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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date 10/28/2009 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:15 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, October 28, 2009 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance. After the Pledge, asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Limberg, Schmidt, Bell, Kostyshock, Garcia and Short. Also in attendance were Attorney Wigginton, Assistant Clerk Fenton, Comptroller Brussatti, Public Works Director Presson, Call One Representative Joey Waxman, and two (2) reporters.
6:31:01 PM Gulledge Called for approval of the October 14th meeting minutes. Asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes; Short - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:36 PM Gulledge Stated in the absence of Call One Representative, they will skip the first agenda item and discuss item #2, AT&T Cell Phones.
6:32:01 PM Bell Explained the proposal to replace current cell phone service from Sprint with AT&T, to include text and data services. Stated there is no cost savings, as they are the same price; however the service is better than Sprint. Discussion ensued regarding what phones will be made available to employees and allowing employees to purchase upgrades if they so choose. Further discussion was held as to whether phones can be used for personal use. Garcia pointed out if Village phones are used for personal use, that is a compensated benefit and therefore taxable by the IRS. Wigginton commented the Village has a policy in place whereby Village provided phones are only to be used for Village business. Further stated the phones must be provided by the Village so as to be the property of the Village if/when the employee's position is terminated. It was decided that further work will be done regarding a policy and decisions made on available phones and pricing, all of which will be presented at the next Caucus meeting.
7:12:44 PM Gulledge Went to next item, Call One.
7:13:05 PM Joey Waxman 520 North Kingsbury, Chicago. Explained Call One is the largest AT&T wholesale re-seller nationwide. Stated they have created a proposal to allow Call One to assume services as they are today with no physical change of service. Referred to distributed savings analysis and explained the proposal.
7:19:42 PM Bell Asked if they lease AT&T's lines.
7:20:01 PM Waxman Responded no, they wholesale the services; AT&T still maintains all lines.
7:25:06 PM Gulledge Commented there are considerable savings reflected. Asked if they decide to go with Call One and it does not work out, what is the consequence.
7:25:47 PM Waxman Explained they are proposing a three year contract; if the contract is terminated early, termination fees would apply and the Village would have to repay all discounts received up to that point.
7:27:51 PM Bell Commented on other local entities that have recently switched to Call One. Brussatti stated he has spoken with CARD, Glen Carbon and Roxanna, all of who did a three year plan.
7:28:48 PM Garcia Asked if the Village needs service, will they call AT&T. Waxman responded no; all service calls go through Call One.
7:31:23 PM Schmidt Commented he would not be opposed to trying them with one year contract, but speculated the savings would not be as much.
7:31:41 PM Waxman Commented it would likely be a $100 to $200 per month difference.
7:37:58 PM Gulledge Polled the Board: Limberg stated he would like to see a two year contract; Schmidt said he would like to see figures for one through three; Bell stated he would be in favor of a three year contract; Kostyshock, Garcia and Short stated they would like to speak with other municipalities that have been with Call One longer than neighboring entities. Mayor stated they are interested but would like more information. Asked that a proposal be submitted showing the difference between one, two and three years. Stated they will contact referrals and Wigginton will review the proposed contract, and the issue will be taken up again at the next Caucus meeting.
7:43:47 PM Gulledge Went to next item, Planning Commission Items.
7:43:59 PM Short Stated a public hearing was held to discuss rezoning of the Timber Creek Subdivision, after which the Planning Commission made a recommendation to rezone the property from SR1 to SR2. Stated a public hearing will be held prior to the next Board meeting. Stated they also discussed the green space fees and made a recommendation to amend the current ordinance to make the fees applicable to any development, not just a subdivision. Stated it was further recommended green space fees be applicable to commercial development at 10% of the building permit cost. Stated they questioned where they would incorporate the fees in the Code. Mayor stated Wigginton would have to review the issue.
7:54:56 PM Gulledge Polled the Board's opinion of going forward with the Public Hearing to amend the green space fees to be applicable to any development. All were in favor.
7:55:30 PM Gulledge Polled the Board's opinion of allowing the Planning Commission to hold a public hearing regarding commercial green space fees. All were in favor. The suggestion was to keep the requirement to new construction only, and include a minimum fee.
7:57:42 PM Gulledge Went to next item, IML Risk Management Annual Contribution.
7:57:44 PM Schmidt Referred to the handout. Stated they have been assessed $201,919 which is approximately a 19% increase over the last contribution. Stated this is more than anticipated in the budget. Recommend choosing option 3 to split the amount into two payments, one payable in the 09/10 budget and the second payable in 10/11.
7:59:16 PM Short Asked why there was such a significant increase. He was told it was due to claims.
7:59:45 PM Gulledge Polled the Board. All were in favor.
8:00:28 PM Gulledge Went to next item, Ordinance Approving Supplemental Code of Ordinances. Stated this is done annually. All were in favor.
8:00:58 PM Gulledge Went to Calendar Updates. Events were discussed.
8:07:14 PM Gulledge Went to Public Input. There was none.
8:07:19 PM Gulledge Went to To Do List. Bell commented the boat ramp at the park needs to be fixed.
8:08:44 PM Gulledge Went to Trustees' Comments.
8:08:48 PM Schmidt Commented last week he expressed his dissatisfaction with the brick work done in the plaza, and he would like it noted that it was not meant to be a reflection on the Public Works Director.
8:09:13 PM Gulledge Went to Mayor's Comments. Commented the volunteer work day went well with approximately 50 volunteers. Publicly thanked all volunteers with a special thanks to Avant Gardens for the use of their tree planting machine. Also offered special thanks to Keller Construction for their equipment and the Public Works Department for their help.
8:11:07 PM Gulledge Asked for a motion to go into Closed Session under 5ILCS120/2(c)1 to discuss appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance or dismissal of one or more employees. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Short. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes; Short - yes. Motion carried
8:43:46 PM Gulledge Asked for a motion to come out of Closed Session. Motion was made by Schmidt and seconded by Short. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes; Short - yes. Motion carried.
8:44:03 PM Gulledge With no further business to come before the meeting, asked for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Limberg and seconded by Kostyshock. Voting on the motion: Limberg - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes; Short - yes. Motion carried.
8:44:25 PM   The meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,

Thelma Long, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville