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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date1/25/2006 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:20 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, January 25, 2006 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Police Chief Schardan, Public Service Officer Jones, Park Committee President Roger Shoup, three (3) citizens and four (4) reporters.  Attorney Wigginton arrived later.
6:31:16 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the January 11th Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Garcia and seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:57 PM Gulledge Explained he received a telephone call from Attorney Wigginton saying he will arrive soon; he was detained due to car trouble. He said for this reason, they will skip down the Agenda, and went to Park Committee items.
6:32:43 PM Bell Started with Item #8, Park Calendar of Events for 2006. He referred to the attachment to the Recommendations Memorandum. Gave the dates and names of events. He stated there is not much difference from last year with the exception of trying a couple of movies this year, in place of a couple of the concerts in the June/July timeframe.
6:34:13 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions and commented that the movie events were a good idea by the Committee, as in the past those two months were so hot that the concerts were not well attended. He explained the movie events will be held later in the evening next to the demonstration library and Public Works building near the park.
6:34:41 PM Garcia Asked if they would be showing movies actually on the building.
6:34:43 PM Gulledge Answered yes; they tested it and it turned out well. He said they used equipment from Edwardsville High School
6:34:53 PM Bell Explained they used the High School's video equipment, along with the Village's audio equipment that was purchased last year and it turned out very nice. He said it sounded good and the picture was good, although there are ridges in the building, but if you sat back at the right distance you couldn't really tell. He commented that at this point they do not plan on investing in a screen, but will try a couple this year and see how they go. Gulledge commented if they are well attended they might look into purchasing a screen. Bell asked if Brussatti was in attendance. Gulledge commented that Brussatti has already checked and reserved all the dates. Bell commented that Clerk Bailey needs to list all of the dates on the website. Gulledge indicated they will wait until next week after the calendar is approved at the Board meeting.
6:36:02 PM Garcia Commented that she thinks the movie idea is a good one, but wanted to ask if they would have some type of mosquito spray for the event.
6:36:13 PM Gulledge Answered that they will tell the public to bring their own repellent, but they will probably have a few extra cans around to pass back and forth.
6:36:33 PM Bell Went to Item #1 on Park Recommendations (Item #10 on the Caucus Agenda): Purchase of Fish to Stock Drost Lake. He said the Park Committee is recommending the purchase of catfish for the lake. He said the study that was done a while back has shown the lake is in good shape, but that they are somewhat short on small catfish. He said they would like to purchase 100 of each of the sizes listed: four-to-six inch; six-to-eight inch; eight-to-ten inch. He said, according to his calculations, the total cost will be $220.
6:37:04 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
6:37:37 PM Gulledge Commented that he spoke with Shoup, and they had discussed taking full advantage of the $15,000 in the PEP Grant. He said using the grant money on the fish would be a good idea, because they are only required to obtain that one bid because it comes from the County.
6:38:07 PM Bell Answered that was fine, but what if they decide the price is right on the pavilions and to go with two of them.
6:38:16 PM Gulledge Commented they will come back to that item, but he is saying they are going to buy fish so maybe they should wait and see how the Board does the pavilions.
6:38:26 PM Bell Asked about the deadline for ordering the fish. Shoup answered they can be ordered in March and picked up in April, so there is time. Bell asked if this means they will hold off on the decision.
6:38:43 PM Gulledge Answered yes, so they can see how it goes with the PEP grant.
6:38:46 PM Bell Commented that at current cost, there will not be money left in the PEP grant for fish.
6:38:51 PM Gulledge Answered he thinks there might be. He said if there isn't he thinks they will find the money. Commented even if the decision is not made tonight but in two weeks, they still have time to get the fish.
6:39:00 PM Kostyshock Asked if they will post signs on the size limits on fish at the lake.
6:39:08 PM Bell Answered that issue has been briefly discussed at Park meetings, but they have never come up with any sizes other than what the State may suggest. Commented they do need to look into getting some signs.
