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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date5/30/2007 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:16 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, May 30, 2007 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia; Trustee Bell was absent. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Fenton, Attorney Wigginton, Village Clerk Long, Public Service Officer Jones, Fire Chief/Building and Zoning Administrator Flaugher, Administrative Assistant Henry, Public Works Director Presson, Comptroller Brussatti, Police Chief Schardan, Assistant Fire Chief Hartman, Fireman/Towers Sales Representative Drobisch, Fireman Benker, two (2) residents and two (2) reporters.
6:31:01 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the May 23rd Caucus minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Schmidt and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:31 PM Gulledge Went to first agenda item, Fire Department Air Pack Proposal, and asked Flaugher and Callahan to discuss.
6:31:46 PM Flaugher Reminded the Board that last year they thought they received the FEMA grant; however it fell through. Stated the Department is desperately in need of new air packs. Stated the current packs are ten years old and are incurring costs in many repairs. Stated he had a discussion with Callahan regarding the MSA packs chosen; they had a program where packs could be purchased over a five-year period interest free. Explained that proposal is contained on the second page of the packet distributed. Stated he discussed the issue with Drobisch, who is the Department's salesman from Towers. Explained upon further review, it was determined it was not a very good deal. Stated Towers had purchased 200 earlier in the year for their inventory, and currently have 29 of those still in stock on which they were willing to give a good deal. Explained the cost will be $3,950; if they were to order them from MSA they would be $5,408. Stated this results in a $1,500 savings. Explained Towers is also willing to give the Department spare cylinders in the deal, which are normally approximately $750 each. Explained for the quantity to be ordered, there is an approximate $46,000 savings in going with the Towers proposal. Explained these tanks have a 15 year life, and because they have been sitting on the shelf since the beginning of the year, they will only have a 14 year credit left.
6:34:50 PM Gulledge Asked if he plans to discuss financing.
6:34:53 PM Flaugher Responded first they need to discuss the next item on the proposal: The current compressor is rated as 5,000 PSI. Explained the capability of filling 4,500 bottles is not as great. Stated in upgrading the packs, they need to also upgrade the compressor, so they added it to the proposal. Explained this will increase the PSI storage to 6,000, which will give the capabilities to fill the 4,500 PSI bottles. Invited specific questions on the equipment for Drobsich, as he has a pack with him to present. Explained the only other costs to be incurred are modifications to the seats in the trucks so the new packs will fit in the current seats, which is $515.
6:36:12 PM Gulledge Asked for questions.
6:36:21 PM Flaugher Explained he met with Callahan regarding payment. Stated he originally submitted $30,000 in the budget for this item under the assumption they would purchase over five years under the previous vendor. Stated they need to come up with a financing option. Stated he and Brussatti contacted local banks and companies for interest rates, a comparison of which is included on the third page of his proposal. Stated UMB proposed at $125,000, as he did not have firm figures at the time of request; the others are at the exact amount of purchase. Stated FNB is the lowest rate. Stated there are some questions due to the fact some had higher interest rates but lower annual payments. Explained some were requiring the first year's payment up front this year, causing the annual payment to be lower.
6:38:22 PM Callahan Pointed out regarding the budget, the UMB, FNB and Regions bids are for a payment payable one year from now, which does not affect this fiscal year's budget.
6:38:45 PM Flaugher Suggested leaving the $30,000 currently budgeted and use it as a down payment and finance the balance.
6:38:56 PM Callahan Commented the numbers received are "all over the board".
6:39:05 PM Flaugher Stated he included a copy of all the financing proposals in the Trustees' packets.
6:39:22 PM Gulledge Asked when the equipment will be delivered.
6:39:26 PM Flaugher Responded the equipment is in stock and will be delivered as soon as the purchase is made. Suggested Doug show the Board the sample.
6:39:40 PM Drobisch Showed the new pack.
6:39:47 PM Callahan Commented the key feature is the amount of additional time available versus the old packs.
6:39:56 PM Drobisch Explained the pack weighs 12.7 pounds; the current packs weigh approximately 19.5.
6:40:10 PM Flaugher Answered Callahan's question that the old packs provide approximately 15 minute capacity; the proposed packs provide approximately 30 minutes.
6:40:19 PM Drobisch Stated there is considerable difference between the packs. Explained the bottle is slimmer in design with higher pressure. Explained the center of gravity is not thrown off, and the firefighter is not required to lean forward. Explained it is designed to carry the weight on the hips instead of the shoulders. Pointed out the new features: First regarding the auto PASS device, with the current packs the firefighter has to manually flip a switch or pull a lever. Explained for the benefit of the audience, a PASS device is an alarm that sounds if a firefighter is not moving for 30 seconds; it can also be activated manually if a firefighter is in trouble. Explained with the new air packs, when the pack is turned on the device automatically turns on. Explained they have had problems in the past with fire fighters not activating the PASS devices; this solves that issue. Explained another feature of the new packs is the Universal Rescue Connection, which allows a transfer hose to be attached so a firefighter can either connect another to his cylinder to charge it if it is low on air, or addition of a rescue pack which carries a sixty-minute cylinder of air. Explained another feature is a "heads-up" display in the face piece so the fire fighter does not have to look down at his gauge to know what the air level is; it is constantly displayed at the side of his vision in his face piece. Explained voice amplification is included which allows fighters to talk inside a smoke-charged building without screaming or pulling their mask away.
6:43:36 PM Gulledge Thanked Drobisch for his presentation.
6:43:40 PM Schmidt Asked if there is a cascade system on 15.
6:43:45 PM Drobisch Answered yes. Stated when approaching the design of 15, they were anticipating moving to 4,500 PSI bottles. Explained it is just a storage system. Stated they included 6,000 PSI cylinders; however they do not have a compressor capable of charging 6,000 PSI so they are only charging to 4,500 right now. Explained this is fine with the old system, as they are using 2,216 PSI bottles. Explained with the new packs, a new compressor system will allow them to refill more storage cylinders without turning the compressor on.
6:44:23 PM Flaugher Responded they currently have 6,000 PSI bottles on the truck, but they cannot fill them to 6,000 because of the compressor. Explained the truck itself does not have a compressor.
6:44:36 PM Gulledge Clarified they are only able to fill them at the station.
6:44:39 PM Flaugher Responded yes.
6:44:48 PM Drobisch Commented the truck is set up to fill either the 4,500 PSI cylinders on the new packs or the 2,216 PSI on the old bottles.
6:44:52 PM Schmidt Asked if the problem still exists regarding filling the bottles too fast, at which time they do not fill to 100%.
6:45:01 PM Drobisch Answered yes. Explained that is a problem they cannot get away from, as if they are filled too fast it builds up heat, and when the bottle cools the pressure drops.
6:45:14 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. Thanked the men for their presentation.
6:45:24 PM Gulledge Went to next agenda item Pay Request #2 for the Police Station for $11,710.44, and asked Callahan to discuss.
6:45:44 PM Callahan Stated this is the second pay request, which gets them approximately half paid.
6:45:54 PM Schardan Explained the basement is just about done, and he is moving up to Dispatch. Commented his opinion he is over 50% done. Commented on Saturday the air conditioning was not working. Explained he contacted Randy to see if it might be an electrical problem. Explained despite feeling ill, he came down from Hamel to check out the situation, followed the voltage, found a faulty fuse in the blower motor and even stayed around for an hour while they looked for a fuse to replace it. Stated he did not have to do this and did it at no charge. Expressed his appreciation.
6:46:59 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Stated the Pay Request will be added to the Board meeting agenda. Went to next two agenda items, and asked Presson and Kostyshock to discuss.
6:47:18 PM Kostyshock Stated the first item is Pay Request #7 for Old Town Roadway Improvements to Petroff Trucking in the amount of $124,004.79. Explained this puts them half-way on payments made, and the company is making a lot of progress.
6:47:40 PM Gulledge Asked for questions. There were none. Went to next agenda item, Pay Request #1 on Copper Creek Lift Station Contract B.
6:47:51 PM Kostyshock Stated this pay request is for the Copper Creek lift station improvements to JE Construction in the amount of $25,642.03.
6:48:15 PM Gulledge Asked for questions. There were none. Explained this is on the lift station portion of the project; the line is finished, for which they should be receiving a final request for payment. Stated Pay Request #1 will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Went to next item, which he asked Schardan to discuss, regarding the problems filling telecommunicator spots, as one full time employee's is out due to illness.
6:49:06 PM Schardan Explained Scott Buchanan is not able to work. Stated he contacted two applicants: One is full time with Edwardsville, and has received permission to work part time in Maryville. Stated he is working the same schedule that Scott was, so he won't help in that capacity but will help with upcoming vacations. Explained the other individual is working part time with O'Fallon and has been offered full time there; however she is getting married to an O'Fallon Police Officer and does not want to work for the same municipality. Explained she came in to observe and is interested in a part time position now with the possibility of full time after the wedding. Stated his request is to hire these individuals on an emergency basis so as to get them in for their training as soon as possible.
6:50:34 PM Gulledge Asked if there were any questions. Commented the hiring of part time telecommunicators will take the load off of Becky and Erik and eliminate payment of overtime. Commented his opinion it is a good move, especially in light of upcoming vacations.
6:50:52 PM Callahan Concurred. Stated Schardan indicated it is putting stress on the existing dispatchers, as they have been filling in for a while.
6:51:03 PM Schardan Concurred, especially with Becky as she has been dispatching two to three days a week and he has not had use of her in an administrative capacity. Stated her workload is getting backlogged because of the situation, as is Erik's.
6:51:26 PM Gulledge Asked the Trustees' opinion. Stated he would like to hire both under an emergency situation. Stated the positions will be part time with no benefits effective immediately, after which it will be formally approved at the next Board meeting. Commented there was a question posed to him as to hourly wage.
6:51:52 PM Schardan Stated in 2003 part time telecommunicators were making $13 per hour, and there have not been any raises given since. Stated he indicated to both applicants the wage would be between $13 and $14 per hour, both of whom indicated was acceptable.
6:52:18 PM Gulledge Asked if they can discuss this aspect later under the budget discussion, and he will let Schardan know at home later or the next morning. Explained they plan to go into Closed Session after the meeting to discuss raises. Asked for any questions. There were none.
6:52:53 PM Gulledge Before discussing budget, went to Public Input. There was none. Explained he does not plan on discussing the To Do List or Calendar of Events due to the discussions at last week's Caucus, and the fact there have not been any changes. Went to Trustees'/Mayor's comments.
6:53:48 PM Limberg Commented the Memorial Day Service was exceptional this year. Explained they held it inside due to the weather, and approximately 80 people attended. Commented the guest speaker, Colonel Busler, did a fantastic job.
6:54:22 PM Schmidt Commented he forgot to mention at last Caucus that they held a Rabies Clinic May 19th at which they inoculated approximately 100 dogs and cats in three hours. Commented the clinic is held twice per year in the spring and fall. Thanked Dr. Hall and PSO Erik Jones for their assistance.
6:54:53 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's Comments. Stated there is a special Planning Commission meeting tomorrow at which is scheduled a Public Hearing at 7:00 p.m. for a re-zoning request from Don and Joe Osborn, second addition, Stonebridge Bluffs from PDR to SR2; and at 7:10 p.m. a request for rezoning from Beatrice Clayton, 2023 Vadalabene Drive from SR2 to B1. Stated after these hearings they will follow the regular agenda recommendations for rezoning of the Osborn property and recommendations for rezoning of the Clayton property. Stated Saturday at 9:00 a.m. they will hold a Hearing of the Zoning Board of Appeals to hear the request of Stacy Stenger who has requested a special use permit to operate a beauty salon at her property at 209 East Union, which is currently zoned SR2, Single Family. Explained this property is located at the south drive-out doors of the Fire Department. Next, stated he checked on the questions regarding the OSLAD Grant. Stated the big question was if the projects get approved and the bids come in higher will they be obligated to complete the projects. Stated he remembered with the last OSLAD grant they were over budget for the bathrooms. Stated they allow changes with a letter of submittal. Reminded the Board they removed the parking from the project to make it work. Stated he called Juneau to confirm. Stated they adjusted some of the numbers, and he will get copies to the Trustees next week.
6:57:34 PM Gulledge Went to discussion of the 2007/2008 Budget. Asked Henry to take a seat at the Chamber table to facilitate questions. Asked Schmidt to discuss.
6:57:57 PM Schmidt Reminded all Maryville is still an appropriation form of government, and will file their appropriation with the County Clerk in a couple of months as obligated by statute. Explained parallel with that, they have been trying in the last couple years to run a regular budget as a guideline to help keep control of spending and figures. Commented his opinion it has helped . Reminded all to keep in mind the budget is not obligatory by law. Stated he met with all Department Heads regarding the figures. Commented there are some vigorous figures contained in the budget for items some Heads would like to see done. Commended them for showing how they think their departments should be run. Reminded all they have limited resources, and doing all of the items suggested is not possible. Commented if and when the Board approves this budget, it does not mean the departments will get everything contained in it. Explained individual items will be voted on among Board. Explained the general packet contains 60 pages of budget; the first sheet is an overview regarding anticipated revenues and expenditures.
7:00:46 PM Gulledge Commented he would like to review line by line on the summary versus each line of the entire budget. All concurred.
7:01:48 PM Schmidt Stated they will start with the General Fund, with budgeted income of $1,914,000 and expenses of $164,000.
7:02:05 PM Gulledge Asked for any questions. Explained these are as close as they can get to actual numbers.
7:02:33 PM Schmidt Commented many of the figures were taken from the levy issued by the County Clerk's office.
7:02:36 PM Gulledge Asked for questions. There were none. Went to Administration.
7:02:44 PM Callahan Asked on the first page, top line, what was the property tax received this calendar year.
7:03:23 PM Gulledge Answered the levy is for $450,500, although it has not yet been received.
7:03:32 PM Callahan Asked if any of the figures are past receipts.
7:03:36 PM Gulledge Explained the sheet shows the levy and receipt for 05 and 06; they levied $434,000 and received $426,000. Explained last year they levied $476,000 and received $473,000. Stated the reason it went down was because they made sure the levy for the Village went down. Explained they had to lower the amount of money taken in to accomplish this.
7:04:14 PM Callahan Clarified they are anticipating less tax dollars because they lowered the levy. Asked if that is the real number. Gulledge answered yes.
7:04:31 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions on General Fund. There were none. Went to Administration. Asked for any questions. Explained the worksheet shows what happened two years ago and last year; the first column is what was budgeted, the next is actual.
7:05:05 PM Callahan Asked why health insurance was so high last year and so reasonable this year.
7:05:12 PM Gulledge Responded because the Board did a good job finding another carrier with better insurance.
7:05:19 PM Schmidt Commented some of the Department Heads figured a percentage increase in health care coverage. Commented it was his understanding there would be no increase from the first year of coverage.
7:05:47 PM Gulledge Responded that is what they have been told. Commented some put 4% to 5% in.
7:06:06 PM Schmidt Stated this could be in anticipation of an increase in personnel.
7:06:12 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Explained they figured the Administration budget with no new hires and approximately 5% for raises or changes. Went to Administration Building. There were no questions. Went to Maryville Community Improvement Board.
7:07:18 PM Schmidt Stated he spoke with Callahan, and they decided to add an additional line to this Board for miscellaneous expenses of $3,000 which increases the total figure to $50,000. Asked the Board's opinion. All were in favor.
7:08:19 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Went to Outreach Center. Explained they are paying their utility costs; however they included $2,000 because the Village owns the building and is responsible for repairs. There were no questions. Went to Seniors' Building. Stated he plans to have a discussion with Bell regarding how this building is used as to who is able to use it and why. Explained they are beginning to get a lot of people asking to use it for free. Stated it is hard to do anything for free with utility prices as they are. Stated he is asking Bell to look into more guidelines regarding use of the building with the Building Committee.
7:09:58 PM Garcia Clarified they currently have guidelines.
7:10:02 PM Gulledge Explained they do; however people are under the impression they can use it for nothing and the Village needs to have a policy in writing. Explained it is not a problem with damage; it is simply recouping utility costs. There were no other questions. Went to Library. Stated the first line item for rental income is unknown until the committee meets with the library. Explained they plugged in a figure at $500 per month. Asked for other questions. There were none.
7:11:30 PM Gulledge Went to Cemetery. Explained the only expense is grass cutting, and they included $50 miscellaneous for maintenance tools, etc.
7:12:03 PM Gulledge Went to Health Department. Explained the Safety Officer is $600 and operating supplies consists mostly of mosquito dunks.
7:12:21 PM Comptroller Stated they will be receiving these free from Madison County from now on.
7:12:29 PM Presson Explained that is for this year; however they are not sure if they will continue this for future years.
7:12:35 PM Gulledge Clarified if they need to trim the figures, they can trim $1,000 there. Went to Museum.
7:12:53 PM Kostyshock Stated they will be having a meeting regarding the museum on June 21st. Stated they have been neglecting the pictures and artifacts etc. Explained all the old pictures need to be framed, an inventory of objects needs to be taken, etc. Stated for this reason, he would like to raise the budget to $5,000, which is an increase of $2,900. The question was raised as to which item will be raised. The decision was made to raise "Miscellaneous Expenses" to $3,000.
7:14:17 PM Callahan Asked if they heat and cool that building.
7:14:23 PM Kostyshock Answered they do not cool it, except for opening doors.
7:14:30 PM Gulledge Asked Trustees' their opinion; all were in favor. Went to IMRF. Explained this is a standard item, and reflects what they are required to pay. Asked Brussatti if the figure is only existing employees, or did they provide for possible new hires.
7:15:13 PM Brussatti Responded it is only current employees including new hires in Public Works and Dispatch.
7:15:31 PM Gulledge Clarified it is not any more full time employees the Village may or may not hire between now and the end of the fiscal year. He was told yes. Explained the property taxes were $96; however they only used $67 so there is some flexibility. Asked for any questions. There were none.
7:16:02 PM Gulledge Went to Social Security, which is standard. Asked for questions.
7:16:17 PM Brussatti Explained the figure dropped because the police officers do not pay Social Security, as they are in a SLEP retirement fund.
7:16:28 PM Gulledge Went to Hotel/Motel.
7:16:36 PM Callahan Asked what operating supplies are.
7:16:39 PM Gulledge Explained they are light bulbs, cords, etc. for the Christmas Lights. Asked for other questions. Asked Garcia if she intends to purchase more lights.
7:17:11 PM Garcia Stated she was unsure whether it fell under her or the Community Improvement Board. The comment was made there is not sufficient funds in the MCIB budget to allow for lights. Garcia indicated she would like to purchase more and should increase the budget.
7:17:34 PM Gulledge Stated they can look at it further and change it if they have to. Went to Public Comfort. Stated the property tax is $30,000. Commented they are tearing down the old comfort station at Firemen's Park and will need to pour a concrete slab. Stated if there are any other items to accomplish at the park, his opinion is it should be taken from Public Comfort. Commented the intent is for the $20,000 grant to take care of the concrete and building, but if not they may have to use some money from this fund.
7:18:30 PM Gulledge Went to Building and Zoning. Asked for any questions.
7:18:45 PM Schmidt Explained his understanding of his conversation with Flaugher: He was not planning on hiring anybody; however the figure of $60,000 includes his salary and half of Fenton's, along with IMRF, Social Security, health insurance and all benefits, the other half of which is expensed to Administration.
7:19:14 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. Asked regarding health insurance why it went up to $10,000 when they only expended $7,484.94 last year.
7:19:37 PM Flaugher Explained Fenton was not full time until mid-way through the past fiscal year, so they were not paying health insurance for part of the year. Stated he also put in a small increase in case of unexpected increases.
7:20:26 PM Schmidt Commented there has been a payment made already this year. Asked if that is for one month.
7:21:05 PM Brussatti Responded he is not sure how many payments have been made so far.
7:21:13 PM Callahan Commented Administration shows $1,559, which is $17; therefore to him that shows one month's payment.
7:21:27 PM Schmidt Commented one month's figure times 12 comes out to $10,600.
7:21:43 PM Flaugher Responded he thinks he came up with the figure by getting the family rate at half plus his single rate.
7:22:05 PM Schmidt Stated if it was done correctly when it was paid out, the $884 should be a true reflection, which multiplied by 12 comes to $10,600.
7:22:12 PM Gulledge Stated they should change the figure to $10,600. Asked for other questions. Explained this is difficult to call, as they don't know how much building will go on.
7:22:36 PM Schmidt Concurred they don't know about engineering costs or revenues, plus legal costs.
7:22:54 PM Garcia Asked what the Building Permit Fee line item is.
7:22:59 PM Flaugher Explained that is what is collected by the Village
7:23:04 PM Schmidt Asked what he figured for an increase in salary. Flaugher responded a 4% increase for both.
7:23:12 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Went to Fire Department.
7:23:22 PM Flaugher Explained any large budget items include a narrative on the back page.
7:23:39 PM Schmidt Commented Flaugher's budget sheet and worksheet do not match, as the worksheet shows zeros.
7:24:08 PM Flaugher Reviewed and explained he input the wrong account number on his worksheet.
7:24:35 PM Schmidt Asked what he plans to do with the $30,000 for packs under equipment.
7:24:48 PM Callahan Commented the payment is not due this fiscal year.
7:24:54 PM Gulledge Responded unless they choose to pre-pay. Stated while on this subject, they need to make the decision how they will pay for the packs. Suggested they take other questions first and come back to this issue.
7:25:29 PM Kostyshock Asked regarding wage expenses if the figure includes fire calls.
7:25:35 PM Flaugher Explained he has it broken down on the back page. Stated it is a tough call on wages as they don't know what will happen with negotiations. Stated the only increase in the full time figure is that he included a new hire.
7:26:18 PM Callahan Asked if that is why the health insurance figure is higher.
7:26:23 PM Flaugher Stated he took it into consideration when figuring health insurance. Stated on the part time figure he used the current hours covered by part time shifts to calculate the figure. Stated he included normal increases on dispatchers as they pay half of their salary. Stated he left fire calls at what was paid out last year.
7:26:53 PM Kostyshock Commented they are up significantly on fire calls this year.
7:26:58 PM Flaugher Stated they are at approximately 460 for this year and not yet even half way through the year. Stated last year they had approximately 750 total for the year.
7:27:25 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions.
7:27:29 PM Schmidt Clarified as far as major equipment they are not buying anything large. Further commented on the figure for repairs to both pads.
7:27:48 PM Flaugher Stated he got approximate bids for budgetary purposes. Explained his estimate includes removal and replacement of pads on both sides of the building and widening them to full width to the street. Schmidt asked about the generator figure. Stated he is comfortable with the generator figure because he obtained ball-park estimates.
7:28:17 PM Schmidt Asked if he wants to discuss the air evacuation system at this time.
7:28:38 PM Flaugher Explained the air evacuation system. Stated they are not required to install this at this time, as they do not have sleeping quarters at the Fire House. Explained the evacuation system removes the truck exhaust from the building. Stated the old way to evacuate the exhaust is to attach a hose to each truck which sucked out the air and was supposed to kick off the truck when they pull out. Stated these systems were approximately $130,000. Stated there is now a new system available, which looks like smoke ejectors that hang in the station and can be set to activate when the tones go off. Explained they will run for a certain amount of time and run on a filter. Stated they talked to a salesman to get an idea on the equipment. Stated the salesman indicated with the size and dimensions of the station they could get by with five units at an approximate cost of $3,500 each. Stated he also included extra for installation.
7:30:21 PM Gulledge Asked for any questions. Clarified this is for carbon monoxide.
7:30:28 PM Flaugher Explained it removes all exhaust fumes and dust. Stated it is supposed to make the air cleaner to breathe and keep the equipment cleaner. Explained it is required if there are full time living quarters, as people are sleeping there.
7:31:03 PM Gulledge Asked for any questions. Asked if any other volunteer departments that are non-sleeping have this system.
7:31:20 PM Flaugher Stated he would have to check. Stated some have the old systems with hoses on the trucks. Explained in his experience they don't eject properly and lines are constantly being replaced.
7:31:40 PM Gulledge Clarified he has the system figured into the budget. Flaugher answered yes. Commented they have to come back to the Board for approval of such purchases, so his suggestion is to leave it in for now. Suggested they discuss the air packs. Clarified the Board is in favor of the purchase, as the Department needs them. Limberg and Kostyshock commented their agreement as former firefighters.
7:32:51 PM Callahan Stated three of the bids were for a payment one year in the future.
7:33:10 PM Flaugher Commented those were the three banks; the other two bids were finance companies obtained through Towers.
7:33:27 PM Schmidt Clarified UMB, FNB and Regions would require a first payment July of 2008.
7:33:37 PM Flaugher Stated he requested bids based on one annual payment.
7:33:44 PM Callahan Stated they could pay ahead, but the rates received were 4.5% from FNB for four years, 4.63% from Regions for four years, 4.75% from UMB for four years, 5.45% from Baystone for four years, and 5.80% from Leasing II for four years. Stated what is misleading is for Baystone and Leasing II, the payments are lower but they require the first payment up front; therefore they are not paying the first year's interest. Stated the UMB bid was an estimate due to the fact they did not obtain a bid for an annual payment but for twelve payments. the FNB bid was based on 4.5% rate and Regions on 4.63%; they did not even give a quote.
7:34:47 PM Flaugher Explained the reason they did not is because upon receipt of their bid proposals, they included an annual payment but figured it on the wrong amount of $146,800. Stated for this reason he did not include the figure in the packet.
7:35:08 PM Callahan Commented his opinion all these rates would hold if they decided to pay the first year's payment up front or one year later. Stated his thought was if they make a down payment they would be borrowing less. Stated his opinion the rates will hold because they are borrowing less money across the board. Stated his opinion is they can go either way. Stated they have $30,000 in the budget; the number would be closer to $34,000 if they chose to make the payment next year; however that is not this fiscal year.
7:36:02 PM Gulledge Commented the air bottles have a life of 14 years. Stated his vote would be to go with FNB for four years at 4.5%.
7:36:37 PM Callahan Comment he doesn't care, as he thinks the rates will hold up. Stated they can make a down payment if the Board chooses.
7:36:55 PM Schmidt Commented it looks as though they will run over on calls versus last year. Suggested they split the budgeted $30,000 to $15,000 down on the packs and $15,000 to increase the $80,000 in salaries.
7:37:23 PM Callahan Responded he does not have a problem with that.
7:37:30 PM Schmidt Commented at 460 calls not even half-way through the year, doubling that number equals 920 calls.
7:37:47 PM Callahan Commented making a down payment will make the finance payment lower; however it is still not due until next fiscal year. Clarified with Flaugher there is nothing else they can use before taking the $30,000 out of the equipment budget.
7:38:18 PM Flaugher Commented he thought about that issue; however at the time of the turnout gear purchase last year, he indicated packs were the only other priority. Stated he did budget in a little money for some radios and pagers due to the increase in the number of fire fighters; and a miscellaneous amount of $5,000 for anything that comes up during the year.
7:38:43 PM Callahan Asked about an item he heard about at work regarding a government ruling that all first-responders are supposed to be on the same radio wavelength.
7:39:22 PM Gulledge Responded he doesn't know how that can be done, as all departments are on different frequencies.
7:39:33 PM Flaugher Commented it could be the system in place with the State called MABIS-Mutual Aid Alarm Box System where all responders have the frequencies programmed in their radios and if they respond anyplace in the State with another Department, they can go to MABIS to all be on the same frequency.
7:39:59 PM Callahan Responded he is referring to a federal requirement; however his question is, even with MABIS, is that something Maryville could be forced into doing.
7:40:05 PM Flaugher Stated they already have it.
7:40:11 PM Gulledge Stated they need to go back to how they will finance the packs. Clarified they are all in agreement to make the purchase. All were in favor.
7:40:33 PM Limberg Commented his opinion it is a good idea to split the figure and put $15,000 to fire calls, as they know they will increase.
7:40:46 PM Gulledge Asked Callahan his opinion regarding putting $15,000 to fire calls, make a $15,000 down payment and not make the payment until next year.
7:40:54 PM Callahan Stated he does not care; he just wants to make sure there is nothing that will pop out of the budget. Flaugher responded he does not foresee anything coming up. Callahan stated if they put the $15,000 down, it is less money they will owe next year, so he is in favor of it as long as the budget is covered.
7:41:35 PM Gulledge Clarified all are in favor. All were. Reiterated the plan is to take the $30,000 currently budgeted for air packs and put $15,000 of it to wages and make a $15,000 down payment on the packs. Schmidt commented this means leaving $15,000 in equipment. Gulledge clarified this cost includes the compressor. Flaugher answered yes.
7:42:55 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none.
7:43:06 PM Flaugher Commented they are holding the packs for the Department. Asked if he should wait until next week's Board meeting to act.
7:43:14 PM Gulledge Stated he can tell them Maryville will buy them; however they can't officially buy them until next week.
7:44:00 PM Schmidt Clarified it was decided they are going with FNB on the financing.
7:44:05 PM Gulledge Answered that is correct. Went to Public Service Officer budget. Asked for any questions.
7:44:32 PM Callahan Asked about the previous year's health insurance figure.
7:44:38 PM Jones Stated he did not take the Village's health insurance last year.
7:45:03 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions.
7:45:11 PM Schmidt Clarified everything recently purchased is included in the equipment line item. He was told yes. Schmidt asked about WIFI.
7:45:29 PM Jones Stated wireless access was included in the budget; however the item is still in discussion with Bell.
7:45:40 PM Callahan Asked about his vehicle.
7:45:45 PM Jones Responded it is only one year old and is still under warranty.
7:45:50 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Went to Police Department. Commented before discussing this budget, they will not discuss any salary figures due to ongoing negotiations. Asked for questions.
7:46:30 PM Schardan Commented regarding the grant: He included the full amount; however the grant won't start until October 1st, so they need to cut it in half. Stated when they receive the payments depends on when they do the work.
7:47:07 PM Gulledge Asked for any questions. Commented this is a big budget.
7:47:16 PM Callahan Commented in defense of the Chief: Presson also has a large department budget; however the difference between Presson and the Chief is the Police Department is 24/7 and Presson runs a five to six day week at eight to ten hour shifts. Commented the budget is large and always will be; unless they want to go to a part-time Department, this is what they have to deal with.
7:47:34 PM Schardan Commented he also added retroactive pay, which drives up the numbers.
7:47:56 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions.
7:48:01 PM Schmidt Clarified he has two cars figured in; one in a couple months and one more towards third quarter. Schardan answered yes. Asked if he figured in resale value of the cars of which they are disposing.
7:48:26 PM Schardan Stated he had it in the revenue section.
7:48:50 PM Callahan Commented regarding vehicles: There is a possibility they could come to the Board to request amortization for future payments, while not spending more than the budgeted $48,000.
7:49:25 PM Schmidt Asked if that is under fixed assets. Schardan answered yes. Schmidt asked if he still has the name of the individual that gave such good prices on wholesale vehicles. Schardan answered yes, as well as a couple of other contacts.
7:49:52 PM Garcia Asked if the $66,000 includes the new wiring in the building. Schardan answered yes. Asked if the $48,000 in equipment and $48,000 in vehicles is the same item.
7:50:09 PM Schardan Answered yes. Explained the current digital recorder they have is old and parts cannot be replaced, so he did not renew the maintenance agreement; therefore he included it the figures in case the recorder goes out. Stated they could take a loan out or make payments similar to last time to reduce the amount paid in this budget year.
7:50:54 PM Schmidt Asked under health if he increased all of the healthcare coverage by 5% including one additional person. Schardan answered yes. Schmidt clarified they could lower the number by 5%.
7:51:17 PM Schardan Answered if they are sure there will be no increase yes. Explained he also broke his figures down to when raises are received, etc.
7:51:46 PM Schmidt Regarding the health insurance figure, taking 5% off the current budgeted amount equals $92,000.
7:52:07 PM Callahan Clarified Schardan plans to hire another person. Schardan stated that is figured in. Callahan commented the figure shown at $8,096 multiplied by 12 is $92,000; adding another individual will cost more.
7:52:54 PM Schardan Stated he figured on an individual coming in at a family rate so it would be high, and figuring from the time of hire, the figure shouldn't go over what is shown.
7:53:00 PM Gulledge Suggested they should leave it alone. Asked for other questions.
7:53:19 PM Garcia Asked what "Rental" is.
7:53:28 PM Schardan Answered it is the LEADS network. Commented it is the same for radio communication, which is a monthly fee, as well as the IWIN.
7:54:03 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Went to Fire and Police Board. Stated he thinks he understands what they did: The budget is double and half is for fire and half is for police.
7:54:46 PM Henry Clarified the section that starts with 12 is for fire; the section that starts with 21 is for police.
7:54:56 PM Gulledge Stated that is what he is saying: They call if Fire and Police Board, but their expenses are shown twice. Commented if it is light, it is on the police; and if heavy it is on fire. Stated the bottom line is $14,300.
7:55:15 PM Schardan Commented the big difference is the psychological testing.
7:55:23 PM Gulledge Commented they also hire more officers than fire. Asked for other questions on Fire and Police Board.
7:55:35 PM Callahan Clarified they have no source of income other than the Village.
7:55:46 PM Gulledge Answered that is correct and is by State statute. Asked for other questions. There were none.
7:56:18 PM Gulledge Went to Parks. Stated they received a change, and asked Henry to discuss.
7:56:28 PM Henry Stated they added $7,000 to line item 529 for drainage at the Merz Gazebo.
7:56:49 PM Gulledge Explained Henry distributed new summary sheets. Asked for any questions.
7:57:01 PM Schmidt Clarified it looks as if they made a payment this year on page 46 under printing. Stated they wanted $100 and have already spent $99.
7:57:28 PM Gulledge Commented they can't spend any more.
7:57:54 PM Schmidt Commented he spoke with Bell regarding a few of the items: They are anticipating $200,000 in grants; they are anticipating approximately $95,000 in green space fees from Timber Creek, and dividing that in half and saving it as was voted on by the Board last year, they will have $42,500 to spend. Commented he is not sure what he has in mind for equipment at $30,000 and park improvements at $150,000; but it looks as if he is planning on spending a lot of money, so he better get the $200,000 in grants,
7:59:10 PM Gulledge Commented they know they are getting $25,000 for the pavilion; $60,000 for the parking lot; a $16,000 PEP grant; and they have a good chance for another $8,000 plus they were given the strong impression they will be getting the $16,000 for the rubberized surface.
8:00:02 PM Schmidt Commented that puts them to approximately $130,000. Commented regarding the OSLAD agreement it is the Board's contention if they apply, they don't award these grants until early winter. Stated if they have to borrow money towards it and don't get the project started until late spring, they won't need to worry about the money until the next budget.
8:00:46 PM Gulledge Stated they will have time to decide the method of payment.
8:00:52 PM Callahan Questioned line items both ending in "386". Stated one starts with a 52, which is money in, and he is reserving the money.
8:01:11 PM Gulledge Responded that is correct. Stated the Board passed the decision that half can be spent if the Board so chooses, and half goes to a dedicated fund for land acquisition.
8:01:30 PM Callahan Stated it looks to him as if they are reserving it all.
8:01:39 PM Henry Explained $9,500 is expected so $4,250 is being split in the general "52" fund, and the other half is being reserved in the "53" fund. Stated they can't use that money for anything but land purchase.
8:01:54 PM Schmidt Further explained half is shown as revenue and half as reserve.
8:02:02 PM Callahan Asked where is the other half shown as revenue.
8:02:03 PM Henry Explained the line items.
8:02:23 PM Callahan Stated his opinion they cancel each other out.
8:02:26 PM Henry Responded no, they are both revenue accounts.
8:02:46 PM Gulledge Explained they never had a Land Acquisition account, so they added it later.
8:02:52 PM Henry Explained it is so they can track it separately. Stated as it is its own separate fund it has been given a separate line item so they cannot spend that money. Stated it is being reserved in "1753" as a separate line item.
8:03:07 PM Callahan Clarified the $70,900 is a deficit.
8:03:11 PM Henry Responded no, it is a positive. Explained they still have to show it as income, as it is money expected to come in. Directed Callahan to the summary page, where it is split out.
8:03:54 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Went to Public Works, Street Department. Asked for questions.
8:04:29 PM Callahan Asked if he is expecting new hires.
8:04:33 PM Presson Responded no.
8:04:40 PM Gulledge Explained they hired an extra employee early this year. Stated Presson agreed he would be the employee he needed from this year if they went ahead and hired him then.
8:05:08 PM Callahan Commented on the health insurance figure: If the figure shown is a one-month payment, that means he will be spending $54,000 but they have only taken out $30,000. Commented something is not right. Commented they only spent $26,000 last year, so the $54,000 figure is large.
8:05:36 PM Gulledge Concurred something is wrong. Stated last year's figure should be correct. Concurred with Callahan that the one-month figure of $4,479.18 multiplied by 12 is not $30,000.
8:06:07 PM Henry Commented in preparing the admin budget and discussing health insurance with Brussatti, she is not sure his payroll codes are correct. Stated Brussatti was supposed to check, as he agreed that some were not right. Stated she does not think the payroll was splitting correctly during the last fiscal year. Stated they found errors on the admin side.
8:06:42 PM Gulledge Asked how they fix the problem.
8:06:45 PM Brussatti Stated Summit is looking into the software program to see how they have it split to make sure if they work in Water and Streets it is splitting correctly instead of all of it going to Water.
8:07:06 PM Gulledge Stated they don't do it that way. Stated Presson has Street employees and Water employees.
8:07:14 PM Brussatti Stated Presson is split half Street and half Water. Gulledge concurred, saying Presson is the only person that should be split. Brussatti stated Cliff Jones is half Water and half Street.
8:07:39 PM Presson Responded Jones should be all Street. Stated the only other employee that would be split is Goetter.
8:07:40 PM Brussatti Stated Goetter is also split now. Stated Jones is split and has been ever since he has been doing maintenance.
8:08:08 PM Gulledge Stated they need to figure out the problem.
8:08:09 PM Callahan Commented his understanding they instructed Juneau on projects with both street and water work that he give them a percentage.
8:08:31 PM Gulledge Concurred that is what they are supposed to be doing. Stated he does not understand what is happening with the program.
8:08:42 PM Callahan Commented his opinion salaries would be easy; however some of the big projects in which they are involved get complicated.
8:09:00 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions.
8:09:11 PM Schmidt Clarified he is not adding a new hire.
8:09:21 PM Presson Answered he is not. Stated if anything, there is enough in the budget for the possible addition of a part time employee after summer help leaves.
8:09:33 PM Schmidt Asked about large equipment.
8:09:38 PM Presson Stated it is varied from making payments on a street sweeper to trailer mounted sprayers, small tools, etc.
8:09:57 PM Callahan Asked regarding street lighting whether the electric companies discontinued the policy of one free. Presson responded yes. Callahan asked if these numbers reflect that change.
8:10:12 PM Gulledge Answered yes, and pointed out the page.
8:10:26 PM Callahan Commented the figure is up around $13,000 because they are now paying for all of them.
8:10:32 PM Gulledge Answered yes. Asked for other questions on Streets.
8:10:36 PM Schmidt Clarified he is looking for two new vehicles.
8:10:41 PM Presson Answered that is correct. Stated it would be an addition of one full vehicle for Streets with an additional vehicle split between Water and Streets. Schmidt asked if he intends to sell anything. Presson answered there is a possibility; however he did not have time to put together Blue Book figures to see what the vehicles are worth. Stated there are possibly two to three intended for sale.
8:11:11 PM Gulledge Commented they won't get much for them. Went to MFT. Asked for any questions. Stated they adopted the MFT, and know what they will get in. There were no questions. Went to Special Service Area #1, which is by levy and cannot be changed.
8:11:57 PM Callahan Asked how much is owed on the project.
8:12:04 PM Long Stated she believes that is approximately two-thirds paid. Stated NESSE is already retired. Commented either 3 or 1 is close.
8:12:30 PM Gulledge Asked Long to check on 1 and 3. Long indicated she will go look now. With no other questions went to Water Softening.
8:12:50 PM Schmidt Stated there was some confusion on page 55 because Callahan had a question. Explained that is basically the bond payments; the actual chemicals and fees in revenue are in separate line items in WSOM.
8:13:16 PM Callahan Clarified they actually bill for softening on the water bill.
8:13:20 PM Jolene Answered yes, and it is tracked separately within WSOM.
8:13:26 PM Callahan Commented the problem before was once the money went in, it stayed; this way they take it out as they need it.
8:13:47 PM Callahan Asked if they know how much cash is in the softening fund.
8:13:59 PM Gulledge Responded the total in the Bond fund $68,812.78; the total in the WSOM fund is $96,375.56.
8:14:53 PM Schmidt Asked if revenue in the budget reflects the $96,000.
8:14:58 PM Callahan Stated the rates are so much higher than two years ago, they should be earning close to 5%.
8:15:08 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Went to Water Works Bond and Interest.
8:15:20 PM Long Stated she has the Special Service Area figures: SSA #1 will be paid off in October of 2011; SSA #3 will be paid off in August of 2017. Stated they only pay it twice a year.
8:15:45 PM Callahan Asked how much cash is in each fund now.
8:15:56 PM Brussatti Answered $25,075.85 in SSA #3 and $32,005.77 in SSA #1.
8:16:13 PM Gulledge Went to WSOM. Asked for any questions.
8:16:39 PM Schmidt Asked if there are new hires included. Presson answered no. Asked if he figured the health care costs the same way. Presson answered that is correct.
8:16:50 PM Callahan Asked Mayor if they know the charge for #362 is a good number.
8:17:08 PM Gulledge Stated they know what the number is for this year from Collinsville. Stated that is what they bring in. Callahan asked if they know on the other end. Mayor answered yes, for last year. Explained they have to pay last year's this year. Stated it is always a year behind. Asked for other questions.
8:17:44 PM Schmidt Asked whether any vehicles discussed in Streets will be split.
8:17:53 PM Presson Answered one was. Stated there is an additional vehicle in WSOM this year with the split vehicle. Clarified there will be three vehicles total.
8:18:17 PM Schmidt Asked whether they split the travel expenses to IML.
8:18:26 PM Gulledge Responded no; each is responsible for their own.
8:18:34 PM Schmidt Clarified his question is whether it is split between Street and Water. Mayor responded he does not know.
8:18:41 PM Callahan Commented on the same problem as earlier that the health insurance figure is incorrect.
8:18:57 PM Brussatti Commented the figures should be correct because he gave Presson a sheet showing costs for each employee.
8:19:16 PM Gulledge Stated they will check on the issue and make the necessary changes. Asked for other questions. There were none.
8:19:34 PM Gulledge Asked for any questions for Henry, Brussatti or Long before asking to go into Closed Session. There were none.
8:20:20 PM Wigginton Stated he is requesting a Closed Session under 5ILCS120/2(c)1 to discuss the appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance or dismissal of specific employees of the Village of Maryville; and under 5ILCS120/2(c)2 to discuss salary schedules for one or more classes of employees.
8:20:50 PM Gulledge Commented to the members of the press, they are welcome to wait; however he does not know how long they will be, and no action will be taken upon conclusion of the Closed Session. Asked for a motion to go into Closed Session. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
9:44:19 PM Gulledge Asked for a motion to come out of Closed Session. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
9:44:31 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
9:44:50 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville