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  1. Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date11/9/2005 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:23 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, November 9, 2005 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Police Chief Schardan, Comptroller Brussatti, Public Works Director Presson, CPA Jim Ferris, Library Chair Carol Frerker, three (3) citizens, and two (2) reporters.
6:31:27 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the November 2nd minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Bell and seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:56 PM Gulledge Explained that citizen Duane McNeil requested he be allowed to address the Board. Mayor apologized that he neglected to add the item to the Agenda. He invited McNeil to the floor.
6:32:28 PM McNeil Resides at 4 Nassau in Maryville. Stated the purpose of his address is to protest the ordinance imposed regarding recreational vehicle parking. Stated he owns a camper, and it has been parked on his property for thirty two (32) years. He explained that his property was annexed into Maryville four (4) or five (5) years ago. Stated in the time he has lived in the area, he has had three (3) campers, and the one that is currently parked has been there for fifteen (15) years. Stated his dissatisfaction that the ordinance tells him he can't keep his camper where it is currently parked. Stated he believes he should be grandfathered in. Stated the Mayor told him he is not. Stated this issue came up three (3) years ago, when an individual named Andy came to his home and told him he was in violation of the ordinance of Maryville. He said he met with Mayor at that time, and he was told Mayor would take care of the problem and talk to Andy. Stated nothing further had been said about the issue until now. He offered pictures of his property showing where the camper is parked.
6:34:06 PM Gulledge In order to clarify McNeil's point, explained that what he is referring to is when Andy went out and issued tickets and the Board decided at that time to hold everything status quo until they decided what would be done. Stated he told McNeil not to pay the tickets, but to wait to see what the Board eventually decides.
6:34:36 PM Garcia Commented she would have liked McNeil to have been at the meetings when the Board debated the issue. McNeil answered he was not aware of the debate.
6:34:44 PM Callahan Answered the debate was held for six (6) months. Commented the issue was written about in the paper. Commented that he was in violation of the ordinance in place before the current ordinance. Discussion followed regarding how long McNeil has lived in Maryville. Mayor indicated he thinks it has been six or seven years since the property was annexed. Callahan went on to reiterate he was in violation of the original ordinance. Stated changing the ordinance made it easier for people to comply, not harder.
6:35:43 PM Bell Stated the ordinance now allows for parking on the side of the house, whereas before it was only in the backyard or in the garage. Agreed that compliance is now easier, not worse. Stated the original ordinance, of which he is in violation, was in effect for many years.
6:36:11 PM McNeil Stated he was not in the city, but in the county. Stated he has lived here for thirty two (32) years; this camper and three others have been there for thirty two (32) years. Indicated he does not understand why he is in violation all of a sudden. Maintained he was not in the city when he originally moved here, and the campers have been there for that length of time.
6:36:54 PM Gulledge Commented he believes McNeil is trying to say that he believes he should be should be grandfathered. Stated the Board discussed that, and although the attorney is not in attendance, he believes the direction he gave the Board was that if they give people time to make the necessary changes, he did not feel the grandfather clause applied.
6:36:59 PM Schmidt Agreed that his recollection was the attorney told the Board there would be no one grandfathered because it did not meet the criteria as far as the ordinance being enforced.
6:37:12 PM McNeil Asked what does not meet the criteria.
6:37:15 PM Callahan Explained it was the ordinance when he moved in to town. McNeil started to argue that he was not in the town when he moved in to the property. Callahan asked when he last replaced his camper. McNeil answered fifteen (15) years ago. Callahan stated this Board had nothing to do with what the ordinances were fifteen (15) years ago, but if McNeil moved in tomorrow and had a camper he would be expected to comply. McNeil indicated he understood that point. Callahan went on to explain about the Board changing ordinances, using the sign ordinance change as an example. Stated this ordinance outlawed portable signs, and everyone in town that had portable signs, which was a lot of people, had to get rid of them.
6:37:56 PM Bell Commented he thinks fifteen years ago, the camper was in violation as well, because the original ordinance was in effect back then. Reiterated that this Board has made it easier by allowing campers to be parked on the side of the house on a concrete pad, which has made it easier for bigger campers to be stored. Stated the old ordinance was much more restrictive.
6:38:31 PM McNeil Addressed Bell, stating he understands what he is saying. Stated fifteen years ago it may have been an ordinance, but he was not in Maryville fifteen years ago. Reiterated that his camper has been in this area for the last thirty two (32) years and nothing has ever been said, there have been no complaints. Stated now that he is part of the city, which he didn't want to be to begin with, he does not agree that he should be made to comply with Maryville ordinances which he was not required to be in compliance with when he lived in the County.
6:39:18 PM Bell Answered he does not know what the County ordinance or the subdivision covenants were regarding this issue. McNeil stated there were none. Bell stated the residents do have to comply with the ordinances of the Village.
6:39:33 PM McNeil Stated he poured a concrete pad on which his camper is parked right now, thirty two (32) years ago. Stated now the Board is telling him that if he does not comply with the ordinance it will cost $750 in fines, or he will have to move it. Asked the purpose of the ordinance.
6:39:55 PM Bell Answered the purpose of the change was to make it less restrictive so people could park their campers on their property.
6:40:04 PM McNeil Asked what is the purpose of having the ordinance.
6:40:10 PM Bell Answered it is to set some standards for the Village of not having tractor trailers and campers for aesthetic value and safety.
6:40:29 PM McNeil Offered two other pictures. Stated if the Board makes him move the camper it will cost him money. Stated he will move it and be in compliance with the ordinance; the camper will then be in his backyard. Stated then everyone who comes up and down the street will see it. Referred to the pictures comparing where the camper is currently parked versus where it will be seen from his backyard.
6:41:00 PM Gulledge Stated he does not believe he will need to pour a pad in the backyard. The Board answered no, and they don't require gravel. McNeil answered that will be in compliance with the ordinance which will make the camper more conspicuous than the current situation.
6:41:15 PM Bell Stated there is all kinds of unique situations with this issue. Stated all have been addressed.
6:41:37 PM Garcia Asked for some clarification on the current position of the camper. McNeil showed her via the photographs.
6:42:58 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any other questions or comments from the Board. There were none. Thanked McNeil for coming. McNeil asked if he was going to get a decision tonight. He was told there is not a decision the Board can make other than he must comply with the ordinance. Stated the only way that anything could be changed would be for the Board to change the ordinance itself. Stated he tried to explain this at their prior meeting.
6:43:35 PM Callahan Commented that there are lot of people in town, especially in the older section, that cannot comply with the ordinance because they can't get to a certain point. Stated he is one of the lucky residents because he can comply without moving his camper from his property. McNeil answered that it will still cost him some money. Callahan asked how it will cost money since there is no gravel requirement. McNeil argued that gravel is required. Callahan answered it is only on the side, not in the back yard. McNeil argued the point. Callahan clarified that McNeil will be moving it to the backyard, and reiterated that the ordinance does not require concrete or gravel in the back yard. Stated there is no requirement for the back yard other than moving the camper once a month and mowing the grass growth underneath.
6:45:17 PM Gulledge Read the excerpt from the ordinance where it refers to the storage of vehicles in the rear yard "need not be parked on an impervious surface, but shall be parked or stored in a safe manner
6:45:27 PM McNeil Stated his understanding from this meeting is that he can park it in his back yard on the ground with no gravel. Stated he would be meeting with his attorney. Reiterated that he will park it in the back so as to be in compliance and everyone will see it; where it is currently no one does, and no one has had a complaint in thirty two (32) years.
6:45:58 PM Gulledge Stated he would suggest McNeil place it in his backyard before January 1st. Thanked McNeil for coming.
6:46:25 PM Gulledge Invited Carol Frerker to address the Board.
6:46:39 PM Carol Frerker Resides at 315 Bauer Lane, Maryville. Referred to the folder she handed out, containing the Library Report, her outline, commonly asked questions, an explanation of why Maryville needs a library including a tax chart, and card applications. Thanked the Board for the opportunity to address. Stated the library has a website, and thanked Bell for his assistance with it and the updates. Stated Roger Shoup submitted the petitions for referendum to Lewis and Clark Library System. Referred to the report contained in the handout. Stated these are petitions for referendum to be placed on March 2006 ballot to determine whether or not the greater Maryville area residents would like to establish and support a library district. Thanked the Village Council and Administration for their support for the past two years. Stated Lewis and Clark is behind them with their grant managing and expertise. Thanked all the committee volunteers. Stated through donations of the surrounding communities and Maryville they have over 8,000 books in the library shelved and ready. Stated they have gone through 25,000 to 30,000 books. Stated they have computers and desks. Stated in eight months they have successfully transformed the building into a library. Mentioned the Mississippi Library District trained Peggy Pick, the new Director, and her staff on data entry, which will be helpful for getting the library up and running. Discussed the Demonstration Library Grant, and read from the handout. Stated $60,000 is not much, which is one of the main reasons they have formed a cooperative working relationship with Mississippi Valley Library District, also known as Collinsville Library. Explained there are two separate grants going on right now; Mississippi got a grant and so did Maryville. Stated they are two separate districts. Discussed the boundary line issue: Stated they are separate districts and will remain so, but will share programs and resources (providing Maryville residents vote to become a district). Cited an example of how they will work together: They will duplicate programs. Stated Maryville will develop their own independent programs to meet the specific needs of the community. Discussed the reasons the two are working together: there are over 500 cardholders for Collinsville's library in Maryville, and will continue to be. Stated they will support and create unity in the school system, and will create educational programs together. Stated all residents paying into the library district that have a library card and are part of Lewis and Clark library system, will be able to use one another's library service, referred to as reciprocal borrowing. Discussed the boundary line and read from the handout. Stated the line will be used to define the district of Maryville's library, referred to as the Greater Maryville Area (GMA). Explained that this not just the corporate limits, but includes what some day will be Maryville residents. Referred to the map and pointed out the area included in the referendum up for vote in March, 2006. Discussed the two grants and read from the handout. Discussed the March election and read from the handout. Discussed the State Library System goals and read from the handout. Discussed the importance of a Maryville Library District and read from the handout. Discussed development and timeline for the Demonstration Library and read from the handout. Stated the library will be opened December 3rd. Stated they will advertise the information on the Village marquis and through flyers sent to residents. Stated she has been informing the public, giving them the website, going to town meetings, meeting with organizations such as the school, etc. Referred to the card application contained in the folder. Stated right now they are asking residents to fill out these applications through the school and/or children enrolled in Maryville Elementary. Explained how the children get credit for every application submitted through them. Explained it is a contest through the Mississippi Valley grant. The school that gets the most applications will win $1,000 to be used towards books for their school. Encouraged everyone to submit as many applications as they can. Mayor stated that the applications can be collected at the Village Hall at the Water Clerk's window. Frerker discussed dates to remember: Residents can meet to ask questions, obtain material and fill out an application Thursday, November 10th and Thursday November 17th from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm and Tuesday, November 15th from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Maryville School gym.
7:03:46 PM Gulledge Asked if anyone had any questions or items needing clarification for Frerker at this point.
7:03:52 PM Bell Clarified that the applications can be filled out and given to a parent of a child at Maryville Elementary, a teacher or a friend of any student.
7:04:11 PM Frerker Reiterated that it can be done through a student or she can pick up the applications at the Maryville Hall. Stated when residents go to pick up their library card, they will be required to show identification. Stated everyone is eligible, even if they already have a card.
7:04:39 PM Callahan Asked, regarding the 500 Maryville residents that already have cards, how will they be treated in relationship to this and to the election.
7:04:54 PM Frerker Answered she has already had at least five people that have gone in to renew their card and were treated very respectfully. Collinsville renewed the card and put it into a temporary sleeve, and told them they are still welcome to use these resources. Stated they are honoring residents being past card holders along with being future Mayville cardholders. Stated they are not effected differently in the coming election.
7:05:55 PM Callahan Asked if those people are the ones that actually pay to buy that card. He was told yes, and they pay Collinsville's library tax. Callahan asked if it was 500 families or 500 people. Frerker answered it is over 500 cardholders. Callahan asked regarding the people voting for the library district outside of Maryville, meaning the people that don't belong to the Collinsville District, do they vote as a whole or are they going to take Caseyville Township, etc.
7:06:48 PM Frerker Answered they will take it precinct by precinct, or section. Referred to the map and explained if surrounding sections vote yes around a section that votes no, that section will still belong because it will be a contiguous section.
7:07:22 PM Callahan Clarified that even if someone votes against it but ends up in-between, they will be included. He was told yes. Asked if the people in Collinsville that belong to the district now are voting. He was told no, only those that are in Unit 10 that do not have service. Commented he read the article in the Collinsville paper and thought it was good. Asked if we are on the ballot to get into the Collinsville District. He was told no. He stated he was lead to believe in reading that article that if Maryville's library system failed in Maryville, Collinsville would have the opportunity at some later election to come back at Maryville again. He was told that is correct. He clarified that they are not coming at Maryville at this time, they are respecting Maryville's wishes to be separate. He was told yes, and they are respecting Maryville's boundary line.
7:08:35 PM Frerker Discussed the need at the library for internet and phones. Discussed the request for the Village to pay for the phone service until they get a Library District budget. Stated she called a representative from SBC who quoted her unlimited local and long distance, one line, $49.95 per month plus tax and an installation fee of $52.35.
7:09:19 PM Gulledge Addressed the first request regarding internet: Stated the issue has been a "nightmare". Stated the representative assures him they will have it. Stated he would call again tomorrow. Discussed the phone issue: Stated he brought the request up and the Board needs to make a decision. Wanted to clarify, until the library gets the grant monies, they want the Village to take care of it for a month or two.
7:10:19 PM Frerker Answered that the grant will not provide funds for the phone.
7:10:28 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees if they would be in favor of paying for phone service at the library. Limberg answered yes, as long as it is a single line. Schmidt is in favor. Bell stated his only comment would be that the library is in a Village building and a phone is needed. Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia were all in favor. Gulledge asked if Comptroller Brussatti would work on getting phone service at the building. Discussion followed regarding the internet issue. Mayor indicated he would call his contact again.
7:12:45 PM Schmidt Asked Frerker if she knows what the rates are in the Mississippi Valley District compared to Maryville's.
7:12:55 PM Frerker Answered it is the same basic rate, but because of retirement it is .28, which is considerably higher. Bell asked what the Maryville rate would be. She answered .15. Stated she is not campaigning that Maryville is the lowest.
7:13:46 PM Callahan Asked if the committee has formulated a plan for a campaign for the March election. Asked if they would go door-to-door, make phone calls, etc. Frerker answered they have not formulated a plan.
7:14:05 PM Bell Stated that, at four (4) months away, that should be a high-priority task.
7:14:09 PM Frerker Answered just getting the library together is a phenomenal task, but they have been campaigning at the schools, and encouraging residents to vote. Agreed that they need to get a plan together, and there is approximately $1,000 set aside for the campaign. Bell asked if the grant allows for campaign expenses. Frerker explained that it is just for getting the facts out; they cannot tell people to vote "yes", they can tell people to vote.
7:15:14 PM Schmidt Stated he thinks the Board can throw their support behind the library. Gulledge stated he thinks they already have. Schmidt stated his desire to encourage residents to vote yes.
7:15:21 PM Gulledge Stated if the Board is interested in helping, they are always looking for volunteers. Stated they don't necessarily have to do it as a Board, they can also do it as a citizen if they feel strongly about it.
7:15:36 PM Frerker Commented they could use guidance regarding campaigning, as she has no experience in the area.
7:16:00 PM Callahan Commented they are lucky to always have the press represented at the meetings. Commented they need to know that the Board is in favor of it, and believes the more they are reminded of it, it will periodically show up in the papers.
7:16:19 PM Kostyshock Thanked Frerker and her committee for everything they are doing. Discussed the card application. Encouraged everyone to have their friends and neighbors fill them out.
7:17:02 PM Frerker Commented that the contest is over in a couple of weeks, so it is important to get the information out and bring people in to the school.
7:17:13 PM Gulledge Stated the two biggest individuals in the room that could help in that capacity are the two reporters. Stated he knows they received a packet, and encouraged the Board to talk to them at the end of the meeting.
7:17:36 PM Kostyshock Commented that he thinks it is important for everyone to get behind this election. Suggested getting 50 to 100 volunteers to each take a section of town and campaign, explaining if they don't vote for the Maryville library, they will end up in Collinsville where they will have no control and their taxes will be higher than what Maryville is proposing.
7:18:31 PM Limberg Commented on everything the volunteers have done. Stated it will be great that Maryville will have the same services as in Collinsville. Commented he thinks it will be equal, if not better. Commented his belief that it is a win/win situation for the residents of Maryville.
7:18:58 PM Gulledge Commented that he hopes we do have a library in Maryville. Stated he thinks Maryville has grown to where they need a library. Stated he thinks it shows a positive side of the community when we put things together like this. Stated he believes the nice facilities in Maryville, i.e., water plant, fire house, city hall, all lends to how Maryville will grow in the future. Stated he thinks a library is important. Stated he is amazed by the outpouring of support by the volunteers and people that have donated books. Stated he thinks everyone that has been involved have done a very good job.
7:20:26 PM Bell Commented on the website listed in the handout. Stated, if it is okay with the Board, he will add a link off of the Village web page.
7:21:34 PM Gulledge Told Bell it was fine to link the site. Thanked Frerker and the other members in attendance for coming. Went to next agenda item - Annual Audit Report. Invited Jim Ferris, CPA, to the floor.
7:21:57 PM Ferris Stated his hope that the Board members have had a chance to at least browse through the Audit Report they received Monday and/or Tuesday. Discussed the changes due to GASB 34 compliance. Stated what they are trying to do is make it look more like an Annual Report for a corporation. Stated due to the new format it is impossible to compare this report to the prior year. Asked if anyone has any question before he goes through the audit. Bell asked if GASB 34 is State mandated. Ferris explained it is not State but Federal Governmental Economy Standards Board. Explained all governmental entities have had to comply with it. Stated he is not sure all do; in fact he knows of one that is close to Maryville that does not and refuses to. Stated as long as the bonding company is okay with it, they should be okay, but eventually the State will force everybody because the AFR Reports filed with the State won't be comparable. Explained it first started with large government entities like States, Counties, etc. and slowly came down to smaller communities, townships, Villages, and this is the year that most are complying. Stated, in answer to the question, it is not State mandated, but mandated by the Governmental Accounting Profession.
7:24:29 PM Callahan Asked about the Capital Asset detail on page 20. Asked if that was the biggest change. Ferris answered before the report showed all the assets for the Enterprise Fund which is the water and sewer, and that is the amount below called the "Business Type Activities". The "Governmental Activities" on the lines before that on page 20 shows the General Fund and all the other types of funds like Fire, Police, Special Service Area #1, Special Service Area #3, IMRF -- although they wouldn't have any assets. Parks could be one that would have assets. Stated that is going back and showing what they would have been at last year's audit, and then any additions added such as the land purchased, various equipment, some small infrastructure, the buildings, and it is on a continuing basis showing what is added each year.
7:25:44 PM Callahan Clarified that this is the page where he had to figure out what the Village net worth is in terms of assets.
7:25:52 PM Ferris Answered that is correct. Commented that anything that had debt related to it had to be included. Stated GASB 34 wants you to come up with all of the capital assets, i.e., infrastructures, streets, street lights, water and sewer. Stated, for example, Collinsville questions what use this list is, due to the fact the items are owned by the entity, i.e., they can't sell it. Stated in that aspect he does not suggest trying to recreate infrastructure or come up with an amount for it. Stated this is not fully in compliance, but they will not penalize you because: one, what is the cost benefit? There is no benefit to the Village, and the cost to do it is not needed. Stated anything the Village creates in the future will be tracked, i.e., a new road should add to the infrastructure and should be incorporated into this statement.
7:27:29 PM Gulledge Asked for clarification whether it is if the Village builds it or the developer builds it and the Village takes it over when they take over the subdivision. Commented in that instance the Village is not actually spending money.
7:27:40 PM Ferris Answered if the Village doesn't spend money, you don't include it.
7:27:51 PM Bell Commented he could see a benefit in that you could track depreciation of your assets.
7:28:16 PM Callahan Discussed a newspaper article he read approximately a year ago explaining the issue. Stated for example, US debt is $20 trillion. If you list it on a balance sheet compared to everything the US owns, i.e. park ground, all the building rights, on the other side of the balance sheet $20 trillion in debt doesn't look so bad because it looks like a corporation where there are more assets than debt. Stated the article explained that GASB was an attempt to make running a Government somehow look profitable.
7:28:53 PM Ferris Agreed. Explained that it lists net assets; in other words assets less liabilities. Stated that is how a corporation looks at it. Callahan commented the Village has never really looked at the assets accumulated before, and he believes that is the main difference. Ferris answered in the water and sewer they have, but in the other funds assets such as Police cars were never kept track but purchased and then expensed which is called a capital outlet. Stated in fact this statement is very difficult to understand unless you focus on certain pages. Commented the pages he thinks they should focus on and try to understand the best they can are the "Management Discussion and Analysis" which are pages 3 through 7; Statement of Net Assets on page 8; the Statement of Activities on page 9; and the Budgetary Comparison Schedule for the General Fund and Major Fund on page 28. Stated the only reason he highlights the budget is because it actually shows how the Village did on the appropriations. Discussed some specifics on the schedule as an example.
7:32:34 PM Callahan Commented on page 3 where it lists the end of year fiscal assets. Asked how it compares with previous years.
7:33:12 PM Ferris Answered it is about the same, and is only the General Fund. He explained the difference between the governmental activity type funds and the business activity type funds.
7:33:43 PM Callahan Regarding the $427,000, clarified that he is saying it was expended already. He was told yes. Clarified that it takes into consideration that is gone and they have "X" amount left. Stated he did not know they had paid that much already. Gulledge commented that it is paid off. Discussion was held regarding payments.
7:34:47 PM Callahan Asked Ferris his opinion of how the Village is doing.
7:34:53 PM Ferris Answered they are doing fine. Commented the one thing that inflates how good the Village is doing is when they come up with the fixed assets. Commented on page 8. Pointed out the modified cash basis entry used to be listed as cash basis, which is saying they are recognizing all revenue and expenditures on a cash basis and the only ones they are using on the accrual basis are depreciation and the amortization of bond costs. In this entry it shows the total net assets is almost $8 million. Of that there is basically $9 million in "capital assets", i.e., water and sewer lines, etc. Stated when we say $8 million in total assets, realize that $9 million of the assets is in what one would call fixed things that have been built or acquired over time. Stated cash has gone down from last year.
7:37:11 PM Callahan Asked, on page 27 regarding the note about litigation. Asked if he has any way of knowing what the potential liability is in the one suit that they are not covered. Ferris answered the one that is against the other government entity is not covered by insurance. Callahan asked what the Village can do to be better.
7:39:08 PM Ferris Answered his opinion would be to allocate water and sewer salaries. Explained he thinks it would make it easier on the Comptroller to say these people are water and sewer and will stay water and sewer. He also suggested taking a close look at the situation to decide whether they should be including more people in water and sewer. Stated his opinion that water and sewer "gets by" a little on some of the expenses and salary is one that can be really substantial. Callahan asked what the practice is now -- just to allocate a percentage? Ferris answered it is decided from the time sheets.
7:41:10 PM Brussatti Stated he takes his figures from time cards and what the Department Head charges to each department. Stated unless he is told from their Department Head, right now they are split so many in water, so many in streets.
7:41:20 PM Callahan Clarified that Ferris means to balance more toward water and sewer.
7:41:26 PM Gulledge Stated he understands they don't do it because they try to be more accurate. Stated he understands that water and sewer is an Enterprise Fund and there is potentially more money there. Stated they will look at the issue, as it is a good point. Stated the problem is when employees from opposite departments help on joint projects such as a water main break.
7:42:18 PM Ferris Stated one other suggestion would be to try to budget or come up with dollars for revenue other than just property tax revenue. Stated they have to come up with a budget amount for things like sales tax, income tax, utility tax. Stated the Village only budgets for what it will spend. Stated they should also budget income.
7:42:57 PM Callahan Commented that they actually do have a budget that the Comptroller prepares and the Board votes on it, they argue about whether they are going to have "X" amount of revenue, but they are actually just in the "practicing" stage of preparing to go to a budget form of government. Stated they do try to think about where income is coming from, are they going to lose revenue because they lowered that particular tax, etc.
7:43:34 PM Ferris Commented the easiest way would be to see what was collected the year prior and use that figure. Stated in the schedule on page 28, then they would have dollars included for income other than just property taxes. Stated currently all that is shown as revenue is property taxes.
7:44:02 PM Bell Commented regarding the new budget they were working on for practice, it accounted for more income.
7:44:14 PM Callahan Commented that they even broke it down to the level of how many fines they would get from the Police Department this year. Stated this was not done formally.
7:44:53 PM Gulledge Commented he will try his best to implement a budget this year. Commented that GASB is much harder to understand than prior audits.
7:45:14 PM Ferris Stated he understands it and can explain it, but he does not know if the immediate benefit is going to be there. Stated it will take a few years before you can actually see how the Village is doing. Discussion followed regarding allocation of assets.
7:47:17 PM Schmidt Asked if Ferris has any different forms of setting up a budget. Stated the Village was really struggling towards the end last year. Bell commented the Village would have to use the format in the accounting system. Schmidt clarified that he does not mean the format, he means a more simplified method so they don't struggle as they did last year. Ferris suggested they refer to page 28 to see what they spent last year to come up with figures for this year.
7:48:30 PM Callahan Asked if the Board gave Ferris the numbers before he did the audit, would he have used them if he knew they existed? In other words, the Board had a guess as to what they were going to be and he could compare that guess to what the actual revenues were.
7:48:51 PM Ferris Answered yes. Stated anything after the footnote can be somewhat creative. Stated as long as they decide on the items for which they want to come up with a budget, he could help.
7:49:31 PM Callahan Stated the one thing he would ask him to do regarding the municipal tax, if possible, would be to project the number of water customers and sewer customers over a five-year span.
7:50:01 PM Ferris Indicated he could. Discussion was held as to how that would be done, and the benefit of the procedure. Ferris stated he could change it on the current report if the Board wants him to. They indicated they would.
7:51:32 PM Schmidt Discussed charging services from one department of the Village to another department. Asked if they would be going too far in implementing this procedure. Cited an example of the cost of the Street Department cutting the grass at the Park. Asked if they would be over-managing.
7:52:06 PM Ferris Answered he thinks they would be getting too fine in that area. However, if you have a person that is responsible for the park and that is their main duty and that is all they do, he would include them in there.
7:52:27 PM Callahan Commented, as an example, if Public Works Director Presson didn't know he was going to have to build a path in the middle of the park. He didn't budget for eight (8) or nine (9) days and ten (10) or twelve (12) employees, etc. Stated they would not actually send the Park a bill, they are just saying that when you budget for the amount of money you are spending remember that you are using some of our other employees to do that. Stated Presson would be responsible for the use of his employees. Stated you do have to push it off on somebody, or Presson would be responsible for everyone.
7:53:13 PM Bell Agreed. Stated for water and sewer, you are using water and sewer employees, and they don't have anything to do with governmental activities.
7:53:29 PM Ferris Stated they could come up with an amount at the end of the year and have an "operating" transfer out of the Parks Department of "X" number of dollars and transfer it into water and sewer.
7:54:38 PM Callahan Asked if this year's budget has anything to do with the transition between IMRF retirement and the police and fire retirement.
7:54:53 PM Ferris Asked the Board to look at pages 15 and 16 under the statement of net assets of fiduciary funds. Explained that a fiduciary fund is something that the Village has some control over but they do not own. This is the only place you will see these numbers. They are not incorporated anywhere else. Explained that what happened was that because they went over a certain population, the IMRF transferred funds for basically three firemen and approximately ten police officers out of IMRF and gave it to the Village. Stated it is in their trust. Stated there are Board members that are supposed to meet periodically and invest the funds.
7:55:46 PM Gulledge Stated that is true on the fire pension because it is set up differently, but they have no control over the police pension.
7:55:51 PM Ferris Answered they don't have control over it, but they appoint people and oversee it.
7:56:13 PM Callahan Clarified that this does cover that transition so that the statements that are made regarding IMRF and unfunded liability does not include that.
7:56:34 PM Ferris Stated police and fire employees are no longer included.
7:56:48 PM Callahan Stated they have a liability in the future because they have a credit that they get that is kept in Springfield.
7:56:56 PM Ferris Answered yes, an actuarial.
7:56:58 PM Callahan Stated then if you have a good year in the market that helps you, and if you have a bad year like in 02 it actually takes away from your credit. Asked if Ferris is saying they took the credit they had given to Maryville out of IMRF and moved it over to the police and fire fund.
7:57:29 PM Ferris Answered that they calculated what these three people had in their IMRF account, wrote a check out of IMRF to the Village that went in to a separate fund so it is under the fire pension fund.
7:57:54 PM Gulledge Stated that one is different. He, Clerk Long, Attorney Wigginton, and Chief Flaugher all sit on that board, plus the three firemen. Stated police is totally different: They have three police officers and two appointees, plus one retiree.
7:58:24 PM Callahan Clarified that it is just a pool of money that gets moved around.
7:58:28 PM Ferris Stated once it is moved out of IMRF it is gone, and they won't move any more money in the future. Stated both the fire and police should involve and actuary to find out what their unfunded liability is. Stated there is only $146,000 in the account right now, which will not pay for twelve people to retire. Stated they can now tax the fire and police, which they did not do last year. Gulledge said they did a small amount.
7:59:26 PM Callahan Stated he has tried to tell the Board at various times that, for example picking a number of $1 million to pay the pensions for all of the potential retirees. If the State happens to lose money in a particular year because they invested badly, they could get a statement that says there is no longer $1 million but $800,000. Stated, again, the number means nothing because they don't really have any retirees to speak of, but ten or fifteen years down the line as that number grows but people start taking money out of it, it is the Board's responsibility if they ever run out of money just to keep throwing money in that pool to pay the retirement benefits for everyone that ever worked for the Village of Maryville. Stated the problem with the one fund is that it is small because we just started, but it probably would be a scary number if they had to know what was really supposed to be there for all twelve of those people, worst-case scenario. Stated it will probably not be a problem any of them would face, but a problem for the Board ten or twenty years from now.
8:00:48 PM Gulledge Stated there is only one police officer with about sixteen years involved.
8:01:00 PM Callahan Commented at least with the fire, and even with the police because it is localized, they have a little bit of control. Stated with IMRF all they can do is wait for them to tell the Village how much they owe. Commented that someday they are just going to send the Village a bill.
8:01:21 PM Ferris Commented that is backed by the State so if/when that happens, the State would make good on the retirements. He compared the situation to Social Security.
8:01:49 PM Callahan Commented the State may not send a bill but would increase the levy significantly.
8:02:01 PM Ferris Agreed, they would make the Village increase the levy because they would say now instead of the IMRF rate being 10%, it is going to be 20%. Discussion regarding the situation followed.
8:02:55 PM Gulledge Thanked Ferris for his presentation. Went to next Agenda item - Drost Park bids. Stated there was a bid opening on the comfort stations at Firemen's Park and the Drost Park School House Bike Trail. Stated they have not had time to dissect the bids, so they probably won't come back to the Board with this until the 30th Caucus meeting. Stated the bids came in higher than expected. He and Bell will look over it to try to see what can be done.
8:03:41 PM Callahan Asked the difference between page 1 and page 2.
8:03:43 PM Gulledge Stated number one is the Firemen's Park comfort station, and the other is the new one on the walking trail off Parkview Drive. Stated that was the one for which they received the $195,400 grant. Stated the first one will be paid for by the Village, for which they have approximately $140,000 allocated.
8:04:16 PM Callahan Asked if they had an estimate of what they thought it would cost.
8:04:20 PM Gulledge Answered yes. Stated the bids are considerably higher than the estimate. Stated they added a lot of things to it hoping they'd be able to afford it. Explained that is why they need to look at it and break it down. Stated it is significantly higher. Discussion followed regarding the additions to the plans. Gulledge stated they will look at it and come back on the 30th with a recommendation to the Board. Invited Schardan to address the Board.
8:06:44 PM Schardan Stated he recently received an e-mail offering a grant in order to purchase a Live Scan system which is an electronic system to submit fingerprints to the State Bureau of Identification and to the FBI. Stated the government and FBI obviously want the Village to go to this or they would not be paying 75% of the bill. Stated what he has been told is they have money left that needs to be spent before March. Explained he viewed the system in place at Columbia, Illinois with Chief Joe Edwards. Stated, regarding applicants to the department, Edwards indicated it would take ten weeks to get fingerprints back after being inked, sent in and wait for the report to come back. Stated he submitted them electronically and got them back in two days. Stated the FBI will return a record back within six or eight hours. Stated he read a report that they are averaging approximately thirty minutes. Explained it speeds things up and helps with record keeping, as it is more accurate. Explained that with the ink card, if one print is not right on the card the agency will reject it and return it to the police department, and that arrest is never reflected on the individual's record. Stated this system will indicate when a print is not good and needs to be redone. Stated the one he is proposing in the ID Network, which offers a booking system, which Maryville PD does not currently have. Bell asked if this system would replace the existing Maryville PD system that uses Microsoft Access. He was told yes. Stated ID Network will convert all current data to the new system. Stated their product cost, including the booking system, is $34,200. Stated it will be networked so anyone can use it from any station computer. Stated the scan machine itself will be in the booking area. Bell asked if the camera takes the picture right into the system. He was told yes. Demonstrated the system via power point display. Explained he spoke with an individual from Munblin regarding this system. Stated they were the first to get ID Network in Illinois three years ago. Stated this individual explained, as an example, in the use of the sex offender's section, he will go out and find the offender and take pictures of offender's vehicle and import it into the file record on the ID Network system. This individual explained the history behind ID Network is that they are out of Ohio, and he has gone to them over the last three years and helped develop the whole program. Stated he said they have been more than helpful. Stated the ID Network will teach them how to customize the system. Stated his contact has done it a few times and indicated it is not difficult. Chief Edwards has had the system for a little over a month in Columbia, and he indicated there is a little bit of a training curve with the officers. Stated he spoke with some officers in Columbia who indicated they really like the program. Chief Edwards indicated the service from the company is outstanding. Stated he contacted a list of references through e-mail, and every one said the same thing. Stated Munblin indicated they had a hard drive go bad, and the company replaced it at no cost. Stated one thing that caught his attention was that their maintenance fees are about $3,500 per year which would be an ongoing cost. Stated Identix system is $2,400 per year. Stated the difference is that Identix does not offer a booking system. He asked if they could get Maryville one, and was told it would cost approximately another $20,000. Stated if Maryville would go with Identix, the cost would be at least $40,000. Stated Identix is the company that has been doing Livescan the longest, but over the last three years over thirty departments in Illinois are going with ID Network. Stated he was also told by Munblin that he heard Identix was trying to buy the booking program from ID Network. Stated it seems ID Network would fulfill a lot of needs for Maryville, even though it is the higher priced system. Stated part of what Chief Edwards did in Columbia, and what Maryville's proposal will be, is that it will include the second year of maintenance, so we would only be paying 25% of the maintenance fee the second year. Offered to go through the screens on PowerPoint to demonstrate the system further.
8:17:18 PM Bell Stated the proposal looks like software for which they provide a monitor, printer, and a cabinet. Asked if it is its own PC. Schardan answered yes. Asked if this system will be used with the existing server, or will they receive a second server to which they can map the PCs.
8:17:54 PM Schardan Answered his understanding was that it could be done either way. Stated the 300 gb drive is an option that he had added to the proposed price. Stated he asked Edwards how long the drive would last as far as memory, and he said approximately forty years. Edwards indicated they do about 300 fingerprint cards per year. Maryville submitted 119 last year.
8:19:06 PM Bell Stated that these types of programs have client licenses needed for each PC. Suggested Schardan ask the question about what other kind of licensing is needed. Stated it is preferable to work only from one system versus collecting data from ten different PCs and making sure it gets posted back to the system.
8:19:52 PM Gulledge Stated he thought he asked the individual from Granite City and he said they do everything from one computer, but it has a printer.
8:19:59 PM Schardan Stated Granite City has a separate deal than what is proposed here. Stated they work with Sleuth, which is their record management system, and then they purchased the Identix machine, which only takes the finger print. It does not take the pictures, etc. Stated it will maintain 999 fingerprints on the machine and then they purge. Stated what he is trying to accomplish is to maintain a booking system that will have all the records in them and should have enough space that should last a long time.
8:20:40 PM Bell Explained a situation whereby one person is editing John Doe's information, and someone else is editing it at a different machine. Stated some of these systems will make a copy on the second machine, and the user is required to do things to make sure it is posted back to the master database.
8:21:09 PM Schardan Answered there will be administrative levels so others can't change the records once they are saved. Stated users will need certain levels to access certain things.
8:22:06 PM Callahan Stated the cost would be the same for any municipality, which means it is based on usage, and obviously Maryville does not have as much usage as larger municipalities. Asked if there is any provisions for communities sharing the system since it seems to have infinite capacity. Asked if they could potentially go to another community and ask if they would be interested in "going in on it".
8:22:51 PM Bell Stated the hardware could be used that way, but an actual machine that reads the fingerprints would need to be installed at both locations.
8:23:16 PM Schardan Stated that with ID Network the cost for adding booking software has gone up from $3,000 that Chief Edwards paid in May to $5,000 now, but when Schardan talked to the company they lowered the cost by $2,000 for Maryville. Discussion followed regarding the logistics for location of machines.
8:24:35 PM Schardan Stated there is one more option that can be added, which Columbia overlooked and did not get, which is a Driver's License scanner, which is only an additional $495. Stated Munblin has it and it works pretty well; it reads the Driver's License and fills in the fields for the user. It also takes a picture of the License so you have the license photo to attach to the file. It will also crop the picture from the driver's license and add it to the file. Stated it speeds up the process for the officer.
8:25:18 PM Garcia Asked if the information added to the computer goes out to other departments or will it be kept in Maryville.
8:25:27 PM Schardan Answered this will be for Maryville's department. Stated the State is working on the I-Clear system, which will allow all departments to view each other's records.
8:25:57 PM Schmidt Asked if the County uses this program.
8:25:58 PM Schardan Answered the County has had the system for quite a while.
8:26:31 PM Schmidt Asked if the department fingerprints everyone they arrest.
8:26:39 PM Schardan Answered it depends on charges. Stated sometimes individuals are transferred straight to County.
8:27:03 PM Schmidt Asked currently, when someone is fingerprinted in Maryville, if they get transferred do the cards stay in Maryville's records.
8:27:17 PM Schardan Answered they have a set they keep in Maryville. Stated some officers will do an extra set, and some will only do the set for the State and send it in. Stated the proposed system will eliminate this problem, as a record of every arrest will stay in Maryville. Stated in the long run it will be the best thing for record keeping, especially as Maryville grows.
8:28:23 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan to clarify that the system he prefers costs $34,200, and the government will pay 75% of that, for a total cost to the Village of $8,550. Schardan answered that was correct. Bell commented about the $3,500 per year maintenance agreement after the second year.
8:28:45 PM Garcia Stated it seems like a lot of information that can be entered. Asked if the officers are actually going to sit and type it all in.
8:28:58 PM Bell Commented that there will probably be many records that only contain half of the information because they might not have the medical record or vehicle records, etc. Asked if there was a sample of the prints. Schardan answered no.
8:29:21 PM Garcia Asked if it must be used for criminals. Asked if it could be used to keep records of children for purposes of missing children cases, etc. Schardan answered yes.
8:29:51 PM Gulledge Stated in his conversations with Granite City, he was told it is an effective tool for school districts to run background checks on new hires.
8:30:07 PM Schardan Stated they mentioned in Granite and Columbia that the State has the department open an account of $1,000 so that if they send any applicants for jobs through there they deduct the cost from that $1,000 and when it starts getting low they let the department know and they deposit it in again.
8:30:57 PM Bell Asked if the $3,500 maintenance fee covers bulbs for the scanners, etc.
8:31:02 PM Schardan Answered his understanding from Munblin he had a scanner bulb go out and they came and changed it with no problem.
8:31:14 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan exactly what he is asking for.
8:31:54 PM Schardan Answered that he still needs to finish up tomorrow to make sure. Stated he has the numbers from ID Network, but he tried calling the Justice Authority to clear it with them as far as if they will allow all the options he wants. Stated this proposal is the top end of what he would like. Stated if it was something that could be approved not to exceed $10,000 for example, then he would know for sure he would have enough to cover this proposal. Stated he doesn't see why they wouldn't approve this, because Columbia got theirs through the same grant earlier in the year, so he suspects that it will be approved.
8:32:03 PM Gulledge Asked the Board if they approve of Chief moving forward. Limberg and Schmidt agreed. Bell asked if it was in the budget. Schardan answered it will be billed through the equipment, as they were planning for the 911 stuff that has not developed, so there was money from there that would cover it. Bell agreed with moving forward. Callahan, and Garcia also agreed. Gulledge stated they will need to get the information as soon as possible to put on the Agenda for next week and as soon as a decision is made make sure they get it to the Board so they have a chance to look over it next Tuesday.
8:32:40 PM Schmidt Asked how many files the system will hold.
8:32:46 PM Schardan Answered the material indicated 80,000.
8:32:52 PM Bell Asked if that was 80,000 different prisoners, or 80,000 files. Schardan answered the information said "files". Bell stated each prisoner probably constituted a file, although it may depend on how much information is included on each individual.
8:33:23 PM Schardan Added that part of the service is to install a piece of plywood over the scales, as they don't them used behind people in mug shots anymore. Stated the paint had to be a certain percentage of gray, which they supply. Stated he wanted to mention the camera has a zoom so you can take multiple pictures for the file. Stated, for example, if the individual has a tattoo it can be photographed, etc. Stated the camera is controlled from the computer, which is easier for the officer.
8:34:17 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates.
8:34:24 PM Bell Suggested they skip them for this week, as he does not have his lap top.
8:34:29 PM Gulledge Went to To Do List, page 1.
8:34:47 PM Schmidt Asked if a meeting has been scheduled with CARD.
8:34:55 PM Gulledge Answered no, he sent them a letter and told them to contact him for a meeting and he has not heard from them.
8:35:13 PM Callahan Take off GASB 34.
8:35:33 PM Schmidt Asked if the repair of the water tower was included on the list.
8:35:39 PM Gulledge Answered he did not put it on because it was just a one day job. Schmidt said he didn't know if it had been started. Gulledge stated it is finished.
8:36:00 PM Gulledge Went to page 2. Stated the people from the State Correctional Facility have been working at the water tower and clearing the fence. Stated they are doing a good job. Stated Presson thinks that next week they will have the majority of the new fence up.
8:36:53 PM Schmidt Asked about the fishing dock and whether they will wait until spring.
8:36:59 PM Gulledge Said they will be working on it this fall because it needs to be done by the spring due to the conditions of the grant.
8:37:17 PM Schmidt Asked why it was not made a floating dock.
8:37:21 PM Bell Answered the water is only a foot deep at that point in the lake.
8:37:25 PM Gulledge Stated it was a matter of safety.
8:37:49 PM Callahan Asked about the Bauer Lane sewers.
8:37:51 PM Gulledge Answered the last day to file was Monday. Said to their knowledge no additional names were filed. Said attorney is looking at the petition. Said he thinks within another week attorney will make a recommendation on where he thinks they should go from there.
8:38:25 PM Gulledge Went to page 3.
8:38:42 PM Bell Asked if there was anything done about the illegal radio tower.
8:39:03 PM Gulledge Stated the item is not listed because it is a legal matter. Stated a letter has been sent by the attorney to the property owner, giving him a certain period of time to remove the tower. Went to page 4. There were no comments. Asked for trustee comments. Neither Limberg nor Schmidt had any.
8:39:37 PM Bell Commented his lap top is up and running now. Stated he will need approximately two to three weeks to recover data.
8:39:59 PM Callahan Reminded all that there is an Economic Development Committee meeting scheduled for Monday at 7:00 pm. Stated they will discuss development of an ordinance regarding outdoor display of merchandise. Stated they would welcome any input. Gulledge commented Steve Howe had some information to share. Stated they would be discussing ideas for controlling the problem, whether by regulation or money, i.e., making permits too expensive to be cost effective for the merchant.
8:40:38 PM Schmidt Stated Ed Votoupal e-mailed him regarding additional information on parcels on the Village's property for sale. Stated he will have an update regarding this issue at the meeting.
8:41:03 PM Gulledge Asked for comments from Kostyshock and Garcia. They had none. Commented that Tuesday, November 15 the last disaster preparedness meeting is scheduled from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Stated it is interesting and invited anyone to attend. Commented the Village has a disaster recovery plan already in place, but the purpose of this meeting is to develop a more comprehensive plan for the Village in order for the Police and Fire Departments to be able to apply for Homeland Security Grants. Commented that Chiefs Schardan and Flaugher attended an Incident Command training class. Stated it was recommended that Presson attend as well, and they are working on getting him into a class. Commented there is special Firefighters Pension Board meeting at the firehouse on November 23rd at 7:15 a.m. Commented there is a Public Works meeting scheduled the same day at 9:00 a.m.
8:43:24 PM Schmidt Commented he thinks another brush drop off should be scheduled. Stated he thinks it is necessary due to the new burning restrictions of the Village.
8:43:52 PM Gulledge With nothing further to come before the Board, called for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Limberg and seconded by Garcia. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
8:44:16 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville