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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date10/11/2006 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:16 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, October 11, 2006 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance, as led by Justin Peterson. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Schmidt, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Limberg arrived later; Bell was absent. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Deputy Clerk Fenton, Public Works Director Presson, Police Chief Schardan, two (2) citizens and three (3) reporters.
6:31:17 PM Gulledge Commented Clerk Long is training Tracy Fenton who is present at the meeting to take the minutes. Called for approval of the September 13th minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Schmidt and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Callahan- yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:10 PM Gulledge Went to first agenda item, and asked Chief Schardan to discuss.
6:32:22 PM Schardan Stated he is requesting the purchase of a new squad car, as budgeted this year. Stated there is a 2006 Chevrolet from Miles Chevrolet in Decatur, where they have previously purchased vehicles. Stated this is a package deal with the extras usually ordered.
6:32:59 PM Limberg Arrived and was seated.
6:33:03 PM Schardan Stated the cost negotiated will be $17,695, including delivery.
6:33:20 PM Gulledge Asked about the mentioned extras.
6:33:30 PM Schardan Stated vinyl covered rear seat, six-inch spotlight, night-vision auxiliary dome lamp, vehicle keys will be keyed the same, rubber floor covering, wheel trim rings, full size spare tire, AM/FM radio with CD player, headlight flasher, passenger airbag override, tail lamp flasher, horn and siren circuit wiring, inoperable rear door, and delivery are all included at no extra cost.
6:34:25 PM Gulledge Asked what these charges usually ran in the past.
6:34:28 PM Schardan Answered approximately $1,000.
6:34:33 PM Schmidt Asked what unit they will be retiring.
6:34:38 PM Schardan Answered there are three units that have high mileage. Commented there is still one 2006 vehicle that they are having difficulty getting repaired, as there is a problem with the design of the center console. Stated the two he wants to get rid of are the Dodge, which has 76,000 miles and has had a lot of problems; and one of the Chevrolet's which is at 98,000 miles. Stated there is also a Chevrolet that has approximately 74,000 miles, which he hopes to replace next fiscal year.
6:35:33 PM Schmidt Asked what he recommends.
6:35:34 PM Schardan Answered the Dodge and the Chevrolet with 98,000 miles. Reiterated they still have a 2006 that they are waiting to get online after the repairs are done. Commented they have had good success with this dealership.
6:36:00 PM Gulledge Asked if the money is in the budget. Schardan answered yes. Asked Callahan if he is in favor; he answered yes. With no further questions or comments, stated the item will be placed on the Board Meeting agenda for purchase approval. Asked Schardan if he needs to contact the dealer to hold the car pending formal approval. Schardan answered he thought that would work, and he will contact the dealer tomorrow. Gulledge asked him to type up a list of the extras before next week's meeting. There were no further questions or comments.
6:36:56 PM Schardan Thanked all for sentiments regarding his father's passing.
6:37:07 PM Gulledge Asked Presson to discuss next three agenda items.
6:37:17 PM Presson First, discussed the proposed wood chipping program. Explained this program is required by the grant received for the chipper. Referred to the proposal included in the packets and opened the issue for discussion.
6:37:48 PM Gulledge Explained the plan is to discuss the issue tonight and come up with a plan because they want to advertise the program in the Gazette for the benefit of the citizens. Asked for questions or comments.
6:38:16 PM Kostyshock Commented when residents put brush out, there needs to be a time limit, as they do not want limbs sitting out, for example, two weeks ahead of the pickup date. Suggested a 48 or 72 hour window.
6:38:42 PM Gulledge Commented this will be hard to manage, although they can request it not be left out more than a certain number of hours. Commented they ought to give the residents Saturday and Sunday. Kostyshock agreed.
6:39:13 PM Gulledge Commented his point is he doesn't know how they will enforce the rule, all they can do is request residents not put it out more than 48 hours before Monday morning.
6:39:27 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
6:39:52 PM Callahan Asked if there is an existing ordinance about putting out trash.
6:39:56 PM Gulledge Answered it is not supposed to be put out until the day of trash service; however they cannot do that for this program.
6:40:03 PM Callahan Agreed, but his point is he doesn't feel they need to do anything, as if it becomes a problem they have an ordinance to cover it.
6:40:10 PM Kostyshock Commented this is different than trash.
6:40:12 PM Gulledge Stated his best suggestion is to ask residents to comply; however he does not know what they will do for enforcement. Stated they will see how it works, and if it doesn't they will revisit the issue.
6:40:47 PM Callahan Asked who will take the calls, as there will be certain times of the year they will receive a lot of calls.
6:40:53 PM Presson Commented they will also continue water tower brush collection.
6:41:03 PM Gulledge Answered the calls will go to the Water Clerk. Commented his opinion they will not get many calls.
6:41:18 PM Callahan Commented they may at various times of the year, i.e., fall and spring.
6:41:25 PM Presson Commented once the program is up and running and a routine is developed, they may be able to drop the call outs and they may be able to simply send people out those two days every month. Stated for a while until a routine is established, the Village will need to take phone calls.
6:41:46 PM Gulledge Commented as part of the grant, the Village is required to institute a pick up program for the residents. Stated if this idea does not work, they will need to revisit the issue; however they want to make sure the item gets in the Gazette and local newspapers.
6:42:33 PM Garcia Asked if they have accounted for exceptions for storms, etc.
6:42:38 PM Gulledge Answered yes; this program is simply for residents cleaning up their yards. Stated if there is a storm, they will have the chipper out as they did for the last incident. Commented depending on response, they may need to increase the number of days in the program.
6:42:58 PM Garcia Asked about the notation that water tower brush collection will be available on the first Monday and Tuesday of the month; will they still offer that on the weekend, as many people work on Monday and Tuesday.
6:43:10 PM Gulledge Answered they cannot leave the tower open, as residents dump other refuse. Explained they will not stop the special days scheduled for Saturday's; however they must have someone out there to monitor what is being dumped. Explained this program is in excess of the Village offering three or four days per year on Saturday's. With no other questions or comments, stated the item will be submitted to Jolene Henry for inclusion in the Gazette. Asked Presson to discuss next item, Pay Application #1 to JE Construction for $33,265.75.
6:44:11 PM Presson Stated the curbs were completed several weeks ago; final grading was completed yesterday; the asphalt is not yet done, as there was a problem with the subcontractor. Stated the project is expected to start later this week and/or beginning of next week. Stated the contractor is aware he has a limited amount of time left to complete this job.
6:44:40 PM Gulledge Clarified this payment is less the 7-10% retainage, which will be kept until they are sure the project is complete. He clarified Presson is okay with the status; he indicated he is.
6:44:52 PM Schmidt Asked when it will be done.
6:44:53 PM Presson Answered the new subcontractor has indicated they will start at the end of this week and/or beginning of next week. Schmidt asked when the project will end. Presson answered it should take less than a day.
6:45:09 PM Gulledge Commented on the good job on the curbs. Asked for other questions or comments. There were none. Stated the item will be put on the Board meeting agenda. Went to next item, Pay Application #1 to Plocher Construction.
6:45:29 PM Presson Explained this is for the Drost Park Lift Station Improvements. Stated he did a punch-list walk-through approximately two (2) weeks ago, and another today. Stated several items on the project are not complete. Stated his recommendation is to approve this pay application pending completion of the punch list.
6:46:00 PM Gulledge Commented they are holding 5% in retainage, which should take care of it.
6:46:07 PM Presson Answered it will be very close. Stated the contractor has indicated the punch list items should be done by Monday.
6:46:15 PM Gulledge Commented they will not vote on it until next Wednesday, so Presson can inform them if there is a problem before the vote. Asked for questions or comments.
6:46:35 PM Kostyshock Commented the project looks very good.
6:46:47 PM Gulledge Agreed it looks nice, and has a nice white fence. Asked for further questions or comments for Presson. Schmidt asked Presson to put dates on his memos. Presson indicated he would.
6:47:13 PM Gulledge Explained Trustee Bell is absent due to work obligations. On behalf of Bell, he discussed the Computron Service Contract. Explained they used to perform the maintenance work for $3,000 per year, and has more than doubled in the last couple of years; therefore he is requesting an increase to $3,500 per year for a maintenance contract on all the Village computers. Commented Bell feels it is fair. Asked for questions or comments. There were none. Stated the item will be put on the agenda for the Board meeting next week. Went to next item, Police Station Wiring. Explained he made a call to a contractor, who asked many questions Mayor could not answer. Stated he is uncomfortable with asking someone to simply do "whatever is necessary", as he does not know what that is. Stated the contractor he spoke with advised him the Village needs to have some type of a spec to make sure they are truly getting done what they want done, and not any more. Stated Bell said he would agree with either option A or B from J Shah. Mayor commented this is a complex situation. Agrees it needs to be done right away; however it is so complex he and Bell are recommending they hire J Shah to come up with a project spec. Stated alternatively, he would be glad to hand the project over to another Trustee, if someone would volunteer. Read the two options from J Shah. Asked for questions or comments. Reminded the Board they need to consider down time, as this is a 911 center.
6:52:23 PM Garcia Asked why the issue was not caught at the time of construction of the room addition.
6:52:33 PM Gulledge Answered it was discussed; they were going to use a separate panel, but it was expensive and at the time they decided not to do it. Stated in hind sight, they should have done it.
6:53:25 PM Kostyshock Commented that the project needs to be done right. Stated sometimes that results in paying more money up-front; however in the long run it will probably be cheaper.
6:53:40 PM Gulledge Asked Trustees their opinion.
6:53:43 PM Limberg Stated his choice would be Plan B, as he would like to see details on what the problems are and how they will be fixed. Stated his opinion that the bigger expense is worth it.
6:53:59 PM Schmidt Stated B is fine with him.
6:54:10 PM Callahan Commented he does not particularly care which plan; he does not think they are approaching the situation properly. Stated they have been informed the building is a fire hazard, and the Board should not be concerned about money. Stated they should be worried about lives and about the service that would be lost if something happens to the building. Stated his opinion is they should not operate under the assumption that if they give someone a job they will take advantage of the situation. Maintains they should ask Juneau to recommend three reputable contractors and hire one to get the job done. Commented there are people in that building twenty-four hours a day, and the problem needs to be fixed.
6:55:50 PM Kostyshock Commented that is the reason they are choosing Option B.
6:56:07 PM Garcia Stated her choice is Option B so as to make sure it is done right
6:56:15 PM Gulledge Does not disagree with Callahan; however he does not know what to tell a contractor. Stated he will call J Shah to perform option B. Stated if Shah cannot do it within a reasonable time frame, he will call someone else. Clarified Schardan agrees with this process.
6:57:09 PM Schardan Agreed. Asked the age of the older generator.
6:57:33 PM Gulledge Answered at least twelve years old.
6:57:44 PM Schardan Commented his idea is to tie it in to the newer generator, which might save the cost of replacing the older one. Stated his other thought is to wire everything to one room.
6:58:19 PM Gulledge Reiterated he will call J Shah tomorrow. Went to public input. There was none. Went to Calendar Updates.
6:58:57 PM Schmidt Stated the Economic Development Committee met Monday and are still working on subdividing the commercial zones. Stated six (6) members were at the meeting and are working on the issue and will report back at the next meeting on November 13th. Commented the Rabies Clinic will be held at the Seniors building this Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to noon. Commented there is a Fire Department Open House and Blood Drive on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
6:59:52 PM Gulledge Commented a representative from Shimkus' office will be at the Village Hall tomorrow from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Asked Limberg about his meeting. He answered there is nothing planned so far. Asked Schardan to comment on the Police Department Halloween Party.
7:00:29 PM Schardan Commented donations are slow, and asked the local papers to include a reminder to businesses that the whole party is funded by donations. Stated donations can be sent to the Police station.
7:00:54 PM Gulledge Commented large item trash pickup is scheduled for the week of October 23rd through 27th. Commented the Memorial Dedication Concert is scheduled for this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. at Firemen's Park, at which the Joey James Band will play. Commented the library meeting was held last night. Went to To Do List, page 1.
7:02:12 PM Schmidt Commented the healthcare proposal should be added.
7:02:22 PM Gulledge Concurred it should be added under Administration. Commented they were hoping to discuss the issue tonight; however it did not come in. Stated it will definitely be discussed at the next Caucus in two weeks.
7:02:45 PM Schmidt Commented on Old Town streets and sidewalks: He talked to Steve Petroff over the weekend, who said they just finished a project in Edwardsville off of Lewis Road, south of Edwardsville on Route 157. Commented the Trustees can go by to review the work that was finished with their road servicing equipment and new gutter machines.
7:03:32 PM Gulledge Stated the Village sent a notice to proceed on Monday. Went to page 2.
7:03:43 PM Garcia Asked about bids for the Cadillac.
7:03:46 PM Gulledge Answered they never received any, and he is unsure what will be done with the car. Commented as Callahan is the Chair of that committee, he should come up with a solution. Callahan's idea was to let the Fire Department practice by dismantling it. Gulledge stated it is too good a car to allow that. There were no further comments on page 2. Went to page 3. There were no comments. Went to Trustee's comments.
7:04:52 PM Callahan Commented on his recent discovery that the library is able to obtain books from any library in the State of Illinois. Explained the library will let patrons know where the books are located for any that are not available to be transferred to Maryville. Commented this is a great service.
7:06:02 PM Kostyshock Commented that the library is going strong and has a lot of events scheduled. Encouraged all to visit. Next, commented regarding the Fire Department, as he attended a field trip with the 1st graders at Maryville that included numerous stops; the kids seemed to enjoy the Fire House better than anything else. Stated the firemen did an outstanding job.
7:06:49 PM Garcia Commented they had the firemen out to the church school, and the children loved it. More comments regarding both Fire and Police Departments followed.
7:07:40 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's comments. Stated he would like to put together a committee for community appearance and involvement. Explained this committee would be comprised of volunteers in the community that would research ways to make the community more attractive, for example with welcome signs, a motto, perhaps a new logo, main street projects, holiday lighting/banners, trying to get more businesses and citizens in the community, fund raising ideas for community projects, and possible help with grant writing. Stated he spoke with the Economic Development Committee Monday, and all were in favor. Stated he plans to advertise for volunteers in the Gazette. Asked the Trustees their opinion. All were in favor. Schmidt's opinion was to make Garcia the liaison, as she has "the touch" for that sort of thing. Gulledge stated he has a book of examples, which he will provide the Trustees tonight for their review to facilitate discussion later. Commented he is not fond of the name he put to it, and solicited other ideas. Schmidt suggested "Enhancement Committee". Next, Gulledge brought up the idea of a "Town Hall" meeting. Suggested holding two or three per year, perhaps on a Saturday morning, which would give the residents an opportunity to discuss issues. Commented if they are not in favor of sitting as a group, maybe he would designate a Saturday once or twice per month by appointment where residents could come in to discuss community issues. Commented on Wigginton's seeming disapproval. Stated he would like to discuss this in the future, and asked the Trustees to be thinking of ideas.
7:13:06 PM Garcia Commented this was done before.
7:13:13 PM Gulledge Answered yes, and most turned out well. With no other questions or comments, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:14:11 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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