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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date5/10/2006 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:03 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, May 10, 2006 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Attorney Keck, Police Chief Schardan, two (2) reporters and five (5) residents.
6:31:06 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the April 26 Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Limberg and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:45 PM Gulledge Went to Agenda Item #1, H.L. Builders, Proposed Development. He turned the floor over to the representative from H.L. Builders, Forrest Lerch.
6:32:08 PM Lerch Stated his name and address for the record: Forrest Lerch, 3028 Keebler Road, Collinsville. Commented he has several questions. Stated there are three pieces of property he has acquired: First is the Doolin Property. Mayor pointed out and described the location on a map displayed via PowerPoint. Lerch stated the next piece was owned by Bruce Moore; the third piece was owned by Simpkins. Stated he wants to do two (2) subdivisions. Stated the one on the 30 acre tract will be single family, eighty (80) foot lots, which is SR2. Stated on the other two tracts, he would like to construct duplex villas similar to the Stonebridge Villas located on Keebler, but in duplex style. Stated the house price range will be similar to Trotter's Run at $200,000 to $270,000; the villas would be the $175,000 to $225,000 price range. Stated both pieces of ground are extremely rough, so they are trying to figure out a way to pick up some density out of the duplex villas. Stated also they are almost out of lots for the villas at Stonebridge. Stated for these reasons, he thinks the timeframe will work well. Stated there are benefits for the city: Village water lines dead end and cannot be looped at the end of Tara Lane, and the other by Pleasant Ridge Estates. Stated there is an easement across Tara Lane and into the Simpkins ground for utilities, so the water line can be extended to service the subdivision; then when Pleasant Ridge gets redone it will allow that entire end of town to be looped with water. Stated both subdivisions will eventually have access to the bike trail by using the sidewalks that come down Pleasant Ridge to where it crosses. Bell interjected, asking if they are planning any entries to the bike trail from the subdivision. Lerch stated they planned to loop both subdivisions with walking paths so they could connect to use the sidewalks; however the creek is approximately thirty (30) feet deeper than the elevation of the street, so the sewer would have to be an aerial that crossed the creek, for which an easement would need to be obtained from Madison County Transit to cross the bike path and hit the sewer main. Commented getting access from the subdivision right-of-way to the bike path should not be a problem except for building some type of bridge.
6:36:54 PM Bell Commented that the Board had discussed that any new developments touching the bike trail or park will have access to the bike trail or park. Commented on the plan to have them come out on to Pleasant Ridge and go up to where it hits the bike trail, which is pretty close to the other subdivision.
6:37:17 PM Lerch Answered from the beginning of the northeast corner to the bike path is approximately a quarter of a mile.
6:37:47 PM Bell Responded this thirty acre tract touches Madison County's easement, so that is a position where the Village would be interested in having a connector. Stated CARD just did one from the YMCA to the trail. He pointed out the location on the map display.
6:38:33 PM Lerch Answered they are not saying it cannot be done, he is just commenting that the area is steep and the creek is wide at that point. Commented it will have to be something they will need to factor in. Commented all three (3) pieces of property are in the County, but there is adjoining ground it touches that could be annexed in. Stated they are trying to figure out what they need to do to get an approval, subject to the Company accomplishing certain items, to do a pre-annexation agreement.
6:39:23 PM Gulledge Explained his thoughts regarding what Lerch is requesting. Commented regardless of the request, the item still has to go to the Planning Commission. Stated he believes what Lerch is asking for is a conceptual plan that the first portion is SR2 homes and the other two are PDR, pointing the locations out on the map display.
6:40:14 PM Lerch Commented he would go a step further and say he would submit a plan with elevations, and say that is the only unit he is building on that piece of ground.
6:40:31 PM Bell Commented that is required for a PDR.
6:40:35 PM Gulledge Explained all Lerch is saying is he plans to go through the proper steps, he just doesn't want to spend a lot of money if the Board will not ultimately approve the plan.
6:41:07 PM Bell Asked how far the lower two tracts are from the highway, and what kind of visual from the highway are they contemplating.
6:41:13 PM Lerch Commented it actually sits down quite a ways; from the backyards of the lots that butt up to it, he estimates from twelve (12) to eighteen (18) feet lower. Bell clarified it will be the back of the duplexes that will be seen from the highway. Lerch answered that is correct. More reference was made to the map display. Lerch commented just by looking at the map, if the lots are 130 feet deep, he estimates the back of the lot to the highway is probably another 100 feet. More discussion was held as to what would be seen from the highway. Lerch commented there is a tree line that will also act as a barrier. Bell clarified they plan to leave the tree line; Lerch answered absolutely.
6:42:57 PM Schmidt Asked if there were sound barrier restrictions or requirements by the State.
6:43:04 PM Lerch Answered not that he is aware. Commented on the situation at Reindeer Forest, explaining that this plan will by no means be anything similar to that subdivision. Commented these houses will be a lot farther back. Schmidt reiterated his questions whether there are sound barrier requirements. Lerch repeated none of which he is aware.
6:43:36 PM Garcia Asked to have the plan pointed out on the future land use map.
6:43:39 PM Kostyshock Asked if the positioning of the duplexes is because the tract is along the highway, instead of building the single family in that location.
6:43:44 PM Lerch Answered he bought the thirty (30) acres, and then realized the piece of ground is so rough. Stated he should have done more research before he purchased it. Stated he was not able to make it work on numbers, as it was too much dirt to move everything else. Explained he would have to run 2,000 plus feet, the sewer was crossing an aerial. As a result he contacted Bruce Moore and the Simpkins and was able to tie-up both.  He thought it was a perfect place to have a type of buffer against the interstate, pick up some density and make the numbers work a little better.
6:44:31 PM Bell Asked if Pleasant Ridge Estates is on sewer. He was told yes. Gulledge explained the sewer line runs along the north side of the bike trail, and is the main interceptor line. The location was pointed out on the map. More discussion was held as to where they could tie in to the sewer.
6:45:29 PM Callahan Asked the location of the weigh station on the map. The location was pointed out.
6:45:44 PM Gulledge Pointed out Tara Lane on the map, commenting there are some large, very nice homes there. Explained it is unincorporated now, but will be Maryville eventually.
6:46:04 PM Garcia Asked if the duplexes he has currently are sold or rented. Lerch responded they are sold.
6:46:13 PM Gulledge Clarified Lerch is planning for duplexes, not triplexes.
6:46:15 PM Lerch Answered yes. Explained the piece of ground was too rough to do a three or four unit home; construction would not be cost effective. Commented he thinks most people prefer duplexes.
6:46:46 PM Callahan Asked if he plans to provide green space or pay the fee.
6:46:49 PM Lerch Answered there is more than enough green space with the low area ground and the ground that will butt up to the highway. Commented the most northern piece of the Doolin property has a large amount of green space. Stated he believes it will meet all of the requirements.
6:47:13 PM Garcia Asked about the green space in the park space in the middle, referring to the map.
6:47:20 PM Gulledge Commented she is confused, as she is not looking at a zoning map. Garcia answered she knows, she is looking at future land use. Gulledge answered all they did was point out the land might be park ground some day. Garcia commented her belief that they wasted their time on the future use map, as she thought they were supposed to be going by the map as to what the Village wants for these areas. Callahan commented that map is irrelevant now.
6:48:05 PM Bell Commented on Garcia's point, explaining she is correct; however there is no way the Village could afford a park in every position they listed as a possibility on that map.
6:48:51 PM Callahan Commented they will have to waive the right to that property, as the reason it is on the map is to keep developers from buying it.
6:49:06 PM Gulledge Commented they have a year in which they can keep a developer from buying that piece of ground.
6:50:04 PM Kostyshock Asked how many duplex units he plans on building. Lerch responded there are 53 lots. Kostyshock clarified that is two per lot.
6:50:19 PM Lerch Answered that is correct. Commented there were sixty eight (68) villas at Stonebridge, of which he is down to approximately fourteen (14). Kostyshock clarified these will be similar to Stonebridge. Lerch answered that is correct; he was actually going to build the same floor plan and change the elevation.
6:50:42 PM Kostyshock Asked how they will separate the duplexes from the single family homes; whether there will be a buffer or street.
6:50:51 PM Lerch Answered there is a ditch that runs between the two subdivisions that is wooded. Commented he does not have a preference either way, as the price range is going to be comparable per unit of a duplex as opposed to the homes.
6:51:20 PM Schmidt Commented if he gets to the Planning Commission stage, he believes the ordinances read a fifty (50) or thirty (30) foot buffer zone is required between a PDR and another zoning listing.
6:51:40 PM Callahan Commented there Lerch would have a problem with lot #4.
6:51:45 PM Lerch Answered he understands there are things he is going to need to change.
6:51:48 PM Schmidt Commented they are trying to explain these points for Lerch's information, as the Planning Commission really picks things such as that out.
6:52:06 PM Gulledge Reiterated Lerch is not asking for a permit, but for the Board's feelings about the project itself before he goes forward. Asked the trustees if they were okay with this concept. Callahan commented he is okay with the single family; however he is opposed to the multi-family, as they are already talking about another 400 units in addition to this, and he feels they do not need it. Garcia said she is opposed to the plan. Gulledge commented to Lerch that the opinion is four (4) to two (2) that the Board is willing to look at the proposal further, if he chooses to go forward with the plan. Lerch expressed his appreciation.
6:53:28 PM Gulledge Asked Schardan to discuss his agenda items.
6:54:10 PM Schardan Asked to postpone the discussion of the termination of part time officers until later. He discussed the Emergency Operation Plan. Stated they are going from the plan adopted in 1992 to the current plan, and compared the size of both. Commented on the time and detail put in to the current plan. Stated this plan is NIMS compliant, which they will need to match up with the Federal Government if the Village ever had a disaster in order to recoup costs from FEMA. Stated there are also grants for which the Village is ineligible unless they are NIMS compliant.
6:55:06 PM Bell Asked if the plan was for the whole area or just the Village.
6:55:09 PM Schardan Answered it is for the Village of Maryville. Commented they did not develop it, but used the City of Springfield as a guide, making adjustments to fit into Maryville and Madison County. Stated they had Jack Quigley through the Emergency Management Agency for Madison County, who was at most of the meetings and is well aware of the situation. Stated Quigley has already signed off. Stated they also had Madison County Health Department at a lot of the meetings, and they have also signed off. Stated he is trying to contact Trudy Jennings from Anderson Hospital to sign off, as well as obtain a signature from Bill Theum from Red Cross.
6:56:06 PM Bell Asked what departments need to have access to this book and if there are electronic copies.
6:56:19 PM Schardan Answered all departments need to have access, and there are electronic copies. Bell asked where the electronic copies are. Schardan answered right now there are some formatting issues that he is still working on. Stated part of it is on his computer drive, and part is on Becky Springer's computer. Bell commented they need to find a home for it on the GIS server so all departments have access. Schardan commented he also talked to the Mayor about copies, and will make sure a copy is provided to Public Works; the Clerk's Office; four copies to the Police Department:  One for the Chief, one for sergeants, one in patrol and one at the front desk; Two or more for Flaugher's departments; one for Anderson Hospital; one for Madison County. Commented he thinks Debra Sherlock also asked for one, although he will have to double check.
6:57:42 PM Gulledge Commented on how the Village became involved in this emergency plan. Stated the original plan needed a lot of work. Commented they were working on it before Katrina hit. Stated he put Schardan in charge and he has done a tremendous job, as well as all of the department heads. Stated due to the size of the plan, he does not want to have it printed up until the Board has approved it. For this reason, they are asking if the Board will agree to approve the plan at the next Board meeting even though they have not actually read it.
7:00:43 PM Bell Commented this is the type of document that will need to be updated from time to time, so unless there are departments that require hard copies, he believes it is not necessary to print a lot of copies. Gulledge concurred.
7:01:23 PM Schmidt Asked if the guidelines out of Springfield incorporated HAM radio operators.
7:01:29 PM Schardan Answered yes, they got it through Madison County. Explained once the situation gets too big for the Village, they will call Madison County right away, at which time their plan will be implemented. Commented from there they will go to the State through IEMA, who will then go to the Federal Government if it is that severe. Commented that is the importance of being NIMS compliant and having Madison County's input.
7:02:06 PM Gulledge Asked the trustees if they agree to put this on the agenda next week for Board approval. The trustees all agreed. He commented his appreciation to Schardan for the good job he did on this project. It was decided that the Mayor will keep the plan until Schardan returns from vacation; this way any Trustees can look through it if they choose.
7:04:03 PM Schardan Gave his monthly report since he was on vacation last week. Stated there were 282 calls for service in April; 66 citations written; 15 accident reports. Discussed training issues: Explained Sgt. Howe's Reid training is an international course and is well known and respected. Explained the Mobile Crash Reporting: The officers can now do the accident reports electronically from their squad car on their computer, submitting it straight into the Illinois Department of Transportation. Stated the only time it is printed is on an as-needed basis; they will not be keeping paper files anymore. This training was to learn the reporting procedures.
7:05:07 PM Schmidt Offered his congratulations to Schardan on his reappointment. Schardan thanked him.
7:05:25 PM Gulledge Went to next agenda item, final plat approval for the Villages at Amberleigh. He asked Schmidt to discuss, and introduced Kevin Bollman from Vantage Homes who is available to answer questions.
7:06:05 PM Schmidt Commented on the proposed Resolution that he hopes will be on the Board agenda for next week. Stated the PDR development is on Route 162 and is approximately sixty (60) acres in size. Discussed the new form attached to the resolution that is designed to help the Board, Planning Commission and Mayor get a good overview of the history of the proposed plat approval. Asked Bollman to discuss.
7:07:53 PM Bollman Went to the podium and stated his name and address for the record: Kevin Bollman with Vantage Development Company, 13 Executive Drive, Fairview Heights, Illinois.
7:08:12 PM Garcia Commented he needs to change the sign advertising the homes' price in the $160's; she sent a friend to the development who reported the properties are all above $160. Bollman commented the town homes should be in that price range. Garcia answered her friend told her they were all above that cost. She suggested changing the sign, as people will get upset.
7:08:53 PM Bell Commented he understands the development is a PDR with single family, villas, and town homes. Asked if the second page in the packet showed the larger single-family homes. Bollman said this is correct; they are the eighty-five (85) foot lots. Bell clarified they start at around 10,000 square feet and go up. He asked what the smaller size on Page 3 is.
7:10:17 PM Bollman Answered the smallest of the lots along Manchester is 7,200 square feet. Stated the buildings to the south along Kensington Drive are the villa lots.
7:10:30 PM Bell Clarified they are 96 foot width for two units. Bollman answered that is correct. Gulledge commented the smallest one he sees is 7,178 for lot #79.
7:10:55 PM Garcia Asked if anything has changed since this was voted on before. She was told no.
7:11:03 PM Bell Clarified that page 4 reflects the townhouses. Bollman answered that is correct; they will be three and four unit buildings with front-entry two-car garages on each.
7:11:29 PM Garcia Asked if they own the front cut of ground. Bollman answered they own the right-of-way out to Route 162.
7:12:01 PM Callahan Commented he has been opposed to this development, prefacing his statement to Bollman that it is not his fault and he should not take it personally. Commented on photos he offered of his garage, explaining it is twenty-four (24) feet wide at the bottom and twenty-seven (27) feet at the top and wouldn't fit on thirty of the proposed lots. Stated his home, which is small, wouldn't fit on one hundred (100) of the proposed lots. Commented unless he got variance, it probably would only fit on fifty (50) of the proposed lots. Commented his house is two stories, and 1,400 square feet. Compared the portion of the development with twenty-five (25) to thirty (30) foot wide lots to a trailer court. Bell asked to which page he is referring. Callahan indicated the page with the town homes. Stated the point he is trying to make is, although this development is a "done deal", they have another proposal coming up next week and he believes they will keep coming. Commented Maryville is the only community doing multi-family; the neighboring communities are re-zoning their multi-family to single-family. Commented calling the developments PDRs is just a way to get around the zoning. Asked how you can have a twenty-six (26) foot wide lot and call it zoning.
7:13:24 PM Gulledge Thanked Bollman for coming.
7:13:29 PM Callahan Asked to make further comments. Stated regarding the discussion with Lerch earlier in the meeting, conceptually Lerch does a very good development on large lots; it is the multi-family that he is opposed to. Commented further that the Vantage development is "a joke".
7:13:50 PM Gulledge Stated the development will be on the agenda for final plat approval for next Wednesday.
7:14:01 PM Kostyshock Asked why there is no buffer zone between duplexes, villas and single-family, as they told Lerch he would need one.
7:14:11 PM Schmidt Answered it is not required for a PDR development.
7:14:21 PM Callahan Asked who negotiated the deal.
7:14:33 PM Gulledge Answered the Village Board approved it. Schmidt added the Planning Commission also approved.
7:14:40 PM Callahan Questioned why the Board approved twenty-six (26) foot wide lots.
7:14:47 PM Schmidt Answered the lots are not twenty-six (26) feet wide. Bell agreed, saying there are approximately one hundred (100) feet wide.
7:14:55 PM Callahan Commented his point is that this plan is unchanged from the preliminary, which he did not see. He asked if anyone had any input on lot size at the preliminary meeting.
7:15:09 PM Gulledge Answered Planning Commission meetings were held, which are open for anyone to attend.
7:15:20 PM Bell Commented the townhouse plan is three (3) or four (4) units within one lot, so they don't have a single building set on a twenty-six foot width, you have one building set on a little over one hundred (100) feet.
7:15:34 PM Callahan Answered you have a building with four units sitting on a hundred feet, taking up the whole lot with no lot lines, no space in between the houses.
7:15:46 PM Bell Commented the Board looked at a development just like this, and his only concern was the smallest single family lots. Commented he had no problem with the townhouses. Commented he asked questions on the small lots, and the answer, which made sense to him, was that these were intended for single-parent families that do not want a large yard to keep up. Commented these types of homes seem to be selling well.
7:16:31 PM Callahan Commented there does not seem to be a problem selling single-family homes.
7:16:37 PM Bell Countered there does not seem to be a problem selling anything in this area.
7:16:37 PM Callahan Asked why they need to go this route.
7:16:40 PM Bell Answered it gives a little bit of everything in one community.
7:16:48 PM Gulledge Commented it is individual preference; Callahan's preference is not to do it, he voted no, and that is his right; however others voted yes.
7:16:57 PM Callahan Reiterated his opinion that now that they have allowed this, more will be coming. Commented Mayor personally told him that the price of the property on the front that is supposed to be retail is so high nobody can buy it; so they won't get the retail unless they give economic incentives to the people that buy the property. Commented his opinion that this is backwards; they should have done the economic incentives to the people in front and then they'd have single family in the back.
7:17:24 PM Gulledge Stated he respectfully disagrees with some of Callahan's points. Stated his opinion that it is a preference, and this Board had every opportunity to vote however they felt. Commented he voted no, which is within his right, and the others voted yes, which is certainly within their right. Commented Callahan made a statement regarding other communities; that is not true. Stated he could take him to any neighboring community that has done the same, maybe not the same magnitude as this in Madison County, but there are three (3) or four (4) going on right now in St. Clair County right behind the mall at Far Oaks. Commented the Board went out to look at them. Reiterated it is a preference. More comments were made as to other communities and locations.
7:18:50 PM Schmidt Commented if the Board does not feel that PDR is right for the community, maybe it should not be included in the ordinances. Commented this developer looked for land in the area and saw that Maryville had a provision in the ordinances that allowed them to build this type of community. Commented if the Board does not care to have that type of ordinance, they should consider changing it to never allow a developer such as Vantage to come in and take advantage of it. Commented Vantage is not doing anything that the ordinances do not allow.
7:19:36 PM Bell Commented further that the Board had a lot of input into how they wanted the elevations to look.
7:19:43 PM Callahan Commented he pointed out to Bollman that this is not personal; he is a very successful business man and probably couldn't get this plan "down the throats" of too many boards. Stated the point is its going to keep coming. Commented they have another five hundred (500) acres in this area, and asked who is going to want to put single-family homes next to an "outfit" that looks like a trailer park. Commented it is all going to be PDR and will all be as small as they can squeeze out of the Board. Commented it is too late to stop it. Commented on Lerch's plan, although he is not in favor of it, but at least he is planning to put his duplexes on eight-five (85) and ninety-foot (90) lots. Commented there is a difference between cramming three hundred (300) homes into an area that would probably only hold one hundred (100) single-families under SR1 and 2. Commented on top of that, they are putting too much stress on the sewer system, as they only have one lift station there right now. Commented the people will just keep coming because now they know.
7:21:03 PM Bell Referred to the plat and commented the two places in question are on 120 foot lots, so that is quite a bit bigger than what Callahan is saying.
7:21:11 PM Callahan Answered that is true, but there are no lot lines. Commented Lerch is planning buildings with definite lots with space between the buildings, front and back yards, etc. Commented this plan includes no lot lines, they just decided they would "throw" all of the zoning ordinances in relationship to square footage and distances between lots "out the door". Commented as a successful business man, Bollman negotiated the best deal he could get, and he got a very good one. Commented it will bring in more taxes, probably put more kids in the school, etc., but questions if it is good for Maryville. Stated his argument is that it is not.
7:22:18 PM Garcia Commented to Bell that when they took the tour they did not see any townhouses. Various Board members answered yes they did; they even went inside some. Garcia argued no they didn't, as she remembers they told them they didn't have any townhouses in Illinois, only in Missouri. Further argument ensued regarding the issue.
7:22:58 PM Gulledge Asked the Board if they are in favor of placing the item on the Board meeting agenda. Callahan said no; everyone else agreed. Thanked Bollman for his input.
7:23:16 PM Gulledge Went to public input. There was none. Went to Calendar updates. Commented there is a GIS meeting scheduled for Monday at 9:00 a.m. Commented there is a Rabies Clinic scheduled for May 20th at 9:00 a.m. Commented there is a combination Park Meeting and a special Planning Commission meeting on the 15th due to the fact there was no quorum last month. Commented on the scheduled Memorial Service at 10:00 a.m. Limberg commented the public is invited. Bell commented on the dedication concert on the 21st. Commented there were no additions for June. Commented on the Fishing Derby always having a good turnout.
7:25:26 PM Gulledge Went to To Do List, page 1. Callahan asked if there was anything more on the funding for Old Town. Gulledge answered he has not heard yet; he has a call in but has been unable to speak with anyone as yet. There were no changes to Page 1. Went to Page 2. Commented he was just informed they did not get the Dave Polavek Memorial Trailhead Grant. Stated this grant was for $75,000 for access to the bike trail from Route 159. Bell commented it was also for adding parking. Gulledge answered that was not part of this grant, but was a different grant; Madison County Transit applied for the parking on a separate grant, which was denied also.
7:27:28 PM Garcia Asked how the Bauer Lane Sewer project is going.
7:27:29 PM Gulledge Answered they have turned in all the paperwork to the IEPA, and are waiting to hear on the low-interest loan. Stated everything is done that can be until they hear back from them. Went to page 3. There were no changes. Went to page 4. There were no changes. Went to Trustee Comments.
7:28:14 PM Limberg Stated he received a call from an area resident that wanted to convey a commendation to a police officer who did an outstanding job relating to an incident in which he was involved. Stated this individual wanted to compliment both the officer and the Department for their fine work. Mayor asked who the officer was. Limberg answered Officer Kanzler.
7:28:59 PM Bell Commented on the Bike Safety Rodeo, saying they had twenty eight (28) kids, four (4) of whom won new bikes. Mayor commented Justin's brother was one who won a bike, and Justin won a lock. He offered his congratulations to Justin, who was in attendance.
7:29:35 PM Callahan Talked about the Economic Development meeting held Monday night. Stated the Mayor, PSO Officer and Trustee Garcia were in attendance. Stated they covered the sign ordinance. Stated there were some specific questions, and then a general question if there were any changes that need to be made. Stated they spent quite a bit of time discussing whether they should make some provisions for off premise yard sale advertising. Stated it was a heated debate; there were a couple of people in attendance in favor, and a couple vocally against. Stated the general consensus of the committee was "if it's not broke, don't fix it". Stated they did not receive a recommendation from the committee to change the ordinance. Stated he brought up a question, about which he had already spoken with attorney Wigginton, as to whether plastic banners bolted or screwed/nailed to a building are considered permanent signs. Stated Wigginton said no; the general consensus of the committee was they are not permanent even if they are stapled or nailed. Commented in that sense, they plan to do some code enforcement. Mayor commented they sent out letters that day regarding this issue. Callahan commented the issue of flashing signs was discussed. Stated there was no recommendation to change the ordinance to eliminate such signs. Stated in general the opinion is no changes are necessary to the sign ordinance at this point in time. Commented one member had a recommendation to ask Jack Kime to survey what businesses are in each area of town. Stated the recommendation was to include a complete list of businesses in town in the Gazette around the business license renewal timeframe. Stated his question is whether the Board would give him permission to ask Jack Kime to write this "business review" as a service to residents.
7:33:51 PM Bell Commented he is confused, and asked regarding the sign ordinance if the determination was no changes should be made. He was told there was no recommendation to change it.
7:34:23 PM Gulledge Commented his opinion that it is a great idea to focus on area businesses in the Gazette. Stated they do publish a list of names and addresses of businesses every year. Commented he interviews and gives out the business licenses, per ordinance. Stated he thinks from now on he will give any new businesses to Jack Kime to focus on. He clarified that the idea is okay with the Board. All agreed. Callahan commented they should leave the decision as to which business to feature and when up to Kime. All agreed.
7:36:36 PM Kostyshock Commented that the Maryville Elementary School field trip went well. Commented the fire department sprayed the hose, and every kid managed to run under the spray to get wet. Commented Hodapp did an excellent job with his presentation. Commented Callahan brought up a good point regarding apartments. Stated his opinion that everyone on the Board should know how many apartments, duplexes and villas there are currently, as well as how many are in planning, in relation to single-family homes. Stated his opinion that will enable Trustees to make a better choice. Commented regarding Lerch's plan that maybe they could have a trade-off; he would rather see sixty (60) foot single family homes than duplexes. Commented maybe they can work with the contractors.
7:37:47 PM Gulledge Answered, as he said to Callahan, this Board has the final vote on any decision.
7:37:59 PM Schmidt Added there is also a voice from the Planning Commission.
7:38:20 PM Garcia Commented, regarding the sign ordinance, that she is not opposed to having off premise garage sale signs; however she asks that if the ordinance is not changed that everyone is treated fairly. Commented the issue that sales held on Friday's will not have signs allowed, but anyone holding a sale on Saturday will put up signs. Various comments were made regarding the issue, pointing out how and where signs are placed.
7:40:00 PM Gulledge Commented in his opinion Jones is treating everyone equally. Commented it is impossible to catch everyone. Commented he does not have a problem with the signs; his problem is that they are not removed. Commented that is the reason they wrote the ordinance.
7:41:08 PM Bell Commented if they chose to change it, they could allow it through permit. Callahan's comment was who would enforce it. Bell answered they could take a deposit, and once the sign is removed they get their deposit back.
7:41:36 PM Callahan Commented that Dave Massa is the Committee Chairman, who is a local lawyer, and he basically pointed it out in terms of a lot of time and money spent paying that person to enforce it versus what they will gain from it. Reiterated Garcia's point about residents putting up signs on the weekend when no one is on duty to enforce the code.
7:42:41 PM Garcia Commented for benefit of the media, there are no yard sale signs permitted off premise for residents Friday and Saturday.
7:43:19 PM Limberg Commented that Collinsville requires permits for yard sales and signs. Commented he talked to a representative from Collinsville who said it is a nightmare for them to try to regulate.
7:43:43 PM Gulledge Reiterated the Board is not against yard sales; they are against the signs that are left up and not maintained or taken care of. More comments ensued regarding the issue.
7:44:43 PM Gulledge Commented he was called by a representative of the Grizzlies. Stated they are trying to coordinate a Maryville, Marine, St. Jacob and Troy night with the Grizzlies on August 18th. Stated he told them he does not have a problem with it and could advertise it in the Gazette, but he would have to ask the Board. Commented all they want is to list the Village's name in the advertisement. Asked the Trustees if they were in favor. All were. Commented, before going on to make committee appointments, he sent out a letter to all of the volunteers that serve on the committees to see if they had any desire to change or step down. Commented he received two that requested to step down. Commented that if the Trustees have someone in mind, to let him know; he has an opening on the Park Committee and also on the Zoning Board of Appeals. Commented both resigning members plan to stay on until a replacement is found. Commented he still has an opening on the Fire and Pension Board. Commented regarding committee appointments, that he is not normally one to make a lot of changes; in fact he considered changes last year but ultimately decided to stay with the status quo. Stated this year he decided it was a good opportunity to change some things, as he had a couple of requests to that effect. Gave the committee appointments for the fiscal year: Finance Chair will be Rod Schmidt, and Jack Callahan will serve; Police/Fire Chair will be Jack Callahan and Randy Limberg will serve; Public Works Chair will stay Ed Kostyshock and Todd Bell will serve; Health (Building and Zoning) Chair will be Randy Limberg and Rod Schmidt will serve; Personnel Chair will be Linda Garcia and Mayor will serve. Commented he thought about removing his name and appointing a Trustee in that position, which he still may do. Commented they will continue to keep the Trustee of the Department involved. Went on:  Parks/Buildings Chair will be Todd Bell and Ed Kostyshock will serve; For Special Committees, Mayor Pro-Tem will be Randy Limberg; Economic Development Liaison will be Rod Schmidt; Historical Museum and Library will be co-chaired by Ed Kostyshock and Jack Callahan; Ministerial Alliance Liaison will be Linda Garcia; Planning Commission Liaison will be Randy Limberg, and added that he will also be Zoning Board liaison to keep the Board apprised of any decisions made; Schoolhouse Trails Liaison will be Todd Bell; Special Projects will be all Trustees. After the appointments, he commented on the museum and library, saying the opinion is the library is a "done deal" because the referendum has passed; actually it is not, as they won't have any tax money for a while and they are working on grants, etc. Stated for this reason he would like Kostyshock and Callahan to see what can be done to offer some assistance. Commented his desire to see the museum develop. Commented his opinion that, due to the time and effort put in to the library, the museum was pushed aside. Commented he has some ideas on the subject. Commented he would like the Board to consider holding an open Village Hall meeting, maybe twice a year to involve more residents. Commented his desire for a volunteer to Chair and serve on a committee to focus more on resident senior citizens. He asked Schmidt if he would be interested. Schmidt indicated he would not be opposed, however he has a lot of loose ends with regard to the Gallery project. Commented he would be willing to help if someone else is willing to Chair or Co-Chair. Callahan commented he would be willing to Co-Chair. Garcia offered to help. Gulledge commented on the importance of facilitating the newly remodeled Senior Building and putting some programs in place for resident seniors. Stated he would like Callahan, Limberg and Schmidt to find a time to come in to discuss each of their departments, and share some ideas. He asked that they let him know next Wednesday, as this will give them a week to think about their visions for their new committees.
7:56:09 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:56:43 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville