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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date2/22/2006 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:20 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, February 22, 2006 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Trustee Schmidt was absent due to illness; Trustee Limberg was absent as he was attending a funeral. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Attorney Wigginton, Public Works Director Presson, Public Service Officer Jones, Police Chief Schardan, Village Engineer Juneau, three (3) reporters and one (1) citizen.
6:31:16 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the February 8th Caucus meeting minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk.
6:31:29 PM Callahan Stated he was not present at that meeting, and asked if they decided they would bring up the issue of the Lions Club Collection from a different location, or was it ruled out completely.
6:31:49 PM Gulledge Answered it was decided by a majority of the Trustees that it is an unsafe situation. Stated he is going to try to talk to Don Shank, who sent the letter, to see if the Village can help with an alternate site.
6:31:57 PM Callahan Asked if anyone had suggested the intersection of Route 159 and West Main.
6:31:59 PM Gulledge Answered they talked about it, but he needs to speak with Shank first to see what their preference is.
6:32:04 PM Callahan Commented at least there the lights are sequential.
6:32:12 PM Bell Commented that the light sequence there is "messed up". Comments regarding the traffic light issue followed.
6:32:27 PM Gulledge Commented to Callahan that the Village has already tried to work out an alternate situation with the Club. He asked if there were any other questions. There were none. Asked for a motion to approve the minutes. Motion was made by Kostyshock and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:59 PM Gulledge Went to Agenda Item #1. He explained he was unsure if Trustee Limberg would make the meeting, as he was standing honor guard for Mr. Massander, who is a Legionnaire Member, and Limberg is the head of the Legion. He commented that Limberg indicated they should move ahead with the meeting. He also commented that Trustee Schmidt was ill but may try to attend the meeting, as the Allied Waste contract runs out on the 10th or 11th of March. He invited Chief Schardan to the floor to discuss Police Department matters.
6:34:07 PM Schardan Referred to the memorandum included in the Trustee packets requesting the hiring of an additional police officer. Stated it is noted in the memo that in June of 2001 there were eleven (11) officers listed on the roster sent to the training board. Stated the special census showed that the Village population has grown 27%, yet they remain at the same number of police officers. Stated the other issue is that as they are growing, the development at Stonebridge will bring the limits down to Route 157, the area to be covered is spreading out. Stated in addition, there is the development at Route 162 and the Cambridge House assisted living center. Stated for these reasons, he would like to get another officer on board. Referred to the organizational chart he distributed, showing the structure of the department if they hire an additional officer. Explained it will give them five officers scheduled every day. Stated his plan would be to overlap the Sergeants, perhaps on a 3:00 p.m. to a 3:00 a.m. shift, so they would have contact with both shifts. He said it will also create more opportunities for night people to get training, as now it is a problem trying to get the night people off work because they are always short. Commented one day last week they had to work with only one officer on the street because a dispatcher called off. He said he's been doing his best, but he thinks the risk involved with part-time police officers is a risk they should not be taking any longer. Stated he feels once they have the additional fifth officer to be able to work every day, they probably would not have to use any part time police officers. Explained in order for an officer to carry a weapon on the street, he must complete the forty (40) hour mandatory firearms training. Stated the next class is March 15th. Stated the next Academy class in Belleville will be May 25th. Stated hiring on in the couple of months before the Academy training would be a tremendous asset to the individual to have the experience. Commented he discussed this issue with Luke Tillman, who stated he could tell a difference between the officers that had been on the street instead of just going straight into the Academy. Added he has noted the same from his own past experience as well. Stated that is the reason he is asking for the position at this time. Stated at this schedule, it would probably be December before they would be able to use this individual as a solo officer.
6:37:04 PM Gulledge Asked if the individual he has in mind is on the eligibility list and if all listed candidates need Academy training. Schardan answered there are two left on the list, and both need to attend the Academy. Gulledge invited questions for the Chief.
6:37:30 PM Kostyshock Asked how this will affect the overtime; will it eliminate it.
6:37:38 PM Schardan Answered he is sure it won't eliminate it, but what will happen is once there are five on a shift and they know, for example, someone will be on vacation, instead of having the Sergeant come in at 3:00 p.m., they will have him come in at 6:00 p.m. Stated this enables them to rotate personnel around more. Commented the possibility of someone calling in sick could present overtime, but for scheduling purposes in terms of scheduled time off, they should be able to schedule with five people to always have two people on duty. Stated this should reduce overtime, although it won't eliminate it.
6:38:18 PM Bell Asked if he was reading the chart correctly that both sergeants are on the day shift.
6:38:25 PM Schardan Answered no, it is saying they supervise the day shift and the night shift. Stated the plan is to have them overlap shifts.
6:38:54 PM Gulledge Commented that he had a discussion with Limberg, and he knows that Limberg supports this issue. Stated he has not spoken with Schmidt, and does not know his opinion. Asked the Trustees present their opinions. All were in favor of hiring another officer. He told Schardan to move forward with the plan, and to be sure he fills out the employee request form. He asked if they would be ready to hire this individual at the Board meeting next Wednesday evening.
6:40:07 PM Schardan Answered all the Board has to do is give permission to the Police and Fire Board to hire the individual. Commented if they give them permission at the Board meeting next week, the Police and Fire Board will make the offer to the top individual on the list. Stated he can make appointments now for the polygraph, psychological, medical, etc. to get them lined up and done before the 13th, as that would be the actual hire date.
6:40:38 PM Gulledge Clarified that the Board is authorizing him to proceed with the plan, and they will put the item on the Agenda for the Board meeting next Wednesday to formally tell the Fire and Police Board to hire the next eligible candidate. Next, he invited Public Service Officer Jones to address the Board.
6:41:04 PM Jones Referred to the memorandum included in the Trustee packets regarding the concern of transporting animals in his vehicle for the animal control portion of his position. He stated it is a necessity for him to have a truck to use for this purpose. Stated he included in the memo the information on the dealership with which he has been working. Stated he has just gone through state bid for this truck, and Dodge has it for this year, which is the Dakota model. Stated the dealer, Todd Crews, has sold three trucks for this purpose. Stated at the time of his dealing, Crews was only able to give him one example to which he sold, which was Randolph County. Stated they have had it for some years and had no problems with it.
6:42:07 PM Garcia Asked if he needed a brand new truck. Gulledge commented he needs a truck. Garcia asked if he would have a car and a truck. Kostyshock answered no.
6:42:15 PM Gulledge Commented part of the issue is what to do with the car he currently uses.
6:42:22 PM Jones Commented that is actually the biggest concern, because the vehicle is in such good shape. Stated before he started looking for a truck, they had a meeting and discussed the fact that they did not want to get into a situation where they purchase a used truck and then have to put more money into it than what they pay for it.
6:42:42 PM Bell Commented at one time they looked into obtaining a truck. Stated at the time they were reviewing the issue, they were told that for this position a car was a necessity over a truck because he would have plans and papers that would need to be laid out and that a truck was not advisable. Stated that is why they have this car. Stated a car makes more sense for inspections, which is a bigger part of the job than animal control. Stated he is not against getting a truck, although he is not a proponent of Dodge/Chrysler products. Commented he did not know if they could do a state bid on something else.
6:43:58 PM Callahan Asked if the back doors move on the new quad-cab of the Dakota.
6:44:01 PM Jones Answered this particular vehicle is not the quad-cab, this is the club, which has four doors. Stated it is not the "full" four doors, as it is a half-cab with a boost seat, which is the portion he will use for storing equipment. More comments followed regarding the configuration of the cab and the accessories available on the truck.
6:45:29 PM Jones Stated there are three (3) packages: The first is the standard, which does not come with tilt-wheel or cruise-control. Stated, as he is a bigger person, he went to a dealership and sat in several models because he was concerned about the mid-size truck. Stated he has no problem fitting in the Dakota with the tilt-wheel. Stated the next package is the standard plus the tilt and cruise; the third package is the SLT which has power windows, etc. Stated the only reason he suggests going with that option is there is only a $200 difference between the second and third packages, and you get a lot more options for $200.
6:46:19 PM Kostyshock Asked about the trade-in value on the car of $5,800.00, as the car has 25,000 miles.
6:46:29 PM Jones Stated his opinion regarding the car is it is too good a vehicle to let go for that price.
6:46:36 PM Kostyshock Commented he was unsure if they could sell it outright. Gulledge answered yes, they could. Kostyshock commented he thought they could get more that way.
6:46:55 PM Bell Asked how many miles were on Flaugher's car.
6:46:57 PM Gulledge Answered he believes his is around 30,000. Stated he had thought about trading Flaugher's for Jones' car, but there would be cost involved to have Jones' car wired for the lights and radio. Commented that when they decided to purchase cars, they did not have a PSO officer. The previous employees did not deal with animals, as they had a separate individual for animal control. Stated they have now combined the job into one employee, and the PSO position has changed. Stated Jones is happy with the car, it is just that when they ask him to pick up an animal they have no way to transport it.
6:48:05 PM Bell Commented his concern is that Jones will need to lay out plans, etc., and maybe the club cab is not the right option; maybe he needs a bigger back cab to accommodate him.
6:48:26 PM Jones Commented, at this point, he does nothing with inspections; he is totally away from new construction. He stated the only time he gets involved with construction is when Flaugher is out of town and even at that all he does is make sure the property is kept clean, he has nothing to do with any other aspect of the inspections. Stated even the inspections when Flaugher is gone are dealt with through the Fire Department.
6:48:57 PM Gulledge Commented this is a good car; it is just that if they keep him in it, they need to figure out what they are going to do when the send him out on an animal control call.
6:49:19 PM Jones Commented there have been a lot more animal control calls since he has started working now that the residents know he is here. Stated most cases are that a dog is out of their yard. Stated he has only had one taken to the County so far. Stated if they want the animal control done, he believes it should be done right. Stated with the population growth, if they don't get a hold of the animal control situation, it can get out of hand very fast.
6:49:52 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees their opinion. Bell asked for clarification on the price of the vehicle. Gulledge commented it is the $16,630.00 figure. He clarified it would have an enclosure on the back. Jones answered yes, that is the $995 portion of the bill. Gulledge asked for comments.
6:50:15 PM Kostyshock Commented that figure was the full price, but they needed to take into consideration the trade in value. Commented his opinion that they should sell the car outright.
6:50:32 PM Gulledge Agreed with Kostyshock, commenting his opinion that the car is worth more than $5,800. Commented if they are going to do this, if they can't figure out something to use the car for, he would prefer to put it out for bid similar to the two police cars.
6:50:50 PM Kostyshock Asked, if they are not trading-in, would that affect the price they have quoted.
6:50:54 PM Jones Answered no.
6:51:05 PM Bell Asked the year of the Impala that the Mayor uses.
6:51:12 PM Gulledge Answered he didn't know. Commented they would not get much for the car, and there is nothing wrong with it. Stated he will do what the Board wants, but he is perfectly happy with the Impala. Commented the only problem is it is bad on gas mileage, but he likes the car and there is nothing wrong with it.
6:51:53 PM Jones Commented that was the other reason for the mid-size truck, as a six-cylinder will be better on gas mileage. More comments followed regarding the issue.
6:52:17 PM Bell Commented his opinion that it makes sense. Stated his opinion would be option #2 without trade-in. Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia all agreed.
6:52:56 PM Garcia Commented she is upset, as she was a proponent of buying a truck the first time, and now she feels like it is a waste of money. Comments followed regarding the issue.
6:53:17 PM Gulledge Stated they will put the purchase on the Agenda, and asked the Board to think about what they should do with the other car. Commented they should discuss that issue at the next Caucus.
6:53:33 PM Callahan Commented he wanted to thank Jones, as they picked up the derelict car across from his home today.
6:53:53 PM Gulledge Asked if anyone had questions for the Chief, as he needed to leave the meeting. No one did. He excused Chief from the meeting. Asked if anyone had any other questions for Jones. No one did. He excused Jones from the meeting.
6:54:47 PM Gulledge Went to Item 7, Subdivision Ordinance Amendment, and apologized that there was a misprint; he listed the item under Trustee Schmidt, but it should have been Kostyshock. Kostyshock asked Presson to the podium to speak about the issue.
6:55:30 PM Presson Commented Item 7 refers to recommendations that are going to the Planning Commission then to the Board for the Ordinances. Stated these are the lists they will have available for the water and sewer specifications. Stated they have included the lift station specs and requirements. Stated these are for the Trustees to review at their leisure.
6:55:56 PM Gulledge Explained that these will all come back to the Board; they are simply informing the Board that they are going forward with this and scheduling for next month's Planning Commission meeting. Stated they will have what is shown in water and what is shown in sewer, and will include additional information on lift stations. Stated the Board will see it again before it is approved because after they make a recommendation, the Board will hold a Public Hearing and bring it back for a vote.
6:56:22 PM Callahan Asked what is different on Page 1.
6:56:25 PM Presson Answered under General Requirements, there are a few things different: They upgraded some sizes of pipe with the ability for the Village to, at no cost to them, upgrade those pipes through subdivisions.
6:56:45 PM Callahan Asked if this means even if it only requires an 8", they can have them put in a 12".
6:56:48 PM Presson Answered that is determined on the size of the subdivision and the impact to the Village system.
6:56:55 PM Gulledge Commented they have it right now, but the Village has been paying the difference because the ordinance says 8". Stated Public Works and the Village Engineer have gone through the water system and come up with a plan that is available for anyone to come in and view. Stated they are not "picking on" any developers, but if something comes in that is really out of the ordinary, it will give the Village the freedom to work with that person on a developmental and annexation agreement to make sure the water system is right and the Village does not have to keep subsidizing it. Stated they will be doing basically the same thing with sewer and lift stations.
6:57:50 PM Juneau Commented the changes to the ordinance on water are the four paragraphs shown. Stated the changes to the sewer are also the four paragraphs shown, plus they will add another one that did not get included in the packet, but he can read it to them. Stated that is all the ordinance changes that will be made. Stated the volumes of specifications, design standards, materials, etc. that Presson wants to use will be separate and available to be picked up by developers or their engineers in their packets. Stated they will have to follow the design policies of the Public Works Department. Stated those can be changed as Presson, he or anyone else recommends changes to those policies be made and Presson will change them himself; he will not have to come back to the Board to change the design standards. Stated the ordinance is saying that the design standards established by the Public Works Department have to be followed.
6:59:09 PM Callahan Clarified that they will pre-determine what size water and sewer mains they need in certain areas.
6:59:16 PM Juneau Answered yes; that is an exhibit for which the ordinance calls to be on file in the Public Works Department with the City Clerk. Explained that the expectations will be on the master plan when the developer comes in to look at a set of plans.
6:59:34 PM Gulledge Explained once they do this, they will have the plans posted similar to the water and sewer maps right now; this will be a future-map.
6:59:54 PM Juneau Commented they talked about adding another paragraph that is not under sanitary sewers that sometimes improvements outside the subdivision are required to increase the size of the downstream lift station or sewer. Stated they will have the option, which will be built into another paragraph, that ". . . improvements to downstream sewage facilities including sewers and pump stations may be required to provide sufficient capacity to serve the increased tributary flow of a proposed sanitary sewer extension." Stated that would be as determined by the Public Works Department or Village Engineer. Stated the verbiage goes on to say the Village Board may require the individual or developer to pay the cost of those improvements to provide for the increased capacity. Explained that, depending upon what is coming in, they may want to pass on some of the cost to the developer.
7:00:57 PM Gulledge Commented they will review them and have them on file. Stated a copy of the last portion that Juneau just read will be provided to the Trustees. Stated they will go to next month's Planning Commission meeting and have a Public Hearing because it is an amendment to the subdivision code. Stated based on their recommendation they will come back to the Village Board for a Public Hearing and formal Board vote. Stated that will probably be some time in April. He asked for any questions on the issue.
7:01:33 PM Callahan Clarified that it is not just subdivisions. Juneau answered it applies to any type of development, including commercial.
7:01:54 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Went to Item #8, Drost Park Lift Station Bids. Stated they came in February 15th, and invited Juneau to present the recommendation.
7:02:18 PM Juneau Commented they received six bids, and hit the estimate very well. Stated it is their recommendation that the award be made to Plocher Construction Company.
7:02:37 PM Kostyshock Commented that Plocher came in under the engineer's estimate, so it was a good bid. Stated there were actually four (4) bids that were very close together.
7:02:53 PM Gulledge Commented that Juneau's estimate was $139,000, and the bid came in at $131,400. He asked the Trustees opinion on the recommendation to accept the bid from Plocher.
7:04:02 PM Bell Commented it was interesting how they were so far different on the sub items; one bidder was a lot more expensive on the electrical and another was expensive on the bulk structure. Stated he is fine with the recommendation.
7:04:09 PM Callahan Stated he is fine with it. Commented it is a shame they didn't have the ordinance in place, as then the people across the highway would have to pay for it.
7:04:19 PM Gulledge Asked Kostyshock and Garcia if they were in favor. Both were. Stated they will place the item on the agenda. Went to Item #9, Old Town Streets and Sidewalks. Stated this is phases two, three and four of the Old Town Project. Stated Juneau and Presson had some things to show the Board. Stated they wanted to stay on some type of schedule for the improvements in order to keep moving along on the project.
7:05:15 PM Juneau Provided a copy of the breakdown of prices to the Board.
7:06:21 PM Bell Asked if the only difference between the two was the curb and guttering.
7:06:31 PM Juneau Answered essentially, yes. Stated he has proposed for Old Town a different type of curb and gutter than you typically see in the subdivisions. Stated in subdivisions you have a V-type curb and guttering, which is a very slight V along the edge of the curbs. Stated one of the design criteria that Gulledge wanted was that sidewalks be included in the design as part of this project. Stated in subdivisions where you have the V-type curb and gutter and sidewalks, there usually is a terrace area; a green space between the sidewalks and curb so that if a car veers off there is a space to recover and they know they don't park on the grass, etc. Stated a concern he has had is that if they put this type of curb and gutter in an old-town area that is well established, they know where the driveways are, you get everyone driving across it. Stated also, if they are putting in sidewalks, they only have forty-feet of right-of-way through Old Town, which is very narrow. Stated in looking at the designs, they have moved the sidewalks up to the back of the curb. Stated if they do that with a typical V-type curb and gutter, everybody will park on the sidewalk and it will look like a regular road. Stated what they decided to do is to go to with what you see in a lot of older town sections; a full barrier-type curb. He showed an example. Stated they are six inches high with a straight edge. Stated it looks nice. Stated the problem they have gone through in the design is they are trying to match as much as possible to keep the cost low, as you have the existing surface profile, and they want to use it as much as possible. Stated when they go to this kind of curb, because of the height of it, the road has to drop down. Stated when you drop the road section down, it necessitates removing a lot more of the existing pavement. Stated the sidewalk has to slope toward the curb for drainage, and you will lose another couple of inches, and then the road is more depressed, so more of the material of the road has to come out. Stated there is a good existing base on those roads, which they intend on trying to keep, but if they have to remove it they will have to rebuild that base, which drives the cost of the project up. Stated in discussing it with his engineers they thought they would propose a compromise, which is a substantial compromise because one of the things with the barrier type curb and gutter, it has to transition down at each driveway to match the elevation. Stated that adds a lot of cost. Stated you also have to transition driveways back farther to make the grade change. Gulledge clarified that what Juneau means is they would have to cut more of the driveway out. Juneau concurred. Stated each intersection, each AD accessible ramp will have to drop a lot further back. Stated if you have sidewalks right behind the curb he does not like the V-type system because people don't know when they are driving on the edge of the curb and will drive right over it and won't feel a blunt transition to stop. Showed another example, stating it was an IDOT section, which is called a two-inch mountable curb. Stated you would see as a compromise a blunt transition, the gutter, and then the sidewalk behind it. Stated it is able to be transitioned where people can drive across it to access their driveways. Stated there has to be some drop of it at the wheel chair ramp because you are only allowed a 1/2-inch transition at the intersections; but very little of the existing driveways would have to be taken out for the transition. Stated they can meet them and use the section without having to remove very much of the existing pavement structure. Stated they can set the grade line so they can save the existing pavement structure. Stated it would save the project a substantial amount of money. Stated it is a different look, and before they proceeded much further he wanted to present this option. Stated it is a little different, but they have a little different situation here. Stated there is not a lot of right-of-way, they don't have the ability to put the sidewalks back where they've got the green space, and through brainstorming in his office they came up with this option as a compromise.
7:13:52 PM Bell Asked about the water drainage, saying in his opinion it would not take much rain to flood the sidewalk using this option. Stated the V-shape holds quite a bit more volume of water.
7:14:06 PM Juneau Answered the V-shape wouldn't hold as much, because this has to rise a full inch. Stated it would be two inches before it would flood the sidewalk. Stated this is also pushed more out into the street. Stated the street will slope into the curb at a 2% grade, so the street is rising every quarter of an inch per foot. Stated it is going to flood out in the street about ten feet. Stated for every inch rise he has about four feet of pavement flooded. Stated the carrying capacity of this option before the sidewalk floods is quite a bit more.
7:15:10 PM Bell Asked about the medium one.
7:15:11 PM Juneau Answered it is a four-inch mountable curb. Stated they looked at that as well, but it does not do much for the situation. Stated they would have to transition down at every driveway; they would save two-inches, but the savings is not substantial enough. Stated if they wanted to choose it, the feeling is they might as well go with the full barrier curb.
7:15:54 PM Gulledge Commented he does not like the V-curbing either, because of the parking issue. Asked what the savings would be on the two-inch as opposed to the six-inch.
7:16:24 PM Juneau Stated the savings would be approximately $150,000. Gulledge commented that is about 8% of the project. Juneau commented it is a different look than the barrier curb, but it is a cost savings.
7:16:44 PM Kostyshock Commented he visited St. Louis County recently, where they have similar curbs; commented using that option driveways do not have to be run out so far.
7:17:05 PM Juneau Commented that Missouri uses a lot more of the mountable curbs than Illinois.
7:17:37 PM Gulledge Commented, so that he understands correctly, there is a savings of about $150,000 between the six-inch and two-inch barrier. He asked Juneau's opinion if going from the six-inch to the two-inch is worth the $150,000 savings. Juneau answered "That is why I'm here".
7:18:31 PM Wigginton Asked what the expected life was of the curb. Juneau answered forty years. Wigginton clarified that they are looking at $150,000 over forty years, similar to looking at a mortgage on a home.
7:18:53 PM Juneau Concurred, commenting this is a decision they will live with forever.
7:19:00 PM Bell Commented that they need to remember where these curbs will be placed, there is a lot of parking on these streets. Stated with the six-inch, cars would stick too far out in the street. Commented they will probably still have people parking on the sidewalk.
7:19:26 PM Juneau Commented he has not added any parking, unless they are over the sidewalk.
7:19:37 PM Bell Commented he understands, and in his opinion they will still see a lot of parking on the sidewalk with the two-inch. Stated they will "feel it", but it is not going to stop them from pulling up on the sidewalk. Juneau concurred it is possible to pull up on the sidewalk with this design, and impossible with the six-inch design.
7:19:54 PM Garcia Commented on the occurrences of sidewalks cracking due to cars pulled up on them. Various comments were made on the issue.
7:20:25 PM Callahan Asked what the streets are designed for right now.
7:20:29 PM Juneau Answered they are progressing with the design. Stated they have to do a typical section to set the grade up and down. Stated they have not yet done that. Stated they did a preliminary, and his engineers came to him saying they had to drop certain areas and questioned whether they should move forward. They suggested looking at the V design, and Juneau refused. Stated that's when they came up with the idea for the mountable curb, to which Juneau said he would present it for the Board's opinion, which is where they are now.
7:21:12 PM Gulledge Commented they need to come up with a decision before they go any farther.
7:21:18 PM Juneau Stated he knows the numbers have climbed on this job, especially now that they are talking about doing everything at one time instead of phasing the project. Stated the Board has brought up a good point: They will be living with this decision for a long time.
7:21:40 PM Kostyshock Commented they need to try to keep the base. Juneau concurred.
7:21:51 PM Gulledge Commented to Kostyshock that it is his committee, and asked what his recommendation was.
7:21:53 PM Kostyshock Stated he recommends the two-inch mountable curb. Stated he has seen them used successfully in Missouri.
7:22:05 PM Bell Commented the way they are used in Missouri is with the green space transition before the sidewalk. Reiterated that sidewalks will be cracked all the time due to cars parking on them.
7:22:29 PM Garcia Commented they may use up the $150,000 savings just in sidewalks.
7:22:38 PM Gulledge Asked Bell's opinion.
7:22:42 PM Bell Stated his opinion that because of where it is located and the restriction there, he wants the six-inch.
7:22:50 PM Callahan Commented he is more concerned about how they will pay for the project. Stated he doesn't know how they can consider it if they don't know how they will pay for them.
7:23:13 PM Gulledge Agreed, saying the sidewalks will be bid as an addendum.
7:23:27 PM Bell Asked if these two estimates include sidewalks. He was told yes they do.
7:23:41 PM Garcia Asked for clarification on the schedule.
7:23:44 PM Juneau Answered the cheaper number of $1 million is the lower curb; the $1.38 million is with the six-inch curb.
7:24:10 PM Callahan Commented he concurs with the comment Wigginton made that for a forty-year project the $150,000 is sort of "chicken feed". Stated if it comes down to borrowing the money and paying interest on it, he does not have a preference; he would go with the engineers advice.
7:24:38 PM Kostyshock Reiterated his preference for the two-inch because he does not want to lose the base. Stated every project they have has a cost over-run. Stated he thinks there is less chance of a cost over-run with the two-inch than with the six-inch.
7:24:59 PM Garcia Asked if the prices include taking the base down.
7:25:05 PM Juneau Answered yes; based on their estimates, including a 20% contingency factor.
7:25:39 PM Garcia Commented she just doesn't know.
7:25:44 PM Gulledge Asked what Juneau recommends.
7:25:44 PM Juneau Answered they have raised a good point with the sidewalks. Stated the six-inch will not allow parking on sidewalks; it is a more attractive design; the two-inch is a more economical design. Stated the deciding factor would be whether they have the money.
7:26:09 PM Gulledge Asked if he has ever done the two inch. Juneau answered no. He asked Presson's opinion on the matter.
7:26:16 PM Presson Answered he likes the two-inch model. Further comments could not be heard, as he was speaking from the audience.
7:26:43 PM Callahan Commented the yards in that section of town are pretty small. Stated the length of the driveway between the street and the house is probably minimal so they will have pretty big drops in the driveway if they use the six-inch.
7:27:19 PM Gulledge Agreed that because of the distance they will have more pronounced driveways.
7:27:21 PM Callahan Stated they will have a lot of cuts. He asked how long the driveways are in that portion of town.
7:27:28 PM Juneau Stated they vary, but most of them are fourteen to fifteen feet wide.
7:27:42 PM Callahan Commented his opinion that it would look "weird" because they will have a lot of cuts. Stated he does not know, he will go with whatever the engineer recommends.
7:27:48 PM Juneau Commented they could view old-town Glen Carbon as an example, although they did not put in sidewalks but just a barrier curb.
7:27:56 PM Bell Commented they will have to cut the driveway down for the two-inch.
7:27:59 PM Juneau Answered yes, there will be a more pronounced bump at the end of the driveway, depending on the situation.
7:28:05 PM Callahan Asked if they were planning on putting the sidewalk touching the curb. Juneau answered yes, they will have to. Callahan asked if there is any way to leave a foot there.
7:28:16 PM Juneau Stated if they do, they will be talking about a lot more easements.
7:28:19 PM Callahan Commented that would keep people from pulling up on the sidewalk.
7:28:20 PM Juneau Answered yes, but they will still park on the dirt. Stated a terrace area is nice, but the problem is someone has to mow it.
7:28:43 PM Wigginton Stated Juneau said he has never seen the two-inch used in the metro-east side. Asked if IDOT would approve the two inch barrier to be right next to a sidewalk for safety purposes.
7:28:58 PM Juneau Answered no, but this is not an IDOT funded job.
7:29:02 PM Wigginton Responded he knows it is not an IDOT funded job, but from a safety perspective, that will act as a barrier in some sense to protect people on the sidewalk. Stated IDOT would not allow this, if it were an IDOT project. Asked if he were recommending that to the Village of Maryville. Juneau responded that it is done. Wigginton responded that was not his question; he commented that if IDOT were sitting there, that would not be the recommendation. Juneau responded IDOT has their design standards, and as an IDOT job this would not fly. Various comments were made.
7:29:41 PM Gulledge Asked if Juneau was saying that it is mainly a safety issue.
7:29:42 PM Juneau Answered yes, but by the same token, in response to Wigginton's comments, the six-inch curb does not meet IDOT standards if they put sidewalks behind that are four foot wide. Stated the IDOT design standard is a two-foot terrace area, which they have on Route 159 and many areas, and then a five-foot sidewalk. Stated as they know, they violate that in their own situations in several areas where they didn't have enough room, and put a narrower sidewalk. Stated IDOT has their design standards, but things change depending on what the conditions are.
7:30:43 PM Callahan Commented that there is a middle-ground option of the four-inch curb. Juneau concurred, but stated the savings are not that substantial to go that way. Stated if they were leaning toward that option, he would recommend they go all the way to the six-inch curb. Callahan commented it bothers him with the lots being so small and so close to the street they will have ski-ramps coming out of the houses.
7:31:13 PM Juneau Responded they would not do that; they have designs where transitions are made that are not that drastic. Stated that drives the cost up, because they have to transition for the back of those driveways, but there will be transitions that are reasonable.
7:31:39 PM Gulledge Commented on the safety issue, saying he really hadn't thought about that aspect.  Asked if the Trustees still wanted to change their opinion. Bell said he still wants the six. Callahan commented he will still go with the engineer's recommendation.
7:32:07 PM Kostyshock Commented a person could fall off a six-inch curb; he'd rather fall off of a two-inch.
7:32:15 PM Garcia Commented if someone did fall, they would be paying a lot more money out in a law suit.
7:32:23 PM Gulledge Asked Callahan to vote on two or six or skip.
7:32:25 PM Callahan Asked if Presson said he would prefer the two-inch. He was told yes. He believes in terms of up-keep, etc. the two would make more sense; but he hadn't thought about people getting hit on the sidewalk. Stated he sees Bell's point about parking on the sidewalk because it is easy to get up, and those streets are so narrow he doesn't know how they could avoid that.
7:32:58 PM Juneau Commented the speed limits on those streets should be a maximum 25 miles per hour. Stated, again, there are design standards and then there is the reality of what each engineer has to put in their considerations.
7:33:20 PM Schmidt Arrived and was seated.
7:33:24 PM Callahan Commented just in terms of safety he would have to vote for the six-inch, but to him it will look "weird" because there will be a lot of transitions and 25% of everybody's yard is going to be a cut.
7:33:45 PM Kostyshock Keeping his vote at two inch because they are going to have to come up with their driveway, and some of them will be sloping down toward their garage, so people are really going to be upset when the water is running in their yards.
7:34:05 PM Garcia Stated her opinion that they need to think of the safety issue, so she votes for the six-inch.
7:34:15 PM Gulledge Explained the situation to Schmidt and asked his opinion.
7:34:45 PM Schmidt Voted for the six inch.
7:34:51 PM Gulledge Stated now that they have some direction, they need to figure out how to pay for it. Asked Callahan to let him know when he would be available to meet regarding the issue. Garcia asked if they had any funds. Gulledge answered that they did receive approximately $200,000 from Madison County towards this project. Stated it is a big project, but when it is done it will be nice and help the area. Callahan asked if they have everything else paid for. Gulledge answered yes. Callahan clarified this is the only money right now they need to borrow. Gulledge answered yes. Stated he has looked at community development loans, and has a couple of options he'd like to discuss. Various comments were made. Went to Item #15, Allied Waste Contract in order to allow Schmidt to discuss the issue, as he is not feeling well. Explained the extension runs out on the 10th or 11th of March. Invited Schmidt to discuss the issue.
7:36:48 PM Schmidt Asked if anyone needed a copy of the contract. No one did. He commented, as a history, the original waste contract went back to Mayor Konsky's era, starting in 1992. Stated since then with the other contracts expiring and new addendums being added on; they were going to add on a fourth addendum with the new rate increases; initially when he and the attorney sat down they thought they would scrap the base contract and use it as a skeleton and add and subtract things to it and from it because policies have changed within the Village and with the waste hauler. Stated he supplied a copy of the first rough draft to the Board, and hopes they had a chance to look at it. Stated the copies had some of the changes at the time that Allied, Wigginton and Linda had a chance to go over. Stated since then within the last couple of days they were talking with the Mayor and the PSO officer, who suggested a couple of good items and he penciled them in on his copy, which might not be on the copies the other Board members have, and maybe not even in the attorney's. Asked if anyone had any general questions. Stated if not, he suggested they go through it page by page because there have been some changes. Stated some of the services have been changed just a little bit, i.e. the structure and policies of Allied and the Village.
7:38:57 PM Gulledge Commented it might be better to address any questions, after which they should get to the "meat and potatoes" and ask what it will cost. Asked if anyone had any questions before they discuss the rate charts. Stated Schmidt, Wigginton and Linda did a good job. Stated there were a couple of changes that Jones suggested, most of which was verbiage, and a couple of things that were more just to clean it up and did not change it much.
7:39:32 PM Schmidt Stated he could discuss some of the changes that have been made in the last couple of days that may not be on their copies; for instance on Page 2, the top paragraph that does not have a number, about 3/4 of the way down the sentence starts "If the customer uses bags for household refuse, such bags shall not exceed fifty (50) pounds". Stated he had a concern, mainly because the way he read the line it gave people permission to set trash bags out at the curb versus having them in containers, which is in conflict with some of the Village ordinances. Stated the ordinances state the trash is to be in containers with sealed lids. He said he talked it over with the Mayor, and they thought the reasonable correction to this would be for the sentence to read "If the customer uses bags within the containers for household refuse, such bags shall not exceed fifty (50) pounds." Stated that way it does not give people the idea that they can just set trash bags out at the curb; they need to be in containers. Stated he does not think that reflects on the Board members' copies. Stated on that same page, the very last sentence; something the mayor pointed out he wanted changed is "The contractor shall notify"; stated any reference to contact with the Village or Mayor they are changing to our contact person, which in 95% of the instances will be the PSO officer instead of the Mayor or Clerk Long, as she does not need any more people calling her about problems. Stated they will direct any concerns with any waste hauling issue to the PSO officer. Stated in that same line, the Mayor suggested where it says "The contractor shall notify the Village of the pending suspension within ten (10) days . . ." he wanted that to be done immediately. Stated he talked it over with Robin today who said that because of shuffling paperwork in her place of business it may not happen immediately, but as immediately as possible. Stated they will change that "within ten (10) days" to be "immediately".
7:42:02 PM Gulledge Explained when this has happened in the past, the customer calls the Village Hall and they don't know anything about it. He said he realizes "immediately" is not literal, but ten days sometimes turns into twelve or fifteen days. Stated his intent was to speed up the process.
7:42:21 PM Schmidt Commented on Page 3, the large paragraph that does not have a number, the second to last line reads "the contractor shall provide a monthly report to the Village indicating the percentage of weight of waste stream volume . . ." they are going to cross out Village and insert Mayor and PSO Officer. Stated that will be about the only contact the Mayor will have with the waste hauler. Stated it is a report that shows how much recycling is generated.
7:43:01 PM Gulledge Commented that way the Board will receive a copy as well, as he will include it in the packets.
7:43:05 PM Schmidt Commented on Page 4, Paragraph 13, the original contract had the first sentence enacted, because apparently the Village had an ordinance enforced at the time that required the Village to enforce the restrictiveness of everybody within the Village, both residents and commercial accounts, to be solely signed up with Allied Waste. Stated they are proposing for it to read "the Village will enforce an ordinance which gives the contractor the exclusive right to provide household refuse and commercial refuse pick up." Stated this eliminates the sentence that says "shall enforce" because they already have an ordinance enforcing it; it just tells Allied that the Village will enforce the ordinances for exclusive right for contract purposes between residents and commercial accounts with Allied. Stated they also agreed in the initial meeting that there have been instances within the Village that this was not wholly enforced, and they will look at this more strictly in the future with contact with Allied at the same time; it is just a matter of working together between the waste hauler and the Village to make sure everybody complies.
7:44:39 PM Bell Asked why the Village gives them that right.
7:44:43 PM Wigginton Responded the Village has the right to grant this franchise to be the exclusive provider of waste hauling services.
7:44:53 PM Gulledge Commented that is the reason residents get the price they do.
7:44:55 PM Bell Commented that if he wants to pay twice as much and get good trash service, why would he not have the right to do that.
7:45:00 PM Gulledge Responded because of this ordinance. Stated whichever company they use says you can't because the Village is trying to negotiate the best price available, whether it is Allied or someone else.
7:45:13 PM Bell Commented if that arrangement is between Allied and the customer, if the customer wasn't paying Allied to pick up their trash, Allied won't pick up their trash. Asked if the resident then has no right to go with another company.
7:45:28 PM Wigginton Responded this is a municipal service they are contracting, so the Village has an ordinance that allows them to do that.
7:45:34 PM Schmidt Commented if somebody does not want a waste hauler altogether and wants to take it somewhere, this does not prohibit that option.
7:45:35 PM Bell Commented regarding page two; he would like a line item to read the contractor will collect all household refuse that blows out of their trucks and is laying on the side of the road because the wind has blown over the trash cans before the hauler gets there; and that they are required to collect that refuse instead of leaving it scattered up and down the street. Asked if there was a section in the contract that requires the hauler to do that.
7:46:27 PM Schmidt Stated if Bell wanted to add it to paragraph 5 on page 2, he guesses they can.
7:46:35 PM Callahan Commented they should add something to the effect that they require lids to be replaced, as in his experience the hauler throws the lids in the middle of the street and they get run over by trucks. Stated most of the time they leave the canisters in the yard, but a lot of times they throw them out in the street.
7:47:00 PM Schmidt Commented he is not making excuses for them, as the same has happened to him; with the expansion of their service within the Village that has happened within the last month, with the adding on of the two additional days for picking up trash around town, that will hopefully give the drivers more time to cover these smaller routes than what they did in the past. Stated previous to a month ago Village trash was picked up three different days of the week; apparently they were trying to cover too big of an area in the Rolling Meadows, Keebler Oaks, and Stonebridge areas, and things were getting a little sloppy. Stated he thinks maybe Allied realized that and added on two more days coverage throughout the Village. Stated hopefully by being able to have these additional pickups, they are going to be able to take more time and do a more tidy job. Stated he can't say that will happen, he is just hopeful that it will. Asked attorney if he thinks they need to embellish paragraph 5.
7:48:11 PM Wigginton Answered you can always embellish more, but it will need to be taken back to Allied. Stated no contract can be written that can address every situation. Stated that is why words are used such as "good workmen-like manner"; that is an understated word. Stated he thinks it would be difficult to include that they would pick up trash that is blowing on the street unless they actually caused it. Stated if it falls out of their truck, absolutely; but he thought Bell meant if somebody's trash falls over and blows down the street the hauler should be responsible. Gulledge commented that is the way he took it as well. Wigginton commented that if an act of God, like the weather, causes trash to blow down the street, he can't see holding the contractor responsible.
7:49:01 PM Bell Responded when bags of trash, or any trash blows out of their truck and they drive past it in the same intersection three times and just drive around it, that is not "good workmen-like manner".
7:49:13 PM Wigginton Agreed. Stated they should be responsible for any refuse that falls out of their trucks.
7:49:23 PM Bell Commented, regarding statement by Callahan about putting the lids back on the cans, if they did so, the cans would not blow away as far.
7:49:43 PM Schmidt Commented a better solution is probably putting them inside; and with some of the winds in the area, even if they lay the cans in the yard versus trying to stand them up sometimes is a better solution.
7:49:56 PM Callahan Commented he knows at times they have blown over, but he is talking about if they are in a hurry they actually flip them, and you go down the street and there are twenty five cans in a row laying in the street.
7:50:11 PM Bell Commented if they miss their bucket when they are tilting their cans, they don't pick up what falls on the ground.
7:50:27 PM Schmidt Went on to page 5, paragraph 16, which addresses the large-item pick up: Stated the Mayor suggested they add on to the first sentence where it reads "The contractor shall provide curb-side service for the Village's Spring and Fall Clean-Up . . ." Stated the Mayor suggested they add "shall provide curb-side service for the Village's Spring and Fall Clean-Up Program during the months of March or April and September or October". Stated this way it kind of pin-points them down to a time-frame of either the months of March or April in the Spring or the months of September or October in early fall. Stated he wanted a time restraint added.
7:51:24 PM Gulledge Commented a few years ago it ended up falling about four months apart, and he thinks it makes a little more sense if it is spread out more.
7:51:38 PM Schmidt Went on in that same paragraph, about four lines down, the Mayor's suggestion was "in addition the contractor shall provide up to four (4) commercial Front Load containers to the Village for use at the Village . . ."; the Mayor suggested they put in a container size. Stated currently the container that is used at the Public Service building is a six-yard. Stated Robin suggested just for expansion purposes, they put an eight-yard in there. Stated if they have at least a six-yard there that is fine, but if they need a bigger one later on they will have provisions for that. Stated this way they will have a size in there.
7:52:29 PM Gulledge Suggested including "six-yard or eight-yard at the Village's choice" or something to that effect. Commented he doesn't believe they could fit an eight-yard where the fence is.
7:52:40 PM Schmidt Commented they could include "the contractor shall provide up to four (4) commercial front-load containers up to eight-yards". Gulledge concurred. Schmidt stated currently, at no charge to the Village, they are providing one container at the old fire house that the food pantry and Grandma's Attic uses; the other is at the Public Works building. Stated after the Outreach Center building opens and everyone gets moved over, it is the Village contention that trash from the Outreach and Senior buildings will just use the container at the Public Works. Stated the Mayor had a good idea the other three that they will be using they will probably put out at Schiber Court by the other Public Works building for pick-up trash in the park, the library and the main building out there. Bell asked where the four are right now. Schmidt answered the provision is for another two if they need them; right now they are only using two, but they are giving them more if they need them.
7:53:50 PM Gulledge Commented they might put one out at the water tower.
7:54:00 PM Garcia Commented they had better get a bigger one, as they put a lot of refuse in the container.
7:54:06 PM Kostyshock Asked if they could change the four to five. Stated it is a three-year contract, and they may need another container in the future.
7:54:14 PM Schmidt Answered he did not know that would be a problem, as they are not using half of what they are allowing them now. Stated he would call and ask. Went on to say paragraph 17 is new altogether compared to the last contract. Stated this gives them a little bit of control when a do-it-yourself-er at home, or if someone is putting a roof on their house or just doing some large rehab at their home and they decide to go through Allied; Allied is to notify the PSO Officer that this additional container is going to be out on this person's property so the Village knows that it is there in case they get a complaint from a resident next door. Stated they will be able to tell them yes, they know about it, it will be there for this period of time, etc. Stated it is just a little bit more of a control factor, and something else Jones will be looking at. Commented Wigginton suggested that change. Went on to paragraph 18, third line down in the middle is the word Mayor; they will replace that with PSO Officer. Stated one addition they allowed the Village at Robin's suggestion, and he forgets which paragraph it was in, but in the old contract it stated up to four bags of waste or four containers, and they raised it to six; stated now that he thinks of it, on page 1, paragraph 3, he thinks they need to take out the "bags" portion of that. Stated they raised that from four to six, which was a suggestion from Allied.
7:56:30 PM Callahan Asked about page 6, paragraph 21: Stated he knows of two instances where the trash trucks have run over peoples' vehicles. Stated while trash companies are self-insured, the people have no recourse and are left on their own to have their vehicles repaired, and it often takes years to get their money back. Asked is self-insurance different than the requirement listed in paragraph 21.
7:57:17 PM Wigginton Answered no, self-insurance just means they are keeping a portion of their risk at their own finance. Stated there is absolutely no difference. Stated he doesn't know why anybody who's car would be hit by a trash truck would have any problem.
7:57:42 PM Callahan Commented Wigginton knows one of the people, and he will tell him the name later. Commented the trash hauler takes the attitude that they don't care; sue them.
7:57:50 PM Wigginton Stated he would suggest that anyone who has an issue like that where they have damage to their vehicles because of the trash hauler, they contact the Village and perhaps they would be able to assist them in getting cooperation.
7:58:06 PM Callahan Asked, regarding paragraph 21, if it precludes Allied from saying, they are self insured, they don't need any of it.
7:58:13 PM Wigginton Answered they may self-insure a portion of their risk, but the Village is required to have policies of insurance naming them as additional insured's. Stated they never brought up to the Village that they were not self-insured during the course of negotiations. Stated every indication was that they purchase insurance the same as any other company. Stated the Village can check on that. Stated, in fact, the Village added the part regarding "the certificates of insurance shall contain the following express obligations", and that is the notice to the Village of any cancellation or any material change in the policy within thirty (30) days.
7:59:06 PM Schmidt Went to the rate charts. Stated these really haven't changed, other than from the increases in the past throughout the numerous addenda's in the past it has been pretty much the norm for a 3% increase on all the sizes and numbers of pickups per week. Stated that is pretty much the same as it has been in the past. Stated the second Exhibit A is the residential rates. Stated initially in Allied's first proposal, they had rates that generated increases of not-quite roughly 3% from year to year in the contracts. Stated they also wanted to add on what they called a fuel recovery charge of 3% for each one of the years. Stated he didn't think that was quite equitable to sign a contract, give them this 3% increase on a yearly basis, not knowing whether the price of fuel will go up or down. Stated at the same time, their offer was not to increase the residential rates from 2006 to 2007 to help cover this first year 3% increase for the fuel recovery charge. Stated it was discussed, and the Village told them they were not really comfortable with that. The agreement out of this discussion came out that Allied would charge the 3% fuel increase the first year, and would waive the increase for the final two years. Stated what it boils down to is last year the contract would have been January of 2006, the first year runs to 2007, second year runs to 2008 and the third year runs to 2009; it is basically not quite a 3% increase across the board from year to year, but residents will not be paying a 3% fuel recovery charge at least for the last two years of this contract. Stated initially they wanted a five-year contract, and the Village indicated they would not go that far out, as they didn't think it would be fair to the Mayor to put his signature on a contract that wouldn't be on his term anyway, so they had it cut down to three years. Stated one of his concerns was the senior base-rate. Stated the senior rate is almost $2.00 per month cheaper than a normal resident, and in order to be classified a senior you have to be 62 years of age or older. Stated what happened with the senior base rate was basically the first year of the new contract, the senior rates will only go up 1.8%; after that he got them to agree to put a freeze on the senior rates. Stated after an initial 1.8% increase for the first year, the senior rates will be frozen until the end of the contract in January 2009. Stated based on figures provided by Robin regarding the yard waste program that Allied provides, the Village has approximately 1,800 residential accounts and only 222 residents take advantage of the yard waste program. Stated these are basically the same as before; it is about a 3% increase from year to year. Asked Wigginton if they remembered if they increased the number of bags allowed. Answered yes, so residents that are part of the yard waste program can now dispose of up to eight containers of yard waste per week. Schmidt summarized by saying that is basically the new contract. Stated he hopes to get a clean copy for the meeting next week. Stated they really need to vote on it since the extension runs out on the 10th of March.
7:59:13 PM Bell Thanked Schmidt for doing a great job negotiating the contract. Stated he does not like Allied. Commented that the hauler's pick up the recyclables very early in the day; however their primary focus is to pick up the trash, and oftentimes neglect to pick it up until 3:00 or 4:00 p.m., even though they have picked up the recyclables very early. Asked if there is any way they can require them to pick up the trash by a certain time in the morning.
8:06:10 PM Schmidt Answered he thinks they need to consider a couple of different things: One, now the routes are shorter; the Village expects them to do a decent, clean and orderly job. Commented maybe they can get things switched around for the route that Bell is referring to. Bell commented he does not want special treatment.
8:06:43 PM Wigginton Interjected that during negotiations they discussed customer service and operational needs, and quite frankly no, it is not feasible to tell them they have to have a truck on a certain street at a certain time. Stated that is not how the entire hauling operation works because it is dependent on the number of men concluding the land-fill operations. Stated the reason they are able to do the recycling on a more timely basis at a set time is because they are using a single source recycling, which means residents are no longer required to sort recycling. Stated the hauler throws it all in a truck, which is in turn dumped in a tractor-trailer and shipped to Chicago, where it is sorted. Stated they can do that much more quickly than dealing with each individual's trash. Stated they know the recycling is in a much smaller container, and can be done much more quickly. Stated they don't know going from house to house whether a resident will have two containers or six containers. Stated they did bring up the issue and made Allied aware of the concerns. Stated Robin indicated they would be much more service oriented. Stated Robin has taken over the account; Schmidt is going to be in charge of overseeing it.
8:08:26 PM Gulledge Commented he agrees with Bell's comments. Commented any hauler has problems. Commented on one hand Bell is saying he wants them to do a better job, but if they try to make them do it faster, the service will suffer.
8:08:52 PM Bell Commented he was told when his trash was not picked up on a certain day that they had a driver call off. Commented they had a driver to send out the recyclable truck; he'd rather the recyclables sit overnight than three trash cans.
8:09:08 PM Gulledge Answered he understands what Bell is saying, but there are two different people driving the trucks. Stated he lives right next door to Bell, and Allied has never failed to pick up his trash. Various comments followed by numerous people.
8:09:36 PM Schmidt Commented the recycling route, he is sure, is different than the trash route. Stated there has got to be a standard point for the trash, and apparently Rolling Meadows subdivision is at the end of that day's trash route. Stated the same area is at the beginning of the recyclable route. Stated that is the reason for the discrepancy in timing.
8:10:01 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees to move on regarding the contract.
8:10:10 PM Callahan Asked how a resident gets the senior rate.
8:10:28 PM Kostyshock Answered they call the Edwardsville office, and they will do it. Commented most residents are unaware of the senior rate option.
8:10:31 PM Schmidt Commented as soon as the contract is signed they can publish the item in the next Gazette, or even on the water bills. Stated he did not want to include it in the current issue of the Gazette until the contract is signed.
8:10:48 PM Gulledge Commented they will make sure it is advertised. Various comments followed by numerous people.
8:11:27 PM Gulledge Asked if the Trustees were in favor of putting the contract on the Agenda at next week's Board meeting. All were in favor. Kostyshock commented that if there are any problems with service, people should call the Edwardsville office and they should take care of it, as they always have for him.
8:11:42 PM Wigginton Wanted to add that Schmidt was the individual proposing the freeze on the senior rate. Stated he did a great job at negotiating rates. Schmidt excused himself from the meeting and left.
8:12:03 PM Gulledge Went to next Agenda item, Radio Read Meters.
8:12:11 PM Presson Stated the Water Department is out of radio read meters. Stated he has put together several bids for the Board; his recommendation is to purchase them from Midwest Municipal, package #2 which will be 500 one-inch and 500 three-quarter-inch at a cost of $172,175.00. He asked if there were any questions. Bell asked if this is the same company they have used before. He was told yes. Gulledge stated the last time they were purchased was May 23, 2005 for the same price.
8:13:03 PM Kostyshock Commented the unit cost is the same for packages 1 and 2, so they won't be losing any money by taking the lesser amount of units.
8:13:14 PM Callahan Asked if that comes out of facility fees. He was told yes.
8:13:26 PM Kostyshock Confirmed with Presson that they installed approximately 1,200. Presson responded it was 1,000 to 1,200 installed currently. Kostyshock commented that this next purchase will put them up to about 2,000. Presson agreed. Kostyshock confirmed they have approximately 3,600 customers. Presson answered he believes the number is 3,100, including outside city limits.
8:14:02 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions on Presson's recommendation for radio read meters, package #2 for a total of $172,175.00 from Midwest Municipal Supply, which is the same price they paid in May of last year. All Trustees were in favor. Gulledge asked Presson if they were going to hold the price.
8:14:46 PM Presson Answered the way it has been explained to him is that they really want to get the Village on board with their meter system because they can use the Village.
8:15:05 PM Gulledge Stated they will put the item on the Board meeting agenda, but in the meantime he suggests Presson contact them and ask how long they will hold that price in the future. Presson indicated he would. Went to Item 11, Firemen's Park Comfort Station.
8:16:04 PM Bell Stated they are making good progress on the project; however they have run into a few problems with the concrete. He asked Juneau to explain.
8:16:24 PM Juneau Commented he does not know, because he has not been down there. Stated he thinks Presson would be better able to address the concerns than he. Stated he was aware they did have some concrete problems.
8:16:41 PM Bell Commented that is item #2; item #1 refers to RFP and the changes made.
8:16:56 PM Gulledge Commented this is what was discussed at a previous Caucus, they just did not have anything in writing at the time. Commented at the time they gave an estimate on the RFPs; now they have given the actual cost.
8:17:23 PM Juneau Asked if they are referring to the vinyl soffits, or the concrete. Gulledge answered the RFPs, not the demolition items. Juneau stated that is on the pre-finished aluminum facia, which is $1,507 and the pre-finished aluminum facia on the pavilion for another $1,488.
8:17:56 PM Bell Commented the existing building already has the facia and soffit, so they wanted to continue it down and put it all the way around the pavilion to eliminate the need for painting. Commented the only thing they will have to paint is the post if they install the facia and soffit.
8:18:32 PM Gulledge Asked trustees if they were in favor. All were. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda.
8:18:46 PM Bell Commented after the meeting he would be available to show everyone the colors and samples of siding, etc. Commented on changing the paint color of the structure. Went to next item, Additional Charges for Firemen's Park. Stated this is to remove the 3-foot deep foundation, which is a little bit more than what they had bid. He deferred to the Mayor for comment.
8:20:01 PM Gulledge Commented he was there when the original foundation was poured. Stated they knew it was there, but Henderson did not know. Stated it now has to be removed.
8:20:35 PM Bell Commented there were some sewer leaks during the demolition, so there are some costs associated with repairing those. Stated the total add is $2,978.00.
8:20:49 PM Presson Commented regarding statement #3 that the Water Department determined they would rather have one meter for both structures: Stated such statement was never made.
8:21:22 PM Callahan Commented they are not charged for water, why do they even need a meter.
8:21:22 PM Gulledge Answered it is needed to be able to shut off the water, not to charge for water.
8:21:32 PM Callahan Asked Presson if it matters.
8:21:32 PM Presson Answered it is $700. Commented he was there, and the company damaged that line; therefore at their cost they are required to put that line back the way they found it. Stated if the Village chooses to change it, it is the Board's choice; but the statement that the Water Department asked the company to change it is false.
8:22:06 PM Bell Commented he does not think they should be tied together because they use that other building two days out of the year and then it is drained at the end of the homecoming. Stated the restroom facility is left on throughout the rest of the year.
8:22:42 PM Presson Commented there is no way around the requirement to drain the system.
8:22:47 PM Bell Commented that is true, but they were drained separately. Stated what the company is proposing is for it all to be on one system, meaning to shut off one, they have to shut off both.
8:23:01 PM Presson Answered he did not know what they would do, and did not want to make assumptions.
8:23:11 PM Gulledge Commented what they are saying is they will drain it one time.
8:23:19 PM Presson Answered they can't do that because they have to have supply to both sides of those buildings, therefore if they are going to change the line they are going to be required to put some sort of shut-off devices inside the walls for each side. Commented that involves changing plumbing inside the building.
8:23:52 PM Callahan Asked Presson his opinion between one or two meters.
8:23:52 PM Presson Answered he thinks it was fine the way it was, which was two meters.
8:24:10 PM Gulledge Commented he thinks the company may have done it already, the way the letter reads.
8:24:45 PM Wigginton Asked Presson if it is fair to say that item #3 was not an unforeseen condition, but actually a condition caused by their work. Presson answered that is correct. Wigginton went on to comment that by turning to the next page it looks like that condition incurred an approximate $700 charge. Presson answered that is correct. Wigginton stated he believes what Presson is saying is that the Village should not be responsible for that $700 charge, whether or not the work is already done.
8:25:22 PM Callahan Asked where the company would have gotten the idea that the Water Department said they wanted it that way.
8:25:26 PM Presson Answered he met them out there when they damaged that line, and he said what do you want to do. Stated he answered that is a decision that needs to be taken to the Mayor or Todd Bell who are in charge of this project. Stated he said further, as far as he was concerned, they damaged the line so they need to put it back the way they found it. Stated he said if they want to change it, they would need to make those recommendations to the people in charge of the project. Stated they then asked what Presson wanted them to do. He did not divulge what his answer was.
8:26:04 PM Callahan Asked if they can approve the first two items and wait to see what happens with number 3. Juneau answered yes. Callahan commented he agrees with Bell, going on to say that at some point he could foresee that the bathroom could be used more than just for the homecoming. Comments were made that the bathroom is left on all year, it is the pavilion that is drained.
8:26:43 PM Gulledge Commented his understanding is they are all in favor of the first two items, and they need to check on the water issue. Stated he and Presson would contact them the next day. Went on to comment on the Sliva easement for the Copper Creek lift station. Stated Wigginton will prepare an ordinance for the easement itself and the conditions of the easement for the Board meeting next week. Stated he wanted to let the Board know it would be on the Agenda for next week. Stated the Jerome easement is a little bit more involved. He asked Juneau to come to the podium to discuss. Stated last week Mr. Jerome, who owns Merger Motors came in and met with Flaugher and presented an easement disclaimer. Stated he thinks what Mr. Jerome was looking for was for the Village to okay an easement in order for him to purchase a piece of ground from an individual to build an additional medical building using the Queroli property, which is between him and BS Boogies. Stated he talked to Juneau and Wigginton about it. Stated they don't think it is in the right format, but for them it is not a problem; however Mayor would recommend that they go ahead and vacate this easement as per Mr. Jerome's request, but in turn he would like to make it conditional on the Village having the proper easement in order to install sidewalks at a future date. Stated he believes in the future they will want to add sidewalks along Vadalabene Drive to tie in to the rest of the planned work. Stated he is not suggesting the sidewalks be built now, he just would like to have the easements recorded, not only on the property Mr. Jerome currently owns on which he plans to build another medical building, but one on the Queroli property if he purchases it as he is trying to do right now. Stated he would also like to have the easements on the existing medical buildings. Stated John Dutton from Juneau and Associates has been out there and said that it would not cause any hardship with moving anything. Stated this is Mayor's recommendation to the board: To vacate the ten-feet that Jerome needs providing he gives the Village the easements for the future if and when the Village chooses to build sidewalks on that side of the street.
8:30:39 PM Juneau Concurred that Mayor conveyed the situation properly, and added that Mr. Jerome has been so informed.
8:30:43 PM Gulledge Stated all he is asking the Board is that if they can get it done and there is no money involved, if they agree with him, Juneau and Wigginton. All agreed.
8:31:26 PM Callahan Asked, regarding the Sliva easement, if it is the low ground off of Lakeview Acres Drive.
8:31:37 PM Gulledge Answered no, and explained that the property is back by the bike trail where they are planning to re-route the Copper Creek forced-main lift station. Explained they need that easement, they received one from Mr. Meier which has already been recorded, and they have been told they have one that has not been finalized yet. Stated that will be all they need for the easements on that project. Stated this will enable the Village to split off the Copper Creek lift station that feeds Drost Park. Stated they are trying to segregate some of the pressure off the Drost Park lift station, send half of it around through Copper Creek and down the bike trail, and the other half through Drost Park into the old part of town. Stated the result will be to alleviate some of the pressure on the old part of town.
8:32:36 PM Juneau Commented, in fact, it is to bypass part of the old town a little bit.
8:32:48 PM Callahan Asked if they are going to select the areas that get shifted one or the other.
8:32:53 PM Juneau Answered it is well-defined.
8:33:25 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. Made note that next Monday night is the Planning Commission meeting. Went to March.
8:34:11 PM Bell Stated the Art/Photo contest will be held March 5.
8:34:25 PM Kostyshock Stated the Library Committee meeting will be held March 14 at 6:30 p.m.
8:34:40 PM Bell Stated the Chicken and Beer Dance is scheduled for March 25.
8:34:47 PM Garcia Asked if the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast is on the Calendar. Gulledge explained that is in May, and the calendar does not go that far yet. Stated it is scheduled for May 4 at 7:00 a.m., but he is unsure of the location.
8:35:21 PM Gulledge Went to To Do List, page 1. There were no changes. Went to Page 2.
8:35:28 PM Bell Quickly asked Kostyshock if the Library Committee meeting will be held the second Tuesday of every month. Kostyshock answered yes, at 6:30 p.m.
8:35:41 PM Gulledge Went to Page 3 of To Do List.
8:35:50 PM Bell Asked about the progress at the Fire House.
8:35:52 PM Gulledge Answered the only thing yet to be done is some painting, which they will do after the mortar is dry. Stated they also have to do a little caulking. Stated the building is secure, and the fake wall is out and cleaned up. There were no changes on pages 3 or 4 of the To Do List. Went to Trustees Comments.
8:36:51 PM Bell Discussed the Park Committee Recommendations. Stated the Drost Park Khoury League has asked the Village's permission to install electric power and water to each of the fields, and a storage shed from the concession stand. Stated the only thing they are asking is for the Village to trench out the lines for them to lay the pipes and conduit. Stated they will have Presson oversee the project to ensure it is done correctly.
8:37:36 PM Kostyshock Asked if they are going to make a map.
8:37:39 PM Bell Answered he has a map, and they made four or five big copies of what they want to do for the Board to review. Stated they are going to a pitching machine division and there was not electric for that at each field, and the reason for the water is to wet down the fields to keep dust down. Stated the Park Committee is in favor of the project. Reiterated that the League is not asking for any funding from the Village. Gulledge asked who will be paying for the power. Bell answered there is a meter off of the concession stand. Gulledge and Long commented that they have not paid for electric in the past. Gulledge commented he has informed the League that will change.
8:38:50 PM Callahan Commented whether or not it is a problem, the Village has always supplied the water for incidental use, but if they are talking about watering down the fields, they are talking about a larger expense than they have had before, and those are not metered.
8:39:06 PM Bell Commented that getting water out to the park for any reason, as far as watering trees, etc., is better than using a fire truck. Stated if the Board decides they want to put a meter on the League's water and charge them for it, the Park Committee can take that to the League.
8:39:42 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees what they want to do regarding the recommendation. All agreed with the recommendation. Gulledge commented his personal thought is that they need to look at the power portion of the issue, and whether it is a portion or all of it, he believes the League should be responsible for at least some of it. Commented the water is within reason, although if they get out of hand maybe they will consider cutting it back as well, but he does think there should be some consideration on the power. He asked if everyone agreed.
8:40:44 PM Bell Commented the power is going to come off of the concession stand, so it will be metered through that stand.
8:40:53 PM Gulledge Stated what he is saying is that they have not paid for it in the past, and he told the League during their meeting that they are going to have to be responsible. All Trustees agreed.
8:41:11 PM Bell Went to Recommendation #2, stating the Khoury League is requesting to add three small ball fields for tee-ball, machine-pitch and coach-pitch between fields 4 and 5. Stated this is included on the plan drawings referred to previously. He showed the location on a map. Commented they will not have full dugouts like the existing fields, but they do plan on installing benches.
8:43:06 PM Callahan Asked for clarification on how they will be able to play with the fields so close together.
8:43:26 PM Bell Answered the new fields will be small and used solely for tee-ball, etc. Commented the League has signed up over 800 kids this year, and they anticipate further growth in the future. Stated they have a plan to light fields 1, 2 and 3 at some point.
8:44:17 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees their opinion on granting permission for three additional ball fields as discussed. All were in favor.
8:44:26 PM Garcia Commented her opinion that they will have a big problem with parking with the Outreach Center located there. Stated she does not want to have to say there is no parking for their clients.
8:44:37 PM Gulledge Commented they are addressing that issue.
8:44:44 PM Bell Went to next Recommendation for the Khoury League to replace the utility shed with a new building that will be 32' by 40'. Stated this will be used mostly for storage, but will overflow concessions on big game days. Stated they discussed that the Board does not want an ugly wood barn which would essentially be another bigger version of what is there currently. Stated the League plans to try to go with some type of nice metal and possibly some brick. Stated this project could take a year or two for them to finance it. Stated their goal is to have it up and usable and then have it bricked next year. Stated they are currently using the existing small storage shed and are renting a larger facility. Commented they are not asking for funding, they are asking for permission to erect the structure. Commented he and the Mayor conveyed that they want it to fit in with he looks of the other buildings in the complex.
8:46:33 PM Kostyshock Commented if there are 800 kids enrolled, they will need more restrooms.
8:46:50 PM Bell Answered that was another concern they had. Commented they have the new restrooms in the concession stand. Stated they plan to erect a couple of portable restrooms again this year as they did last year out by Field #6. Stated at some point it would be nice if the Village could put in another restroom facility out on this side of the lake close by the lake. Commented the portable units are at the League's expense.
8:47:27 PM Garcia Commented her opinion that they should address they will not be allowed to use the new Food Pantry's facilities.
8:47:37 PM Gulledge Commented they need to stay focused on the recommendation. He commented that the plan has changed from the meeting that he attended, as they were talking about a block building at that time.
8:47:46 PM Bell Commented that they discussed the Village would require they do some type of brick at least half way up. Stated he asked the same question at the Park Committee meeting, but he believes the plan has changed. Commented they did stress to them that they will be required to bring the plan back to the Park Board before they will be given permission to proceed.
8:48:36 PM Gulledge Commented he is not comfortable with the recommendation stating the new building will be beveled until bricks can be installed over the next few years to cover half of the building. Stated he does not like the "next few years" wording.
8:49:02 PM Bell Answered their thoughts are they think they have enough to build a building now, with plans of putting brick up next year or the year after.
8:49:14 PM Callahan Asked if they understood it would not be their building.
8:49:19 PM Bell Answered he thinks they are aware that any permanent structure they build on the complex belongs to the Village.
8:49:33 PM Gulledge Commented they understand that anything portable is theirs; anything fastened to Village property belongs to the Village. Commented that he knows they need the room and he is not opposed to let them build it, but they need to make sure they do not build a building and then never put any brick on it.
8:50:24 PM Bell Commented the intention is to make the building look similar to the Public Works building. Commented he does not have a problem with requiring them to put brick on the building immediately if they are going to build it. He asked if the Trustees are in favor of allowing them to have a building.
8:50:57 PM Wigginton Commented the Board will want to see the final drawings on the exterior appearance.
8:51:03 PM Gulledge Commented he is not opposed to them building the building, but he wants to see their plans to make sure they are compatible with what is already done on the grounds.
8:51:26 PM Callahan Asked if a frame building with cedar siding would be more compatible with what is out there, as that is what the concession stand looks like.
8:51:32 PM Bell Answered they are referring to the proximity to the food pantry and public works building.
8:51:40 PM Callahan Asked why the wanted to build it in that spot, as that is not the middle of the complex.
8:51:46 PM Gulledge Commented it is centrally located for what they want to use if for. The Trustees agreed they want to see the plans before they make a decision. Gulledge stated this will not be placed on the Agenda for the Board meeting, as they want to see the plans and discuss them at a Caucus meeting.
8:52:52 PM Callahan Asked if the building will have electricity and water.
8:52:56 PM Bell Answered they would like to have at least one circuit that will come off the concession stand so they can have a light in the building.
8:53:03 PM Callahan Commented on the issue of using the building for concessions. Bell responded they will not have full concession out of that building, just overflow using coolers to sell beverages, etc. Callahan asked if Madison County will inspect the building if they have concessions. Bell clarified that he meant they would need a sink, etc. He commented they do not plan to sell all the different concessions out of it, just beverages, etc.
8:53:33 PM Gulledge Commented Callahan brings up a good question, but if the County does inspect it, the League will be responsible. Callahan suggested they need to check on the issue with the County.
8:54:04 PM Bell Went to Recommendation #4, permission for the Khoury League to add some bleachers to fields 1 and 2. Commented the Board will want to see the plan. Stated he does not think they will go with aluminum, as they take up too much storage space.
8:54:51 PM Gulledge Stated there is no problem with what they are planning, the Board simply wants to see a detailed plan before they approve it.
8:55:27 PM Bell Went to Recommendation #5 from the Khoury League for the Village to add two additional handicap parking spaces next to the current spaces, which are close to the concession stand.
8:55:34 PM Gulledge Commented he does not have a problem with that, as it is probably needed. The Trustees all agreed.
8:55:45 PM Bell Stated they would like the Village to stripe them, etc. Gulledge stated the item needs to be placed on the Board meeting agenda.
8:56:06 PM Bell Went to next Park Recommendation #6 to approve the Master Gardeners' new master plan and free educational program about day lilies, herbs, and grades. Stated programs will be held on Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Stated they have not had a problem in the past with the different events the Master Gardeners' want to host. Stated the plan includes some new gardens, for which they are asking approval.
8:57:15 PM Gulledge Asked if the Trustees were in favor. All were. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda.
8:57:24 PM Bell Went to Recommendation #7 for the Board to consider painting the comfort station and pavilions to a color to be determined by the Park Committee. Stated what they are getting at is they are trying to get away from the "barn red" color and go with something that blends better with the environment.
8:57:53 PM Gulledge Stated he is not opposed, but would add that the color is to be determined by the Park Committee, with final approval with the Village Board. Trustees agreed.
8:58:15 PM Kostyshock Asked if they will use volunteer painters.
8:58:20 PM Bell Commented they cannot use the convicts anymore. Stated he believes they are asking for the Village to provide painters.
8:58:21 PM Gulledge Commented either that or they will get them some volunteers. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Bell commented they will add to the To-Do list that they need to choose a color.
8:59:08 PM Bell Went to Recommendation #8 permission to apply for Forest Relief of Missouri program grant. Stated they will ask for 25 trees. Stated the plan is for some of them to be planted around the new comfort station in the park, and they will probably replace a few that need it. Stated these trees are free.
8:59:29 PM Gulledge Stated they will put the item on the Board meeting agenda.
8:59:30 PM Bell Went to the last Recommendation to give the CHS girl's soccer team permission to practice in Drost Park, with the same requirements and stipulations given to the boy's team.
9:00:08 PM Gulledge Asked if the Trustees are in favor. All were.
9:00:36 PM Bell Commented on the possibility of getting a right hand turn lane at the corner of Route 159 and West Main since the building has been torn down. Gulledge commented he asked previously and was told no, but they can try again. Bell commented now that the building is torn down, it makes sense to add the turn lane.
9:01:13 PM Gulledge Commented he does not have a problem with the request, but someone will "pay dearly" if it is done because that is frontage on Route 159.
9:01:24 PM Garcia Commented that the light needs to be recycled for the cars turning left onto Route 159.
9:01:44 PM Gulledge Commented they have called several times, and in fact he had received another complaint from a citizen that day. He reiterated he does not have a problem trying to get a turn lane, he just knows it will not be cheap and he asked before and was turned down. He asked the Trustees what they wanted him to do. All were in favor of trying again to get a turn lane.
9:02:29 PM Callahan Asked if the Planning Commission sent out notices to the adjacent neighbors that the builder wants to put condominiums and Villas next to them. Gulledge answered that they had better be. Wigginton commented they are required to be notified. Gulledge commented that he knows he is supposed to notify the residents, but he will ask the builder tomorrow. Callahan asked how many Villas he is planning.
9:03:06 PM Gulledge Answered they don't know for sure, as they received a very rough plan that only shows a portion of the development. Commented on that plan there are 44 that will be individually sold. Stated this is only a rezoning; he has not seen any formal plans. Commented he estimates that it is about half of the 66 1/2 acres.
9:03:36 PM Wigginton Commented it is a really rough plan, and when he saw it he told the Mayor that they have a long ways to go.
9:03:45 PM Gulledge Reminded Callahan this is strictly about zoning. Stated if it becomes PDR then it has a lot of restrictions that they will need to adhere to.
9:03:51 PM Callahan Asked if they are sure it will sewer to Glen Carbon.
9:03:57 PM Gulledge Answered he will be able to answer that after March 1, as he is meeting with Glen Carbon then.
9:04:10 PM Callahan Commented they couldn't have this type of development with county rules unless they have sewage. Gulledge answered that is correct. Callahan reiterated that he would like to make sure the adjacent property owners were notified. Gulledge indicated he would ask tomorrow.
9:04:33 PM Garcia Asked if they are going to rezone before they see the plan.
9:04:39 PM Wigginton Reminded the Trustees that rezoning in Maryville requires two public hearings; the initial one in front of the Planning Commission, who makes the recommendation; the second public hearing is before the Village Board, and then it goes before the Board again for a determination whether or not they want to rezone. Stated that is why he said this project has a lot of work to be done before they will ever get to that point.
9:05:13 PM Gulledge Added that ultimately, the final decision is the Board's; the Planning Commission only recommends.
9:05:22 PM Callahan Asked, with all the minimum requirements, if they can still turn it into a PDR. Stated attorney commented they have a long way to go, but can they say it is a PDR even though they have a long way to go, or do they have to wait.
9:05:42 PM Wigginton Answered they could designate there is a town and rezone them as a PDR district. Stated that is not wise to do, and in this case it would also be the subject of an annexation agreement, as it is not even in the Village yet. Stated even before they can re-zone it, they first have to annex it. Stated what he has told the Mayor is that they will need a lot of information from the developer so they know exactly what they are intending to build there. Stated this is similar to what they required of Vantage and other people that have done annexation agreements with the Village. Stated in terms of this PDR, they need to know exactly what they are proposing in terms of roads, units, density, etc., so the Village can conduct all their formulas.
9:07:04 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor comments. Stated attorney represented the Village on a couple of Board of Review final decisions and was successful on two. Stated one was the Maryville nursing home, and the other was X2 Collision. Stated attorney successfully won that for the Village. Stated he wanted to let everyone know there is a public hearing for the Zoning Board of Appeals at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, March 11 at the Maryville Village Hall, 2520 North Center Street, Maryville, Illinois, 62062, to consider a petition by First National Bank of Staunton requesting a special use permit allowing for a motor vehicle oriented business on the property next to Bobby's Frozen Custard. Stated the bank wants to build a bigger facility on that property. Went on to comment that they have a lot of dirt from the siltation of the ponds, and he would like to get rid of it. Stated he had a request from St. John Neuman to pick up the dirt to do some work on their property. Stated he does not have a problem with it. Stated he is planning on applying for another grant, and they will need that ground for the dredging. Stated if no one has a problem, he will call and let them know they can get some. Stated they will not be taking a great deal of it. Stated he is also going to try to get rid of it so it is out of the way of the Khoury League and so as to avoid maintenance of weeds, etc. Stated they will not be doing anything with that property, as they changed the days on the grants, mainly because they didn't have any money. Stated if the Village gets the grant it will be next year at the earliest. Stated he has some information he will share with the Park Committee and Bell from the IEPA. Commented that Schnucks Markets donated shelving for the new Outreach Center. Stated there is a trailer here that was dropped off that day, and as soon as they can get it unloaded and put together and installed in the building, he will call and they will come back that day to pick up the trailer. Stated he wants everyone to know the trailer is a temporary situation, and is locked. That being said, he would like to ask for volunteers with some mechanical experience to put these shelves together. Stated they are going to try to work on it this Saturday at 8:00 a.m. Commented the painting is done and the building looks great. Stated he wanted to let everyone know they found out for sure today that Matt Pomerantz is leaving his job at the Village to pursue full time status at school. Stated he received his letter of resignation, and it will be formally read at the Board meeting next week. Stated they will fill out the proper paperwork for a replacement, but they will start looking for an employee as they are getting into busy season for Public Works.
9:14:14 PM Gulledge With no other business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Kostyshock and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes.
9:14:35 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville