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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date 8/13/2008 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:03 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, August 13, 2008 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, he asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Callahan, Kostyshock and Garcia. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Fenton, Public Works Director Presson, Community Improvement Board Members Alice Drobisch and Rachel O'Neill, five (5) residents and two (2) reporters.
6:30:46 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the July 23rd Caucus meeting minutes. Asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Schmidt and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:17 PM Gulledge Skipped down the agenda to the Bauer Lane update. Stated last Tuesday a meeting was held with the residents of the Bauer Lane sewer area, which is a condensed version of the sewer project they have been trying to put together for the last several years. Explained the meeting represented the deadline for money and easements to be turned in. Stated they had a good turn out. Stated they are now in position to go out for bid on the project. Explained the project has been reduced from approximately thirteen (13) potential homes to between eight (8) and twelve (12). Stated they are looking at other possibilities on how to accomplish the project. Explained possible changes to the layout were discussed and are being reviewed. Stated there are some families they may not be able to get to due to the layout of the main sewer trunk lines. Stated they have had two homeowners ask if there is a possibility of a payment plan. Explained they need both of these homeowners to make the project work. Stated seven (7) of the eight (8) property owners that have already paid indicated if the Board would allow the payment plan, they are in favor. Explained this will lower the overall project cost and allow more people on the system. Explained if the Board is in favor of allowing a payment plan, after receiving one more easement they are in a position to procure bids. Opened the issue to the Board for discussion and/or questions.
6:36:09 PM Limberg Asked the period of the finance option.
6:36:14 PM Gulledge Responded they have not gotten that far yet. Stated his opinion is not more than five years. Limberg stated he is in favor.
6:36:42 PM Schmidt Asked if they anticipate more people wanting to jump on once the word gets out that they are offering finance options.
6:36:52 PM Gulledge Stated the thought crossed his mind. Stated they can still go out for bid and normally if a contract is awarded the cost will stay status quo. Explained allowing others to finance would be a Board decision. Stated they will have requirements that for a certain period of time others will be required to pay, at a minimum, the amount the original property owners paid.
6:37:39 PM Schmidt Asked what happens if property is sold.
6:37:43 PM Gulledge Stated they will have some type of agreement recorded to go with the property.
6:37:52 PM Schmidt Asked if anyone is not participating for which they had to get easements.
6:38:01 PM Gulledge Responded not at this time. Stated they do have one individual who has paid but they may not be able to get him on. Stated he talked to him about the situation several months ago. Commented his opinion this individual is not as needy as others in the area. Stated the individual was only trying to do his part as a good neighbor. Schmidt indicated he is in favor. Bell indicated he is in favor.
6:38:58 PM Callahan Commented the Board has been working on this issue for thirty (30) years. Commended Mayor and residents for carrying the project this far. Commented the ordinance states that anyone within 400 feet of a sewer line is required to hook up.
6:39:40 PM Gulledge Stated they will have to have a special rule based on this particular scenario. Explained the last thing he wants to do is for these people to put their money up for someone else to tap on for little to no money. Commented they have work to do on the project; however they have an idea of how they will accomplish it.
6:40:25 PM Callahan Commented he saw the plans. Clarified they are planning to go down the middle of road.
6:40:32 PM Gulledge Responded that plan has changed. Explained the plan regarding crossing the road and going in between certain homes, eventually crossing the road to the existing line to the lift station. Commented the plan may change, as they are trying to give the Village and residents the best value for the money. Explained the cost will not be any more than it was, and may be less.
6:41:26 PM Callahan Commented if they were in the street, all they have to do once this group gets the system working is move the line right in front of someone's house and they have to hook up.
6:41:48 PM Gulledge Stated they will work on the issue and have some ideas. Commented they want to get as many as they can, but also guard against others getting on for less than the original project cost.
6:42:29 PM Kostyshock Thanked the group of residents for coming to meetings and making the project possible. Stated he is in favor.
6:43:11 PM Garcia Stated she is in favor; however she is concerned regarding being fair with respect to add-ons.
6:43:43 PM Wayne Cutty 606 Bauer Lane. Commented some people in the subdivision are on fixed incomes and don't readily have $5,000 available. Asked if they can simply add the cost on to their water/sewer bill.
6:44:36 PM Gulledge Explained that is what they are discussing. Explained they could not do so for everyone, as the Village is not in a financial position to front the cost. Stated as it is, two-thirds of the cost will be borne by the Village for a lift station, which was supposed to have been done thirty (30) years ago, but was never hooked up.
6:46:44 PM Gulledge Went to next item, Streetscape Banners. Introduced Alice Drobisch and Rachel O'Neill from the Community Improvement Board, and explained they have a presentation.
6:47:19 PM Alice Drobisch 2053 Pinehurst Way. Stated the Community Improvement Board (MCIB) has put together a banner project to spruce up the streets in town as well as give Maryville businesses a chance to support the town, while at the same time improving the "main drag" down Route 159. Showed a presentation of the design of the banners and example photos of what the completed project will look like. Explained three separate designs show pictures of three Maryville monuments: Centennial Plaza, Drost Park Bridge, and Maryville Village Hall. Explained they plan to sell banners to businesses, individuals and organizations within the Maryville Village limits or Maryville Fire Protection District. Explained the price structure: One banner will be available for a price of $250, with a cost to the Village of $200 with the $50 profit being put back into the project; three banners will be available for a price of $690, with the cost to the Village at $660 and the $30 profit being put back into the project; five banners will be available for a price of $1,000, which pays for the banner and bracket at which point the Village breaks even. Explained the bottom portion of the banner will display the organization's name and logo. Explained they have been in discussion with some companies that members of the MCIB had relationships with, and already have a verbal commitment for fourteen (14) banners. Stated the total cost to the Village, which has already begun to be incurred, is banner design for $275; photography for $110, and the MCIB intends to give the photographer a banner; and mailing to businesses for a cost of $200; banners and brackets will not cost the Village anything, because that cost is absorbed by the sponsor. Explained after two (2) years, of which the banners will be up for 16 months because of holiday decor, the banner becomes the property of the purchaser and the Village keeps the brackets. Explained the plan for Phase I: Secure sales for thirty (30) banners; obtain orders for ten (10) banners by August 31, for which they already have verbal agreement on fourteen (14); do a community mailing; put a message in the Village Gazette; and have the balance of banners ordered by September 15th. Stated the banners require a ten (10) day turn around for production. Explained they may end up with more than thirty (30) banners in Phase I. Showed an example of the flyer they will distribute to the community. Stated the plan is to only focus on Route 159. Stated they have an e-mail address for orders, which they would like to link to the Village website. Explained the only cost is $585, which she assumes will be absorbed by the payments for banners and brackets.
6:53:34 PM Bell Asked what the banners are made of.
6:53:43 PM Drobisch Showed a sample. Explained they are two (2) feet wide by six (6) feet long and are guaranteed to last for 2 years because they have wind slits.
6:54:23 PM Bell Clarified the plan is to put them up, take them down for the Fourth of July decorations, put them back up, take them down for Christmas, and put them up again.
6:54:38 PM Gulledge Commented it is not bad because they will already have the lift and the banners are not hard to put up. Explained the brackets stay up.
6:54:50 PM Bell Asked if both sets of brackets can stay up.
6:54:56 PM Presson Stated he does not know as he has not seen the brackets.
6:55:00 PM Drobisch Commented the brackets are supposedly the best they can buy.
6:55:04 PM Gulledge Responded they used to have them both up at the same time on the same pole. Stated once the brackets are up, they won't take them down again.
6:55:24 PM Callahan Clarified they cannot guarantee location on the brackets.
6:55:44 PM Drobisch Agreed. Stated the purchasers will be told the banners will be hung along Route 159. Explained there is some verbiage in the flyer that protects the Village regarding placement.
6:55:56 PM Gulledge Commented they will try to take the business into consideration regarding placement.
6:56:11 PM Drobisch Commented they will also try not to hang banners in front of a competing business.
6:56:33 PM Callahan Asked the spacing plan.
6:56:39 PM Drobisch Stated the plan is for fifteen (15) on each side of the street. Stated they were not sure which poles can be used.
6:57:03 PM Gulledge Stated his opinion there are enough poles that don't have Christmas lights that they may be able alternate them that way. Commented if it goes well, they can expand to Vadalabene, West Main, East Main, Route 162, etc. Commented his opinion the program will be well received and will see a lot of support.
6:58:00 PM Drobisch Explained one of the verbal agreement sales is for ten (10) banners, and the organization simply asked that they be spaced appropriate down Route 159 so as not to be clumped all together.
6:58:29 PM Callahan Commented his opinion the program is fantastic. Asked whether the same picture will be on both sides of the banner. He was told yes. Clarified the three different pictures will be interspersed down the street.
6:58:52 PM Schmidt Asked what they are using for a mailing list.
6:58:55 PM Drobisch Responded the list of businesses on the Website. Stated Dawn Mushill has agreed to put an advertisement in the Troy/Maryville Chamber newsletter stressing that it is only Maryville organizations. Stated they also plan to advertise with local churches. Stated Anderson Hospital is the entity that purchased ten (10) banners; others include the Maryville Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary, FNB, and local chiropractor Barry Delassus.
7:00:06 PM Callahan Commented his opinion they should contact Kurt Mueller.
7:00:19 PM Gulledge Confirmed the Board's approval. All were in favor.
7:00:22 PM Garcia Clarified the organization name and logo will be large enough to be read from the road. The sample banner was displayed to show how large the area will be.
7:00:42 PM Drobisch Explained the organizations will be able to submit their logo; if there is no logo, they will use a nice font.
7:01:04 PM Gulledge Commended the committee for their good job.
7:01:32 PM Gulledge Went to next item, Request from the Library. Explained they would like to install a retractable awning in the back of the building where there is an area with a picnic table. Stated they agree that if the library moves out, the awning will stay with the building. Stated they plan to pay for the awning and installation.
7:03:03 PM Schmidt Clarified they will pay someone to install versus using Village labor.
7:03:07 PM Gulledge Stated the Village will have no financial responsibility. Explained they simply don't want to alter the building with obtaining approval from the Village. Polled the Board. All were in favor.
7:04:23 PM Gulledge Went to next item, Secom Bid to Repair 3 Warning System Sirens. Stated they are having problems with the rotation of the sirens. Explained it will be approximately $9,000 to $10,000 to repair. Commented he believes they have replaced the motor in the one out front at least three times. Commented the others have never been replaced to his knowledge. Garcia commented they have never really worked right. Gulledge responded, as outlined in the memo from Schardan, Secom indicated it is something to do with the gearing that was not right when the motor was built. Commented it is a lot of money, but in his opinion they need the sirens to revolve.
7:07:39 PM Schmidt Asked the locations of each.
7:07:43 PM Gulledge Stated one is out front, one is at Pleasant Ridge, and one is at the corner of East Main and Lakeview Acres Road. Stated the East Main siren has something extra wrong with it, which will be in addition to the $7,700.
7:08:35 PM Callahan Commented they are charging high-lift truck rental.
7:08:44 PM Gulledge Responded they are, and the Village may be able to save some money if they can have access to a lift from the Township; however they are not sure their lift can get up that high.
7:09:16 PM Schmidt Asked from which budget the funds will come.
7:09:18 PM Gulledge Stated Fire, Police and Administration. Stated there is no money budgeted; however they have to fix the problem. Polled the Board. All were in favor.
7:10:39 PM Garcia Asked how long they will guarantee the repair.
7:10:44 PM Gulledge Responded he does not know; however his opinion would be not long because the problem existed from day-one.
7:11:01 PM Bell Asked whether it would make more sense to put the money into new sirens.
7:11:07 PM Gulledge Responded no, as it would not be cost effective. Bell asked if they got a bid. Gulledge responded no; however they did a few years ago and it was very expensive. Explained back in 1990 the sirens were approximately $14,000 each, without installation. Commented they need to consider adding more on the north and south ends of town in the next year or two. Commented sometimes there are grants available. Stated he will ask Secom their opinion on what it would cost to get new. Bell stated he would be interested in that information.
7:12:08 PM Callahan Asked when they install the new rotator will they take off the wind vanes. He was told yes.
7:12:19 PM Gulledge Stated he will try to get the answers on cost and report back by next Wednesday evening. Went to next item, Computron Service Agreement.
7:12:43 PM Bell Explained the agreement is the same as last year for the same price of $3,500.
7:12:52 PM Schmidt Commented all the paragraphs say whatever is broken that can't be fixed with installation of new parts at no charge will require purchase of new equipment. Asked if they are required to buy the equipment from Computron.
7:13:29 PM Bell Responded they are not required to buy anything from them; however if they don't the items will not be covered under the maintenance contract.
7:14:48 PM Gulledge Polled the Board. All were in favor.
7:15:05 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. Commented on the Movie in the Park scheduled for the 15th at which the movie to be shown is Close Encounters, sponsored by Ceretto's and Shell Credit Union; the next movie in the park will be on August 29th at which the movie to be shown is Hook, sponsored by Wigginton; commented on the Community Improvement Board who are working on a number of issues and are close to a presentation regarding Welcome signs.
7:17:18 PM Gulledge Went to Public Input. There was none. Went to To Do List, page 1.
7:17:31 PM Schmidt Asked the status of the contract with the company that wants to install more equipment on the tower.
7:17:44 PM Gulledge Stated he has not input it on the list; he will add it under Administration. Stated he got another quote; however it is still low. Stated he will talk to each Trustee about it individually.
7:18:42 PM Limberg Commented the pavilion looks nice.
7:18:50 PM Gulledge Stated it is up and they are now in the position to pour the floor. Presson commented it will be four to eight weeks before the floor is poured, as he has the solid surface for the playground coming in.
7:19:19 PM Kostyshock Asked the plan for a walkway to the new pavilion.
7:19:28 PM Bell Stated it is included in the OSLAD grant. Commented the path will be from the Schiber Court parking lot area.
7:20:21 PM Fenton Asked if bikes will be allowed on the path.
7:20:28 PM Bell Commented the reason for not allowing bikes before was the danger to walkers as well as ruts in the trail. Stated the new trail will eliminate the threat of ruts; however they still will not allow bikes due to the danger to walkers.
7:22:16 PM Bell Asked if the soccer goals are up for fall that are put out by the baseball fields. Comments were made that they are normally erected in September. Comments were made that the nets in the existing soccer goals are ripped. Asked if Presson had a chance to look at the bike trail entrance on Cedar Valley. Stated he will repair by cutting out and pouring concrete piers underneath to keep it from sliding off.
7:24:45 PM Gulledge Went to page 2.
7:24:51 PM Bell Asked the status of the overflow pipe repair.
7:24:59 PM Presson Stated they are waiting for the lake level to go down; however every time it gets to an acceptable level, it rains again.
7:25:36 PM Gulledge Went to page 3. There were no comments. Went to Trustees comments.
7:25:47 PM Schmidt Asked if they lost the population sign on the north end of town southbound on Route 159 during the widening of the highway. Gulledge responded he was not aware; however if it is not there that must be what happened.
7:26:35 PM Gulledge Stated those signs are provided by the State. Stated he will call to see what to do.
7:26:51 PM Callahan Stated he has had complaints regarding the grass at his neighbor's house, which is two to three feet long.
7:27:07 PM Gulledge Stated he knows Jones is working on it and the owner has been served; however he does not know the status. Stated he will find out. Various discussion ensued regarding the condition of the property.
7:28:18 PM Gulledge Stated all he can suggest is to call Jones to find out the status. Explained residents have ten (10) days from notice to comply. Stated he will find out the status and e-mail the Trustees.
7:29:37 PM Kostyshock Commented the oil and chipping on the roads looks good. Next, commented school starts on Friday and encouraged all to watch for children.
7:29:59 PM Limberg Asked why they put oil and chip on the north frontage road.
7:30:17 PM Gulledge Responded he does not know, as it is not Maryville's responsibility and suggested questions be directed to Collinsville Township.
7:30:55 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's comments. Stated the Street Department has been busy with oil and chipping, which looks good. Stated tomorrow night is the fourth CERT meeting at 7 pm. Commented the Special Census got started last Friday, and are estimating three (3) weeks until completion. Stated he received a sealed bid for the 1988 S-10 pickup; however it was received after the closing date. Asked the Board's opinion regarding opening. All were in favor. Read the bid from Brad Hunsinger for $50 to purchase the 1988 S-10 Pickup Truck.
7:33:22 PM Callahan Asked whether the Fire Department could use it for practice with the Jaws of Life.
7:33:34 PM Gulledge Commented they get many vehicles donated. Polled the Board regarding selling the truck. All were in favor.
7:33:52 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Bell and seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Callahan - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:34:14 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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