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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Public Hearing #1 - 2007 Tax Levy
Date12/5/2007 Location  
Time Speaker Note
6:31:33 PM Gulledge Called the first public hearing of Wednesday, December 5, 2007 to order. There were eight (8) persons in attendance. He explained the purpose of the hearing is to discuss the 2007-2008 Tax Levy. Turned the hearing over to Village Attorney for discussion.
6:32:28 PM Wigginton Stated the tax rate for the Village is expected to remain the same as last year, which is approximately 99 cents and has been for the last four (4) to five (5) years. Stated it has gone from $1.05 to approximately 99 cents per $100 assessed valuation. Stated that puts Maryville on the lower end of municipalities in Madison Counties, most of which are above a dollar and many are $1.40 and above. Commented all of this information is available on the Madison County website. Stated it is a lengthy ordinance available for public copying and review. Stated this ordinance has already been the subject of other public discussions. Stated the Village estimates its levy based upon $173 million assessed valuation. Read the figures for each category (copy attached). Commented for public information, certain of the funds are mandated, such as the amount for Social Security, Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund, Police Pension and Fire Department Pension. Explained those figures are given by the pension boards, and the Village is directed to levy that amount. Stated if the Village wanted to "max out" the other categories that are discretionary, it could have put the levy up to $1.05, or approximately $1,900,000. Explained several meetings prior, the Board directed him to create an ordinance that maintains the same tax rate as last year.
6:37:24 PM Gulledge Stated they feel if they meet their assessments, they will decrease the amount from last year. Opened the hearing to the public for questions or comments.
6:38:12 PM Kathleen Mackey 81 Santa Anita. Asked what a public comfort station is.  
6:38:10 PM Gulledge Answered it is a public bathroom put there for the comfort of the public and is maintained with tax dollars. Stated currently they have three public comfort stations, and the levy pays for toilet paper, any repairs, electricity, etc. Stated two are in Drost park, and one is in Firemen's Park.
6:38:45 PM Mackey Asked by keeping the tax rate the same as past two years, are they short-changing themselves. Clarified her point is, as much as she appreciates not having her taxes raised, is there any thought to raising it some to avoid a bigger jump in two to three years. 
6:39:11 PM Gulledge Answered as mentioned previously, they could have maximized the tax rate in certain columns specifically because they want the public to know they are watching the bottom line and are trying to work within a budget. Stated they feel very strongly that with what is being levied here, they can do so. Explained they are able to keep the rate at this level because of the tremendous growth. 
6:40:13 PM Wigginton Commented she brings up a good point, and he counsels the Village that they don't want to get into a situation where every year they keep decreasing it at the expense of a future generation or council. 
6:40:33 PM Mackey Concurred.
6:40:44 PM Wigginton Responded the Village has been very fortunate that its assessed valuation has grown from $146 million to an estimated $173 million. Stated in looking at a comparison to ten comparable cities in Madison County, Maryville is at the top one or two in rate of growth.
6:39:24 PM 6:41:33 Gulledge Thanked Mackey for her comments. Asked for other input. There was none.
6:41:52 PM 6:41:40 Gulledge He closed the hearing.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville