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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date3/8/2006 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:29:59 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, March 8, 2006 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Limberg was absent. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Public Works Director Presson, four (4) citizens and three (3) reporters.
6:30:52 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the February 22nd Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Schmidt and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:31 PM Gulledge Stated the first item on the agenda was the swearing in of a new police officer; however that will be delayed, as he is still going through some eligibility requirements. Went to next item, citizen Steve Jerome's request to address the Board. He invited Jerome to the podium. Jerome indicated he would defer his comments to his brother, David Jerome, who took the podium.
6:32:00 PM David Jerome Stated his name and address for the record: 119 Crestmoor, Collinsville, Illinois, 62234. Stated they received a letter from Juneau Associates regarding his brother's lot and the release of an easement. Stated they have concerns because they are asking for release of an easement on Lot 15, which is owned by Al Jer Development; but the letter from Juneau is asking in exchange for an easement dedication plat that involves some other properties that are not part of Al Jer Development, but are actually owned by different LLC's. Stated he knows that Steve Jerome is a member of those other LLC's, and he has had some discussion with the other LLC members. Stated Steve is looking to remove an easement on which there are no utilities. Stated his understanding that in exchange the city is asking for the easement to build the sidewalk. Stated they are not in disagreement with that, as sidewalks would look nice and be much safer. Commented they know that it may never come to pass due to the heavy expense for the city to bear. Stated Steve has spoken with other members of the LLC, who have those other lots. Stated due to the fact that they are not part of what is going to be receiving the compensation, the other members are asking if there is anything that can be done for them since they are giving up this easement for this sidewalk. Stated Steve will be building two storage sheds behind the building. Stated one of the other members of the LLC will be the foreman, and one has a 10% interest. Stated as two building permits will be needed for the project, they would like the building permits in exchange for lifting the easement to allow for the sidewalk.
6:34:38 PM Gulledge Commented his explanation was rather confusing. Stated while the Board has not seen that particular letter, it is aware of the easement requirements for which they are asking for the previous medical buildings that were built that Mr. Jerome is a part of. Stated the Board is also aware that Ross told the Mayor at the Planning Commission meeting that the deal was off because Mr. Jerome was not going to buy the property from Mr. Queroli. Jerome commented this may never come to pass if the easement is not lifted that is adjacent to this piece of property. Mayor responded the Board was under the impression it was a moot issue until Steve Jerome called a couple of days prior. Stated Mayor told him at that time he could address the Board to answer any questions they might have. Stated whatever they do, there will not be a final decision made tonight, as this is a Caucus meeting and, as he explained to Steve, no formal action is taken at these meetings; the purpose of Caucus meetings is for discussion regarding situations that will be voted on at a regular Board meeting. He commented to David that he might want to put the proposal in writing so the Board knows exactly what they are asking for.
6:36:31 PM David Jerome Indicated that was okay, and asked if they will be required to come to another meeting.
6:36:33 PM Gulledge Responded at this time he would say that is not necessary. Stated he will let the Board members ask any questions they have; however for a formal Board meeting they will need the proposal in writing. He invited the Board members to ask any questions.
6:37:05 PM Schmidt Commented that the property to which they are referring is not the one he has on the agenda to speak about later in the meeting; he believes this property is just to the left. They referred to the display via PowerPoint, pointing out the property owned by Mr. Queroli.
6:37:39 PM Schmidt Asked if Mr. Queroli was the only owner of that property. He was told yes.
6:37:45 PM Garcia Asked if Steve Jerome is purchasing the property.
6:37:47 PM Steve Jerome Answered from the audience that they are in discussions right now. Stated the next one they are looking to purchase is to the east and referred to the PowerPoint display. Stated there are no utilities on that property. Stated in order to make any building on that property worthwhile they have to obtain the easement release. Commented so far all the utility companies have released easement. Stated if they do the purchase the Village can have the easement right next to the property. Further comments were not able to be heard, as he was speaking from the audience.
6:38:41 PM Gulledge Pointed out where the medical buildings are located on the PowerPoint display.
6:38:44 PM Steve Jerome Stated he is only 25% owner of the LLC that owns that property, so he will have to obtain agreement from the other owners in order to give the Village what they are requesting.
6:38:59 PM Gulledge Commented that one of the other owners of the LLC called regarding property (indicated on the PowerPoint display). Stated he asked this individual if he is a part of this, and the individual responded that chances are he will be. Stated what he explained to the Board was that the owners asked for the Village to vacate an easement (indicated on the PowerPoint display). Stated his opinion that at that time the Board did not have a problem with that. Stated they also were planning some time in the future to build sidewalks down Vadalabene to connect 162 to the sidewalks that are already going in (indicated on the PowerPoint display). Stated in that case, the Village was in favor of vacating. Referred to the PowerPoint display, showing a portion that the Village will get regardless, because it is before the Planning Commission now. Stated he told the Board of the intention to ask Al Jer Development for a ten-foot easement across the front to put in a sidewalk, and they will require a ten-foot sidewalk from anyone doing any work along this area from now on. Stated the question is whether or not the Board should not give the easement (indicated on the PowerPoint display), because they may not get another easement (indicated on the PowerPoint display). He asked David Jerome if he is correct in his assumption.
6:41:18 PM David Jerome Answered yes. Stated they are talking about "apples and oranges" because they have two different ownership entities between the two properties; however Steve as a 25% shareholder of the medical complex, has gone to the other owners who have said if they can be a participant in the sheds that are going in behind. David Jerome's comments were interrupted by Steve Jerome from the audience. Gulledge interjected, explaining that if Steve Jerome wants to comment he will need to step to the podium so as to be recorded for the official meeting minutes.
