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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date8/23/2006 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:20 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, August 23, 2006 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan and Kostyshock. Trustee Garcia was absent. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Attorney Wigginton, Public Works Director Presson, Police Chief Schardan, Park Committee Chairman Roger Shoup, Fire & Police Board President Mike Pamatot, three (3) reporters and thirteen (13) citizens.
6:31:24 PM Gulledge Requested those in attendance to observe a moment of silence in remembrance of Ron Lucas, former Mayor of Maryville, who passed away Monday, August 21st.
6:32:00 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the August 10th Caucus meeting minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtraction to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Limberg and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt -yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:40 PM Gulledge Commented they will take the agenda out of order, as there was a last minute addition under Public Comments. He asked if anyone would like to address the Board at this time. There was no response. He asked if Gary Lutman was present. He was not. Went on to Swearing In of Police Officer Candidate Brandon Ponce, and gave the floor to Police & Fire Board President, Mike Pamatot.
6:33:38 PM Pamatot Thanked the Mayor and Board on behalf of the Police & Fire Board for their support of the Police Department. Stated Ponce is part of the class of 2006, and was second on the eligibility list. Commented Ponce is the first candidate from Maryville. Stated Ponce has no policing experience, so he will attend the academy starting September 1, 2006. Swore Brandon Ponce in.
6:35:13 PM Gulledge Invited Ponce to speak.
6:35:20 PM Ponce Thanked his family for their support
6:35:34 PM Pamatot Commented Ponce had an outstanding military career, which is what brought him up on the list. Commented the Board's view that he has a lot of potential for the Department, and it is nice to have a Maryville resident on the force.
6:36:06 PM Gulledge Commented to Ponce and his family they are welcome to stay; however it is not required. Went to next Agenda item, Pay Application #4 to Plocher Construction, which is the final payment for the Drost Park Comfort Station.
6:36:57 PM Bell Stated he would like to get the pay application on the agenda for the next Board meeting. Stated the amount is $22,247.95.
6:37:11 PM Gulledge Asked if there were questions or comments. Limberg commented they have done a good job. Bell commented the restroom is working nicely; mentioned to Shoup that the dog fountain is perfect and supplies just the right amount of water for the animals. Gulledge commented they have had several compliments phoned in to the Village. With no further questions or comments, stated the item will be placed on the agenda for the next Board meeting.
6:38:17 PM Gulledge Went to next item, a potential new development called Wynncrest. Explained they have had a couple of meetings with the developer, H & L, which is Forest Lerch's group. Invited Wigginton to comment on the project thus far.
6:38:43 PM Wigginton Stated the revised draft of the project is being reviewed by the developer. Stated they conducted a meeting earlier this week and provided them the Village's proposal. Stated they originally submitted a proposal that needed changing due to Village obligations with respect to water and road improvement fees for Pleasant Ridge. Stated they also had questions regarding the layout of the development and the type of zoning sought. Stated the developer had a number of questions about these requirements, and indicated they would need to review the plans and budget to see if the deal could still be done as intended. Stated right now there is nothing to report other than they are waiting for the developer's response to the proposal.
6:39:45 PM Callahan Clarified this is the development that is partially single family and partially multi-family off of Pleasant Ridge Road.
6:39:52 PM Wigginton Answered that is correct; however it has now changed. Stated the current proposal is for SR2 single-family homes and the other half will be proposed, not accepted, PDR with a proposal for sixty (60) foot wide lots, primarily because of the layout of the land and the fact that those lots all back to the Interstate.
6:40:17 PM Callahan Asked if those lots would be multi or single.
6:40:22 PM Wigginton Answered single; actually they indicated it would be the same size house found in Trotter's Run on a smaller lot.
6:40:48 PM Callahan Asked about reaching the bike trail, as pointed out by Bell at the last discussion.
6:40:51 PM Wigginton Answered that is one provision in the agreement. Stated there is a question as to whether or not it can feasibly be reached, due to the presence of a ravine and creek. Stated there is a possibility they might seek relief, as they will be paying a lot of money toward road improvement on Pleasant Ridge. Stated their initial suggestion was that there would be a sidewalk along Pleasant Ridge that would then reach the bike trail, rather than going through the ravine. Stated the Village indicated they would review the proposal; however anything like that would require a variance due to the subdivision ordinance that requires all subdivisions adjacent to a bike trail must provide access to the trail.
6:41:55 PM Gulledge Commented this is just at the preliminary stage and are still a lot of questions to be answered. Commented Limberg plans on covering further issues under his comments at this meeting.
6:42:30 PM Schmidt Asked Wigginton to point out the location on the map displayed via Power Point. Various comments were made regarding the display.
6:43:16 PM Kostyshock Asked about the existing house.
6:43:21 PM Gulledge Answered the last time they spoke regarding that house, the developer indicated he would renovate it and make it a stand-alone one (1) or two (2) acre piece of ground. Kostyshock clarified the developer owns the home. Gulledge answered yes.
6:43:43 PM Bell Commented his misunderstanding of the sidewalk solution, using the map displayed.
6:43:57 PM Wigginton Answered the developer is not saying he would build a sidewalk from the development to the trail; he is saying the amount of money going toward road improvement would someday include sidewalks, which he thought might fulfill the requirement. Stated he did not propose it, he just made the comment.
6:44:26 PM Gulledge Commented they did not agree to anything.
6:44:29 PM Wigginton Commented he reminded the developer that Bell is very much an advocate to bike trails and it would be very difficult to change his mind.
6:44:42 PM Gulledge Asked for further comments. There were none. Went to next item, Troy Chamber of Commerce Membership. Stated Dawn Bushnell attended the Economic Development Meeting the other night, and invited Schmidt to discuss.
6:44:57 PM Schmidt Commented the Mayor had been in contact with Ms. Bushnell in the past, and was very impressed with her energy. Stated it seems the minimal amount it would cost the Village to join the Troy Chamber is well worth it for what they can offer. Stated she presented what has been done in the past for merchants belonging to the Chamber, which was impressive. Stated the yearly membership is $110, and commented his opinion that it would be worth it to see what can be done for the benefit of the Village.
6:46:03 PM Gulledge Concurred. Commented joining is also his recommendation. Commented by joining, any Board member can attend the after-hour meetings. Schmidt commented in addition to the meetings, they issue newsletters. Bell commented the Park Committee was also interested for advertisement purposes. Gulledge reiterated his opinion it would benefit the whole community. With no further questions or comments, stated the item will be placed on the agenda for approval at the Board meeting.
6:47:19 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. Commented on the Planning Commission Meeting Monday. Bell commented on the concert Sunday at 7:30 p.m., which will be given by the Zydeco Crawdaddies. Commented on the two bands that switched dates, and apologized for the confusion. Gulledge commented there is additional parking at the Catholic Church. Commented the Zydeco Crawdaddies are a good band. Went to September: Bell commented on the Joey James Band concert scheduled for the 17th. Commented he has had a lot of requests for another movie; he is unsure if they can put one together this year, but will review the issue.
6:48:53 PM Gulledge With no further comments on the Calendar, went to To Do List.
6:48:57 PM Garcia Arrived and was seated.
6:49:06 PM Gulledge Went to page one of the To Do List.
6:49:11 PM Schmidt Asked if there were any responses from the Picchioldi's regarding the building at Main and Center streets.
6:49:22 PM Gulledge Answered he is unsure whether a written response was received; however they have had a verbal response, and the site is being cleaned up. Stated the verbal response was they will be taking down the old store portion of the building; not the garage. Asked Kostyshock if he had further information. He did not, other than they indicated they would get it down as soon as they could.
6:49:55 PM Limberg Commented that will give them additional parking.
6:50:01 PM Gulledge Asked for further comments on the To Do List, page one. There were none. Went to page two.
6:50:07 PM Bell Asked the status on the equipment ordered for the recyclable grant.
6:50:15 PM Gulledge Answered it was shipped that day, and is expected later this week or the first part of next week. Bell asked if there is a list of items ordered. Gulledge answered yes. Bell asked for a copy, as they need to decide where they want to place the equipment.
6:51:07 PM Bell Commented the rubber has been removed for the poured solid surface for the playground. Commented the Park Committee would like to keep that rubber, and has ideas as to for what it can be used.
6:51:29 PM Gulledge Commented he and Presson have discussed the issue; he wants to let everyone know that they tried to use this material before, and it does not break up and becomes a mess if kicked out into the grass. Asked Presson to discuss.
6:52:12 PM Presson Stated they have a partial amount of that mulch designated for further use, per the grant requirements.
6:52:22 PM Gulledge Explained they turned in to the grant that some of it would be used at the water plant.
6:52:35 PM Bell Commented the idea was to use it around the concrete picnic tables, thereby avoid grass cutting around the tables. He asked Presson to check with the Committee before getting rid of the material. Presson indicated they will not get rid of it.
6:53:04 PM Gulledge Commented they have plenty of wood-chipped mulch, which is bio-degradable.
6:53:25 PM Bell Commented that the PEP grant pavilions have been delivered. Asked Presson if he knows if the equipment sitting out there is both combined. Presson answered that is correct. Bell commented he was there today, and some of the boxes are open. Stated they have an idea of where the first will go; however the committee needs to decide on the exact location of each. He asked that Presson check with him on the locations when he gets close to scheduling the installation. Commented the biggest concern is that the smaller boxes are laying out; his opinion would be to secure them. Presson concurred. Bell commented his opinion that it does not look as if there is enough pieces for two full pavilions; and he only saw one of the cupola's. Reiterated his opinion that the smaller boxes be secured in the shed.
6:55:10 PM Gulledge Asked for other comments on page two.
6:55:14 PM Limberg Asked about the status of the Bauer Lane sewers.
6:55:20 PM Gulledge Answered they are still awaiting confirmation from the EPA. Acknowledged Callahan had a question.
6:55:35 PM Callahan Asked about the Communications consolidation.
6:55:44 PM Wigginton Commented his belief that the issue can be removed from the list. Stated that project is "dead".
6:55:53 PM Callahan Asked if that was at the County level.
6:55:55 PM Wigginton Answered he believes so; his understanding is the County will consolidate into one facility versus regional facilities. Callahan clarified that means they will take the whole thing over. Wigginton answered that is correct. Callahan asked where the Village would stand in terms of being able to choose. Wigginton answered the 9-1-1 equipment in Maryville's facility belongs to the County.
6:56:25 PM Gulledge Suggested, as Chief is on that committee, they ask him to report at the next meeting regarding the issue. He asked for further comments on page two.
6:57:15 PM Bell Asked if they were working on the upgrades to the lift station today at Drost Park. He was told yes.
6:57:22 PM Gulledge Commented they were told a gas line could not be installed because the Village had not yet paid the bill; however Clerk Long checked on the issue and Ameren IP had not yet billed the Village. Commented once the natural gas hookup is complete, the project will be done. Commented that is the nice thing about this generator, as if the power is out they will simply turn on the natural gas and eliminate the need to drag the portable pumps around.
6:58:19 PM Gulledge Went to page three. There were no comments. Went to Trustee comments. He asked Presson if he had any comments while he is at the podium.
6:58:38 PM Presson Commented one of the two new Public Works employees started Monday, and is working out well; the second, Mr. Weigers, is going to be starting the following day. He thanked the Board for the approval of the new hires. Schmidt asked if he is still short. Presson answered he is still short due to Lussenheide. Schmidt clarified, other than Lussenheide, he has more employees than he ever has. Presson answered once Lussenheide comes back he will be back up to a full crew. He commented they replaced Matt Pomerantz, so Lussenheide will give him one extra.
6:59:28 PM Gulledge Invited comments from Limberg.
6:59:31 PM Limberg Commented there is a Planning Commission Meeting Monday, for which three public hearings are scheduled. Stated the first is a request from B&K Auto to rezone a piece of property from MR2 to B2; the second is the proposed amendments to the subdivision code to increase green space fees; the third is a request for annexation and rezoning from Summit Ridge Corporation to SR2, which is a PDR development. Stated in addition to the recommendations for these three items, there is also a recommendation to approve the preliminary development of Villa Marie Winery on the agenda.
7:00:58 PM Gulledge Commented the public hearing at 7:20 p.m. for Summit Ridge Corporation SR2 PDR is the Wynncrest Subdivision discussed earlier.
7:01:25 PM Callahan Asked what Villa Marie is. He was told it is the winery. He asked how they plan to connect to the sewer. He was told they will be presenting this at the meeting. He clarified that B&K is the same as last year. He was told yes.
7:01:48 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions for Limberg regarding the Planning Commission meeting.
7:01:52 PM Garcia She asked for an explanation of MR2.
7:01:55 PM Gulledge Answered MR2 is multi-family, at which it is currently zoned; B2 is heavy business; B1 is light business. He compared B2 to the Schiber Court complex and some areas along East Main where the trucking people are. He compared B1 to flower shops, etc.
7:02:31 PM Garcia Clarified that they had reviewed the issue before.
7:02:34 PM Gulledge Answered the gentleman has the right after one year to reapply. Asked Limberg if he had further comments. He did not. Went to Schmidt's comments.
7:02:50 PM Schmidt Asked if Jim Ferris is scheduled for next week. Gulledge answered it was up to Schmidt. Clarified that the item needs to be filed by the end of October, so they have some time. Asked if Gulledge remembered to get maps printed. Gulledge answered tomorrow. Suggested to the Board to get corrections or additions to the Gazette in to Jolene Henry by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow.
7:03:40 PM Bell Commented he has received a lot of e-mails, some from the same resident multiple times, regarding incorporating the ability to view and pay water bills online. Stated it has not yet been investigated as far as security involved, etc. Suggested his idea to have someone find out what companies surrounding communities use, if they have such capability. Stated he suggested to these individuals that they do online payments through their bank. Stated the problem with that is the Village does not accept electronic payments, so paper checks are cut and mailed. Commented the processing time can be anywhere from ten (10) to fourteen (14) days, at which time customers are assessed late fees. Commented he himself tested this procedure.  Commented a solution needs to be found, at least to allow the Village to accept electronic payments through the bank; at some point maybe they can look into payments through the Village website.
7:07:16 PM Gulledge Suggested they have Presson investigate the matter and report at a future meeting.
7:07:44 PM Schmidt Asked if the Village cannot accept the payments, how was Bell able to test it.
7:07:52 PM Bell Explained he tested it by paying online through his bank, which goes through batch processing, cuts a paper check and is mailed to the Village.
7:08:06 PM Schmidt Commented he did not know that could be done.
7:08:09 PM Bell Explained the process of paying bills online through the bank: The business either accepts electronic payments, in which case a wire transfer is done, which the Village does not accept; so the funds come out of the account and are processed by a company that cuts a paper check and mails it. More comments were made regarding the issue.
7:09:39 PM Bell Next, discussed Park recommendations. Stated the first is to allow the Master Gardeners, at their expense, to install a trellis gate at the entrance to one of the gardens known as the Open Gate Garden. Presented a picture of the plan. Commented the gate will be concreted in, so it won't be functional. Mayor asked the Trustees and Presson their opinions. All were okay with the idea. Mayor stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda for approval at the next meeting. Callahan asked if it will belong to the Village once it is installed. He was told yes. Callahan commented it will be very easy to damage. Gulledge commented it would be a Board decision as to whether the Village will replace it if it gets damaged. Schmidt commented if it is the Village's, it would be covered under liability insurance. Gulledge asked the cost. Bell estimated between $200 and $500. Bell went on to the next recommendation, to allow the firemen to place a memorial park bench in memory of Pauline Scarborough. Explained Pauline and her husband Frank ran the funnel cake stand at the Homecoming celebrations for approximately nineteen years, and donated proceeds to the Association every year. Stated the Firemen would like to place a memorial bench in Firemen's Park, for which the Association will pay; they are simply asking the Board's permission to install it.
7:12:28 PM Garcia Asked if it is concrete. She was told it is a metal bench, concreted in, similar to what is in front of the firehouse, with a memorial plaque on it.
7:12:42 PM Gulledge Asked if anyone had a problem with this. No one did. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda.
7:12:48 PM Bell Went to the fourth recommendation, to allow Evan McNeil to complete an Eagle Scout project to build a bridge, approximately four feet by 15 feet across the drainage ditch by the new comfort station in Drost Park at a cost of approximately $500 funded by the Village. Stated the plans will be submitted to the Park Committee for approval, which can then be brought to the Board for approval if they wish.
7:13:38 PM Gulledge Acknowledged McNeil's presence at the meeting, and thanked him for his attendance. Commented his opinion that it is a great project. Explained he and Shoup looked at the property; it is a deep ditch and a bridge is needed and aesthetically will look good as well.
7:14:06 PM Bell Asked if that is on the south or north side of the comfort station.
7:14:12 PM Shoup Answered on the north-west side. He presented a hand-out that McNeil provided.
7:15:41 PM Gulledge Explained the ditch is pretty deep, and commented they had discussed possibly building a second one near the south end by the walking trail.
7:15:59 PM Bell Stated he would like the item placed on the agenda for the Board meeting.
7:16:02 PM Gulledge Invited questions and comments for McNeil and/or Shoup.
7:16:28 PM Callahan Asked if the wood is treated. McNeil answered yes.
7:16:31 PM Garcia Asked what it will look like.
7:16:39 PM McNeil Explained it will be flat with no arch and wide enough for wheel chair access. Shoup commented at some point in the future they will ask Public Works to extend the walking trail to meet-up to the bridge.
7:17:18 PM Kostyshock Asked if it wouldn't be better to build it bigger than fourteen foot to allow for erosion.
7:17:32 PM Bell Answered he believes fourteen will span the bridge pretty far on both sides, as the ditch is only approximately six feet wide at the most.
7:17:43 PM Shoup Commented they measured it, and it is a lot wider at one point, indicating the location on a picture. Stated they will go from the concrete at the pavilion over to the far side of the ditch, which is fourteen feet.
7:17:56 PM Callahan Asked if the two by twelve's are going to be the base. McNeil answered yes. Callahan asked Limberg if that is enough on a twenty-four inch center with walking. Gulledge explained that Limberg is a carpenter.
7:18:18 PM Limberg Answered two by twelve's are big enough for fourteen foot; you can expand ten to twelve foot with a two by ten. Callahan commented that using less than twenty four inch center will give it more stability, and suggested they use sixteen inch on center.
7:19:06 PM Gulledge Asked if $500 will be enough for sixteen's. He was told yes. He asked McNeil if that is okay with him. He said yes. Gulledge indicated he will authorize up to $500 for this project, and will be on sixteen centers.
7:19:43 PM Kostyshock Asked if it will have railing on both sides. He was told yes.
7:20:00 PM Gulledge Commented his opinion that it is a great project. He asked if the Trustees have a problem with adding it to the agenda.
7:20:10 PM Bell Commented if there will be hand railings, the four by four's listed will need to be eight foot. Limberg commented $500 should cover that.
7:20:39 PM Garcia Commented maybe they should move the figure up to $600 just in case.
7:20:42 PM Gulledge Answered his opinion that $500 is enough, and if he needs to come back for more he can. With no further questions or comments, stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Stated his appreciation to McNeil for choosing to do his Eagle Scout project in Maryville.
7:21:20 PM Bell Went to recommendation #5, which was already discussed, regarding saving the playground material.
7:21:28 PM Gulledge Asked if it wouldn't be better to use the wood chips for the purpose the Committee intends. Commented at least wood is bio-degradable. He asked Shoup if that would be acceptable.
7:21:50 PM Shoup Answered yes. Commented the original thought was that the rubber would not deteriorate; however Mayor is correct that it presents a problem.
7:21:58 PM Gulledge Commented they tried this before with some trees at the Khoury League, and the kids kicked it everywhere, making it necessary to physically pick it up and throw it away.
7:22:15 PM Bell Commented the idea was to try to go around concrete tables and park benches.
7:22:24 PM Gulledge Commented his point is he understands what they are trying to do; however he feels wood chips would work better. Further discussion ensued as to potential uses for the material.
7:22:30 PM Callahan Commented Presson wants to use it at the water plant, where no one will be kicking it around.
7:22:39 PM Gulledge Explained because they got the grant for the poured surface, they were required to show a use for the old material. Stated, as they knew it would not work well in the park, they submitted they will take it to the water plant to use around the bushes and under the fence where they have weed problems.
7:23:05 PM Schmidt Asked if it would work around the base of the marquis sign at Firemen's Park.
7:23:12 PM Gulledge Commented it might be a similar situation to Drost Park. Commented that is possibly a site for another Scout project, or maybe the Master Gardeners.
7:23:28 PM Bell Discussed the third recommendation, investigate the possibility of hiring an employee solely for the parks and answering to Todd Bell. Stated the suggestion is to hire a full time and/or part time person to perform such duties as mowing grass (only in Drost Park), daily cleaning, emptying of trash, various small projects and coordinating with the Public Works Director on projects for which they need assistance. Stated the committee's opinion is a full time individual could take care of Drost Park and probably Firemen's Park. Stated the committee is asking the Board to consider this and allow them to further explore job responsibilities, etc. Commented the Public Works Department does a great job, but there are a lot of trivial jobs that a person could do, such as emptying trash cans, cleaning up after parties, mulching around tables, etc. Commented he fully agrees with this recommendation, and would like for the Board to consider it.
7:26:00 PM Kostyshock Asked if the money would come out of the Park fund to pay this person.
7:26:06 PM Bell Stated the budget would have to be amended if someone is hired this year. Stated he does not know that it will happen this year. Stated they discussed the idea of a seasonal employee from March to September or October, possibly starting next spring. Stated it is not in the Park budget at this time, so they would have to wait for the next budget, or amend this one. Callahan reiterated it would come out of the Park budget. Bell concurred, explaining this is the General Fund budget, as they are not a taxing body. He invited comments from Presson. Apologized that he failed to contact Presson in advance of the meeting, as he was supposed to discuss it beforehand. Stated they are not trying to take over anyone's responsibilities, but there are a lot of little things that take a full Public Works employee off of his other responsibilities to get to. Explained their opinion that a full time or part time individual could take care of these responsibilities with minimal equipment.
7:27:28 PM Presson Commented he would need another truck, as there are no available vehicles at this time. Gulledge commented Presson is currently in need of another truck. Presson commented his opinion that it is a great idea.
7:27:55 PM Gulledge Commented he would like to table this issue until he has a chance to speak to each Trustee individually regarding a future situation that may impact this decision. Bell asked if he can at least put the item on the To Do list, so as not to lose track of the issue. Gulledge concurred. Commented in the grass-cutting months currently they are probably getting more than a full-time employee for seven or eight months out of the year. Commented he is unsure how much better off they would be with the proposed situation.
7:29:20 PM Bell Explained this person would be dedicated to the Parks for those months. Commented they can easily keep someone busy forty (40) hours a week, which is why they are asking. Commented if this Board feels they need to cut that back, they will.
7:29:45 PM Gulledge Answered based on what is being done right now, his question is how does one person change the scenario.
7:29:55 PM Bell Stated one full-time person will be far greater than a couple of summertime kids.
7:30:00 PM Gulledge Asked Presson how long it takes to mow the grass at Drost Park.
7:30:06 PM Presson Answered one man on a tractor and general mowing for approximately two (2) days, and weeding is another two (2) to three (3) days, at which point the process starts again. Stated this includes pulling other employees to perform other jobs going on at the park.
7:30:26 PM Gulledge Commented he does not want to get too deep into a discussion, as he would like to table the issue until he has a chance to talk to each Trustee. Commented his opinion that there is something coming up that will impact this decision.
7:30:48 PM Limberg Asked what they would be doing during the winter months. Commented the committee needs to have some ideas as to what they are asking for.
7:30:57 PM Gulledge Commented he understands there will be a lot of questions; however he prefers not to get into it now. Further discussion ensued
7:31:08 PM Bell Answered the point is the committee does not want to waste time on a job description if the Board is totally against the issue, so they are asking to be allowed to put together these descriptions. Reiterated, as he stated earlier, they discussed the idea of making this a nine-month position.
7:31:32 PM Gulledge Commented that is not how the recommendation reads; it simply says consider hiring an employee, not putting together a job description. Reiterated he would like to table the discussion. Stated the item will be placed on the To Do List under Parks. He went to Callahan's comments. He had none. Went to Kostyshock.
7:33:02 PM Kostyshock Asked if they are doing anything about commercializing Route 159, Vadalabene Drive or Route 162.
7:33:22 PM Gulledge Answered Schmidt's committee is working on it.
7:33:27 PM Schmidt Asked if Kostyshock is asking when they will rezone these areas. Kostyshock answered yes. Explained the Economic Development Committee is currently in the process of establishing sub-classifications to the business zoning classes in place now so compatible businesses can be clustered together. Stated this will take a while; he is unsure if the Mayor wants to wait.
7:34:09 PM Gulledge Answered it is not up to him, but up to the Board. Stated the idea was they didn't want to zone it commercial and then have the Board decide, for example, to institute two business zoning classifications.
7:34:28 PM Schmidt Explained the committee is of the opinion the Village is in need of more business classifications than the current two.
7:34:36 PM Callahan Asked if they are talking about re-zoning so the Committee is effectively choosing what type of business can be on a particular tract of ground.
7:34:44 PM Schmidt Answered that would be the decision of the Board. Stated by the time the project is finished, it might be a good idea to do another comprehensive plan.
7:34:57 PM Callahan Reminded the Board, as previously discussed, there are several tracts of ground that are zoned multi-family. Stated his opinion has always been to re-zone those something other than that.
7:35:16 PM Schmidt Agreed.
7:35:35 PM Callahan Commented in the last comprehensive plan the recommendation was to rezone almost all of Route 159 and most of the eastern part of Route 162 commercial. Stated for whatever reason, it was not done. Commented he was unsure whether it was a technical reason or just a decision. Schmidt commented his recollection that it was logistical. Callahan commented that could be; however they could have paid someone to put the tracts down, as it is a simple process. Schmidt agreed the parcel discussed should be addressed soon. Callahan commented his agreement with Kostyshock that something should be done. Stated he was shocked when Wigginton indicated they could pre-determine what type of business will go into a particular area.
7:36:49 PM Wigginton Commented they currently have that procedure in place. Stated they set the zoning districts. Commented rezoning of properties located adjacent to Route 159 as commercial has been discussed for several years. Stated the only reason it has not been done is because it is a large job. Stated from what he recalls, the Code Official, which is Flaugher, and the engineers would have to identify each tract and then identify all the adjacent property owners to each tract. Stated it can be divided into sections to break it down and make it more manageable.
7:37:40 PM Callahan Commented there was one other question as to if they re-zone, for example the property where Mr. Semanisin's home is located, all the way down to the park, and say the front and back is going to be B1; the question was what if someone in that block designated B1 wants to re-sell their house as SR1 or 2; would they be allowed.
7:38:25 PM Gulledge Answered yes.
7:38:26 PM Wigginton Explained it would be a non-conforming use, which would continue after the sale.
7:38:36 PM Gulledge Commented it won't be re-zoned SR1, but under non-conforming use it can be kept as a house; however it also gives the owner the flexibility if they sold it and turn it into a little shop, etc. Commented the item should be placed on the Agenda to give everyone an opportunity to speak about the issue. Went to Garcia's comments. She had none.
7:39:19 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's comments. Stated he had a question as to whether there would be a Caucus meeting next week; however his opinion is they should and will ask Jim Ferris to attend. Stated Ferris will be first on the Agenda at 6:30 p.m., and then they will discuss re-zoning of areas of Route 159, Route 162 and Vadalabene. Requested the Board's permission for the Village to offer a remembrance to Ron Lucas. Stated there were several ideas: They could do a tree in the park, a bench, etc. Stated in reviewing the Gazette he noted that Joe Semanisin is looking for piers out front, for which he is looking for contributions to cover the cost of $600. He asked if that is something the Board would be interested in doing. Bell asked how tall they are. Gulledge answered approximately four foot. Kostyshock commented they are also lighted. Gulledge asked the Trustees if they are in favor. All were. With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:43:21 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville