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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date 7/23/2008 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:05 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, July 23, 2008 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Fenton, Building and Zoning Administrator/Fire Chief Flaugher, Public Works Director Presson, Assistant Fire Chief Hartman and three (3) reporters.
6:30:46 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the July 9, 2008 Caucus meeting minutes. Asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Schmidt and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:17 PM Gulledge Went to first agenda item, Ambulance Rate Increase and asked Chief Flaugher to discuss.
6:31:34 PM Flaugher Explained he provided a copy of an analysis/study done on rates for agencies in the area. Stated they have not raised ambulance rates since December of 2004. Explained the study compares rates to 7 other agencies. Explained in all the categories, Maryville is the cheapest. Explained with the expense of equipment and supplies as well as gasoline and personnel, they need to consider raising rates. Explained the spreadsheet shows rates for each area department; the bottom line shows a regional average, which is the average of area departments including Maryville; the next line shows Maryville's rank within those rates; the next line is the National average; the next line shows the Medicare allowance, which caps what can be billed for particular services. Explained in all categories, Maryville is not even billing what is allowed by Medicare. Stated the next line is the difference between the regional average and what Medicare allows; the average is 18.44% over what can be billed. Stated the next line is the difference between what Maryville is currently charging and what is allowable by Medicare. Stated with the exception of ALS non-resident, Maryville is not billing what is possible. Explained he has listed his proposal of rates. Explained he calculated the rates based on a percentage over what is allowable by Medicare, which he figured at 25% for residents and 40% for non-residents. Explained that is what would be billed; however for a Medicare claim patient, they would only recoup what is allowable by Medicare. Explained these rates are identical to Collinsville Fire Department rates, which were raised in May. Explained Medicare will raise the allowance every year. Commented his opinion his proposed increase is not unreasonable due to the amount of time it has been since an increase was imposed.
6:35:29 PM Bell Commented the increases work out to 50%. Commented his concern for people paying out of pocket.
6:36:05 PM Flaugher Responded they are not making money on the service, and never have. Explained they are busier each year. Explained his opinion they will need to face reality in the near future and look at staffing due to the amount of calls. Commented most other departments are looking at increases. Commented next year this proposal will be in the middle due to other departments increases.
6:36:58 PM Bell Commented he understands an increase due to the gas prices; however he is concerned over the amount.
6:37:08 PM Flaugher Commented his proposed numbers compared to the national average are not even close.
6:37:19 PM Schmidt Commented the public needs to keep in mind residents and members of the Fire Protection District do not pay into an ambulance district in the form of taxes. Explained there are cities on the proposal where residents pay taxes into a district and are charged rates on top of those taxes.
6:37:59 PM Flaugher Explained Maryville's tax is strictly for fire protection, not ambulance.
6:38:08 PM Garcia Commented her agreement with Bell that the increase should be smaller. Commented on the amount of people without health insurance.
6:38:22 PM Flaugher Explained his figures are 25% for resident and 40% for non-resident above what is allowable by Medicare. Commented a lot of patients are not Medicare and will be submitted to private insurance companies, and will be recouped. Stated they can minimize the rate increase, but then they will have  to review rates each year.
6:39:26 PM Mayor Commented they went too many years without reviewing rates and now the increase looks large. Commented from now on they need to re-evaluate rates each year. Commented his opinion even at the highest proposal, they still will not break even. Commented the Fire Department does good job of raising money at the Homecoming events. Stated his general feeling is they need to increase the rates substantially; however he does not want to end up with the highest rates in the area. Commented his opinion they should consider the $350 range along the same lines as Edwardsville and Glen Carbon and plan to review in February of 2009.
6:42:04 PM Callahan Agreed. Commented they are still using a billing service, who should have kept Maryville better informed regarding minimums.
6:42:21 PM Flaugher Responded they have notified Maryville to encourage them to look at increasing rates. Commented they are using the BLS as the basis of their comments; if the next column is reviewed, which is BLS Non-Resident, even with the increase the rate is lower than Edwardsville and Glen Carbon.
6:42:56 PM Mayor Responded his meaning was it is a large jump all at one time. Various comments ensued regarding the need for a raise in rates.
6:44:41 PM Bell Asked what is included in ALS2 versus ALS.
6:44:51 PM Flaugher Explained ALS is Advanced Life Support, which is up to two medications administered, heart monitor, etc. Stated ALS2 is three or more medications, intubation, defibrillation, etc.
6:45:15 PM Bell Commented the proposal is still below the National average; however much higher than regional average.
6:45:24 PM Flaugher Reiterated the regional average is only the eight communities listed. Stated all the agencies did numbers sharing, as others are looking at rate increases as well. Stated the only department that has put a rate increase into affect to date is Collinsville.
6:45:53 PM Callahan Clarified whether non-resident means non-village or non-district resident.
6:46:00 PM Flaugher Responded right now it is non-fire protection district.
6:46:18 PM Callahan Asked what is charged extra for out of city water.
6:46:25 PM Presson Responded $3.80 per gallon versus $2.90 for inside limits.
6:46:45 PM Callahan Commented his point is he doesn't feel the numbers are that high, most residents will have insurance, and the ones that don't will likely be on Medicare/Medicaid. Commented his opinion he does not think it will affect residents' pocketbooks. Stated it might help Maryville provide the service to get a little more money. Asked the cost of a new ambulance.
6:47:13 PM Flaugher Responded their newest ambulance is five years old, and they paid $127,000. Commented currently a new unit would likely cost $150,000.
6:47:25 PM Callahan Suggested breaking down the numbers between Village residents and non-residents. Compared the practice to charging outside water rates. Suggested they consider charging non-residents even more than the proposal to help out the Village residents.
6:48:02 PM Flaugher Stated right now a non-resident classification is anyone not in the Village or Fire Protection District, i.e., an automobile accident with people from out of town. Stated approximately 80% of the current runs involve Village or District residents.
6:48:27 PM Callahan Commented he had reason to use an ambulance five years ago outside of town and he paid $580.
6:48:46 PM Flaugher Stated he realizes it is a big increase; however in looking at these numbers next year he believes what he is proposing now will likely be mid-range.
6:49:02 PM Mayor Reiterated his opinion for the need to review rates annually.
6:49:58 PM Bell Asked when the mileage kicks in. Flaugher responded it is loaded miles. Bell asked if it includes Anderson Hospital.
6:50:13 PM Flaugher Responded they do not charge to Anderson; only if they go to another facility. Explained they are only allowed to charge loaded miles, meaning they can't charge from the station to their home and then to the facility.
6:50:31 PM Bell Asked if they will raise the treatment-only rates.
6:50:45 PM Flaugher Responded no, as they raised it last time from $25 to $100. Explained treatment-only is charged if the ambulance arrives and the patient has changed their mind and does not wish to be transported; they do not charge treatment-only if they get out to an accident and realize there are no injuries. Explained it does not get charged very often.
6:51:21 PM Mayor Responded to Garcia's comment that the rate is high: Explained it is not, as many times eight to ten volunteers show up for calls and must be paid, plus these instances take the first line ambulance out of service. Explained the charge is more to discourage people from calling them out and then refusing service. Flaugher added sometimes people use it as a "first aid" situation.
6:52:51 PM Kostyshock Commented his agreement with the proposal because, as an example, this year's homecoming could have been rained out; if so, where will the money come from.
6:53:14 PM Callahan Recommended the rates be accepted as proposed. Commented his agreement it sounds steep but truly is not for the services provided.
6:53:33 PM Gulledge Polled the Board. All were in favor. Invited Assistant Chief Hartman to comment.
6:53:47 PM Hartman Commented the level of training paramedics are getting now is more and more advanced, which in turn increases the level of care provided. Commented regarding the Medicaid payments, there have been a lot more pickups to an assisted living center, for which a considerable amount of people are on Medicaid/Medicare, which increases the level of Medicare responses.
6:54:46 PM Schmidt Asked how does the number of licensed paramedics that Maryville retains as a volunteer department compare to other towns.
6:54:59 PM Hartman Commented there are no other towns with volunteers. Stated they are low on medics so they have to do what is needed. Explained there are a couple of guys running two nights per week, which is 24 hours a week volunteering. Stated they are at the point now on a 12 hour shift they might run 3 or 4 calls throughout the night, which makes for zero sleep. Schmidt asked how many licensed people they have. Hartman responded six, and three just passed their finals yesterday.
6:55:58 PM Mayor Clarified the individuals that passed yesterday are not yet paramedics, but are allowed to have supervised runs.
6:56:10 PM Hartman Stated they are allowed on supervised runs within their scope of practice. Stated they are doing IV's, blood draws, and certain medication administrations, all of which must be supervised by another medic. Stated they are volunteering their time plus picking up extra shifts to get their runs in with another paramedic.
6:56:44 PM Mayor Commented he is proud that all three passed and scored very high on their final test.
6:57:04 PM Hartman Commented they get many kudos from the Anderson Hospital EMS Administration regarding how good these guys are.
6:57:11 PM Garcia Suggested they either round up or down regarding the rates. Commented her appreciation for emergency staff, especially in the wake of what happened recently in St. Louis.
6:57:53 PM Callahan Commented on the quality of equipment obtained by Maryville. Commented they are not providing a second-rate service.
6:58:23 PM Flaugher Responded Anderson's administration admires Maryville because they are one of the only departments in the State that is providing an ALS service on a volunteer basis. Commented it is a lot of commitment. Stated he would compare level of service and knowledge of staff with any other department. Commented his appreciation of the comments.
6:59:11 PM Gulledge Stated the item will be put on the Board meeting agenda.
6:59:56 PM Gulledge Went to next agenda item, Planning Commission Items. Stated he asked Flaugher to attend this evening because next week is the fifth Wednesday of the month, and they need to decide whether they will hold a Caucus meeting, as he will not be in attendance. Explained these items have not yet come before the Planning Commission, but they wanted to discuss them in case the decision is made to cancel the fifth Wednesday Caucus meeting.
7:00:34 PM Flaugher Stated there are only two items on the agenda. Stated first is a proposed change in the subdivision code regarding requirements of submittal by developers. Explained currently the ordinance reads that a certain number of plan sets are required to be submitted along with a reduced copy and an "electronic copy". Explained the only change proposed, is instead of simply "electronic", specifying that it must be a CAD compatible format. Stated because it is a change to the subdivision code it must go to the Planning Commission for a public hearing. Stated if the Board is in favor, the item will be on the agenda for the next Board meeting. Went to next Planning Commission agenda item, Zupan Townhomes. Stated as an update, the preliminary plan was recommended by the Planning Commission for approval at the June meeting; however there was a contingency regarding variances by the Zoning Board of Appeals. Explained for this reason, the resolution approving the preliminary plan was not ever brought before the Board. Stated the Zoning Board of Appeals granted the three (3) variances as requested: The parking and landscape plan variances were approved as worded; the allowable density variance was approved with the contingency that the builder build the buildings as presented in the building elevation and plans. Stated the final development plan will be on the Planning Commission agenda for Monday night. Stated if they recommend approval of the final development plan, both resolutions for the preliminary and final will be on the Board meeting agenda. Stated he has copies of the final plan with him now in order to answer questions; alternatively everyone is invited to attend the Planning Commission meeting Monday, as he is sure they will have more detailed plans, plus comments from Juneau.
7:05:08 PM Schmidt Asked if the Board gets a chance to discuss the preliminary and final plans at Caucus before a vote.
7:05:15 PM Flaugher Explained that is why the issue is being brought tonight, because they believe the Caucus for next week will be cancelled. Reminded the preliminary was discussed at a previous Caucus, it simply was never put on a Board meeting agenda for a vote due to the variance requests.
7:05:49 PM Bell Asked how the variance contingency will be enforced.
7:06:03 PM Flaugher Explained they have to submit building permit applications; if the plans don't match, the permits will not be issued.
7:07:21 PM Callahan Commented the Planning Commission will discuss the final development plan and vote on it Monday. Stated his understanding was the Zoning Board of Appeals had the final say on the issue.
7:07:49 PM Flaugher Responded only on the variances, which were granted. Explained now that they have been granted, the Planning Commission can look at the final plan.
7:08:17 PM Callahan Clarified that the final development plan will come back to the Board for a vote. He was told yes.
7:08:25 PM Bell Clarified if the Board votes no, he can build the nine basic units. Flaugher responded he would have to do another development plan.
7:08:35 PM Limberg
Responded the developer will take the Board to court, and will win.
7:08:39 PM Callahan Commented that is what Maryville has attorneys for.
7:08:41 PM Limberg Responded Maryville will pay for it. Commented if he were the developer, he would take the Board to court.
7:08:56 PM Gulledge Interjected they should not argue the issue now, but should see how it progresses.
7:09:15 PM Callahan Stated the only reason he brought up the issue is that he was of the understanding that whatever the Zoning Board of Appeals decided was final.
7:09:30 PM Gulledge Responded it is, on the variances; but not on the development plan.
7:09:36 PM Flaugher Explained the Zoning Board of Appeals is a separate board that grants special use permits or variances. Stated if the Board were to deny something, developers can go to the Zoning Board to appeal their case. Stated the Zoning Board had no input on the development plan itself, as that is the Planning Commission and Village Board's job. Stated the only thing the Zoning Board looked at were the three variances. Explained the Board and Planning Commission cannot grant variances. Stated at this point in the process the developer must go back to the Planning Commission with the granted variances, and submit their plan.
7:10:31 PM Gulledge Commented his only issue is they cannot discuss legalities in an open meeting; that is what Closed Sessions are for with an attorney present for counseling.
7:10:54 PM Callahan Questioned the notation in the minutes that one of the Zoning Board members mentioned the numbers are wrong on the map.
7:11:04 PM Flaugher Explained the engineer made a mistake. Stated the building dimensions are correct, but the total square footage is incorrect due to a typographical error. Stated they wanted it noted so that when the final plan comes back it is corrected.
7:11:52 PM Schmidt Asked what the plans are for storm water runoff.
7:11:59 PM Flaugher Stated that was approved during the preliminary by the engineers. Stated they are required to have underground detention. Stated none of the surrounding area should be affected by storm water, meaning the existing ditches that service the apartments in the area. Stated the law states storm water cannot run off a parcel at any greater rate than prior to development. Stated each development has to submit drainage calculations, which has been done, and they will have underground detention, meaning all the storm sewers will run into underground piping and down stream. Commented it is common; most people don't know they exist. Stated all the new medical buildings along Vadalabene have underground detention through their parking areas.
7:13:27 PM Callahan Asked if the extension put on by Osborn is the drain they will drain into. Flaugher answered eventually.
7:13:42 PM Gulledge Stated there was a question and concerns about sewage. Stated Presson and the engineers will look at the depth of the manhole there, as it is very shallow. Reiterated the explanation of the process regarding Zoning Board of Appeals versus Planning Commission.
7:14:58 PM Callahan Commented he was confused because they took in some developments that were not in the Village and could negotiate to take them in as-is. Commented all the negotiations were done before the property was taken into the Village.
7:15:18 PM Flaugher Stated he believes Callahan is referring to annexation.
7:15:20 PM Gulledge Stated annexation agreements have nothing to do with variances.
7:15:29 PM Callahan Commented they have Planned Developments everywhere, in which everything done is not in the ordinance. Asked why this particular property was examined completely separately.
7:15:46 PM Flaugher Explained there is a difference between a "Development Plan" and a "Planned Development". Stated a Planned Development is a zoning classification, as in the case of Vantage; therefore there are not set-back requirements, etc. because a Planned Development normally is a mixed-use. Stated in this case, the property is zoned Multi-Family; however the ordinance reads any multi-family development has to submit a Development Plan. Stated a Development Plan has to meet the requirements of the zoning district, which in this case was MR2. Explained had the property been zoned PDR, it could have been approved by the Planning Commission and Board without going to the Zoning Board of Appeals.
7:17:17 PM Callahan Clarified that the property is still zoned MR2, and the agreement is not only for the twelve units, but that they have to be built in a certain way. Stated had that contingency not been made, the developer could have built twelve units any way he wished.
7:17:38 PM Flaugher Responded yes. Explained had the contingency not been included at the Zoning Board of Appeals level, the Planning Commission still retains the control to require certain building requirements.
7:18:46 PM Gulledge Explained they studied the issue to make sure they are protected. Stated he counseled the Zoning Board that if they agree to the variance, they should include the contingency.
7:20:41 PM Gulledge Went to next agenda item. Stated there are no Park Committee Recommendations; went to next item, Museum Committee Recommendations.
7:21:27 PM Kostyshock Referred to the e-mail from Janet Butts. Stated there are cracked beams at the museum, which Public Works will take care of. Presson interjected Public Works cannot fix the problem. Mayor stated the structural engineer is reviewing the issue. Kostyshock stated after the earthquake, mortar came loose from the outside bricks and the cracks in the beams were discovered. Commented they will need to remove paneling to determine if there is more damage. Went to the next item, painting of the room upstairs, where they plan to fashion an office in the corner. Stated the committee will do the work, but they will need paint for a cost less than $50. Stated they will install ceiling tile, of which they have two boxes and will need an additional 4-5 boxes for an approximate cost of $100. Commented the committee will do all the work themselves. Schmidt commented the recommendation states the work is to be done by Public Works. Kostyshock maintained the committee said they would do it. Went to next item, window unit air conditioner for an approximate cost of $100-$200. Next, stated they need four pieces of paneling for an approximate cost of $60-$70. Next, the existing plywood cabinet needs to be torn out. Stated all expenses should be approximately $300 with the museum committee doing all the work except for demolition of the cabinet. Schmidt asked about the listed additional outlet for the a/c unit. Kostyshock responded they will likely get RCann Electric to run it.
7:24:23 PM Garcia Commented she is not against the issue, but questioned who needs the office.
7:24:30 PM Kostyshock Responded some of the committee members are up there day and night and need someplace to do paperwork.
7:24:58 PM Gulledge Stated he and Schmidt are actively working on the budget. Commented he does not have a problem with the small issues; however the museum budget will be cut just as other departments. Suggested Kostyshock relay that to the committee, as they noted in their recommendation that the money is in their budget. Stated the cracked beams are going to cost a lot, as they had to call in a structural engineer.
7:26:22 PM Callahan Asked if the damage was there prior to the earthquake.
7:26:28 PM Gulledge Stated they do not know, as there were ceiling tiles in place.
7:27:04 PM Callahan Asked whether they can file an insurance claim and see what they say.
7:27:10 PM Gulledge Stated they are, but are waiting for the engineer's report. Garcia commented the deductible is very high. Mayor responded this will not be inexpensive to fix.
7:27:45 PM Kostyshock Commented his belief it is earthquake damage, as the day after there was loose mortar on the sidewalk.
7:27:55 PM Garcia Commented if the cost of fixing it is very high, maybe it is worth not fixing and tearing down the building to build a new one.
7:28:06 PM Gulledge Stated right now they need to wait on the report. The consensus of the Board was to give Kostyshock authority to spend $500 on the listed items.
7:29:08 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. Stated next Wednesday is the fifth Wednesday of the month; he will be out of town. Stated as of now he has no items for a Caucus agenda other than what happens at the upcoming Planning Commission meeting. Stated he will leave it up to the Trustees whether they want to hold a meeting. Polled the Board: All were in favor of no meeting. Next, commented on the Movie in the Park event; CERT group will meet in the Council Chamber tomorrow evening, as the Senior Center is slated to be used by the Census Bureau starting next Tuesday. Stated the CERT meetings will be held in the Council Chamber each Thursday until they are done. Went to August. Commented the MCIB meeting is scheduled for August 4th; museum meeting August 5th; meeting with Bauer Lane residents August 5th. Went to Trustee's comments.
7:34:45 PM Bell Asked whether Presson looked at the bike trail entrance in Rolling Meadows.
7:34:59 PM Presson Responded yes, and they will repair.
7:35:02 PM Bell Stated there is a landscaping pocket at the beginning of the entrance against the road. Requested that Callahan ask the MCIB if the Pocket Landscaping Committee would consider maintaining it, as it is full of weeds.
7:35:54 PM Presson Commented he can remove it.
7:35:58 PM Kostyshock Commented originally the owners on either side of the land were going to maintain it; however that did not happen.
7:36:10 PM Bell Stated those people didn't want the bike trail entrance and did not agree to maintain it. Suggested the Public Works Department remove any vegetation and rock it over.
7:37:34 PM Callahan Asked if the Bauer Lane residents are involved in the meeting.
7:37:48 PM Gulledge Responded yes; they are supposed to come in with easements and $5,000 each. Stated they have three of the fifteen residents who have brought in their money and easements.
7:38:35 PM Garcia Stated she would like to suggest an entrance to the bike trail be constructed from Blackburn Terrace Subdivision since the Village has property there.
7:38:50 PM Bell Responded they have four acres there and have some ideas for the land including a small park; however there is no money to do anything right now. Commented the neighbors that abut the property do not want anything done with the property.
7:39:44 PM Garcia Commented it is not their property. Commented they don't necessarily need to spend the money for a park there; she would simply like to see an entrance constructed.
7:39:52 PM Bell Stated it is a steep drop off.
7:40:01 PM Gulledge Commented they are working on the project and when it is done it will have a connector. Explained they have had some discussion with other entities; right now there is no money to accomplish anything.
7:40:49 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's comments. Stated yesterday Father Quilligan passed away, who was the Pastor at Mother of Perpetual Help church for approximately twenty years. Explained he and Fred Winters were two of the original members of the Outreach Committee. Commented he was a good man and will be missed. Next, stated Justin Peterson baked a pan cookie for Mayor's birthday and brought it for everyone to share after the meeting. With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:42:17 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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