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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date4/12/2006 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:00 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, April 12, 2006 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Public Works Director Patrick Presson, Building/Zoning Administrator/Fire Chief Kevin Flaugher, Administrative Assistant Jolene Henry, Comptroller Marvin Brussatti, Public Service Officer Erik Jones, Police Chief Rich Schardan, three (3) residents and three (3) reporters.
6:30:54 PM Gulledge Asked for a motion to the amend agenda by removing Item #6, Sprinkler System for Drost Park. Stated the reason for the removal is that more research is required, and the item will be sent back to the Public Works Committee. Secondly, asked to discuss Pay Application #2 for the Firemen's Park Comfort Station from L Wolf & Company in the amount of $58,260.15. Stated he received the item the previous afternoon after the packets had gone out to the Trustees. Lastly, he asked to add the issue of whether they will get a table at the Congressional Prayer Breakfast. Motion to amend the agenda as stated was made by Bell and seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:24 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the March 29th Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to place the minutes on file was made by Kostyshock and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:57 PM Gulledge Stated he is aware the first item on the agenda is the budget, but he prefers to get the other matters out of the way first. Commented his appreciation for the staff attendance at the meeting for purposes of discussing the budget. Went to Item #7, Purchase of Utility Trailer, and asked Presson to discuss.
6:33:35 PM Presson Explained the utility trailer will be used for the Street Department and Parks. Stated it is similar to what is used by grass cutting and landscaping companies that will allow loading of lawnmowers, which will eliminate the need to lift them into the trucks. Stated it will also allow them to attach the weed-eaters to the trailer to go from job site to job site. Stated it will benefit the Department in that it will allow them to take a riding mower to some of the areas they currently cut, instead of driving the mower to the location. Stated he put together three bids; his recommendation is the low bid from Waltco Tools and Equipment in Edwardsville for $1,365.
6:34:28 PM Bell Asked if this trailer will be big enough.
6:34:41 PM Presson Answered this trailer will be specifically used for lawn equipment, i.e., tractors, push-mowers, weed-eaters, etc. Commented he ran the numbers and he does not believe they would be able to safely load the skid-loader on it.
6:34:55 PM Bell Asked if they went with a bigger trailer, could they use it for the skid-loader.
6:35:01 PM Presson Stated he also got three bids for a "little bit bigger" trailer for purposes of comparison, and the low bid is $4,900. Commented that is just a little bigger, going to the gross-weight that would be able to handle the skid-loader.
6:35:20 PM Gulledge Commented he understands Bell's point, as a bigger trailer might give a little more flexibility.
6:35:31 PM Presson Answered he would prefer the larger trailer at this time, as it is approximately four (4) feet longer, and heavier at 16' X 6.7'. Commented he would be happy to bring the item back to the next Caucus, if it is something the Board would consider. Stated it would benefit the Department, as then he would have the option to use it for both water and streets to move their separate equipment at the same time, i.e., the trencher, excavator, skid loader, etc.
6:36:19 PM Bell Commented it might be better to have two different trailers.
6:36:24 PM Presson Commented they have a large trailer right now.
6:36:37 PM Gulledge Asked Presson if he would prefer to come before the board in two weeks to ask the Board to purchase the larger trailer. Presson answered he would prefer to come back in two weeks to ask the Board for that specific trailer, with the Board's understanding that there will be an additional $500 for welding services on that new trailer to attach the equipment.
6:37:03 PM Garcia Asked if they would have to do that on the other one as well. She was told yes. More discussion was held regarding the size needed.
6:38:43 PM Kostyshock Stated they will bring the issue back in two weeks.
6:38:46 PM Gulledge Went to Item #8, New Police Car Purchase and invited Schardan to discuss.
6:38:54 PM Schardan Referred to the memo included in the packets, stating Unit 148 has 83,280 miles; Unit 144, which has 68,000, miles has had continuous problems, including another recent brake job after 10,000 miles. Stated Jack Schmidt Chevrolet said they would sell the car for the same price as the price they quoted for lease. Stated this is actually a lower price than the current State bid. Commented there are three other features on the car that are not on the State bid car, including a remote starter, and the rear doors already automatically secured. Stated he found out that people could have exited the current squad cars; they had Jimmy fix the problem. Stated the purchased car will come already equipped with the back seat unable to be exited. Stated it will also have a factory-drilled hold for the wiring for the light bars. Stated it will take 45 to 90 days to receive the vehicle after ordering. Commented that Jack Schmidt stated if the purchase is made through them, they will give a 20% discount on any parts, and a 40% discount on labor on any vehicle from the Police Department.
6:41:01 PM Schmidt Clarified this car will come out of this year's budget and, per the budget that will be discussed later, he will request another car six to nine months into the 2007 budget. Schardan answered that is correct; the plan is to reduce it to one car in next year's budget if they can purchase one now. Schmidt asked if he is proposing elimination of one of the current cars.
6:41:18 PM Schardan Answered he thinks after the new car is in, they should check the conditions of the two current cars and decide which one should be eliminated. Commented his understanding that the Chevrolet is still running well, even at 83,000 miles.
6:41:37 PM Callahan Asked if the remote starter is factory-installed. Schardan answered he assumes it is, as they are ordering it from the factory that way. Comments were made as to the benefits of this feature.
6:42:09 PM Gulledge Asked Limberg if this is his recommendation.
6:42:11 PM Limberg Answered yes. All Trustees were in favor.
6:42:39 PM Gulledge Commented the item will be placed on the agenda for the next Board meeting.
6:42:56 PM Gulledge Went to Pay Application #2 to L Wolf and Company for Firemen's Park in the amount of $58,260.15. Stated he confirmed with the architect that everything is done and the materials listed are on hand. Asked Bell if he is agreeable. He answered yes. All other Trustees agreed. Gulledge commented the item will be placed on the agenda for the next Board meeting.
6:44:03 PM Gulledge Discussed the Congressional Prayer Breakfast scheduled for Monday, May 1, 2006. Asked for approval to purchase a table, as they have in prior years, for a cost of $135. All Trustees were in favor. Commented if anyone would like to attend, they need to let Clerk Long know; the table seats eight (8).
6:45:09 PM Gulledge Went to Budget Discussion. Commented that he provided to each Trustee a budget that was provided by the Police & Fire Commission for $10,000. Asked Brussatti and Henry to come to the Council Table to discuss. Referred to the budget summary, Fire & Police Board line item, and asked the Trustees to enter a zero (0) under "Budgeted Income", $10,000 under "Budgeted Expenses", and $10,000 under "Net". Next, he asked them to change the "Totals" line under "Budgeted Expenses" from $6,498,480.00 to $6,508,480.00; and the "Net" to $826,269.00. Commented they are currently running a negative budget by $826,000. Commented that is a lot of money, but when they originally started working on the budget early last week they were at over $3 million. Stated they have not yet changed their thinking from an Appropriation Ordinance to a Budget Ordinance. The decision was made to start from the beginning of the budget. Went to General Fund and commented they had a lot of trimming to do. Stated a lot of the items are large projects to be taken on at the Public Works Department. Commented that both the Police and Fire Departments always run at a high negative. Went to General Fund income. Stated he does not know of too many changes that can be made to any of the budgeted income. Stated they have reviewed the issue as a group, department heads, and as Trustees.
6:50:02 PM Bell Commented regarding income for Parks, there is a lot of grant funds figured into the budget. Asked if that is the case with any other departments.
6:50:16 PM Gulledge Answered there are a few in the Police Department; none in Public Works; confirmed with Flaugher that there are none in the Fire Department. Flaugher commented he did not put it in as budgeted revenue, although they have applied for grants. Gulledge commented regarding Parks, there are several they feel they have a good chance to receive. Commented they have tried to be as realistic as possible regarding both income and expenditures, but some of it is "educated guess work". Stated the only thing that might change regarding budgeted income is if there is a special census conducted. Stated he received information, although they did not budget for it, that next year the number goes up $10 per person for every individual living in the Village. Stated this will result in approximately $56,000 more income than budgeted, although they will not get the entire year's worth and it is difficult to determine how many months they will receive. Stated the other thing they may be able to receive if they do the special census is another $40,000 to $50,000 because they would probably only do a partial census. Stated he feels confident that if they do this at the end of the year, they will have another 1,000 residents. Reiterated these items have not been included in the current budget.
6:52:36 PM Garcia Asked what kind of expenses are incurred for the cemetery besides cutting grass.
6:52:38 PM Gulledge Answered, referring to the cemetery sheet, all of it is grass cutting.
6:52:55 PM Kostyshock Asked if they included $10,000 in case of land purchase. Gulledge answered no, that was taken out. Commented it was included for five or six years and was never purchased, so they removed it; however it doesn't mean they can't add it back in, they will just have to amend the budget.
6:53:37 PM Callahan Asked how many months income is from the sales tax revenue year to date.
6:53:51 PM Brussatti Answered that is eleven months'.
6:54:06 PM Callahan Confirmed they are budgeting $300,000 for next year. He was told yes. He asked where that would come from. Gulledge commented he concurs.
6:54:28 PM Brussatti Commented he heard that sales tax was going to increase, although he is unsure whether that is true. Stated they are hoping for a few more businesses, which would increase that figure. Commented it is a guesstimate.
6:54:56 PM Gulledge Commented to Callahan that it is going to go up approximately $2 per person. Clarified they are referring to State income tax.
6:55:12 PM Callahan Commented he knows it is a guessing game, but if they have a shortfall on the expense side and they say they are going to pick up $40,000 in income, but they don't have the business in place right now to do that, he thinks they are cutting themselves short, as they are saying they can include $40,000 they really don't have. Stated he cannot think of anything coming in that will generate that much business.
6:55:51 PM Brussatti Commented they have a Chinese restaurant and a catering service. Stated he is unsure if it will increase that much, but as they said it is a guesstimate.
6:56:20 PM Gulledge Commented he personally does not think the figure will be $40,000, but he does think it could be $15,000 to $20,000 with the three or four new business that they did not have last year.
6:56:39 PM Bell Asked about the out-lots at Cambridge.
6:56:42 PM Gulledge Answered he did not know. Stated if they feel they should cut that number, he is okay with it.
6:57:01 PM Callahan Asked if the difference in the State income tax is because they did the special census.
6:57:06 PM Gulledge Answered yes, plus it is going up from $106 per individual to $116 and some change. Commented he has not figured that in, so maybe it is a wash.
6:57:45 PM Callahan Commented he has heard there is some talk about raising the sales tax, however they are not talking about raising the portion they give the Village.
6:58:56 PM Gulledge Various discussions broke out among the Trustees. Gulledge interjected, saying they will really need to stay focused if they are going to make any headway. Stated the Department Heads are available to take the podium to answer questions.
6:59:23 PM Schmidt Asked if there was income from the cemetery. He was told no, as they have not sold lots for ten years. Schmidt asked another question, but was unable to be heard on tape. Gulledge answered someone from Public Works does it on their own time as a public service. Schmidt made further comments that were unable to be heard.
7:00:06 PM Callahan Commented regarding income that he does not see a line item for fines.
7:00:21 PM Gulledge Answered that would come under Police. Stated if Jones has any it is under PSO, and if Flaugher has any it is under Building and Zoning.
7:00:40 PM Callahan Asked how it is figured in: Do they have an estimated income and delete it from what they are spending.
7:00:52 PM Gulledge Answered yes. Commented it is included with a number of items, such as how much they tax for.
7:01:07 PM Callahan Commented on the summary, stating he didn't see any income.
7:01:10 PM Gulledge Answered it is: The $183,225 figure includes fines, tax money, etc.
7:01:23 PM Callahan Commented he didn't realize it was there; he thought it was put in General Fund in the past.
7:01:33 PM Brussatti Commented on the Police sheet it shows up under "Fines", but on the summary it does not.
7:01:49 PM Schmidt Went back to his question regarding the cemetery, asking if they can do that on their own to save money.
7:01:59 PM Gulledge Answered they can do it on their own, but asked Presson if they can save any money.
7:02:07 PM Kostyshock Commented he believes it is cheaper to let him keep cutting it, as it takes a lot of time to cut.
7:02:11 PM Presson Answered he is willing to do whatever the Board wants; that is one way to chop $3,500, but they are then taking another man out of his workforce, which is limited at the time.
7:02:25 PM Gulledge Commented for $3,500, taking into consideration the loss of manpower, they would maybe realize $500 to $1,000 dollars savings. Bell asked how often it is cut. Presson responded once every two weeks.
7:02:53 PM Callahan Reminded the Board that when they used to do it themselves, there was a lot of damage to tombstones because the kids were in a hurry to get through and were careless, resulting in a lot of money spent on fixing tombstones.
7:03:25 PM Schmidt Asked Presson if they need to buy more mosquito dunks for the upcoming season. Presson responded that they have been ordered, and they have a enough to get them through. Schmidt asked if the mosquito dunks were the only item in the Health budget. Presson answered he is not aware of anything in that category, but he would assume so.
7:04:28 PM Bell Asked regarding PSO income, how realistic is the $600 figure, as it seems low.
7:04:54 PM Jones Agreed it is on the low side, but it was the best educated guess as he does not have any past figures to review. Bell asked how many months' data he had. Jones responded three (3). Further explained he figured it to compensate for the slow months, i.e., there will be more in summer than winter to equal out to one $50 citation per month.
7:05:30 PM Gulledge Commented while he is in favor of watching every line item they can, they are never going to get to $826,000 by doing it $300 at a time.
7:05:54 PM Callahan Commented there is a $420,000 deficit for the Village, and a $410,000 deficit for WSOM. Clarified they can't use the money from WSOM to solve the problem, but they can use general income to solve that problem. Commented to Presson regarding the $359,000 deficit in WSOM, which comes right out of General Funds, which they will eventually have to pay the back. Asked how they are using the funds, and how they plan to pay it back.
7:07:10 PM Presson Explained he has eliminated as many projects as he possibly can and reduced the cost as much as he can. Commented they need to take into consideration that this deficit does not include any money that they had in their account right now; this is next year's figures.
7:07:32 PM Gulledge Explained what Presson means is, on the current cash balance report, WSOM currently to date is $406,997.48. Stated they have surplus cash that is always kept at $294,000. Explained there is also money in the General Fund. Stated what they are trying to do is look at this budget. Explained they have money, and could pass it right now if they went back and used the money that they have right now.
7:08:36 PM Callahan Suggests separating Presson's budget because it really is separate, as it is a business. Commented the Village can loan WSOM money, but they can't loan the Village money, so therefore if they look at WSOM and say they have a $350,000 deficit and they are sitting on a cash pool that may be as much as $500,000. Stated that is separate from everybody else that has the $420,000 deficit, making it two different budgets to be worked on.
7:09:07 PM Gulledge Responded that he is just giving the bottom line as a community.
7:09:11 PM Callahan Responded obviously, they are not going to have to loan WSOM the money for the deficit because they have it; however it benefits WSOM in order not to cut into cash reserves to try to cut that number. Stated he would argue they shouldn't be too concerned about that deficit because Presson has a business to run, and the one thing he can do if needed is raise rates, understanding the Board would have to approve it.
7:09:56 PM Gulledge Responded certainly WSOM has that possibility, but in his opinion what they are trying to do is find a way to continue to run without raising rates. Commented that the objective is to try to learn to live within the means of what they generate, because they all know that unforeseen issues will arise.
7:10:48 PM Kostyshock Commented they will have a lot more money coming in, as the Vantage homes, Cambridge and Remington Place are coming in.
7:10:58 PM Gulledge Responded that they figured in tap on fees, etc. Commented he is not saying they got it 100% correct, but they did take such things into consideration.
7:11:36 PM Callahan Asked Presson if the $800,000 projected deficit for streets is because they have to figure out a way to pay for Old Town. Presson answered that is correct.
7:11:51 PM Bell Commented they had talked about a loan for that project. Gulledge commented it is included. He directed everyone's attention to the "Streets" budget sheet.
7:12:19 PM Presson Explained for Old Town, he budgeted $200,000 over ten years. Gulledge further explained that only $200,000 of that $1.1 million is in the number. Presson stated it was budgeted under "Maintenance Service" on line 0141514; $200,000 of that $300,000 is specifically designated for Old Town.
7:13:23 PM Kostyshock Asked if they are subtracting the $240,000 grant from that. Presson responded no, he has not added any grant money to his figures.
7:13:35 PM Bell Commented he does not see the addition in income on Streets of the loan money. Explained his meaning that they have to show the money received from the loan as income, and the payments as expenditures. Stated he does not see that reflected in the budget.
7:14:53 PM Callahan Asked if they have an answer on the County Loan. He was told no.
7:15:01 PM Gulledge Commented they can get a conventional loan for a little over four percent. Presson clarified it was 4.25%.
7:15:13 PM Callahan Stated that means revenue would be $1 million, and expense would be approximately $45,000 to $55,000 per year. Explained that, for example, if they borrow $500,000 which comes in today and you use it to pay off $500,000 in what is budgeted for next year; the expense is $50,000 in payments, which needs to be carried forward in the budget for the next ten to fifteen years. Stated that would eliminate the biggest part of his deficit.
7:16:18 PM Presson Responded he did not add in the $1 million loan, as he assumed it would be $200,000 including payments over a ten-year period.
7:16:29 PM Brussatti Commented the loan amount included is $500,000, as that is the amount he was told to get rates on. Gulledge commented he is trying to get the other $500,000.
7:16:45 PM Callahan Stated, assuming they get $500,000, that would reduce the budget not by the $500,000, but at least by $450,000 because they have to pay part of that $500,000 in interest and principal payments during the fiscal year. Commented then, with all of the departments put together, they are at a surplus. Gulledge commented that they had talked about a ten-year loan, which would make the payments more. Callahan concurred that they could use $70,000; it still eliminates the deficit. Added they were going to use some of the cash they had in surplus of General Funds to help pay for that number, although they don't yet know the number as they don't yet know what they will borrow; however all of that will take place in the next fiscal year.
7:18:04 PM Bell Commented that, for the sake of the budget, they could add $500,000 as income and $70,000 as an interest and principal payment.
7:18:15 PM Callahan Commented Brussatti could work it out to the penny if they know the rate.
7:18:24 PM Gulledge Responded they will add it in.
7:18:41 PM Callahan Asked Presson if he has included all employees he needs. Presson responded he has included new employee's, raises, etc. Brussatti commented IMRF is going down.
7:18:48 PM Schmidt Asked what percentage he used on raises. Presson answered he budgeted the $1.00 per hour, which worked out to 5 or 6%.
7:18:58 PM Callahan Asked Brussatti if they know what the health insurance increase will be. Brussatti answered no.
7:19:08 PM Brussatti Commented he knows the IMRF is going down, which will help.
7:19:28 PM Bell Agrees with Callahan regarding Water: They don't want to cut any more projects and they don't want to eat up surplus. Stated the only thing that leaves is estimates on the tax; the only other income is the rates.
7:20:19 PM Presson Stated water sales were estimated at $580,000; tap on fees for water were $350,000; tap on fees for sewer were $240,000. Further comments by Bell were unable to be heard.
7:20:48 PM Callahan Commented they are guessing what they will bring in and also subtracting some of the places where they still have to pay the contractors back.
7:20:57 PM Gulledge Responded there is not much left to pay back; the only one that is not paid off is Copper Creek Church. Commented they only have to pay them if that particular line is tapped.
7:21:17 PM Callahan Asked if there is a reason there is no IMRF expense for Presson's department.
7:21:23 PM Henry Responded it is on a separate account because it is paid with property tax money.
7:21:34 PM Bell Asked where it is included.
7:21:41 PM Henry Answered it is included in the $95,000 line item.
7:21:48 PM Bell Asked what the income is for IMRF.
7:21:50 PM Henry Responded the property tax money.
7:22:10 PM Callahan Commented, regarding Kostyshock mentioning all the subdivisions coming in, a lot are new where there is no pay-back. Asked if that is factored in.
7:22:21 PM Presson Answered to the best of his ability.
7:22:49 PM Callahan Asked when the sewer rate was raised. He was told October. Callahan asked if the budget is reflecting $340,000 of income on surcharges this year. He was told yes. Asked if they get credit for the water bill that is due. He was told it is being collected right now. Callahan asked if it is part of the $339,000. He was told no. Callahan commented that the new budget for sewer charges income should be considerably higher. Gulledge responded it will be. Callahan commented he is estimating it at $330, and they are already at $340 and they still have one more payment to come in.
7:24:27 PM Brussatti Responded he is correct. It was extending $339 to date when the sheet was run on April 5, so it is estimated at $330 for this coming year.
7:24:37 PM Callahan Commented they did not raise the fees until the year it started. Stated it looks to him as if it could be another $50,000 to $70,000 in income.
7:25:24 PM Gulledge Commented he is right, but it won't show up in the budget because they will have the money before May 1st.
7:25:30 PM Bell Stated if you add $80, which is what they have this year, that means this year is going to be about $425.
7:26:02 PM Callahan Commented he did not think it would be that much. Asked to divide $339 by five (5), which came to almost $70. Stated that is $410 right now.
7:26:16 PM Bell Commented next year will be five more payments of that, making that number at least $400. He asked Presson if he is in agreement.
7:26:34 PM Presson Responded he put together the best figures he could; if they choose to change the method, he is okay with it, but he will stand behind the numbers he came up with.
7:27:14 PM Callahan Explained that they can't touch that money, as it is for the business; however if they eliminate some of the deficit that means he doesn't have to use some of the cash he has coming in. Added it also means they don't have to worry about raising rates.
7:27:29 PM Presson Commented the sales figure must take weather into consideration as well, i.e., will we have droughts again, how many people will be watering their yards, etc.
7:27:52 PM Gulledge Referred to the sheet on water sales: On 4/30/04 they did $562,908 and a year later on 4/30/05 they only made $4,000. Stated if everyone is in agreement, they should change the numbers. Commented, to be safe, he would not go up any more than $400,000 on sewer charges. All agreed.
7:29:35 PM Limberg Asked how much of the water and sewer will end up in Collinsville.
7:29:41 PM Gulledge Responded nothing will change right now until the agreement is changed, because they know what the figure is today; they won't know after 2009.
7:30:03 PM Limberg Asked if that figure goes up, won't the percentage go up of what the Village owes Collinsville.
7:30:07 PM Gulledge Responded it is based on usage.
7:30:15 PM Callahan Added regarding interest income, if they don't spend the deficit and short-term interest rates stay close to where they are now, they should at least come up with what they earned this year. Commented current year to date is $27,500. Stated if he thinks he's going to spend the money then he has to lower that number, but if he thinks he will keep his surplus about the same, he can probably raise that number at least $5,000 to $7,000.
7:30:56 PM Presson Responded that number was lower due to the upcoming projects.
7:31:46 PM Callahan Asked if anyone knows how much is actually owed on Special Service Area's 1 and 3.
7:31:59 PM Brussatti Answered yes, Thelma has the payoff sheets.
7:32:04 PM Long Commented she could tell them later, as she does not have them with her.
7:32:07 PM Callahan Commented he was wondering because last year they were able to pay one off. Gulledge commented they paid NESSE off.
7:32:38 PM Bell Summarized they are adding a $500,000 conventional loan and a $500,000 County loan.
7:32:58 PM Callahan Commented they were also saying there is a possibility they could use some of the surplus in the General Fund instead of borrowing the money. Commented his opinion that they could use the $500,000 figure for now. Asked what the surplus is in General Funds.
7:33:42 PM Gulledge Answered cash on hand in the General Fund is $1,139,316.
7:34:29 PM Callahan Asked if that figure is unencumbered.
7:34:39 PM Gulledge Answered no; there are cash reserves included.
7:34:52 PM Brussatti Clarified the figure that is in the account versus the amount available.
7:35:01 PM Gulledge Clarified they actually have $1.6 million, but after removing reserves it goes to $1.1 million.
7:35:31 PM Callahan Commented technically they could borrow some money from General Fund to pay for Old Town Streets if they got a $500,000 loan from the County.
7:36:22 PM Gulledge Asked Presson how many employees he plans on hiring.
7:36:24 PM Presson Answered, in order to bring the crew back up to where it is currently, would be the next hiring round. Commented he is one man short right now because Pomerantz left, and he budgeted in for an additional man in each department.
7:36:47 PM Gulledge Clarified that he is one short in Water right now, and he wants to hire one more in Water and one more in Streets.
7:36:54 PM Presson Answered no, when Pomerantz left, he moved a Street employee to Water, so he is now short in Streets. Stated the employee to be hired will be in Streets. Stated he also budgeted one for Water and one more for Streets.
7:37:19 PM Gulledge Asked Chief Schardan to the podium to discuss the Police Department Budget. He directed the group to the Police Department budget sheets.
7:38:40 PM Bell Asked what kinds of grants are included in income.
7:39:00 PM Schardan Answered he figured on purchasing three additional vests for new personnel, which is $1,075. Stated the past Image Grant was $20,235, so he figured on the same amount for next year. Stated the other item is a reimbursement from the Academy. Stated when Luke went through they received $1,800 from the Training Board. Stated that is also figured in.
7:39:29 PM Bell Commented he reviewed last year's budget, which was off by $35,000 received, versus budgeted income. Stated this causes him to wonder if the $23,000 figure is low.
7:39:42 PM Schardan Answered the figure for the vests was not correct last year. Explained that last year's budget included a $25,000 figure for that grant, however that was the original amount of the grant. Stated funds had been used over time, so there was not actually that much left in the grant.
7:40:22 PM Gulledge Commented on Schardan's narrative that he attached to his budget, which basically explains the entries line by line for just about everything included in the budget.
7:40:37 PM Schardan Commented he found a little bit more he could take out. Stated he looked into the digital recorder, and they found out it ends in September. Stated then it will be paid for, they will purchase it for $1 according to the original lease agreement. Stated his guesstimate is that $180 per month is maintenance agreement, so he is figuring $180 continuing for maintenance, which results in a savings of $480 per month for seven months. He explained the figures for Henry so she can make the changes. Explained this will result in $4,600 less in equipment.
7:43:15 PM Callahan Asked if police pension comes out of property tax. He was told yes.
7:43:20 PM Schardan Commented they have been paying 12% on the salary right now, otherwise they would have to catch up all that money. Stated when he talked to Fred Bathon, he indicated they should get the tax money from the levy around June.
7:43:39 PM Callahan Clarified Schardan believes they will get $127,400 in tax money this year. Schardan answered that is what Bathon has on the tax levy. Brussatti explained that is what the Village is getting, not what the levy is. Further explained they will not have to pay that 12% after May.
7:44:14 PM Callahan Asked, on the expense side, where Schardan came up with the $139,819.
7:44:21 PM Schardan Answered that is the $127,400 off the tax levy, plus two months of 12% pension money.
7:44:33 PM Callahan Asked if that two month's can be recouped. Schardan said no. Explained the purpose behind this is that if they don't do it, they will end up playing catch-up somewhere else down the road. Callahan asked what the cut-off date was for the last time they were IMRF and the first time they were pension.
7:45:01 PM Gulledge Explained it technically changed when they incorporated the Fire and Police Board. Explained the taxpayers have to pay it anyway; it was Bathon's suggestion to do it similar to other communities whereby instead of playing catch-up at the end, try to pay a portion of it now; however it is still paid by the taxpayers. Stated they didn't know what the number would be until they got underway. Explained it is just a matter of when they receive the tax monies.
7:45:47 PM Brussatti Commented they started paying that in December of 2004.
7:45:54 PM Callahan Asked when they stopped collecting IMRF. He was told the same time. Clarified, in terms for the budget, didn't the County pay the Village for an additional five months' IMRF even though they would not have known in advance that the Village would switch over.
7:46:09 PM Brussatti Answered IMRF refunded everything that was in Police and Fire Department employees.
7:46:23 PM Callahan Asked what about the money that was paid by the real estate taxes for that year they wouldn't have known.
7:46:32 PM Brussatti Answered that levy money was still there because they didn't know at that point and had already levied for that.
7:46:49 PM Schardan Stated one of the reasons you are seeing a reduction in the IMRF is, as he understood from the IMRF people, they will hold that money and then reduce the IMRF rates. Stated they explained it takes about three years to catch up with that because of the money they gave back to the Police pension. Stated the Village portion did not come back.
7:47:21 PM Gulledge Asked how many police officers he plans on hiring. Schardan replied he has budgeted for one. There will be one additional officer from 2005.
7:48:37 PM Bell Asked regarding wages and expenses, how many more pays are scheduled in this fiscal year. He was told two more pays. Asked if the actual number is going to be close to the 05/06 budget. Schardan answered he believes it will be approximately $40,000 under.
7:49:35 PM Garcia Asked regarding the "vehicle" line item, if that is another vehicle for next year. She was told yes.
7:49:47 PM Callahan Discussed health insurance. Stated year to date is listed at $65,000. Asked how many more payments were scheduled. Brussatti answered for the month of April for this fiscal year. Callahan asked that $65,000 be divided by eleven and multiplied by twelve, which comes to $71,000. Callahan stated that is approximately what will be spent this year, but Schardan has $98,000. Schardan explained he provided for an 18% increase, plus one more person at the family rate.
7:51:31 PM Brussatti Asked about the "rental" line item of $10,000.
7:51:32 PM Schardan Answered that is because of the I-WIN computers. Explained it is an additional $33,744, plus $312 per month for the maintenance agreement, which brings the number up to an additional $38,056.
7:52:11 PM Bell Asked why line 561 was dropped.
7:52:25 PM Schardan Answered because he removed the MEGSI of $5,905 and the Chaplain fee of $200, as they won't be paying those dues.
7:52:49 PM Bell Commented he would like to see the line 563 figure go up.
7:52:56 PM Garcia Asked since he is planning on buying a new car next year, wouldn't it be cheaper to buy two new cars now at $17,000 and save $5,000.
7:53:20 PM Schardan Explained the $22,500 figure is the total cost after the car is equipped. Commented that number may be a little on the high side.
7:54:21 PM Callahan Asked what the actual expenditures were as of April, 2005. Schardan answered he does not have his sheet with him. Henry commented this report does not sub-total between the two. Callahan commented he wonders what has been spent; they budgeted $986,000 for this year and have spent $714,000, but he still has another month of payroll.
7:55:36 PM Schardan Explained that last year, with it being an appropriation, the numbers were higher. Stated also he had $200,000 built up in case they needed to get radio equipment with the 911 issue, etc., and he has left out those numbers with this budget.
7:55:57 PM Henry Commented the total Callahan is looking at is a net number, which is the difference between the income and expenses, not just expenses.
7:56:12 PM Bell Asked about tax income that pays for pension. Clarified there is no tax income that pays for wages.
7:56:33 PM Gulledge Answered that is the law. Reiterated there is no community that does not run a negative fire and police pension because of the way it is set up.
7:56:55 PM Callahan Asked what they are allocated per thousand on property taxes.
7:57:02 PM Schardan Answered he did not know, but Brussatti might.
7:57:05 PM Callahan Commented he thinks it is only ten cents.
7:57:33 PM Garcia Asked how many cars are still under warranty.
7:57:36 PM Schardan Answered he believes three: Two sergeant cars and the one Officer Radosevich is using.
7:57:49 PM Callahan Asked what his estimate is for wage increases.
7:57:51 PM Schardan Answered he doesn't think that should be discussed with the current union negotiations underway.
7:57:58 PM Gulledge Commented he will talk with the Trustees individually regarding that issue.
7:58:06 PM Callahan Asked what the current year number includes.
7:58:10 PM Schardan Answered there is an increase in that figure.
7:58:22 PM Callahan Asked if new officers were hired during the fiscal year. He was told yes. He clarified the "Extended Year to Date" line item includes eleven months. He was told yes.
7:59:47 PM Gulledge Asked Flaugher to discuss Building & Zoning first, and then Fire Department.
8:01:37 PM Bell Asked what his thoughts were on the subdivision fees under income.
8:02:02 PM Flaugher Commented Building & Zoning is pretty much a "crap shoot" on both income revenue and expenses because both are dictated by the amount of development in a particular year. Commented in 2004 for subdivision improvement fees, which is the 4% improvement testing inspection fees charged on developments, they collected $68,000. Commented further, in 2005 they only collected $6,900 because they only had one small development approved during that time. Commented this year was $206,000.
8:02:21 PM Bell Pointed out he budgeted $25,000 and got $206,000.
8:02:28 PM Flaugher Commented that is his point. Stated they could get one new subdivision this year, or they could get six. Stated this makes it hard to budget. Commented at first glance, the figure looks low, but looking at last year it was only $6,900. Stated they tried to come up with a number they think is realistic.
8:02:52 PM Gulledge Commented if things happen as they think they might, that number will actually be somewhere around the $206,000 figure, but they don't know yet.
8:03:12 PM Flaugher Commented with this department, most of the time any time there are increased expenses there is also increased revenue to offset that. Explained this means the more "Engineering" would go up, the more "Subdivision Improvement Fees" would go up.
8:03:25 PM Bell Asked what is included in the $206,000 figure.
8:03:29 PM Flaugher Answered Vantage, Tuscany, Stonebridge Bluffs, Stonegate Estates, Stonebridge Estates, Second Addition to Remington.
8:04:15 PM Callahan Asked if the wage expense is for eleven months. He was told yes. Bell commented the budget is probably low. Mayor commented that Andy Hellrung was here for part of the year.
8:04:42 PM Flaugher Answered yes. Stated he figured this year's figure just on his own salary, but about six weeks of that there was a second employee.
8:06:04 PM Gulledge Went to Fire Department.
8:06:06 PM Garcia Clarified he thinks ambulance fees are going to go down.
8:06:08 PM Flaugher Answered his initial draft had that figure a little higher because collections have been up considerably since they have used the billing company; however after some discussion they felt that a portion of the collections this year are actually collections from previous years, as they were allowed to back-bill up to eighteen months. Commented he thinks the $80,000 may be low, but he prefers to be cautious.
8:07:18 PM Gulledge Commented on the training figure for the Fire Department. Explained part of the number is for a training facility. Commented they want to build a training facility here in the Village, and they believe it will be around $15,000. Commented he hopes this stays in the budget, as he feels it is needed.
8:08:45 PM Flaugher Explained it will be an on-site facility where they will do a lot of training. Stated the benefits are several-fold: Number one, they will be able to train their own people with their own facilities; number two they get a substantial credit on an ISO rating for the community, and with anticipated ISO inspection this year to try to get the ISO rating down, the points for this would help significantly. Stated they are looking at a facility where they will be able to do wide burns so the people can practice search and rescue. Explained they will actually build, for lack of a better term, a "fake" house, not as large as a normal house but two stories so they can get up on the roof and practice ventilation, rescue, etc. Commented Troy Fire Department has a training facility, and the Village wants to try to do something a little different so as to share each other's resources. Stated they will try to get a used propane tank to practice with propane issues; they will set up an oil extrication area so that cars will not have to sit in front of the fire house for two or three days after they are cut up. Stated they are going to try to get some grant money to offset some of the costs. Stated they are also going to go to some community contractors to see if some labor and materials can be donated.
8:10:27 PM Bell Asked if the site is the same as previously discussed.
8:10:29 PM Flaugher Answered he hopes to get the Board to go along with that site, as it is secured and is out of the way.
8:10:56 PM Brussatti Asked the reason the utilities figure was raised to $8,500 on line 571 under expenses.
8:11:29 PM Gulledge Answered they are having trouble with the billing. Stated they researched the issue and it is not being billed correctly.
8:11:41 PM Long Commented the bills have been minimal recently. Stated they used to run anywhere from $300 to $600, and the Police Department was running $800 to $900; now the Police Department is down to $400. Commented they have not been billed for the Senior Center at all.
8:12:15 PM Gulledge Explained something is going on with the billing system, so they tried to research prior bills.
8:12:22 PM Flaugher Explained further that eventually they will get a large bill because the utilities will realize the mistake. Stated for the last two years, they were in the $7,000 range, and because they knew there would be a substantial gas increase he had budgeted $10,000 for this year, and they are only at $3,700.
8:12:57 PM Long Commented regarding the gas, saying they allow so many thousand therms free. Stated the whole past season the Village has not been charged for gas.
8:13:17 PM Flaugher Commented that could be why it is down so low. Stated he took 2004 and 2005 and figured in the anticipated increases, and came up with the figure.
8:13:41 PM Schmidt Asked about line 830 - "Equipment". Asked if it is mostly turn out gear.
8:13:53 PM Flaugher Commented he included a little bit of an explanation for that in his notes. Stated they applied for FEMA again this year and hope to get approved for some turnout gear, radios, etc. Stated the FEMA grant requires matching funds, and the more matching funds you come up with the more funds you'll receive from FEMA. Stated if they get the FEMA grant a majority of that number will be used as matching funds; if they don't get it, the majority will be used for turnout gear because they desperately need new gear.
8:14:40 PM Gulledge Asked him to explain the grant.
8:14:45 PM Flaugher Explained upon submission of the FEMA application the Department tells them the percentage they plan to match. Stated normally the more that is matched, the better chance they have of getting the grant. Stated for this reason, they figured an 80/20 match.
8:15:35 PM Bell Asked if $20,000 will cover the amount of equipment needed.
8:15:40 PM Flaugher Answered ideally they will get the FEMA money and be able to replace a lot more; however $20,000 will get them up to where everyone has decent gear.
8:15:53 PM Schmidt Asked what is included in line 710 - "Principal & Interest Payment".
8:15:56 PM Flaugher Answered that is the newest pumper. Stated the only one the Village actually owns is 2413, the 2000 Pierce. Stated that payment is a set amount.
8:16:10 PM Gulledge Asked if they are close to paying that off.
8:16:14 PM Thelma Answered she thinks they have almost a year left.
8:16:53 PM Gulledge Commented Jones had nothing to discuss regarding the budget. Went back to General Fund to discuss Parks. Asked Presson to come back to the podium for questions. Dismissed the other staff members that had already discussed their budgets.
8:18:19 PM Schmidt Made a comment that was unable to be heard.
8:18:29 PM Gulledge Answered that is misleading because of the grants that will be received. Stated it is not income, but grants that they believe they will receive.
8:19:30 PM Garcia Asked why they get a CARD reimbursement.
8:19:34 PM Bell Stated they agreed to pay for park events such as concerts in the park, etc.
8:19:45 PM Garcia Asked if that even comes close to the taxes Maryville pays in. Bell answered no. Stated they agreed to pay up to $7,200 last year, however he does not see any figures reflected in the sheets.
8:20:12 PM Henry Commented that is a new account created this year. Stated she is unsure where the Treasurer put the other reimbursements.
8:20:22 PM Long Commented she believes the figure was around $2,900.
8:20:39 PM Gulledge Commented he believes that was last year; the figure for this year is around $700.
8:20:52 PM Bell Stated he believes they are missing a page, as the 00 accounts are not listed.
8:20:54 PM Henry Answered there are no 00's anymore.
8:21:06 PM Bell Asked where the money went, as he does not see it reflected anywhere.
8:21:38 PM Gulledge Commented they will check on it.
8:21:56 PM Garcia Asked what is included in the equipment expenditure of $25,000 on line 830.
8:22:04 PM Bell Asked if his notes were included in the packet.
8:22:07 PM Henry Answered he did not turn in any notes.
8:22:21 PM Bell Asked them to move on to the next question while he finds his notes.
8:22:55 PM Schmidt Asked about the line item for "Park Land Acquisition".
8:23:01 PM Gulledge Answered that is an item that has been included in the last three or four years. Stated if they were to find something, he would hope this Board would make sure they do their best to come up with that money because they are working on some things.
8:23:36 PM Callahan Asked if that figure is what would be spent the first year.
8:23:38 PM Gulledge Answered it might be a little high, but somewhere in that neighborhood. Commented that item would then be carried over for ten to fifteen years.
8:24:00 PM Bell Commented part of the green space money collected will be put away for park ground.
8:24:20 PM Gulledge Clarified what they did with the green space fees was to say whatever they received they would take half of the amount and put it in a separate fund for additional park grounds. Stated that has not yet been done.
8:24:38 PM Schmidt Asked Mayor what development he figured in for green space fees.
8:24:53 PM Gulledge Answered the figure is anticipated from Vantage.
8:25:06 PM Schmidt Commented that would have only been about $20,000.
8:25:15 PM Gulledge Answered they received two on the same day; one for $28,000, the other for $104,000. Explained Tuscany Ridge was the smaller amount, Amberleigh the larger. Stated these fees have been collected. Explained they will have $100,000 from one potential development that he is reasonably sure they will get; will get approximately $70,000 from another; and will get another approximately $40,000 to $50,000. Schmidt commented that is about 100 lots. Gulledge answered before it is all over, they may have 400 this year.
8:26:56 PM Bell Commented he cannot find his notes, but he typed it in.
8:27:02 PM Henry Answered she has hand-written worksheets; she did not receive a typed one. Stated the only note she received was regarding Park Improvements, which was hand-written at the bottom.
8:27:21 PM Schmidt Asked about the $145,000 figure for Park Improvements, line 890.
8:27:31 PM Henry Answered that is noted as dredging, trail extension, additional parking at park and walking path improvements.
8:27:41 PM Bell Commented he cannot remember what the equipment figure was, but he will try and get the answer on equipment on Monday.
8:28:19 PM Garcia Asked what "Community Relations" is.
8:28:25 PM Long Answered the art shows, kite flying and other functions.
8:28:36 PM Callahan Asked if it was fair to say if Parks doesn't get the grants they won't spend the money.
8:28:42 PM Bell Answered no.
8:28:45 PM Callahan Commented this means they could be running at a $150,000 deficit.
8:28:48 PM Gulledge Commented it is up to the Board; he doesn't believe the Board will spend money they don't have. Stated they feel that they will get the grants.
8:29:05 PM Bell Commented regarding the dredging, saying if they get the same grant as before they will dredge the rest of the lake; if they don't get the grant, they won't. Stated they figured that at about $80,000.
8:29:20 PM Gulledge Commented they are going to try to get $90,000. Stated they have the siltation area, they have done the engineering; therefore they think that for somewhere between $80,000 and $90,000 they should be able to dredge the rest of the lake. Stated this is a best guess.
8:29:47 PM Callahan Clarified that is part of the $145,000 Park Improvements figure. He was told yes. Asked what other grants they expect to get.
8:30:01 PM Bell Answered they know they get a $16,000 grant and they are applying for $8,000 for the extra equipment. Stated they have $75,000 for the Dave Powell grant. Gulledge commented he does not believe they included that in the figure. Bell stated it is included in the $200,000. Stated that is the grant to add entrances to the bike trail from Route 159 and more parking spots at the Parkview lot.
8:31:29 PM Callahan Commented that is not shown as an expense.
8:31:34 PM Henry Explained it is part of the $145,000 Park Improvements. Reiterated what is listed: Dredging, trail extension, additional parking at Parkview and walking path improvements.
8:31:54 PM Bell Explained that those items make up the money and $75,000 of that is in grants. Stated hopefully another $90,000 will be included if they get the 50/40 like they did last year.
8:32:27 PM Gulledge Summarized that they did not count them all, as they don't know that they will get them all.
8:32:48 PM Garcia Made a comment that was not able to be heard.
8:32:52 PM Gulledge Commented he does not believe they need to keep Presson at the meeting, and excused him.
8:32:59 PM Garcia Commented maybe that is just a figure thrown in but he didn't really have anything in mind.
8:33:05 PM Bell Commented for several years they talked about $25,000 for new playgrounds, but this year's figure was not for a playground, as they have two. Remembered part of it was a walking connection at Division Street over to the other side of the lake.
8:33:34 PM Henry Stated that would not be under equipment. Bell concurred. Henry explained that Garcia was referring to the equipment figure.
8:33:45 PM Bell Stated that is another item. Stated this budget does not look like the worksheet they filled out, as they combined some lines. He resumed looking for the former 00 accounts.
8:34:33 PM Callahan Commented the only problem he has with the Park budget is it represents a large surplus and makes the budget look better, yet it is based on getting grants they may not get. Stated he knows if they receive the grants the money will be spent and there will be no surplus. Stated as it stands the budget shows $150,000 surplus in Parks, which makes the bottom line look better than it should. All concurred. Discussion ensued regarding how much money can and will be spent.
8:35:14 PM Bell Commented a number had been transposed. Stated the number he had approved for Park Improvements was $175,000, and the number has been shown as $145,000. Commented the $175,000 figure includes the trail extension. Henry commented the figure was cut. Bell argued he just found $30,000. Henry answered no, he had $175,00 and the figure was cut to $145,000, she did not transpose anything.
8:37:26 PM Schmidt Commented to Callahan regarding spending $50,000 if they buy ground, but if they don't buy it that will make the surplus $200,000.
8:37:46 PM Gulledge Answered Schmidt's comments, but was unable to be heard. Commented he told them they had a deficit eight days ago of $3.2 million, so someone had to do some cutting before it reached the Board.
8:38:05 PM Bell Stated his opinion that the number should go back up to $175,000 because that number actually represented those projects, and $145,000 does not.
8:38:16 PM Gulledge Commented the reason he cut it is because they have another public entity that's putting in for the parking on Parkview, of which he told Bell. Indicated the figure should be left at $145,000.
8:38:35 PM Callahan Reiterated it still makes the budget look a little better than it should because if they don't get the grants, they will have a deficit in Parks, and if they get it they are not budgeting to spend the money.
8:38:47 PM Bell Answered the basic problem is deeper than that in that they are trying to form a budget out of entities that either don't have an income or an expense.
8:39:06 PM Callahan Answered his opinion is, to be fair to the other departments, they have to budget based on income, in this case grants and green space fees, and then budget for what they are going to spend, put the surplus in a separate account and show it as an expense so that it won't show falsely that the rest of the departments are doing better.
8:39:34 PM Bell Answered what they can do is, if they get those grants and they don't spend all the money, the surplus should go into an account for Parks. Stated they should take the $50,000 and the $154,000 and you put $204,000 in the expense line instead of $50,000; however then if they are asked if the budget allows for spending $204,000 on park ground, they will say yes.
8:40:33 PM Gulledge Tried to explain Callahan's comment.
8:40:37 PM Henry Interjected it is not really a problem as each item is an individual line anyway and if they look at the summary sheet there is no subtotal that includes Park and Recreation. The subtotal is there for the General Fund and then all the other accounts that run on their own are grouped in the middle section. Stated they can look and see at any point in time how the Fire Department is doing, how the Public Service Officer is doing, etc. on their own, individually.
8:41:01 PM Gulledge Stated he agrees with what Henry is saying, but he also agrees with Callahan that the bottom line is affected.
8:41:38 PM Schmidt Asked what will be done about the utilities and phone at the Outreach Center.
8:41:42 PM Gulledge Answered they will pay for it.
8:41:55 PM Limberg Asked who will take care of the maintenance on the building.
8:42:09 PM Gulledge Answered they will take care of the interior, the Village will take care of the exterior. Commented it is the Village's building, so if something really goes wrong on the inside the Village will take care of it; however if it is something they have caused, they will need to take care of it.
8:42:35 PM Bell Suggested duplicating the Senior's building budget with a line item for the Outreach Center.
8:42:54 PM Gulledge Stated what they agreed to for the Outreach Center was that the Village will take care of the outside of the building, they would insure the building, and anything inside that is theirs, they will worry about.
8:43:28 PM Bell Clarified he is not saying the Village should pay for it; what he is saying is they probably need budget items for when they do get an expense so it doesn't end up in some other line item.
8:43:43 PM Gulledge Answered that is up to the Board.
8:44:01 PM Garcia Asked if they knew they are paying utilities, as she was not aware of it.
8:44:02 PM Gulledge Answered yes they do know, as they have been told several times, as documented in the Ministerial Alliance meeting minutes. Commented if they want a separate line item for the Center, they need to give them some numbers. Discussion ensued regarding the issue.
8:45:39 PM Bell Suggested adding a line item for $3,500 for maintenance.
8:46:13 PM Garcia Asked who pays the bills for the Library. 
8:46:18 PM Gulledge Answered that is up to this Board. Stated right now the only agreement is with the Outreach Center. Stated they also own the building they are letting the library use. Commented, as he stated in his notes, he is still trying to find out what the grant covers. Stated he will know after the library meeting sometime next week.
8:46:54 PM Garcia Commented it would be fair that they be required to do the same as the Outreach Center.
8:47:04 PM Gulledge Answered they are trying to do that, however he does not know the answer yet. Commented he knows the answer for the Outreach Center, because that is the agreement they accepted.
8:47:13 PM Garcia Stated her point is that they have a limited amount of income and something could wipe the whole fund out if something were to go wrong with that building.
8:47:23 PM Gulledge Reiterated it is the Board's decision. Discussion ensued over what should be paid by whom. This led to discussion over tax funds received comparing the library to the Outreach Center. Gulledge interjected that for right now they need to leave it open until they get the questions about the library grant answered next week.
8:49:58 PM Callahan Commented he had one request for the administration's budget. Stated he couldn't find the line item, but they spent $5,000 to $8,000 to purchase the flag pole, and Kostyshock worked for months to get a light attached. Commented the flag is too small and intimated it was due to the fact that the Comptroller did not want to spend money on a larger one. Brussatti answered that is the size light the pole is supposed to have. Callahan stated he believes the pole was supposed to carry a sixteen foot flag. Brussatti commented the larger flags tear up the pole, as they had to have a new cable put on and he was told the reason the cable broke was because the flag was too big and the wind was ripping the steel cable. Callahan commented he disagrees, and maintains the pole was designed for a much larger flag. Further commented they have that in writing. Discussion ensued over the quality of the flags and the amount of damage from the wind.
8:51:45 PM Gulledge Stated he agrees it is not because of the flag pole; it is the amount it costs every time the flag is torn up. Stated he agrees that he and everyone else prefers the larger flag, but he was here when the representative explained that it caused damage to the cable. Commented if the Board wants the Village to pay for the larger, more expensive flag, Brussatti will do so. Commented he told Brussatti to try the smaller flag and see if they get better use out of it. Discussion ensued over the life of the larger flag. It was decided Brussatti will research the sizes and a decision will be made next week as to what size to purchase.
8:57:16 PM Kostyshock Asked about the Village Flag.
8:57:18 PM Schmidt Stated he has a new flag at home and was instructed to keep it there until the Mayor told him to iron it and put it up.
8:57:26 PM Gulledge Commented they wanted to make sure he had one for the museum.
8:57:35 PM Kostyshock Answered they also need to replace the Illinois and American flag.
8:57:41 PM Gulledge Suggested Kostyshock find out what is needed and bring it up next week.
8:58:15 PM Gulledge Thanked Henry and Brussatti for their participation and excused them from the meeting. Went to Calendar Updates.
8:58:42 PM Kostyshock Stated May 4th, the school will be doing their walk through of the various buildings.
8:59:28 PM Gulledge Stated they did not have an Economic Development Committee meeting on the 10th, as they did not have a quorum. Stated they will try again next month. Stated there is a Park meeting this week at 6:00 p.m. Went to May. Commented they have tickets available for the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. Stated Clerk Long has them. Stated the event is free, and there will be a free will offering. Stated it will be held at the KC Hall. Brush drop off day is 8:00 a.m. on the first Saturday in May. Commented he received a nice letter from a gentleman that just moved to Maryville, which will be read next week, who took part in the brush drop off and had a couple of thoughts about the park. Went to the To Do List, page 1. There were no changes. Went to page 2. There were no changes. Went to Trustees comments. There were none. Went to Mayor's comments.
9:01:38 PM Gulledge Commented on the Easter Egg Hunt. Stated this is the seventeenth year that Gary Ceretto has been doing this. Stated this year the Kiwanis will help. Stated it will start at 11:00 a.m. Saturday in front of the Administration building. Commented anyone planning on attending should plan to get there early, as it goes quickly. With no further business to come before the meeting, called for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Bell and seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
9:02:57 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville