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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date 4/22/2009 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:09 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, April 22, 2009 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Bell, Kostyshock and Garcia; Schmidt and Callahan were absent. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Fenton, Attorney Wigginton, Public Works Director Presson, one (1) resident and two (2) reporters.
6:31:01 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the April 8th meeting minutes. Asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none.  Motion to approve was made by Kostyshock and seconded by Limberg. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:30 PM Gulledge Went to first agenda item. Stated the Community Improvement Board is asking for permission to allow the Khoury League Opening Day parade. Explained the event was very successful last year. Stated the third field dedication will also be made that day in honor of John C. "Buster" Lucas. Stated the YMCA has taken some of the financial burden off the Village by providing a bounce house. Stated they will be requesting the street be closed off. Polled the Board; all were in favor.
6:33:33 PM Gulledge Went to next item, Pay Request #1 from Kassen Excavating on the Northwood sewer project.
6:33:43 PM Kostyshock Stated the sewer installation is completed; however they have a lot of clean up to finish. Stated they did a good job, fast. Stated there were no change orders. Stated the contract was for $66,438.50, of which they are asking $45,232.65.
6:34:21 PM Gulledge Polled the Board; all were in favor.
6:34:41 PM Gulledge Went to next item, request from Heritage Museum Committee.
6:34:51 PM Kostyshock Stated the Committee has requested to be notified before demolition of buildings for purposes of taking photos or obtaining objects with owners' permission.
6:35:14 PM Gulledge Commented as long as the Board approves, all it will take is a memo from the Mayor to Building and Zoning Administrator Flaugher informing him of the new procedure. Polled the Board; all were in favor.
6:35:36 PM Gulledge Went to next item, request about Memorial walkway lighting. Stated the item was brought before the Park Committee. Commented he distributed the recommendations sent by the Committee secretary.
6:35:58 PM Bell Stated the issue was discussed at length. Stated the consensus of the Park Board was they did not have enough information to make a rush decision. Explained they were not against the issue; however they wanted more information before making a decision, such as whether there were other options, etc.
6:36:45 PM Kostyshock Stated he appreciates Bell taking the issue to the Committee; however he is getting frustrated. Stated if they had paid for the Memorial to be built, it would have cost at least $100,000. Stated he never asks for anything. Commented the Memorial is not for him, but for the community. Stated his opinion they need to take care of it. Commented the Memorial was built by volunteers, and the Village can't light it.
6:37:18 PM Bell Commented they can light it.
6:37:21 PM Kostyshock Argued he has been trying for a year. Commented he does not have a budget for the Memorial or Plaza. Stated he would like to take over both in order to obtain a budget. Stated it is important to him, as well as many others, that they make it as nice as possible..
6:37:46 PM Bell Stated one question was whether there was any money left from donations for the building of the Memorial.
6:38:03 PM Kostyshock Responded he does not know and is not aware of how the funds were divided.
6:38:14 PM Bell Reiterated the problem was they felt they did not have enough information to make a decision, so they recommended against. Stated one of the comments was they were unsure what it really offered, as the memorial services are during the day.
6:38:44 PM Kostyshock Stated if that is the question, the same could be asked why they have flags, as they could do without them. Commented the argument could be made they could do without the memorial. Reiterated his frustration. Wigginton commented it was designed for lights.
6:39:01 PM Bell Commented he went in with a positive attitude. Commented he does not have a vote on that committee. Commented they are only a recommending unit.
6:39:16 PM Wigginton Stated if the Board wishes, they can move it forward without a Park recommendation.
6:39:24 PM Bell Stated they were told that if the Board wants to do the project, they will vote on it and do it. Stated they were simply not comfortable recommending the spending of Park funds. Stated the other question was whether the project falls under the same category as the new entrance sign.
6:39:55 PM Gulledge Stated the answer is no. Stated the feeling of the Park Committee was it is the end of the budget year, and there is no money in the budget for this project. Stated they indicated they would like to have more time to consider the project and budget for it. Stated they understand the Board has the final say so. Stated the Board has the choice of doing the project now or waiting a few weeks to do it in the next budget year. Commented spending money ends with the six (6) Trustees.
6:41:14 PM Kostyshock Stated he would like to get it done now, as he has been waiting too long.
6:41:23 PM Gulledge Polled the Board. All were in favor of doing it now. Stated the item will be put on the May 1st Board Meeting agenda.
6:41:37 PM Limberg Commented the Memorial is a pinnacle of interest and stands out when driving through the Village. Stated the names inscribed are people who have served the country and Village. Commented his opinion it has great meaning to the Village. Concurred with Kostyshock that he has been patient. Stated he would second his recommendation to get it done.
6:42:16 PM Gulledge Commented they should not be too hard on the Park Committee, as they are looking at their budget, and it wasn't a budgeted item. Stated the item will be placed on the May 1st agenda.
6:42:45 PM Garcia Commented they could put the budget under the Heritage and Museum Committee.
6:42:54 PM Gulledge Stated they need to look at it. Stated they put in Parks because it is part of the park ground. Stated they can move it to another area and budget for it, if they decide to.
6:43:21 PM Bell Went to next recommendation, which is to recognize members who have served on the Park Committee for a minimum of five (5) years with a brick paver in the Centennial Plaza.
6:44:25 PM Gulledge Commented it should be 8 to 10 people.
6:44:34 PM Bell Commented on the procedure. Stated the idea has been discussed for two to three years. Stated the initial cost for ten bricks will be less than $500.
6:45:30 PM Gulledge Stated his opinion it is a great idea. Stated Schardan has asked to designate an area for police as well. Stated it distinguishes people that devote their time. Stated he is in favor. Commented they should consider expanding it to other committees and departments.
6:47:04 PM Garcia Asked if they are budgeting for the item.
6:47:07 PM Bell Responded yes.
6:47:15 PM Gulledge Polled the Board; all were in favor. Reiterated he would like to think about it for other committees and departments.
6:47:43 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates.
6:48:17 PM Bell Commented today is Earth Day, and he was asked by Michelle Vermaux to upload tips for going "Green" on the website. Displayed the link he found. Commented he also linked the Census 2010 on the page.
6:49:50 PM Gulledge Went on with Calendar Updates: Second work day in the Park on Saturday at 8:30 a.m.; Rabies Clinic Saturday at 9:00 a.m. at the Senior Center; Planning Commission meeting on the 27th; last Caucus meeting on April 29th is cancelled; Special Board Meeting scheduled for May 1st at 7 p.m. to swear in new Board members and make committee appointments; stated a presentation will be made to Trustee Callahan if he attends the meeting; stated they will add Memorial Lighting to the agenda; Bike Safety Rodeo May 9th at Maryville Elementary; first concert in the Park, which is the Buddy Holly/Elvis Presley impersonators; May 7th is the Mayor's Prayer Dinner at 6:30 p.m. at the Baptist Church; May 2nd is Khoury League Opening Day.
6:55:05 PM Gulledge Went to Public Input. There was none.
6:55:16 PM Gulledge Went to To Do List. There were no comments.
6:55:47 PM Gulledge Went to Trustees' Comments.
6:55:54 PM Bell Stated the Fly a Kite event went well with approximately 75 kids. Next, stated the Park work day went well with approximately 40 people, at which they got all the trees planted and the majority mulched, along with various other projects. Offered special thanks to Patrick Presson and Clint Jones, who were there the whole time working the bobcat, etc. Next, reported on the e-mail notification program as discussed several months ago. Stated they will start with Boil Order notification, and add more subscriptions as the Board elects. Commented once the procedure is in place, the Village has to follow through with sending the e-mails. Stated KDI Net will put together a bid that will be expandable, which they should have by Monday. Stated if the cost is less than $500, Presson has enough in his technology budget; if it is more, he will discuss the project with Presson for presentation to the Board at the next Caucus.
7:01:31 PM Kostyshock Commented the park had a big crowd for kite day, and it was a lot of fun. Next, commented the volunteers worked hard, and offered his appreciation.
7:02:07 PM Garcia Asked where Maryville Manor is located. Mayor responded he will explain under his comments. Next, commented her church has the e-mail notification service, and it works well.
7:03:51 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's Comments. Stated Maryville Manor is on Vadalabene near the hospital. Explained they have had problems with mine subsidence and are looking at building a new facility on Route 162. Stated a Public Hearing will be held at 7:00 p.m., before the Planning Commission for rezoning the parcel from agricultural to PDB. Stated scheduled on the regular agenda for the Planning Commission are a recommendation for lot area variance from the Seaman Minor Subdivision; a recommendation for rezoning from Maryville Manor; a recommendation for approval of the final development plan for Maryville Manor. Explained the area is approximately 26 acres almost directly across from Cambridge House. Explained they are working on an agreement that will set aside the front area for commercial retail sales. Encouraged attendance at the Planning Commission meeting. Garcia asked if it is an additional facility. Mayor explained they will be closing the current facility and reopening the new one.
7:06:33 PM Gulledge Next, discussed Kans for Kiwanis, to be conducted May 9th for distribution of bags and pickup on May 16th. Explained they are looking for health and beauty aids, canned goods and monetary donations.
7:08:25 PM Gulledge Next, discussed the park on Pleasant Ridge Road that CARD is building. Explained it is approximately 68.23 acres and involves four parcels. Stated they are petitioning for annexation, and are contiguous. Stated Wigginton will send the proper notices to the taxing districts. Stated he wants to make sure the Board understands this was the site Forest Lerch brought before the Board a couple years ago for a development. Explained issues arose with the water line that comes up through the middle of the property, how to get to the bike trail, etc. Explained annexation, with the exception of being a park within the Village limits, will not offer any monetary value to the Village because the water will be limited and they plan to get their water from Troy, who has a main line right there. Stated Maryville was hoping the land would be developed and a main would connect from Keebler to Pleasant Ridge. Commented this may not occur as timely and easily as they originally thought. Stated they plan to use some new type of sewage system, which will have to be approved by Madison County. Stated the area is already in the Fire Protection District. Stated Maryville will be providing police protection when they are annexed. Reiterated there is no advantage for this to be in the Village from a monetary standpoint. Commented the only advantage, other than to say the park is within Maryville, is Maryville will be able to get other annexations. Stated they are proceeding with the annexation, and he wants to make sure the Board is in favor.
7:11:46 PM Bell Asked if they annex, what kind of rules can the Village enforce over what they build. Further asked what is the zoning.
7:12:10 PM Gulledge Stated they will have to come in and build to Maryville's specifications. Stated the zoning is SR-1. Stated the maintenance shed is already being built and meets Maryville's specification. Explained Maryville received a building permit application. Stated there was some confusion, as he was unaware of the permit. Explained the Park District thought the property was already in the Village, as did the Building and Zoning Department; however it was not. Explained if they do not allow the annexation, they will have to return the building permit fee.
7:13:34 PM Bell Stated his question is, do they have to go through the Planning Commission.
7:13:42 PM Gulledge Responded no, building goes before Flaugher.
7:13:50 PM Bell Asked about green space, number of parking spots, etc.
7:13:55 PM Gulledge Responded there is no green space. Explained a park can be put under any zoning, and they are doing it under SR-1 because it is voluntary and avoids public hearings requirements.
7:14:24 PM Bell Asked if it has a higher green space requirement than a business.
7:14:37 PM Gulledge Responded no. Commented they will watch the building just like anything else.
7:14:50 PM Garcia Asked if they annex, CARD will still be responsible for taking care of the park.
7:14:58 PM Gulledge Responded that is correct; the only responsibility of the Village is police and fire protection. Reiterated Troy will provide water.
7:15:20 PM Kostyshock Asked if they have any idea what type of building they are installing.
7:15:28 PM Gulledge Responded the Building and Zoning Department has the plans.
7:15:36 PM Bell Commented they had several community meetings on this issue. Stated funding is not yet in place for anything except a utility shed.
7:15:57 PM Gulledge Stated they have applied for OSLAD grants.
7:16:03 PM Garcia Asked how to get to the location.
7:16:07 PM Gulledge Explained.
7:16:33 PM Kostyshock Asked if they plan to store all of the equipment from Collinsville in Maryville.
7:16:45 PM Gulledge Responded he is not sure, but it is a maintenance shed. Polled the Board. All were in favor.
7:17:07 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Bell and seconded by Garcia. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
7:17:35 PM   The meeting ended

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville