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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date11/8/2006 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:03 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, November 8, 2006 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Trustee Bell arrived later. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Fenton, Attorney Wigginton, Public Works Director Presson, Comptroller Brussatti, Village Engineer Dutton, two (2) representatives of Baugher Financial, three (3) citizens and (2) reporters.
6:31:02 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the October 25th Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Kostyshock and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - abstain; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia- yes. Motion carried.
6:31:43 PM Gulledge Went to first agenda item, Jack Kime - Village Gazette.
6:32:03 PM Kime Jack Kime, 720 Andra Drive, Maryville, Illinois, 62062.
6:32:11 PM Gulledge Explained Kime has been the volunteer editor of the Gazette for four years. Stated he came in to obtain the Board's reaction to the publication and discuss possibilities for changes.
6:32:40 PM Kime Stated he is interested in an assessment and feedback from the Trustees. Stated he has had suggestions they should go to quarterly publication, and other suggestions of monthly. Stated his opinion that bi-monthly is correct. Stated he is also interested in feedback on the content. Commented there has been a lot more Village input from both administration and the community. Stated he has four to five new businesses interested in space. Stated he also would like feedback on the length. Stated they have gone from four (4) pages at the first edition to eight (8) to ten (10) presently, which is more costly for printing.
6:34:16 PM Gulledge Opened the discussion to comments. Stated he has been told everyone is very happy with it. Stated he did receive one negative comment in the first edition; however his opinion is it was because the lady was angry about a separate issue and took the opportunity to let him know. Stated he has had nothing but good comments. Agreed that the increased length increases the cost, which is Kime's concern.
6:34:59 PM Limberg Commented he has spoken with residents in his neighborhood, who are very pleased. Commented the only downside is the frequency, as sometimes things have happened and they don't get the information. Gave the example of the wood chipper, saying his neighbors asked about it and the information was not out until this edition.
6:35:22 PM Gulledge Commented a notation was made in the prior edition that information was coming, as they had not finalized the policy. Limberg agreed.
6:35:37 PM Schmidt Commented he has had no negative comments, mainly positive. Stated his opinion that trying to do it more frequently would be difficult. Commented his opinion they are doing as good a job as possible right now. Commented his opinion they should not stretch it longer than every two (2) months. Stated the cost is approximately $1,200, between printing and postage, not factoring in processing time by Village employees. Stated that is only $600 per month. Reiterated his opinion they could not keep up if it were done monthly.
6:36:50 PM Gulledge Commented Kime was not advertising to do it every month, he simple asked if it was okay the way it is or should it be done quarterly. Asked for other comments. Callahan agreed it is fine.
6:37:10 PM Kostyshock Stated all he has received is positive comments. Stated he has several people that live outside of the Village that would like to receive it, and did not know if there was a way to get it to them.
6:37:30 PM Gulledge Commented they won't mail it, but they always have extra issues available for pick up at the Water Clerk's office.
6:37:38 PM Schmidt Commented they had the idea to put it online.
6:37:49 PM Gulledge Commented it was discussed previously, and they need to look at the issue again.
6:38:02 PM Garcia Stated there were no negative comments; in fact she had a comment from a co-worker that day regarding an item in the current issue.
6:38:15 PM Gulledge Stated his appreciation to Kime, as he knows he works hard on it and does a good job. Commented he and Jolene work well together back and forth on the publication.
6:38:33 PM Kime Stated he appreciates the Board's support. Commented Jolene is a great help. Commented regarding timing; if they go to three (3) months, it won't be timely, and he is unsure whether enough interest is generated for monthly issues, so he believes bi-monthly is best.
6:39:14 PM Gulledge Agreed, and thanked Kime for coming. Went to next agenda item, Health Insurance. Stated Kerry Baugher is here from Baugher Financial to answer any questions. Stated they have spoken with the Police and Fire Departments, who are currently in union negotiations, and both are in favor of the change. Opened the discussion to questions. Commented he would like to place the item on the agenda for next Wednesday night to get the process underway for December 1.
6:40:55 PM Baugher Kerry Baugher, 15 Roary Park Lane, Edwardsville, Illinois. Thanked the Board for inviting Baugher Financial to participate.
6:41:06 PM Garcia Asked if the health savings account would be beneficial to employees.
6:41:12 PM Baugher Stated he, Ben, Marvin and the Mayor have evaluated the issue, and at this time they have not determined it brings any additional value to either the employees or the Village. Commented it is available as an option, and as consultants to the Village they will always continue to evaluate the values of the program, but at this point they believe the traditional approach will be the most effective transition from the Government plan to a private insurance plan.
6:42:00 PM Bell Arrived and was seated.
6:42:09 PM Callahan Asked if they are eliminating the savings plan.
6:42:21 PM Baugher Explained they are speaking about the health savings account , which is relatively new. They are not referring to the Section 125 cafeteria plan. Stated sometimes there is some crossover with how those two avenues for savings are termed; however they are different. Stated under Baugher's proposal, the Section 125 cafeteria plan will not change. Stated they will provide assistance in enrolling and administering that plan.
6:43:10 PM Gulledge Commented Callahan's next question was going to be whether they could come up with more life insurance for the same amount of money for the employees.
6:43:29 PM Baugher Answered the office staff has adjusted the proposal and added to the life insurance component. Stated they can provide $25,000 of insurance for $4.50 per month; currently the Village pays $4.40 for $10,000 of coverage. Commented the benefits double for accidental death.
6:44:19 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees opinion.
6:44:25 PM Schmidt Asked if that was an option for the employee.
6:44:27 PM Gulledge Answered no, they will make it part of the plan. All Trustees agreed. He asked for other questions. There were none. Stated the item will be placed on the agenda for the Board meeting. Thanked Baugher for coming.
6:44:59 PM Baugher Commented last week Ben attended with Brittany Ribbing, who is Director of Client Services. Commented Ben could not attend tonight, as he is on his honeymoon in Key West. Introduced Brittany's assistant Kerry Switzer.
6:45:44 PM Gulledge Thanked Baugher. Went to Public Works issues. Asked Presson to discuss the purchase of vehicles.
6:46:16 PM Presson Stated these are budgeted items. Stated the first item he is requesting is for the Water Department: a 2006 E350 super-duty cargo van, which will replace the 1998 Chevy 2500 which has approximately 109,000 miles. Stated the cost of the vehicle is $18,867.
6:46:51 PM Gulledge Clarified the meaning of a cargo van is that there are no windows. He asked if it is extended.
6:46:55 PM Presson Answered that is correct. Explained it comes fully racked inside so they can store service parts, pumps, etc. so they can be kept out of the weather and will provide a spot for them during the winter in a cold-weather working environment.
6:47:10 PM Gulledge Clarified this is for the Water Department. Asked if there were any questions.
6:47:27 PM Schmidt Asked if it is in the budget. Commented it is a good price.
6:47:30 PM Presson Agreed. Clarified the cargo racks are included.
6:47:38 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees opinion. All agreed. Stated the item will be placed on the agenda for the Board meeting. Went to the second vehicle request.
6:48:07 PM Presson Stated the second vehicle will go to the Street Department and will replace the 1998 S-10 with approximately 83,000 miles. Stated they are stepping up the vehicle size due to the addition of the various equipment including the excavator, skid loader, etc. Stated this comes with a napa-hide bed and will look similar to the 2002 Ford F250 recently purchased by the Village. Stated this price is $26,529.
6:48:50 PM Gulledge Asked for questions. There were none. Commented on the condition of the S10, and its need for replacement. Callahan asked if this includes trading in the existing vehicles. Mayor answered no, they will address that issue next. Asked the Trustees their opinion. All agreed. Asked Presson to explain what will be done with the existing vehicles.
6:49:30 PM Presson Stated it is his recommendation to issue these vehicles as surplus and sell them, as has been done in the past.
6:49:43 PM Gulledge Asked Trustees their opinion. All agreed. Went to next agenda item, Pay Request #2 for the final payment to JE Construction for $11,196.20 for Mary Knoll gutters. He asked if there were any questions or comments.
6:50:12 PM Presson Commented the job is complete. Stated they are waiting final micro surfacing due to weather. Stated the company had an issue in Missouri, which delayed them; then the weather was raining and now they are moving into winter months, which will be an issue of temperature versus weather. Stated the micro surfacing will be done as soon as possible; however the company will not give a specific time.
6:50:47 PM Gulledge Clarified he is recommending final payment. Asked the Trustees' opinion.
6:50:58 PM Schmidt Asked the necessity of the $8,000 change order.
6:51:06 PM Presson Stated they were curb and gutter issues. Stated towards the end of the street there were elevation issues, and an extension of both curbs.
6:51:20 PM Gulledge Asked the rest of the Trustees. All agreed. Went to Pay Request #2, final for Plocher Construction on the Drost Park Lift Station Improvements for $6,855.42.
6:51:40 PM Presson Stated this project is complete. Stated they found an issue today with the bypass pump. Stated it is a programming issue that is being dealt with; however the general project is done.
6:52:02 PM Gulledge Asked for questions. There were none. All Trustees agreed to place the item on the agenda for the next Board meeting. Stated he has an issue, about which information was included in the packets, regarding the Copper Creek lift station improvement bids. Stated John Dutton is here to answer questions. Stated they are recommending award of contracts A and C of the project to D&K Backhoe, low bidder, in the amount of $343,908.25; and contract B of the project to JE Construction in the amount of $118,493.00 Asked Dutton to discuss. Asked if he talked to JE Construction about doing that portion of the contract since they were not the low bidder on the other portion.
6:53:27 PM Dutton Stated he did discuss it, and they were fine with the decision.
6:53:32 PM Gulledge Asked if there were other questions.
6:53:41 PM Callahan Asked whether the other contractor was okay with it. He was told yes.
6:54:07 PM Gulledge Stated they have a recommendation from the engineer and the Public Works Director agrees, as well as Kostyshock. Asked the other Trustees. All agreed. Stated the item will be placed on the Board Meeting agenda. Thanked Dutton for attending. Commented they have completed the Tegtmeier easement that made this possible. Thanked Wigginton for taking care of it. Stated everything is finished with the easement on this project. Went to next agenda item, vehicle bids for the Cadillac and Police units 144 and 148. Referred to the bid sheet result spreadsheet. Stated he has spoken with the Chief, and his recommendation is to accept the bid from DC Sales Inc. on Police unit 144 for $3,277, which was the high bid and Police unit 148 for $3,277; and to award the bid of the Cadillac to Steve's Auto Body in Granite City. Commented advertising in the News Democrat seemed to result in more bids. Asked Callahan if he agrees with the recommendation.
6:56:13 PM Callahan Answered yes.
6:56:28 PM Gulledge Asked Trustees their opinion. All agreed. Stated the item will be placed on the agenda for the next Board meeting. Commented this is more money than would have been obtained for a trade-in of the vehicles. Went to next agenda item, Park Recommendations.
6:56:53 PM Bell Commented his confusion, as it looks like he has recommendations from two different park meetings. He asked if they skipped a caucus. Stated the first recommendation is to apply for a State Representative grant of $25,000 for a metal pavilion to be installed on the west side of Drost Lake at the end of East Division Street.
6:57:46 PM Gulledge Commented they have not reviewed these as Bell was not present at the last Caucus, and Mayor forgot to present them. He asked if there were any questions on the first recommendation. There were none. There were no Trustees opposed to including the item on the Board meeting agenda.
6:57:58 PM Schmidt Asked about the location. Asked if they plan to use the existing access road. He was told yes. He asked if there will be a parking lot.
6:58:13 PM Bell Answered there will be some parking at some point. Explained there is an open area to the east of the dredge pond. Stated this is the area to which the recommendation refers.
6:58:31 PM Gulledge Stated they are trying to get some roto-mill to put a base down for an eventual parking lot. He asked if Schmidt was okay with it. He answered yes. He clarified no Trustee was opposed.
6:58:57 PM Bell Asked if the item needs to be put on the agenda for the Board meeting. Mayor answered yes, as he has to have an official Board action to include with the grant. Bell went to the second recommendation to run the necessary service lines to provide electric and water to Pavilion #3 in Drost Park. Stated that request started as electric, but apparently there is a way to get a water spigot to that pavilion as well. Asked Presson how close they are on water.
6:59:47 PM Gulledge Interjected the water is on Parkview. Stated they cannot tap off the bathroom. Asked the Trustees opinion. Stated he is in favor of the recommendation; however he would like to get some estimates on cost before giving final approval.
7:00:23 PM Schmidt Asked if they will have to bore.
7:00:29 PM Gulledge Answered yes, which is why he wants estimates.
7:00:34 PM Presson Interjected they won't have to, as they put a new main in.
7:00:38 PM Gulledge Concurred.
7:00:46 PM Bell Asked if they could pick up electric off that pavilion. Clarified they are not talking about lighting, just some outlets.
7:00:57 PM Gulledge Reiterated their agreement; however they need to get some price estimates.
7:01:07 PM Bell Stated instead of putting the item on the Board agenda, they need to put the item on a to-do list.
7:01:15 PM Gulledge Stated they will put it on Presson's to-do list to get estimates. Presson asked if they need them by next week. Gulledge answered if he can that is fine; however if not they will take it up at another Caucus meeting.
7:01:36 PM Bell Clarified they will re-visit the issue at Caucus on November 29th. Went to next recommendation to allow the Wigginton law firm to sponsor a Movie in the Park event, which will be paying for the movie and to provide the same opportunity to other interested parties. Comments ensued as to the fact no other sponsors were required to obtain approval. Bell agreed they do not need to take Board action.
7:02:34 PM Gulledge Clarified their meaning that the Board will allow people to sponsor a movie. Comments ensued.
7:03:06 PM Bell Stated they will put the item on the agenda to allow individual sponsors of Movie's in the Park. Comments ensued. Bell went to next recommendation, to review the sign posting ordinance to allow temporary placement of directional signs for events to be placed only on the day of the event and removed at the end of the event.
7:04:45 PM Callahan Asked if the Village is exempt from the ordinance.
7:04:50 PM Wigginton Answered the Village has the power to put out Movie in the Park signs.
7:04:51 PM Gulledge Commented they do; however it causes problems with residents, as they are not allowed to do so.
7:05:14 PM Bell Commented it was his recommendation to take the issue to the Board as he did not feel it was fair to allow the Government body to do something the public could not. Commented the Park Committee is correct in that there are a lot of people that still do not know where Drost Park is. Commented they may think this will create drive-by participation in events; however his opinion is that won't happen often.
7:06:10 PM Limberg Commented the Village does a lot of things that are publicized.
7:06:23 PM Bell Clarified these are off-site signs. Stated they can put one at the property located at Route 162 and Schiber Court; however the Committee wants to put one at Route 159 and Vadalabene.
7:07:03 PM Callahan Commented they already use the marquis signs to advertise an event, which is off-site advertising. Reiterated the Village's exemption from the stipulation is written in the ordinance.
7:07:16 PM Gulledge Explained they want people to understand. Stated the Park Committee feels they should be able to do it. Stated they informed the Committee there are some members of the Board that don't want it to happen. Stated the Committee wants to make sure they will be allowed to place the signs before they spend money on them. Commented his agreement that the Village does have some rights as a community; however they also have people that don't understand why they can't have a yard sale or realtor sign. Stated he wants to make sure the Board understands, as he does not want arguments against the signs after they are placed.
7:08:08 PM Callahan Stated if they say no, they will have to re-write the sign ordinance, as it currently allows it.
7:08:20 PM Wigginton Stated the bottom line is they don't need to change the ordinance to do what the Committee is asking.
7:08:29 PM Gulledge Reiterated he wants to make sure all the Trustees understand, as they are the ones that will hear the comments from residents.
7:08:38 PM Kostyshock Commented Bell is correct that no one knows were Drost Park is.
7:08:54 PM Bell Stated his disagreement with the issue, and feels the Village should not be allowed to put up signs if the public is not. Commented the Committee is very good about only placing signs the morning of the event, and taking them down after event is over.
7:09:21 PM Callahan Commented he sees various signs, for example the Khoury League directional sign during registration. Stated technically that is not allowed, but it happens periodically. Commented he does not think these individuals know they are violating an ordinance.
7:09:44 PM Gulledge Commented they are not, as that sign is on Village property.
7:09:58 PM Bell Commented the problem is people put up signs and don't take them down. Garcia commented on the political signs. Bell agreed, saying they should have all been down that morning.
7:10:17 PM Gulledge Commented the ordinance states they have seven (7) days to take down political signs.
7:10:23 PM Callahan Commented his "pet peeve" is signs. Stated he does not have a problem with the Committee's issue; his problem is they don't enforce the ordinance in the first place and now they have a legitimate issue and they are questioning it.
7:10:41 PM Wigginton Commented they are enforcing the ordinance; in fact he went to court recently where one individual was ordered to pay a $300 fine for violation of the sign ordinance.
7:10:52 PM Callahan Argued that he could drive down the street and show twenty (20) that aren't legal. Commented they don't enforce them all.
7:11:02 PM Bell Asked how other cities handle this situation.
7:11:09 PM Wigginton Commented they don't get into this issue. Stated this is a Village committee; if they want to put a sign up, they generally do it.
7:11:23 PM Bell Clarified he is talking about yard sale signs.
7:11:25 PM Wigginton Answered every municipality of which he knows has a sign ordinance.
7:11:29 PM Bell Asked if off-site yard sale signs are illegal, or can a permit be obtained.
7:11:36 PM Wigginton Answered it depends; some are very restrictive, some are not. Stated the Village spent a lot of time and money debating the sign ordinance and addressed all these issues at that time. Stated he does not recommend re-visiting the issue.
7:11:55 PM Gulledge Commented all the committee is asking is whether they can do it and can they purchase signs.
7:12:05 PM Schmidt Commented this is probably not the best time to be bringing this up, especially in light that it has been a "hot" issue. Stated the Park Committee is asking the Board to give them guidance. Stated his opinion is if the signs are regulated by the Committee, it is simply another part of the Village's public service to residents to attend a function put on by the Village.
7:12:57 PM Gulledge Stated he appreciates this comment. Stated the point is the committee wants to buy signs, but wants to make sure they will be allowed to use them once they are purchased. Schmidt commented he would rather see them use something more attractive than the current cardboard signs.
7:13:19 PM Callahan Suggested they use the money to buy permits.
7:13:29 PM Bell Stated most of the Park Committee members felt they should be allowed to do it; he is the one that interjected and told them to make sure they are not violating the ordinance.
7:13:37 PM Wigginton Commented the committee operates under the authority of the Village.
7:13:51 PM Gulledge Polled the Board. All agreed except Garcia, who commented she stands buy her opinion they should do what they tell the public to do. Mayor stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Went to next agenda item, Variance Request for Anderson Hospital. Stated the information included in the packet is self-explanatory. Explained they built the Women's Pavilion following the 1990 BOCA electrical code. Stated the Village changed to the International Code in 2005. Stated there is some question as to whether the Village ever passed the ordinance, so this request may be for naught. Stated he and Flaugher met with members of the hospital, who asked for a variance from the International code to follow the code that they originally built the structure on, submitted with the future plan to build a second story. Stated according to the current International code, they would not be able to build it, as the original structure does not follow this code. Stated he told them neither he nor Kevin would be in a position to okay such a variance until an engineer reviewed it. Stated they have an opinion letter from the engineer saying it is okay. Explained there is no longer a BOCA code, as it combined with a second code to form International. Stated if the Board approves the variance, all plans will have to be signed and sealed by an engineer or architect. Stated they need to follow up regarding whether the change to the ordinance was ever done. Stated the issue was discussed in Caucus; however they could not find an ordinance where it was passed.
7:17:17 PM Wigginton Suggested putting the item on the Board meeting agenda and they will check it out between now and Wednesday. Gulledge asked if they will approve it next week. Wigginton clarified they have already submitted it, in which case he does not know for sure because he is thinking they may have done it. Stated he sent everything in 2005 to be done, but he thinks they actually changed it before 2005. Stated the bottom line is, in order for them to do this expansion, they need to have the Village accept their signed, sealed and stamped drawings they have submitted under the 1999 BOCA code. Stated after they did all the work, the Village subsequently changed and adopted the International code because BOCA no longer existed.
7:18:20 PM Callahan Clarified the problem is it would have been allowed under 1999 rules, but is not allowed now. He was told yes. Asked the reason why.
7:18:34 PM Gulledge Explained they are asking to be able to follow the original code. Answered Callahan that it has to do with the way they will build it. Commented they have an engineer that has signed off saying it is perfectly safe, but he cannot answer Jack's question as he does not know enough about it.
7:18:59 PM Wigginton Commented the engineer told them meeting the structural requirements of the International code is not economically or logistically possible.
7:19:12 PM Limberg Commented the engineering firm looked at the existing foundation and structure, and it meets the 1999; however it does not meet 2003.
7:19:28 PM Gulledge Clarified it is not that it is unsafe, it simply does not meet the new code.
7:19:35 PM Bell Asked if they came in today with their drawings, they would have to change them.
7:19:41 PM Gulledge Answered they could not do it; they would have to demolish the first floor or build a separate building.
7:19:47 PM Garcia Asked if they can do it legally. She was told yes.
7:19:49 PM Callahan Asked if John Dutton knows anything about this.
7:19:52 PM Gulledge Answered John is not a structural engineer, which is why they got the letter from a structural engineer.
7:19:58 PM Garcia Asked Wigginton if they are able to do this legally.
7:20:01 PM Wigginton Answered the Village Board has the power to grant variances. Comments were made that the understanding was the Zoning Board grants them. Wigginton answered no; the Zoning Board grants variances on uses. Stated the Village Board grants them with respect to building code. Stated this is not a use issue.
7:20:24 PM Bell Asked if it has to go back to the Planning Commission.
7:20:26 PM Gulledge Stated they will have to submit the plans through there; however they are just asking for a variance. Explained unless the Board approves it, the Planning Commission will never see it.
7:20:38 PM Bell Stated usually the Planning Commission recommends variances to the Board, not the other way around.
7:20:49 PM Wigginton Answered they do that under the Subdivision Code; this is under the Building Code.
7:20:55 PM Bell Argued they would do it under a PDB as well.
7:20:58 PM Wigginton Answered that is under the Zoning Code.
7:21:03 PM Bell Clarified the actual drawings for a business go through the Planning Commission first and they come to the Board with a recommendation for a variance.
7:21:25 PM Wigginton Answered right, because PDBs and PDRs are a zoning district and are required to have public hearings at the Planning Commission.
7:21:40 PM Schmidt Asked if the structural engineering firm can be here to answer questions.
7:21:49 PM Gulledge Answered that is what the letter is for.
7:21:54 PM Garcia Asked if the hospital paid them. She was told yes.
7:21:56 PM Callahan Argued they are only saying it is designed under the1999 requirements, not that it is safe.
7:22:06 PM Garcia Asked if the Village would be responsible if the Board allows it and something were to happen.
7:22:11 PM Gulledge Commented neither the architect nor the engineer will put his seal on it unless it is safe.
7:22:19 PM Garcia Asked if this has ever happened before.
7:22:22 PM Gulledge Answered no, because the instance has not come up. Commented if the Village had not changed the code, they would not be having this discussion; rather it would be at the Planning Commission right now.
7:22:43 PM Wigginton Commented it may be a moot point.
7:22:45 PM Gulledge Agreed, because if the Village has not adopted it, it is still under the old plan. Commented Edwardsville is still under BOCA.
7:23:05 PM Garcia Commented her understanding that BOCA does not exist anymore.
7:23:09 PM Gulledge Answered that is correct; however Edwardsville has not made the change yet. Stated Maryville knew it was going out, and they thought they had upgraded it; if so, they need to grant a variance as that building was built before.
7:23:39 PM Wigginton Commented again, this may be moot, because the ordinance still says BOCA National Building Code, 13th Edition, 1999. Stated July 10, 2005 he sent to the Village an ordinance amending that to adopt the International Code, 2003 Edition. Stated this afternoon the Mayor and Clerk looked and cannot find proof that the ordinance changing it from 1999 BOCA code to the 2003 International code was ever formally adopted. If it was not, Anderson does not have to ask for a variance.
7:24:31 PM Bell Asked the date on the ordinance. He was told July 10, 2005. Stated he can find out whether a formal vote was taken.
7:24:52 PM Callahan Clarified the only way they will have to make a decision is if they passed it.
7:24:59 PM Wigginton Answered that is why he suggested they add it to the agenda; they will know the answer by Wednesday.
7:25:02 PM Gulledge Agreed.
7:25:05 PM Callahan Clarified that at the meeting, if they did pass it, they will have to vote to give them a variance. He was told that is correct.
7:25:20 PM Wigginton Answered if they didn't the Board will not have to do anything.
7:25:31 PM Callahan Asked if Mayor just stated some of the neighboring communities are still under 1999.
7:25:37 PM Gulledge Answered all he knows is Edwardsville has not yet made the change. Stated they are discussing it and know they have to, as BOCA is no longer in existence.
7:25:58 PM Limberg Commented if the building is designed to meet those codes, it is a safe building.
7:26:04 PM Gulledge Agreed.
7:26:11 PM Callahan Commented his surprise that the codes changed that drastically.
7:26:29 PM Gulledge Commented they probably made it tougher; however it does not mean it is unsafe.
7:26:36 PM Callahan Commented it could have had something to do with 9-11.
7:26:40 PM Gulledge Agreed; it does not mean that this is unsafe, it just means it is a step up.
7:26:44 PM Garcia Commented, as an example, if they did pass it and allow the variance and there is an earthquake and the building does not make it through, but could have; then what.
7:26:52 PM Gulledge Answered they followed the building code.
7:26:57 PM Callahan Commented it looks like they cover seismic activity; asked if it has been determined whether it was under-mined. Gulledge answered it is not.
7:27:15 PM Wigginton Reiterated, they will have the answer next week.
7:27:17 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees opinion. All agreed. Went to Calendar Updates. Commented on the Police Academy graduation tomorrow; he and Limberg are attending. Commented the Village Hall will be closed Friday in observance of Veteran's Day; there is an Economic Development meeting Monday; there is a library meeting Tuesday, at which Kostyshock will speak about written requests coming to the Board for action; the Turkey Trot is scheduled for the 18th. Garcia asked what that is. Bell answered it is a 5K run and 1-mile walk for accuracy. Gulledge commented on the park meeting on the 20th. Stated there is no Caucus meeting on the 22nd; the Village is closed the 23rd and 24th for Thanksgiving; Planning Commission is on the 27th; Caucus meeting on the 29th. Asked for other calendar updates. There were none.
7:29:18 PM Gulledge Went to To Do List, Page 1.
7:29:34 PM Schmidt Commented to Bell regarding making the Gazette available online.
7:29:53 PM Bell Stated it can be done, depending on the format. Commented Tracy can do that.
7:30:11 PM Gulledge Stated he will talk to Tracy regarding the issue. Asked for other items on page 1.
7:30:33 PM Callahan Commented on the vote next Wednesday accepting or rejecting the insurance contract; asked when it will start.
7:30:40 PM Gulledge Answered he is planning on December 1st. Went to page 2.
7:30:52 PM Callahan Reiterated his comments from the last meeting that the Communication Consolidation and Feasibility Study should be removed.
7:31:07 PM Gulledge Concurred, and apologized for forgetting to remove it.
7:31:13 PM Schmidt Commented they should also remove the skateboard park. Garcia disagreed.
7:31:30 PM Bell Stated they should add the water and electric for Pavilion #3.
7:31:34 PM Gulledge Answered he is not going to add it, as it is included in the minutes.
7:31:41 PM Bell Asked that they please add that to the To Do List.
7:31:46 PM Gulledge Argued he is not in favor of adding "every little thing" to the list.
7:31:51 PM Bell Commented it either goes to the agenda for vote or goes to the To-Do list, or it disappears.
7:31:57 PM Gulledge Answered it is going for vote; it is in the minutes and Presson will bring it to them on the 29th. Stated if Bell wants it added, he will do so. Bell answered yes.
7:32:05 PM Callahan Asked about hiring a full time park employee.
7:32:09 PM Bell Stated they have been asked to put the item on hold. Callahan commented it should be taken off the list. Bell answered no.
7:32:22 PM Callahan Commented they need a legal opinion as to whether that is legal.
7:32:26 PM Wigginton Answered anyone hired is an employee of the Village, not of a committee.
7:32:31 PM Bell Commented the employee will be hired full time to work only in parks.
7:32:38 PM Schmidt Asked if the Birch Lane issue has been rectified.
7:32:45 PM Gulledge Answered no; they are still trying to get an easement from a property owner. Stated they have done some of the work; however it is not completed. Asked for other comments on page 2. There were none. Went to page 3. There were no comments. Went to Trustees comments.
7:33:15 PM Schmidt Commented he put some figures together for Board members' review regarding what the Board has paid fire fighters for their calls in the last couple of years, looking at dollars per point, a comparison of what was appropriated versus what was budgeted for 2006, number of anticipated calls, and what action the Board might want to take regarding raises. Stated the item will be taken up at Caucus on the 29th. He asked the Board to see him for handouts after the meeting.
7:34:08 PM Kostyshock Commented last month the Village Fire Department hosted the Madison County Firemen's Dinner, and did a good job.
7:34:35 PM Gulledge Commented regarding the bids on engine replacement included in the packets. Stated the truck was needed, so he authorized the expense as an emergency. Stated they purchased two (2) 1998 Ford Trucks; one for water and one for streets. Stated the street truck went out about a year ago; the water truck did the same recently. Explained Presson obtained three bids, and Mayor authorized it as an emergency. Commented they will see the item come through on the bills.
7:35:44 PM Callahan Asked if it was the same two cylinders again.
7:35:46 PM Gulledge Answered he does not know.
7:35:52 PM Schmidt Asked if the fault was maintenance on our end.
7:35:54 PM Gulledge Answered no. Commented he can't explain this, as it is not even the same two (2) individuals that drive it. Commented it may be something wrong with that year of truck; however it is too old for warranty.
7:36:15 PM Kostyshock Commented, other than the engine, it is a good truck.
7:36:21 PM Gulledge Agreed, which is why they fixed it.
7:36:24 PM Limberg Asked if there was a recall. He was told no.
7:36:29 PM Gulledge Commented the Village does a really good job on maintenance of the vehicles. Commented his opinion it is something with the truck. Next commented on the information included in the packets from Madison County Planning and Development regarding free computer recycling collection. Asked Bell to review the information and determine whether any of the old equipment in the basement can be purged. Stated if they have anything they will need a resolution declaring the items surplus property. With no other business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:38:29 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville