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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Public Hearing #1 - 2020 Future Land Use & Transportation Plan for the Village
Date 10/15/2008 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:15:31 PM Gulledge Called the first public hearing of Wednesday, October 15, 2008 to order. There were twenty seven (27) persons in attendance. Explained the purpose of the hearing is to discuss the 2020 Future Land Use and Transportation Plan for the Village of Maryville, also known as a Comprehensive Plan. Commented this is just a plan and not zoning laws. Explained it is a map of what the Village perceives for the town in the future. Introduced Tom Wobbe, who is a city planner. Explained this is the third plan on which Wobbe has worked with Maryville. Next, introduced Trustee Rod Schmidt who was the liaison of the committee of Village residents. Commented a number of committee members are here, including Sharon Frey who attended all three meetings. Opened the discussion to the public for questions or comments.
6:18:45 PM Louis Meier Asked for an explanation of the map.
6:19:11 PM Tom Wobbe Explained the colors that differentiate the areas of the map: Yellow denotes residential; green denotes open space, park area, golf area, etc; pink denotes commercial; blue denotes public areas such as hospitals, fire stations, etc.; red "candy-cane" stripes denote proposed connector streets. Explained the map will be used by the Planning Commission when developers come in to make sure plans adhere to the future use plans of the Village. Commented there is one agricultural area on the map. Commented there is no industrial area identified, as the committee concluded they do not see Maryville as a future industrial type community.
6:23:28 PM Gulledge Invited those in attendance to ask questions or comments. Commented the original plan that was discussed at Caucus included a 10-foot adjacent bike trail on East Main Street. Explained eventual improvements to East Main will include sidewalks on both sides of the street; the Board questioned the practicality of the trail due to needed easements as well as the proximity of Fairland Cemetery to the road, and subsequently eliminated it.
6:25:41 PM Sharon Frey East Main Street, Maryville. Stated she served on the Comprehensive Plan Committee. Stated she was under the impression the bike trail would be in place of traditional sidewalks, not in addition to.
6:26:21 PM Gulledge Stated he did not understand it that way; however he does remember comments being made that bikers would be able to use the sidewalks in that area, as they do on West Main, Route 159, etc. Frey commented sidewalks are not conducive to bike traffic; in addition, bike use is illegal on sidewalks.
6:27:02 PM Louis Meier East Main Street, Maryville. Questioned why another bike trail is needed, when the current trail is in place and this trail would dead-end at Lakeview Acres Road.
6:27:39 PM Gulledge Commented the original plan had the trail going all the way down East Main past the water tower to the old railroad site that will be the new bike trail connector towards Shiloh.
6:27:52 PM Judy Joergson East Main Street, Maryville. Questioned why East Main needs to look like West Main, as there is no school on the street and a bike trail is not needed. Stated her opinion there is not enough room for sidewalks and a bike trail along that road.
6:30:11 PM Louis Meier Commented further that a bike trail is not needed.
6:30:50 PM Scott Allen 708 Birch Lane, Maryville. Explained he was on the Comprehensive Plan Committee, and his understanding was it would be a bike lane as part of the road, not a separate trail like what is already in place. Commented the Committee brought up the idea of adding a bike lane to West Main as well, but was told it was not feasible as the road is not wide enough.
6:32:05 PM Bob Drost 6641 East Main, Maryville. Agrees there is no need for a bike trail. Stated his concern that the width requirements will take footage away from residents' front yards.
6:33:14 PM Louis Meier Suggested a meeting be held for all residents of East Main to discuss the plans when they are close to implementing.
6:33:57 PM Gulledge Clarified this is just a plan for the future. Commented a few years into the future, things may change as to financial feasibility, etc.
6:35:59 PM Gary Kukla Oak Lake Court, Maryville. Stated he was on the Comprehensive Plan Committee. Commented hearing the word "plan" makes one think the Village is planning on doing the project; suggested a better word to describe this is a concept.
6:36:41 PM Bob Drost Understands this is the Village's plan. Commented the map shows a road going through part of Meier's and his properties to connect to Lakeview Acres. Questioned how he is expected to plan, with the possibility that the Village plans on making changes to his property.
6:37:28 PM Schmidt Explained a lot of the proposed roads shown are new connectors for flow of traffic. Explained these changes will only affect if a developer comes to the area and purchases the land; the Village then has the option of telling that developer that if he plans on building on that land they must include the connector road as shown on the Future Use map. Explained this plan does not suggest the Village is going to take any land from an owner to automatically install a street. Drost asked for clarification that the Village will not come in and claim eminent domain to install the road. Mayor responded the Village has never used eminent domain on anyone; however that does not mean they cannot. Stated he cannot answer for future Boards. Commented it is always a possibility, as it is a right of the municipality. Commented he cannot say how many of these ideas will be implemented. Commented in the past they have implemented some, but others were found not to have merit to move forward. Stated they have not been approached regarding any proposed roads, and have no plans in the near future.
6:40:50 PM Schmidt Commented the road in question is shown mostly for fire and police in order to cut down on response time. Stated this road was shown on the last plan as well.
6:42:31 PM Tracy Fenton 6500 East Main Street, Maryville. Commented the winery is shown on the map as commercial, when it is actually zoned PDB, which is more restrictive. Asked if that makes a difference should a developer purchase that land and want to use it for straight commercial purchases. Gulledge responded no and reiterated this is not a zoning map.
6:43:34 PM Louis Meier Asked if other parts of Maryville need to be discussed besides the East Main area. Gulledge commented there are no secrets; whatever is shown on the map is what the plan is.
6:44:31 PM Millie Belobraydic Stated she was on the committee that developed the previous map; there is not much that has changed from the previous map to this one. Asked Gulledge to explain why a Comprehensive Plan is needed.
6:45:34 PM Gulledge Explained without a Comprehensive Plan, a community is limited to grants for which they are able to apply. Commented the recent OSLAD grant for park improvements could not have been obtained without a Comprehensive Plan. Explained another reason is it gives the Village direction in future planning. Commented for any ground designated for a future park, should a developer make an offer for purchase, the Village has a one-year option to either condemn the property or work out a deal for purchase. Stated without a Comprehensive Plan, the Village would not have the one-year window.
6:46:34 PM Wobbe Commented if the Village does not act within that one-year period, the developer can proceed with the purchase and the Village can no longer stop the development.
6:47:10 PM Gulledge With no further questions or comments, he closed the public hearing.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville