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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date8/29/2007 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:21 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, August 29, 2007 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Fenton, Attorney Wigginton, Public Works Director Presson, two (2) residents and three (3) reporters.
6:31:21 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the Wednesday, August 22, 2007 Caucus meeting minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Schmidt and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:01 PM Gulledge Went to first agenda item, Planning Commission Recommendations, and asked Limberg to discuss.
6:32:07 PM Limberg Stated the Planning Commission discussed three items: Two re-zoning requests from Edward and Rose Kostyshock for property located at 2425 N. Center and 2321 N. Center from SR2 Single Family to B1 Commercial. Stated the recommendation was to accept the proposal. Stated Kostyshock explained he has no plans to house a business right away; however he has been approached by an antique business for the property at 2425 N. Center. Stated the re-zoning aligns with the Comprehensive Plan, and voting was 100% on both issues.
6:34:13 PM Gulledge Explained a public hearing will be held before the Board on September 5th at 6:30 p.m. and 6:35 p.m. Asked for any questions. There were none.
6:34:52 PM Limberg Stated the next item discussed by the Planning Commission was the final plat for the Villas at Remington. Stated the preliminary plat went before the Commission in 2004; the final in 2005. Explained the issue has taken some time due to problems with Frey Road in working out an understanding for use and ownership. Stated the Villas meet the standards of current building codes and ordinances. Explained there was no opposition from the Planning Commission. Stated the only question was the time lapse from preliminary to final to approval. Explained Flaugher has spoken with Attorney Wigginton and found no problem as far as the time table is concerned. Stated the Planning Commission recommendation is to accept the Villas at Remington final plat.
6:36:38 PM Callahan Asked how it changed from the last time they got a final plat.
6:36:43 PM Gulledge Explained they did not get a final plat. Stated it was presented but held because of problems with Frey Road. Stated they researched the issue and learned the agreement with Poletti stipulated residential use. Stated because Villas were planned, it changed the agreement. Stated all fees including green space, road, etc. had to be paid and all plans updated to current ordinances, all of which were met.
6:37:45 PM Schmidt Asked if there are sidewalks in the development.
6:37:48 PM Limberg Answered yes. Stated there are 62 units in the development.
6:37:54 PM Schmidt Asked if they are single-story buildings.
6:37:59 PM Limberg Stated he has not yet seen the elevations. Stated they have full basements; however they are not walk-out basements.
6:38:24 PM Garcia Asked if this is the property that used to belong to the American Legion.
6:38:31 PM Gulledge Answered five acres of it, which was zoned B-1. Asked for more questions or comments. Limberg offered the plans for review.
6:39:01 PM Garcia Asked if this is the special plan where the Board can tell them what to do.
6:39:07 PM Gulledge Responded it is a PDR.
6:39:33 PM Schmidt Commented it is curious the way the lots are laid out with numerous common areas between the buildings. Asked if Wigginton had seen the plan.
6:39:54 PM Wigginton Responded he has not seen the final plat; however it has gone to the engineers twice for review for compliance with green space calculations.
6:40:04 PM Callahan Commented the ordinance allows that as long as it is freed up, they don't have to put it in one big space.
6:40:12 PM Schmidt Commented his confusion of the common areas between units. Stated he does not see designated lots. Commented the plans are confusing. Discussion ensued.
6:40:52 PM Garcia Asked if the units are two together. She was told yes.
6:41:01 PM Callahan Reiterated his understanding of the ordinance regarding freeing up of the space.
6:41:08 PM Wigginton Responded he is correct; the Village does not designate which area of the ground has to be green space.
6:41:15 PM Garcia Asked if the plat is five acres.
6:41:20 PM Gulledge Answered the five acres are from the American Legion, with another approximate eight from Poletti, making a little over thirteen total. Suggested Schmidt call Flaugher to get clarification on whatever questions he has.
6:41:59 PM Schmidt Stated he will review the plans with Wigginton for his opinion after the meeting.
6:42:04 PM Gulledge Responded that is fine, and they will leave the plans available for review and gather any other questions.
6:42:08 PM Gulledge
Went to next agenda item, Hayden Lane Storm Sewers. Stated as previously discussed, they held a meeting with the approximately seven or eight property owners on Hayden Lane regarding the standing water issue. Stated they are very happy to report everyone was present and they obtained all the temporary easements needed for construction. Explained the issue still needs Board approval due to the budgetary issues.
6:43:24 PM Presson Commented most are familiar with the problem on Hayden Lane. Explained what has been designed if approved by the Board will go into effect in the late September/early October time frame and will be a joint venture between the Village and Collinsville Township. Explained it will remove the standing water, allow it to run behind the houses and be introduced into Drost Park Lake.
6:44:38 PM Gulledge Stated they have been working on this issue for a while. Explained this is the most reasonable plan. Stated the cost will be approximately $12,000 for materials and the Village and Township will do the work. Explained they estimate the project to run two to three days.
6:45:15 PM Bell Asked if the construction will be on their property.
6:45:19 PM Gulledge Stated they have a ten foot easement where the drainage will go; however they needed ten more feet of temporary easement to pile dirt, etc. Stated they are trying to work inside the fence involved as well.
6:46:09 PM Limberg Asked how deep the water is.
6:46:15 PM Presson Responded in spots it is at 3 feet.
6:46:20 PM Gulledge Explained at its worst it goes across East Hayden and into the back yards of East Perry residents. Stated all the homeowners are excited about the prospect of the project, as it will help property values and alleviate mosquito issues.
6:47:03 PM Schmidt Asked for an estimation of how long the repair will take care of the problem.
6:47:09 PM Presson Stated according to the engineer, this is a permanent fix.
6:47:26 PM Gulledge Stated, as they explained to the residents, it is not going to eliminate all of the yard problems due to the high water table; however it will alleviate the standing water problem and they think in time it will help the whole area to dry out. Discussion ensued as to the particulars of the project.
6:48:26 PM Limberg Asked if there is standing water now with as dry as the weather has been.
6:48:33 PM Gulledge Responded no; however the ground is extremely soft and muddy.
6:48:50 PM Kostyshock Commented the problem has existed for the last 40 years. Explained the only excavating needed is on the first property. Further explained the property owners may need to do some additional grading. More discussion was held as to the specific installation of drains.
6:50:58 PM Gulledge Commented the people on Perry Street are also excited about the project, as it affects their yards as well. Asked the Trustees opinion regarding approving the project. Explained it is not in the budget; however Presson believes he can find the funds and stay within his budget. Explained all involved feel very strongly about this project and believe they will be able to help.
6:52:02 PM Schmidt Commented his hope that the residents appreciate the willingness of the Village to help.
6:52:09 PM Gulledge Commented he believes they do, as they were very receptive. Stated all the easements are in place. All Trustees were in favor. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Asked Kostyshock to discuss next agenda item, Pay Request #11.
6:52:50 PM Kostyshock Stated Pay Request #11 is in the amount of $59,974.26 to Petroff Trucking for Old Town improvements. Stated they are two-thirds of the way complete. Stated they poured half of the sidewalk in front of fire house and the shed is torn down.
6:53:31 PM Gulledge Commented the park looks so nice with the shed down, he is worried about putting the new pavilion up. Discussion ensued.
6:53:52 PM Kostyshock Further stated East Perry sidewalks and curbing is complete, leaving Donk the only part left to be done. Stated they have part of the east side of Donk finished. Commented if the weather holds, they will be finished in the next couple of weeks.
6:54:19 PM Gulledge Commented they have successfully had a few poles pulled and are pushing the utilities companies hard.
6:54:25 PM Kostyshock Commented Charter's work is done, and the only utility left is AT&T.
6:54:41 PM Gulledge Asked if all were in favor of putting the Pay Request on the Board Meeting agenda. All were.
6:54:47 PM Bell Asked the configuration of the parking in front of the fire house.
6:54:58 PM Presson Responded it goes curb, sidewalk, parking, building.
6:55:38 PM Gulledge Clarified cars will drive over the sidewalk to get to the parking lot; however it is poured extra thick and will be the same thickness as the pad. Discussion ensued. Gulledge explained the transition is unable to be made any other way. Bell clarified the parking is deep enough so cars will not hang over the sidewalk. Gulledge responded as long as drivers pull all the way up to the barriers. Discussion ensued. Gulledge asked for other questions.
6:57:15 PM Schmidt Clarified they do not yet have the final overlay on the first part of the project.
6:57:19 PM Kostyshock Answered no, as there are still poles to move.
6:57:27 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. There were none. Went to next item.
6:57:39 PM Kostyshock Presented Pay Request #1 and final in the amount of $20,584.84 to Keller Construction for Third Street outfall. Stated the project is finished.
6:57:55 PM Presson Concurred, stating it was completed a while ago. Reminded Board it is the addition behind the Osborn building that connects Third Street.
6:58:06 PM Gulledge Explained it is part of the storm sewer project done a year and a half ago. Callahan asked why it was first as well as final. Gulledge responded they would not pay until the problems were solved to the satisfaction of Presson and the engineer. Discussion ensued.
6:59:05 PM Gulledge Asked Presson to discuss the road issue at Fox Mill.
6:59:12 PM Presson Stated Keller has completed the project. Explained there was a total of 12 to 14 panels replaced in Fox Mill off of Foxmoor Drive. Stated they have turned in core samples. Stated the Village has not yet done a walk through, but from what he can tell it looks good.
6:59:48 PM Gulledge Stated he has received several calls from residents who are thrilled it is done.
7:00:07 PM Schmidt Asked the requirements for pouring streets regarding the size of the sections.
7:00:16 PM Presson Stated it depends on where they are poured and how the street is laid out. Stated Fox Mill's are 8'X14' or 8'X12'.
7:00:32 PM Schmidt Asked if it is generally divided down the middle and then at the curb line.
7:00:40 PM Presson Stated depending on the curb. Stated they could have street-poured curbs connected to the roadway, or solid curbs.
7:00:59 PM Schmidt Asked if it would help to subdivide the sections into smaller areas.
7:01:07 PM Presson Stated under the ordinance if a panel goes bad, they are responsible for replacing the entire panel for two years. Stated by subdividing they are adding in maintenance factors for such things as tarring, etc. Discussion ensued.
7:01:45 PM Gulledge Asked if all are in favor of placing the Keller Pay Request on the agenda. All were. Asked for other questions for Presson. There were none.
7:02:02 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. Commented on the Movie in the Park Event scheduled for Friday, at which the movie to be shown is Raiders of the Lost Ark; Bell commented he will be unable to attend, and Gulledge indicated he will make sure the equipment is in place. Went to September. Commented Monday the Village Hall is closed in observance of the Labor Day Holiday. There were no other comments. Went to Business from the Floor. There was none. Went to To Do List, page 1.
7:03:26 PM Schmidt Asked the status of the Special Census application.
7:03:41 PM Gulledge Stated they have not heard anything. Schmidt suggested the item be added to the To Do List. Gulledge commented they have received a lot of information on the regular Decennial Census. Commented on the increase per capita of $4 to $5 per person.
7:04:12 PM Schmidt Commented that the Motor Fuel Tax went down.
7:04:17 PM Gulledge Concurred, commenting he can't explain it as everything else is going up. Asked for comments on page 1. There were none. Went to page 2. Commented the Board will hold an employee barbeque lunch on September 28th at the pavilion behind the building. Invited the Trustees to attend to help. Asked for other comments on Page 2. There were none. Went to Page 3. There were no comments. Went to Trustees comments.
7:05:55 PM Callahan Commented his request to assign time to talk about rezoning Route 159 to commercial, as outlined in the Future-Use Plan. Commented he would also like to look at the multi-family property along Route 159 to eliminate it from the mix.
7:06:25 PM Gulledge Asked where Schmidt is with the Economic Development Committee project on zoning.
7:06:29 PM Schmidt Stated he believes it has a couple of committees to go through before initiating the new commercial zones. Commented it might go hand in hand with implementing the Comprehensive Plan. Stated he does not see a problem to get a head start by switching the MR zonings.
7:07:10 PM Gulledge Asked if all agree. All were in favor. Commented his suggestion they wait on the major portion until the Comprehensive Plan is done; however they can take on the MR2 area now if the Board so chooses.
7:07:38 PM Wigginton Stated they can be applicant for the rezoning for any properties zoned Multi-Family. Stated they can begin that process immediately.
7:07:56 PM Gulledge All Trustees were in favor. Stated he will put the item on the To Do List under Legal. The areas of concern were displayed via wall projection. Discussion ensued as to where to start.
7:08:48 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's comments. Stated in looking at the calendar, October 31st falls on the fifth Wednesday of October. Commented as this is Halloween and the Police Department hosts their annual party that evening, he would like to do everything possible to cancel the Caucus for that evening. Commented this will have no affect on the Planning Commission, as it falls on the 22nd that month.
7:10:30 PM Schmidt Asked if they will have enough for the Caucus prior to that night, as it occurs right after they return from Chicago.
7:10:45 PM Gulledge Stated it is up to the Board. Stated if something comes up, they can discuss it at that time.
7:11:25 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Bell and seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:11:48 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville