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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date9/26/2007 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:14 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus Meeting of Wednesday, September 26, 2007 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Fenton, Attorney Wigginton, Police Chief Schardan, five (5) residents and three (3) reporters.
6:31:04 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the September 12th Caucus meeting minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Schmidt and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:42 PM Gulledge Went to first agenda item, Planning Commission Recommendations, and asked Limberg to discuss.
6:31:49 PM Limberg Stated the recommendation is to approve the final plat of the 2nd Addition to Stonebridge Bluffs with two conditions: A variance on Lot #152 due to insufficient depth; and the areas designated for green space need to be noted on the final plat.
6:32:54 PM Gulledge Explained he was in attendance at the meeting, at which there were five members of the Planning Commission in attendance; the recommendation passed five to zero. Stated he will answer any questions he is able.
6:33:09 PM Schmidt Commented Lot #152 is at the beginning of a cul-de- sac, and is typical of such a lot on the radius.
6:33:34 PM Gulledge Commented this plat is under the old ordinance; however Osborn agreed to place the green space totals on the plat itself. Explained this is the development that was changed from PUD to Single Family Residential, SR-2. With no further questions or comments, stated the item will be on the agenda for the next Board meeting.
6:34:32 PM Gulledge Explained his plan to skip down the agenda so as to keep Schmidt's item for last, as it may be a lengthy discussion. Went to Upgrades for the Police Dispatch area, and invited Schardan and Bell to discuss.
6:35:03 PM Schardan Explained in drafting his budget, he planned for replacing one of the dispatch computers and adding one to the squad room. Stated Dispatcher Steve Black suggested going to one computer and running the LEADS system as well as in-house programs on the same computer. Explained this will get rid of one computer, one keyboard and one mouse and clear-up some work-space. Stated his plan is to take the old computer, add memory and move it to the squad room; then purchase a monitor, keyboard and mouse to accommodate it. Explained they will move all the information from the second computer to the first computer, necessitating the extra memory. Explained Edwardsville and Troy use this plan, and the 911 Coordinator indicated it is a common practice. Explained the second item he would like to accomplish: Currently they have a lap top IWIN computer used in the cars sitting at dispatch to facilitate communications with the cars without using the radio. Explained if they pay a one-time software fee of $500 to install IWIN on the dispatch computer, it will accomplish the same thing and free-up the lap top.
6:37:35 PM Bell Asked if they plan to install this on the same computer as LEADs, PIPs, etc. Schardan answered yes.
6:37:48 PM Garcia Asked if they have any keyboards in surplus.
6:37:55 PM Bell Answered no.
6:38:10 PM Schardan Explained he received a quote from Computron and Genesis. Explained the Genesis individual worked on the system in Troy, and is familiar with Police Department systems.
6:38:35 PM Gulledge Asked for any questions or comments.
6:38:41 PM Garcia Commented the Board had a previous discussion regarding curbing spending until receiving the loan.
6:38:54 PM Gulledge Explained he was referring to large items. Stated he has spoken with the County and feels relatively sure they will receive the money next week.
6:39:26 PM Schardan Commented this can wait, as it is not urgent.
6:39:32 PM Gulledge Commented it is up to the Board. Explained he will know before Wednesday's Board meeting. Explained the loan has been approved; however someone has to audit the pay vouchers for compliance with prevailing wage. Questioned, if the Board decides to go with the Genesis bid, how does it affect the service agreement with Computron.
6:41:23 PM Bell Commented he noticed Genesis included some possible additional charges for cabling, etc.
6:41:36 PM Schardan Explained regarding the cable, they can't get to the box from the squad room where they plan to put the computer; however he is assuming it will directly connect to the net, as one desk is already running from the box.
6:41:54 PM Bell Stated he is not sure what it does to the Computron maintenance warranty if someone gets into one of the machines.
6:42:05 PM Gulledge Commented that is his question. Stated there is a significant difference in price. Stated he wants to make sure it doesn't void the current maintenance contract. Asked if the question can be answered.
6:42:34 PM Bell Stated his opinion is he has been happy with Computron in that they always know who is working on the computers, who has parts, etc. Explained it is worth it to him to know they have complete support of all the equipment all from the same place. Stated they also keep a complete inventory of all Village equipment. Stated his recommendation is to use Computron. Stated if the Board chooses to piece-meal the system out, that is their prerogative; however they shouldn't expect as good of support.
6:43:55 PM Gulledge Asked for any comments.
6:43:58 PM Bell Added bigger companies contract with one organization. Commented it appears to him they are looking at $20 multiplied by 8 to 10 hours more in labor. Commented since they are asking to change the existing system, there is no charge for labor from Computron.
6:44:58 PM Gulledge Clarified Bell's recommendation is to go ahead with the project using Computron.
6:45:03 PM Bell Explained he had some concerns with the project, the first of which have all the dispatchers approved of the change.
6:45:12 PM Schardan Explained they will leave the room set up as is. The only change will be the elimination of one computer which will create more space.
6:45:42 PM Bell Explained he understands; however he knew there was some indecision on the layout of the monitors.
6:45:46 PM Gulledge Commented the Administration is really good about talking to employees and getting opinions; however when it comes to a final decision, it should be the Chief's and IT person's.
6:46:29 PM Bell Explained buying equipment is different than setting up the system. Explained there was good input regarding reasons not to change the layout.
6:46:40 PM Gulledge Explained he is not opposed and has no preference one way or the other. Stated his feeling is if the Chief decides he wants to make this change, it will be made.
6:47:03 PM Bell Explained the other issue is now that they will have PIPS and LEADS on this one system, they will need some extended policy signed by the dispatchers regarding limiting access. Explained they have to keep this machine in top working condition. Suggested they assign one person to do installations and stress the computer is to be used for business only.
6:48:08 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's decision. Commented he is in favor of going forward with the project using Computron.
6:48:25 PM Schmidt Commented he agrees with Bell. Further commented they are saving money by not buying an additional computer.
6:48:48 PM Callahan Commented he always defers to Bell regarding computers. Stated he has no problem with the plan and agrees with Bell.
6:49:05 PM Gulledge Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Asked for additional comments from Schardan.
6:49:18 PM Schardan Stated they got the grant from IDOT for speeding. Explained six months of the next twelve, beginning October 1st, officers will be out approximately 160 hours per month looking for speeding violators.
6:49:45 PM Gulledge Commented on the need to ticket individuals driving 45 and 50 mph on Route 159 through town. Discussion continued regarding the speed issues along Route 159.
6:50:41 PM Gulledge Commented the press should mention in the papers that Maryville will be out patrolling. Asked for other questions for the Chief.
6:51:04 PM Callahan Asked if the pistols are in yet.
6:51:09 PM Schardan Responded not yet; the company indicated it would be approximately eight weeks. Callahan asked whether the new officer has started school Schardan responded he takes his POWER test Sunday and starts the Academy the following Wednesday.
6:51:27 PM Bell Asked if anyone has talked to Bill.
6:51:38 PM Gulledge Responded no. Stated he plans to send a letter regarding the surveillance system. Asked for other questions. There were none. Thanked Chief and excused him from the meeting. Went to next agenda item, Park Committee Recommendations.
6:52:05 PM Bell Commented there were three; however one was discussed last week regarding moving the pavilion. Stated the second recommendation is to remove the tree from the south bay of Drost Lake near pavilion 3.
6:52:34 PM Gulledge Stated he told the Park Committee they already have plans to use the Department of Corrections workers to assist with not only this project, but four or five other trees removed from the lake.
6:53:02 PM Bell Suggested the item be added to the To Do List. Stated the second recommendation, also for the To Do List is to aerate and plant shade tolerant seed in Firemen's Park and water regularly. Commented one of the ladies on the Park Committee told them her husband owns a lawn care service and claims it is best to aerate in the spring, not the fall.
6:53:54 PM Gulledge Stated they know they have to do some planting at Firemen's Park with all the construction. Agreed they will need hardy grass. Stated the item will be placed on the To Do List. Asked for any questions. There were none. Went to next item, Quote from RCann Electric.
6:54:48 PM Bell Stated they received a bid from RCann to replace all of the existing park receptacles with new junction boxes and GFI outlets and weatherproof in-use covers. Explained there are 26 receptacles, and 16 junction boxes.
6:55:18 PM Gulledge Commented the receptacles were done years ago by volunteers on the Fire Department and are not GFIs.
6:55:29 PM Bell Stated the bid is $2,316.
6:55:33 PM Gulledge Explained RCann has done several projects for the Village and has done a good job. Stated the funds will come out of the Park Improvement Fund, which currently has $149,000, and is line item 17-52-890. Asked for any questions on the item. There were none. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Went to next item, Pay Request #12.
6:56:34 PM Kostyshock Stated this pay request is from Petroff Trucking in the amount of $110,391.53 for the Old Town Roadway Project, which is 80 to 85% complete. Stated they will finish the sidewalks on the west side of Donk tomorrow. Explained the primer coat will go down Friday and the first coat of asphalt Monday.
6:57:38 PM Gulledge Asked for any questions.
6:57:42 PM Limberg Asked for a finish date.
6:57:45 PM Kostyshock Stated they discussed the issue today; because they are being held up with utility poles it may go a week later than October 15th.
6:58:16 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions. Went to Public Input. There was none. Went to Economic Development Committee Zoning Recommendations, and asked Schmidt to discuss.
6:59:03 PM Schmidt Explained this project was taken on by the Economic Development Committee in October of 2006. Stated currently the Village only has two commercial building zones. Explained the thought was with the current rate of development, Maryville needed to expand the coverage so as to have more control over businesses coming into the Village; while at the same time giving the ability to compliment comparable businesses to each other. Referred to the information that was provided in the Trustee packets. The first part of the packet describes the five new zones: B1 Commercial; B2 General; B3 Office; B4 Highway; L1 Light Industrial; and including PDB Planned Unit Development. The second part of the packet is an alphabetized list of types of businesses and the zoning type each would fall under. Commented the list is not all-inclusive, as that is not possible. Explained if someone came in with a business not listed, they would have to go before the applicable regulatory bodies to apply for a special use permit. The third item is an idea of what the layout of the town would look like if these zoning classifications are incorporated. Explained this is not something the Board will be voting on in the near future, as there are more steps that need to be finished before coming to the Board as a completed project. Asked for any questions.
7:03:32 PM Bell Asked for a category that has multiple zones, whether it is based on size.
7:03:47 PM Schmidt Responded that is correct. Explained they will have to set new guidelines for building sizes and set backs for the zones that are not currently on the books.
7:05:05 PM Bell Asked for clarification on a B3, office business.
7:05:14 PM Schmidt Explained that is for professional type businesses as are established at Routes 162 and 159.
7:05:29 PM Bell Asked why a bakery retail store would be included under B3.
7:05:34 PM Schmidt Responded because of the amount of foot traffic in the area of consumers doing business there.
7:05:43 PM Callahan Asked if an existing business is not on the list, does that mean the Village does not want it there.
7:06:02 PM Schmidt Responded not necessarily.
7:06:14 PM Callahan Questioned if the business is there and has nothing to do with the zoning presented, does it set a precedent for future businesses of the same type to locate there.
7:06:31 PM Schmidt Explained if something falls in an area and does not comply with the new restrictions, the restrictions would only apply once a new owner took possession.
7:07:04 PM Wigginton Explained if it is an existing nonconforming use, the mere presence of that facility does not mean another business would obtain a special use permit. Callahan asked how anyone would know non-conforming versus conforming. Wigginton responded that is established on the effective date of the amendment to the ordinance.
7:07:32 PM Gulledge Commented it would go by business license.
7:07:45 PM Callahan Commented he can think of a couple of business that should have been included on the list that are not.
7:08:03 PM Gulledge Explained this project is not complete, and Schmidt is seeking input from the Board.
7:08:27 PM Callahan Commented one business to which he is referring is child care. Stated his other question is whether they are going outside of the boundaries.
7:08:41 PM Gulledge Responded they cannot. Explained this is a zoning map, not a comprehensive map. Stated they can only zone what is within the boundaries. Explained they can incorporate the zoning classification into the comprehensive plan.
7:09:04 PM Wigginton Explained they can only rezone what is in the corporate boundaries, and the Comprehensive Plan can anticipate growth outside these boundaries for a mile and a half.
7:09:45 PM Gulledge Commented the committee has done some good work. Explained he plans to share some thoughts with Schmidt and encouraged the rest of the Board to do so as well. Commented now that Route 159 is complete, they will start seeing a number of requests for different types of businesses.
7:11:22 PM Garcia Questioned whether they have to zone for adult business and tattoo parlors.
7:11:28 PM Wigginton Responded yes, it has to be a permitted use somewhere within the municipality. Garcia clarified they cannot keep them out. Wigginton responded they cannot prohibit them, they can only regulate their location. Garcia asked why they are putting them in industrial. Wigginton responded because they have to be put somewhere, and Light Industrial was the selected classification.
7:12:03 PM Gulledge Commented this was a big concern. Explained if they have to include them, the thought is to pick a spot where the situation can be controlled better than some of the other classifications. Explained that is what the committee has tried to do. Explained this issue was not totally favorable with some of the members of the committee.
7:12:43 PM Wigginton Explained they wanted to prohibit them; he, as well as a very experienced attorney who sat on the committee at that time, explained to them that they cannot prohibit those types of business, they can only regulate them.
7:13:03 PM Callahan Commented one of the sister communities is talking about rezoning current multi-family to some other zone. Questioned if this is what will be accomplished along the highway.
7:13:19 PM Wigginton Responded yes; however under direction from the Board, they have already begun that process.
7:13:28 PM Callahan Clarified he is talking about existing multi-family zones that are shown here as business zones.
7:13:39 PM Schmidt Explained the committee chairman used the comprehensive map as a guide. Explained when it comes time to vote on the issue, a map will be part of the approval process.
7:14:33 PM Wigginton Responded yes, as they are required to have an exhibit with legal descriptions of all the properties impacted by the re-zoning as well as a second exhibit that sets forth the new map attached to the ordinance. Explained this is exactly what they are doing on a much smaller scale right now along Route 159. Reminded the Board several years ago they passed an ordinance requiring that the municipality has to notify adjacent property owners. Commented they have to go through due process.
7:15:47 PM Bell Asked what the Village Hall area is zoned. Gulledge responded municipal.
7:16:04 PM Schmidt Explained the white color is everything but commercial on this map.
7:16:19 PM Callahan Referred to the map and asked what subdivision is the "donut" area.
7:16:43 PM Gulledge Explained it is a "Blackburn" subdivision located next to the Lutheran church. Reminded the Board a few years ago they were ready to annex for sewers, but backed out once they found out the cost. Further discussion ensued over specific ownership of other areas and the status of annexation.
7:18:17 PM Gulledge Asked what Schmidt intends for the Board to do next.
7:18:20 PM Schmidt Stated he can add on the child care facility, and asked Callahan if it should go under B1.
7:18:28 PM Callahan Responded whatever the color "orange" is, as that is where it is now.
7:18:38 PM Gulledge Explained it makes no difference where it is now; the issue is where they think it should go.
7:18:43 PM Wigginton Commented it should be in B2, as they need more options available. Suggests rather than piece meal a list together, the Board should take the information home, read through it and think about uses they would like to see that the committee has not included. Explained they cannot possibly list every possible business.
7:19:53 PM Gulledge Agreed. Commented also in looking at the list, if the Board members do not agree with the committee on where a certain business was included in the list, they should note that as well.
7:20:16 PM Wigginton Explained they will compile all comments and take them back to committee for consideration.
7:20:24 PM Gulledge Asked Schmidt to give a date by which he would like the Board's comments.
7:20:39 PM Schmidt Decided on the end of October.
7:20:57 PM Gulledge Stated they will have comments back by November 1st. Suggested the Board members keep a copy for themselves as well as providing one to Schmidt. Asked for other questions. There were none.
7:21:14 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. Commented on the Movie in the Park event; the Village Hall will be closed for 45 minutes from 12:00 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. to facilitate an Employee Appreciation Luncheon on Friday at the Seniors' Building; asked about the equipment for Movie in the Park.
7:22:24 PM Bell Explained they need to borrow a speaker. Asked if Brussatti shipped the broken speaker for repair.
7:22:42 PM Gulledge Stated he does not know, but will check on it.
7:22:47 PM Bell Explained they found there is a six year warranty on the speaker, so they decided to ship it to California for repair with the only cost to the Village being the shipping to the company.
7:23:19 PM Gulledge Asked for comments on October. Schmidt commented on the Rabies Clinic scheduled for the 6th at the Seniors' building from 9:00 a.m. to noon; Gulledge commented on the Community Improvement Board meeting on October 1st; the Fire Department Open House on the 13th; the Museum meeting is not listed, but it will be held at 7:00 p.m. October 2nd at the museum; commented Fenton will add the listing to the calendar; Garcia commented on the concert in the park, at which a blue-grass fiddling demonstration will be presented. Asked for other comments. There were none.
7:24:41 PM Gulledge Went to To Do List, page 1: There were no comments. Went to page 2: Schmidt asked the status of the Special Census. Gulledge commented Fenton is working on the issue, but has been unable to make contact with the Bureau. Went to page 3: Bell commented they are past the due date on the cemetery. Gulledge concurred. Asked for other comments. There were none.
7:26:28 PM Gulledge Went to Trustees Comments.
7:26:41 PM Bell Commented he received a basic, limited, no guarantee of parts availability coverage warranty from Buscom along with a letter stating the FTR software and card has reached its five-year life. Explained they are recommending the Village start making plans to upgrade to new equipment. Explained they are currently offering a one-year limited service agreement with no guarantee of parts. Explained this is the last warranty/service agreement they will offer.
7:29:21 PM Gulledge Commented they can put the item on for next Caucus in order to check on all the questions.
7:29:25 PM Bell Commented he is unsure whether to stay with Buscom or check on other companies. Explained it has worked well. Fenton commented she has had a lot of errors lately, and an upgrade would be well received. Bell stated he would like the Board's approval to contact Buscom to put together a bid for upgrades to the FTR software and hardware. Explained the initial investment was approximately $20,000. Explained he has no knowledge of what an upgrade would cost. Explained the service agreement he was sent is $3,057. Stated it would take three to four months to obtain and review a new proposal. Stated his recommendation is to purchase the extended service, even though it is limited.
7:31:54 PM Gulledge Suggested they put the item on the next Caucus agenda.
7:31:59 PM Bell Asked if they want him to get ideas of upgrades within that timeframe.
7:32:04 PM Gulledge Responded yes.
7:32:08 PM Bell Explained it will take longer than two weeks.
7:32:35 PM Gulledge Suggested Bell investigate the issue and bring it back when he can. Asked if Bell wants to put the issue of extending the agreement on the next Caucus meeting.
7:33:34 PM Bell Asked Fenton to find out when the current service agreement expires.
7:33:46 PM Gulledge Asked for other comments from Bell. He had none. Went to next Trustees.
7:33:53 PM Schmidt Commented on the article regarding third-party auditing of health insurance presented by Callahan at the last Caucus meeting. Stated he looked up one of the companies listed in the article. Explained it seems these companies offer this service for companies with a lot more personnel than the Village employs. Explained he plans to discuss the issue with Wigginton.
7:35:13 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's Comments. Explained they have a new reporter in attendance tonight, Mike Terry, who is taking over for Aaron Sudholt. Next, commented the Board was provided a copy of the audit; Ferris will be in attendance October 10th to discuss. Commented ten to twelve people showed up for the planting work day on Saturday, and did a nice job at the Blue Star Marker. Stated they will be planting this Saturday at the area in front of the Memorial at the Village Hall. Encouraged volunteers.
7:37:09 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:37:45 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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