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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Minutes
Date11/14/2007 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:35 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday November 14, 2007 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan and Kostyshock; Garcia arrived later. Also in attendance were Clerk Long, Public Works Director Presson, Police Chief Schardan, Village Engineer Juneau, Administrative Assistant Henry, four (4) residents and two (2) reporters.
6:31:30 PM Gulledge Asked for a motion to amend the Agenda to include Pay Request #15 to Petroff Trucking in the amount of $194,466.56 and Pay Request #4 from JE Construction for the Copper Creek Lift Station project in the amount of $18,240.85. Motion to amend was made by Schmidt and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:22 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to approve the October 24th Caucus meeting minutes. He asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Bell and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - abstain; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes. Motion carried.
6:33:09 PM Gulledge Stated they have a lengthy agenda this evening. Went to first item, Water and Sewer rate review. Explained they have been working on this issue for two years; they brought it to the Board last year and the decision was made to wait. Asked Henry to be present to answer any questions, as she ran most of the numbers for the study. Asked Juneau to be present as he is involved with the Public Works Department.
6:34:12 PM  Garcia Arrived and was seated.
6:34:16 PM Gulledge Stated he distributed the cover letter from the meeting minutes of the Public Works Committee dated October 11, which he reviewed: The sewer rate is presently $3.00 based on the last increase dated October 5, 2005; the water rate is presently $2.65 inside the Village and $3.90 outside the Village based on the last increase dated January 1, 1997. As displayed on page 12, the current rates show expenses exceeding revenues. Mayor and Juneau advise only with the use of tap-on fees has the Village been meeting costs on water and sewer expenses; in their opinion, tap-on fees should be used for capital improvements in the system. Explained it does not state in the minutes that Mayor's feeling is they should dedicate at least 50%; however he does agree with Juneau that some of the tap-on fees should be kept for major capital improvements. Explained the Committee is recommending to the Board that the sewer rate increase from $3.00 per first 1,000 gallons to $4.00 per first 1,000 gallons. Explained the study shows a rate comparison with other communities. Referred to the distributed "Collinsville Sewer Usage Charges" sheet. Stated the rate increase is necessary to cover the cost of Maryville's share in the new $15 million sewer treatment plant estimated to be 90 cents per 1,000 gallons to Maryville for sewer treatment. Explained the Collinsville sewer usage rates were at 60.8 cents per 1,000 gallons in 2000, and as of 2006 they are at 83.6 cents per 1,000 gallons. Stated it looks like treatment will continue to go up. Next, discussed the water rate increase. Stated the recommendation is $2.65 to $3.20 per 1,000 gallons for inside Village users, which is an increase of 21%; and $3.90 to $4.70 per 1,000 gallons for outside Village users, which is also an increase of 21%. Stated they are asking the Board's consideration to keep the meter service charge the same at $2.50 per month for inside and $3.50 per month outside. Explained this study also includes a rate comparison with other communities. Stated if the Board chooses to implement this increase, the changes will take affect in December, for which they would not start collecting the increase until February, 2008. Opened the discussion to questions or comments.
6:40:42 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
6:41:25 PM Limberg Asked if there will be changes on the softener charge.
6:41:33 PM Juneau Explained there will not be a separate rate, but is all inclusive.
6:42:18 PM Schmidt Asked what causes the fluctuation in Collinsville's sewer rates.
6:42:36 PM Juneau Explained Collinsville bases their charges to the Village based on the flow through the plant, the flow meter readings at Keebler Road where it discharges into their system, and the total flow for the year. Stated if they have a "wet" year, they have more flow; a "dry" year results in less flow. Stated another variable is the cost of operation of the Waste Water Treatment Plant, i.e., salaries, operations maintenance, reserve costs, etc. Stated this fluctuates from year to year depending on what the cost of their operations have been. Explained the utility costs for operating the plant are constantly going up; the disposal of sludge, etc. Explained the next charge passed on is the debt service, which has been the refinancing of bonds through the years and also the cost of improvements to their plant. Explained as they increase their debt for improvements, these costs are passed on. Stated recently Collinsville passed a major bond issue of which approximately $15 million net is being allocated to improvement of the plant, which is a big charge being passed on.
6:44:59 PM Limberg Asked what percentage Maryville is allowed.
6:45:04 PM Juneau Answered the old agreement allocated 15%; all costs related to 15% of the improvements was paid regardless of the percentage of the plant used. Stated in recent years that is in proportion to use, which right now has been running approximately 10% to 11%
6:45:46 PM Gulledge Asked the Board their opinion.
6:45:50 PM Kostyshock Commented it has been a long time since rates were raised. Commented no one on the Board wants to raise rates; however it has come to the point where it is necessary. Explained current income does not cover future costs for improvements to the plant and a new storage facility.
6:46:33 PM Limberg Stated he is in favor. Suggests reviewing rates on a more timely basis to avoid large jumps.
6:46:56 PM Gulledge Concurred. Stated they have reviewed this for the last two years. Explained the information is now in a format to facilitate yearly review. Discussion ensued regarding the fact rising utility costs are also driving the increase.
6:48:47 PM Juneau Commented a lot of towns are going to an automatic rate increase every year, some going out as far as twenty (20) years. Explained the Village has to keep track of costs on an annual basis.
6:49:41 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions or comments.
6:49:57 PM Schmidt Commented on the raise in the outside rates of 80 cents, suggesting maybe they need to raise it even higher because the area keeps getting smaller and might create more of an incentive regarding annexation.
6:50:22 PM Gulledge Explained this is something that was considered. Stated legally they need to stay consistent with what is done within the Village limits. Asked Bell's opinion.
6:51:10 PM Bell Stated he is in favor; however he would prefer to hold off until after the holidays.
6:51:16 PM Gulledge Responded it will not take affect until after the holidays. Explained they are taking meter readings now for the bills that will be sent in December; if the Board chooses to pass the increase, it would go into effect December 1st and bills would not be received until the end of January for payment in February.
6:52:03 PM Schmidt Stated the Water Clerk asked him to ask the Board to consider waiving late fees on the bills that fall during the Christmas holidays.
6:52:49 PM Gulledge Responded that is something to be reviewed internally. Asked Callahan's opinion.
6:53:07 PM Callahan Commented Juneau is always telling the Board to raise rates. Suspects the reason the Board refuses is for political reasons. Commented some years ago they gave an outside corporation a quarter million dollar tax break when they hooked up to Maryville sewers. Stated he objected at the time; now they are coming back to the Board saying there is not enough money. Stated this bothers him.
6:54:12 PM Gulledge Asked Kostyshock's opinion. Kostyshock stated he is in favor. Asked Garcia's opinion; Garcia stated she is in favor. Gulledge thanked the Board.
6:54:39 PM Gulledge Went to next agenda item, Bauer Lane Sewer District #4. Explained they have been struggling with some of the easements in this area. Stated they looked at possible alternatives to a gravity flow sewer. Stated after considerable research and a presentation by Juneau, they need to make a decision where they will go with the project. Stated he is relatively sure they will not get the permanent easements needed to complete the project short of condemnation, which takes time and costs money, driving up the cost of the project, all of which needs to be considered. Recognized there are four people in attendance interested in this discussion; stated they may revise the meeting procedure to allow these residents to address the Board.
6:57:22 PM Bell Asked how short they are on easements to install a gravity sewer. Asked if there is a way they can do a part of the gravity sewer without doing the entire project.
6:57:38 PM Juneau Responded they are missing key easements, and a substantial amount of easements. Explained they are missing more than half.
6:58:48 PM Gulledge Commented they have had people that originally said they wanted sewers and now have refused to give easements, which tells him they have had a change of heart.
6:59:10 PM Garcia Asked if the EPA came in and required a subdivision to get sewers, how would they obtain easements.
6:59:21 PM Wigginton Explained any government unit, whether municipality or State would exercise its eminent domain powers and take them. Stated it is a legitimate use of the Village's power to secure easements through eminent domain.
6:59:44 PM Kostyshock Asked if Maryville would have to pay for the easements.
6:59:46 PM Wigginton Responded yes, similar to what is done now with road projects. Explained they would have to pay fair market value of that particular easement. Explained the answer to the question of whether they have the power to take it is yes; however they have to pay for it. Explained Juneau's firm routinely is involved in appraising and obtaining easements and testifying as to their value.
7:00:13 PM Limberg Asked Juneau how long it would take to get the easements by condemnation.
7:00:26 PM Juneau Deferred the question to the attorney; however in his experience it takes a long time.
7:00:32 PM Wigginton Answered a year to a year and a half. Explained it is not a complicated case because the property owner is not challenging their power to take; the only question is how much. Explained the property owner has a right to a trial by jury; each side has an appraiser testify and the jury makes a decision based on the information presented.
7:01:20 PM Schmidt Commented it drives up the cost of the project with legal fees and incurs time and effort.
7:01:30 PM Wigginton Commented they must consider the consequences of creating a lot of unhappy residents when construction equipment is brought in and any property located on the easement is ripped up, i.e., fences, sheds, trees gardens, driveways, etc.
7:02:02 PM Juneau Commented if it was one or two easements that were needed, his recommendation would be to move forward; however with the number of people they are talking about now it is a difficult approach.
7:02:37 PM Kostyshock Asked by what percentage the project cost would be driven up by going after the easements. Juneau responded a lot. Kostyshock commented residents don't like the cost of the project currently, and now they are talking about driving it up even more.
7:02:55 PM Schmidt Commented it is not just one suit but will be twenty or thirty which incurs additional costs.
7:03:40 PM Limberg Commented they have been trying to accomplish this project for thirty years; they have to reach a point where they realize the individuals don't want it, so why pursue it.
7:04:21 PM Gulledge Stated they have an alternative in the pressure system. Stated other Trustees have had several residents communicate that they are not in favor of a pressure system. Asked the four residents in attendance their opinion of a pressure system. Explained the system to the residents in attendance and how it works for Holiday Shores. Explained the Holiday Shores residents believe it is successful.  Stated he has talked to some individuals that have never had problems, and some that have. Explained this is the only option they have short of condemnation in proceeding or abandoning the project. Invited the residents to speak.
7:07:19 PM Sandy Callahan 702 Bauer Lane. Stated she has lived on Bauer for thirty-four (34) years on a septic system. Explained two (2) years ago the septic system collapsed, resulting in a deep, wide hole in the yard. Explained a fence was erected around the hole until it dried up enough for workers to fix. Explained the situation was very dangerous. Explained she is concerned, as many of the homes in the area are over thirty (3) years old, and the septic systems are antiquated. Explained the need for sewers is desperate. Explained many residents also have problems with sewer water backing up due to the high water table in Maryville. Commented it is not a good situation and de-values the property.
7:08:56 PM Schmidt Commented all the comments Callahan has made are all the reasons the Board has tried to proceed with this project.
7:09:24 PM Limberg Asked if they were to move forward on the pressure system, would it change the number of homes for which they would be able to tie into.
7:09:43 PM Juneau Responded the number would be the same. Explained it is much easier to expand. Explained the system consists of a small line that can be run along the road right-of-way similar to a water line, and residents would tap the line with the use of the grinder pump. Many homes have grinder pumps in the basement that pump water up to the gravity sewers. Explained it is a lot less disruptive to the area and the excavations are much smaller, so there is less damage to property. Explained there are enough existing easements and roadway right-of-ways that the main line sewer could be put in. Stated residents that want to abandon septic and hook on would purchase a grinder pump system and install it on their property and then pay a tap-on fee. Explained residents would then maintain their own grinder pump, as it would run on the individual home's power system. Explained the other option, which Holiday Shores did, is to require all residents to use the system which was purchased and installed on private property. Explained the problem in pursuing that option is they again need to get easements to get on people's property to work in their yard to connect to their plumbing systems.
7:13:52 PM Gulledge Stated Wigginton raised a question, and asked him to discuss.
7:14:07 PM Wigginton Discussed if they choose a project different from what was approved, it will no longer be a Special Service Area paid for by the residents in the area; because what was in the public notice and was the subject of a public hearing and what was voted on, approved and subject to the backdoor referendum was a gravity sewer project of such capacity in such area costing such estimated amount. Explained if they do something different, they will have to come up with a different method to fund it. Stated even if they choose to run the main line and allow the residents the option of tying in, which is against current ordinance, that would be a Village expense.
7:15:48 PM Callahan Commented he is not in favor of the grinder pump system. Stated most people on it pump from their home and drop it into a gravity sewer system. Explained the Holiday Shores residents that have their own system have their own maintenance crew on hand that take care of everything, including the pumps. Explained for these reasons he is hesitant to recommend the system. Discussion ensued as to the durability of the pumps. Callahan reiterated he is hesitant to recommend a system with so many potential problems with use. Further stated he has never been in favor of eminent domain; however he would choose that over the grinder pump system as he does not believe it is a viable alternative unless the residents had their own sewer system and people to take care of all the pumps and lines. Commented the fact that residents who previously voted for sewers are now unwilling to give easements is a big indication that their views have changed.
7:20:08 PM Bell Commented on a previous discussion where the suggestion was made to put a gravity system down the center of the road. Stated as he remembers the problem with that is the road will have to be dug up every time a tap is needed or work has to be done, which will destroy the road.
7:20:28 PM Juneau Responded that is true; however due to the contours they would only be able to get the people on the high side of Bauer Lane. Stated the people on the lower side and all the cul-de-sacs will not be able to use the gravity sewer.
7:21:10 PM Gulledge Commented homeowners with septic in the back of their home would have to run the lines around to the front. Stated running the sewer down the middle of the road would double the cost of the project.
7:21:19 PM Callahan Commented if the sewer is run in the street, according to ordinance anyone within a certain distance of the main would be required to hook-up, which would mean they could hook up a lot more people. Commented he understands the issue of the high ground, however he believes they could also run along the creek area.
7:21:46 PM Juneau Responded they cannot get through there, as there are no easements.
7:21:49 PM Callahan Asked who owns it.
7:21:51 PM Juneau Responded the lot owners.
7:22:38 PM Gulledge Commented on the other Special Service Areas where the residents have paid for the whole system; now they are suggesting the Village pickup part of the cost for this Special Service Area. Commented the previous areas will then question why the Village did not do so for them.
7:23:12 PM Bell Stated this was not his original point. Stated his suggestion was to do the Special Service Area by going down the middle of the street and the people in the lower areas will have to tap on to the sewer at a much higher individual cost to get their sewage up the hill. Stated this could be used as a bargaining chip to get the required easements.
7:24:57 PM Gulledge Asked Kostyshock for his comments.
7:25:00 PM Kostyshock Commented he is unsure whether there is a good alternative. Stated he spoke with some residents about the pressure system, and they do not like the grinder pump because of the electricity, cost, etc.
7:25:22 PM Gulledge Asked Garcia for her comments. She had none.
7:25:41 PM Gulledge Stated they need to make a decision, as if there will not be sewers installed many homeowners in the area need to come up with another plan. Stated eventually the EPA will ban aeration and septic systems. Stated that he doesn't know where to go from here.
7:27:22 PM Schmidt Suggests polling the Board on putting the vote for condemnation on the Board meeting agenda.
7:28:12 PM Garcia Asked who would pay for it.
7:28:17 PM Gulledge Stated the Village would pay for the condemnation, and he would assume the Board would pass the cost on to the residents.
7:28:34 PM Gulledge Polled the Board: Limberg - no; Schmidt - no; Bell - no; Callahan - no.
7:28:43 PM Callahan Commented if they went with the condemnation, the cost would go to the homeowners so all the estimates of cost given would be invalid. Commented if they are paying for the easements they cannot get, they would likely feel compelled to pay for the easements that were willing given. Explained this might double the cost of the sewer district.
7:29:23 PM Wigginton Explained this is paid out over time on the homeowners' property taxes. Stated they take the total cost divided by the number of parcel ID's, and that is the assessment until it is repaid.
7:29:43 PM Gulledge Continued with the poll: Kostyshock - no; Garcia - no. Stated at this time, they will scrap the Special Sewer District project. Explained they simply do not have another means to get the easements without using condemnation.
7:30:34 PM Wigginton Commented they do have good citizens in Maryville that provide easements for public purposes; not all of the citizens in Maryville make the municipality pay for them.
7:30:47 PM Gulledge Commented he wishes he had better news for the residents in attendance. Stated the Village spent more than $50,000 in engineering towards this project, and it just has not worked out.
7:31:18 PM Ed Hudzik Bauer Lane, Maryville. Asked the last time the residents of Bauer Lane were surveyed regarding easements. Commented a lot of the properties have changed hands.
7:31:39 PM Gulledge Replied approximately two (2) months ago they sent letters to all the homeowners.
7:32:04 PM Hudzik Suggested conducting another survey.
7:32:14 PM Gulledge Stated he would not be opposed to doing so; however he does not believe it will change the outcome.
7:32:20 PM Hudzik Commented his neighbor put in an aeration system and has had to put in three pumps per year, as they burn up. Stated he complains constantly, and yet the residents are against the project. Gulledge responded many people have done the same. Hudzik continued there are serious problems in the area. Stated he asked one resident how many times he has pumped his septic tank; his response was he does not even know where the tank is. Stated he believes the sewage is being pumped into the ditch at the bottom of the hill. Asked why the Village does not inspect and stop this from happening. Stated there are people on Mary Drive and Saddlewood that pump raw sewage into the street.
7:33:51 PM Garcia Suggested he call the EPA. Hudzik responded they won't do anything.
7:33:58 PM Callahan Stated in Madison County, the County has the authority on septic and aeration systems; the Village has no authority in this area. Stated the Public Works Director can pass along the complaint; however he can't do anything about it.
7:34:31 PM Gulledge Commented on one specific incident where he had to call the County and follow up with them constantly until something was done.
7:34:53 PM Limberg Asked why the County is so slow in responding to complaints.
7:34:58 PM Gulledge Stated he cannot answer that.
7:35:48 PM Hudzik Asked regarding the cost, is there any way they could get a State grant to help reduce it.
7:35:58 PM Gulledge Stated they have looked into all possibilities. Stated the problem is the area is not low-income housing, which disqualifies them. Stated they have talked to legislators' offices at the federal and state level; they have applied for the low-interest loan; they have tried everything they can. Discussion ensued as to other areas in the Maryville that do not have sewers.
7:38:26 PM Garcia Asked if it would help to go to a County Board meeting to tell them about the sewage being pumped into the street. Gulledge responded it is a good suggestion; however the County already knows the issues as they have heard if from the Administration. Limberg commented they have a County Board member that lives on Bauer Lane.
7:38:56 PM Callahan Commented another problem is the County has increased the size limit on lots necessary to put in septic systems; the Bauer Lane area is quarter-acre lots.
7:41:02 PM Gulledge Apologized to the residents in attendance, and encouraged them to call him with any questions. Went to next Agenda item, Amendment to Code of Ordinances to make sure they have emergency pumping capabilities. Explained it has to have a public hearing before the Planning Commission and the Board, which has been set for December 17th before the Planning Commission and December 19th before the Board. Stated for this reason he is giving the Board the opportunity to look at it and ask any questions they may have. There were none. Polled the Board; all were in favor. Went to next Agenda item, Old Town Project Additional Work Bids, and asked Presson to discuss. Explained these are for tie ins not yet completed off of the side streets into the sidewalks along Route 159 due to the requirement of special approval from IDOT.
7:43:30 PM Limberg Asked whether there has been a resolution to the situation in front of Piccholdi's garage.
7:43:40 PM Gulledge Responded it has been resolved with the State. Explained they are waiting for an IDOT contractor to do the work.
7:44:00 PM Presson Stated his recommendation would be for the construction of the sidewalks bid go to JE Construction in the amount of $10,252.
7:44:23 PM Gulledge Stated this is the lowest of three (3) bids. Stated the item will be put on the Board meeting agenda for vote; however if there is no problem he will give the company permission to get started as they need to take advantage of the weather.
7:47:11 PM Presson Commented JE Construction did the Mary Knoll curbs and is currently working on the Copper Creek lift station.
7:47:17 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's opinion. All were in favor. Went to next Agenda item, CK Power 2008-2009 Generator Maintenance Agreement.
7:48:02 PM Presson Stated they added the 2009 because they agreed to extend it for an extra year at the same price if they sign the contract now. Explained this is for the generator located at 2005 State Route 157, the water plant.
7:48:23 PM Schmidt Commented the way the payments are spread, it will come out of three different budgets.
7:48:41 PM Presson Corrected the payment is a lump-sum of $820 per year for two years.
7:49:01 PM Gulledge Asked the Board's opinion. All were in favor. Stated the item will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Went to the two addendum items: Pay Request #15 from Petroff in the amount of $194,466.56. All were in favor. Next, Pay Request #4 to JE Construction for $18,240.85 for Copper Creek Lift Station. Commented after this, all they have left is the 5% retainage. All were in favor.
7:50:04 PM Bell Asked regarding the Petroff pay request, at the last meeting they paid approximately $110,000, and the balance at that time was approximately $104,000; and now they are paying $194.000.
7:50:44 PM Gulledge Responded he does not remember, but they will check on it. Asked for other questions on Pay Request #4. There were none. Stated the item will be placed on the agenda. Asked for any questions for Presson. There were none. Went to next agenda item, Replacement PC for the Police Department, and asked Schardan to discuss.
7:51:53 PM Schardan Stated regarding the bid, they previously discussed keeping his keyboard, mouse and speakers.
7:52:33 PM Bell Responded he went with the new keyboard and mouse; however they could eliminate the speakers. Explained these items are included in the normal PC purchase, and would only save approximately $20 in removing the speakers. Explained the Chief has one of the oldest PCs in the Village and they are experiencing issues that they believe are Windows related with the e-mail. Stated it would take four (4) hours to strip his PC and re-load Windows, so rather than incur the cost of the labor, he decided to apply that money toward the purchase of a new PC. Explained the quote is $1,099 plus four (4) hours of labor to install all Village related software for a total cost of $1,495.
7:54:25 PM Gulledge Asked for any questions.
7:54:25 PM Schmidt Asked how this fits in the Police budget.
7:54:32 PM Schardan Explained it is okay because he had additional budgeted for two new computers as well as padding in case of emergency replacement.
7:55:05 PM Gulledge Asked for other questions for the Chief. Stated the item will be placed on the Agenda. Went to next item, FTR Updated Proposal with Maintenance.
7:56:11 PM Bell Explained the mixers are over five years old and are outdated. Stated he had Buscom come out to give a proposal on an upgrade. Stated there is some hardware and they need four upgraded licenses for Log Notes; the mixer in the Council Chamber and the 2-channel mixer and card in the Conference room need to be upgraded. Stated once this is accomplished, the two-year basic agreement covers all equipment. Stated the total investment for software and hardware upgrades is $5,002.86; the two-year service agreement is $926. Added they are currently without any maintenance contract on the equipment, so if anything went out it would have to be replaced with new.
7:59:29 PM Gulledge Clarified he is recommending they purchase the upgrades.
7:59:30 PM Bell Responded yes. Stated he is unsure whether there is a budget line item for this; however it could be split across departments, as it is used by multiple departments and Boards, including Economic Development, Community Improvement, Planning Commission, and Admin.
8:00:14 PM Gulledge Stated he is unsure whether the admin line item would cover it.
8:00:24 PM Schmidt Commented at the time of budget implementation, the figure was $8,167.
8:00:28 PM Gulledge Asked if the Board is in favor. All were. Went to next item, Personnel Issue, and referred to the memo he distributed regarding problems in dispatching due to a shortage of personnel. Explained with the holiday's coming up, they were in need of a part time dispatcher and the individual they had in mind worked elsewhere due to the fact they paid part-time dispatchers at time and a half for holidays. Stated Maryville currently pays straight pay on holidays for part time personnel. Explained the full-time dispatchers have been working a lot of overtime, and they have even taken police officers off the street because they are having trouble finding qualified dispatchers. Explained for this reason he decided to ask the Board's approval to pay time and a half to part-time dispatchers for holidays. Explained this will also affect the Fire Department. Stated this change will necessitate a change to the personnel policy. Asked the Board's opinion. All were in favor.
8:05:55 PM Gulledge Went to next item, Tax Levy, and asked Wigginton to discuss.
8:06:07 PM Wigginton Stated they have provided two proposed ordinances, one if they took the calculated rate for each category maximized to the allowable rate. Explained they are estimating assessed valuation to be $173,000,000. Explained for the 2006 levy, they estimated it and did not get confirmation until April 26, 2007. Stated the Mayor is always close in his estimates. Stated they maxed out each category for a calculated rate of $1.0983. Stated they have always tried to be consistent in keeping the tax rate the same from year to year; around the 99 cents to $1.03 range. Stated last year they were at .9903. Stated in order to keep the tax rate the same as last year, they came up with an adjusted levy. Explained for example instead of maxing out the General Fund at .25, they would be at .1920; in Fire Protection the maximum is .20, they would be at .1920. Explained if the Board chooses to keep the tax rate the same for the citizens, the adjusted proposed levy is what they should choose. Explained the difference between the two is $171,659, of which the biggest category is General Fund at $100,400. Explained either way they will have a public hearing. Stated they are looking at an approximate 15% growth rate in Maryville in one year.
8:12:11 PM Bell Commented they missed the assessed valuation by almost $6 million, which is more than they normally miss by.
8:12:18 PM Wigginton Answered yes.
8:12:22 PM Schmidt Responded part of that is attributable to the State adding an additional tax rate of a little over 5% for Collinsville Township.
8:12:46 PM Wigginton Commented they would rather be high, as last year they underestimated the assessed valuation and came in at .1920. Explained if you under estimate the assessed valuation you run the risk of leaving money on the table. Explained under Truth in Taxation they are required to be as accurate as possible. Explained they need to know which way the Board wants to go, as they need to publish notice of Public Hearing next week.
8:15:38 PM Bell Stated his opinion is to try to stay the same as last year, as they just raised the water rates.
8:15:45 PM Gulledge Asked for any questions for Wigginton regarding which estimate they want to use.
8:16:40 PM Wigginton Explained they are required to publish a formal public notice with a quarter-inch black border not more than seven but not less than fourteen days prior to the Public Hearing, which is set for December 5th. Stated for this reason, they need a decision tonight.
8:17:13 PM Schmidt Stated his opinion is to go with the adjusted, as he believes the valuation will come in higher.
8:17:23 PM Gulledge Polled the Board. Limberg, Schmidt and Bell were in favor of the adjusted levy.
8:17:34 PM Callahan Stated he is unsure, as he is concerned about the economy and the fact that prices of homes have dropped valuation-wise 5 to 10%. Explained while it won't affect them immediately, he believes they will have people asking for their property taxes to be reviewed. Stated they had a lot of home permits this year; however it was only because of one developer. Explained they are talking about a revenue source that could dry up. Explained to the opposite of Bell's comments, he understands the water rates but they have always been reluctant to take advantage of the tax rate because they think it looks good to be at $1.00. Stated he is most concerned that they could see a revenue shortfall unless the economy picks up. Stated he believes within two to three years they will see a decrease in valuation because as home prices go down, people will challenge their valuations with the County. Stated he is more in favor of being realistic about the amount of money needed to run the Village and is in favor of the maximum levy.
8:20:41 PM Gulledge Asked the rest of the Board: Kostyshock is in favor of the adjusted; Garcia agrees with Callahan and is in favor of the maximum. Gulledge Stated they have a vote of four to two; he would be in favor of adjusted. Limberg commented Callahan makes a valid point. Gulledge agreed; however they are talking about one year.
8:21:20 PM Callahan Commented he is correct that it is one year; however it is a year they know they have a legitimate problem with a revenue short fall already in Water and Sewer and the possibility of a revenue short fall in Building and Zoning.
8:21:35 PM Gulledge Concurred, however they cannot look into the future and need to do what they think is right. Commented a year from now they may have a clearer vision.
8:22:12 PM Kostyshock Commented in other area's housing is down; however Maryville's is up over last year.
8:22:21 PM Gulledge Commented they are getting two new developments and have the first two houses in Tuscany Ridge. Stated they will go with the adjusted number for the tax levy and put it on the Board meeting agenda. Went to Calendar Updates.
8:22:55 PM Bell Commented on the 5K Run/1 Mile Walk for Accuracy this Saturday.
8:23:21 PM Gulledge Commented on the Park Meeting scheduled for Monday; the Village Hall is closed November 22 and 23 for Thanksgiving; Planning Commission meeting on the 26th; December 1st is Santa Fest at 10:00 a.m.; Outreach Center Christmas Decoration sale at 9:00 a.m. Went to Public Input. There was none. Went to To Do List, Page 1; there were no comments. Went to Page 2; there were no comments. Went to Page 3; there were no comments. Went to Trustees' Comments.
8:25:48 PM Schmidt Commented the Economic Development Committee meeting was held Monday, at which nothing was discussed.
8:25:58 PM Callahan Commented a member of the Economic Development Committee told him they did not get their reminder e-mail. Schmidt said he would check into it.
8:26:26 PM Kostyshock Commented the Christmas Decorations will be up by Thanksgiving.
8:26:44 PM Limberg Commented he attended a Veteran's Day parade in San Diego, which lasted an hour and 25 minutes. Explained most of the participants were from organizations and junior ROTC programs from community high schools. Stated he noticed on Sunday morning, the Rotary has a program where they put large American Flags in holders along the road in Coronado.
8:27:53 PM Gulledge Commented there are some communities around here that do that as well.
8:28:14 PM Limberg Commented he plans to bring this up at the Legion meeting tomorrow.
8:28:36 PM Bell Suggested looking into flag lights for use on the brackets currently used for the Fourth of July lighting on the telephone poles.
8:28:53 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's Comments. Stated he received a Proclamation from the State of Illinois proclaiming December as Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month, which will be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Stated at the Caucus meeting on November 28th they will discuss the cable and video ordinance changes with new laws passed in the State as previously provided by Wigginton. Schmidt commented he plans to take photos of the installed nodes from AT&T to compare with the before photos for presentation that evening as well. Further commented AT&T hopes to have the system ready for operation by February 1st. Gulledge thanked Clerk Long for filling in for Deputy Clerk Fenton this evening, who is ill. With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
8:32:22 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

Produced by FTR Log Notes

The Village of Maryville