6:39:27 PM Gulledge Commented he believed two meetings ago someone was assigned to call the Conservation Department and get a sample of what they do at other lakes for the Board to review. He said he agrees with Kostyshock that it needs to be posted, because there are people fishing that will take anything they catch. He commented he wasn't sure who would enforce the rules, but if there is an officer or someone around noticing people taking "snackers" out, they can stop them. He invited Shoup to address the floor.
6:40:05 PM Shoup Stated his name, and that he is the President of the Park Committee. He said he thinks that Conservation suggested if they want to establish fishing requirements other than what the State posts, it has to be done by Village ordinance and then can be enforced by Village officials. He said otherwise, they need to leave it to having a Conservation Officer come by and try to enforce State law. He commented they do need to address the issue so as to improve the fishing stock.
6:40:57 PM Bell Commented they will take that up at the next Park Meeting. He commented that if they want the Village to pass an ordinance, they need to come up with some recommendations on what the sizes should be. He went to Item #2 of the Park Recommendations: To use some of the aggregate to raise the walking/jogging path from the east side through the low area by the little gazebo to prevent standing water. He said he talked to Public Works Director Presson about this issue after the Park meeting, and Presson has it in the plans to fix that drainage problem on the east side of the walking path this spring or summer. He said the Park Committee is asking if there is anything that can be done temporarily to raise that up without causing a worse problem than there is currently.
6:41:59 PM Gulledge Commented Presson has already been out there and will spread the rest of the aggregate that is out there, as suggested.
6:42:40 PM Bell Went to Agenda Item #9, 2006 PEP Grant. Stated they will be applying for this grant, which is $15,000.00, and the Park Committee wants to put a pavilion (or two, depending on price) out by the playground for a shaded area for parents to sit under while children are playing. He commented that Shoup got several bids, and the one that they liked the best was "Litchfield", of which Hutchison is the distributor in this area. He showed the designs via PowerPoint. He commented they were looking at a design that included hand railing on four of the six sides. Garcia asked where the pavilions would be located. Bell answered if they only build one, it will be somewhere between the two playgrounds on the south side between the playgrounds and the crossover on the walking trail. He commented if they can get two, they might situate them in line with the two playgrounds, so there would be one for each playground. He discussed the bid was $6,567 without the hand railing. He deferred to Shoup regarding pricing for the handrails, who stated they were $357 each. Bell commented that with the handrails, the cost would be approximately $8,000 per pavilion, which does not leave funds in the grant for fish or concrete. He commented, due to cost, they might be looking at one nicer pavilion versus two.
6:46:15 PM Shoup Broke the bid out by specifics, stating the extra prices for a cupola at $888; handrail $357 per section; overhead lattice $1,479.
6:46:38 PM Gulledge Commented by his calculations it would be $13,134 for two pavilions. He asked about the cost of the handrails.
6:46:47 PM Shoup Answered it would be $357 per section, so four sections for each pavilion would be an additional $1,428 for each pavilion.
6:47:01 PM Bell Commented they also figured approximately $2,500 for concrete. Commented on the materials for the pavilions.
6:47:42 PM Shoup Commented they are steel poles, powder coated and essentially maintenance-free.
6:47:50 PM Bell Commented that the next step is to finalize the application for the PEP Grant. He said they will at least get one, but if they think they can swing two, they will try.
6:48:14 PM Gulledge Commented that the cost is $13,134 for two pavilions, without hand railings. He said he thinks $2,500 might be a high estimate for concrete. His suggestion is that they could build the two pavilions without the handrails right now, and go back and add them at a later date. He commented he wants to use the entire grant, versus giving anything back to the County. He commented that it has to be turned in by Friday, February 3rd, so whatever is decided tonight must be approved in the Board minutes next Wednesday, put together Thursday, and be ready for a meeting at 8:15 a.m. on Friday, February 3rd at the County Building. Asked the Board's opinion
6:49:12 PM Bell Asked if they could turn in the application just for the pavilions themselves, and then finance the concrete, etc.
6:49:19 PM Gulledge Answered yes, they can do it any way they want. He said the grant will give them $15,000 as long as they can show bids, and they will let you add things at a later date, but that is the maximum that can be received. He explained the procedure was to obtain bids, which has been done, and now they will need to be more explicit by next week with exactly how much concrete, etc. He asked the Board's opinion.
6:50:15 PM Kostyshock Commented he would like to see two pavilions built.
6:50:16 PM Gulledge Commented that they can purchase two, and it could then be up to the Board the exact location to put them. He commented the focus now should be making the decision on what they use to go for the grant.
6:50:36 PM Bell Commented they could go with only three sides for the handrails. Gulledge answered they will then be over the $15,000, and someone will have to make up the difference.
6:51:11 PM Shoup Commented his opinion that it boils down to having one very nice pavilion, or two serviceable pavilions. He said the Park Committee is willing to go either way, because there are plenty of places out there to place structures that would benefit the park.
6:51:26 PM Garcia Asked how much more money the Village would have to add to build two with handrails.
6:51:28 PM Bell Answered the Village would have to pay approximately $1,000, plus concrete costs, for a total of approximately $3,000.
6:51:33 PM Garcia Commented that is worth it to get the $15,000.
6:51:47 PM Gulledge Asked Bell's suggestion. Bell stated it would be to turn in the bid for two pavilions with handrails for the application, which will be slightly over $15,000. Gulledge polled the Board on their opinions. All were in agreement to go forward. Gulledge commented that if there is anything left over, although he wasn't sure there would be, they will try to make it up in fish. He asked if there were any other items relating to Parks.
6:53:22 PM Shoup Stated he has some signs advertising the demonstration library is up and running, and encouraging people to stop by. He invited any Board members or citizens to put them up in their yards.
6:53:45 PM Gulledge Thanked Shoup for his attendance and input. He went back to the Meeting Agenda, and invited Chief Schardan to address the floor regarding Item #5, Declare 2000 Ford and 1985 Cadillac as Surplus Property.
6:54:03 PM Schardan Commented, as stated in his memorandum to Trustee Limberg, the 2000 Ford used to be a squad car which Sergeant Howe used, and was converted to a detective car for a short time until they got the forfeited vehicle. He explained the 1985 Cadillac was forfeited on a criminal charge where an individual was caught burglarizing vehicles. He stated they really don't have a use for either vehicle, so he is requesting they be declared as surplus, put them out for bid and see what they can get for them.
6:54:56 PM Limberg Asked Attorney Wigginton to prepare an ordinance or resolution declaring the vehicles as surplus property, and asked about the timing for putting them out for bid. He said they thought it would be about two weeks. He said they would like a minimum bid, especially on the Cadillac.
6:55:19 PM Gulledge Commented he thought the procedure was to include a disclaimer that the Village reserves the right to reject anyone's bid, and they will decide as a group if they want to accept them. He asked the Board if they were okay with the decision to declare the vehicles as surplus and put them out for bid. Callahan asked if it was standard that the Village is responsible for storage fees. He was told yes, as it is the Village's property. Callahan stated he was okay with the decision, as did the rest of the Board.
6:56:47 PM Limberg Discussed the memorandum from Jones regarding the possibility of a Tow Agreement with regard to towing. He said they really have had no problem with any of the people that do the towing, but it would be nice to have something in writing stating expectations as far as when officers are involved in accident situations and someone needs to call for a tow. He said sometimes there is a misunderstanding from the people who provide that service as to who is called first, second, third, etc. He said in the past they have rotated the calls. He said he thinks they have worked well with the people who provide towing services in emergency situations. He said he thinks Jones did a really good job in explaining what the Village expects from that company and what they should expect from the Village. He said he thinks it is a good idea.
6:58:30 PM Gulledge Commented that this is fashioned after the State Police. Schardan added that Jones also contacted Columbia, Granite City, and other communities that already had such agreements in place and developed it from those samples. Gulledge commented he concurs with Limberg that there have been no problems, but as the Village grows, he wants to avoid problems in the future.
6:59:59 PM Limberg Commented another goal is to make sure the companies provide proper proof of insurance.
7:00:26 PM Callahan Asked if there is anything different in this agreement than the current procedure.
7:00:46 PM Schardan Answered an agreement has never really been written up. He commented that Sonnenberg had started to work on it, and when Schardan took over he started to look into it but never had the time to follow up, so he asked Jones to take it over.
7:00:51 PM Callahan Commented his understanding in reading it that they did not require the business to be located in Maryville. Schardan answered he did not believe that was included.
7:01:01 PM Gulledge Commented that he has the authority to include the businesses on the list, and he has no plan of changing what is currently in place. He stated there is one gentlemen that lives in town and has a place where he can tow the vehicles, so he is eligible to be on that list.
7:01:23 PM Callahan Stated in the past they have had people wanting only Maryville businesses included on the tow list. He said they never made it a rule, and he wanted to make sure they were not doing so now.
7:01:37 PM Schardan Stated they had discussed that, and the issue came up of what happens in the future if a couple of the businesses that are in Maryville now decide they will no longer tow.
7:01:48 PM Gulledge Reiterated they don't plan on changing anything, they just want to make sure that if someone else comes in and wants to be put on the list, they know what is required.
7:02:01 PM Bell Asked, regarding rotation, how often do they have a company that does not respond to a tow call. Schardan answered it is very seldom. Bell asked if they miss it because they don't answer, do they just go to the next name on the rotation, and the first company gets called the next time.
7:02:24 PM Gulledge Commented that is correct, but it also involves good common sense, as if it is an emergency situation and they need to get a road open, they don't want to have to wait for a business when another is closer and/or available more quickly.
7:03:03 PM Schardan Commented there is also the issue of what business has the appropriate equipment, i.e., some don't have a flat-bed, so if one is needed they can't call that company. He said part of the application is for the business to list what equipment they have.
7:03:28 PM Schmidt Asked if B&K was storing vehicles on Schiber Court. Gulledge answered he didn't know if he was, but he owns the old Peyla shop right across from Alfonzo's. Commented on the issue of a business being called to Maryville, and the vehicle ends up stored in Collinsville, he wouldn't like to see Maryville people spending time trying to get abandoned vehicles released out of Collinsville.
7:04:07 PM Gulledge Commented he has not talked to Bud in a few weeks, but he knows that one of the reasons he purchased that property was so that he would have a storage area in Maryville. Callahan commented there is nothing included in the ordinance about required storage in Maryville. Gulledge commented that sometimes people request their vehicles be towed somewhere else. With no other questions, he asked Attorney to prepare the resolution. He went on to the next item, Purchase of New Citation Forms.
7:05:27 PM Jones Stated the current ordinance citation is out of date, most importantly in the fees portion at the bottom where there is only space for a $50 fee, whereas the Village currently has fees in denominations of $50 and $75. He said in speaking with the Chief, he wanted to get a citation that would also be useful to the police officers as a non-traffic form. He said they decided to incorporate everything into one form to 1) save money and 2) so the police officers don't have three or four different ticket books in their car. He stated it incorporates the ordinance citation for use as a warning or a non-traffic violation being a criminal charge for ordinance or state.
7:06:37 PM Gulledge Asked Jones if he was recommending using Kwik Kopy. Jones said he was, as that was the lowest of three bids. He offered a sample form from the company for the Board's review. Gulledge asked how many books would be included in the bid of 2,500 citations. Jones answered it depends on how many they want in each book, which can range anywhere from 50 to 60 in a book. Gulledge commented the lowest bid was $780.28. Gulledge asked the Trustees if they were okay with this. All were in agreement.
7:08:26 PM Schmidt Asked if someone violated one of the ordinances and was cited using this paperwork, is the Village Attorney required to prosecute or represent the Village.
7:08:31 PM Wigginton Answered as long as it is not issued as a State ticket, he would handle it. He said if it is issued as a State ticket, it would go to the State's Attorney's Office. He stated that has always been the case, as per Village Ordinance.
7:08:55 PM Bell Asked if the ordinance section had been updated. Jones answered he took the number from the internet.
7:09:06 PM Gulledge Polled the Trustees as to their agreement with the citations. All were in agreement.
7:09:07 PM Callahan Stated there are eleven different violations listed and nine are obviously related to everyday goings on in the city but why are the alcohol related citations included.
7:09:27 PM Jones Answered they also wanted to incorporate the citations so police officers can use it. He said he obtained feedback from the officers regarding which were most commonly used by them, and those were what was communicated to him.
7:09:40 PM Callahan Asked if this means this citation carries the same weight as a police ticket.
7:09:46 PM Schardan Answered there will be no difference which ticket is used.
7:09:56 PM Jones Explained this form enables a simple check of a box, versus the old form where the violation had to be hand-written out.
7:10:23 PM Wigginton Asked Schardan if this was basically for non-traffic ordinance violations. Schardan answered that was correct. Attorney commented they will continue to use their tickets for all moving violations and DUIs, etc. Chief answered that was correct.
7:11:02 PM Gulledge Thanked Chief and Jones for their input and indicated the issue will be added to the Board Meeting agenda for next week. Asked if anyone had any questions for the Chief.
7:11:14 PM Bell Commented that he and Chief are taking care of the eight (8) laptops, the server, the GIS drives, and purchase of an external CD drive that can be used with the laptops.
7:12:01 PM Schmidt Commented he had a discussion with Chief and Jones about the availability of one of the lap tops for use by Jones. He said he was not sure if a resolution had come of the discussion.
7:12:19 PM Schardan Commented that it would depend on what Jones' use would be. He said the grant for the computers was for police officers to have them in case of a disaster, emergency, terrorism, etc. He does not think it would be right for Jones to keep his records, etc. as far a license plates.
7:12:42 PM Schmidt Commented they discussed not making any entries as to violations but as far as using it to store leads or entering license numbers and things like that.
7:12:55 PM Schardan Answered he is certified as a dispatcher to do that, so he could use it as such.
7:13:02 PM Schmidt Commented his idea was for him to use it out in the field, not for him to enter anything as far as ordinances or violations, just using it as another means of finding out information on vehicles and property.
7:13:18 PM Schardan Commented that Jones' car does not have a docking station, etc.
7:13:26 PM Bell Commented that they have a way to go before they go to a complete wireless system in cars, although that is where they are headed.
7:13:44 PM Schmidt Commented that Schardan said the vests are in.
7:13:50 PM Schardan Commented that everyone has one except Bob. He said he applied to the grant a few days ago to get that portion of the money back. He said he thought it showed there was $1,700 left in the grant, and the cost came to $2,400 that they were eligible for. He said, as discussed before, there was $700 that they might have received by waiting, but the decision was made not to wait.
7:14:27 PM Gulledge Thanked Schardan for his input and went to next Agenda Item, Road Impact Fees Discussion. Stated they have had several meetings with the Public Works group trying to work on the issue. He said the project is pretty involved and needs to be executed exactly. Stated he asked Attorney to explain where they are with this project with regard to Road Impact Fees for East Main, Lakeview Acres and Pleasant Ridge Road.
7:15:13 PM Wigginton Stated, as the Board knows, they have been studying this issue since the beginning of 2005. He said the Board authorized a traffic study be commissioned and retained Crawford Buente and Braemeier traffic engineers to conduct that study. He said they worked closely with Juneau Associates who also was commissioned to conduct a study relating to future growth patterns in these areas. He said those developments of proposed fees were discussed with the Board throughout August, September and October. He said in October, the Board agreed upon the final option and authorized the Village to move forward with Option B. He said he worked with CBB and Juneau and prepared an ordinance establishing a road improvement fee. He said it is quite a comprehensive ordinance, based on an existing State Statute and an ordinance that was prepared by the County Dupage that went to the Illinois Supreme Court. He said they have had lengthy discussions about that particular ordinance. He said that ordinance is based upon State Statute that is applicable to counties over 400,000 and all home-rule municipalities. He stated Maryville is not a home-rule municipality. He stated there has been legislation introduced in the past to amend that statute to allow Villages like Maryville to adopt a comprehensive road impact fee ordinance. He stated they have been in contact with local Legislators to renew that amendment; he has talked with a legislative liaison from Representative Hoffman's office to see that it moves forward. He said in the meantime, the Village administration agreed, in consultation with CBB and Juneau Associates, to handle the situation in the interim as follows: For developments that are not in the Village, they will negotiate these fees based upon annexation agreements, which they have the right to do. He said for developments that are inside the corporate limits, they will negotiate these fees based upon development agreements, which they have the right to do. He said until legislation is passed that provides for a comprehensive ordinance, that is how they intend to handle it. He said the fees that this Board studied carefully that were approved by the Board on October 12, 2005, will be the fees with which they go forward. He said these will be the minimum fees for these agreements; those fees are based upon both engineering and traffic pattern studies, and they think they are collect-defensible. He concluded that is where they are with the project. He said the thick ordinance that he distributed to each Trustee in November can be put aside for now until the legislation is in place to allow the Village to adopt it. He asked for any questions.
7:19:18 PM Callahan Asked if he understood correctly that fees would be negotiated depending on whether they are in or out of the Village.
7:19:27 PM Wigginton Answered the fees are established, and they will determine the conditions of a development agreement depending upon whether they are in or outside the Village. He said, for example, in an annexation agreement when someone is proposing a development that is outside the corporate limits, they have no obligation to even entertain that request; they do so at their discretion. He said the Illinois Legislature has given municipalities the sole discretion to determine how large or small they want to be. He said that for people that want to come to Maryville, they will do it through annexation agreements, which he had already recommended they do and have done. He said for those tracts of land that are within the Village that may be subject to future development, they will do it on the development agreements, which they have done in the past and will do in the future, they just never included a road improvement fee because they never had the study to back up the numbers.
7:20:34 PM Callahan Asked whether the decision to use Option A, B, or C was a Caucus vote.
7:20:46 PM Wigginton Answered it was not a vote, but directions to Wigginton were to move forward with B at the Caucus of October 12, 2005, according to the minutes.
7:21:03 PM Gulledge Stated, to answer Callahan's questions, they have not approved the number at a formal Board Meeting, but what Wigginton is explaining is that anyone that is currently in the city limits that wants to develop in that general map area of Lakeview Acres, East Main or Pleasant Ridge, they are going to set up the developmental agreement for inside based on that number of $2,500 per lot. He said anything that is outside the Village in that general territory that was detailed in the maps, will be done with an annexation agreement detailing $2,500.
7:21:48 PM Callahan Commented he does not see how that can happen, because it has never been voted on.
7:21:53 PM Wigginton Answered it will be voted on at the time of the annexation or development agreement, because that number may change; that number is the minimum number. He said, for example, if there is a high-impact use, they will have the civil engineers and traffic engineers look at that development and determine whether the figures should be higher. He reiterated that the Board will have the right to vote on each development as it comes in.
7:22:41 PM Callahan Commented they did not vote to establish the fees.
7:22:44 PM Wigginton Answered no, but the recommendation was to move forward on the basis of Option B.
7:22:48 PM Gulledge Commented they set the ordinance up on $2,500 per lot, and $100 increase each year.
7:22:54 PM Wigginton Answered the Schedule B that is supported by studies is what they used. He explained that each agreement that comes before the Board after public hearing will be voted on, and will need a super-majority vote to pass.
7:23:24 PM Callahan Commented that his concern is that Unit 10 School District can force Maryville to charge a fee without the Board vote on lots, developments and buildings.
7:23:50 PM Wigginton Answered they can come to the Board and ask them to impose one, but he does not believe they can force one.
7:24:02 PM Callahan Asked if there was any way they can say the Village has no choice.
7:24:07 PM Wigginton Answered he has never heard of that as an option.
7:24:09 PM Bell Commented that Unit 10 is a taxing body and can raise taxes themselves, they do not need to go through the Board.
7:24:26 PM Wigginton Commented there is a mechanism in place that allows the school district to go to the municipality to ask them to impose a fee or exaction to set aside a certain amount of land per development, but that has not happened and would need to come before the Board for a vote.
7:24:48 PM Callahan Stated the Maryville Library has a vote in March, and we want to have our own library, but he has been told and has seen it in print two or three times that if that vote would fail, the new Collinsville Library can take Maryville without a vote.
7:25:17 PM Wigginton Answered that is not correct. He said he specifically researched the issue after it came to light a month or so ago, and it is not correct. He said there are three different ways they could come; one involves an ordinance they pass but would require they give Maryville notice; people that will be in the annexed area would have the right to petition to have it placed on a referendum.
7:25:53 PM Callahan Asked if they would be voting by themselves or against the entire Collinsville District.
7:25:58 PM Wigginton Answered their vote would be stand-alone. He said they have to have 51% of those in the current district, and 51% of those in the territory they want annexed.
7:26:10 PM Callahan Stated when he heard that about the library, he assumed it could happen with the school too. He indicated he now understands it can't happen.
7:26:25 PM Gulledge Asked if there were further questions. There were none. He thanked Attorney for his input. Went to Calendar Updates.
7:26:56 PM Bell Commented there are no park events listed on the calendar yet. He displayed the Calendar via PowerPoint.
7:27:15 PM Gulledge Stated January 28th is the last sign-up date for Khoury League at the Senior Center from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. He stated the League requested a meeting with himself, Bell and Shoup sometime on Saturday; he asked Bell to get a time so he could call to set it up. With nothing further on January, went to February. Stated there is a Library Meeting on February 7th, and pointed out the Economic Development Committee, Park, and Planning Commission meetings.
7:27:49 PM Bell Stated, for the Board's information, Monday morning at 8:30 a.m., he and Shoup will be meeting to pick out the colors for the Firemen's Park Pavilion at Henderson in Edwardsville. He invited any other Trustees that wanted to attend.
7:28:41 PM Shoup Stated there is a Park Committee Meeting on February 20th. Gulledge answered it was listed.
7:28:59 PM Gulledge With nothing further for the calendar, went to To Do List, Page 1. There were no changes. Went to Page 2.
7:29:50 PM Callahan Asked if there was any more information on the Bauer Lane sewers.
7:29:55 PM Gulledge Answered they are going forward and looking at some facts and figures for the IEPA request for loan right now. He said he has had a few people call from that general area and are glad it is moving forward. He said there are a couple of residents close by that are interested in seeing if they can be included. He said he doesn't know how that works, and has some questions for Wigginton regarding the issue.
7:30:42 PM Bell Asked Presson the if extensions for the fishing dock were ordered. He was told yes but they were not in.
7:30:56 PM Gulledge Asked for other items on Page 2. There were none. Went to Page 3.
7:31:19 PM Callahan Commented that the water tower fence looks good.
7:31:23 PM Gulledge Stated they did a good job and, as he has said before, he wanted to complement Presson on his follow up on the area gained by the Village. Callahan asked if that entire area is the Village's. He was told yes. Gulledge commented they have a good drawing on record now. Went to Page 4. There were no comments. Confirmed with Schardan that the next evening there was a Police Pension Board meeting at 6:30 p.m. Went to Trustees comments.
7:32:33 PM Limberg Stated he spoke with Flaugher regarding problems filling shifts when full-time firemen call in sick. He said, in fact, Flaugher had to have one of the sick employees stand-by in case of emergencies that day. He said Flaugher would like to make a recommendation to hire another part-time employee, who is currently a volunteer, to be able to provide coverage for vacations and sick time. He said Flaugher would like the Board to add Joey Cruz to the part-time availability list and pay him the same amount as Darin Hartman, which is $15.00 per hour with no benefits.
7:34:04 PM Gulledge Stated he thinks it is a good move, and in fact had commented to Flaugher before that they ought to be considering it. He said it doesn't mean they will use him, but they have that possibility, if needed. He said Hartman would still be available, although he has obtained a different job and is not as available as he once was, so it would be great to have another person to fall back on. He asked the Trustees their opinion. All were in favor. Stated they will add the item to the Board Meeting agenda for next week.
7:34:49 PM Gulledge Asked Attorney if they could use any of the qualified firemen in an emergency situation if they are available.
7:35:23 PM Wigginton Answered as long as they are employees and are qualified they can use them.
7:35:30 PM Gulledge Commented to Limberg that it would be smart to get a list together of firemen and paramedics to give the Chief some flexibility. Limberg said he would get with Flaugher on the issue. He asked for comments from the other Trustees. There were none.
7:36:24 PM Gulledge Discussed a letter he received that day from Chris Jamruk, President of the Fire Pension Board, asking the Board to hire Fred Bathon as Treasurer. He explained that the Fire and Pension Board is totally different from the Police Pension, although he understands in April it will become almost exactly like the Police Pension Board; but in the meantime, he is a member of the Fire Pension Board, Wigginton is, as the Village Attorney, and Clerk Long is twice as the Clerk and the Treasurer. He said the Fire Pension Board, with no reflection on Clerk Long, would like to hire Fred Bathon as their Treasurer. He said he believes Bathon serves in the same capacity on the Police Pension Board. He said they need to do it as a formal Board action. He said the Fire and Pension Board will pay him out of their funds, but because of the way the State Statues are set up the Board has to approve this request. He said the recommendation was a unanimous Pension Board decision. He explained Bathon would be serving month-to-month, not under a contract. He asked if there were any questions. There were none. He polled the Board. All were in favor. He said the item will be placed on the Board Meeting agenda for next week.
7:38:37 PM Gulledge Stated he received a phone call from a member of The Friends of the Library, and they will be doing an informational mailing, which he has copied for the Board members. He said the grant for the demonstration library will pay for postage, but in order to save some money they have requested to use the Village's bulk-rate stamp. He said they checked and it is okay to do so and the Village will bill The Friends of the Library. He said he wanted to let the Board know, and stated he has no problem with it and if the Board is okay with it they will allow the committee to use the postage. The Trustees were all in favor.
7:39:47 PM Gulledge Commented on the beautiful job the Village has done with the Christmas decorations over the years. He said he would like to try something during the summer months with a July 4th theme. He showed a copy of an advertisement he saw, and said he discussed it with Garcia, who also likes it. Stated it is called a "Silhouette Americana Falling Star", and is red, white, and blue; and said he would like to purchase thirty (30) for display in the downtown area in-kind with the Maryville Homecoming starting at Firemen's Park and working back in both directions. He said they have the money in the Hotel Motel Fund. Discussion regarding this item and Christmas decorations ensued.
7:42:27 PM Schmidt Asked if he could change the subject while everyone reviewed the picture. He said he just got his issue of the Gazette yesterday, and asked when they went to the post office.
7:42:40 PM Gulledge Answered they went to the post office Monday, and explained that the printer that is normally used could not be reached and they eventually found out he is sick and in the hospital so they had to go to their back-up printer. He said this printer started on the project and the printer broke. He explained that is the reason the issue is so late.
7:43:21 PM Gulledge Went back to the issue of the decorations, and asked the Trustees opinions. All were in favor.
7:44:08 PM Gulledge With no other business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt, and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:44:37 PM
The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville