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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date 12/11/2013

Location: Council Chamber

Time Speaker Note
6:30:20 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus Meeting to order, Wednesday, December 11, 2013. Invited all in attendance to stand and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.
6:30:55 PM Gulledge Asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Vallino, Schmidt, Bell, Kostyshock and Short. Absent from the roll call was Trustee Garcia. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Lucas, Treasurer Henry, Public Works Director Presson, Building & Zoning Adminstrator/ Fire Chief Flaugher, 1 reporter and 2 guests.
6:31:12 PM Gulledge Called for the approval of the minutes of November 13, 2013 Caucus Meeting. Asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Deputy Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Schmidt and seconded by Bell. Roll call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Bell - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Short - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:43 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 5: Presentation by S.O.I. Signs. - Asked representative to speak to the Board.
6:32:16 PM Dockhaven Chris Dockhaven, Wildwood MO. Representative for S.O.I.  Signs has manufactured high quality outdoor electric signs for over 80 years and LED signs since 1996. In the past 3 years Watchfire has installed LED signs in over 200 municipalities across the United States. S.O.I. located in St. Louis, Missouri put together a proposal for the Village of Maryville to remove and discard the existing sign message centers at the Village Complex and Firemen's Park and replace them with a new 19 MM Watchfire full color LED sign to mount below top existing Village logo sign. Dockhaven stated the current sign technology was very out dated and should be updated. The new LED signs will be more efficient to run while also being more visually attractive to the eye.
6:35:40 PM Bell Had concern with the design layout of the proposed sign.
6:36:31 PM Dockhaven Stated the LED sign will be framed with a black 2 1/2 inch metal frame leaving a large view area for messages. S.O.I can enlarge the LED sign and extend the metal frame work out to match the top portion of the Village logo sign but the cost would greatly increase with more LED panels.
6:41:31 PM Gulledge Asked for an estimate of how much the cost to extend the metal frame work would be.
6:41:45 PM Dockhaven Estimated the cost to be around $300.00 to $500.00 higher.
6:41:57 PM Motil Asked Dockhaven for his opinion on what material would work best to attract residents to read the sign.
6:42:16 PM Dockhaven Stated pictures will not only personalize the message but also draw more attention when residents view the board. People will look at a picture before they will read words.
6:43:27 PM Vallino What type of controls will operate the sign.
6:43:35 PM Dockhaven The LED sign will be 100% controlled by a wireless control such as a smart phone and can be accessed from all over the world. Wireless access would be secure. Dockhaven stated that no Watchfire LED sign has ever been hacked. Creating messages is a simple process and can be uploaded to the sign in seconds.
6:47:40 PM Gulledge Asked Dockhaven if he felt the Village needed a bigger sign or if the proposed 19 MM LED sign would be sufficient for what the Village would need. Dockhaven recommended the 19 MM size sign.
6:50:23 PM Schmidt Asked if the messages will loop and run over and over? Would the number of messages be limited?
6:51:04 PM Dockhaven Stated the LED sign is fully customizable and has no limit to how many messages can be run at one time. Once the last message has run it will loop back to the beginning and run 24 hours a day.
6:51:20 PM Vallino Would like to see a price quote for a larger sign.
6:52:39 PM Dockhaven Will put together a price quote for the larger sign for the Village Complex
6:55:34 PM Dockhaven The current Firemen's Park sign is in poor condition. He proposed to replace the sign with a LED sign the same size as the Village Complex sign. Making both signs the same size will eliminate the need to design two different size messages and save the Village time. The Firemen's Park LED will include a scrolling Amber Alert banner that is sinked with the state alert system and will automatically update on its own if the Village decides to set it up with that option.
6:58:54 PM Short Stated the current electric service will have to be checked to see if would be enough to run the new LED Sign.
6:59:10 PM Dockhaven The new signs will need 14 amps. Both signs will have to be checked to see what the current amp service is.
7:00:11 PM Schmidt Asked Short if the current logo sign at Firemen's Park was set for dusk to dawn. Asked Dockhaven if the new sign would allow the logo sign to remain at that setting.
7:01:12 PM Dockhaven Stated his company can always adjust the sign to be dusk to dawn and to allow the LED sign to run 24 hours a day.
7:04:53 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or concerns regarding the proposed LED signs.
7:05:05 PM Kostyshock Asked what warranty would come with the signs.
7:05:19 PM Dockhaven Both LED signs would have a 5 year warranty on all the parts, 1 year labor, after that the Village would only have to pay for the labor. Wildfire Signs have engineers who monitor all of their signs on a daily bases from an offsite location if an error was detected they would remotely go into the sign and repair it. This service is for the life time of the sign and at no extra cost.
7:05:57 PM Short What would the cost of the sign be?
7:07:17 PM Dockhaven Two options: 1. Pay for the total cost of both signs up front. 2. Lease payment for 6 months of $99.00/month and then the agreed upon $607.43/month for 60 months. Broadband wireless for the first five years is included in the monthly cost and after would be approximately $30 / month.
7:12:33 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or comments concerning the proposed LED signs. There were none. Thanked Dockhaven for making his presentation to the Board. Stated the Village would consider the proposals and would contact him in the near future.
7:13:09 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 6: Request to Attend a Water Conference in Effingham, IL on February 18-20, 2014
7:13:27 PM Presson Requested approval for himself, Water/Sewer Superintendent Matthew Hoffmann, and Plant Operator Joe Simpson to attend the 32nd Annual IRWA Conference in Effingham, Illinois. The conference will run from February 18th thru February 20th, 2014. Conference material to be covered will be: Backhoe Safety, Water Tower Storage, Monthly Operation Reports, Distribution System Repairs, and updates for the IEPA. Presson stated the material information will meet required training and keep them up-to-date on current issues. Total cost for hotel and the conference is $1,311.00 for all 3 to attend. This cost will not cover the cost of meals or transportation.
7:14:10 PM Kostyshock Stated the Village should pay for meals and transportation.
7:14:32 PM Gulledge Stated in the past the Village has covered the cost for meals and transportation. Presson will request these costs at a later time.
7:14:42 PM Gulledge Asked if all were ok with the request to attend the conference for all 3 men? All were in favor. Will be placed on the next Board meeting agenda for approval.
7:14:47 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 7: Purchase of GIS Collection Device from Seiler Instrument
7:14:50 PM Presson The Village is in need of purchasing a new GIS Collection Device. The current handheld device is non operational.  The new handheld will work with the upgraded Trimble mapping and GIS hardware products. The cost for a new handheld device is $7695.00. In addition updated software will need to be purchased at the cost of $1440.00. Total cost to purchase the new GIS Device with software updates will be $9,448.95.
7:16:11 PM Bell When was the first handheld devices purchased?
7:16:22 PM Presson Stated it was approximately 10 years ago.
7:16:57 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or comments concerning the purchase of the new GIS Device. There were none. Ok to place on the next Board Meeting agenda.
7:17:57 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 8: Pay Request #2 from Korte & Luitjohan Contractors ($83,753.09) for the West Old Town Water Main Replacement Project
7:18:09 PM Presson Korte & Luitjohan Contractors have requested the second payment for work to replace the West Old Town water mains. Work completed is on schedule. Recommends making the requested $83,753.09 payment.
7:18:35 PM Kostyshock Stated he had viewed the work and felt Korte & Luitjohan was doing a very good job. Approximately 100 feet of water line was left to replace and should be completed soon, weather allowing.
7:18:50 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or comments concerning the pay request. There were none. Ok to place on the next Board meeting agenda.
7:18:55 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 9: Water & Sewer Usage Rates
7:19:31 PM Gulledge The Public Works Committee reviewed the 2012 Water/Sewer Rate Study. The review is done every year. This year the report showed the cost to produce and distribute water to residents is $4.16 per 1,000 gallons. The latest water rate being charged to customers per ordinance currently in effect is $5.00 per 1,000 gallons for residents and $7.95 per 1,000 gallons for those outside the Village. The report also showed the cost to provide sewer service was $3.70 per 1,000 gallons with the current rate being charged to customers at $4.80 per 1,000 gallons. The Committee recommends to not increase the water rate or sewer service rate for the up coming 2014 year.
7:22:39 PM Gulledge Asked if the Board was Ok with the recommendation from the Public Works Committee. Stated the Village has worked hard to correct in flow and out flow problems as they occur or to even prevent them. This proactive work has in the long run saved the Village money. All were OK with the recommendation.
7:27:10 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or comments concerning the recommendation to not increase water or sewer rates for 2014. There were none.  No action was needed by the Board at this time.
7:27:27 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 10: Amendment to Safe Routes Engineering Agreement with Juneau.
7:27:36 PM Gulledge The Village has proposed to amend the current Safe Routes Engineering Agreement with Juneau. The amendment is for an additional$13,000.00 of preliminary engineering services.  The additional funds are for work not included in the original agreement and will not be covered by the original grant.  Gulledge asked for questions.
7:29:03 PM Bell How much has the planned project changed?
7:29:15 PM Gulledge The project has changed greatly and will allow for greater safety to school children.
7:31:03 PM Gulledge Asked if the Board was Ok with the additional $13,000.00. All were Ok. Will be placed on the next Board Meeting agenda.
7:32:15 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 11: Local Agency Agreement with IDOT for Safe Routes Project.
7:32:31 PM Gulledge The agreement must be passed by the Village in order for the Safe Routes project to continue. Asked for questions or comments? There were none. Will be placed on the next Board Meeting agenda for approval.
7:33:18 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 12: Sewer Tap Fees - Agenda Item 13: Building Permit Fees
7:33:23 PM Gulledge The Village for the past year has reduced their sewer tap fees and building permit fees to encourage new development. In reviewing the amount of new development for the past year, the Village has seen some increase but not in the amount it had hoped. After some discussion, the Village would like to recommend extending the end date out another 4 months (April 30, 2014). The plan will be reviewed on April 1st and a decision will be made to either extend or to discontinue the price rate reductions.
7:35:14 PM Vallino Asked if the extension would make a difference in the amount of new development the Village would see.
7:35:24 PM Gulledge Stated he was aware of two new developments that could occur during the extended time which would benefit from the reduced rates. He recommends extending out the plan another 4 months.
7:37:28 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or comments. There were none. Ok to place on the next Board Meeting agenda for approval. Thanked Presson for speaking to the Board.
7:38:45 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 14: Fire Call Pay
7:38:52 PM Short Amount budgeted for fire call pay was $65,000.00. Calculation was based on rate paid last year for a total of $57,337.35. Pay is earn by number of points an employee earns. Last year's point rate was $2.10/ point. Stated the Board will needs to decide what the per point rate will be for this year.
7:42:11 PM Schmidt Recommended raising the rate by 10 2.20 /point.
7:42:45 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or comments. All were in favor of the recommendation of a 10 cent increase per point. All were in favor of the recommendation. Rate increase to be placed on the next Board Meeting agenda for approval.
7:43:02 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 15: 2013 Tax Levy
7:43:11 PM Henry Discussed tax levy as submitted in packets. Stated Levy figures were prepared by Treasurer Henry and reviewed by Schmidt and Mayor Gulledge. Stated levy rate being requested this year is 1.0315, last year's requested rate was 0.9736. This years rate was expected to increase because the Village opted to give as much savings back to the residents as they couldlast year. Opened for questions and/ or discussion. Explained several of the categories are determined by taking forecasted expenses and offsetting with any surplus funds remaining from the current year. Other categories are set by caps. Stated the EAV figure of $188,552,340 was based on a preliminary report from the County.
7:48:25 PM Schmidt Stated the Village has seen two years in a row were the EAV rate has gone down.
7:49:54 PM Gulledge Police and Fire Pension funds have been fully funded by the Village. The Village has always paid the state suggested amount. Police Officers and Firemen will not have to worry about receiving pensions.
7:53:12 PM Gulledge Stated the Board knew last year when it approved the rate reduction that the Village would see an increase this year. 
7:56:43 PM Gulledge Asked for questions, comments, or concerns regarding the 2013 tax levy. There were none. Ok to place on the next Board meeting agenda for approval.
7:56:54 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 16: Request from Park Committee for Additional Funds to Complete Raised Beds in Vegetable Garden
7:57:03 PM Bell The Master Gardeners are requesting an additional $1500.00 to complete the Raised Garden Bed project. Funds were cut from the Master Gardeners budget line and now funds to complete the project have fallen short. Bell recommends approval of the additional $1500.00.
7:58:49 PM Gulledge Questioned if the requested $1500.00 was in addition to the funds already in the Master Gardeners budget line ($2488.00).
7:58:53 PM Bell The $1500.00 is in addition to the current existing funds.
8:00:01 PM Schmidt Asked what project costs had increased from the original approved project?
8:00:15 PM Bell Stated no costs had increased but the budget line had been cut causing the funds to fall short.
8:00:51 PM Vallino Could Park events pay for the fund increase?
8:01:13 PM Bell Stated the Master Gardeners had their own budget line and were not part of the Park budget. Most Park events were free and did not generate a profit. The University grant from SIUE would help a little but had already been considered when coming up with the requested amount.
8:02:39 PM Vallino Can the funds be borrowed from next years budget?
8:05:04 PM Gulledge Asked if the Board was Ok with placing it on the next Board Meeting agenda for approval. All were in favor. Will be placed on the next agenda for approval.
8:05:21 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 17: Extension of Troy Boundary Line Agreement
8:05:31 PM Gulledge Wanted to bring to the attention of the Board that the Troy Boundary Line Agreement would need to be extended in the near future. The agreement was signed 20 years ago and nothing has changed. The agreement has benefited both the City of Troy and the Village of Maryville. Recommends signing the extension of the Agreement. Asked if the Board would be Ok with extending the agreement. All were. Ok to place on a future Board meeting agenda for approval.
8:08:41 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 18: Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce Agreement
8:08:53 PM Schmidt A few months ago the Troy/Maryville/St. Jacob/Marine Chamber of Commerce approached the Board with an offer to help the Village promote Village sponsored events through the Chamber's advertising for a cost. Events could be included on 3 different yearly mailings. Each mailing would included 4 months of events being conducted during those months. In addition for an extra small cost per event the Chamber would include the event on its calendar and webpage. Total cost to the Village would be $2,500.00, plus $10 for each item to be placed on the Chamber calendar.
8:11:42 PM Gulledge Stated the Chamber has done a lot of work for the Village and he recommends trying the advertising for a year.
8:15:27 PM Gulledge Asked if the Board was Ok with placing Chamber's advertising request on the next Board meeting for approval. All were in favor.
8:15:37 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 19: Calendar Updates - Discussed upcoming events. Stated the December 25 Caucus had been cancelled and the January 1, 2014 Board Meeting had been moved to the 2nd at 6:30 pm.
8:18:22 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 20: Public Input - None
8:18:29 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 21: To do List
8:18:36 PM Gulledge Page one:
8:18:42 PM Bell When would the Village staff pictures be available to look at? Gulledge stated some staff members had not had pictures taken and he was working on getting that done.
8:19:48 PM Gulledge Page two: None
8:19:55 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 22: Trustees Comments
8:20:00 PM Vallino None
8:20:04 PM Schmidt Asked when the Conceal and Carry Law would go into effect? What would the Village have to do to prepare for the Law?
8:20:25 PM Motil Stated he thought the law would be in effect in January of 2014. The Village would need to post signs on public grounds but because it is a state law no ordinance would need to be changed or created.
8:22:38 PM Bell Stated he did not like the design of the proposed new LED sign for the Village Hall. Discussion was had about possible options for the signs.
8:30:12 PM Kostyshock The Village is looking really nice with all the Christmas lights.
8:31:20 PM Bell Asked for a update on the status of the new phone system. Schmidt stated that information was being collected.
8:31:51 PM Short The Christmas Lights and Village are looking great.
8:32:33 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 23: Mayors Comments
8:32:44 PM Gulledge Received another IDOT contract similar to the Safe Routes agreement. The new agreement is for work to be done on East Main Street from Lange Avenue to 1,576 feet east. The contract consists of road construction, curb & gutter, sidewalk, driveways, storm sewer, pavement markings, and all other work to complete the project. The Village needs to sign the Agreement in order to have the work done. Asked if Board was in favor of signing the agreement. All were in favor. Will be placed on the Board meeting agenda for approval.
8:33:37 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 24: Closed Session has been cancelled.
8:34:43 PM Gulledge There being no further business to come before the Board, called for a motion to adjourn. Motion was made by Bell and seconded by Vallino. Roll call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Bell - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Short - yes. Motion carried.
8:35:01 PM Gulledge Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,

Christy Lucas, Village Deputy Clerk

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