6:42:18 PM Steve Jerome Stated his name and address for the record: 14 Schiber Court, Maryville, Illinois, 62062. Stated the shed's will be located behind Mr. Queroli's property, and indicated the location on the display. Stated, due to the new RV and Boat ordinance, the RV and boat parking will also go there. Stated Illinois Power granted him permission to attached to their fence, so there will be a gate getting in and out for public access with surveillance cameras. Stated the front property, where the easement he needs is, there is a thirty foot egress off of the property line to the west, which they will be using for parking. Stated if they take thirty foot out of there, and then the ten foot off of his property, essentially the lot is not build-able. Stated Rich Jarrett, who is the partner that phoned the Mayor, has an interest more for the Queroli's, as he has been personal friends with them since he was a child. Stated Mr. Jarrett has pushed him into making a fairly substantial offer with them being able to stay at their residence for the next ten years. Stated this is to help out the Queroli's, as Tony is starting to get senile and Joan is worried that she does not have the money to put him in a nursing home. Stated if they get the one building done, the other doesn't necessarily have to go, he just thought it would be "neat" to put that one last one in and then the whole park will be blocked in with a nice strip of medical buildings. Stated as far as the LLC is concerned, he has to compensate the other partners. Stated Jarrett will come in at 10% on the next LLC because Sean will not be a partner at all as he will be employed so he has a little bid of a stake. Stated he can push the votes over to get it, as the Village has his 20% of the vote already. Stated these are two different companies, and the other members of the other companies are going to have to be compensated by Al Jer Development in exchange for their votes to get the easement release fees.
6:45:12 PM Kostyshock Asked how deep the lot is.
6:45:17 PM Steve Jerome Answered 3.3 acres. Stated the front part going back is approximately eight-tenths of an acre (indicated on the PowerPoint display).
6:45:24 PM Gulledge Commented he does not know how many feet, but it does go back and is a strange shape.
6:45:38 PM Callahan Asked how they plan to get in to the lot.
6:46:03 PM Steve Jerome Answered they are going to take part of Lot 15 and annex it and square the two off. More reference was made to the PowerPoint display. Gulledge commented what Callahan means is how will one get back to the lot. Steve Jerome answered the thirty-foot egress is on that piece of property, and the thought was to come across Lot 13. More reference was made to the PowerPoint display regarding the logistics. Commented there will be a thirty-foot roadway in between the two warehouses. Stated they would open up the fence so people would have to go past all the security cameras and lighting to get in and out. Stated this plan does not congest traffic in and out of the restaurant parking lot.
6:46:49 PM Bell Asked Jerome to point out the area where the boats and RVs will be on the PowerPoint Display.
6:47:25 PM Garcia Commented her understanding that what they are asking for is for the Board to give them the easement going down the middle of the property for the easement in front of the building.
6:47:30 PM Steve Jerome Answered just on Lot 15. More reference was made to the PowerPoint display.
6:47:43 PM Gulledge Commented for the benefit of the Jerome's, the Village will get it anyway because the owner will come to the Board with their plans. Stated it will be part of their PDB. More reference was made to the PowerPoint display.
6:48:49 PM Bell Commented he likes the idea of the boat storage.
6:48:58 PM Gulledge Commented unless the Board tells him different, he thinks they understand Jeromes' side of the situation; he would like to see exactly what they are asking for in writing. Asked them to address it to the Mayor, and he will make sure that each member of the Board including Trustee Limberg will get a copy. Stated after they have had a chance to review and discuss the written proposal they will proceed from there. Stated he will also provide a copy to the Village attorney.
6:49:42 PM Bell Commented he believes the only question is the concern about getting the sidewalk easement on the medical buildings that are already built.
6:49:54 PM Gulledge Commented he is not saying he is going along with Jerome's plan; they are just talking about the easements right now.
6:50:08 PM Bell Responded he understands, but the question with the easements is that the Village would like to obtain them for a sidewalk down Vadalabene road, as they are picking up easements at the other end of the road.
6:50:25 PM Steve Jerome Answered that is correct; if the purchase goes through on the Queroli property, the Village is welcome to the easement across it.
6:50:51 PM Kostyshock Commented the entrance is currently asphalt. Asked if they will leave it that way or improve it.
6:51:14 PM Steve Jerome Answered it is rock and chip. Stated they may go ahead and asphalt it between the two buildings initially. Stated right now that is compacted enough that they could wait until next year to asphalt it all the way out to Vadalabene. Stated in the back with as "marshy" as the ground is and with the water table, if the ground is not compacted the asphalt breaks up almost immediately. Commented they are having the problem on Dr. Kopjas' parking lot. Kostyshock asked if it will be a private entrance way. Jerome answered yes.
6:51:40 PM Gulledge Went to next agenda item, Al Jer Medical Building, and invited the Jerome's to stay as this item is also theirs.
6:51:45 PM Schmidt Stated the Planning Commission met regarding a new medical building on Vadalabene by Al Jer Development. Stated he has an 11 X 17 schematic of the layout. Commented the lot is an irregular shape, and a couple of things were done to try and help the company get a building on this piece of ground. Stated the way the PDB is set up, there is a requirement that a building can cover no more than 70% of the lot itself. Stated because of the shape of the lot, the size of the building and conforming to the number of parking spaces the building will require, the size of the building is going to be closer to 80% of the lot size. Stated this was brought up to the Planning Commission. Stated they are going to recommend the variance for the difference allowing a greater portion of the building to be located on the lot. Stated Al Jer has met all of the other requirements needed at this time. Stated there were some problems with some easements, but it is his understanding from John Dutton and the Mayor that all issues have been rectified. Stated it will be before the Board for a vote on the granting of the variance and plan approval at next week's Board meeting.
6:53:41 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions.
6:53:44 PM Schmidt Commented it will look similar to the other buildings located across from Schiber Court.
6:53:52 PM Bell Commented the existing buildings look more square than the plan.
6:53:56 PM Gulledge Responded that is because it is an odd size lot.
6:54:04 PM Schmidt Clarified that architecturally, the buildings will look similar.
6:54:11 PM Gulledge Stated if there were no other questions or comments, the item will be placed on the agenda for the Board meeting next week.
6:54:18 PM Schmidt Referred to the map display to clarify the location for Trustee Garcia.
6:54:42 PM Callahan Asked how big the alley behind the building is.
6:55:02 PM Schmidt Responded approximately 14 feet.
6:55:18 PM Ross Koch Stated he is from Koch Surveying and Engineering in Collinsville. Stated that area is 14 feet for trash, deliveries, and will have 3 parking spaces behind the building. Commented this is similar to the medical building across the street. Stated they matched as well as they could as far as the positioning of the building.
6:56:11 PM Bell Asked if the entrance to the building is located near the handicap parking.
6:56:18 PM Koch Responded it will be in front of the building. Stated the handicap parking will match up to the sidewalk into the building.
6:56:36 PM Schmidt Added the ten-foot easements are included so they can pour sidewalks at a later date .
6:56:46 PM Koch Clarified that was recorded that afternoon. Gulledge commented that he and Rod had both been contacted.
6:56:58 PM Gulledge Stated the item will be on the agenda for the Board meeting next Wednesday. Went to next agenda item, 2002 Ford Taurus Public Service Vehicle. Asked if any Trustees had any ideas on this issue, although they wouldn't necessarily have to make a decision this evening.
6:57:38 PM Garcia Commented her opinion that they should sell the older vehicle.
6:57:41 PM Gulledge Handed out a copy of a memorandum from Chief Schardan detailing his idea to convert Mayor's current car to a patrol vehicle, and Mayor use the Taurus. Explained Schardan's wife is ill, so Mayor excused him from the meeting. Explained the car that Mayor drives has 51,000 miles, and no problems. Stated it has a police package, as it used to be a police vehicle. Stated it is a 2000 model. Stated they have been working towards trying to get all of the cars on a three-year program, plus each police officer would have his own car for which he would be responsible, thereby making it last a lot longer. Commented he believes Limberg and Schardan are working on a lease program. Reiterated they don't have to take any action tonight; he just wants to make sure the Public Service vehicle is not forgotten.
6:59:24 PM Bell Asked if Mayor is suggesting converting the 2000 back to a patrol car. Commented this would mean putting either $3,200 or $6,200 into that car.
6:59:42 PM Garcia Responded that is correct; and a year from now they will want to trade it in.
6:59:47 PM Gulledge Commented they take all of the lights, etc. off at that time.
7:00:05 PM Schmidt Asked what Sgt. Lange is currently using for a vehicle.
7:00:08 PM Gulledge Responded he has a squad car; he is unsure which one it is. Stated Sgt. Lange is probably the one officer that goes easiest on vehicles, because he is a sergeant and does not put as many miles on as a patrolman does.
7:00:29 PM Garcia Asked what "without the radar and camera" meant in the memo.
7:00:35 PM Gulledge Responded the other cars have radars and cameras; Sgt. Lange doesn't run radar like the other patrolmen. Commented Sgt. Lange splits use of a vehicle right now.
7:00:54 PM Garcia Commented that car could then only be used by Sgt. Lange and could not go to another police officer.
7:00:59 PM Gulledge Explained that Schardan is communicating that there are two options. Reiterated the decision is up to the Board.
7:01:08 PM Bell Commented they made a decision that they wanted all cars making traffic stops to have a camera. Commented he has no problem eliminating the radar.
7:01:23 PM Garcia Commented her point was if they don't install the radar and camera, none of the other police officers can use the car. Commented she thought the idea was that the officers could use any car in the fleet.
7:01:38 PM Gulledge Responded no; they are trying to get to a point where each officer has their own car, so that each officer is responsible for it. Stated that has been the goal since Chief Sonnenberg was here. Stated every year or two they get another car, they get closer to that goal. Stated they have two or three policemen that currently have their own car.
7:02:13 PM Callahan Clarified which car they are talking about. He was told it is the 2000 model that Mayor currently drives.
7:02:23 PM Gulledge Commented the 2002 is a small car, and is not a police car; the car Mayor currently uses already has a police package, which means it has all the heavy suspension, bigger motor, etc. Added the 2002 is a six-cylinder.
7:02:57 PM Kostyshock Asked if they really want to put a six year old car in service full-time.
7:03:03 PM Gulledge Explained Schardan's position is that Sgt. Lange does not put a lot of miles on a car.
7:03:10 PM Todd Commented that car does not currently have a lot of miles.
7:03:13 PM Gulledge Commented it currently has 51,000; when he received it five years ago it had 29,000.
7:03:19 PM Garcia Commented she thought the idea was to turn them around every three years.
7:03:24 PM Gulledge Referred to the memo, stating that Schardan says in 18 months they would get rid of it. Stated with the added mileage they will not get more than $2,000-$3,000 for it anyway. Stated they will take the parts off when they trade it.
7:03:49 PM Schmidt Suggested adding everything listed in the memo except the radar and leave the camera, which will bring the cost to $4,861.
7:04:13 PM Gulledge Responded that was a good point.
7:04:17 PM Bell Asked if all of that $4,861 is transferable to a new car. Gulledge answered yes, except the markings. Bell commented the console may or may not be. Gulledge concurred.
7:04:47 PM Garcia Commented she wants to make sure these things can be reused and Schardan doesn't come back in 18 months and buy a car that none of this equipment will fit in and it has to be purchased again.
7:04:52 PM Gulledge Responded that would not happen.
7:05:01 PM Callahan Commented that basically Schardan wants to use the 2000 and give Mayor the 2002, which means they just end up with another police car.
7:05:18 PM Bell Answered that was correct. Commented instead of a car not being used, they have a police car for the next 18 months. Commented the other option would be to sell one of the two and not get as much out of it. Commented 18 months use as a police car is worth more than they would get for the car. Commented he has no problem with the idea, but he would like to keep the camera.
7:06:00 PM Schmidt Agreed they should keep the camera and delete the radar.
7:06:04 PM Callahan Clarified that the camera is definitely interchangeable. Gulledge answered yes, and so is the radar.
7:06:10 PM Garcia Commented for instance that will always be a sergeant car so if it wasn't Sgt. Lange it would be another sergeant.
7:06:16 PM Gulledge Responded he could not answer that.
7:06:19 PM Callahan Asked how many miles were on the 2002 model. Presson stated his belief that it was approximately 25,000. Gulledge commented that Flaugher's has 29,000. Kostyshock commented Jones' has less, and he thought it was 25,000.
7:06:57 PM Gulledge Commented he drove Flaugher's that day to see if he could fit in it, and he fills it up.
7:07:05 PM Garcia Asked if he would rather keep the older car and make the police car the smaller car. She was told they couldn't do that.
7:07:17 PM Gulledge Responded he fits better in the 2000, but that is not what this is about, as the car does not belong to him. He asked if there were any other comments. Schmidt and Bell were both in favor.
7:07:36 PM Callahan Stated he has no problem with it. Commented he doesn't understand why they need a camera if Schardan doesn't think they do.
7:07:49 PM Bell Responded they previously made a decision that all police cars would be equipped with cameras for safety purposes.
7:08:07 PM Callahan Reiterated he does not have a problem with the idea.
7:08:15 PM Kostyshock Stated he is in favor. Commented they will be using this as a patrol car, so the equipment is needed.
7:08:26 PM Garcia Stated she agrees.
7:08:27 PM Gulledge Concluded that the decision was to tell Schardan to leave the camera in and exclude the radar.
7:08:58 PM Gulledge Went to next agenda item Late Fee on Stonebridge Villa Water Bill. Reminded the Board of the correspondence read at the last Board meeting from Stonebridge Villa Association regarding the $62.96 charge of a 10% penalty on a $629.61 bill from October. This was for the meter the Association has that facilitates their sprinkling system for their grounds. Stated bills went out in October, which was the month they had trouble at the post office. Stated because of these problems, they extended the due date from the 15th of the month to the 31st of the month before penalties would be charged. Stated the person that was in charge of paying this water bill at the time came in to pay their personal water bill. Stated this person came back in November and told the Water Clerk that they had not received the bill for the Association. Stated at that time the Water Clerk told that individual that it was late, they had already extended the date to the 31st. The Water Clerk further showed this individual the disclosure on the bill stating the customer's responsibility for the bill regardless of receipt. Stated the Association would like the Village to credit their account the $62.96 that they call an "overcharge", which the Village calls a late charge for not paying the bill on time. Stated Paul Thalhammer, who is an Association Board member contacted Mayor, and he explained that he cannot waive a late charge or adjust the bill in any way. Thalhammer asked what his recourse was, and Mayor told him to write a letter to the Board. He asked the Board what they want to do about the situation.
7:12:20 PM Callahan Asked Presson his recommendation.
7:12:21 PM Presson Stated he believes the bill was late, and recommends the Board stand behind the penalty.
7:12:26 PM Garcia Commented as she paid her own bill, she should have noticed she didn't have the Association bill.
7:12:35 PM Gulledge Responded he posed that question to her and Thalhammer, saying at the time she came in to pay her personal bill she was told the bills had gone out late. Commented it might have been an oversight.
7:12:50 PM Presson Commented every other person on that Association had also paid their bill.
7:13:06 PM Kostyshock Commented they have always upheld their late charges in the past, and if they take exception for one then everyone will want the same courtesy.
7:13:36 PM Callahan Asked within the confines of the ordinances if they have the ability to have an account that avoids the sewer charges because they know none of the water is going into the sewer. He was told yes, as long as the individual has a separate water tap and meter.
7:14:50 PM Schmidt Asked Presson if this is all Summit Ridge. Presson answered yes. Schmidt asked if there were 14 buildings there. Presson answered he doesn't know the exact number, but probably roughly around that number. Schmidt asked if it is also Southern Ridge. Presson answered he assumed they would add on to that sprinkler system. Schmidt clarified they are not part of this dispute. Presson answered not that he is aware. Gulledge asked if Schmidt was okay with Presson's recommendation.
7:15:14 PM Schmidt Commented he discussed the situation with the Water Clerk that day, and is in favor of leaving the late charge as it stands.
7:15:15 PM Gulledge Asked the rest of the Trustees. All agreed to leave the late charges on the bill. Stated he will contact Thalhammer to let him know the late charges will stand. Went to the next agenda item, Pomerantz' resignation. Stated Presson and Kostyshock are eager to find a replacement, and would like the Board to approve the position before they spend time looking for someone.
7:15:59 PM Schmidt Asked if one person is enough.
7:16:07 PM Presson Admitted he would like to ask the Board for more than one, but won't.
7:16:20 PM Bell Asked if he still had the name of the individual looking for part time that he supplied to Presson.
7:16:26 PM Presson Answered that is another option that he will discuss with the Board later.
7:16:35 PM Gulledge Asked if anyone had a problem with Presson advertising for the position. Garcia expressed confusion over the process. After various comments and discussion it was explained that they have not found a replacement yet, Presson is simply asking if it is okay to advertise. The Board was in favor.
7:17:57 PM Gulledge Went to next agenda item, 2005 MFT Expenditures. Stated the Village went back through all the work that was done in 2005, and found some bituminous patching and concrete work were Motor Fuel Tax eligible, so they can reimburse the General Fund account $52,603.38 from the Motor Fuel Tax account. He commended Presson for his record keeping that this reimbursement was found. Stated the item will be placed on the agenda for the next Board meeting. Stated after that meeting, they will submit the proposal to IDOT who will need to okay the transfer.
7:19:49 PM Gulledge Stated they will come back to the next agenda item, Juneau's Annual Consultant Services Contract. Went to agenda item #16, Public Works F-150 Engine Repair.
7:20:10 PM Presson Stated they had an engine problem in the 1998 Ford; they have basically lost an engine due to a gasket malfunction. Stated it is not under warranty. Stated the truck has approximately 50,000 miles. Stated the engine will have to be replaced. Stated this is not a maintenance issue; it is a gasket situation from Ford. Stated Ford does not accept it as an issue, but has had prior problems; however Ford will not warranty it. Stated he received four bids to replace the engine. Stated the truck has been properly serviced, as evidenced by all of the retained service and mileage records. Commented the truck is in great shape, and is one they will want to keep for a long time.
7:21:27 PM Kostyshock Explained the gasket gave out and the anti-freeze ran into the oil.
7:21:40 PM Schmidt Recommended going with the number two bid, mainly because they are a Ford dealer.
7:21:54 PM Kostyshock Asked Presson his opinion on the company with the low bid.
7:21:57 PM Presson Answered they have recently started using this company for smaller maintenance issues. Stated they have had no problems so far.
7:22:06 PM Kostyshock Commented in that case his recommendation is to go with the low bid.
7:22:24 PM Presson Commented he would prefer to use the manufacturer of the truck, and therefore recommends the Ford bid.
7:22:49 PM Kostyshock Asked what type of warranty they will receive.
7:22:50 PM Presson Answered it will be a one-year engine warranty.
7:23:00 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees their opinions. All were in favor of the Jack Schmidt bid. Stated the item will be placed on the agenda for the Board meeting next Wednesday.
7:23:16 PM Gulledge Went to agenda item #15, SCADA "Wonderware" software Upgrade.
7:23:26 PM Presson Stated this is the software package upgrade they have been working on for a while. Stated these are the companies that can do the upgrades and provide installation. Stated it will take approximately four to six weeks to get the software in and installed after Board approval. Explained the first bid is not merged together because it is two separate companies; one supplies the software and hardware, the other supplies the installation of both. Stated that cost is $9,423 for that one bid. Stated he has included the next low bid, and then a third. Stated his recommendation would be for RE Pedrotti for installation of the software, hardware and PC Anywhere.
7:24:34 PM Bell Explained this is the system that controls the water plant, lift stations, tower, etc. Stated they have been on the same system for seven to eight years. Stated they bought a new PC for the water tower, and they need to upgrade the software to an XP compatible version of the SCADA system. Stated Presson has been working for a while to get some good bids on replacing that system. Stated they are updating the computer technology, not picking up additional options; the antiquated system does need to be replaced.
7:25:26 PM Gulledge Clarified that the recommendation is to go with the Pedrotti bid.
7:25:29 PM Bell Stated he is trusting Presson's recommendation on that, as he has not looked at them that closely. Stated Presson knows what he needs.
7:25:38 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees if the were in favor. All were. Stated the item will be placed on the agenda for the Board meeting next Wednesday. Asked if anyone had any questions for Presson on anything. No one did. Thanked Presson for his input.
7:26:01 PM Presson Addressed Bell, stating to answer his question before the meeting, yes the swings were taken care of.
7:26:06 PM Gulledge Went to Juneau's annual consultants services contract, stating attorney looked it over and gave his approval. Stated he took out a couple of the caveats that Juneau likes to put in. Referred to the exhibit of hourly rates. Asked if anyone had questions. No one did. Stated the item will be placed on the agenda for approval at the Board meeting next Wednesday.
7:26:41 PM Gulledge Went to next agenda item, Firemen's Park Pay Application #1.
7:26:58 PM Bell Stated the pay application is in the amount of $51,990.30. Stated a lot of work has been done, but a lot of the cost is for materials on site. Gulledge commented they have all the lien waivers. Bell stated he would like to put approval of the pay application on the agenda for the Board meeting next Wednesday.
7:27:35 PM Gulledge Asked if there were questions. There were none. Stated the item will be placed on the agenda.
7:27:39 PM Schmidt Asked for a completion date estimate.
7:27:41 PM Gulledge Answered eighty days from when it started. Stated it has only been two to three weeks so far. Commented it will be done in plenty of time for the homecoming. Went to next agenda item, Solid Waste Recycling Grant for Parks.
7:28:07 PM Bell Stated Madison County is offering a Solid Waste Recycling Grant. Stated this means the Village could get a grant to replace the rubber in the playground with this new item, which is a poured material similar to a rubber mat.
7:28:51 PM Gulledge Commented they have several around the county, and invited anyone that desires to see the one at Meyer's Park. Commented he has not yet seen it, but has spoken with people that say it works well.
7:29:10 PM Bell Asked if there was color selections.
7:29:11 PM Gulledge Answered yes, the County picks the color because it is a bulk purchase.
7:29:33 PM Bell Stated they are asking the Board for permission to apply for the grant.
7:29:37 PM Gulledge Commented he does not want to fill out the paperwork if the Board is not interested in doing it. Explained it is a rubberized mat that is seven or eight inches thick, so it eliminates all the chips being kicked out of the playground area. Commented his opinion that it will work well.
7:29:57 PM Schmidt Clarified that the cost is $16,000.
7:30:04 PM Gulledge Responded the maximum given is $16,000.
7:30:09 PM Callahan Asked if they knew how big a mat $16,000 would give them.
7:30:13 PM Gulledge Referred to the grant application, where it is noted the grant is based on County's estimate receiving a $9 per square foot price from the manufacturer. As an example, if the playground is 40 X 50, which equals 2,000 square feet, the cost would be $18,000. Commented the Village would do what they can now. Commented he made a mistake last year, as this program was in place and he mistook it for the rubber mulch and did not bring it before the Board. Various discussion ensued regarding the estimated size of the playground and the provisions of the prior grant for the rubber mulch.
7:31:32 PM Kostyshock Asked what they can do with the existing mulch.
7:31:37 PM Callahan Answered it has to be used for landscaping.
7:31:45 PM Gulledge Commented they can landscape down at the water plant.
7:32:08 PM Bell Completed his calculation of the playground, stating it is 85 X 35, which is 2,975 square feet. This would work out to an approximate cost of $19,000.
7:32:33 PM Gulledge Commented they are putting $3,000 to $4,000 in by the time they dig out the mulch every other year. Stated his opinion that it is a good opportunity.
7:32:41 PM Garcia Asked how many years it will last.
7:32:45 PM Gulledge Stated he was unsure, but it thought should be a long time. He asked the Trustees what they wanted him to do.
7:33:12 PM Schmidt Commented the prior estimate is incorrect, as if the park is not quite 3,000 square feet, at $9 per square foot that works out to $27,000. Callahan concurred, and apologized for his bad math.
7:33:34 PM Garcia Asked if there was a smaller playground they could use it for.
7:33:39 PM Bell Referred to the other parks via PowerPoint, saying he was unsure they should put a rubber mat on one half and mulch on the other half. Stated the other playgrounds might be a little smaller, but they have brand new surfaces. Various comments were made.
7:34:36 PM Schmidt Commented it will cost the Village approximately $11,000 to do the whole thing.
7:34:43 PM Callahan Asked if all the other playgrounds were in good shape.
7:34:43 PM Bell Answered all the others had the new drainage system and the mulch installed this year.
7:34:58 PM Garcia Asked how much smaller the other parks were.
7:35:14 PM Bell Answered he thinks they are smaller, but he could be wrong.
7:35:26 PM Garcia Commented maybe they could do half this year and half next year in order to get the grant.
7:35:28 PM Bell Asked what they wanted to do.
7:36:00 PM Kostyshock Responded they should apply for the grant and then decide where they will put it.
7:36:05 PM Callahan Commented in order to apply for the grant they will need to tell the County how they intend to use it.
7:36:12 PM Kostyshock Stated the grant is for a playground -- the Village has three.
7:36:19 PM Gulledge Commented the application must be turned in by Friday, March 24. More comments on how to use the grant ensued. After various discussion, it was decided that Mayor should apply for the grant.
7:37:40 PM Gulledge Went out of order to accommodate Trustee Bell, who needed to leave the meeting early. Apologized that he did not have time to get the next issue on the agenda. Asked Bell to discuss the Trailhead Park issue while he went to make copies of the literature.
7:38:18 PM Bell Stated the Madison County Park and Recreation Grant Commission is offering a grant for Trailhead Parks. Stated they will appropriate $300,000 in the form of 4 $75,000 grants. Stated the Park Board would like to use this grant to add parking spots at Parkview that they took out of the project to get the cost down when they put in the new comfort station. Stated they would also like to put accesses to the bike trail off of Route 159 in the east and west directions. Explained that when the widening project began there was not a lot of cooperation between IDOT and MCT to get that project done. Stated they would like to put a paved, ten-foot wide surface down to the bike trail from Route 159, similar to what was done on Keebler Road. Gulledge further explained this would provide pedestrians access to go under the viaduct via the bike trail instead of having to cross over Route 159. Bell commented they do not know at this time exactly how much this project would cost in order to tell if the grant would cover all of it.
7:41:14 PM Gulledge Stated it is not a matching grant: MCPRDC, which is located in Collinsville, is appropriating $300,000 for these projects, and will only give four $75,000 grants. Stated the Village's chances of receiving it are slim, but they think it is a good project and will do everything they can to obtain the grant. Stated he talked to Juneau, who thinks they can make it work for the $75,000 cost.
7:42:24 PM Schmidt Asked if they need easements.
7:42:25 PM Gulledge Responded at this time they do not believe so. Explained they know they don't on the east side, and they are checking on the status of the west side.
7:42:43 PM Schmidt Clarified they are talking about an access on each side.
7:42:44 PM Gulledge Answered yes. He asked the Trustees their opinion on applying for this grant. All were in favor.
7:43:03 PM Bell Stated the Mayor provided a map of the parking lot that services the Outreach Center and Khoury League. Stated he took that map and circled some ideas of how to restrict certain parking from the Khoury League for both Village business meetings and the Outreach Center. Stated the Khoury League will receive the map and will be asked to police the situation as best they can, but the Board might have to come up with an alternative to that. Commented with regard to the Outreach Center, it has a bit of barrier that they might be able to block off to where there is just one entrance and erect a sign saying that parking is not for Khoury League use. Commented the front of the Administration Building is a little harder, as there are too many ways in and out. Stated if the Board agrees with the way he marked the map, he will forward it to the Khoury League and ask that they enforce the rule.
7:45:34 PM Garcia Asked how many spaces his idea leaves the Outreach Center.
7:45:38 PM Bell Answered fourteen regular and three handicap.
7:45:56 PM Gulledge Commented that should be plenty, and is actually more liberal than he thought they needed.
7:45:58 PM Garcia Commented between customers, workers and clients, they will need that many.
7:46:06 PM Callahan Asked what nights they are open.
7:46:07 PM Garcia Responded Tuesday evening, Wednesday afternoons, Thursday morning and afternoon, and Saturday. Commented the problem will be Tuesday night and Saturday.
7:46:19 PM Gulledge Commented he thinks it can be worked out. Stated the Khoury League understands the problem, and is willing to work with the Village, as do the Outreach people. Commented he thinks Bell's plan is good, they just need to figure out how to implement it.
7:46:43 PM Bell Stated he is unsure if there are a lot of new clients coming in or repeat clients; commented they may be able to come up with some type of parking identification sticker in order to enforce the rule.
7:47:01 PM Gulledge Commented they have some time to work on the fine-tuning of the plan.
7:47:08 PM Garcia Commented the idea of painting around the area to restrict the parking.
7:47:17 PM Gulledge Responded he doesn't think it would be right to restrict parking when Outreach Center people and Village Administration people are not there. Garcia concurred. Gulledge explained they are going to work on it; they just wanted the Board to be aware they had come up with a plan on what areas to reserve.
7:47:49 PM Callahan Commented his opinion that tickets should be issued, because people will park in these spots. He pointed out that a lot of people aren't Khoury League members but grandparents, etc. Commented he thinks the issue should be how they will police it.
7:48:17 PM Bell Commented it won't hurt for the Khoury League to correspond with the parents of enrolled kids telling them they cannot park in certain areas.
7:48:31 PM Gulledge Stated he had some issues to discuss before Calendar Updates and To-Do List because Bell needed to leave. He asked Presson to take the podium to discuss the $700 charge on the meter at Firemen's Park from Henderson.
7:49:04 PM Presson Stated Henderson issued a corrective statement explaining the reason why they needed to do that work. Stated they have not yet accomplished that work. Stated it was an over-dig due to the foundation being over-poured, which caused the line to break underneath the foundation. Stated rather than splice and have multiple fittings underneath the current foundation, Presson recommends they pay the $700 to have the meter line relocated up into the new building.
7:49:56 PM Gulledge Commented this is the way Presson would have fixed it after viewing the problem. Presson concurred.
7:50:02 PM Bell Stated the only concern he has is the fact the letter states it is combining to one system. Stated the way the storage shed is, the water is currently turned off after the homecoming, the water heater is drained, etc.
7:50:24 PM Presson Responded they will still have access to do that through a valve inside that building.
7:50:26 PM Bell Clarified as long as they can shut off and drain that part of the system he does not have a problem with it.
7:50:49 PM Presson There will be a valve and they will be able to isolate that side of the building exactly as they do right now.
7:51:00 PM Gulledge Stated they will add the item to the bills to be paid.
7:51:20 PM Gulledge Asked to discuss one more item before Bell had to leave. Stated the Madison County Board of Appeals agenda included an item of interest to the Village regarding a request for signage by Pur Gas Inc. He read the item verbatim. Explained the location of Pur Gas behind Sharky's that is not on the Village property line agreement, but is right next to the Village and is unincorporated Collinsville Township. Stated his opinion that it is a mistake for the Village not to contest a huge sign that will be right there. Commented Pur Gas is a business that has been there for many years. Garcia asked if it will advertise Pur Gas. Gulledge responded he didn't know, as the item is not specific; it could be anything such as a bill board, etc. Stated his opinion that the Village is not in favor of such a sign, unless the Board tells him different. Stated he plans to ask Joe Semanisin, their County Board member to say the Village does not want to see this happen. Reference was made to a map via PowerPoint as to where the sign would be and where the municipality boundary lines are.
7:54:02 PM Schmidt Asked if IDOT had anything to say on the issue.
7:54:04 PM Gulledge Answered he did not know.
7:54:22 PM Garcia Asked if there were homes located near the site. Gulledge responded yes. Garica commented they will not like it either.
7:54:25 PM Gulledge Commented right now he is concerned with the aesthetics for the Village. Various comments regarding the issue ensued. Gulledge stated he talked with Joe Semanisin regarding the issue, and he said he will represent whatever position the Board feels is appropriate. Stated if the Board feels strongly enough about the issue, he plans on attending the appeal. The Trustees were all in favor.
7:55:45 PM Callahan Asked to discuss an issue before Bell leaves. Stated they talked about coming up with the $1.3 million to pay for the road projects with the sidewalks and curbs. Stated he met with Mayor and Brussatti and the general feeling was that there was about $500,000 in General Funds currently they could earmark for the project. Stated Madison County has a special loan project currently where they can borrow up to $500,000, although they have not yet confirmed the money is still available. Stated they had seven years at 3% and ten years at 4%. Stated Brussatti looked that day and the best rate they got was 4.5% from the local banks; stated he got three bids and none were close. Bell asked where the other $300,000 would come from. Callahan responded they hoped to do another special census next fiscal year, which begins in May. Stated the money is not due on any certain day, it is due on the over the period that the project is done. Gulledge commented that will probably be about a year.
7:57:15 PM Gulledge Commented they are not ready to ask the Board's approval; Callahan is informing the Board of the research that has been done.
7:57:30 PM Callahan Stated some of the recommendation they would make is to try to put their finger on the $500,000 for seven years at 3%; the money to pay that off would come out of Motor Fuel Tax. Stated they receive about $16,000 per month in MFT, and the payment would be about $6,000. Stated there is also a little bit of a surplus in MFT now. Stated they are just about finished paying off the sidewalks they are installing on Route 159; these will be paid off by September.
7:58:04 PM Gulledge Stated they wanted to let the Board know where they are headed; certainly they will come back for Board approval before anything is signed.
7:58:22 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. He asked how the art show went. Bell answered he had not heard. Gulledge asked a citizen in the audience if he had attended. He responded yes. Gulledge asked him to step to the podium to comment.
7:58:59 PM Louis Ray Stated his name and address for the record: 112 Fairway Drive, Maryville, Illinois, 62062. Stated the art show went very well. Stated there were at least 75 to 100 pieces of art work. Gulledge thanked Ray for his comments. Bell excused himself from the meeting.
7:59:38 PM Callahan Asked if attorney had finished the practice ordinance.
7:59:39 PM Gulledge Responded attorney had been at the Village Hall and was supposed to give it to him that evening, but he had to leave. Apologized that he did not ask for it. Stated he will call attorney in the morning. Callahan responded that was okay, but it might be a too late to mail if they don't have it by tomorrow. Gulledge asked if there were any other items for the Calendar.
8:00:06 PM Schmidt Added the Zoning Board of Appeals on Saturday, March 11, 2006 at 9:00 a.m. Stated there is only one item: The application for a special use permit for an MVOB for First National Bank of Staunton for building a new larger facility south of Bobby's on Route 159.
8:00:37 PM Gulledge Went to To Do List, page l; there were no comments. Went to page 2; there were no comments. Went to page 3; commented regarding the wood chipper. Stated they had planned to purchase one last year, but there was no money left in the fund with the County. Stated they are going to fill out the paperwork and Presson will get some bids. Stated it is basically the same grant, which is up to $20,000 for Madison County's share and a 20% match. Stated the chipper that was chosen last year was approximately $22,000. Stated they will bring it to the Board.
8:02:09 PM Callahan Commented he read in the paper that Maryville is one of the communities that is going into 911.
8:02:16 PM Gulledge Responded the paper did say that; however all the Village said was they would like to see it go forward; there is no formal Board action on it.
8:02:26 PM Callahan Asked if the other communities mentioned had committed.
8:02:31 PM Gulledge Responded he did not know. Stated he talked to Schardan about the article and he informed Mayor that all they said was that they would like to see it go forward. Explained he was at the meeting, and his comment was the Maryville Village Board has not committed to it, but they would like to know more.
8:02:57 PM Gulledge Went to Trustee's Comments.
8:03:06 PM Schmidt Referred to the map on the screen, saying he wasn't sure whose area of responsibility the item falls under, but asked if the area he pointed out was an alleyway that belongs to the Village. He was told it is. Stated he would like to see an effort to clean the area up, as there is a lot of underbrush, trash, even a mattress.
8:04:05 PM Gulledge Agreed. Commented they are working on another part that does not belong to the Village. Referred to the map, pointing out an area that has never been anything but an alley easement. Stated they will have to find out exactly who owns it, as they do not want to run into a situation as they have in the past where they start cleaning up and someone tells them they are trespassing on private property. Schmidt commented it is getting to be a real eye-sore. Gulledge commented they are already working on a lot of the area Schmidt has pointed out.
8:04:48 PM Callahan Commented when he lived in the apartments, he thought they Village was putting water and sewer lines down that alleyway.
8:04:54 PM Gulledge Responded not to his knowledge.
8:04:58 PM Callahan Stated his understanding that people that lived in the front houses had problems and were going out in the back and re-routing the water. He was told no. More comments ensued regarding the area. It was determined that there is a sewer line down the alley, but not a water line.
8:06:08 PM Schmidt Commented Flaugher submitted the Building & Zoning Department budget, which Schmidt is in the process of reviewing. Stated he would like someone from the Village to contact Steve Jerome. Stated when he saw the name on the agenda he was curious as to who the individual was, and in his search he found that Jerome has been living at the body shop. Callahan commented he has for the past fifteen years, and raised a family there. Schmidt commented he thinks he needs to be told that he cannot do that. Callahan commented he has a resident directly across the street from him, who is legally allowed to live there. Gulledge commented that individual came and asked. Schmidt commented that was fine as long as the Village is aware of the situation. He thinks someone needs to contact Mr. Jerome and tell him he needs a permit from the Village. He went on to ask when they anticipate the work to be started again on Route 159.
8:07:38 PM Gulledge Answered he and Presson attended a meeting the previous day at Keller's headquarters, at which there were many people from many different organizations, and they were told they would have been here this week, except for the rain and the forecast. Stated they told them if the weather forecast looks good, they will be here Monday. Commented, as he stated before, the IDOT contracts run from May to November. Stated they informed he and Presson that they are going to concentrate on getting the five lanes open and then working on the sidewalks, residents' yards, and driveways. Stated their main focus will be to get the five lanes open.
8:08:58 PM Schmidt Commented he does not know where the contractor in Edwardsville got his black-top for the new lane that was poured just south of town on Route 157, but they worked all the way through the months of December and January to complete that section.
8:09:18 PM Gulledge Asked if it was an IDOT road. Schmidt responded yes.
8:09:44 PM Kostyshock Commented on the WWII re-enactment at the library, saying it went well. Stated there was a good turn out. Schmidt asked what was the biggest piece of equipment. Kostyshock answered just the rifles. Stated they had some of the people dressed in American outfits, and the others in German.
8:10:28 PM Callahan Commented he did not go to the re-enactment, but did stop by the library Saturday; it was the first time he had been in two months, and he was impressed that it really is a library, and there were fifteen to twenty people in attendance. Stated he asked the librarian, and she told them they have 1,100 library cards issued.
8:11:03 PM Kostyshock Commented every Saturday at 10:30 a.m. they have different things for kids to do. Stated Clifford the Big Red Dog is scheduled for the 18th, and kids will be able to have their photo's taken with him. Stated the library is going well and there are a lot of people that take advantage of it. Stated the next library meeting will be next Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. Stated they are getting close to election time. Referred to the many signs advertising to vote yes on the library. Encouraged everyone to vote. Went on to comment that Thursday, March 23rd from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the physicians building at Anderson Hospital, the Ladies Auxiliary will have a sale of historic pictures of Troy, Glen Carbon, Maryville and other surrounding towns. Commented he would like some trustees to attend and pick up some pictures.
8:12:37 PM Callahan Asked if there were funds to accomplish this, as he thinks it is a good idea.
8:12:42 PM Gulledge Responded they planned to go look.
8:12:44 PM Kostyshock Stated the prices of the pictures are $20, $40, and $60. Comments were made as to the exact location of the building.
8:13:08 PM Garcia Went back to the issue of Route 159, asking when they get that done will IDOT clean up the area by Ralph's Garage.
8:13:48 PM Gulledge Responded yes, and they plan to ask Ralph to clean up his lot as well. Commented that they are cleaning many things up around town. Stated Jones, Flaugher and Presson have all done a good job on the project. He reminded Garcia that they allowed IDOT to use that area as storage as they are moving a lot of things back and forth on this job. Assured Garcia the area will be cleaned up.
8:14:12 PM Callahan Asked if Jones was aware that the Village has a limitation on the size of political yard signs.
8:14:18 PM Gulledge Answered he did not know, but he will try to remind him.
8:14:28 PM Gulledge With nothing further to come before the meeting, called for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
8:15:01 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville