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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date4/25/2007 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:04 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, April 25, 2007 to order and invited everyone to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Fenton, Attorney Wigginton, Public Works Director Presson, Public Service Officer Jones, Village Engineer Juneau, Time Matters Software Representative Mark Spengler, four (4) residents and three (3) reporters.
6:30:50 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the April 11th Caucus minutes. Asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:22 PM Gulledge Went to first agenda item, a presentation for Code Enforcement and Building and Zoning software by Mark Spengler. Invited Jones and Spengler to discuss.
6:32:01 PM Jones Explained in the process of researching updates for Code Enforcement and Building and Zoning Chief Schardan suggested speaking with a lady he worked with in the past at Granite City. This individual demonstrated the Time Matters software to him, Chief Schardan, Mayor and Fenton. Stated all were impressed. Explained it tracks Code Enforcement, Building and Zoning and Animal Control, can store photos, and tracks by property. Introduced Spengler for the presentation.
6:32:51 PM Spengler Explained the software is designed to manage contacts, jobs, etc. Stated he has adapted it for Granite City and Cahokia to track the ticketing system, property zoning, permits, etc. Showed a demonstration. Explained a record will represent each property in the Village, from which will be displayed all tickets and permits that have been issued. Explained it keeps a running history with all information about who issued it, what kind of charge it is, where it stands in the court system, whether fines have been paid. Explained reports are able to be run on all such items. Explained the system is completely modifiable as to adding fields for tracking. Stated he has submitted a proposal that includes a lot of customization, with time available for additional if needed.
6:34:40 PM Garcia Clarified this is a database.
6:34:42 PM Spengler Answered yes.
6:34:49 PM Schmidt Asked how it will be tied in to Village ordinances.
6:35:16 PM Jones Responded all the ordinance numbers will be entered into the system. Explained once clicked, the system creates all written documentation.
6:35:30 PM Schmidt Asked if the specific ordinance could be printed.
6:35:38 PM Spengler Responded it could be incorporated.
6:35:48 PM Jones Explained he was impressed with the letter feature.
6:36:14 PM Spengler Showed a sample violation letter.
6:36:28 PM Jones Explained he will still get the exact ordinance from American Legal if someone wants a copy of an entire ordinance.
6:36:39 PM Bell Asked if the proposal includes updating forms with ordinances.
6:36:49 PM Spengler Answered yes.
6:37:07 PM Jones Responded the entire ordinance book will not be in there; however property maintenance, animal control and health and sanitation are the three sections that will be included.
6:37:22 PM Spengler Stated his proposal includes training of staff regarding customization.
6:37:54 PM Jones Explained the proposal is a not to exceed amount. Spengler will train staff how to create the forms, which Fenton has indicated she is willing to learn.
6:38:16 PM Garcia Asked if the addresses must be input manually.
6:38:23 PM Spengler Stated they are working on the possibility that property listings can be imported into the database. Explained manual input would be on an as-needed basis.
6:38:47 PM Jones Explained the intention to train the Water Clerk to add in the properties of new water services as well.
6:38:56 PM Spengler Explained entering property is an easy process of about 15 seconds.
6:39:18 PM Juneau Asked if it can be tied into the GIS system, for example tracking active building permits.
6:39:25 PM Spengler Answered yes.
6:39:27 PM Bell Explained a topic of discussion at the meeting was possibly using GIS address database to load this software. Stated he does not want to maintain two separate address databases, but as things are added to GIS they can update Time Matters at the same time.
6:39:58 PM Juneau Stated Flaugher is updating his building permits and statuses on GIS.
6:40:13 PM Callahan Asked how many entry points there will be.
6:40:21 PM Jones Stated the proposal is for five users, meaning they can load the system on any computers they want; however only five users will be allowed at a time. Stated the main three users will be him, Flaugher and Fenton, so they have two extra for the Water Clerk and anyone else that has a need. Stated it will be password protected so only certain users will have editing capabilities.
6:40:49 PM Callahan Asked if it will be used for criminal activity.
6:40:54 PM Jones Answered no.
6:41:00 PM Schmidt Asked Jones what part he feels least comfortable about.
6:41:07 PM Jones Answered he does not feel uncomfortable at all and is very enthusiastic about the software.
6:41:28 PM Spengler Explained digital photos can be loaded directly into the system.
6:41:37 PM Jones Explained the system attaches the photos to the property. Commented after this discussion, he has also submitted a proposal for a scanner for use in uploading all documentation such as certified mail receipts. Commented it will almost eliminate all paper work.
6:41:56 PM Schmidt Commented on a discussion in the past about dates on digital photos. Asked if they will be able to know when a certain picture is taken.
6:42:09 PM Jones Explained any time a digital photo is pulled up it shows the date taken.
6:42:15 PM Schmidt Asked whether it will be when it is taken or when it is uploaded to the program.
6:42:18 PM Jones Explained the photo itself always has the date imprint.
6:42:37 PM Schmidt Asked attorney what his feeling is.
6:42:59 PM Wigginton Stated they would prefer dated photos.
6:43:06 PM Gulledge Explained they date photos now.
6:43:20 PM Bell Commented his opinion it is not legally binding, as cameras can be set to any date.
6:43:25 PM Wigginton Explained it helps in terms of processing a claim and rebutting arguments.
6:43:46 PM Callahan Asked whether Flaugher was in favor of the system.
6:43:50 PM Jones Answered yes. Commented he was very impressed. Explained it will track all contractors and attach them to each property on which they are building.
6:44:15 PM Callahan Asked whether a system is in place now to keep track of his inspection process.
6:44:19 PM Jones Answered no. Explained currently they both use separate Excel spreadsheets which makes look-up difficult.
6:44:32 PM Spengler Showed the standard contact form included in the proposal. Explained it is set up to track such things as contractors, whether they are licensed, etc.
6:45:04 PM Jones Explained in the future if the Village goes to occupancy permits for renters and old construction, this system will be accessible by police officers for use in finding out who owns a home, who the tenant is, etc. Explained the scanner and software cost will be split by the Building and Zoning and Code Enforcement Departments in terms of budgeting.
6:46:10 PM Schmidt Asked if Flaugher went to the Granite demonstration.
6:46:14 PM Jones Answered no.
6:46:15 PM Gulledge Explained he went in Flaugher's place as he was sick that day.
6:46:30 PM Bell Explained the plan is to keep the database on the GIS server so it will be accessible by the Police Department as well as the Village Hall staff.
6:46:43 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions.
6:46:56 PM Bell Clarified on the proposal regarding the price of additional forms: Spengler will do as much as is needed for the staff to be able to do them on their own. Clarified this is a not to exceed bid, so it might be a little less. Clarified they want to make sure they get the ordinance numbers in for that price.
6:47:30 PM Spengler Explained he will train the staff.
6:47:49 PM Gulledge Commented if he reads the proposal correctly, it does not state he will not exceed the amount; he is saying if everything goes as planned it will be that amount.
6:48:01 PM Spengler Responded yes, as he can't take responsibility for unforeseen circumstances.
6:48:16 PM Bell Explained for example on the form letters; if the staff is comfortable after one or two, Spengler will not charge for five letters. Stated it is the same with report customizations. Clarified the two days' instruction will be performed in four or five four-hour sessions.
6:49:02 PM Spengler Answered that is correct. Explained the proposal lists it this way to give an idea of the time he thinks it will take. Explained it is better to do this kind of training in two or four hour pieces.
6:49:18 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. All agreed to place the item on the agenda. Bell confirmed it is in the budget.
6:49:43 PM Jones Explained in waiting for numbers for his computer proposal, he was unable to get the item on the agenda; however he was able to include the information in the Trustee packets. Explained the requested computer upgrades go hand-in-hand with the software. Stated he currently uses an outdated desk top. His request is to switch to a lap top to facilitate staying out in the field. Explained the proposal is from Baily Networks, who was found through Spengler, out of Lee Summit, Missouri. Explained the reason he went with Gateway is his impression with the Fire Department laptops. Explained this is a Gateway convertible lap top, mobile printer for the vehicle, a case for the computer, computer and printer mounts, and a Scan Snap which will be used in the office to load documents in Time Matters. Explained the amount is not to exceed $3,800 because Gateway can't guarantee prices due to day-to-day fluctuation. Stated Bell has reviewed and feels comfortable with the proposal. Explained he spoke with Linda from Computron, who is comfortable doing work on the system. Explained there is a five-year parts and labor plan. Explained Computron will do all software uploads.
6:52:47 PM Bell Asked Jones to explain a convertible laptop.
6:52:52 PM Jones Explained it is a touch screen and you can write on it like paper. Explained the convertible screen flips to fold on top of itself to facilitate written notes. Explained the system has a magnesium frame and is heavy duty. Explained the Fire Department is working with them at this time, and highly recommend them.
6:53:30 PM Bell Explained this also includes the mounting hardware in the truck and the scanner for the office.
6:53:43 PM Jones Explained the cost of the scanner is split with Building and Zoning, similar to the software.
6:53:52 PM Gulledge Asked for questions. There were none. Asked the Trustees opinion regarding adding the item to the agenda.
6:54:13 PM Garcia Asked if this is a docking station.
6:54:16 PM Bell Responded no. Explained there is mounting hardware in the vehicle. Stated it includes a docking station for his desk in the office where he will connect to the server for updates.
6:54:46 PM Jones Stated they had a question regarding internet access. Explained the Sprint Nextel card is free, with a payment plan of $59.99 per month. Stated Bell was still skeptical as to whether they will need this feature.
6:55:13 PM Bell Stated he is not so sure they need this capability.
6:55:18 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions.
6:55:32 PM Bell Explained the $489 plus the Time Matters software will be split between Code Enforcement and Building and Zoning, and the rest of the $3,800 will be Code Enforcement only.
6:55:49 PM Schmidt Commented they are assuming next years' budget will be approved.
6:56:13 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Went to next agenda item and asked Juneau to discuss.
6:56:56 PM Juneau Explained since questions came up about the width of the road in Old Town and general progress of the project, he is here to go over it again and answer any questions. Used the projection to show slides: The first was one shown at the previous discussion of a street in Granite City of the same width at 24 foot wide pavement with curb and gutters, which is 26 foot wide face to face of curb. Explained the slide shows cars parked on either side of the road, with enough room for one car to pass through. Explained they discussed the width of the street in some detail at the prior meeting. Stated they discussed in some cases parking would have to be restricted if it became a problem. Next, showed some slides of what Old Town looked like at the time of the prior discussion. Commented a lot of the previous sidewalks were constructed on private property. Explained the only right of way they had was 40 foot for construction. Pointed out an example on the slides. Next, showed before and after slides of certain sections before construction and after construction was finished.
7:01:36 PM Gulledge Stopped Juneau at one slide showing a portion of road where the majority was finished except for one section. Explained what happened was the hopper was loaded and the machine broke down.
7:02:02 PM Juneau Explained they are also having sub-base problems where there are seams of clay in certain areas where the ground is fairly mushy, so they will have to pull some of the existing soil out and put in new sub-base to firm up certain areas. Explained it affected a portion of Third as well as the intersection of Second and Donk. Next, showed a slide of drawings showing proposed roadways compared to the survey information of all oil and chip street areas including turn outs where parking was taking place. Pointed out the proposed roadways pretty much overlap existing surfaces. Asked for any questions. Stated he is aware there was some discussion regarding going back to mountable curbs; however he believes that discussion was held in detail last time and the Board elected the barrier curbs for several reasons.
7:06:58 PM Callahan Explained he asked the Mayor to bring him in for this discussion. Stated he has talked to a total of six people: Two on the north side, four on the south. Stated they asked him to convey their concern regarding not being able to get through. Stated he does not remember ever being told they would have to restrict parking on the streets. Stated he remembers the discussion of Granite; however it did not dawn on him that the streets would be so narrow as to disallow passage of two cars. Commented now that they know, his question is can they do something on the north side of town to alleviate making the same mistake. Stated one of the ideas was if they eliminate the six inch curb, at least people could park up on the curb and they would get another foot on each side. Commented since they have done a gutter curb in spots on the south side of town, why can it not be done on the north side.
7:08:38 PM Juneau Explained the curb he is talking about lowering is six inches wide, which doesn't give any more room. Explained West Main is a thirty foot wide face to face curb. Explained they are only four feet narrower than West Main. Stated he remembers commenting if cars are parked on either side of the road, one car would have to wait until another goes by.
7:09:22 PM Callahan Stated he does not remember the comment on restricting parking. Stated his question is why can't they lower the curbs on the north side.
7:09:42 PM Juneau Stated the question came up at the prior discussion regarding concern for driving on the sidewalks. Explained it was also a safety concern. Stated the question was asked of him, if this were an IDOT project, would they approve of a mountable curb, to which he responded no. Stated if this was funded by IDOT there would be no choice; it would have to be a barrier. Stated this project is not being funded by IDOT, so that is why the options were given.
7:10:31 PM Callahan Stated he remembers the meeting. Stated he voted for it. Stated he remembers Juneau told them his recommendation was the six inch due to safety. Stated his question is can they salvage the north side by lowering the curbs.
7:11:02 PM Bell Stated in that instance, they will be parking on the sidewalk.
7:11:06 PM Juneau Stated the reason he brought up the consideration was because they were fighting elevations through the project. Stated it was going to be easier from a design standpoint to lower the curb because then they could get yards to blend in easier. Stated the six inch curb makes a difference in drainage. Stated it was the decision of the Board at that time to make it fit with the barrier curbs.
7:12:02 PM Callahan Asked what is Juneau's opinion of lowering the curbs to get more parking.
7:12:14 PM Juneau Stated his personal opinion is that barrier curbs are more attractive and if they don't put them in, people will park on sidewalks which will make it hard for pedestrians to use them.
7:12:52 PM Bell Stated he remembers the safety and damage issues. Commented in his subdivision, only one car can pass if cars are parked on both sides. Commented his opinion the issue is not limited to Old Town but is standard throughout the Village.
7:13:23 PM Juneau Answered the roads in that subdivision are thirty foot back to back curb. Explained there is a two-foot v curb on each side, so in subtracting that curb the actual travel surface is 26 feet.
7:13:45 PM Bell Commented it is wide enough for a fire truck to get through unless there is another car coming the other direction.
7:14:08 PM Gulledge Commented he looked up the minutes of the prior meeting and Juneau mentioned they may be in a position where they may have to restrict parking. Stated he made the comment they would address the issue if it ever becomes a problem. Wanted to make sure everybody understands that if cars are parked directly across the street from each other, two cars cannot pass at the same time. Commented that street is four feet wider. Stated his point is even if they made it four feet wider, they will not be able to pass two cars with cars parked on both sides. Next, commented there is an issue with mail boxes, as if there are no barrier curbs posts are likely to be knocked down. Stated at the prior meeting Juneau brought four examples of curbing: 6-inch, 4-inch, 2-inch and v curb. Explained they had a long conversation in which Juneau went through each curb and the pros and cons of each. Stated Wigginton tried to pin Juneau on a recommendation, and Juneau listed what is legal and what is not. Stated Kostyshock wanted 2-inch; Callahan asked Presson's opinion, who responded 2-inch. Stated the rest of the Board voted for a 6-inch, including the Mayor. Stated the reasons were damage to the new sidewalks, and safety of pedestrians. Stated he understands residents' concerns. Stated he has also talked to some that had concerns at the start; however now that they have cut down the hill in the street they feel better about it.
7:17:32 PM Juneau Stated in reviewing the slides of Old Town, there were not many people parking on the streets. Commented there are some that park there all the time, but not that many are doing street parking.
7:17:51 PM Gulledge Commented his opinion the biggest area for street parking is from East Main south to Third Street.
7:18:16 PM Presson Stated they have added several driveways to that section.
7:18:22 PM Gulledge Commented Kostyshock, Presson and the engineers have been out advising residents not to eliminate the driveway aprons. Commented his opinion it will be a good project. Reminded all of the plan for ornamental street signs, which will really make the area look nice.
7:19:06 PM Juneau Commented one advantage to narrower streets is that it keeps traffic moving slower; the wider the street, the faster the cars go.
7:19:25 PM Wigginton Commented his opinion the project is not a mistake. Stated the paramount issue discussed at the prior meeting was the safety of the public. Commented while protecting sidewalks or mailboxes from damage may be important to the Trustees, the only thing protecting pedestrians on that sidewalk is that barrier curb, because in that area of town the sidewalks are right next to the roads. Stated his opinion the issue is important. Commented he would be interested in knowing who the anonymous citizens are that are complaining, as his opinion is they should be at the meeting so their specific concerns can be addressed. Commented the fact that they choose to remain anonymous makes it impossible to know what it is important to them; however he knows that protecting those using the sidewalks is important to all of the residents.
7:20:39 PM Callahan Stated the people complaining live on the streets and don't sit and make pious speeches about how nice it looks.
7:20:47 PM Wigginton Countered he is not making a pious speech; he is stating if they have a specific complaint it would be nice to be allowed to address it.
7:20:54 PM Callahan Stated they have given him the complaints and he has brought them to the Board. Stated his opinion the Board does not need to know the names of the people; however most of the Board members know who they are. Stated he was not aware the streets were that narrow. Asked why the corner address was made v-curb.
7:21:39 PM Juneau Explained that house sits very low. Stated it was poured with barrier curb. Stated after looking at it and seeing how drainage was going to take place and the fact it made the house look a lot lower, they had several discussions and decided because it was a long driveway connecting two anyway, that section could be lowered in order to facilitate that house not looking like it was in a hole.
7:22:16 PM Callahan Clarified it was for aesthetic purposes.
7:22:24 PM Juneau Concurred.
7:22:28 PM Gulledge Asked if they are talking about in front of Marvin Brussatti's house.
7:22:31 PM Juneau Answered yes.
7:22:46 PM Presson Stated aesthetics is not a correct statement. Stated v-curb was put in because that six inch curb made that house impossible to drain. Stated the water would have gone toward the house. Stated installing the v-curb lowered the drain far enough that they could bring the drainage away from the house to the road where it is supposed to be.
7:23:26 PM Callahan Stated it also gives another foot of parking on that side. Stated maybe that was not the purposes; but the request was made of him by two residents on the north side of town to bring this to the Board.
7:23:42 PM Gulledge Clarified at first it was a barrier curb but had to be torn out because of an engineering problem with drainage.
7:24:01 PM Garcia Clarified they made the streets narrow by not putting sidewalks back where they were originally. Asked why they did not do so.
7:24:10 PM Juneau Answered because the sidewalks were on private property, and if they were going to re-install them the Village was required to put them within the right-of-way they had available.
7:24:23 PM Callahan Clarified if they had not been torn out in the first place, they could have left them there and would have ended up with a wider road.
7:24:27 PM Juneau Answered they would not have fit the drainage. They had to tear them out in order for the project to drain.
7:24:33 PM Callahan Asked whether they had permission to tear them out.
7:24:36 PM Juneau Reiterated they had to be torn out in order for the yards to drain to the new street. Stated that is why he brought the picture of Granite City in order to have the discussion ahead of the job regarding the traffic issues on a narrow street.
7:25:21 PM Gulledge Stated it is done on most of the old streets in town. Cited the example of the Zupan area. Stated in this area there is no parking; it is not possible to even have one car parked on the street and pass two cars.
7:25:50 PM Kostyshock Commented during construction any homeowner that wanted a driveway apron was accommodated. Stated they have poured many aprons which will get a lot of cars off the street. Stated his opinion they will be able to allow parking on both sides.
7:26:15 PM Limberg Commented he lived at 209 South Lange for twenty years, and they drove two vehicles. Stated most of the time there was no parking available in front. Stated they had a back entrance garage where both cars could be parked. Stated the only time people parked on the street was when they had visitors. Stated most of the residents in that area have alley access, and most people park in the back of their houses.
7:26:55 PM Gulledge Commented some do, but a lot don't.
7:27:03 PM Limberg Commented some do not have that ability on the northern part of Lange and Donk.
7:27:12 PM Juneau Commented there are two sides to every story. Stated in some places people don't like wide streets for the obvious reasons of faster traffic and the effect of a big expanse of pavement in front of their houses.
7:27:29 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. Invited a comment from the gallery.
7:27:47 PM Cindy Holdener 205 Third Street. Stated she lives in the area being discussed. Stated she would not want anything but barrier curbs due to the safety issues. Explained the residents complaining need to come to meetings to express their concerns.
7:28:26 PM Callahan Stated he can't make people come to the meetings.
7:28:30 PM Holdener Commented she understands, however he could suggest it.
7:28:32 PM Callahan Stated they were reluctant to come, as they knew the kind of reception they would get. Stated he is upset that they are commenting on "secretive" complainers, as everyone on the Board knows who the people are. Explained they don't want to come to the meetings as they don't want to waste their time in many cases; but there is also the thought that as they elected Callahan he should be the one to voice their concerns on their behalf.
7:29:08 PM Holdener Explained in her opinion it is not a waste of time because this concerns them as taxpayers. Explained she has not always agreed with the city regarding issues; however the representatives always listen, which she appreciates. Reiterated she agrees with the barrier curb for safety.
7:30:16 PM Gulledge Commented his appreciation of her comments. Stated with no other questions regarding Old Town, moved to the ordinance regarding non-charge for non-sewer use of water. Stated his appreciation that a couple of the residents have helped with this issue. Stated they drafted an ordinance. Commented there were two changes he would like to make: On Section 5, regarding the meter rental fee of $25, he would like to eliminate the notation of "payable the fifth day of the month", as that is when bills are mailed. Next, stated he would like to note the amount is not pro-ratable. Stated they will take comments tonight. Stated he will give a copy to Mike Drake so he can share it with Chuck Tennent. Asked for any questions or comments.
7:32:19 PM Schmidt Asked Juneau to go over the ordinance, as they have had some discussions on the issue; however this is the first time they have seen it in ordinance form.
7:32:37 PM Juneau Commented this has been discussed several times. Stated the proposal is to have a deduct meter to allow residents to rent a deduct meter from the Village. Explained residents will make a deposit on the meter, which will be the same as is used for regular service which is radio readable. Explained at the time of deposit, the resident registers for the program. Explained they then pick up their meter and have a licensed plumber install it with their RPZ. Explained in order to use outside water, they have to protect the city's water system with backflow prevention check valves. Explained after installation, they will call the Village for an inspection, at which time the Village will load the meter into the system. Stated the sewer charge will be deducted from the amount of water read from the deduct meter.
7:35:39 PM Gulledge Clarified the calculation is the water and sewer going into the house less the deduction of water that reflects the non-use of sewer at that location.
7:35:53 PM Juneau Explained they think it will satisfy the needs of the residents.
7:36:00 PM Bell Clarified the rental fee is $25 per month.
7:36:09 PM Gulledge Explained one of the reasons it is $25 per month is that is the premium time at which they make water and costs the most in the summer months.
7:36:19 PM Bell Wondered how much they will save a month, i.e. is it worth it.
7:36:30 PM Gulledge Responded it will save a lot.
7:36:34 PM Drake Commented he paid $657 for three weeks of use.
7:36:44 PM Juneau Explained if a resident only wants to use it for five months, they can return the meter and re-register in spring.
7:37:10 PM Gulledge Explained they have to be able to send the meter reader to "wake up" the meter.
7:37:19 PM Bell Asked whether they are suggesting installing it each year.
7:37:22 PM Juneau Explained the resident holds the meter, and can decide whether to bring it back in.
7:37:29 PM Garcia Asked whether every time they come back in they pay a new deposit.
7:37:45 PM Gulledge Explained the deposit is reimbursed if the meter is in working order.
7:37:56 PM Juneau Explained this is a draft and needs to be reviewed.
7:38:02 PM Schmidt Asked if the deduct meter goes back to zero after reading each month.
7:38:11 PM Juneau Responded no, it keeps a total.
7:38:20 PM Schmidt Explained his question is whether there is the potential of crediting too much.
7:38:59 PM Presson Explained every time the meter is read, the system calculates from the previous reading.
7:39:41 PM Gulledge Asked for further questions or comments. Stated they need to finalize the ordinance with a couple of little changes. Stated they will bring it before the Board next week, and if there is any problem with the ordinance they will remove it from the agenda. Asked for other questions for Juneau.
7:40:16 PM Schmidt Asked about the cross arms on the new traffic signals at Main and Center and Route 162 and Route 159. Stated they do not show street names. Asked whether this is just an omission by IDOT.
7:40:39 PM Juneau Stated that would be a question for IDOT.
7:40:46 PM Schmidt Explained as an example there is a street sign from Center Street showing Main as the cross street; however there is no sign coming from Main showing the cross street as Center.
7:41:12 PM Juneau Stated he will have to ask IDOT.
7:41:40 PM Gulledge Agreed with Schmidt's point. Stated they need to make a call.
7:41:50 PM Schmidt Asked whether the decorative signage along Route 159, will fit the speed limit signs, as they are larger than they used to be.
7:42:21 PM Juneau Explained any signage along Route 159 will require a permit from IDOT.
7:42:56 PM Schmidt Asked Presson whether he anticipates a problem with the issue.
7:42:58 PM Presson Explained he has attended three meetings in the past two days regarding planting flowers on the road. Stated he is going to reserve the right not to comment on this issue.
7:43:14 PM Gulledge Explained they are running into some problems on the issue.
7:43:19 PM Bell Asked whether there has been any progress on the engineering estimate for making the ramp to the boat dock more accessible due to the steepness of the area.
7:43:49 PM Gulledge Explained he has not had a chance to show the item to Juneau; however it is on his to-do list for Juneau.
7:43:59 PM Juneau Explained he has done handicap accessible boat ramps.
7:44:06 PM Bell Explained the difficulty in accessing the dock.
7:44:13 PM Gulledge Stated Juneau needs to see it. Thanked Juneau for his participation.
7:44:25 PM Gulledge Went to next agenda item, amendment to ordinance regarding inauguration of newly elected officials.
7:44:33 PM Wigginton Explained earlier in the year he and Schmidt discussed this is a unique year as normally elected officials are sworn in at the first regular meeting in May; however this year because of the late election and a change in provision voting, the canvas will not be completed and the election will not be certified until after the first regular meeting in May. Explained the IML and other attorneys have suggested non-home rule municipalities amend their municipal code to specify newly elected officers begin at the first regular or special meeting in May following receipt of certified election results from the local election authority. Stated this ordinance should be put on the agenda for next week's Board meeting.
7:45:50 PM Gulledge Clarified they will just amend the existing ordinance.
7:45:54 PM Wigginton Answered yes. Read the existing ordinance and explained where the change would be made.
7:46:24 PM Gulledge Stated Clerk Long told him she has been in contact with the County Clerk who indicated they will be able to have the swearing-in ceremony on May 16th. Explained it is not as problematic for Maryville because the three Trustees elected are returning.
7:47:13 PM Schmidt Explained Clerk Long was in contact with Von Nida's office this afternoon and got information that they will not be starting this until after May 3rd, and need to be done before May 8th.
7:47:38 PM Gulledge Went to next item, quote for a Digigram pocket card, and asked Bell to discuss.
7:47:47 PM Bell Explained he instructed Computron to find a second card like the one in Clerk Long's laptop which is used to record the FTR. Stated they had trouble finding it. Stated they want to put it in the backup computer for use as a back-up for Long's computer, and would also allow Fenton to use it at other committee meetings. Stated the card is $1,090 including installation and set up. Stated it is a one-time charge. Explained approximately $999 is the actual price of the card with just under $100 for installation and configuration of the computer. Explained they are close to having the second lap top up to date. Reiterated it serves as a back up but also allows Fenton to use it at the MCIB and possibly other meetings.
7:49:19 PM Gulledge Asked for questions.
7:49:23 PM Schmidt Asked whether it comes from this year or next year's budget.
7:49:32 PM Bell Stated he does not know from who's budget it will come.
7:49:58 PM Gulledge Asked Fenton where she will be using the computer. Fenton responded all admin as far as she knows. Gulledge stated it will come out of the admin budget. Clarified it will not happen until next fiscal year anyway.
7:50:06 PM Garcia Asked Bell to explain what it does.
7:50:10 PM Bell Explained it captures the audio. Stated it is a four-channel proprietary card. Stated it captures the input from all the microphones and allows for four channel recording and play back for transcription. Explained they needed to back up the card anyway, and the purchase serves that purpose as well as allowing for a second lap top. Explained they have more meetings for which they are using the FTR Log Notes. Explained he would like to see all Village meetings recorded this way, as it is recorded to the server and backed up and allows for producing minutes much quicker.
7:51:44 PM Gulledge Stated with no other questions or comments, they will place the item on the agenda for the Board meeting. Went to next agenda item, Planning Commission items, and asked Limberg to discuss.
7:52:00 PM Limberg Stated the final plat for Villa Marie Winery, located at 6521 East Main Street was presented at this meeting. Stated all conditions have been complied with and all fees have been paid. Stated the Planning Commission has recommended the plat be approved, which will be presented to the Board at the next Board meeting.
7:53:03 PM Gulledge Stated the main question focused on the lighting plan. Stated there were five members present, all of which voted favorably. Stated the other questions were on the type of plants in the landscaping plan. Stated all questions were answered. Stated the short lists from the engineers were completed.
7:53:39 PM Limberg Asked for questions.
7:53:42 PM Schmidt Asked why the building is so far off road.
7:53:56 PM Limberg Commented his opinion it was done on purpose for aesthetics.
7:54:07 PM Gulledge Commented they will also have two small ponds.
7:54:07 PM Limberg Commented they will have to be approved by the EPA.
7:54:11 PM Gulledge Commented that question came up; because of the size they are not sure they will get anything more than an advisory report.
7:54:28 PM Callahan Clarified the one lake will be drainage from the other existing lake.
7:54:34 PM Gulledge Responded it is an overflow to be used for detention and to water the grapes.
7:54:45 PM Callahan Commented he applied for a lake permit approximately ten years ago; because of the drainage there was nothing downstream within five miles, so a letter was sent to the State and they didn't even bother to send a letter back.
7:54:56 PM Gulledge Commented on one other issue from the meeting: Stacy Stenger asked for a special use permit for a beauty salon located in the house on Union on the south side of the Fire House where Ed Massander used to live at 209 East Union. Stated they asked for a recommendory report for the Zoning Board of Appeals. Stated it was voted four to one to allow. Stated the only questions were hours of operation; no one will live there; to make sure of sufficient parking because of the fire house and restriction of parking all the way around the fire house. Explained now the issue will go to the Zoning Board of Appeals.
7:56:32 PM Kostyshock Asked where patrons will park.
7:56:36 PM Gulledge Explained they will take down the small garage and put three to four spots behind the house. Stated Stenger stated she never has more than one or two people and understood there will be no off street parking. Stated the recommendation reads that way.
7:56:57 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates: Asked for comments on May. The MCIB Clean-Up Day was mentioned. Mayor stated he has not yet heard details on that project. Stated he and Fenton will find out details. Stated they have tickets available for the Mayor's Prayer Dinner next Thursday. Commented the tickets are free.
7:59:21 PM Bell Commented the Kite Day was successful. Stated Roger Shoup did an excellent job. Commented they had some kites available for those that did not have their own.
7:59:57 PM Gulledge Stated the event was a lot of fun.
8:00:55 PM Bell Commented the Bike Rodeo is scheduled for May 12th.
8:01:00 PM Gulledge Asked for other comments. There were none. Went to Public Input.
8:01:08 PM Mike Drake 2501 Gecko, Maryville. Thanked the Board for resolution of the water issue. Commented his understanding it was not a popular issue last fall, but appreciates all the help.
8:01:46 PM Gulledge Thanked Drake. Went to To Do List, page 1: The meeting with Collinsville is scheduled for tomorrow; Schmidt is working with the Department Heads on the budget.
8:02:12 PM Schmidt Commented they will hold meetings tomorrow and start a first draft.
8:02:21 PM Callahan Asked the status of the re-wiring.
8:02:23 PM Gulledge Explained his opinion they will be very happy with the work performed. Stated the individual has been here every day. Stated they have had glowing reports from the hospital for which he did a lot of work. Commented his opinion they will be done way before the out date in July. Went to page 2.
8:02:53 PM Bell Commented two of the items he wants to make sure are placed on the To Do List are under Park Recommendations, so he will discuss now. Stated the Park Committee is recommending weeding and addition of agate screening to the walking path at Drost Park. Next, the Park Committee is reminding the Board it is time to begin monthly safety checks and corrections of playground equipment. Stated the National Park Association has strongly suggested records and a completed checklist be kept on file for future reference. Asked that both items be added to the To Do List. Commented they should leave the park equipment check on as a reminder.
8:04:38 PM Gulledge Asked for other comments on page 2.
8:04:49 PM Schmidt Stated he talked with Presson regarding completion of the micro surfacing of Maryknoll. Stated the project will be finished this week.
8:05:09 PM Gulledge Stated if all goes right they are supposed to be out tomorrow. Commented the reason it was not done earlier is they shut down the asphalt plants for the winter. Went to page 3. There were no comments.
8:05:40 PM Gulledge Went to Trustees' Comments.
8:05:45 PM Schmidt Commented another meeting is scheduled for tomorrow with a field representative from AT&T to tour the seven or eight sites of the node box locations.
8:06:26 PM Bell Discussed Park Committee Recommendations. Stated the Khoury League is requesting dedication of a ball field in the name of Ken Oberkfell due to past accomplishments and to work with the League to establish criteria for the future naming of ball fields. Stated this dedication will take place Opening Day, May 5th. Stated the Park Committee informed the League the issue would have to go to the Board, as it has been to the Board in the past. Stated the League would like ideas from the Board regarding establishing criteria i.e., should it come from the Board or should the League bring each name to the Board individually. Commented there were fourteen ball players that came from Maryville and only nine fields. Stated they are currently asking for permission to dedicate the first field to Oberkfell, as he stands out as the most accomplished.
8:09:01 PM Gulledge Commented when the issue came up years ago it was not about Oberkfell. Stated at the time they decided it was best the fields not be named until the League was settled in.
8:09:43 PM Garcia Commented if it is done, it would be nice if Oberkfell could be here.
8:09:47 PM Bell Stated he is unable to attend as he is coaching a minor league team; however his family will be here to deliver a prepared statement.
8:10:13 PM Garcia Asked whether the MCIB had something special planned for that day.
8:10:25 PM Bell Explained this is a combined effort between the MCIB and the Khoury League.
8:10:30 PM Callahan Stated they are planning on some kind of program. Commented it will be on a small scale this year, as they just got the ideas going. However during the process of discussing the event, the dedication was mentioned. Commented he did not realize it needed Board approval.
8:11:01 PM Bell Stated the new president was not aware anything like this has to go through the Park Committee.
8:11:22 PM Callahan Pointed out that Oberkfell's brother is heavily involved with the Khoury League and has given a lot of his time and effort to the League.
8:11:42 PM Gulledge Asked to take the issues one at a time, and asked if the Board is okay with dedicating the field to Ken Oberkfell.
8:11:49 PM Limberg Commented they will have a problem on who to pick for the next fields, as there are three others that were major league ball players.
8:12:06 PM Gulledge Explained that is why he is splitting the two issues. First he addressed the Oberkfell issue: All were in favor. Next, went to the issue of how to handle the other eight fields: Stated his opinion is to send it back to the Khoury League to bring a recommendation back to the Park Board.
8:12:31 PM Bell Stated some of the ideas were that the next accomplished ball player that made it to the majors would be next. Explained this will result in four fields named for major-league players, and name a dugout for minor league players.
8:12:47 PM Gulledge Stated this discussion could go on all night. Stated they need to have the Khoury League bring back a recommendation. Explained there are a lot of people that have been key to the Khoury League over the years.
8:13:09 PM Fenton Commented during her discussion with the League, the idea was not necessarily limited to ball players.
8:13:45 PM Schmidt Commented they need to be careful about naming things after people that are still alive.
8:14:12 PM Gulledge Stated his opinion to formally approve the dedication at the next Board meeting and have Bell go back to both committees to come up with a criteria to be brought back as recommendations.
8:14:37 PM Bell Went to next Park Recommendation for the Board to purchase from the General Fund a projector, DVD player, audio mixer and necessary cabling for use for the Movies in the Park events, as well as for use by various other Village Departments.
8:15:43 PM Gulledge Asked if he is understanding correctly that the reason the General Fund is buying this is for use in showing movies at the Village Hall.
8:15:56 PM Bell Explained for whatever events would warrant it, similar to how the audio system is used for the Memorial Day events. Stated the total price for one bid is $3,500 for an HD compatible projector at $1,799 from Circuit City; a DVD player for $159 from Circuit City; and the mixer from Guitar City for $249; for a total price of $2,208.98 plus cabling, for an estimated price of $2,500 for everything. Stated the Park Committee is buying a screen to hang from the building for the Movie in the Park event, for which they are scheduled for six this year. Stated the event is very popular and the Committee is getting sponsors. Stated this would save money spent on groups coming in on which they cannot always count. Commented he can foresee other uses for this equipment.
8:17:51 PM Gulledge Asked whether they should get other bids.
8:17:54 PM Bell Stated he can have the Committee do so.
8:17:59 PM Gulledge Stated he would feel more comfortable if they did.
8:18:04 PM Schmidt Asked the price of the screen and where the money is coming from.
8:18:12 PM Bell Responded $200 or $300. Stated it has not yet been purchased, but has already been approved.
8:18:21 PM Gulledge Asked for other comments from Bell. There were none. Went to Callahan.
8:18:33 PM Callahan Commented it is important to point out that as an elected official people should be able to voice complaints to him and if they choose not to attend a meeting or make their name known for whatever reason, they should not be thought badly of.  Commented it was not just one person, but six. Commented his opinion it is unfair to comment that if it was so important they should have come to a meeting.
8:19:08 PM Gulledge Acknowledged comments. Went to Kostyshock.
8:19:12 PM Kostyshock Commented in relation to parks, the Master Gardeners want a concrete table and two benches in a light gray to match the retaining wall in the flower garden.
8:19:31 PM Gulledge Stated they need to get a price. Commented Parks will be paying for that item.
8:19:36 PM Bell Stated the Master Gardeners need to bring the request to the Park Committee for discussion.
8:19:45 PM Kostyshock Next, commented on the Maryville School Field Day next Thursday for the children to go through the museum, firehouse, police department, administration building, centennial and Bobby's. Stated they will leave the school at 8:45 a.m. and walk the sidewalk down West Main Street.
8:20:20 PM Garcia Commented the Board should make sure to attend the Mayor's Prayer Dinner.
8:20:36 PM   Stated at next weeks' Board meeting he will put on the agenda passage of a resolution for delegates to attend the IML Conference the week of October 18th through the 21st. Stated this is a standard ordinance that is passed each year. Stated he would also like to add passage of an ordinance to accept the Code of Ordinances Supplement for 2006/2007. Stated this is a standard ordinance as well. Commented Monday is the 9th Annual Congressional Prayer Breakfast at 7:30 a.m. at the Gateway Center, for which Maryville has obtained a table of eight. Stated there are six spots available, and he will need names of who wants to attend. Stated they will leave Village Hall at 7:00 a.m. if anyone chooses to ride together. Asked that Board members please let him know after the meeting whether they will attend; if not he will open it to staff members so as to fill the table. Commented there will be a Closed Session held next Wednesday at the Board meeting to speak about ongoing Union negotiations. Commented it may be lengthy and members should plan accordingly.
8:23:29 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes.  Motion carried.
8:23:51 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville