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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date9/13/2006 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:10 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, September 13, 2006 to order, and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Bell arrived later. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Attorney Wigginton, Public Works Director Presson, Building and Zoning Administrator/Fire Chief Flaugher, Police Chief Schardan, three (3) reporters and three (3) citizens.
6:31:46 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the August 30th Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Kostyshock and seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:08 PM Gulledge Went to first agenda item, Fire Department Turnout Gear Bids, and asked Flaugher and Callahan to discuss.
6:32:19 PM Callahan Commented Flaugher has been working on this project for a while. Reminded the Board they have added approximately twelve (12) new members to the Fire Department. Commented the Department is fairly active, so even the gear purchased approximately eight years ago is accumulating some time. Stated by Flaugher's count, they are now at thirty-five members, for which they do not have enough gear. Explained the understanding they will be receiving good help from the Fire District, so they thought it would be a good time to order as many as twenty-five (25) sets for future planning. Commented they plan to use the new gear purchased six (6) years ago; however there is a lot that is probably not usable. Reminded the Board of comments he has heard to the effect that Maryville Fire Department has better equipment than many of the full-time Departments in the area.
6:33:23 PM Flaugher Commented his appreciation for that. Stated the probationary firefighters have been issued gear, which is adequate for their current training; however he would not put this gear into service once probation is finished. Stated he has gone to the Fire Protection District, who has agreed to purchase twelve (12) sets. Stated he received four (4) bids, which he provided to each Trustee in their packets. Stated all four distributors demonstrated each set, and the Department had it on-hand in the station for approximately three (3) weeks. Stated the consensus of the decision-making body of the Department was to recommend the purchase of the "Bristol" gear through Banner Fire Equipment. Explained Bristol originated in Great Britain and have made the turn-out gear for years for British Firefighters. Stated now the gear is manufactured in Indiana, and is an American-made product. Explained the bid from Battalion Three for the Jamesville gear and from Towers for the Morning Pride gear do not include freight. Explained freight is what it costs to ship the gear from the plant to the distributor. Stated with the amount of gear needed, he estimates the shipping cost to be large. Stated the two bids from Banner included freight to Banner, and then the salesman will deliver it to the Village. The question was raised as to how many sets they are discussing. Flaugher explained an inventory was done on the existing gear this weekend. Commented they purchased eight new sets a little over two (2) years ago, that he would classify in very good, basically brand-new condition. Stated they have seven (7) sets that he would classify in decent condition, that he would not have a problem for use in any type of fire or hazard situation. Stated they have eight (8) sets that are borderline; the remainder needs to be taken out of service. Stated if it can be worked out, he would like to use the seven (7) decent sets for new probationary firefighters so as to have adequate gear for training. Stated the "middle-of-the-road" gear he would like to pass on to the juniors, for use with their program. Stated the other ten (10) damaged sets need to be destroyed, as there is no monetary value and cannot be used in any fire service. Explained this means to get everyone on the Department a set that is within two (2) years old, a total of twenty-seven (27) sets need to be purchased. Reiterated the Fire District has committed to twelve (12), leaving fifteen (15) additional sets to be purchased by the Village.
6:38:12 PM Gulledge Asked what the Department's commitment would be.
6:38:18 PM Flaugher Clarified his meaning of the Homecoming Association. Explained the issue was discussed at the meeting Monday night. Stated the Association has a $15,000 ambulance payment due June 1, 2007. Stated they also need to purchase EMS software and laptops, as the Hospital is going to an automated reporting system. Commented this software and licensing will be approximately $20,000. Stated this leaves the Homecoming Association approximately $13,000 for operating expenses until next Homecoming. Stated due to these issues, the Association does not feel they have the extra money to commit at this time.
6:38:29 PM Bell Arrived and was seated.
6:39:21 PM Callahan Asked how much was budgeted for this item.
6:39:24 PM Flaugher Stated he budgeted $20,000 for equipment. Explained normally he budgets more than that but this year they anticipated a grant that was to be used for gear, pagers and radios; however the grant was not received because the State changed the criteria. Stated of the $20,000 budgeted, they have spent $295 so far this year. Stated he ran some figures: Fifteen (15) sets of gear, ten (10) sets of boots and twenty (20) sets of gloves would be approximately $19,250.
6:40:36 PM Limberg Asked about helmets.
6:40:38 PM Flaugher Explained they purchased new helmets approximately three (3) years ago; at that time they purchased extra, so they are not needed at this time. Commented some of the boots and gloves have holes, which is the reason he has included them in the proposal.
6:41:08 PM Garcia Asked what the total needed is.
6:41:12 PM Flaugher Reiterated the total cost will be approximately $19,250 for the items previously listed.
6:41:30 PM Schmidt Commented he has a balance of $19,705 in the budget. He asked if there is anything coming up within the year that he will need, other than these items.
6:41:42 PM Flaugher Responded he tried to consider that; he does not anticipate anything, but that does not account for unforeseen circumstances. Commented they have money budgeted for maintenance and service to equipment; he does not anticipate any other purchases of new equipment other than this.
6:42:01 PM Callahan Asked the dollar amount on the purchase the District agreed to buy.
6:42:07 PM Flaugher Stated the gear is $1,173 per set; they have agreed to purchase twelve (12) sets, which is approximately $14,000.
6:42:20 PM Gulledge Asked if the $1,173 per set includes boots and gloves.
6:42:27 PM Flaugher Answered no, that only includes coat and pants. Commented the figure he just presented does include them, as he figured them in.
6:42:41 PM Gulledge Clarified he wants the Village to purchase fifteen (15) sets, which is multiplied by $1,173; ten (10) pairs of boots, which is a cost of $900; twenty (20) pairs of gloves, which is $740. He asked who will cover the other gloves. Flaugher answered they have some on hand; these are replacements for damaged gloves.
6:43:28 PM Schmidt Commented the exact amount the District is paying is $14,076.
6:43:43 PM Callahan Commented he encouraged Kevin to "do this right", as it is important to have the best equipment available. Commented his opinion that the purchase is cheap, as they are getting $15,000 from the Fire District.
6:45:00 PM Gulledge Clarified Callahan's recommendation is to purchase fifteen (15) sets of turnout gear from Banner Fire Equipment; ten (10) sets of boots; and twenty (20) pairs of gloves. He asked the Trustees opinion. All were in favor. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Clarified the correct number is $18,495. Flaugher corrected it is $19,235.
6:46:00 PM Callahan Commented this process is not easy, as all fire gear does not fit everyone.
6:46:09 PM Flaugher Commented on that point, saying the new sets will be custom-fit. Explained that does not mean the gear will not be assigned to someone else in the future, if needed; however as it is issued it will be custom fit. Commented in the future, if they get someone new for which they have no gear that will fit him, they will have to purchase new.
6:46:55 PM Bell Asked Flaugher the color choice. Flaugher answered khaki, as it seems to have a better history. Explained when black is exposed to excessive heat it damages the Nomex and protection.
6:47:40 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions for Flaugher regarding either the Fire Department or Building and Zoning. There were none. Commented his plan to skip to the Agenda Item regarding Route 159.
6:48:30 PM Schmidt Asked Flaugher if Milburn still owned Tuscany.
6:48:33 PM Flaugher Answered yes, they own the development; however he has been told another builder will be building the homes. Commented they just posted the 25% maintenance bond, which still shows Milburn Road LLC as the owners. Commented the builder is from the O'Fallon area; however he cannot think of the name.
6:49:18 PM Schmidt Asked if they are building them for Milburn.
6:49:22 PM Flaugher Answered his opinion is they will probably build the houses and as they sell the house they will pay Milburn for the lot. Commented he does not know that for sure; however that is how these developments work sometimes.
6:49:41 PM Schmidt Commented perhaps that answers the question why there has not been a sign advertising lots.
6:49:47 PM Flaugher Responded his belief that part of the reason was they couldn't sell any lots because until yesterday the plat had not been signed and recorded. Stated he and the Public Works Director did the final walk-through Friday to make sure everything on the punch list was completed; they posted their 25% maintenance letter of credit previously, which Wigginton has reviewed. Stated they could not sell lots until the plat was signed and filed.
6:50:16 PM Schmidt Asked if this is the first development that falls within the ordinance requiring elevation markers on the rear of the lots.
6:50:24 PM Flaugher Responded his belief that Amberleigh also fell under that ordinance. Commented the engineers are supposed to be checking to make sure they are set.
6:51:11 PM Schmidt Asked if this development will be required to have them.
6:51:13 PM Flaugher Stated he would double check, but he believes the ordinance went into effect prior to this plat.
6:51:22 PM Gulledge Asked for further questions. There were none. Went to Agenda Item #8. Stated he provided the Trustees with a copy of a petition submitted to him from residents requesting the speed limit on Route 159 through Maryville be raised to 45 mph. Stated the item was briefly discussed at Caucus when the signs were wrong, and the Board was in agreement that they wanted to see it at least stay the same as before road construction. Explained he and Chief Schardan appealed to the State to drop the speed limit from Town Center Drive north to Route 162 to 35 mph due to the cross streets and traffic. Stated Schardan submitted a number of police reports as proof of the need. He invited Schardan to discuss. Stated the State denied the request for 35 mph all the way through town, but based on traffic reports would agree to 35 mph as it is now posted. Stated both Chief's and himself personally feel this is a safety issue. Stated personally, he does not want it to be changed; at worst he would like to see it stay as it is posted now.
6:54:03 PM Schardan Stated he looked into the issue a few weeks before the road was officially opened. Stated in contacting IDOT he was told it would remain as before construction. Stated after construction was complete, 45 mph signs went up. He spoke with the workers, who stated they were following IDOTs instructions to install these signs. Stated he contacted Joe Monroe of IDOT, who advised him to write a letter to request the desired maximum and minimum. Stated his first request was to go from south of Town Center and Fairlane all the way to the north side of Route 162 because of the number of accidents through that stretch. Stated from January 1, 2003 until approximately August 10, 2006, there were 416 reported accidents and 224 were on Route 159. Stated that is over 50% of the accident reports taken. Stated he and the Mayor felt with that many accidents at 35 mph, raising the limit to 45 mph would bring more accidents with larger types of injuries. Commented on the number of people making turns off of Route 159, especially during the summer months with Bobby's open and kids attending ball games at Drost Park. Stated the other issues is Firemen's Park and the Homecoming celebration held there. Stated there are a number of residential streets crossing Route 159, which is not comparable to Edwardsville and Glen Carbon where the speed limit is 45 mph. Stated from where the five lanes start in Edwardsville to the intersection at Walgreens, there are eight signal lights. Explained these communities are controlling their traffic and speed by the use of those signal lights; Maryville does not have comparable lights. Stated he has observed the number of streets: Starting at the five lanes in Edwardsville, the first street that actually crosses Route 159 is Division in Maryville. Stated they increase from there down the road. Stated for safety reasons, a 35 mph speed limit makes sense for Maryville, even when trying comparisons to Edwardsville, Glen Carbon or even south of Collinsville in Fairview Heights, where there are no cross streets.
6:57:23 PM Gulledge Thanked Schardan. Commented people don't understand that this is not just about driving north and south on Route 159; the administration has looked at all factors and this is strictly a safety issue. Stated they have to remember there are people trying to get across the street for businesses, residences, etc. Commented everyone knows if they post 35 mph, people are actually driving 45 mph. Similarly, if they post 45 mph, they will be driving 50 or 55 mph. Stated there are usually two (2) police officers on patrol; he has had comments that Maryville is trying to maintain a "speed trap" to generate money. Commented anyone can look at the numbers as far as speeding tickets in Maryville; this is not the case, nor has it ever been. Stated people need to understand this is strictly a safety issue for the two chiefs, himself, and hopefully the Board. Stated he is worried that if the limit is set at 45 mph, they will have more than two (2) patrolmen can handle. Opened the issue up for discussion.
6:59:04 PM Garcia Agrees it should stay 35 mph, as she agrees people will not abide by 45 mph but will stretch it to 55 mph.
6:59:17 PM Schmidt Showed a comparison between the 35 and 45 mph limits via Power Point.
7:02:47 PM Garcia Commented one of the letters stated it was 45 mph in Glen Carbon, 35 mph in Maryville, and 45 mph in Collinsville; that is not true. Stated after leaving Maryville it is 45 mph, and at Beltline Road it is 30 mph.
7:03:09 PM Bell Stated he can see the petitioners' point, as when the road was two (2) lanes, driving 35 mph seemed about right; after construction, trying to stay at 35 mph on a five (5) lane road seems way too slow. Stated his opinion that Keebler is also too slow, as if one is not paying attention, it is easy to exceed that limit. Stated, however, he does agree with the safety issue of 35 mph versus 45 mph, especially if more businesses start going up along the road.
7:03:59 PM Gulledge Commented before responding to the lady that circulated the petition, he wants to make sure the Board is in agreement on the issue. Commented regarding the petition, he has gone to three (3) people that signed it asking if they really want this; their response was they only signed the petition so as not to tell a neighbor "no".
7:04:52 PM Limberg Commented he signed the petition, as he was of the understanding that it was going to be 45 mph until reaching the old part of town.
7:05:02 PM Gulledge Responded he received a call from a resident reporting that an individual came to his door, and this conversation was nothing like the conversation the Mayor proceeded to have. Commented he does not know what was related during the circulation. Stated he wants to know each Trustee's feelings, so he can respond to the petitioner.
7:05:33 PM Limberg Agreed with Bell that it is difficult to drive 35 mph on that road. Commented on his drive that evening where he was driving 35 mph, and there were 25 to 30 cars that passed him doing more than that.
7:06:05 PM Bell Asked how they make the distinction between where 45 mph stops and 35 mph starts. Schardan explained 45 mph starts just north of the Post Office. Asked how that portion is different than between Routes 162 and 159.
7:06:31 PM Gulledge Answered it is based on traffic studies.
7:06:33 PM Wigginton Explained IDOT investigated and replied to the letter on August 22nd. Stated the investigation was based on traffic counts and congestion of businesses. Bell communicated his disbelief that there is more traffic between the Post Office and Route 162, than between Route 162 and Red Apple. Wigginton responded he doesn't know what the counts were, he is simply explaining the general procedure. Stated they look at traffic counts, the number of ingress and egress points, the number of businesses with parking obstructions to sight lines. Commented this is why the limit is posted at 45 mph between long stretches, for example between Collinsville and Fairview Heights, versus what is seen generally in downtown areas where the speed is reduced.
7:07:23 PM Schardan Commented his opinion is that it has a lot to do with streets crossing the roadway containing signal lights.
7:07:55 PM Bell Asked the speed limit through Fairview Heights. Speculation was made.
7:08:14 PM Flaugher Commented this falls under the same explanation as Schardan had for Glen Carbon; the speed limit may be 45 mph, but is controlled with signal lights and/or traffic congestion. Commented on Bell's point between the Post Office and Route 162, explaining there are no cross streets. Stated once Division is crossed, there are many cross streets, for which there are no signals to slow down traffic. Commented a good example, although unpleasant to bring up, is after they raised the speed limit on Keebler to 45 mph, they had three fatalities on that road. Commented between 35 mph and 45 mph may not make a lot of difference in time to your destination, but can make a lot of difference in the extent of your injuries if you are in an accident.
7:09:39 PM Kostyshock Commented he gets a newspaper every morning at the corner of Route 159 and West Perry, and has noticed some kids have to cross the highway to catch the bus. Commented on the difficulty this presents. Commented the only crosswalk signal is at Main Street, and it is a fact that kids are not going to walk two blocks out of their way.
7:10:27 PM Callahan Commented the petition is instructing IDOT to abide by normal rules regarding speed limits through the Village. Commented IDOT has looked at the situation and feels it should be 35 mph, so they are abiding by their rules.
7:10:48 PM Gulledge Commented the petitioners are basing their opinion on how Collinsville and Edwardsville do it; Schardan has explained the reasons.
7:11:15 PM Callahan Commented the petitioners make it sound as if the Village is making this decision without any input from IDOT, whereas IDOT has agreed it should be 35 mph.
7:11:27 PM Gulledge Responded this is what he intends to include in his letter to the petitioner. Stated he simply wants to make sure of the opinion of the Board before responding. Polled the Trustees on supporting the limit as it is now. All agreed. Went to next agenda item, Police Station Electrical Repair Proposal. Stated Presson did a walk-through with Jay Shah. Stated a situation occurred a few months ago where they were close to a fire in the station. Stated when he found out about it, he spoke with a couple of Board members; unfortunately he moved a little slower than he should have. Stated this will cost a great deal of money, and he will take some of the blame for not getting it before the Board earlier. Stated Presson met with Callahan to get something done. Stated the Village engineer contacted Jay Shah; the Trustees have all been provided a copy of the proposal. He invited Presson to discuss.
7:14:34 PM Presson Stated he walked through with Jay Shah to show him the current electrical status of the station. Stated there was in fact an electrical fire. Stated after going through controls, new addition of building, current facilities wired in to the building, he proposed an "Option A" and "Option B". Stated regardless of which option is chosen tonight, this will have to be addressed immediately.
7:15:21 PM Gulledge Commented there may be a third option, of which he and Callahan spoke before the meeting. He invited Callahan to comment.
7:15:39 PM Callahan Asked Schardan to tell the Board what the individual that found the damage from the fire told him.
7:15:59 PM Schardan Commented George Kroder was in the attic to fix something, and stated they are lucky the building didn't catch fire and the wiring in the building is in need of replacement as it is old and in bad shape.
7:16:18 PM Callahan Commented this building is a "rehab of a rehab", as it was originally a home, converted into a small police station, upgraded to a big police station and then added on. Stated this needs to be fixed, regardless of cost.
7:16:51 PM Presson Commented the new addition is all on circuit breakers and is a separate system and service; however the old system is directly connected to an electrical system that is still under the basic fuse system. Stated this results in a severe overload.
7:17:15 PM Bell Commented his understanding that the new building where they cut the hole in the wall back is all on a separate service and is new and there are no problems there other than some of the conduit comes into that older hallway. Stated this is basically a re-wire of the original building. Commented his opinion that a re-wire of a building that size is probably a $10,000 to $12,000 job. Commented this estimate is less than that.
7:18:07 PM Callahan Commented they need to know what needs to be done; however he does not want to go through the bid process, as it needs to be done and then hire somebody reputable to do it. Commented it would take a month or two to get the bid process out.
7:18:30 PM Bell Stated he is questioning how they put together the bid spec.
7:18:46 PM Presson Explained under "Option A" they would give the exact size wire, fuse box, current service needed, etc.; not to the extent that they go over every piece of equipment, every load on every piece, etc. Explained this will be a general overview of what is in each room and what that room should require.
7:19:20 PM Bell Responded what he means is that if they estimate you need a 200 versus 400 amp service, $2,400 would pay for going to the 400 amp service.
7:19:37 PM Presson Explained in "Option B" you will get an actual physical diagram of the entire electrical system that is currently there and to be installed. Commented this way if something happens in the future, they will have the system drawn up to facilitate a change.
7:19:54 PM Bell Commented his understanding that it is no labor or material for the actual work.
7:19:59 PM Gulledge Explained Shah is not doing anything. Expressed the importance of understanding the two options, and read from the proposal verbatim. Explained the meaning of "design construct contract" as the Village tells them what they need, and they tell the Village how they are going to do it. Continued reading the proposal. Explained under Option B they are preparing the Village to go out for bid, as Callahan mentioned. Explained Option A will take less time; under Option B the chance of mistakes will be less, however it will take longer and should result in a lower installed cost.
7:21:34 PM Presson Commented there is an Option C, which is to immediately contact an electrical contractor, which he assumes will end up doing a portion of Options A and B.
7:21:46 PM Garcia Stated that was her thought: Why couldn't an electrician just come in and fix it.
7:21:49 PM Callahan Commented his opinion that they should forget about the money, as their first concern is the safety of the people in the building. Commented the next concern is the safety of the community if the building is destroyed.
7:22:09 PM Garcia Responded she is not disagreeing, she is simply questioning why an electrician cannot come in and do the work.
7:22:14 PM Callahan Responded the point is if it is done on an emergency basis, then there is no bid.
7:22:26 PM Bell Stated his point is they could call three (3) commercial electrical companies and ask for a quote to rewire the building. Stated his opinion that the current proposal is probably half of what will be paid for the whole job.
7:22:46 PM Callahan Commented he does not have a problem if he wants to call three companies; however he does not want to wait for bids.
7:23:09 PM Kostyshock Asked if the electrician could use George Kroder to do the work.
7:23:13 PM Gulledge Answered no, Shah says it is much too big a job for George Kroder. Stated the importance of understanding this is not a simple house wiring job; there is all kinds of equipment involved. Commented this is not a simple job.
7:23:35 PM Schardan Commented this is an emergency service provided to the Village, and the Village cannot afford for those computers to be down for any length of time. Stated whoever is going to do the job has to be able to switch power over somehow in order to keep running.
7:24:20 PM Callahan Asked Wigginton to explain the rule that allows the Board to do this on an emergency basis without using the bid process.
7:24:28 PM Wigginton Stated the Administration can go out right now and ask three contractors to come in to give bids if that is what is desired. Stated the Board can also make a motion to waive bidding requirements at the next Board meeting. Stated a two-thirds vote of the Trustees can waive bidding requirements and they can award to a contractor. Stated this can also be declared an emergency, and the Village can exercise its emergency powers. Commented he is currently going through a similar situation with an old building in Belleville that is being rehabbed and the contractor has to go through the whole building, rip everything out, etc. Commented they will have to coordinate this project with Computron, because at the same time they are pulling wires through these walls, they will be pulling data lines. Commented they will also have to coordinate with phone people, CTS. Stated if they are going to act, they need to act because they need to get all three components together at the same time.
7:25:51 PM Gulledge Commented this is very important and needs immediate attention. Commented this is no simple project, and will be expensive. Further comments were made as to the expense. Asked the Board to advise on how he should proceed.
7:26:28 PM Bell Commented his opinion that having somebody come in to inventory will slow down the process. Stated his opinion is to have three (3) reputable commercial electrical companies come out to bid on rewiring the whole building and coordinate with Computron and CTS. Commented his opinion that they will not have to pull data cables, as they are all in separate jacks; however they could inadvertently damage some in the process of pulling new electrical cable.
7:27:21 PM Gulledge Stated he is asking the Board if they want the Administration to find three (3) contractors who will come in and get a price to fix the problem.
7:27:33 PM Callahan Responded he does not want that. Stated he wants Juneau to give them the names of three electrical contractors he likes, draw a name and hire them.
7:27:43 PM Bell Stated he is okay with that too.
7:27:52 PM Callahan Commented if they go through the bidding process, they are simply adding another month to the project.
7:28:02 PM Wigginton Explained Bell is not talking about going through bidding; he wants to have three (3) contractors come in and give a price.
7:28:12 PM Gulledge Commented his opinion they need to get a few to make it competitive. He asked the Trustees if they were in favor of turning the project over to him and the attorney. All were. Went to next agenda item, Percentage of Green Space Fees to Set Aside for Park Ground. Commented they have received approximately $200,000 from three developments. Commented these funds have been spent on good park projects; however none of the funds have been set aside into a separate, restricted account for new park property. Stated they want some direction from the Board, after which he will instruct Brussatti and Long to set up a restricted account and whatever percentage is agreed upon will automatically be put aside for new park projects.
7:29:48 PM Bell Stated this issue was discussed several years ago when they first started collecting green space fees. Stated the Park Committee felt at that time they should be setting 50% aside. Stated a number was always included when they did their budget each year.
7:31:07 PM Gulledge Polled the Trustees: Limberg was in favor of 50%; Schmidt was in favor of 33%, because he believes cutting the funds by 50% will not leave enough money for the Park Board to continue the improvements in the existing parks as they would like.  Bell commented green space fees are not the only funds that the Park Board is allowed to spend, as they are able to use General Fund money as well. Schmidt commented he will go with 50%, but maintains his opinion; Bell, Callahan and Kostyshock were all in favor of 50%. Gulledge stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda.
7:32:30 PM Limberg Asked if they come to the Board with a request for a project, can the Board consider using these funds. Bell reiterated they can take it out of the General Fund.
7:32:55 PM Gulledge Went to Public Input and invited anyone in attendance to address the Board. There was no public input. Went to Calendar updates.
7:33:14 PM Bell Commented on the Park dedication concert Sunday, at which Joey James Band will play. Commented on the Park Committee meeting on the 18th.
7:33:43 PM Gulledge Asked for comments on October.
7:33:56 PM Limberg Commented he spoke with Judy Wieman, who indicated Villa Marie will be on the agenda for the Planning Commission meeting on the 25th.
7:34:12 PM Bell Commented on the Pooch Party in October, which is the annual Maryville dog show and contest.
7:34:29 PM Gulledge Commented on the large-item trash pickup the week of the 23rd. Commented on the Rabies Clinic on the 14th. Schmidt commented this is the same day as the Fire Department Open House. With no further comments, went to To Do List, page 1. Commented they should remove the Allis Chalmers notation. Garcia asked if the Senior Building remodeling is finished. Gulledge answered no, they still have a few things to finish. Schmidt asked if they are still considering re-bricking the outside of the building to match the Outreach Center. Gulledge answered they are looking at a couple of options, one of which is the paneling similar to what is on the old Tastee Twist building because there is no footing for real brick. Garcia asked about the sewer treatment bill. Gulledge answered he received a letter from Collinsville who let him know they have hired a new City Manager, who will be coming on the 18th after which they will set up a meeting at which they feel strongly he should be involved.
7:36:32 PM Bell Asked about the status of the Fire Department drive and parking.
7:36:36 PM Gulledge Answered nothing has changed, and they have not done anything. Commented they had discussed cutting out certain sections and doing it themselves; however nothing has been done.
7:36:59 PM Garcia Asked about the Old Town project.
7:37:00 PM Gulledge Answered letters are being delivered to the County for the 25% share of that project, and paperwork is being prepared for the low-interest loan to be taken up at next month's meeting. Commented they are still working on easements; however they are getting closer. Went to page 2.
7:37:26 PM Bell Asked about the poured solid surface.
7:37:39 PM Gulledge Answered Presson indicated it will be done next week. Comments were made as to items to be deleted from the list. Garcia commented on the Firemen's Park small restroom. Gulledge responded that is not done and a decision needs to be made. Bell commented they are two months away from Homecoming, and that should have been taken down by now. Gulledge responded they need to figure out where they will put the electric.
7:38:36 PM Bell Commented pavilion painting will be a good fall project. Stated the colors have been chosen.
7:38:42 PM Gulledge Responded there is a long list of items to be accomplished.
7:39:00 PM Bell Commented Presson and his crew did an excellent job on the grant sign boards, bird houses, dock, etc.
7:39:32 PM Gulledge With no further comments on the To Do list, went to Trustee comments.
7:39:45 PM Schmidt Asked if they should add land acquisition for water tower on the To Do list. Gulledge answered it is on there under "Water Storage". Gulledge commented they are getting close to a solution for this issue.
7:41:05 PM Callahan Commented on neighborhood signs that were bothering him. Stated he had a conversation with Jones regarding the issue. Explained one of the problems, over which he has no control, is the number of animal calls he gets from citizens. Stated the general consensus of the Board is that they did not hire him to be "The Dog Catcher"; however as Jones commented, he cannot tell them no. Asked that the Board be a little more understanding because every problem is not an emergency; however you never know which one is, so he has to respond to almost all calls. Stated he told him they want to push compliance of the ordinances, but they do want to focus on cleaning up Route 159. Commented Jones and Flaugher have made some visits to businesses that need to be cleaned up. Stated if anyone on the Board has a particular problem, they should contact Callahan, as Jones sometimes gets overwhelmed with the requests from so many people. Commented he did speak with Jones regarding issues about which he is unhappy; however the proof is in his monthly reports that he is issuing citations. Commented he has issued more citations in the last two (2) months than previous employees have done in the last twenty (20) years. Commented his belief is that Jones is really trying hard; however the one problem is that he has to respond to the animal calls, which takes up quite a bit of time.
7:43:38 PM Garcia Commented this is the same issue they had last time. Stated they hired him specifically to clean up the town, and now he is doing more "dog work".
7:43:55 PM Callahan Responded the Board put the item in his job description. Reiterated he called because he is unhappy with some things, but at the same time Jones is not using it as an excuse; he is simply asking for guidance. Garcia responded her understanding that it is a problem, and the Board should deal with it for him. Callahan responded he cannot tell him not to respond to the calls.
7:44:21 PM Garcia Answered no, but the job they specifically hired him for is not getting done.
7:44:28 PM Callahan Commented he thinks the hope was that all the other stuff could get cleaned up which would free up more time; however Jones has pointed out, for example, the sign ordinance issues start over ever Monday morning. Stated he leaves the Village at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, and twenty people run out and put out yard signs, realty signs, etc. Commented at that time, he comes back Monday morning and there are signs that were not there when he left Friday, which need to be dealt with. Commented this is not an exaggeration; this happens on a weekly basis. Reiterated he just wants the Board to know that Jones has to keep responding to the animal calls, as they continue to come in.
7:45:22 PM Garcia Commented her opinion they need to look at that issue, as he needs to do the job they hired him for.
7:45:32 PM Schmidt Commented Jones had a big hole when he started and has filled it in very well. Stated now the word is out that there is an animal control officer in town. Commented they never had as many calls during the day as they do now. Commented it is unfortunate that they are "dumping" all this on Jones at the same time. Stated his opinion that he has handled it well and is progressing. Stated his opinion that it will level out. Agrees there is a problem with signs. Commented he is not sure that Jones is citing people, but is taking the signs down and calling the individuals to come get them. Stated maybe actually fining the people will be a deterrent.
7:46:57 PM Callahan Commented signs and animal control are only two of many other ordinances which he is responsible for enforcing.
7:47:27 PM Garcia Commented this is the reason she wanted to change the sign ordinance. Pointed out the money they are spending for him to take down yard sale signs when he can be out looking at other things that need to be done.
7:47:40 PM Gulledge Moved the discussion forward and went to Kostyshock's comments.
7:47:45 PM Kostyshock Commented he attended the library meeting Tuesday evening, and they seem to be moving along well. Commented they sold over 100 of the books authored by Al Hrubetz regarding growing up in Maryville during the Depression. Commented they set up a budget for next year. Encouraged all to visit the library.
7:48:09 PM Garcia Stated she does not want to drop the issue of Jones, and thinks they need to look into options. Commented it is not fair to Jones either.
7:48:17 PM Gulledge Suggested they share concerns with Callahan, who is Jones' liaison, who can bring them to Mayor and they will do what they can.
7:48:25 PM Garcia Commented they did not hire Jones to be a dog catcher.
7:48:35 PM Limberg Commented his agreement with Callahan in defense of Jones on the weekends regarding signs being put up all over town on Saturday mornings.
7:48:43 PM Gulledge Commented they have come up with a solution to the issue. Stated they have already had the first influx of political signs. Stated the ordinance specifically states thirty (30) days before November 7th. Stated he told Jones where the signs were located, and he removed them. Asked the media to make mention of the fact that the ordinance states thirty (30) days within Village limits, and seven (7) days to take them down after the election date. Commented there is also a size limitation, but the main issue right now are the signs themselves. Asked for further comments from Garcia. She had none. Went to Mayor's comments. Stated he and Brussatti have been working on the health insurance issue for employees. Stated he is asking the Board's permission to issue a check for $13,346.98, which is a good-faith deposit or binder check for Blue Cross/Blue Shield to proceed with processing. Stated they will not cash the check and does not mean they will go into the plan without return of the check. Stated the Village has to submit all of the medical history for them to run it and give a price. Stated they are looking at a plan that is a better plan than the one in place currently, and they are reasonably sure they will be able to do it for less money. Reiterated his request for authorization to issue the good-faith check.
7:51:33 PM Bell Asked if this is a pool in conjunction with other municipalities as they are now.
7:51:39 PM Gulledge Answered it is not a pool. Stated they have some information from another community that uses this company who have indicated they do a good job. Stated they do a lot more than the Village's pool does now. Stated they are aware of the problem of rising costs for health insurance; they think they have found a way to save some money and give employees a better policy.
7:52:19 PM Bell Asked if they have a history of what their increases have been over the last five (5) years.
7:52:23 PM Gulledge Answered they have all that information, which he is not yet ready to share; he simply wants authorization for the good-faith check. All agreed. Went on to comment that the Tourism Bureau representative will be at the Village tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. Stated Maryville will be featured in a future issue of the magazine put out by the Bureau. He invited the Trustees to join them in a tour of the town.
7:53:44 PM Limberg Asked why the Homecoming event is never in that magazine.
7:53:48 PM Gulledge Answered because the Village does not belong to the Bureau. Commented his surprise that Maryville will be highlighted in view of that fact.
7:54:12 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Bell and seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:54:54 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville