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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date 5/13/2009 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:05 PM Limberg Announced Mayor Gulledge is in the hospital undergoing tests. Asked that all keep him in their thoughts and prayers.
6:30:42 PM Limberg Called the Board meeting of Wednesday, May 18th to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, asked for a roll of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Kostyshock, Garcia and Short. Also in attendance were Public Works Director Presson, Madison County Solid Waste Coordinator Leah Detmers, Attorney Wigginton and three (3) reporters.
6:31:25 PM Limberg Called for approval of the April 22nd meeting minutes. Asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. Motion to approve was made by Kostyshock and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - abstain; Bell - yes; Limberg - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes; Short - yes. Motion carried.
6:32:07 PM Limberg Went to first agenda item, Maryville Recycling Pilot Project, and asked Leah Detmers and Presson to discuss.
6:32:28 PM Leah Detmers Stated she is the Solid Waste Coordinator for Madison County, 157 Main Street, Edwardsville. Stated she and Presson met with Allied Waste to discuss the procedures of the recycling grant being given to Maryville. Stated the County has gone out on bid on the 60 gallon roll off containers. Explained the Village was not named in the bid for privacy reasons. Stated they ordered 2,500 of the toters. Stated four (4) bids opened; there was a 5th bid, but it did not qualify. Stated they are currently reviewing the bids with Allied to proceed with their operations manager as to which they prefer. Stated the bid should be awarded as of June for the Village Caucus meeting, with County Board approval of approximately $90,000 to the Village with no cost matching. Stated this is a pilot program and the first of its kind for Madison County.
6:34:27 PM Bell Asked if the 2,350 active accounts listed refer to water accounts.
6:34:40 PM Detmers Responded they are trash contracts. Further explained that is the franchise number.
6:34:49 PM Bell Commented the number seems low. Presson commented that is the number of active accounts as of this morning as received from Allied.
6:34:59 PM Detmers Explained the County will contract with the vendor and have a distribution in assembly. Stated there is an assembly and distribution fee tacked on that the County will fund. Stated the toters will be distributed by the vendor to each household. Stated Allied has a list of each address. Explained the surplus will go to Presson for storage for cases of needed replacements or new residents.
6:35:35 PM Bell Asked about the deposits, as it is listed new customers will be charged a $40 deposit. Asked how they will ensure existing customers do not "walk off" with the toters when they move.
6:36:00 PM Presson Commented there is no guarantee that won't happen. Stated the initial investment is that they will not. Stated each will have a serial number, Village logo and County logo. Stated the trash company has been instructed that if they see a Village of Maryville toter in another town, they are to confiscate it. Stated it is Village of Maryville property and will be treated as such.
6:36:33 PM Bell Commented he is 100% in favor of this program. Stated he has had some neighbors with concerns. Asked if people that currently don't recycle get a bin. Also some are concerned that the small bin they currently use is large enough, and are asking if that option will be discontinued.
6:37:16 PM Wigginton Arrived and was seated.
6:37:21 PM Presson Explained eventually everyone will be required to recycle, whether it happens now or later. Stated the current blue bins will not be used, as they are moving strictly to this pilot program.
6:37:57 PM Schmidt Commented if the current bins are set out, they will be confiscated. Presson responded that is correct.
6:38:05 PM Detmers Commented the toters keep the streets cleaner due to the elimination of blown debris.
6:38:16 PM Bell Stated that is how he explained it to residents when they expressed their concerns.
6:38:21 PM Detmers Commented people don't have to set the bin out every week; if they only have enough to fill it every other week, that is fine. Stated that is up to the discretion of the customer and Allied. Stated such kinks will be worked out as they go.
6:38:57 PM Bell Clarified the toter will be tagged with the address and if someone moves, the toter should be left.
6:39:04 PM Detmer Responded correct; the toter belongs to the address, not the customer.
6:39:10 PM Schmidt Asked if the program will be periodically reviewed, and will the Board receive reports on the progress.
6:39:22 PM Detmer Explained it is a pilot because they have done it in St. Louis County and had some issue with the way they rolled it out. Explained Madison County has been recycling since 1996, so there is a past history. Stated the program makes her job easier, as she can keep tabs on the volume directly out of Maryville. Explained they chose Maryville because the Village has such a good recycling rate. Stated her professional opinion is the program will go over well here, and they will move on to other communities by next year.
6:40:33 PM Garcia Asked if the bins will be collected at the same time as trash.
6:40:36 PM Detmers Responded that is up to the contractor.
6:40:46 PM Garcia Asked if a list of what can be put in the toters will be provided.
6:40:51 PM Detmer Explained it is embedded on the lid of the container. Explained there is no separation; all recycling goes into the bin.
6:41:07 PM Short Asked if the increased number of people recycling in Maryville will affect the trash bills with Allied. Detmer responded she does not know. Short asked if she knows whether it affected St. Louis County. Detmer responded no, as it is a "whole different animal".
6:41:40 PM Detmer Explained recycling commodities stabilize the waste hauling bill due to the fact they are paid for. Commented the market has not done well lately; however she believes the less waste in a landfill will keep the waste hauling costs down.
6:42:07 PM Short Commented in the March report the grant was estimated at $72,000, and now they are quoting $90,000. Asked if that was an issue with the County and whether it might be an issue for the Village.
6:42:29 PM Detmer Stated she does not believe it is an issue with the County. Explained this type of program is exactly what the tipping fees go to, as there are only certain programs to which landfill money can go, and this is an exemplary project. Stated all of the funding into the $90,000 comes from tipping fee money. Explained tipping fees are broken into thirds: One to the land fill operator; one to the County in which that landfill resides; and one to the municipality. Explained the County is required by the State to allocate the tipping fee funds into environmentally conscious programs.
6:43:28 PM Bell Clarified Short's question is whether the additional $18,000 will be covered by same $72,000.
6:43:37 PM Detmer Stated the administration budgeted the program last year. Explained she knew it would be approximately $40 per toter, and they received the same amount of the bid. Explained they have not allocated for distribution and assembly, which is why it has gone up to $90. Commented Allied's numbers went from 1,800 originally to 2,500.
6:44:19 PM Kostyshock Clarified the containers will only be available to single family homes, and apartments will be omitted.
6:44:31 PM Detmer Stated it mirrors the Madison County Recycling Residential Ordinance, which only applies to two or single dwelling households. Commented mobile home parks, large apartment complexes and condominiums do not apply.
6:44:52 PM Kostyshock Asked if there is any thought to include regular trash with these containers.
6:44:59 PM Detmer Stated that would lie with Allied. Commented they currently have a waste program with the 60 gallon toters with the Village of Bethalto which is working well. Commented Allied can answer that question.
6:45:29 PM Garcia Commented she spoke with Robin about it, who indicated it is an option.
6:45:35 PM Bell Commented Gulledge has had her start looking into it.
6:45:40 PM Detmer Commented they are choosing green toters, because Allied's trash toters are blue. Commented they have never refused a bin to an apartment dweller or condo owner.
6:46:27 PM Bell Asked if the per-toter cost includes all logos and printing. Detmer responded yes. Bell asked who keeps the list of serial number to address cross-reference. Detmer responded the vendor.
6:47:19 PM Garcia Asked where the surplus will be stored.
6:47:23 PM Presson Commented there is no initial problem, as they plan to use the Schiber Court facility, the water tower, and the water plant.
6:47:43 PM Limberg Asked for other questions. There were none. Thanked Detmer for her attendance. Went to next item, Bond Issue.
6:48:12 PM Bell Asked if the toter program will be put on the Board meeting agenda. Limberg responded yes.
6:48:35 PM Limberg referred to the bond issue packet sent by the Mayor. Asked if there were any questions.
6:48:57 PM Schmidt Stated he and Wigginton can field questions; anything they are unable to answer they will get with Mary Kane and/or Mayor between now and next week, as it needs to be on the Board meeting agenda next week due to time restrictions on public hearing notices, etc.
6:49:52 PM Bell Commented he sees the term is 30 years, as well as what is being paid off and the money they will save; however his question is what is the interest rate. Commented his calculation looking at what they are paying back versus what they are borrowing is 180 percent.
6:50:36 PM Wigginton Responded he does not know the exact figure; however the comment from Kane was that rates are lower now than they were in 2000 and 2001 when the original bonds were issued. Explained they don't know what it will be because they have to lock it in. Stated the bond rating and whether it is insured will affect the rate. Stated that information will be available before passing any ordinances. Commented the interest rate will be less than it was in 2001.
6:51:33 PM Garcia Stated they pay 4% interest to the bank.
6:51:39 PM Wigginton Stated that is on a loan, not a bond.
6:51:50 PM Bell Commented they will be paying off that 4% loan with this bond issue.
6:51:57 PM Short Asked where the July 10th date comes into play.
6:52:04 PM Wigginton Stated according to the bond council, in order for the Village to reimburse itself for the money used out of the General Fund to complete the Old Town project, they have to do so within 18 months of the last date. Bell commented that date is December 10, 2007. Short commented that calculates to June 10 of 2009. Wigginton responded they have calculated it as July. Short stated when he tried to figure it out, the math works out to 19 months. Wigginton stated they will double check.
6:53:25 PM Garcia Asked the bottom line explanation of why they are doing this bond issue.
6:53:36 PM Wigginton Explained it improves the financial condition substantially. Garcia asked if they can do the same by lowering expenses. Wigginton responded they could not achieve these kinds of cost savings through lowering expenses unless they had a substantial cut in services and personnel. Stated they have already committed to the Lakeview Acres project and have signed contracts, so they have to come up with that money. Explained they will have to borrow the funds somehow, and the least costly way is through a bond issue compared to traditional financing. Further stated they have already committed and become obligated to support the OSLAD grant with matching funds. Explained this is the Village's share of project commitments. Explained they avoided borrowing when they did the Old Town, on which they spent $2.1 million; however that reduced the general revenue to a point where it caused them to borrow $800,000, which they will repay at a lower interest rate with this bond issue. Stated in the course of researching the issue, they looked at the two existing bonds, on which they can save costs on one of $82,000 and $52,000 on the other. Explained they are consolidating their debt into one large bond issue and paying off the higher interest rate debt. Explained the bond issue funds will be used as follows: To reimburse Old Town to repay the $800,000 loan, which is now down to $615,000; to have working cash of $700,000; and the new money $2.6 million of which $1.4 will be used to refund the 2001-B and $490,000 will be used to refund the 1997 bonds. Explained this will reduce the payments down to one, versus all the different payments they currently make.
6:56:51 PM Short Clarified they are refinancing debt at a lower rate due to the market.
6:56:55 PM Wigginton Responded that is correct; and they are borrowing additional funds to meet new obligations on the OSLAD, Lakeview Acres and Safe Routes projects.
6:57:19 PM Short Clarified the repayment of these bonds is then budgeted.
6:57:23 PM Schmidt Explained the total figures for next year's budget has not yet been completed, as they have been waiting for a board decision on the bond. Explained they will have to factor out the old payments, and re-factor for the new figures.
6:57:46 PM Short Clarified they will refinance, consolidate debt, start repaying a lower rate, and increase revenue reserve. Asked what the current revenue reserve is.
6:58:06 PM Wigginton Stated that figure is included in the Treasurer's report received periodically. Stated the net cash as of May 6th after all bills and debts are paid is $444,639.52.
6:58:57 PM Short Commented the advantage of this bond is to save money in the long run. Asked if increasing revenue reserve also makes the Village more attractive for additional grants or other funding resources or economic development, i.e. does it make Maryville a more desirable community for retail.
6:59:31 PM Wigginton Stated it gives more flexibility to try to attract grants and low interest loans from government entities, as it gives the flexibility to have money available to meet local match requirements.
7:00:07 PM Short Apologized he was not able to meet with Schmidt before the meeting. Commended the Board for past fiscal restraints and debt reduction. Stated his concern is they will consolidate debt, freeing up working capital and resulting in spending extra funds. Commented he wants to make sure that is not going to happen.
7:00:40 PM Schmidt Commented that is a good point. Stated because this gives more flexibility it does not mean they will go back to old ways of spending. Commented everyone will have a rough period time in 2010 and 2011. Commented his opinion the next fiscal year will be okay; however it will be rougher in 2010 and 2011. Stated replenishing the General Fund and reducing payments, will allow the Village to keep personnel and services at an even keel.
7:01:43 PM Bell Commented it also reduces the next three years' of bond annual payments.
7:02:05 PM Wigginton Commented Short brings up a very good point which was discussed at past meetings, that just because they have more money in the General Fund does not mean the department heads will be allowed to increase their budgets. Explained the money is not there to pay off new expenses. Stated if they look at the bottom of page 3 of the memo, the working cash fund will be restricted. Explained they can loan money to the Village; but every year prior to fiscal year end, it has to be repaid to that fund.
7:02:58 PM Short Asked what if the department that had to borrow the money can't repay it at the end of the fiscal year.
7:03:04 PM Wigginton Stated the Board will have to watch the department heads throughout the year to make sure they stay within budget.
7:03:39 PM Bell Commented that source of revenue could also be grant, where a grant will be received in future but the funds are needed now.
7:03:50 PM Short Commented the Safe Routes grant works that way, as they will pay the amount up front and get 100% back.
7:04:09 PM Bell Stated for OSLAD, they pay it all up front and get 50% back.
7:04:15 PM Short Clarified the terms on the bonds cannot be set until they start the process.
7:04:22 PM Wigginton Referred to page 3, where it says total estimated project cost for bond equals $4.5 million prior to bond insurance and cost of insurance. Explained the underwriter tries to pre-sell the bonds. Commented investors like these types of bonds, as they are tax-free. Stated they will find the best interest rate and get investors to bid against one another.
7:05:05 PM Short Asked how long the Village will be paying on the bonds before they are paid off. He was told thirty (30) years.
7:05:24 PM Wigginton Commented bonds are always thirty years (30). Commented they normally repay earlier bonds with new bond issues.
7:05:41 PM Short Asked if the money to repay the bonds is received through savings on the consolidation, or will they increase water and sewer rates or something of that nature.
7:06:05 PM Wigginton Stated they have to meet bond obligations every year through whatever revenues are generated. Stated they can abate the principal and interest. Explained so far the Village has been a good steward of the taxpayers' money and have passed abatement ordinances every year abating the tax levy on the bonds because they have been able to pay it out of general revenue. Stated repayment can be from whatever source the Village derives: Cost savings; revenue increases; the 2010 census population increase will generate additional revenue; property taxes will continue to rise; etc.
7:06:59 PM Garcia Stated the memo indicates the procedure will dampen existing property tax revenues.
7:07:16 PM Wigginton Stated that is not within the control of this Board. Commented municipalities follow six (6) to nine (9) months behind a recession in the private sector. Stated they will see revenues not increasing but stabilizing.
7:08:17 PM Bell Clarified the Village portion of the Lakeview Acres project is approximately $500,000.
7:08:35 PM Kostyshock Stated for the first phase they will have enough money due to the grant from the State, County and assessment fee. Stated they are unsure on the second phase, as they are unsure whether they will receive funds from the stimulus package.
7:09:00 PM Bell Asked the current balance of the 2001-B.
7:09:14 PM Wigginton Stated he does not know. Stated he thought Kane had included a schedule in the packet.
7:09:23 PM Bell Found the notation of $1.4 million. Commented that does not seem right as they borrowed $2.1 million eight years ago.
7:09:39 PM Wigginton Responded similar to a home mortgage, all the early years' payments go toward interest, not principal.
7:11:50 PM Limberg Asked for other questions. There were none. Short reminded they need to follow up on the July date; Wigginton indicated he will check on it. Polled the Board; all were in favor. Stated the item will be on the Board meeting agenda.
7:12:33 PM Limberg Went to next item, OSLAD bid.
7:12:41 PM Bell Stated he is unsure as to what Mayor wanted to discuss on the item, since it was already discussed at a previous Caucus. Stated they had eight (8) bidders, and referred to the lowest bid listed. Commented there is a time limit for submission; however he is unsure what it is.
7:13:37 PM Schmidt Asked who was the low bid.
7:13:42 PM Bell Responded Keller. Stated they are going with the base bid plus options for lighting of the field. Stated they took out some of the walking trail to accommodate the lights. Stated Mayor is working on $75,000 in funding through other grants. Stated he unsure if the item needs to be on the agenda next week.
7:14:58 PM Kostyshock Asked regarding the walking trails: Keller wants to do eight feet versus the 6-feet listed on the plans. Asked if a price has been negotiated.
7:15:20 PM Bell Stated he is aware of the equipment issue; however he does not know if anything has been negotiated. Commented it will result in more material cost.
7:16:00 PM Presson Commented the material will be costly. Stated Keller has not submitted a firm price for the extra cost. Stated to his knowledge they have not done anything further.
7:16:36 PM Bell Showed what was taken out of the project via the printed map.
7:17:51 PM Limberg Asked the timeframe to move forward.
7:18:01 PM Bell Stated he is not sure what the date is.
7:18:06 PM Limberg Commented if it is not done at the next meeting, they still have the first meeting in June. Presson commented his opinion that they have to do it sooner than June. Limberg stated they will put it on the agenda, and if there is any problem they will address it at that time. Polled the Board; all were in favor. Stated the item will be placed on the agenda.
7:19:13 PM Limberg Went to next item, Annexation of CARD Property.
7:19:38 PM Wigginton Stated the item needs to be placed on the agenda. Stated he has sent notices to the taxing districts, the ordinance is prepared, and they are ready to go.
7:19:54 PM Limberg Stated the item will be placed on the agenda. Asked for any questions.
7:20:02 PM Bell Commented it is the new park. Stated they are constructing a storage building on the site. Commented he has heard rumors that the cost of the building is in the million-dollar range. Stated he attended several community meetings discussing what they would like to see in the park; however there is no funding right now.
7:20:49 PM Schmidt Asked why they want to annex.
7:20:56 PM Wigginton Responded to facilitate public services. Short commented it is already in the Fire District.
7:21:07 PM Bell Commented it is Troy water. Stated annexation will facilitate police services.
7:21:38 PM Short Asked if it is annexed does it fall under the Village's building and code restrictions. He was told yes.
7:22:18 PM Wigginton Stated they have obtained a permit from the Village.
7:22:39 PM Limberg Asked for other questions. There were none. Stated the item will be on the Board meeting agenda. Went to next item, Disposal of Surplus Equipment.
7:22:47 PM Bell Commented the 800 megahertz radio is either Fire or Police; however he is unsure which.
7:23:11 PM Limberg Stated they can hold off on the item, as Schardan is on vacation and unavailable to discuss. Went to next item, Motor Fuel Tax Program.
7:23:39 PM Presson Referred to the report. Stated the recommendation is for concrete to be awarded to Concrete Supply of Illinois; bituminous hot-patch to Asphalt Sales and Products; and bituminous cold-patch to Asphalt Sales and Products.
7:24:09 PM Kostyshock Commented the concrete cost came down from last year.
7:24:22 PM Bell Asked about the bituminous bid, as it seemed like Maclair was the low bid.
7:24:47 PM Presson Stated if they add in the mileage and group together it works out. Stated the bid proposal allows the Village to award the materials based on a total price of the group.
7:25:35 PM Limberg Asked for other questions. There were none. Stated the item will be placed on the agenda.
7:25:54 PM Schmidt Asked Presson if they have switched flag poles out front.
7:26:01 PM Presson Responded no.
7:26:08 PM Bell Asked if Presson received more information on the cell phones.
7:26:12 PM Presson Stated as of right now it does not make sense to switch to Verizon, as they will not save any money.
7:26:27 PM Limberg Asked for other questions. There were none. Went to next item, Sale of Village Property at 6116 West Main.
7:26:39 PM Wigginton Reminded the Board in January the assessor's office brought to the Village's attention that there were outstanding tax bills on the property, on which they were paying interest of 18%. State the recommendation was to pay off the tax bills in order to own the property free and clear. Stated the Village is sitting on property that is a non-performing asset, and they need to sell it. Stated he had Manion send a letter explaining the options, which are as follows: The first, is a straight bidding option, on which the Village can accept any bid determined to be in the best interest by 3/4 of the corporate authority, as well as retaining the right to reject any and all bids. Stated the second is to authorize the sale through public auction; however to do so they first have to obtain an appraisal and the auction price must meet 80% of the appraised value. Stated the third option is if they pass a resolution to sell the property by bidding or auction with no acceptable result, they can list the property with a licensed realtor. Stated they need decide on a method and get the item on the agenda for a vote.
7:28:52 PM Kostyshock Commented his opinion is they should get it appraised before going forward.
7:29:20 PM Bell Asked how much the Village has invested in the property.
7:29:24 PM Wigginton Responded he does not know, but estimates it in the mid $20s. Reminded if they don't get a decent price, they can reject the bids.
7:30:15 PM Limberg Commented in the future land use, it is designated commercial.
7:30:34 PM Wigginton Stated they need to take into consideration, they may not get back the investment; however part of the goal was to clean up a community blight. Explained that is part of the value the municipality receives.
7:31:03 PM Limberg Commented they currently get no property taxes, so if they sell it they start receiving taxes. Asked which option they want to pursue.
7:31:26 PM Wigginton Commented the easiest is the open bidding option. Explained they can avoid the cost and expense of appraisers and real estate agents. Stated he agrees they might want to appraise if they are unsure as to the value of the property; however they don't have to if they use the first method. Stated they always include in the bid specs that the Village reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Stated if the bids are all bad, they can reject them all and go to the second method, using an appraisal.
7:32:36 PM Limberg Polled the Board. Schmidt and Bell were in favor of the first option.
7:33:24 PM Kostyshock Stated he is in favor; however reiterated his opinion they should get an appraisal first. Garcia agreed.
7:33:42 PM Short Stated he agrees with the bidding option. Commented his opinion the Village is not in the real estate business and is not doing this to make money. Commented Wigginton made a good point in that the reason they are in it is to clean up the eye-sore. Stated they know how much money they have invested, and believes they should use that as a starting point.
7:34:18 PM Limberg Commented if they reject the bids, then they can pursue an appraisal. Confirmed they will go with the first option, and the item will be placed on the agenda.
7:34:51 PM Limberg Went to next item, Maryville Manor Property Annexation.
7:35:10 PM Wigginton Stated they gave them the right to begin site work due to special circumstances. Stated they are negotiating/finalizing terms of an annexation agreement for the new property because it is not currently in Village limits. Stated they will have an ordinance authorizing the agreement, then an ordinance annexing the property, then an ordinance that will rezone the property. Reminded all property annexed automatically comes in at SR-1. Stated the plan is to rezone to PDB (Planned District Business) for better control. Stated they have submitted all development plans. Stated there are ongoing negotiations regarding water. Stated they were going to treat the sewer tap on fees exactly as they were done at Cambridge House, using a formula based on population equivalent. Stated they must give public notice of a hearing approving the annexation agreement. Stated they are looking at the second meeting in June for this process.
7:36:55 PM Limberg Stated they have already presented the plan, and the Planning Commission has already reviewed them
7:37:05 PM Wigginton Stated they are ahead on the zoning, as the Planning Commission and Board have both had the public hearings already.
7:37:27 PM Schmidt Asked what kind of frontage they are requiring.
7:37:32 PM Wigginton Responded the 500 feet minimum. Commented they are actually close to 600 feet. Explained they have the same terms as is required of others along Route 162, i.e., a 500 feet setback for commercial and sales tax revenue businesses.
7:38:01 PM Limberg Asked for other questions.
7:38:04 PM Short Asked the stage of the plan reviewed by the Planning Commission.
7:38:13 PM Limberg Responded they have approved the final plan. Commented there were five small variances needed. Commented there were no dissenting votes. With no further questions, stated the item will be on a future agenda.
7:39:18 PM Limberg Went to Calendar Updates. Reported on the Mayor's Prayer Dinner last Thursday, at which there were approximately 250 to 280 attendees; Park Meeting May 18th; blood drive at the Senior Center; American Legion Post 917 and Ministerial Alliance will hold a memorial service on May 25th; Concert in the Park May 22nd, at which the entertainment is Buddy Holly and Elvis impersonators.
7:43:25 PM Limberg Went to Public Input. There was none.
7:43:29 PM Limberg Went to To Do List, page 1. There were no comments. Went to page 2. Short commented he is unable to attend the Public Works meeting. Kostyshock stated he will make sure Short gets a copy of the minutes. Went to page 3. Bell commented the museum has received their new computer and it is working well.
7:45:28 PM Limberg Went to Trustees' Comments.
7:45:38 PM Bell Stated the bike rodeo held Saturday went well, and Angel Merz did a great job.
7:46:22 PM Limberg Commented the Kans for Kiwanis committee passed out bags last weekend and will collect the food this Saturday.
7:47:20 PM Kostyshock Commented the Kiwanis Club is holding a meeting at the golf course tomorrow at noon, at which the Museum will be giving a presentation.
7:47:51 PM Garcia Commented they will need help Saturday picking up the food collection. Asked about the reference in the packet to the Bauer Lane Sewer project.
7:48:20 PM Wigginton Stated the item needs to be placed on the Board meeting agenda. Explained it is an application for funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Explained it is an application for federal funding under the stimulus package for the Bauer Lane sewer project. Garcia asked if more areas can be added. Wigginton responded no, as it is based upon the construction cost estimate done previously. Stated the time needs to be on the Board meeting agenda. Commented Garcia should discuss her subdivision with Juneau, as they can file separate applications for any municipal project.
7:50:07 PM Limberg With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Bell and seconded by Schmidt. Voting on the motion: Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Limberg - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes; Short - yes. Motion carried.
7:50:39 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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