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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date3/14/2007 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:52:28 PM    
6:30:09 PM Gulledge Called to the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, March 14, 2007 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia; Bell arrived late. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Fenton, Attorney Wigginton, Public Works Director Presson, six (6) citizens and two (2) reporters.
6:30:55 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the February 28th meeting minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Kostyshock and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - abstain; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:36 PM Bell Arrived and was seated.
6:31:41 PM Gulledge Went to first agenda item, Edwardsville YMCA Revenue Bonds. Explained this is a request for Maryville to be the issuer of revenue bonds, series 2007. Stated this is on their old 1997 YMCA bonds for $600,000. Stated they have asked the Village if they will serve as issuer on them. Stated he sent a memo to each Trustee stating if there were any problems to contact him. There were no comments, so the item was placed on the agenda. Commented attorney has been in contact with Mary Kane. Asked if there were any questions.
6:32:46 PM Garcia Clarified that this is the same as was done before. Gulledge responded yes.
6:32:48 PM Callahan Commented it is not, as Mary Kane is involved in this one. Asked if Stifel is underwriting the issue.
6:33:05 PM Wigginton Commented he believes so, and looked through the paperwork. Stated the bonds are going to be pre-sold to the Bank of Edwardsville. Explained they issued $800,000 bonds in 1997 and have paid them down to $595,000, which is what this issue is for. Stated they are basically refinancing them for a lower interest rate. Stated they have asked the Village to be the issuer, not the general obligation. Stated it would be just like the other bond done as the issuer for the YMCA.
6:34:10 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda to pass the resolution.
6:34:27 PM Gulledge Invited Presson to discuss the next item, three Public Works Employee Hiring's. Commented they are unable to give individual names as yet.
6:34:35 PM Presson Stated they have finalized the interview process. Stated they have chosen three (3) candidates who have all passed their physicals, drug testing, etc. Commented he is asking for approval of hiring three employees.
6:35:02 PM Schmidt Asked when they are done with these three, where are they number-wise compared to eight (8) months ago.
6:35:12 PM Presson Answered they will be up by two (2). Reminded the Board he lost an employee as of two weeks ago and has an employee out for an undetermined amount of time.
6:35:31 PM Schmidt Asked if he anticipates this employee will return.
6:35:34 PM Presson Answered he is unsure, but hopes so.
6:35:44 PM Gulledge Commented on the budget: Presson had planned to hire one in April anyway, and another at the first part of next year. Commented they are simply moving the second hire up by two to three months. Commented he, Presson, Garcia and Kostyshock went into the interviews looking for two but if they found three, they would consider it and work with the budget. Commented they actually had five good interviews, and the group was impressed with the three chosen.
6:37:05 PM Schmidt Clarified Garcia has been in on the interviews. He was told yes, as well as Kostyshock. Asked how close they are to requiring an amendment to the Public Works budget for salaries.
6:37:15 PM Presson Answered he reviewed the budget with Jolene Henry and they did not foresee any problems meeting this year's salary budget.
6:37:33 PM Schmidt Clarified even factoring in the storms.
6:37:36 PM Presson Commented the only thing he can say is he spoke with FEMA and they will be in again next week. Commented even with the storms, the budget is okay.
6:37:52 PM Schmidt Asked if he is banking this decision on what the proceeds will be from FEMA. Presson answered not at all.
6:37:59 PM Gulledge Commented he told Presson they could not, as they were unsure as to how much money they will receive. Commented they are reasonably sure they will get some money back.
6:38:37 PM Kostyshock Commented two additional employees will enable them to catch up work. Stated with additional people they will be able to do more of the smaller jobs instead of subcontracting them out, which will save money.
6:38:57 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda.
6:39:14 PM Gulledge Went to next item, Police Station Power Upgrades. Stated they went out for bid and had six or seven people attend the post award meeting, but only received one bid back. Stated the bid is from R Cann Electric for $61,960, which is under the engineer's estimate of $75,000. Asked if there are any questions.
6:40:08 PM Bell Asked if this bid is for everything in the spec and does not include any back-up generator repairs.
6:40:21 PM Gulledge Responded it is strictly for the electrical work inside the building. Commented the decision is up to the Board whether to add the item to the agenda to award it next week. Commented they got good recommendations from the hospital, for whom this company has done a lot of work.
6:40:43 PM Limberg Asked who will oversee the change orders.
6:40:48 PM Gulledge Stated it would be Presson. Asked for other questions. There were none. All were in favor of adding the item to the agenda.
6:41:28 PM Gulledge Asked Presson to discuss Pay Request #2 to D&K Backhoe.
6:41:33 PM Presson Stated this is for the Copper Creek Lift Station Improvement and Force Main Gravity Sanitary Sewer. Stated the project will soon come to a close. Stated most of the pipe is installed and have had very few complaints. Stated there have been a couple of complaints on Parkview, which are being dealt with. Stated the pay request is for $93,676.68, minus the 10% retainage.
6:42:11 PM Gulledge Asked for questions.
6:42:14 PM Bell Clarified the total contact award is approximately $343,000.
6:42:23 PM Gulledge Reminded the Board this is for contracts A and C; B, which is the lift station portion, went to another contractor.
6:42:38 PM Bell Wondered how much they would owe after this payment.
6:42:40 PM Gulledge Stated approximately $124,000. Stated this work takes them through March 1st.
6:42:57 PM Presson Commented they are within approximately one week of finishing.
6:43:02 PM Gulledge Commented at the next Caucus they may see a final bill. Asked for other questions. There were none. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Asked if there are any other questions for Presson. Noted they are close to finishing the two pavilions.
6:43:36 PM Presson Clarified one is complete; the other will be complete by early next week as the rain today and tomorrow will keep them from finishing.
6:43:50 PM Bell Asked how much over-pour there is on the concrete. Presson answered approximately 2 1/2 feet.
6:43:59 PM Presson Recommends he view the project.
6:44:06 PM Gulledge Commented the colors of the pavilion are nice.
6:44:16 PM Presson Commented they make them pre-assembled, which would be his recommendation for next time.
6:44:25 PM Bell Commented before dismissing Presson, he has a Trustee Comment that concerns him. Mayor indicated he should address it now. Stated the online bill pay is now set up, and displayed it for the Board. Stated most communities call the link "Utility Payments", which links to the State's web page. Demonstrated that the page lists that water and sewer bill is the only one they can pay. Asked if they want the link to say "Utility Payments", or change it to "Water Payments".
6:45:40 PM Presson Indicated "Utility" is what is being used, and his recommendation is to leave it this way.
6:45:49 PM Bell Explained there is a State convenience fee charge.
6:46:08 PM Presson Explained it varies depending on the amount of the bill.
6:46:15 PM Bell Thanked Presson, Water Clerk and Fenton for taking care of this issue.
6:46:36 PM Presson Commented they have had a few payments made already.
6:46:41 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions for Presson.
6:46:46 PM Kostyshock Commented regarding parks: They have set four (4) new benches on concrete pads.
6:46:53 PM Presson Responded that is correct; they went with last year's plan. Stated the recommendation was between rubber mulch, concrete, and the current mulch. Explained for cost and maintenance purposes, they poured concrete around the benches. Commented some also have memorials placed in them.
6:47:25 PM Bell Asked about the one by pavilion three, as he has a special interest in it.
6:47:29 PM Presson Stated eventually all will be done, as the budget allows.
6:47:35 PM Schmidt Asked the status of the Maryknoll micro surfacing, as he noticed it does not got all the way across.
6:47:47 PM Presson Responded the micro surfacing has not yet been done. Stated it should start within the next month. Explained they shut the projects down due to weather last year.
6:48:01 PM Gulledge Commented they tried to get it in before shut down, but did not.
6:48:08 PM Schmidt Asked if it should be started by April.
6:48:11 PM Presson Answered that is the plan.
6:48:14 PM Gulledge Thanked Presson for his input. Went to next item, Calendar Updates. Commented on the Park meeting; the museum meeting was not added, as Bell did not know the time or place; Mayor stated it is tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall; there is no Planning Commission meeting on the 26th; the Fire Department Chicken and Beer dance is the 24th at 8:00 p.m. Went to April.
6:49:20 PM Schmidt Commented for the benefit of the press, the next rabies clinic is scheduled for May 5th at the Seniors Building from 9:00 a.m. to noon.
6:49:51 PM Gulledge Commented on the Community Involvement Board meeting; there is no Economic Development Committee meeting; Schmidt commented the next meeting will be the second Monday in May; the election is the 17th of April. Commented signs can go up officially Saturday and can be up for 30 days, after which candidates have one week to take them down. Commented there are a few signs already posted outside Village limits; Jones is taking care of any inside Village limits.
6:51:16 PM Schmidt Commented the last day to register to Vote is March 20th.
6:51:30 PM Gulledge Commented registrars are on duty at the Village Hall Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
6:51:42 PM Gulledge Went to To Do List, first page. There were no comments. Went to second page. There were no comments. Went to page three. There were no comments. Went to public input.
6:52:37 PM Mike Drake 2501 Gecko. Stated he is here to further discuss issues from the previous Caucus meetings. Stated he has asked the installer of his irrigation system to address the Board with some alternative ideas. Asked if the Board would be willing to listen.
6:53:01 PM Gulledge Responded they are always glad for comments, provided they are not too lengthy.
6:53:16 PM Ty Vanriswig 1363 Biscay Drive, Edwardsville. Stated he is the owner of Hawkeye Irrigation, seller of in ground lawn sprinklers. Stated Drake brought up the issue that the Village is discussing the idea of offering deduct meters in yards. Commented Drake was in search of cheaper solutions. Showed an example of a deduct meter in addition to one in a yard. Stated it can be installed in the basement within the copper line of the sprinkler, or on the leg of the backflow preventer which must be outside and above grade. Explained a person could read this meter on the outside of house if installed on the backflow leg. Stated there is another option: He understands municipalities are getting into reading meters electronically. Commented the face of the proposed meter can come off to facilitate bringing it to the Department for reading. Commented other areas are using them, having the homeowners bring them in once or twice a year to be read and a credit is given at that time. Stated this meter is available at such places as Collinsville Municipal Supply, and after all fittings, etc. are purchased, the total will be less than $100. Commented on other areas where the Water Department installs their meter and will stub-out a length of copper on the back to facilitate his installation of this meter.
6:57:08 PM Bell Clarified with Presson that the current proposal calls for the second meter being radio read. Presson answered yes.
6:57:25 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions from the Board. Commented his appreciation to Ty for his address. Asked for other public input.
6:57:59 PM Chuck Tenet 2508 Liberty Drive, Maryville. Asked Ty whether this meter can be radio read.
6:58:24 PM Presson Commented they use nothing less than 1", for which prices are roughly over $200 each, whether it is retro fit or not.
6:58:35 PM Vanriswig Commented he does not know if it can be set up for radio read, and it would likely get more costly. Commented that is the reason he brought up the issue of the meter being removable to be brought to the department for reading.
6:59:33 PM Chuck Asked if this sounds like a workable solution.
6:59:38 PM Gulledge Commented he has problems with it. Stated he would be against any meter inside any building. Commented he is also against the idea of the homeowner bringing in the meter, as there are many that would not do so. Stated he will not get into a big discussion on the issue; he will listen to comments, but ultimately the Trustees will have to vote. Stated he will allow one more comment and then the meeting will move on.
7:00:55 PM Tennet Asked if they came up with a way of using a radio read meter, would the Board consider it.
7:01:07 PM Gulledge Stated it will have to be a radio read or the Village will not do it. Explained the Village has invested thousands of dollars into this system to eliminate the need for meter-reader employees, as eventually this system will allow reading from the office.
7:01:54 PM Tennet Requested the Board give them time to come up with a radio read meter plan.
7:02:07 PM Presson Commented, as they are on the subject, they must address the fact the meters need to be changed out at a minimum every five (5) years; maintenance is an issue as to who is responsible for them; and who will be responsible for making sure the face is affixed properly to the meter once it has been removed. Commented if it is not installed properly, the department will not get an accurate reading.
7:02:38 PM Gulledge Stated they understand what the residents are trying to accomplish and appreciate it; however there are things the Board must do to safeguard the Village. Explained they need to have a system that they can govern and is fair to the rest of the constituents. Commented they have to look at all of the issues.
7:03:08 PM Mike Drake 2501 Gecko, Maryville. Asked Vanriswig if he believes it is feasible and whether the technology is available to get a radio read from outside.
7:03:34 PM Vanriswig Responded he does not know for a fact. Gave an example of a town that puts meters in the basement of the house and have a wire that comes up on the side of the house. Stated he thinks if the Village does something similar he does not know if this can be attached or how much more costly it will be.
7:04:18 PM Presson Stated the Village went to 1-inch meters which currently are on bid to the Village for a little over $200 per meter at a bulk rate. Commented this is the meter and IRT included. Stated as a homeowner he could not estimate what one would cost as a single purchase. Commented further, in addition to getting a radio read meter installed on the sprinkler system the Village has to have the radio ID number programmed into their system every time. Stated there are a lot of different maintenance issues. Commented each radio read meter has a single locking mechanism to prevent removal of the IRT without cutting the tie. Explained the Village has looked at every option; his recommendation is the current proposal.
7:06:02 PM Drake Commented his appreciation for their thoughts.
7:06:13 PM Vanriswig 1363 Biscay Drive, Edwardsville. Pointed out he is just here for information purposes. Commented Maryville is one of his largest areas of business, which he appreciates. Stated he wants to make it clear he is not here to make waves. Mayor indicated they understand.
7:06:56 PM Chris Garcia 2405 Liberty Drive, Maryville. Commented his agreement with the idea that everyone be provided the most efficient and cost effective manner in which to prevent the water not going through the sewer from being charged for sewer. Commented Glen Carbon takes an average of winter months' use of water and factors it out from the sewer bill in the summer months. Commented his opinion that is the most effective idea.
7:07:34 PM Gulledge Stated they have looked at a number of other areas; and their opinion is that the fairest procedure is to charge for a true reading from a meter. Commented they have looked as far away as San Diego, California. Stated their opinion this is the most equitable solution not only for the people requesting second meters, but for people that aren't. Stated to answer his question, they have looked at Glen Carbon's procedure and are not fond of it.
7:08:50 PM Garcia Commented he understands the need for fairness; however he does not see how anyone not using water for irrigation is suffering.
7:08:58 PM Gulledge Answered if they estimate it, it is not fair to other constituents.
7:09:22 PM Presson Stated the problem with the theory is because the most expensive water is peak demand water, as it costs the most to make. Explained peak demand water is during the summer months where the average citizen is using water for their yard, car, etc. Stated that costs the Village quite a bit more to make than in the winter months. Explained they almost double the supply.
7:09:59 PM Garcia Stated he understands; however the question is not how much water is being used, but the sewer charge on water not using sewers. Stated his concern is the fact the sewer charge is based on a percentage of cost of the water charge.
7:10:15 PM Gulledge Explained the proposed system will eliminate that, as they are only paying for water that goes through the extra meter. Explained if they estimate as Glen Carbon does, they are using water at the peak time of the year, which costs almost twice as much to make.
7:10:54 PM Bell Commented it also does not take into account water that is not going into the sewer; however if you add 10 people to the household that average is not accurate.
7:11:18 PM Gulledge Reiterated he understands the residents' issues; however they have studied the problem and don't believe estimation is the right situation for the Village.
7:11:31 PM Garcia Commented with the meter that must be brought in for reading, he does not believe that is an extra cost to the Village as it is the citizen's responsibility to bring in the meter and no credit is given until that occurs.
7:12:26 PM Gulledge Did not understand the issue. It was explained the homeowner pays for the water up front and if they don't bring in the meter, they won't get the credit. After considerable discussion, the issue was understood.
7:14:48 PM Bell Commented the only problem is it does add labor for the Water Clerk to issue credits to a percentage of residents.
7:15:18 PM Callahan Asked if the purpose of the second meter is only for irrigation or to fill pools, wash cars, etc.
7:15:31 PM Gulledge Responded it started as irrigation; however it could feasibly be used as Callahan points suggest.
7:16:00 PM Garcia Commented the purpose of the second meter is to calculate how much water has been used that did not use the sewer system.
7:16:05 PM Callahan Stated his question was is this procedure's purpose only for irrigation, or for anything the resident wants.
7:16:19 PM Presson Stated as far as he understands it is for outside use encompassing anything outside including pools, etc.
7:16:37 PM Gulledge Commented he understands Garcia's issue; however there are ways to beat the system.
7:16:46 PM Garcia Stated maybe; however it is not like they are not paying for water. Stated the resident pays for the water used and deducts the amount of water used outside from the sewer bill, not the water.
7:17:22 PM Gulledge Stated his appreciation of Garcia's comments.
7:17:27 PM Kostyshock Commented they cannot deviate from the radio read meters. Stated there is a safety feature on the meter to check for excessive usage; when such excess is detected a Water employee alerts the homeowner.
7:18:02 PM Garcia Commented the system will still work. Explained the only meter that judges how much water was actually used is the Village's radio read meter; the second meter simply calculates the portion of the water used that did not go through the sewer system.
7:18:41 PM Bell Clarified this meter is in series with the other.
7:18:44 PM Kostyshock Stated the problem becomes if they get a multitude of residents using it.
7:18:53 PM Gulledge Stated they will take all of their comments under advisement. Thanked all for coming. Asked for other public input. There was none. Went to Trustee comments.
7:19:11 PM Schmidt Stated the Economic Development Committee did not have a quorum Monday night; however the Chairman brought in a map to facilitate the sub-division of the building districts. Stated the next meeting will be in May. Next, stated the next large item trash pickup is scheduled for the week of March 26th on residents' normal trash day. Stated residents should call Allied with any questions. Next, commented he did not receive his copy of the Gazette and wondered if any other Board members had the same issue. Bell indicated he did not receive one either. Next, asked Mayor what the next step is with AT&T.
7:20:55 PM Gulledge Responded he gave the attorney the documentation that afternoon, so he has not yet had a chance to look at it. Stated he will probably call the representative, who indicated he would come back to show the documents he was unable to send. Stated after review of these items, they will get into negotiations. Schmidt asked for a time frame. Mayor indicated he did not know, as he has not yet spoken with the representative. Stated before a meeting, he wants the attorney to have an opportunity to review the documentation. Commented hopefully in the next couple of weeks. Went to Bell's comments.
7:21:59 PM Bell Questioned whether Brussatti contacted the representative regarding the lights on the marquis signs.
7:22:09 PM Gulledge Answered yes; however he does not know where the project stands.
7:22:16 PM Bell Commented if this individual can't get the job done, they need to find someone else, as they have been out for five (5) weeks now. Callahan commented all bulbs need to be replaced at once. Mayor indicated that is the procedure, and commented they are correct in that they should look for someone else.
7:22:43 PM Callahan Asked the status of the flag pole repair.
7:22:49 PM Gulledge Responded parts have been ordered. Commented the big flag broke the halyards inside the pole.
7:23:05 PM Kostyshock Commented he attended the Library Board meeting the last evening. Gave January and February report as follows: 836 people visited; 888 books checked out; 241 phone calls; 9 scheduled events; 77 attendants. Commented on what an asset the library is.
7:23:45 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's comments. Commented to Schmidt that budget questionnaires need to be distributed to Department Heads and Trustees. Stated he would like to spend $100 for a deposit for a special census, which counts toward charges if the decision is made to go forward with the project. Commented the fee is non-refundable if they do not decide to go forward. Commented his opinion they are in a position where, based on taxes per person of approximately $125, they should strongly consider another special census. Commented they could potentially pick up another couple hundred thousand dollars in sales tax.
7:25:12 PM Callahan Clarified this would be the third since 2000.
7:25:14 PM Gulledge Responded that is correct. Commented his opinion that Maryville has grown considerably. Commented he believes what will happen is the recommendation will be not to do a full-blown census, but one based on areas of growth. Commented they have kept the figures and know where those areas are. Commented the cost would be cheaper by doing it that way. Commented his opinion a Village-wide census would not benefit them much. Explained they will have them estimate both and make a decision.
7:26:07 PM Callahan Asked if they will count the residents of Cambridge House.
7:26:14 PM Gulledge Responded yes.
7:26:26 PM Garcia Asked if it would benefit them to wait until the other subdivision is done.
7:26:34 PM Gulledge Commented they have to draw the line somewhere, as there is always building going on. Commented there are only another couple of years before a regular census is done. Commented he has been waiting because they are in a position to do an annexation that will pick up 70 to 80 more homes. Commented his belief they are in a position where they will see significant growth.
7:27:04 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:27:21 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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