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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date3/22/2006 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:14 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, March 22, 2006 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, noted that there was a computer problem, and gave Clerk Long the opportunity to resolve the issue.
6:39:02 PM Gulledge Thanked everyone for their patience in resolving the computer problem. Asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Bell was absent. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Attorney Wigginton, Police Chief Schardan, Public Works Director Presson, two (2) citizens and two (2) reporters.
6:39:26 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the March 8th Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Schmidt and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the minutes: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:40:02 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan to discuss the police items on the agenda. Stated the first item was in regards to the opening of bids received on the 2000 Ford at the previous Board meeting, which he referred to committee for recommendation.
6:40:28 PM Schardan Stated the bids did not meet what they expected, based on the Blue Book values. Stated when they talked about trading them in, they were only going to get approximately $1,500; the bid was higher than that, so they came out better than they would have on a trade. Stated re-advertising would not guarantee they would receive anything better. Stated he believes all the bids that came in were from cab companies. Stated the reason he knows this is they had sent a flyer asking about used squad cars, and he e-mailed the information. Stated they still owe a debt on the Cadillac to one of the towing companies from when they had the storage and towing on it, which he believes is a little over $1,000. Stated no bids were received on the Cadillac. Stated his opinion is to re-advertise maybe better than the two local papers, but go to a bigger paper that will get it out to a wider area. Also suggested they put it on the website. Suggested taking the highest bid on the Ford, and use that money to pay the debt on the Cadillac.
6:42:02 PM Gulledge Stated $2,109 was the highest bid received on the Ford from Medina Auto Sales out of Chicago, Illinois. He asked the Trustees if they were in favor of accepting this bid. All were in favor. Stated his opinion to re-advertise the Cadillac and do what they can to get it sold. Suggested getting it cleaned up and noting in the ads that people can look at the vehicle at the Police Station. Stated it is a nice car, in good shape. It is a 1985 with approximately 50,000 miles. Stated they will place the bid acceptance on the Board meeting agenda for April 5th.
6:44:00 PM Gulledge Skipped to Agenda Item #7, Heaters for the Police Department Basement. Stated Limberg and Schardan looked into obtaining base heaters, which would cost $50 to $100 for use when the Department uses the basement. Stated they will also have the furnace checked as to why the heat does not reach the basement. Skipped down to Agenda Item #8, Purchase of Light bars.
6:44:51 PM Schardan Stated these are the same light bars as the two obtained previously under State bid. Stated the cost is $471 plus $25 to purchase the needed brackets. Stated he priced the bars on the internet from $800 to $1,200 for the same light bars. Stated the State bid price ends Friday, March 31. Stated if they decide they are needed, they need to be ordered before next Friday to get them at this price. Suggests the purchase, in correlation with the possibility of the lease, plus replacement of older light bars on the squad cars they have now, some of which are ten to twelve years old.  Stated these light bars meet State specifications.
6:45:54 PM Gulledge Asked what the price goes to after Friday.
6:45:57 PM Schardan Answered he did not know because they will have to get a new contract with the State, if they get one.
6:46:15 PM Gulledge Asked how many he is recommending be purchased.
6:46:20 PM Schardan Answered at this price, even if they had to hold on to one or two for a while it would be worth it. Suggested purchasing four (4).
6:46:53 PM Limberg Commented they had originally discussed purchasing three, but after discussing with Schardan the age of some of the existing light bars, he agrees with the recommendation of four (4).
6:47:19 PM Schmidt Asked what the problem is with the older bars and whether it was that the lenses go bad.
6:47:28 PM Schardan Reminded Schmidt that they replaced those when he first came to the Village. Stated the problem is the gears go bad over time, and it is hardly worth trying to find replacement parts when they are that old.
6:47:46 PM Schmidt Asked if he anticipates any changes in regulations on the bars.
6:47:53 PM Schardan Answered no.
6:48:02 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees if they were in favor. All were. Stated, so they understand, they will need to order them and then put them on the April 5th Board agenda. Stated they will order four (4). Asked whether the $25 shipping charge was per-piece or a one-time charge. Schardan answered he was not sure. Gulledge commented, as they were coming from St. Louis, they should look into whether they could avoid the shipping charge by picking them up. Schardan indicated he would check. Went to Agenda item #6, Leasing of Police Vehicles.
6:49:26 PM Schardan Stated Tom Kanzler has brought up the issue several times since Schardan has been with the Village. Stated he is familiar with a study done in St. Louis County about having enough vehicles that each officer has their own. Stated the Columbia PD implemented the plan, and they are currently leasing fifteen (15) cars. Stated he spoke with their Assistant Chief, Jerry Paul, who told him they are constantly getting approximately 100,000 miles out of their cars. Stated the benefits are that the car is driven less, meaning the warranty period will be extended. Stated instead of two officers driving it and accumulating 36,000 miles in a year and a half, you can extend it two years or maybe more. Stated Paul did mention they run into a little bit on the maintenance once they are out of warranty. Cited the example that the Village has recently had to maintenance the suspensions on the Chevrolet and Dodge vehicles when they made it to the 50,000 to 60,000 mile range. Stated these expenses would run $500 to $1,500 in repair costs, after which they are good again for approximately a year. Stated Columbia said they were really happy with the program. Referred to the Excel spreadsheet he provided, explaining the figures. Stated the lease is paid in advance each year; once the three years are up, they have the option of buying the car for $1.00, or it can be used as a trade-in on something else. Stated it will get the Department up to nine squad cars, considering the switch-over of the Mayor's car, the PSO vehicle, etc., and leasing two, with six cars currently, that would cover the patrol division. Stated his opinion that they are in a good position to try the program.
6:52:38 PM Garcia Commented they say at 50,000 miles it will cost money for up-keep; so they are really going back to the way they were going up to 100,000 so they will still have repair bills.
6:52:56 PM Schardan Answered they will incur some cost. Stated what he is going on is the theories of what St. Louis County did that once an officer drives it himself, he will take better care of the car.
6:53:32 PM Kostyshock Asked if Schardan intends for everyone to have a new car.
6:53:38 PM Schardan Explained that is what it would come down to; every patrolmen would be driving his own car.
6:53:43 PM Schmidt Asked if the cars would remain at the Village.
6:53:46 PM Schardan Answered the policy has been that if they live inside city limits they will allow them to take the car home if they are not needed. Commented that residents like seeing a marked car parked in the neighborhood.
6:54:13 PM Schmidt Commented they then also have the expense of equipping the cars, which is approximately $6,000.
6:54:31 PM Schardan Concurred, saying once they make that initial cost, they don't have that cost again, as you would be moving equipment from car to car once the program is in place.
6:54:42 PM Garcia Asked what it would cost to lease the cars.
6:54:47 PM Schardan Referred to the Excel spreadsheet stating that figure is each year for two cars, the total cost being $35,722.00. Stated they normally buy their vehicles from Miles Chevrolet, and they have just had a price increase so new cars cannot be ordered; they have to take what is in stock. Stated their price is now $17,988, so the price they are getting on the lease is cheaper than the State bid. Stated the lease vehicles even include a few extras, such as a remote starter.
6:56:44 PM Callahan Asked what the payment was per year. He was told $12,698 per year, for three years, for two cars. Asked if there was a mileage limitation on the cars. He was told no. Asked about the notation that the interest rate could be changed. Schmidt clarified that the quote is locked for ninety (90) days.
6:57:25 PM Garcia Commented the question is, do they think everyone needs to have their own car.
6:57:34 PM Schmidt Asked what would happen if a leased car was totaled. Schardan answered it will be insured. Gulledge clarified Schmidt means how does replacement work. Schardan said he would have to check.
6:57:53 PM Garcia Commented she has heard that leasing a car costs more than buying.
6:58:05 PM Callahan Commented when they buy the cars, they haven't been paying monthly payments, as they buy the car outright. Schardan commented they save the interest on it. Callahan asked what a new car costs. Schardan answered if they sold them for what the lease quote is, it would be $17,861, or Miles Chevrolet is $17,988. Callahan asked how much extra is needed to equip the car. Schardan answered approximately $6,000 to $7,000. Callahan clarified that means they are paying approximately $23,000 per car. He asked what they could buy the car for under State bid, fully equipped. Schardan answered they will not fully equip it, but the cost would be the $17,988 from Miles Chevrolet. Callahan commented it doesn't seem there is any difference except a little more money up-front.
6:59:26 PM Schardan Commented he figured, using today's dollars, it would cost about $34,130 average, and he ran it out for eight years. Stated right now if they are buying two cars, he figured it to be $45,000. Stated they only bought one car this year; there is still money in the budget to buy a new one, but he was waiting to see if they wanted to try the lease idea. Stated it would be another $18,000 if they bought the Chevrolet from Miles. Garcia asked how many cars they have now. Schardan answered six (6) patrol cars; then re-thought it to say there are really eight (8) because Bob Davis' health is not permitting him at work now, and he has moved Tom Kanzler into Davis' spot. Stated they plan to hire someone; if Davis comes back that will get them up to ten (10) patrolmen.
7:01:05 PM Callahan Asked what the advantage of this idea is.
7:01:07 PM Schardan Answered they are taking the cost over three years and will be able to have a car for everybody, whereas now they keep rotating two cars out and buying new which keeps the total at six (6), and they are running out the warranty twice as fast.
7:01:28 PM Callahan Commented every time they hire an officer, they will have to get an additional car.
7:01:34 PM Schardan Answered that is something they will consider at the time. Stated maybe once they get out of warranty they could start doubling officers up and let the car run until it's gone. Stated that is what he has been trying to do with the three newest cars they currently have.
7:02:17 PM Callahan Asked how many officers live in town. Schardan answered three (3). Stated if they need a car, someone goes and picks it up from their house.
7:02:39 PM Garcia Clarified that when the warranty is up they have to pay for repairs.
7:02:41 PM Schardan Answered they will have to do that no matter what. Gulledge commented they do that now. He tried to explain Schardan's point.
7:03:12 PM Garcia Commented she thought they were buying new cars because they didn't want to pay maintenance on them. Stated now they will be going back to driving them longer and paying repair bills.
7:03:33 PM Schardan Answered he understands her view, but reiterated that with just one person driving the car, they take better care of it.
7:04:02 PM Limberg Commented the mileage is what convinced him to try the lease program. Stated he doesn't think it will save a whole lot of money, but what it will do is allow the vehicles to go further because there is only one person driving it.
7:05:26 PM Schardan Commented part of the idea also is that by leasing they are spreading the cost over three years starting out, so they can afford to get the extra cars. Stated if they went out to buy two right off the bat, and the others are getting close to being replaced, he believes they are spending money more quickly.
7:05:54 PM Wigginton Asked what kind of maintenance cost the Department has incurred that was not under warranty.
7:06:43 PM Schardan Answered for the Chevrolet's, it has been the suspension problems. Stated the one recent repair was approximately $500. Stated of the other problems, the highest cost they incurred was approximately $1,500. Stated that since they have had Jimmy Goetter taking care of the cars and making sure the oil is changed timely, checking the fluids, rotating the tires, etc., they can see the difference in the cars in how much longer they are running.
7:06:59 PM Gulledge Commented that one of the reasons they need an answer tonight is that Schardan is holding up the budget until he knows what will be done.
7:07:25 PM Kostyshock Commented right now they have six vehicles; adding to that means that much more maintenance to be done. Stated if they put 98,000 miles on them, they will have to "give them away". Stated he can see where the patrolmen in town need their own cars, as it is a deterrent, but he does not think each officer needs his own car.
7:08:00 PM Callahan Asked if the cars that are being driven by the individuals now are Units 150 and 152, referring to the handout. He was told that is correct; they are the two Sergeants cars, and that is the mileage they have been driven as of the date listed. Schardan went on to point out the comparisons between the units.
7:08:30 PM Callahan Commented the two with the lowest six-month average are the ones that have been driven by one officer. Schardan answered that is correct.
7:09:03 PM Schmidt Asked if they decide to lease these cars, is Schardan planning to include the cost in next year's budget. Schardan answered that is correct. Stated if they decide not to lease two new cars, do they plan on buying.
7:09:26 PM Schardan Commented if they are not going to agree to the lease program, he will want to purchase a car with the money he has left in this year's budget to replace the Dodge, which is the worst they have with 67,000 miles. Stated the one Chevrolet is close to 80,000 now, but the car runs well and the officer is happy with it.
7:09:49 PM Schmidt Asked how many cars will they need in the next eighteen months.
7:09:56 PM Schardan Responded probably three to stay at the level of six vehicles. Gulledge added they will be getting his car, so the total will be seven. Schardan referred to the spreadsheet and explained his figures on replacement of cars.
7:10:50 PM Schmidt Commented his understanding that between now and next year, no matter what is decided, they need to replace two cars. Schardan responded probably three. Schmidt asked what unit needs to be replaced now. Schardan answered the first one to go would be unit 148, which will have 87,000 miles by September. Gulledge commented they should have replaced that car three years ago. Schmidt asked about unit 144. Schardan responded yes, on paper, if they go strictly by mileage; however 144 is in worse shape than 148. Schmidt commented they will be at least replacing two because of mileage, so they are not gaining any cars if they decide to go one car for every patrol officer. Schardan answered if they lease two, adding the Mayor's car would put them at nine cars as of now. Stated the replacement in September would be another lease. Stated this will keep them at nine cars all the time. Callahan commented if they hire another officer, they will be leasing two more in September. Schardan answered yes. Discussion followed regarding how Columbia implemented the program.
7:14:06 PM Callahan Clarified that it would cost $18,000 plus $6,000 to purchase a car. Stated if they lease them, it will cost $6,500 times three, which is $19,500 plus $6,000 to equip. Stated the difference is they are, in a sense, making payments, as they used to buy the cars outright. Schardan answered that is correct. Clarification was made as to the equipment needed. Callahan commented he does not have a problem leasing, as he cannot see that it will cost a lot more money than buying.
7:16:21 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan if he was recommending leasing two. Schardan answered yes.
7:16:57 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees if they were in favor of Schardan's recommendation. Limberg said he would like to try it and track the vehicles very closely to see how they do with only one person driving them. Schmidt said he doesn't think every officer needs their own car. Stated he likes the idea of in-town officers taking cars home. His final decision was he is not in favor. Callahan said he would be in favor of trying the lease, although he agrees with Schmidt that each officer does not need his own car. Kostyshock stated if they were taking two out of service and replacing them he would be in favor, but he is not in favor of adding two cars in view of the added maintenance. Stated he is not in favor. Garcia stated she is not in favor. Gulledge stated they will keep the situation as-is for now, but encouraged Schardan to save all the information.
7:20:58 PM Callahan Asked about the hiring list.
7:21:00 PM Schardan Stated he has been trying to get a hold of the President of the Fire and Police Board to get the advertisement out, as the next Academy class is in May.
7:21:29 PM Callahan Commented this means they are not officially accepting applications. Schardan answered that is correct.
7:21:48 PM Gulledge Thanked Schardan for his presentation. Invited Presson to address the Board regarding the Wood Chipper Grant.
7:21:55 PM Presson Stated, as previously discussed, this grant is for a wood chipper. Stated he prepared a list of three current bids. Stated he is excited about this grant. Stated he believes they get up to $20,000, should they be awarded the Grant. Stated his recommendation would be the number one choice, the 12" Brush Chipper from Vermeer. Stated this will enable the Village to offer residents a chipping/brush removal program. Schmidt asked who the grant is from. Presson answered it is from Madison County Community Development. Discussed how the program would work, saying they are still in the planning stages. Stated he has three different recommendations for the Mayor and Board: They can keep doing it as they do now, which is general collections; they would have the chipper set up and would designate an amount of time, which is what the grant requires per month. Stated his idea to designate a day per area, and advertise the schedule in the Gazette. Callahan asked if the Village would be picking up the brush. Presson answered that would be up to the Board.
7:23:56 PM Gulledge Commented it could be done a couple of ways: Residents could take it to the tower for chipping; they could do one section of town a month, splitting it into fours, where they would tell residents to pull the brush to the curb and they will pull the chipper behind their truck and chip it there.
7:24:23 PM Presson Added that there will be stipulations on the size and length of limbs that will be advertised to the residents.
7:24:42 PM Gulledge Commented the grant requires them to provide record keeping to be turned in to the County. Explained the reason they didn't get it before is they ran out of money in the grant program. Stated from last year to this year, the same chipper has increased in price on average by $2,100. Stated if they continue to wait, prices will continue to go up. Stated if they do it early enough this year, they will have a better chance of getting the grant. Stated a grant of $20,000 would mean the Village would have to come up with approximately $5,000. Asked the Trustees their opinion. All were in favor. Stated they will place the item on the agenda for April 5th. Went to next agenda item, Nottingham Storm Sewer Outfalls.
7:27:24 PM Presson Stated this will be two sections of storm drains they will be replacing/repairing on Santa Anita. Stated it is a lengthy bore; it calls for the C-900 interlock pipe, and an approximate 150-foot long bore.
7:27:54 PM Gulledge Commented if they are not fixed, they will have problems with the road. Stated they have fixed others around town, but these are two they need help with because they need a boring tool. Commented there is a big price difference, which he does not understand, but his recommendation would be N & W. Schmidt asked if N & W has done other work for the Village. Presson answered he believes they have done one other project, but they have done several other projects for contractors that do work in the Village and they have had no problems with them. Gulledge added that Juneau said they are reputable, and they do carry insurance. Gulledge clarified that N & W is Presson's recommendation. He answered that is correct. Gulledge asked the Trustees their opinion. All were in favor. Stated the item will be placed on the April 5th agenda. Went to next item, Pay Request #5 for Petroff Trucking.
7:30:10 PM Presson Stated this will be the final payment to Petroff Trucking for the Old Town Storm Sewer project. Stated it still needs IDOT approval, which they are trying to set up. Stated the final pay request is for $43,482.84.
7:30:29 PM Gulledge Asked if they completed the checklist. Presson answered there were two items left to be addressed, one of which was accomplished that day. Stated the other will not be accomplished until they get better weather; they will have them re-seed several areas and do some more grading. Gulledge clarified they will not pay Petroff until the work is done. Presson estimated that the work will be done before IDOT inspects the work. Gulledge commented the Board will approve this on April 5th, pending the Public Works Director reporting that the work is completed to his satisfaction and IDOT has done their inspection because Motor Fuel Tax funds were expended. He asked the Trustees if they were in favor.
7:31:22 PM Schmidt Asked how the end of Third Street came out and if Presson was happy with it.
7:31:27 PM Presson Answered it depends on which part of the project to which he is referring, because part of Third Street was actually a Keller bid. Schmidt apologized for his mistake. Presson commented that project is not yet paid for.
7:31:46 PM Gulledge Asked the rest of the Trustees their opinion. All were in favor.
7:31:54 PM Gulledge Stated he would present some issues on behalf of Trustee Bell, who had to work late and would try to get to the meeting as soon as he could. Commented Presson was actually the one who met with the Khoury League. Reminded the Board that the League came to the them with a request to install water and electricity on the fields. Asked Presson to discuss.
7:32:34 PM Presson Stated he met with the League Saturday morning and went over a couple of different issues regarding the project including trenches and location of the water. Referred to the proposal map, stating they have stayed away from all necessary utilities. Stated as far as he can see all hazards have been removed. Stated he did not have any problems with the layout.
7:33:24 PM Callahan Asked how big the water pipe is.
7:33:27 PM Presson Stated they are going to use 1" spigots for now, and then depending on the progress, they have an option to cut several of the fields off and re-tap them. He pointed out the locations on the map.
7:34:32 PM Callahan Commented they are not showing any water or electricity out to Field #7.
7:34:39 PM Presson Answered that is correct. Stated when he met with them they said they had no plans of supplying water or electric to #7.
7:35:07 PM Schmidt Asked if the Khoury League had presented a proposal to replace the concession stand.
7:35:12 PM Gulledge Answered Presson does not know about that, and the issue has not been resolved as yet, clarifying it is not the concession stand, but the storage shed. Schmidt commented he remembered something about the concession stand. Gulledge answered they may sell concessions out of it, but the proposal was to tear down the old building on the corner of the lot and replace it. Stated the issue was that the League would not be able to block it for a couple of years, and the Board stated they needed to know what it would look like right away before giving approval. Stated the League has not yet come back with an answer. Reiterated that Presson did not meet with them on that issue; only regarding the water and electric.
7:35:56 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees their opinion. Presson commented, with the Board's approval, they do have some general supplies that could be donated to the project that aren't of use to the Village right now. All the Trustees were in favor. Stated the approval will be placed on the agenda for April 5th.
7:37:07 PM Gulledge Went to next agenda item regarding color choices. Stated the Park committee had asked to change the colors of the park buildings. Showed the two colors chosen, which will match the two new renovations. Stated the Khoury League has volunteers to paint the concession stand and bathroom as well. Trustees were all in favor of the color. Went to next item, $8,000 Solid Waste Park Grant. Stated this is an 80/20 grant, meaning if the Village puts up $2,000, they can get $8,000 for use on anything that is recyclable such as picnic benches, trash containers, etc. Stated all they need to do tonight is approve the Park Committee to apply for the grant, as they need to have a record of such. Stated the Park Board is working on what they want to purchase, and will bring it back to the Board for approval. All Trustees were in favor of applying. Went to next agenda item, Outdoor Storage Ordinance.
7:41:21 PM Callahan Stated he and Schmidt have been working with the Economic Development Committee regarding an ordinance for outdoor storage. Stated they went on the internet and copied multiple ordinances from many cities throughout the United States, went back to the Committee and chose the one they thought gave them the best start. Stated Wigginton took notes, they added and deleted to that particular ordinance, went through it one more time and asked the final question, does this solve the problems they have. Stated the general consensus of the EDC, with agreement from Wigginton and the Mayor, was that it did "fill the bill". Stated Jones and Flaugher were both hesitant to agree at first, but once they cleared up the interpretations they were both in favor, and thought it would be very easy to enforce, even though they will need to tell people they can't do some things they are now doing. Asked the Board if, in reading the ordinance, does it solve the problem that they personally have with any clutter along Route 159. Pointed out that they are disallowing garage and yard sales on State highways.
7:44:21 PM Wigginton Commented those are areas designated as commercial anyway. Stated this ordinance is a product of citizen input because the Economic Development Committee has a number of individuals that are residents of Maryville that are business owners. Stated the ordinance will go a long way towards policing the sale of goods outdoors and getting control over those property owners who think they can just set anything outside. Stated they did not want to prohibit residential districts from having yard sales, and this ordinance does not affect individuals in residential districts unless their property lies on a State route, which the Comprehensive Plan has designated commercial anyway. Stated they have divided the ordinance into different categories: Outdoor related goods, which are goods normally sold outdoors such as lawn and garden displays; general merchandise, which would be retail stores that hold some type of "sidewalk sale"; produce goods and holiday goods, meaning fruits and vegetables and Christmas trees, fireworks, etc. Stated items that are underlined were a product of the last meeting held on March 13th. Stated it is a good ordinance and recommends the Village adopt it as soon as possible.
7:47:09 PM Schmidt Commented his opinion that everyone did a fantastic job on this ordinance. Stated his main concern was that the permits were going to be issued by the Building and Zoning Administrator, but then enforced by the Public Service Officer. Stated that may cause some confusion, as there may be different understanding of the rules by each person. Stated after a lengthy discussion with Jones, he said he has no problem with that issue and will communicate with Flaugher to get copies of issued permits, etc. Asked Wigginton if something should be added under Section 7 that would give the right for the Village to pull a permit if someone violates a rule after they have been issued the permit.
7:48:38 PM Wigginton Stated if they are in violation, he thinks that is a given, but he can add the statement that "in the event of violation the administrator shall also revoke a permit".
7:49:39 PM Callahan Stated his opinion that the key is everyone needs a permit to display anything in the future. Stated they chose not to charge for the permit because as it stands, they have to go to Schardan to get a Peddler's Permit, and then have to go to Flaugher to get a Business License, which are both paid for. Stated after those permits, the next step is to get the application for the permit for the outdoor display, which won't cost anything.
7:51:01 PM Wigginton Commented the other reason they felt a fee was not necessary was because they wanted to encourage people to come to the Board for a permit; they did not want to put up another hurdle in the process.
7:51:12 PM Callahan Stated they had one business come to the meeting, the people that own the recumbent bicycle shop, and they were worried they wouldn't be able to display their bicycles, which is their whole business. Stated the way the ordinance is written, they would have to apply for a permit, but would be allowed to display their merchandise. Stated the purpose is not to run anyone off. Stated some of the committee members were concerned about future business coming in, and a lot of things they were concerned about would be covered by the zoning ordinances wherever they are located anyway. Stated the main idea behind the ordinance was to clean up some of the "un-sightfulness" that has developed over the years.
7:52:41 PM Garcia Asked if they cleaned up the area where the pool business was, or did they just move out.
7:52:45 PM Callahan Answered thanks to Jones, he thinks they moved out.
7:53:16 PM Gulledge Commented Flaugher and Jones have been working very hard on this. Stated he thinks one or two people will not be happy with this ordinance, however the rest of the population will be. Stated he thinks this is do-able. Asked the Trustees their opinion. All were in favor. Placed the item on the agenda for April 5th. Thanked Callahan and his committee for all their hard work.
7:55:24 PM Gulledge Went to next item regarding sewer, water, street signs and lights ordinance. Stated this is on the Planning Commission Agenda. Stated it will work the same way as water and sewer whereby it will give the Village the flexibility to change the specs, which will be on display a the Village Hall and Public Works Department. Stated they are not voting on anything, they are just letting the Board know that this is what is going to the Planning Commission Monday night. Stated the item will be brought back when they have their recommendation ready.
7:57:11 PM Schmidt Stated on the first page under fire hydrants, asked if they should change the verbiage to "shall". Wigginton answered yes.
7:58:09 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar updates.
7:58:23 PM Schmidt Announced Chicken and Beer Dance will be on Saturday night. Stated tickets are available from any firemen in the Village. Stated all the proceeds go strictly to the Ambulance fund, which pays for training and supplies. Stated Monday the 27th there will be another Planning Commission meeting. Stated several items are on the agenda, copies of which are available for the Press.
7:59:34 PM Gulledge Commented the Outreach Center Dedication is scheduled for April 23rd at 2:00 p.m.
7:59:58 PM Gulledge Went to To Do List, Page 1.
8:00:21 PM Schmidt Asked if there had been any cooperation from Collinsville on the sewer bill.
8:00:23 PM Gulledge Answered they haven't had a reply. Stated they sent another letter.
8:00:52 PM Gulledge Went to Page 2. Callahan asked about the County grant. Gulledge answered he sent a letter with all the requested information, but has not received a reply. Schmidt asked about the meeting with the billboard people. Gulledge commented that they met at the site of Pur Gas. Stated they found out it was not a billboard for Pur Gas, but was going to be space for rent. Stated he appreciated that a number of residents showed up. Stated they had a letter of support from Joe Semanisin, our County Board member. Stated Terry Allan was there, who is the Township Supervisor; Larry Towlano, who's district the site is in; and at least fifteen to twenty five residents. Stated he was told the next day it never made it out of committee. Went on to items on Page 2.
8:02:09 PM Schmidt Asked if they still had an easement problem with the parallel sewer.
8:02:14 PM Gulledge Stated they are working on it, and Wigginton is getting closer to resolving it. Went to Page 3; there were no comments. Went to Page 4; there were no comments. Went to Trustee comments.
8:02:43 PM Schmidt Asked the Board to consider a request that was brought to him concerning allowing business from the floor at Caucus meetings. Stated his suggestion to allow citizens to address the Board, possibly before Trustee comments, on Caucus meeting nights.
8:04:00 PM Gulledge Commented he is not against the issue, but he wanted to remind the Board the reason they have this procedure in place is because the Caucus meeting is a working meeting, and it goes long anyway. Stated he has no problem with letting a citizen talk, but at that time they decided that, unless they called and made an appointment to speak at the meeting and be placed on the agenda, they were not going to allow that. Stated he has no problem with changing the procedure, he just wants to make sure everybody knows what can happen.
8:04:22 PM Schmidt Commented he thinks if a resident has a specific item they need to bring to the attention of the Board, it needs to be entered on the agenda. What he is speaking about is mainly for citizens that attend the Caucus meeting and might have specific questions regarding the items on that agenda that night just for clarification.
8:04:56 PM Gulledge Reiterated he is not against it, and left the decision to the Board.
8:05:09 PM Schmidt Stated he never thought about it until it was brought to his attention that they discuss items at the Caucus meeting that will go on to the next Board meeting, at which they vote on the item and only allow questions from the floor at the end of the meeting. Stated by that time the issues have been decided.
8:05:37 PM Gulledge Stated, in view of that, he would prefer they keep the Caucus meetings they way they are and if a person wants to speak, they have to request to do so through the Clerk. Stated at the Board meeting, they could move questions from the floor up to right after roll call. More discussion regarding the pros and cons followed. Gulledge asked the Trustees opinion on the issue: Limberg - no; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Gulledge stated they will include a line-item. Limberg commented they need to impose a time limit of five minutes, otherwise the meetings will run too long. Gulledge commented they will not put a time limit at first; he will try to facilitate the situation. He asked Schmidt where he would like the item placed. Discussion was held regarding the issue. Gulledge decided they would include it before Calendar Updates.
8:09:16 PM Kostyshock Talked about the sale of vintage photos to be held at Anderson Hospital the next afternoon. Stated he would like to purchase some for the museum. Next, commented that the Library referendum passed. Thanked the Library Committee for an outstanding job.
8:10:20 PM Gulledge Wanted to echo the comments on the Library Committee. Stated he appreciates all the hard work by everyone, as well as the help of Trustees Callahan, Kostyshock and Limberg. Stated his opinion that the Library will be an asset to the community. Stated next Wednesday, he plans to have the budget ready for Board review; however if that does not happen they will have plenty to discuss, including a closed session. Stated if they don't get through the budget in its entirety, they will furnish it to the Board at the first meeting in April and pick up the discussion at the second meeting.
8:11:58 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
8:12:33 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville