation. This person starting at $14.75 per hour and totally overwhelmed is going to have overtime in order to catch up. Stated in a year from now, he would be surprised if there were any overtime at all.
8:10:35 PM Bell Asked why the attorney thinks the position should be appointed.
8:10:37 PM Gulledge Answered because the Mayor and the Board will have more control over the position. As a compromise, Mayor suggested they start the person at $15.00 per hour, make the position appointed and in-eligible for overtime pay. Further, any overtime incurred will be tracked by Schardan and compensated with time-off.
8:12:24 PM Callahan Commented that what is best for the Village is to attract a quality employee, and he worries that not offering overtime pay will turn quality applicants away. Discussion continued.
8:15:11 PM Gulledge Asked for a straw vote on leaving Item E on or removing it. Limberg - on; Schmidt - on; Bell - off; Callahan - on; Kostyshock - off; Garcia - off. Went to page 2, Item 11 the decision was made that it is to be removed. Went on to Page 3; Garcia asked about Item a, regarding inspection. Wanted clarification that they would not be "building inspecting". She was told no. Discussion continued. Bell commented that the specifics of the code violations should be removed from the ordinance; instead the entry should read "the position requires enforcement of all ordinances". Went on to Page 4. There were no comments on Page 4. Mayor summarized that Section I, item E will be removed, and Section II, item 11 will be removed. Stated the ordinance will be added to the agenda for the September 21, 2005 Board meeting, and an advertisement will be written for the newspaper. Commented that he would talk to Attorney more about the Trustees concerns before moving forward.
8:20:56 PM Gulledge Went on to Calendar updates. Commented on the Zydeco and Crawdaddies Concert in the Park at 2:00 p.m. in Firemen's Park on Sunday, September 18. Stated the Park Committee mistakenly advertised in the paper that the concert would be held at Drost Park. Asked the reporter in attendance to re-publish the item.
8:21:55 PM Bell Stated the Book Sale needs to be added for September 24th, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. Added the Master Gardeners Tour on September 22nd from 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Added the GIS meeting on September 19th, and the Park Committee meeting on the 19th at 6:00 pm. Added the Maryville Pooch Party on October 9th.
8:23:36 PM Gulledge Went on to the To Do List, Page 1.
8:23:53 PM Bell Asked to add Edwardsville YMCA discounts for Village employees. Stated the discount was 50% off of the membership fee, and it needs to be set up because there are employees that would like to take advantage of the offer.
8:25:11 PM Schmidt Asked if the Mayor plans to attend the CARD meeting Tuesday, September 20th.
8:25:27 PM Gulledge Answered yes. Stated he had a meeting the previous day with Badasch. Stated it was a good meeting with lots of dialog. Mayor gave Badasch some information he had been looking for and he assured Mayor he would follow up.
8:25:27 PM Callahan Asked when their option expires.
8:25:29 PM Gulledge Answered he did not think it mattered, as no one would pay $22,000 per acre.
8:25:40 PM Schmidt Stated he was told if they got the ground study back on this piece of property in enough time, they would have it on this month's agenda.
8:25:48 PM Gulledge Answered he plans on going to the meeting, which starts at 7:00 pm, and invited any Trustees to attend with him.
8:26:19 PM Garcia Asked if the super size pavilion was discussed at the Park Committee meeting. She was told the meeting is scheduled for next Monday, September 19th. She was encouraged to call and make sure it is on the Committee To-Do List. Discussion continued regarding the size of the pavilion.
8:27:44 PM Gulledge Asked for other comments on page 2.
8:27:48 PM Schmidt Asked about the easement issue with the resident that is being difficult. He was told a phone call was initiated with good results.
8:28:04 PM Schmidt Asked if there was anything more regarding the problem on Birch Lane.
8:28:09 PM Gulledge Answered he had not heard anything back from Juneau, who was checking on some easements. This issue will be discussed at the Public Works Meeting to be held September 15th.
8:28:25 PM Bell Asked about the gazebo pathway from the walking trail.
8:28:33 PM Kostyshock Stated there were too many other jobs going on to get it done. Stated it will be done when weather permits. Discussion continued on how to get it done. This lead to more discussion on the super size pavilion.
8:30:34 PM Gulledge Went on to page 3.
8:30:47 PM Kostyshock Regarding the cemetery property, asked is anything going to happen or should it be removed from the To-Do List.
8:30:49 PM Schmidt Answered he did not think the issue would move forward, as the individual indicated she no longer wants to sell.
8:31:13 PM Gulledge Suggested she needs to be asked for a final decision. Discussion followed regarding the likelihood of getting a straight answer.
8:31:30 PM Callahan Commented that, since nothing can be built, it is really dead ground to start with.
8:31:42 PM Kostyshock Commented they could plant grapes.
8:31:51 PM Callahan Commented they would need permission to do so, as a utility truck would knock everything down.
8:31:59 PM Bell Went on to page 3, stating the GIS Server can be removed, as the entry is already on page 2.
8:32:37 PM Gulledge Stated the water rate study would be removed. Reminded group the Public Works meeting would be a week early as the Mayor and others will be attending meetings in Chicago. Went to Trustee comments.
8:33:12 PM Limberg Stated the Book Sale would be held September 24th. Reaffirmed that the Library Committee is doing a great job. Stated his hope that residents would visit to view the progress.
8:34:14 PM Bell Stated he has started on a web site for the Library Committee. Stated he needs a color scheme.
8:34:40 PM Schmidt Stated a local county board member complained about weeds at Centennial Plaza. Stated he talked to resident Wieman about foul animal feces smell coming from house across from her apartments on South Donk Street. He was told to inform Flaugher to investigate. Commented on the Rabies Clinic held the previous Saturday. Stated approximately eighty (80) dogs and cats were inoculated. Commented the Clinic went well, and will be held again next spring.
8:35:49 PM Callahan Asked Gulledge to comment on the Economic Development Committee meeting.
8:35:55 PM Gulledge Commented it went well. Stated there is a vacancy on the Board, which he is planning on discussing with Callahan. Stated discussion was held regarding the property site. Stated there is some interest, although no contracts have been signed. By way of background, he explained that approximately one year ago the planning committee sent a recommendation to change the zoning from commercial to PDR on the property directly behind the YMCA. Stated the vote was defeated three (3) to two (2). Stated the road is worked out with the YMCA.
8:37:50 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
8:38:11 PM Gulledge Continued his discussion about the EDC meeting. Stated he thinks Keller will have to go through the whole process again for re-zoning by going back to the planning commission. Stated if that is the case, they will go to the commission with some drawings to put in some villas or town homes with a community center and swimming pool. This will be a gated community. If that goes through, Keller will continue the work on the boulevard with both sides of the road, planters in the middle, berms and trees. Stated that was the basis of the discussion.  Went on with comments from the Board.
8:38:52 PM Kostyshock Commented on the progress of the Library. Stated they are having trouble getting Charter Cable hook-up, so he informed them the Village would take charge.
8:39:22 PM Gulledge Stated he talked with a Charter representative on Friday, and they will give them one hook-up. Discussion was held regarding the hook-up location.
8:40:09 PM Kostyshock Commented that he spoke with a resident that lives directly across from the firehouse. Stated she asked him to thank the firemen for helping her change a flat tire several weeks ago.
8:40:51 PM Schmidt Asked about emergency lights that are laying on the side of the road on Route 159. He was told they belong to the Village. Asked if the Public Works Department could pick them up for storage. He was told they would follow up. Discussion was held regarding what would be done. General comments followed regarding the work on Route 159.
8:43:15 PM Gulledge Stated that next Thursday and Friday most of the Trustees will be gone, however Schmidt will be in town. With nothing further to come before the Board, called for a motion to adjourn. Bell made the motion to adjourn, and Schmidt made the second. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes.
8:44:19 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville