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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date7/11/2007 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:10 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, July 11, 2007 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Also present were Deputy Clerk Fenton, Village Clerk Long, Police Chief Schardan, Police Officer Spaller, Police Officer Luna, Public Works Director Presson, two (2) residents and three (3) reporters.
6:30:51 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the June 27th Caucus minutes and OSLAD Grant Submittal Public Hearing minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Kostyshock and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:29 PM Gulledge Went to first agenda item regarding Police Department request to purchase rifles and accessories and asked Office Spaller and Chief Schardan to discuss.
6:31:46 PM Schardan Explained officers have been requesting switching to rifles for a long time. Explained he was not convinced in the past, but has recently read some articles and researched the issue and has been persuaded they are a good idea. Explained Spaller is the firearms instructor and did some research. Stated he received six different models for testing; three of which failed. Stated his recommendation is to go with the Doublestar rifle. Stated he has one with him to show the Board. Explained Spaller demonstrated the gun for him at the firing range, and he finds it to be very accurate. Explained it does not have the force of a shot gun, which eliminates the worry of shots going through walls and hitting other people/property. Kostyshock asked if they can be used as automatic or semi-automatic. Schardan responded they will not be set for automatic for Maryville's use.
6:34:31 PM Gulledge Clarified they are requesting one for each car.
6:34:35 PM Schardan Explained he would like to change the proposal from six to seven to facilitate a rifle in every car. Explained there is money in the DEA fund that is approaching the two-year mark and needs to be spent. Explained he would use the funds for all the weapons plus the rail for installation of a flashlight on the weapon.
6:35:23 PM Spaller Demonstrated where the rail and flashlight will be attached.
6:35:39 PM Schardan Explained Doublestar can install these rails so as to be included on the same bill. Stated the approximate cost for seven weapons will be $4,000, and there is approximately $9,000 in the DEA fund. Explained they will keep the shotguns and will house them as they currently are behind the officer; the rifles will mount between the two front seats. Explained his idea is to keep the rifle and shotgun separate so the officer knows which they are using as opposed to storing them next to each other which will make it confusing for the officer when he goes to grab one. Explained they will have electronic locks and Spaller has drafted a policy. Explained he, Spaller and the two Sergeants have discussed the issue; they will refine the policy and have it in place before placing the weapons in service. Explained it will take time to get people trained and will be several months before implementation.
6:37:24 PM Schmidt Asked how the weapons will be maintained.
6:37:33 PM Schardan Explained Spaller is in charge of maintaining the weapons.
6:37:46 PM Kostyshock Asked if it would be beneficial to have the weapons equipped with a night vision scope.
6:38:10 PM Spaller Explained right now night vision would be overkill for a community such as Maryville. Explained most of the Village is under street or house lights, which results in night vision blurring out.
6:38:45 PM Callahan Asked if they will revert the shot guns to nonlethal.
6:38:55 PM Schardan Stated this issue was discussed; however he is not convinced on the idea. Stated he is interested in the Taser system to convert shotguns, which will increase the range.
6:39:23 PM Callahan Asked if they will carry buck shot in the shot guns.
6:39:28 PM Spaller Stated right now they carry a mixture of buckshot and slug. Explained whatever the particular officer wants to carry is in the shotgun at that time. Stated the problem is the next officer to use the gun has no idea how it is loaded. Stated once they get the rifles he would like to get rid of slugs. Explained the range of buckshot is only 18 yards.
6:40:11 PM Garcia Asked if guns are left in the cars at night.
6:40:17 PM Schardan Explained they will until the cold months, at which time they will be brought in to save the life on the flashlight batteries.
6:40:33 PM Gulledge Explained the guns are locked into the car with an electronic mechanism.
6:41:01 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. Clarified Callahan is in favor. Callahan responded yes. Asked for other questions or comments.
6:41:13 PM Bell Commented the accessory figure should be changed from 6 to 7.
6:41:30 PM Schardan Responded yes. Gulledge clarified he will re-draft the proposal for next week's Board meeting.
6:41:54 PM Garcia Clarified he is not going over budget.
6:41:59 PM Schardan Responded no. Explained he has $4,000 from the General Fund budget, and the accessories came to approximately $2,600.
6:42:04 PM Gulledge Clarified they will use funds from the DEA fund for the weapons and from General Fund for the accessories. All Trustees were in favor of putting the item on the agenda for purchase at next week's Board meeting.
6:42:27 PM Callahan Asked about the Taser range of 100 feet. Discussion ensued regarding Taser technology.
6:43:01 PM Gulledge Asked Chief to introduce Officer Luna.
6:43:09 PM Schardan Introduced Officer Sam Luna. Explained they mentioned his awards at the last Board meeting; he asked Luna to bring in his trophies for the Board to see. Stated he received first place in Defensive Tactics and second place in Firearms.
6:43:43 PM Gulledge Commented his appreciation of Luna's efforts.
6:44:14 PM Schardan Commented they are expecting good things from Luna. Commented his appreciation for the job the Fire and Police Board is doing in obtaining candidates.
6:44:31 PM Gulledge Went to next Agenda item, Full Time Telecommunicator, and asked Schardan to discuss.
6:44:40 PM Schardan Stated Steve Black has been hired part time; he would like to hire him full-time starting July 20th. Stated the officers are pleased with him, he is very professional and knowledgeable. Stated they will have to send him to the 80 hour course in September as required by Madison County.
6:46:01 PM Schmidt Asked if he is resigning from somewhere.
6:46:08 PM Schardan Stated he has resigned from Edwardsville where he worked part time.
6:46:15 PM Callahan Commented he has heard positive feedback about this individual from the Police Department.
6:46:22 PM Gulledge Concurred he has heard the same from the Fire Department as well. Asked for questions or comments. Commented they desperately need the help. All Trustees were in favor. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda.
6:47:13 PM Schardan Stated he has talked to Mike Richards, who indicated his surgery is scheduled for the end of the month. Stated it will likely be some time in August before he comes back to dispatching.
6:47:32 PM Gulledge Asked for questions for the Chief. There were none. Went to next item, 2006 Municipal Maintenance Expenditure Statement. Explained they looked at all the jobs and turned them in to the engineering firm, as well as turning them in to IDOT as they felt they are warranted MFT expenditures. Stated IDOT agrees. Explained most of it was the concrete patching work. Commented MFT is more restrictive than General Fund. Stated they will move the money to the General Fund. Asked for any questions or comments. There were none. Stated the item will be placed on the agenda. Asked for any questions for Presson. Commented to Presson that the town looks nice in anticipation of the homecoming. Commented they are scheduling street sweeping for Thursday and Friday.
6:49:49 PM Bell Asked if Division in front of the Village hall will stay the same.
6:49:58 PM Presson Explained yes, minus some rock and general sweeping. Stated they have some general cleaning and barricading to do.
6:50:24 PM Gulledge Commented the week lost due to weather really hurt the project.
6:50:41 PM Kostyshock Commented on the good job done by Public Works on cleaning up the project.
6:50:59 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Went to next item, Estimated Revenues and Appropriations, and asked Schmidt to discuss.
6:51:15 PM Schmidt Stated Mayor put the figures together with the help of personnel. Looked at anticipated revenues and asked for any questions. Questioned under Street Lighting, last year they only anticipated $15,000 and came up short; questioned this year's figure of $70,000.
6:52:33 PM Gulledge Clarified with Long the number came from the levy. Stated he does not have the levy with him, but will check on it.
6:53:11 PM Schmidt Questioned the odd figure under taxes of $1,097,965. Gulledge responded that is also from the levy.
6:53:37 PM Schmidt Questioned the green space fees figure of $139,500; at $750 per lot this comes out to 186 lots. Asked what developments they are including.
6:53:57 PM Gulledge Stated since drafting the budget, they have received word of two more development plans that may or may not be approved. Clarified these figures are estimated. Stated they think these plans will be submitted in enough time to make it before April 30th.
6:54:56 PM Schmidt Asked for other questions.
6:55:00 PM Callahan Asked if this is for the current year. He was told yes. Asked if the bulk water sales figure should be higher.
6:55:26 PM Gulledge Responded they don't know what they will get, so they estimated at $1,500.
6:55:38 PM Presson Commented that is a fairly average number. Explained they have slowed off the past year with water hauling, as there are not as many companies hauling water to fill pools, etc.
6:55:56 PM Gulledge Clarified Callahan's question that they are supplying Collinsville with water now.
6:56:03 PM Presson Stated the agreement with Collinsville is on a meter basis and individually metered from the homeowner's meter, so it is not included as a "bulk sale".
6:56:30 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. Stated they will check on the street lighting question.
6:56:40 PM Long Commented her recollection is they raised it because they have to pay the whole bill now.
6:56:47 PM Gulledge Clarified this is under revenues. Stated they will check on it.
6:57:13 PM Schmidt Went to appropriations, Fire Department, and asked for any questions.
6:57:29 PM Gulledge Reminded Board this is the legal limit to be set. Stated they input the budget number, and compared it to the next column which is what will be appropriated. There were no questions on Fire.
6:58:09 PM Schmidt Went to Police Department and asked for any questions.
6:58:26 PM Gulledge Commented they are frequently asked regarding the Community Relations figure. Explained the majority of that figure is the Halloween Party hosted by the Police Department for the community. Directed attention to the Fire and Police Board, as that is a new column. Explained "Medical Service" is new-hire physicals; "Other Professional Services" is other testing such as psychological, etc. There were no other questions.
6:59:14 PM Schmidt Went to Administrative Department. There were no questions.
7:00:16 PM Schmidt Went to Legal. Explained they have taken all the legal fees for all the different departments and put them into one figure.
7:00:35 PM Gulledge Commented they are tracked separately; however for appropriations purposes they are included as one figure.
7:00:42 PM Limberg Asked regarding Buildings, they have budgetary items that are higher than the appropriation under "Maintenance Service" and "Maintenance Supplies".
7:01:05 PM Gulledge Responded this section covers what is not covered in the other specified areas, which is Village Hall, Outreach Center, Museum and Library.
7:01:23 PM Bell Asked if that is considered "Miscellaneous".
7:01:25 PM Gulledge Explained it covers the aforementioned buildings, as the other areas have it included in their appropriation. Explained the Fire House, Police Department, etc. will have it included in their appropriation.
7:02:21 PM Bell Stated his opinion the figure should be higher.
7:02:52 PM Gulledge Explained this item is a catch all of those items not in the specific department appropriation.
7:03:23 PM Bell Stated he understands; however he does not think they should have an appropriation lower than the budget.
7:03:30 PM Gulledge Explained the budget was different than the appropriation, as the budget was done for all the buildings.
7:03:37 PM Bell Stated in adding the appropriation from each category and the budget from each, the budget will be more than the appropriation.
7:03:57 PM Gulledge Stated his opinion that will not happen; however they will check.
7:04:13 PM Schmidt With no further question on Buildings, went to Streets and Alleys. Questioned regarding "Maintenance Service" on Streets, the appropriation is $250,000; in looking at the printout for the budget, the year to date already is approximately $284,000.
7:05:07 PM Gulledge Stated these are new streets.
7:05:16 PM Schmidt Stated his question is do they have it charged to the correct line item. Stated the line item is 01-41-514 on the budget. Discussion ensued.
7:07:15 PM Gulledge Commented it is not paid all at one time, as the loans are not in place; perhaps that is how it was figured. More discussion ensued. Stated they will check on it.
7:07:46 PM Garcia Asked if they are allowed to spend more than the appropriation. Mayor responded they are not supposed to. Garcia stated they did last year. Pointed out they also have expenses for which there was no appropriation at all. Discussion ensued.
7:09:43 PM Schmidt With no other questions on Streets and Alleys, went to Public Comfort. Questioned the $50,000 under building.
7:10:03 PM Gulledge Explained they may or may not build another bathroom at Drost Park near the new pavilion with use of a grant. Stated they are trying to get a bathroom on this side of lake. Stated they included it, although they are not sure they will do it.
7:10:46 PM Schmidt Asked if they will be doing anything in Firemen's park after demolition of the other building.
7:10:53 PM Gulledge Stated they could use it there also. Commented there is grant money for that project.
7:11:07 PM Schmidt Went to Parks and Recreation. Questioned if the figure in "Engineering Services" will be enough if they get the OSLAD grant.
7:11:28 PM Gulledge Stated they could increase the figure; however the OSLAD will not be approved until November and the project would not be started until late spring. Stated if the consensus is to increase it, they can.
7:11:43 PM Schmidt Suggested they increase it to $10,000 to be on the safe side. Discussion ensued.
7:12:00 PM Gulledge Suggested maybe they should go to $20,000. Discussion ensued, after which it was decided to change it to $20,000.
7:12:45 PM Schmidt Questioned the figure under "Maintenance Supplies, Building", as they have already spent $1,700 fiscal year to date.
7:13:29 PM Gulledge Stated they back-checked the figures with last year.
7:13:50 PM Presson Explained some of the line items went under Buildings instead of Parks in previous years.
7:14:06 PM Bell Commented in that case, both the appropriation and budget should be increased.
7:14:12 PM Gulledge Concurred.
7:14:37 PM Bell Stated they should raise the figure to $4,000. Asked if they will amend the budget as well.
7:14:51 PM Schmidt Commented unless they find it is an error.
7:15:20 PM Bell Commented his opinion they should raise the appropriation to $4,000.
7:15:26 PM Schmidt Asked Trustees' opinion. All were in favor. Went to next section, Insurance. There were no questions. Went to Cemetery.
7:15:59 PM Callahan Commented under Land Acquisition, they will not get much for $10,000.
7:16:13 PM Gulledge Commented they can call it a payment and work out terms. Stated that is the only reason they included it.
7:16:23 PM Schmidt Commented they would also need engineering fees.
7:16:28 PM Gulledge Stated they have some miscellaneous expense.
7:16:33 PM Schmidt Went to Public Service Officer. Questioned regarding "Garbage Disposal" whether this is where they put the clearing of property.
7:16:52 PM Gulledge Explained this is where they show the item when Jones cites a property and they have to bring out a dumpster to clean it up.
7:17:08 PM Schmidt Asked how it works on building demolition.
7:17:15 PM Gulledge Stated they have been charging it to Administrative.
7:17:18 PM Schmidt Asked should they do the same for both.
7:17:23 PM Gulledge Stated they have talked about it in house. Explained he does not care how they do it, but they need to make the change now. Stated the reason for doing it like this is to track exactly how many times he has brought in a dumpster. Discussion ensued.
7:18:07 PM Schmidt Asked where fees are charged for labor.
7:18:16 PM Gulledge Explained they turn in a bill and include it on the lien on the property. Stated it still shows up in Public Works, who is then paid back when the money is received from the lien.
7:18:58 PM Bell Commented the "Public Service Operating Supplies" figure needs to be increased.
7:19:08 PM Gulledge Responded it does not, as that includes the animal control equipment purchased in the first year which does not need to be purchased again. Bell responded it is lower than the budget. Gulledge responded they do not anticipate any expenditures, but can increase the amount if the Board chooses.
7:19:32 PM Bell Suggested they make it $1,000.
7:19:38 PM Garcia Asked why they appropriate for items not budgeted.
7:19:47 PM Gulledge Explained the appropriation is the only thing they live by; the budget is for extra guidance. Stated they try to be realistic, fair and honest in their estimates.
7:20:43 PM Schmidt Went to Social Security, IMRF and Fire and Police Pensions, which are all self-explanatory.
7:21:00 PM Callahan Asked why Fire is less than the budget amount
7:21:08 PM Gulledge Stated there are only three firemen.
7:21:14 PM Callahan Asked why they would budget $46,000.
7:21:18 PM Gulledge Explained they have to catch up. Explained they have an actual number for the appropriation; they can move it to $45,000; however they know the actual number won't be higher than $40,000. Explained they did not know this when the budget was drafted. Stated they will change it to match the budget at $45,745.
7:22:41 PM Schmidt Went to Street Lighting. Stated the anticipated revenue comes in at $70,000.
7:23:00 PM Gulledge Stated he and his staff have been trying to track these bills. Commented his disbelief at the way the utility bills fluctuate from month to month.
7:23:49 PM Schmidt With no question, went to Building and Zoning.
7:23:56 PM Gulledge Commented any time the number is off, by law with a two-thirds majority of this Board they can take money from another fund to cover the expense. Explained there are ways to make up for a mistake. Stated he is unsure but thinks to change the bottom number they have to go to referendum.
7:24:42 PM Schmidt Asked for questions on Building and Zoning. There were none. Went to "Economic Development and Tourism" or "Hotel/Motel".
7:24:57 PM Gulledge Stated they input $10,000 because there have been discussions regarding updating the Comprehensive Plan. Explained they also have an extra $10,000 in "Miscellaneous Expense" for this purpose.
7:25:32 PM Garcia Asked what rentals are.
7:25:37 PM Gulledge Stated anything they might rent, including a lift for Christmas Light installation, etc.
7:26:05 PM Schmidt Went to Community Improvement Board. Commented this is a new board, so they appropriated twice the budget amount to be safe.
7:26:39 PM Gulledge Explained "Contingencies" is to cover unforeseen claims, accidents, etc.
7:26:57 PM Schmidt Asked for other questions. There were none.
7:27:07 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. Commented the Homecoming is scheduled for this weekend. Noted a reminder to the newspapers regarding the parking available at First Baptist Church with shuttle service available to and from the Homecoming Friday from 6:00 p.m. to midnight, and Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to midnight. Stated they will have some representatives of the Explorers patrolling the parking lot.
7:28:26 PM Schmidt Asked where the drop off point is.
7:28:31 PM Gulledge Stated his understanding is on Lange Street behind the park. Discussion ensued. Reminded all no food or beverage is allowed on the busses. Commented his appreciation to the Church and Madison County Transit.
7:29:50 PM Schmidt Commented Al Hrubetz is in town and will participate in the parade.
7:30:02 PM Bell Commented the parade starts at 7:00 p.m. on Friday and 6:00 p.m. on Saturday.
7:30:20 PM Gulledge Asked for other comments. Commented on the Movie in the Park event for July, at which Field of Dreams will be shown. Asked for comments on August. Noted there are two movies scheduled for August. There were no other comments. Went to To Do List, Page One.
7:31:08 PM Garcia Asked if there is any way they can put paddle boats on the lake at the park. Commented they have them for sale at Sam's for $500.
7:31:40 PM Gulledge Asked who will regulate them. Garcia commented that is something the Park Board could discuss. Stated she is simply bringing the idea to the Park Committee.
7:32:17 PM Bell Stated the biggest concern would be insurance. Discussion on ideas ensued.
7:32:27 PM Gulledge Asked for other comments on page two. There were none. Went to page three. There were no comments. Went to Trustees Comments.
7:34:52 PM Kostyshock Stated he met with the Library Board the prior evening and had preliminary discussion about a new building in the near future. Stated they discussed a potential site on the Administration property off of Division Street. Assured all it is just discussion, and nothing has been decided or approved. Discussion ensued regarding specific locations.
7:37:13 PM Schmidt Asked if there are any restrictions on ground owned by the Village.
7:37:18 PM Gulledge Responded yes, and the issue came up in the discussion. Stated the agreement with the State specifies the land belongs to the municipality as long as it is used for municipal functions. Stated they are checking into the issue to make sure it is legal to allow some type of lease.
7:38:11 PM Kostyshock Stated they also discussed having a Museum in conjunction with the library. Stated they also discussed a rental fee the Village will charge for use of the current building.
7:38:39 PM Gulledge Stated they input a figure of $500 per month in the budget; the library called him today with a proposal of $600 per month. Explained he had Long run some maintenance figures, and it came to less than half of what would be received at $600 per month. Recommended the Board accept the library's offer. Stated the library will hire their own cleaning people.
7:39:58 PM Schmidt Asked who will pay for water.
7:40:04 PM Gulledge Explained they don't use much water. Stated they pay their own phone. Stated the basic utility costs will be water, heat and electric. All Trustees were in favor of $600 per month.
7:41:17 PM Callahan Asked if the Village agrees to allow the library to use that ground, how does the Village get the money.
7:41:32 PM Gulledge Explained they are a separate taxing body and they levy. Stated they are currently working on it. Stated they are looking into grants. Explained the Village could not do it even if they wanted to, as the library is a separate taxing body. Garcia clarified they would have to have a referendum before taxing residents. Gulledge responded as long as they do not go over the legal taxing limit.
7:42:40 PM Schmidt Commented some grants require land to either be in place or have the process of acquisition starting before applying.
7:42:56 PM Gulledge Concurred.
7:43:36 PM Kostyshock Went on with Trustees' Comments. Stated the library has 62 kids attending the summer reading program. Next, thanked Presson for his leadership regarding the community clean up, as the grounds for the Homecoming look very good.
7:44:29 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's Comments. Stated he signed the AT&T Node Permit Applications that day, which permit installation in seven locations and included the disclaimer of a request of landscaping within one year of installation and six months for AT&T to comply. Next, commented July 25th at 6:30 p.m. a public hearing and special meeting will be held to consider the appropriation ordinance, after which they will go into the regular Caucus meeting.
7:45:32 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:45:53 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville