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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Public Hearing - Business District Plan - Routes 159 & 162 Business District
Date6/11/2008 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:00:19 PM Gulledge Called the Public Hearing of Wednesday, June 11, 2008 to order. There were three persons in attendance. Explained the purpose of the hearing is to discuss designation of a Business District and approval of a Business District Plan for the proposed Route 159/162 Business District. Introduced John Brancaglione of PGAV to discuss the issue.
6:00:53 PM John Brancaglione Stated for the record, he will make a few points relative to the preceding activities to date. Stated the notices of the Public Hearing were published in the Edwardsville Intelligencer on May 24, 2008, and mailed to all property owners located within the proposed district. Stated the Business District Plan is dated May 23, 2008 and was placed on file on the same date with the Village. Stated the first Public Hearing was conducted June 4, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. Stated the Business District Plan explains the municipal authority under the Business District Act and contains several items as required by the Act: An analysis of factors that make the proposed area eligible for designation as a Business District; a development plan for the District; includes other findings necessary for designation; explains the municipal authority for generating a Business District under the Act. Noted in Section 1, Backgound Information, discussion is held regarding boundaries which encompass approximately 7.4 acres at the northeast corner of Routes 159 and 162. Stated there is approximately 1,100 feet of frontage on Route 159 and approximately 300 feet on Route 162. Stated everything within the District is within the corporate limits of Maryville. Stated there were six parcels for the 2007 tax year that made up the district as the plan was being prepared; however in the interim there were some consolidations such that it now consists of three platted lots and one unplatted 3.5 parcel at the north end of the district. Stated in order to qualify as a Business District and levy taxes, there are additional eligibility criteria as provided for in the Statute. Stated the Business District Plan and supporting analysis indicates the area qualifies as a blighted area as defined in the Business District Act and is therefore eligible to be designated. Stated the information is all contained in Section 2 of the plan. Stated the eligibility criteria was based on a field inspection by PGAV on April 30, 2008, which included photography of existing conditions. Criteria included defective or inadequate street layout, related to the excessive number of access points; insufficient spacing between these points; many points were sub-standard in width, turning radii or surface conditions; many are improperly situated relative to the intersection; poor interior circulations; lack of sidewalks and open ditch drainage; and other matters that apply to those criteria. Stated at the time of field observation there were seven structures, the majority of which exhibited signs of deterioration, some of those indicators being greater or lesser depending upon which building; however five of the seven exhibited signs to a reasonable degree. Stated three of the buildings, all of which were vacant, were unsecured. Stated economic deterioration was uncovered by evaluating the growth and assessed value where all of those properties were evident in the obsolete nature of the commercial buildings. Stated three were former homes converted to commercial uses. Stated there were unsanitary or unsafe conditions created in part from the curb cuts from inadequate interior circulation, in other words traffic and pedestrian safety hazards, that constitute those conditions. Stated improper subdivision or obsolete platting, in that until the re-plat of the south acreage, this factor affected the majority of the improved parcels. Stated four of the six were of inadequate size or irregular configuration. Stated there were a variety of conditions documented that represent economic liability, some of which were previously discussed. Stated one of those evidence items is the stagnant growth of the EAV of the area compared to the Village as a whole. Stated the area conditions also constitute a social liability to the taxing districts due to their inability to generate tax revenue in support of social services, public health, education and other public services. Stated these conditions are documented in the plan as indicated in section 2. Stated the Business District plan provides for redevelopment of the site with two principal objectives: To provide contemporary and competitive priced property for the attraction of commercial development, and to protect and expand Maryville's economic base as well as to mitigate and eliminate the property tax stagnation present on the site. Stated the private development actions involve property acquisition, demolition, and construction of commercial buildings and supporting infrastructure including storm water management facilities that are not present currently. Stated the plan anticipates the Village to enter into an agreement with the developers providing assistance with certain of these public improvements and extraordinary project costs. Stated the budget in the Business District Plan provides for District project costs of $1,150,000, with the source of those costs coming from a Business District Retailers Occupation Tax, Service Occupation Tax, and/or a Hotel Operators Occupation Tax. Stated each can be levied as provided for in the plan up to 1% for a period not to exceed 23 years. Stated the findings in the plan indicate as follows: The designation of the District will assure opportunities for development and attraction of quality commercial growth; the Village will exercise the powers granted in the Act; and is dedicated to promoting the public interest in enhancement of the tax base. Stated the use of that power is granted by State law and is declared by the Village to be a public use essential to the public interest and the district as a whole had not been subject to growth and development and would not reasonably be anticipated to develop without the adoption of the plan. Stated the prior inducement resolution was adopted by the Village Board in support of this.
6:11:43 PM Gulledge Opened the hearing to the public for comments or questions. There were none. Announced on June 18, 2008 there will be a Board vote on the Proposed Designation of Business District and Approval of Business District Plan for the proposed Route 159/162 Business District.
6:12:23 PM   He closed the hearing.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville