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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Public Hearing #1 - Business District Plan - Routes 159 & 162
Date 6/4/2008 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:01 PM Gulledge Called the first Public Hearing of Wednesday, June 4, 2008 to order. Explained the purpose of the public hearing is to discuss a possible designation of a Business District and approval of Business District plans for the proposed Route 159/162 Business District. There were ten (10) persons in attendance. Introduced Jeremy Hayes of PGAV.
6:30:47 PM Jeremy Hayes Introduced himself as an Urban Planner with PGAV in St. Louis. Explained the firm prepared the Business District Plan for the proposed Route 159/162 Business District. Stated the purpose of the Public Hearing is to review and take public comment on the proposed plan and proposed designation of the area as a Business District. Stated notice of the hearing was published in the Edwardsville Intelligencer on May 24, 2008, as well as mailed to all property owners located within the proposed district. Stated the Plan is dated May 23, 2008, and was placed on file at the Village Hall on that date. Gave review of business district plan. Explained it consists of four sections. Stated the plan explains the Municipal Authority under the Business District Act in section 1; contains analysis of factors that make the proposed area eligible for such designation in Section 2; presents a development plan for the district in Section 3; and includes other findings necessary for the municipality to designate the area as a Business District in section four. Stated the district consists of 7.4 acres at the northeast corner of Routes 159 & 162. Stated the district has approximately 1,100 feet of frontage on Route 159 and approximately 300 feet of frontage on Route 162, and all of the proposed district is within the Village limits of Maryville. Stated the district consisted of six parcels as of tax year 2007; it now consists of three platted lots and one unplatted 3.5 acre parcel. Stated the plan lists the criteria for designation of an area as a Business District, and the analysis finds the district qualifies as a "blighted" area and therefore eligible to be designated as a Business District. Explained the eligibility factors contained in the plan. Stated the four factors which constitute an economic and social liability are: Defective or inadequate street layout; deterioration of site improvements; unsafe or unsanitary conditions; improper subdivision or obsolete platting; and explained the findings on each factor. Discussed Section 3 of the plan, which is the development plan for the district. Explained the plan depicting future land use. Explained the plan includes the point that a number of site related and public improvements are necessary to support development including property acquisition, excavation and grading, storm water drainage improvements, improvements in remediation of highway access point and construction of sidewalk. Stated the two objectives for the development are to provide competitively priced property for attraction of commercial development and to protect and expand Maryville's economic base. Stated the business district development will be accomplished through both private and public development actions. Explained table 3-1 estimates the amount of project costs at $1,150,000 for development of the district. Noted the estimated cost is in no way binding in that it allocates the business district revenue for those specific purposes at those specific amounts. Stated the source of funds for costs are listed in the plan as a Business District Retailers Occupation Tax, a Business District Service Occupation Tax and a Business District Hotel Operators Occupation Tax. Stated the rate for each shall be levied no more than 1% for a period not to exceed 23 years. Stated section 4 lists a number of findings required to be made in order to designate the area as a business district, which include the finding that the designation of the district will assure opportunities for development and attraction of quality commercial growth; the Village's exercise of powers granted in the Illinois Business District Act is dedicated to promotion of public interest and enhancement of the tax base; use of the power granted by State law is declared by the Village to be a public use essential to the public interest; and the district as a whole has not been subject to growth in development and would not reasonably anticipated to be developed without the adoption of the business district plan. Explained the plan provides these findings and evidence of qualification in detail. Stated the plans are on file and available at Village Hall with the Clerk.
6:40:28 PM Gulledge Opened the hearing to the public for questions or comments.
6:40:44 PM Kostyshock Asked if the 1% for 20 years includes Walgreen's as well.
6:41:04 PM Hayes Answered it is an estimate of the redevelopment cost to be expended on development in that area. Stated that is based in part on estimate of what Walgreen's would generate in that 1% tax over the course of 23 years.
6:41:18 PM Gulledge With no other questions or comments, announced, as required by law, there will be a second public hearing on the subject next Wednesday, June 11 at 6:00 p.m. at the Village Hall. Stated based on the two hearings, a vote will be taken on the issue at the Board meeting on June 18th. With no further questions or comments, closed the hearing.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk


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The Village of Maryville