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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date5/23/2007 Location Council Chambers
Time Speaker Note
6:30:15 PM Limberg Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, May 23, 2007 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he explained Mayor Gulledge is out of town on personal business so he will lead the meeting as Mayor Pro Tem. He asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia; Mayor Gulledge arrived late. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Fenton, Attorney Keck, Public Works Director Presson, Assistant Fire Chief Hartman, two (2) representatives from AT&T, one (1) resident and three (3) reporters.
6:31:18 PM Limberg Called for approval of the May 9th Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Bell and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:53 PM Limberg Went to first agenda item, a lengthy ordinance regarding control of storm water drainage and detention, soil erosion and sediment control.
6:32:05 PM Presson Stated this ordinance was provided by Madison County. Stated there were changes made from the last. Explained this will keep Maryville in regulation in EDS Phase II storm water, as required by the IEPA.
6:32:47 PM Schmidt Commented this is just for unincorporated areas of Madison County.
6:32:51 PM Presson Explained Maryville is part of the Co-Permittee, and each Co-Permittee member is adopting this ordinance.
6:33:07 PM Schmidt Clarified the County Board votes on it first, and then individual members vote on it.
6:33:11 PM Presson Stated his belief this has already passed through County.
6:33:20 PM Limberg Asked for other questions.
6:33:23 PM Schmidt Asked if this ordinance contains anything that will affect the current Maryville ordinances.
6:33:32 PM Presson Explained any item on which the Village code is more strict will be maintained. Stated the regulations contained in this ordinance are fairly good. Stated his recommendation that the Board review the ordinance before putting the item on the Board agenda for passage.
6:34:03 PM Keck Stated his recommendation is to give the Trustees a chance to read and call him or Wigginton with any questions. Stated Wigginton needs to review it before a vote is held.
6:34:21 PM Limberg Other questions. There were none. Went to next agenda item, Attendance at 76th Annual Water Supply Operator's Association Conference in Springfield.
6:34:35 PM Presson Stated this is all day training sessions scheduled for September 11, 12, 13. Stated the recommendation is to send himself and Hoffman. Explained these sessions include everything to do with the water industry including distribution, treatment process, correction and well treatment programs. Stated there is a wealth of knowledge available. Stated several other municipalities attend and it comes highly recommended.
6:35:23 PM Kostyshock Commented attendance at this conference is beneficial to the Village for employees to be kept abreast of new technologies, innovations, etc. Commented in addition, Presson is in the running for Operator of the Year Award. Stated he would like to add $120 each for Hoffman and Presson for a food allowance, which is not included in this request.
6:36:15 PM Garcia Suggested they reimburse meal expenses instead.
6:36:25 PM Limberg Concurred they should turn in receipts for reimbursement. Garcia suggested paying for their travel
6:36:54 PM Presson Explained they will take one personal vehicle.
6:37:07 PM Limberg Suggested he turn in the mileage. Clarified $1,005 is the cost of the hotel and conference for two people. Stated the item will be placed on the next Board meeting agenda. Asked for other questions. There were none. Went to next agenda item.
6:37:39 PM Presson Explained this is an upgrade to the current water plant auto-dialer. Explained the current has four points with eight sub points, which is maxed out, meaning they can't add additional lift stations. Stated they have two coming on line this year. Stated he would like to be able to add alarms to the generator, which can be added on this auto-dialer. Stated for the price of $4,520 they will get 56 points and 256 sub points. Stated this upgrade would break in all the lift stations, tower, plant, generator, using 39 points, which will give plenty of opportunity for future growth.
6:38:47 PM Limberg Asked for questions. There were none. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Asked for other items. There were none. Asked for questions for Presson
6:39:14 PM Callahan Stated he received a call from Ann Holiday, 801 Copper Ridge. Presson stated he was there this morning. Callahan stated it is his opinion she is caught in the middle, as the Village is not responsible for fixing her problem.
6:39:34 PM Presson Responded that is correct. Stated he has advised Holiday they have given the contractor the benefit of the doubt long enough. Stated he discussed the issue with Flaugher, and the decision was made that the contractor has until Monday to fix the issue, otherwise the Village will cash the maintenance bond held through that subdivision and do the work .
6:40:04 PM Callahan Commented Andy Dressel lives on the same street on the same side; he had a conversation with him last Friday in which Dressel indicated it is not any worse, but when it rains backyards cannot be used. Stated he was under the impression that when the subdivision was platted they would solve the drainage problems. Stated it is all the ground butting up to the same subdivision.
6:40:41 PM Presson Stated he is in the vicinity of the area; however that is not the problem they are addressing with Holiday. Stated Tuscany Ridge subdivision provided for its own storm water basin and overflow, which has had no problems other than maintenance issues that have been addressed. Explained the issue with Holiday was the connection of sewers between Tuscany and Pinehurst/Copper Creek where it goes into the lift station. Explained there were some maintenance issues with them digging up the backyard there. Explained the Village is caught in a tough spot because it is designed as a retention basin, so when it rains and overflows, it is designed to hold the water. Stated they have addressed the issues with Holiday, who has some grading and seeding she wants done; however as far as the retention basin, it is designed to work this way. Stated this is the first he has heard of Dressel's problem.
6:42:00 PM Callahan Stated Holiday informed him the contractor has been putting her off since last fall.
6:42:11 PM Presson Stated the contractor showed up last weekend, but did not make contact with Holiday; therefore he was unaware of where she lives and what problems to address. Stated he did some maintenance work on the retention basin, but did not go down to where the sewer line maintenance issues were. Stated they met today and the contractor has agreed to fix the issues, and is aware that Monday is the deadline, which is actually Tuesday due to the holiday.
6:42:54 PM Callahan Stated he told Holiday to call him if nothing happened prior to next Wednesday.
6:43:03 PM Presson Stated the contractor is supposed to be out again this weekend.
6:43:12 PM Garcia Asked what they are doing for Tommy Ishmael's property off Hayden Lane.
6:43:22 PM Presson Stated they are still in the process of evaluating the problem and are keeping it pumped out as much as possible. Stated Juneau has shot grades and are coming up with a recommendations for the Board for drainage.
6:43:47 PM Garcia Stated Ishmael told her he had a contractor look at the issue who indicated it could be fixed in two days.
6:43:58 PM Callahan Commented that would be conditional on obtaining easements.
6:44:02 PM Presson Stated his opinion there is more to that problem than a two-day fix. Stated looking at the property one can see where there are low lying areas with standing water. Stated hauling in dirt will do nothing but push water on other properties.
6:44:23 PM Garcia Asked that someone contact Ishmael.
6:44:26 PM Presson Stated there is a Public Works Committee meeting scheduled for tomorrow, and this issue is on the agenda.
6:44:37 PM Bell Asked Presson to remain at the meeting as he has park issues to discuss which involve Public Works.
6:44:58 PM Limberg Skipped down the agenda to the AT&T Lightspeed presentation.
6:45:08 PM Schmidt Stated he has asked two representatives from AT&T to be in attendance this evening.
6:45:27 PM Jerry Strubhardt Outside Plan Design Engineer for the area, located in Collinsville, Illinois.
6:45:37 PM Dan Micah Construction Manager for the area, located at the local office at 160 West Division, Maryville, Illinois.
6:45:46 PM Schmidt Explained that he, Mayor, Presson, Strubhardt, Micah and the Springfield Representative Rhonda Trower, visited sites to view nodes for Lightspeed that are currently in place. Explained there was one site in Collinsville and one outside Hollywood Heights. Stated next they went on a visual inspection tour of the seven initial sites within Maryville. Showed photos via projection display. Explained the boxes can vary in size, and some nodes might require landscaping while others might not, depending on the feelings of the Board. Showed photos of Maryville sites. Noted the box located at 828 Andra has an AT&T box inside the backyard fence. Explained AT&T will be responsible for getting with the homeowner to move the fence off the AT&T easement. Invited questions.
6:53:11 PM Bell Asked if these seven nodes are part of Phase I.
6:53:22 PM Strubhardt Answered it is part of the Phase scheduled for 2007.
6:53:25 PM Bell Asked how many phases it will take to include all of Maryville, and what the time frame is. Clarified his understanding the first phase gets them up to 70% covered.
6:53:47 PM Schmidt Responded those were the figures given to them out of Chicago. Explained his understanding that Maryville is in an odd perspective due to way the system is set up. Stated the southern part of Maryville will be incorporated with the northern part of Collinsville; and the northern part of Maryville will be incorporated with the southern division of Glen Carbon.
6:54:47 PM Strubhardt Concurred. Explained it will go by phone number.
6:54:52 PM Bell Stated part of Glen Carbon is already done, as there is currently some Maryville coverage.
6:54:59 PM Schmidt Stated part of the 288 exchanges are offered DSL, but not Lightspeed.
6:55:22 PM Limberg Explained he has had DSL for the past year. Asked how long construction of all the sites will take.
6:55:32 PM Strubhardt Stated the seven nodes they are discussing will happen this year; there is no exact build on 2008. Stated he will get hold of Mark to make sure he has contacted Glen Carbon.
6:56:04 PM Callahan Asked if the project rolls out all at once or upon hookup of each nodule.
6:56:12 PM Strubhardt Stated it is not scheduled to roll out until the fourth quarter of the year. Explained as they do the site, the copper cable feeding the homes at that time is how far the service will reach. Callahan asked how far the node will serve.
6:56:38 PM Micah Responded the node will serve approximately 5,000 feet from the box.
6:57:07 PM Garcia Asked if the age of the phone lines will affect the service.
6:57:17 PM Micah Stated the new technology will work over the existing wiring.
6:57:44 PM Limberg Went on with Bell's agenda items.
6:57:48 PM Bell Discussed Park Recommendations. Stated the first is that the Park Committee would like permission to rent one of the two new gazebos. Commented there was a lengthy discussion on the issue, of which he is against; however the Committee decided to rent the north gazebo for birthday parties, etc. and leave the south gazebo as a first come/first serve basis.
6:58:43 PM Limberg Asked what the fee would be.
6:58:45 PM Bell Stated $5 for resident, and $25 for non-resident. Asked the Trustees opinion. Callahan asked his reasons for being against the proposal. Bell explained he felt the two gazebos were installed as a shelter for parents while their children play on the playground and didn't feel it was right to keep them from this purpose during rented events. Stated for this reason, the Committee came to a compromise to rent only one.
6:59:44 PM Schmidt Asked if it will be assigned a number.
6:59:47 PM Bell Responded they will have to tag it to facilitate the rental process through Brussatti. Stated he will update the website and application.
7:00:02 PM Limberg Commented on a discussion he had with Brussatti regarding a misunderstanding regarding the alcohol restrictions and liability insurance requirements.
7:00:15 PM Bell Responded he has updated the application form to reflect the requirement. Went to the second recommendation: The Park Committee is asking the Village to paint the comfort station near pavilion #1 to match the rest of the pavilion in light tan and dark brown. Stated they discussed the issue with Juneau, who indicated it is fine as long as they don't paint the inside and seal the painted block. Limberg stated the item will be added to the Board meeting agenda. Went to the next recommendation: The Committee asked if the Village can come up with an idea for liners in the trash bins throughout park.
7:01:47 PM Presson Responded they will have to be heavy duty bags.
7:02:00 PM Bell Clarified they are recommending the Village go to a lined container system. Stated the other part of this recommendation was to empty the recyclable containers which are stuffed full.
7:02:17 PM Callahan Commented they would need to designate a particular type of bag.
7:02:24 PM Limberg Stated they need to investigate the issue and have Presson tell Brussatti exactly what to buy.
7:02:34 PM Bell Commented they need to get something that is cost effective. Stated they will skip item #4 and go to item #6: Drainage solution by the Merz gazebo. Stated they put some budget money into that project. Commented the Committee wants to make sure the project gets done this year. Went to next item which is the OSLAD grant. Stated they met with Juneau and Presson and have come up with a list of ideas of projects for the park if they can obtain the matching grant. Explained it is a 50/50 matching grant of up to $400,000. Stated they came up with a list of approximately ten items, which they have prioritized. Explained they obtained price estimates from Juneau, which are included in the documentation. Stated the estimate for the ten items is approximately $800,000. Stated the Park Committee agreed that the money saved so far for park land acquisition could be used if the Board approves. Listed each item: Item "a" is an extension of Division Street to be paved and allow for diagonal parking along both sides which would pick up 159 parking spots. Stated the estimated cost is $250,000. Item "b" is a new walking path extension from Division to Provence Parkway for an approximate cost of $21,000. Item "c" is to asphalt the existing walking path around the park for an approximate cost of $110,000. Item "d" is a new walking path from the two new pavilions on the west side of the park to the new gazebo for which they have obtained a $25,000 grant for an approximate cost of $5,000. Item "e" is to widen Provence Parkway for an approximately cost of $50,000. Schmidt asked if they have the ground to accomplish this. Bell answered yes. Comments were made that easements would have to be researched. Item "f" is a new walking path from the Senior Center parking lot around the ball fields for an approximate cost of $37,000. Item "g" is the construction of a bridge across Drost Park Lake including paving from the walking trail to the bridge and pavement of a trail from there to Division Street for an approximate cost of $170,000. Item "h" is to pave the parking lot at the library for an approximate cost of $210,000; however to stay within the $800,000 limitation of the grant, it was decided to only pave half of the lot.
7:12:55 PM Callahan Commented the library wants to move, and if so, asked the necessity of asphalting the parking lot.
7:13:00 PM Bell Concurred. Stated they need the parking for the park and Khoury League. Commented this is a low priority item. Went on to Item "7" to light a ball field for an approximate cost of $50,000, which will allow for ten additional games per week.
7:14:01 PM Callahan Commented twelve to fifteen years ago the cost to light a softball field, which is less lighting than a baseball field, was well over $50,000.
7:14:27 PM Bell Explained these numbers are engineering estimates. Stated the grant has a deadline of June 1st, and there is not much time to turn it around. Explained all projects must be within one site. Stated they are trying to commit $400,000 of Village money to match the $400,000 of grant money. Stated he does not know whether Mayor wanted this item on the Board meeting agenda; however he wants all to think about it due to the timing issue. Stated they have a really good chance of getting the grant due to the use of the park and ball fields; therefore they must be prepared to expend the money if the Board chooses to pursue the grant.
7:16:11 PM Kostyshock Commented they lighted a field behind the Catholic Church for which the lights were donated from the old Cahokia race track. Suggested researching this aspect.
7:16:34 PM Bell Stated they can look into it. Commented he does not know the particulars of the grant regarding whether the items are required to be new. Explained for the moment they are simply trying to see if the Village Board is willing to proceed with the pursuit of the grant.
7:16:55 PM Keck Commented he plays softball in Belleville where they just obtained a grant to install lighting for two fields and a park which was $385,000.
7:17:21 PM Bell Explained the estimate on the lighting surprised him. Explained he was also skeptical of the estimate for rip-rap along the lake. Explained they have pulled the project due to the plan to dredge the lake. Explained eventually something must be done, as they are losing trees.
7:18:05 PM Kostyshock Commented they need to get a price on a sea wall.
7:18:12 PM Bell Stated they have not got any prices; these are all engineering estimates. Stated this is a good starting point for the application. Explained once the hard numbers come in, some items might be have to be cut.
7:18:38 PM Callahan Asked if they apply for the grant with these projects, is the Village obligated to complete all the projects.
7:18:46 PM Bell Explained as they get closer, they will get more detailed cost schedules.
7:19:02 PM Limberg Clarified the question is does the Board want to commit $400,000 to these project, as that money would come from the green space fund.
7:19:28 PM Schmidt Stated they only have one development coming in that will fall in the category for green space, which is the new addition off of Keebler. Stated with the number of lots there, that is only approximately $94,000. Stated even if they decide to give half back with the provision for which they voted last year where half of the green space fees will be saved for future land use. Commented then they are another $300,000 shy.
7:20:15 PM Bell Stated there is some money in the green space fund already. Stated some of the money will have to come from General Fund.
7:20:33 PM Schmidt Asked if the figures are in the budget or will they have to revise it.
7:20:39 PM Bell Stated they will have to add the numbers into that budget. Addressed Mayor Gulledge in the gallery, and clarified the deadline for the application is July 1. Stated one of the questions was will they have better estimates before they submit the grant.
7:21:21 PM Limberg Commented some of the estimates seem thin.
7:21:51 PM Gulledge Arrived and was seated. Asked for clarification as to where the conversation stands.
7:22:05 PM Limberg Explained the question is how they will fund the projects should they get the grant.
7:22:27 PM Gulledge Explained any time application for grant is done at the State level, it is not sure thing. Explained the estimates were done in a very short period of time. Stated they are probably light on some, but heavy on others. Stated they would have to put a better package together before sending it to the State. Reminded the Board, whatever the money, the most the State will give is $400,000, and the Village would have to come up with the other $400,00. Clarified there may be some things they would have to take out of project if the estimates are incorrect. Stated his opinion they would find the money in reserve. Stated his opinion this is a good plan and really ties the park together. Stated they could find the other $400,000 even if they have to borrow on the green space fees. Commented on the discussion of upcoming fees: They may have two including the Villas of Remington and Timber Creek. Commented his opinion the light estimate is light and should be $10,000 to $15,000 more. Stated he received a call from Jay Hoffman reminding him of the grant and deadline date, after which they rushed to make a presentation to the Park Committee and bring back a recommendation to the Village Board.
7:25:57 PM Limberg Asked how fast CARD will be moving on the Maryville property for a proposed park.
7:26:10 PM Gulledge Stated he received a letter saying they are soliciting requests from companies to submit developmental bid plans for consideration. Commented he is hopeful the committees will included Maryville residents.
7:27:04 PM Limberg Commented they have money set aside for park land; but CARD will hopefully go through with the development of the ground they purchased.
7:27:24 PM Schmidt Asked if they submit the entire plan for the grant, can they accept a portion or is it all or nothing.
7:27:42 PM Gulledge Stated he believes whatever is presented is the project they will go on, up or down. Stated they will be required to attend to give a summary of the project and the reasons for funding.
7:28:21 PM Schmidt Asked if this grant entertains presentation on a yearly basis. Mayor answered yes; however they don't know from year to year how much will be in the funding pool. Asked if there is a possibility to divide the project up and do it in two stages. Commented the proposal is quite an undertaking.
7:28:51 PM Bell Stated the Park Committee was asked to itemize and prioritize the projects. Added if the Board decides to cut back on the project, they ask that they follow the priority list.
7:29:16 PM Schmidt Stated his opinion before cutting back they need to get some firmer figures.
7:29:25 PM Bell Stated they are asking for permission to proceed.
7:29:32 PM Gulledge Explained whatever is done now is only an estimate.
7:30:03 PM Limberg Commented his agreement with Callahan that the library parking lot project could be cut.
7:30:21 PM Gulledge Stated he was out of the office for two days and did not have a change to make changes based on the Park Committee comments.
7:30:30 PM Limberg Commented that parking would be used for the park itself, as eventually the library will move.
7:30:41 PM Gulledge Stated the Park Committee feels if there is a place to cut, that is the place.
7:31:01 PM Bell Commented they could cut the project down to $700,000 if they choose not to pave any of that area; however they could use as much parking as possible.
7:31:04 PM Schmidt Asked Mayor the status of easement availability on Provence Parkway
7:31:11 PM Gulledge Stated they have enough for a road. Stated the problem is they will have to make changes to the drop box on Schiber road due to the elevation. Explained they have enough room to widen the road to 24 feet. Commented regardless of obtaining the grant, something needs to be done, as the area is a problem.
7:32:19 PM Bell Asked what needs to be accomplished at this meeting.
7:32:33 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's feeling, as he can't wait until the June 6 Board meeting to get started. Stated he will need an answer tonight.
7:33:14 PM Bell Commented his opinion they have talked long enough and need to get opinions.
7:33:33 PM Gulledge Stated they can't take a formal vote; they simply need an opinion. Asked if they are interested in applying; are they interested in using the Juneau estimates; do they want to cut anything out; he needs direction.
7:34:53 PM Limberg Stated his opinion would be to also eliminate the bridge.
7:35:03 PM Bell Commented they put that at a lower priority; however he believes it might be the selling point of the grant, as they are looking for something they can show off. Stated this bridge connects both sides of park. Explained it is low on the priority list because if they had to start cutting back to get around $600,000 it would still be on the project list.
7:35:40 PM Gulledge Commented the Committee recommends to the Board, who makes the final decision on priority.
7:35:57 PM Bell Commented on the priority decision process; however the Committee's feelings may contradict the selling points to the OSLAD Committee.
7:36:37 PM Gulledge Invited comments.
7:36:45 PM Kostyshock Commented his opinion they need all of the project and should try to get the grant for the whole list.
7:37:10 PM Callahan Commented his concern is if they are asking for ten projects and they get the money and the estimates are bad, but they are now locked in to completing all ten projects.
7:37:24 PM Bell Explained they couldn't change the projects; however if they need to cut some they could take them out.
7:37:32 PM Gulledge Commented Juneau feels they are good estimates. Commented the estimate for the bridge is not for a fancy bridge, but is a basic structure.
7:38:13 PM Callahan Commented he is concerned about the parking lot due to the fact the library will likely relocate. Commented his opinion that money could be put to better use. Arguments ensued
7:39:06 PM Gulledge Clarified Callahan's opinion is if they eliminate something, that is what should be eliminated. More arguments ensued.
7:39:55 PM Callahan Commented he is okay with asking, but wants to be able to pay for whatever they are requesting.
7:40:16 PM Gulledge Stated they won't ask for more than $400,000. Explained the safest way is to take one or two projects out to keep it low; and the parking lot is, in his opinion, the one he would take out.
7:40:36 PM Bell Stated if they take out the parking lot, they are right around $700,000, which would require $350,000 from the Village. More discussion ensued. Bell commented his opinion that if they are trying for matching funds, they should try to get the maximum amount they will give.
7:42:01 PM Callahan Stated his point is they should ask for the $800,000 but they need realistic prices.
7:42:10 PM Bell Concurred they will need a better idea of cost; what they are asking the Board is can they spend $400,000. Comments were made that they don't know they are spending $400,000.
7:42:26 PM Gulledge Explained all who are applying have the same problem, as they don't have a firm bid. Asked if all were in favor of going after the grant.
7:42:44 PM Garcia Commented her opinion that it is a great idea; however her opinion is they need to be thinking about the money to fix the other part of town. Mayor clarified this is a park grant. Garcia commented she understands; however they still have to come up with $400,000 out of General Fund, which would be better used toward the streets. Mayor clarified in the conversation he heard they were discussing green space fees, which cannot be used for streets. Garcia commented she knows that; however Bell indicated they would need money from the General Fund as well.
7:43:20 PM Bell Explained if they don't borrow money, they will have to spend money out of General Fund.
7:43:27 PM Callahan Stated Mayor said earlier they can borrow money from green space in anticipation of future growth.
7:43:59 PM Gulledge Commented his understanding of Garcia's concern. Commented if they can get $400,000, he believes they can find $400,000. Commented if all are in favor of proceeding, they need to come up with a priority list. Asked if they are all in agreement in going forward the first thing they would cut is the library parking lot.
7:45:06 PM Kostyshock Commented he disagrees regarding the parking lot as it is in bad shape and will need repairs. Stated it is the entrance of the park and they need parking.
7:45:35 PM Bell Agrees; however the lot is functional now. Discussion ensued.
7:46:04 PM Gulledge Clarified Kostyshock is not in favor of removing the parking lot; asked if everyone else's opinion is that is the first thing to cut. Bell clarified, if they have to.
7:47:19 PM Garcia Asked whether they can get a better estimate so as to avoid cutting anything.
7:47:25 PM Gulledge Clarified Juneau's opinion these are good estimates.
7:48:09 PM Callahan Commented he has no problem asking for all projects on the list; however if they are required to do everything submitted, they need better numbers.
7:48:26 PM Gulledge Stated he can try to find out; however they only have one Caucus meeting, which is tied up with budget discussions.
7:48:35 PM Limberg Commented Juneau's estimates on the asphalting are going to be close; the item that is low in his opinion is the ball field.
7:48:52 PM Bell Clarified the Board is willing to commit $400,000; if they find within the next five weeks that something needs to be eliminated to keep the figure at $400,000, what would the Board like to eliminate. Stated his opinion is the parking lot. Clarified they are not asking the Village to commit to any more than $400,000; if the estimates are too close, they will cut the parking lot first.
7:50:06 PM Callahan Maintained they cannot light the field for $50,000. Stated he would be willing to drop that project.
7:50:37 PM Bell Concurred they need better investigation on that project before submitting the application. Commented perhaps the Khoury League can come up with some money.
7:51:26 PM Gulledge Stated they will try to get more prices. Stated each Trustee should prioritize the list and submit it to him. Went to Item 11.
7:52:39 PM Keck Stated there are two ordinances for the Board meeting agenda; one for the Daniel property located at 7236 West Main and the second for the Slattery property at 2855 Keebler. Stated these are standard annexation agreements and are voluntary. Next, apologized he has no information regarding item #13.
7:53:21 PM Gulledge Stated it will be on the agenda to pass the resolution as part of the requirement for a 3% low interest loan for seven years for $500,000 for Old Town Streets. Stated this has been discussed in the past; he is simply letting the Board know the resolution will be on the Board agenda. Keck informed Mayor he will have Wigginton look at the storm water ordinance. Went to Item #8 and asked Bell to discuss.
7:54:21 PM Bell Commented this item was tabled last week due to the fact they had not received the itemized bids from Computron. Stated these itemized bids were included in this evening's packets, as well as some comparisons between Dell internet order computers and some narrative regarding why they are going with this type of server and drive as opposed to using a Raid 5 array. Stated the servers will be put back on the agenda for the next Board meeting.
7:55:39 PM Schmidt Asked if they are using dual core now.
7:55:53 PM Bell Stated not all; the older PCs are not, however the servers will be.
7:56:02 PM Callahan Commented it is not needed for e-mail, etc.
7:56:12 PM Bell Stated when they start revising workstations they will go to it. Explained the reason they are not replacing the software now is they are waiting for server 07 to be out.
7:56:48 PM Gulledge Asked for questions. There were none. Went to calendar updates.
7:57:04 PM Bell Asked if there is anyone else they should give rights to add items to the calendar under the new format. He was told Melissa, Jolene and Tracy.
7:57:36 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar updates. Commented on a special meeting next week on the 31st for the Planning Commission Meeting due to the Memorial Day holiday.
7:57:51 PM Limberg Commented the Memorial Day Service will be at Village Hall Monday the 28th at 10:00 a.m. at which the guest speaker will be Sue Busler, an active colonel in the Air Force. Commented she lives in Maryville. Asked all Trustees to attend.
7:58:34 PM Gulledge Went to June. Commented on the fishing derby and first movie in the park event, at which the movie shown will be Babe the Gallant Pig. Next, went to public input. There was none. Went to To Do List, page one. Commented the budget discussion will be held next week.
7:59:28 PM Bell Commented they need to get the OSLAD numbers into the budget, as he will not be in attendance that evening.
7:59:42 PM Gulledge Went to page 2.
7:59:54 PM Bell Asked if Juneau agreed to give an estimate on the boat ramp. He was told yes.
8:00:01 PM Gulledge Went to page 3. There were no comments. Went to Trustees comments.
8:00:14 PM Limberg Stated next Thursday at 7:00 p.m. they will hold two public hearings and a recommendation for rezoning on two properties: The Osborn and Clayton properties. Stated the Osborns want to change the zoning on Stonebridge Bluffs from PDR to SR2; and the Clayton request is to rezone property on Vadalabene from SR2 to B1.
8:00:58 PM Callahan Commented his understanding one could always go to a more favorable zoning without Village approval.
8:01:18 PM Gulledge Explained the Osborn's want it done this way.
8:01:49 PM Callahan Asked who is purchasing the Clayton property.
8:01:55 PM Gulledge Stated he is not at liberty to say; however he has an idea.
8:02:18 PM Schmidt Commented Wednesday's Caucus will primarily be discussion of the budget. Asked all Board members to review and bring their questions.
8:02:35 PM Gulledge Commented they are requesting the Department Heads to attend.
8:02:40 PM Bell Requested Roger Shoup be here in his absence to give insight on the Park budget. Stated they had discussed the Park Committee's request to purchase a projector, audio mixer, and DVD player for Village use at any function. Commented it will be used for the Movie's in the Park events. Stated they received a bid as follows: $1,799 for a projector; $249 for a mixer; $159 for a DVD player. Commented if the Trustees are in favor, the item needs to be placed on the Board meeting agenda.
8:04:32 PM Schmidt Asked if it is in the budget, and from where the funds will come.
8:04:50 PM Bell Stated he needs to know which line item it will fall under, and he will make sure it is included.
8:05:13 PM Gulledge Clarified all Trustees are okay as long as the item is within budget.
8:06:02 PM Callahan Asked whether next week's Caucus will strictly be to discuss the budget. Explained he needs to discuss the purchase of fire packs for the Fire Department. Commented they had anticipated buying these packs as offered by a supplier; however the deal ended up not being very good. Stated the Fire Chief and Assistant Chief have been working on a new deal. Commented they had put $30,000 in the budget, as they thought they could pay for them over five years; however the new deal is a better price but must be paid for up-front at $112,000. Stated they will try to do some financing; there is $30,000 in the budget to pay for this year's part of that financing. Asked if they can make a presentation to the Board at next week's Caucus.
8:07:47 PM Gulledge Asked Schmidt if this is okay with him.
8:07:51 PM Schmidt Agreed it is okay.
8:08:03 PM Callahan Commented the company has 27 of the packs available and the Department needs 23. Explained they have agreed to hold 23 at this price for a limited time.
8:08:20 PM Gulledge Clarified the Board agrees to allow this item first on the agenda. All agreed.
8:08:54 PM Kostyshock Commented on the Old Town, which is moving along well. Stated the plan is to finish Union Street from Lange to Route 159 by the end of the week. Stated as soon as the binder is down on Union, they will start on the north side of the fire house. Stated from East Main to Third Street will have a final asphalt overlay next week. Commented it will all be cleaned up in time for homecoming.
8:10:29 PM Limberg Asked if Presson met with Kimberlin regarding his problem.
8:10:35 PM Gulledge Stated they have a Public Works meeting tomorrow at which they will be reviewing the issue.
8:10:53 PM Garcia Commented they should not let Presson forget about the Ishmael property.
8:11:06 PM Gulledge Stated it is on the agenda for the meeting.
8:11:10 PM Garcia Commented on the problem with parking at the Outreach Center. Asked if they can do temporary parking for the Khoury League to keep them from parking at the Outreach Center. Commented the idea is they may have to shut down the Outreach Center during Khoury League due to the lack of space.
8:12:17 PM Bell Stated they have tried to get this issue across to the Khoury League for a while.
8:12:26 PM Gulledge Stated the Khoury League management has tried.
8:12:52 PM Bell Commented they need to ticket and tow cars.
8:12:58 PM Limberg Commented they need to tell Chief Schardan to have an officer there during those times.
8:13:15 PM Callahan Asked whether they used to have a Public Works employee come out to cordon off an area. Gulledge answered no.
8:13:35 PM Bell Commented he made the suggestion that the food pantry come up with a permit for their employees and to display in their clients' cars.
8:15:09 PM Gulledge Commented they put "No Parking" signs up on the south side of Division in front of Public Works; at the time he commented to Presson that the signs were on the south side but not on the north side, to which Presson said people can't park there anyway due to all the driveways etc. Stated cars are now parking at every little cut and island along the road, and only one car can get through the road. Explained, in fairness to the Khoury League, there is simply not enough parking for as big as the League is. Explained they have tried ticketing a few. Stated he is okay with continuing to ticket; however he does not want the Trustees telling people it is the Mayor's decision. Commented he needs the support of the entire Board on this decision. Fenton commented maybe the restrictions are not marked clearly enough. Mayor commented he does not believe that is the issue, as people continue to park in the handicapped parking without a sticker as well. Reiterated if the Board is in favor, he will tell the Chief to have a police officer patrol the lot every day the Center is open; however he wants the support of the entire Board.
8:18:49 PM Limberg Commented he is in favor because the situation is ridiculous.
8:19:03 PM Bell Commented they made a recommendation to Khoury League and they have not followed through as he is a Khoury League parent and has never received any directions or information regarding parking.
8:19:42 PM Callahan Commented in years passed they ticketed and towed people. Commented as long as the area is marked, it should not be an issue to do so. Further suggested they post a Village employee to monitor parking during Outreach Center times of business. Discussion ensued over whether the parking is well marked.
8:23:01 PM Gulledge Stated he will talk to the Chief with the support of the Board.
8:23:14 PM Limberg Commented they need to contact the Khoury League to inform them they will start enforcing the parking restrictions.
8:23:18 PM Gulledge Stated he talked to John McNamara, President of the League, who informed him he has done all he knows to do. Stated his comment was there is nothing left to do but ticket abusers.
8:23:33 PM Garcia Commented tickets don't help, as the vehicle remains parked until the owner returns to find the ticket. Commented maybe they should start towing.
8:23:58 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's comments. Stated Saturday the Village participated in the Township paint recycling day. Stated he, Garcia and five or six Public Works employees participated. Explained they had 162 customers, which was the most ever. Next, commented his thanks to the Community Improvement Board regarding the flowers planted in front of the Memorial. Commented he has received a number of phone calls regarding the issue. Next commented his thanks to Ed Kostyshock for the landscaping around the Village Hall. Comments were made that the fountain out front is not working. Mayor indicated he would check on it. Next, commented with the permission of the Board he would like to expand the size of the Park Committee from eleven members to thirteen, which he has discussed with the Committee. Stated they have many projects and need more hands. All Trustees were in favor. Stated he will request Wigginton amend the ordinance to reflect the change.
8:27:35 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes.
8:27:52 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville