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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date 9/11/2013

Location: Council Chamber

Time Speaker Note
6:30:09 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus Meeting to order, Wednesday, September 11, 2013. Invited all in attendance to stand and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.
6:30:13 PM Gulledge Asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll call were Trustees Vallino, Schmidt, Bell, Kostyshock, Garcia. Trustee Short was absent from the roll call. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Lucas, Public Works Director Presson, Attorney Motil, Police Chief Schardan, Deputy Police Chief Carpenter, 1 reporter and 7 guests.
6:30:56 PM Gulledge Stated the Closed Session: 5 ILCS 120/2(c)(5): The purchase of lease of real property for the use of public body, had be canceled.
6:31:18 PM Gulledge Called for the approval of the minutes of the August 28, 2013 Caucus Meeting. Asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Deputy Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Schmidt and seconded by Vallino. Roll call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Bell - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Garcia - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:51 PM Gulledge Asked approval to move the Public Input agenda item to the beginning of the meeting. All were in agreement.
6:32:16 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 18: Public Input - Asked guest to step to the podium
6:32:48 PM Joanne Martychenko 116 Briar Ridge, Maryville - Addressed the Village Board with continued concern over the storm water run off drainage problems behind her property and other properties in the Keebler  Road area. Mrs. Martychenko submitted pictures showing a past rain event where the water had flooded her property. Mrs. Martychenko has contacted the developers of the Stonebridge housing area in an attempt to find out who was responsible for changing the drainage path and installing a paved walking path. The path was believed to be causing the flooding issues. Mrs. Martychenko stated she felt the Village should take some roll in fixing the problems or at least help in finding out who had changed the drainage path in the area.
6:33:41 PM Schmidt Asked when the pictures where taken and if it was during the rain storm in which 5" of rain fell in less than an hour? Mrs. Martychenko stated the pictures were taken during the heavy rain.
6:33:59 PM Bell Stated during that rain storm, the Village also had several other areas in which flooding had occurred.
6:34:39 PM Vallino Stated the Mayor and the Village Engineers had met, visited and discussed the drainage issues in the Keebler Road area and determined the problem was occurring because of a sidewalk placed behind the properties. Vallino asked if it was determined who had put the side walk in?
6:35:03 PM Joanne Martychenko She has spoken to two different developers for the Stonebridge area and neither one of them will admit to creating any changes to the property.
6:35:50 PM Gulledge Stated the engineers have concluded that the sidewalk behind the affected properties was creating the issue with the way the water drains. The Village cannot be involved with an issue that occurs on private property. The Home Owners Association would be responsible for fixing the problem.
6:38:02 PM Joanne Martychenko The Village must have the original plat for the area and conducted inspections when permits were issued.  She has reviewed the Planning Boards written minutes and found long discussions concerning the drainage in the area.  She felt the Village would have had knowledge of any changes that were made to the property.
6:39:28 PM Gulledge Stated someone allowed the drainage paths in the area to be changed and the Village was not notified of those changes.
6:40:23 PM Gulledge The Village cannot fix issues having to do with private property and suggested that the families affected by the flooding should seek legal advice or request through a F.O.I.A. any documentation relating to the development of the property at question. Stated the Village will do its best to supply all the requested information.
6:46:27 PM Larry Powell 165 Summit Ridge, Maryville. His property is not affected by the water drainage problems but would like to see the Village address other drainage concerns in the area that may correct or reduce the amount of water flooding the properties on Keebler  Road.
6:55:55 PM Deanna Hott 113 Southern Ridge, Maryville. Asked who had approved the plans to build in the Keebler area and where did the permits come from that allowed the development to be built?
6:56:09 PM Gulledge Explained, the Village Engineers reviewed the plans submitted by Osborn and determined they would work well in the area. The issue with water drainage comes from the creek that has always been in the area prior to the development. The creek has always drained in the direction of Keebler  Road.
6:58:04 PM Deanna Hott Asked if the permits were issued when the plat was submitted? Gulledge answered that they were.
6:58:27 PM Garcia Asked is there was a solution to the drainage problem?
6:58:42 PM Gulledge The Village Engineers have given the property owners some advice on how to fix the problem, but also stated the Village could not be involved because it was privately owned property.
6:58:48 PM Vallino Asked if the solution was to remove the sidewalk?
6:59:01 PM Gulledge The advice given by the Village Attorney was to advise the home owners to hire their own engineer to  evaluate the situation and to give the home owners advice on how to fix the problems.
7:01:18 PM Gulledge The Village has gone in and placed some rock in an area were the Village has the right away, but the Village is in no way responsible for fixing issues that occur on private property. Thanked all the guest for addressing the Village Board with their concerns.
7:03:49 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 5: Purchase of a New Police Vehicle
7:04:01 PM Carpenter Deputy Police Chief for the Village of Maryville. The Police Department would like to purchase a new vehicle to replace the oldest patrol car, a 2009 Chevrolet Impala with 86,500 miles. The Impala has proven to be a reliable and economical choice. However, the 2013 models will be the last to be produced as a patrol vehicle. The Police Department would like to purchase a new 2013 Impala before the line is discontinued. The State Bid price with the options we need will be $21,979 with the funds coming from the Vehicle Supervision Fund. The old 2009 Impala will be stripped down and then used as an administrative vehicle for use by the Deputy Chief who has gone with out a vehicle assigned to him.
7:06:48 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or concerns from the Board.
7:07:55 PM Schmidt Where are the funds collected from that make up the Vehicle Supervision Fund?
7:08:09 PM Carpenter Funds are collected from traffic tickets or traffic violation tickets.
7:09:23 PM Schmidt How much does the fund grow in a year?
7:09:38 PM Schardan Stated an estimated $1000.00 dollars is taken in every month and the current balance in the account is $30,854.
7:09:45 PM Gulledge Asked for further concerns from the Board. There were none. OK to go ahead to reserve the vehicle for purchase. Item will be placed on the next Board meeting agenda.
7:09:54 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 6: Agreement with Cindy's Critter Camp for Stray Animals
7:10:04 PM Schardan Cindy's Critter Camp has taken in the stray animals collected throughout from the Village by the police department for several years. The owner has requested to be compensated when helping with "lost/ found" pets of Maryville. The owner feels the compensation will help with the overhead cost and the time needed to care for the stray animals. Schardan stated Cindy's Critter Camp would like to be paid by the Village a fee of $25/ cat or dog during regular business hours and $50/cat and dog during after hours. Cindy's Critter Camp has also requested the Village consider a retroactive payment for pets taken in since October 2011. 41 pets during business hours at a fee of $1025, 20 pets taken in after business hours at a fee of $1000, for a total payment of $2025.
7:12:34 PM Motil Stated he has been in communication with both Chief Schardan and the owner of Cindy's Critter Camp and came up with a yearly contract between both the Village and Cindy's Critter Camp to be billed and paid monthly. He recommends a agreement covering all the concerns and issues discussed between both parties and would like to add to the agreement the option for the Village to go after the pet owner if one is found. In addition he also would add a statement that the Village is not affiliated with Cindy's Critter Camp.
7:20:23 PM Vallino Asked how the Village will no if the animals she is billing for had come from the Police Department?
7:20:31 PM Schardan The owner of Cindy's Critter Camp will send an email to him each time she takes in a new stray from the department and he has instructed all officers to make a note in their log books when an animal is dropped off.
7:21:38 PM Gulledge Felt the requested fee was a fair price and recommended the Village go ahead and allow the monthly billing. Asked for questions or concerns. OK to put on the next Board meeting agenda.
7:25:03 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 7: Results of Copper Creek Area Smoke Testing
7:25:07 PM Presson The Copper Creek Area Smoke Testing was very successful. 40 manhole inspections were conducted and corrective action to fix any leakage problems was taken or is set to be fix in the near future. The biggest area for leakage was in the old south west area. All issues where fixed or scheduled to be fix.
7:27:19 PM Gulledge Stated he was happy with the results of the smoke testing and the way the Village has been able to fix any damaged areas.
7:28:06 PM Schmidt Asked what area would be next to be smoke tested?
7:28:10 PM Presson West Old Town area would be next for testing.
7:28:50 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or concerns. There were none.
7:28:57 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 8: Purchase of an F250 Truck for Public Works
7:29:05 PM Presson Requested to purchase an F250 Truck for the Public Works Department. The new truck will replace the old F250 that cannot be repaired anymore. 3 Bids were taken for the purchase. Presson recommends the low bidder (State Bid): Bob Ridings Ford Chrysler Jeep with the bid of $26,555.00
7:30:17 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or concerns. There were none. Ok to put on the next Board meeting agenda.
7:30:33 PM Gulledge Agenda item 9: Purchase of an F450 Truck for Public Works
7:30:43 PM Presson Request to purchase an F450 Truck with the high lift bed and tow package installed. The new truck will be the new service truck for the Water Department. 3 bids were taken the purchase. Presson recommends the low bidder (State Bid): Bob Ridings Ford Chrysler Jeep with the bid of $59,800.00
7:31:57 PM Vallino Asked what year was the current service truck?
7:32:08 PM Presson Stated the truck was a 2006.
7:32:15 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or concerns. There were none. Ok to put on the next agenda.
7:32:24 PM Gulledge Agenda item 10: Thiems Construction Contract Addition for First Baptist Church Basin
7:32:26 PM Presson The contract addition was for work done in the First Baptist Church Basin. Dirt was taken from the basin for use with the roundabout on Lakeview Acres Road. The total cost for the addition to the contract was $14,898.18.
7:33:03 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or concerns. There were none. OK to place on the next Board meeting agenda.
7:34:38 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 11: Pay Estimate # 10 from Thiems Construction ($7,124,84) for Lakeview Acres Road Project
7:34:43 PM Presson Pay Estimate #10 is for payment of work conducted on the Roundabout located on Lakeview Acres Road.
7:35:14 PM Bell Asked if 10% is being held until all punch list items are fixed? Presson stated yes and also commented that Thiems had requested to cut the 10% down to 5% but the Village has rejected that request. All items on the punch list including fixing the lighting issues with the Village sign located in the roundabout will be fixed before the final 10% is paid.
7:35:49 PM Gulledge Asked for question or concerns. There were none. Ok to place on the next Board meeting agenda.
7:36:06 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 12: Trash Contract
7:36:08 PM Vallino The Village contract with Republic Services for trash removal service is up for renewal. The Village has two options to consider. To renew for a 3 year period or a 5 year period. Vallino discussed the various rate lists for both options and explained in detail the amount residents would pay per year on each option. Vallino stated he had checked with the Village staff for any complaints and found very few if any that were not taken care of in a timely matter. Vallino did do some price comparisons with other local villages and towns with similar populations to see if different trash companies could offer a better rate.  He found other companies offering close to what Republic was offering the Village but not as good of a rate deal. Vallino recommended staying with Republic Services and locking in the 5 year rate.
7:41:43 PM Bell Stated he had been tracking the service and what waste had been picked up or not picked up and left on the street. Over the past two years service has been slowly improving. Bell also stated he had some issue with how often the yard waste containers were emptied and he would like to see the number of days increase during peak times that more mowing is required. In addition he wanted to make note that often half of the contents of the yard containers were still left in the container after they had been emptied.
7:43:19 PM Gulledge Adding days for additional pick up for yard waste has been checked into and would  cause the Village to have to increase the amount paid for that service. Gulledge also stated that no other company will do multiple pickups.
7:44:43 PM Susan Piazza Republic Services representative for the Village of Maryville - 6412 Deer Run Place Alton, IL. Stated the reason Republic Services could not add additional days for yard pickups because it would burden them with additional cost for fuel, pay for the drivers and increased wear on the vehicles. A resident could make arrangements to not have pick up during times when yard waste was not as much but adding more days for yard waste pick up would not be done.
7:49:01 PM Bell Stated he also had an issue with receiving letters from Republic Services stating he needed to limit the weight of his filled containers. Bell felt his can would only be emptied once a week then he should be able to fill it as much as he wanted.
7:51:11 PM Susan Piazza Limits are put in place for a reason, if no limits were in place then trash, yard waste, or recycling would not be picked up in a reasonable time frame for everyone.
7:55:24 PM Bell Asked why yard waste was included in the bill for the City of Edwardsville?
7:56:09 PM Susan Piazza Each town and village has its own rates based on the number of people living in the area.
7:57:15 PM Schmidt Stated he was in favor of the 5 year rate contract if the Senior rate fee could be kept at the current $9/month.
7:58:37 PM Susan Piazza She will have to request the $9 fee rate from her corporate office.
7:58:54 PM Gulledge Asked Piazza if her company could place a flyer in their next bill informing seniors of the discounted rates? Piazza stated she could do that for the Village.
8:05:47 PM Garcia Asked why other trash company haulers were allowed to drive up and down the Village road ways?
8:06:14 PM Susan Piazza Republic Services does the best it can with contacting other trash companies who violate the Village contract. Some commercial companies have national contracts in place already and it maybe added traffic from roll-off dumpsters.
8:07:03 PM Bell Would like to see the contract go out for bid but if the vote is to stay with Republic Services then he would like to see the 5 year plan in place.
8:07:46 PM Kostyshock The service is fine and the 5 year rate contract would be a good idea.
8:09:29 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or concerns. There were none. Ok to place on the next Board meeting agenda.
8:09:36 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 13: Park Directional Signs for Fred Winters & Drost Park
8:10:05 PM Bell Several locations for park signs have been missed as well as a few signs are missing. The park is recommending 16 signs for Drost Park and 5 signs for Fred Winters Park. The Park Committee would like to replace all signs to make them match in size, shape, and color. It is recommended that 21 signs all 18" wide by 24" high with 19 posts be purchased at a estimated cost of $2700.00
8:17:00 PM Gulledge Asked if all Trustee were in agreement with the purchase of 21 park signs? All were. OK to place on the next  Board meeting agenda.
8:21:00 PM Gulledge Agenda item 14: Village Board/ Employee Pictures - Garcia to check on date for pictures to be taken.
8:21:34 PM Gulledge Agenda item 15: Surplus Property Disposal Ordinance
8:21:54 PM Gulledge Stated the Village has old computer equipment that is no longer running or useable and need to be disposed of.
8:22:06 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or concerns. Bell would like to have the computer checked to see if all hard drives were removed. Ok to place on the next Board meeting agenda
8:22:54 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 16: Request from Father McGivney Catholic High School for 5K Run/Walk - Explained the run will start at the Father McGivney Catholic High School and travel towards the YMCA via city Streets and the Madison Country Trails and then turn around and end at the church. The 5K Run Walk will take place on October 26, 2013 at 11:00 am.
8:23:49 PM Gulledge Asked for question or concerns. There were none. OK to place on the next agenda.
8:24:02 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 17: Calendar Updates - Discussed upcoming events.
8:26:05 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 19: To Do List - No updates or changes.
8:26:26 PM Gulledge Agenda Item 20: Trustee Comments
8:26:36 PM Vallino Stated he would like to hear from the engineer about the drainage problem on Keebler Road. Gulledge will ask Juneau to come and talk.
8:27:50 PM Schmidt Community Improvement Board met. No new changes are planned for the Village.
8:28:15 PM Bell Would like to hear from the Village engineer about the drainage problems on Keebler  Road.
8:28:53 PM Motil Stated all in agreement that the Village cannot access private property. Has told the land owners to contact an attorney to handle the issue with the two area developers.
8:33:25 PM Gulledge The Village has done all we can to help the residents with the drainage issue.
8:35:53 PM Kostyshock The Village cannot get involved with private property issues.
8:36:49 PM Garcia Would like to see the Homeowner's Association for Stonebridge be invited to a meeting to answer questions concerning the drainage problems in the Keebler Road area.
8:37:42 PM Gulledge Agenda item 21: Mayors Comments
8:37:48 PM Gulledge Received a request from "3 Little Birds 4 Life" a not for profit organization asking to use the area behind the Community Center for a large yard sale. The proceeds will be used to grant wishes for young people who are very ill. The yard sale will take place on October 5, 2013. The event will have to set up on October 4th, and will be cleaned up as soon as the event is over. Gulledge asked the Board for approval. Bell would like to see if the concession stand had already been reserved for that date. Gulledge stated he did not believe there would be food sold because the event organizers had been working with the Bar-B-Que Event being held at Firemen's Park on the same day. All agree with allowing the event with the provision that the nonprofit organization reserve the pavilion for the day.
8:43:50 PM Gulledge The Marquee out front is still not work correctly. Last week the sign had been worked on and was working for a short while. At this point the Village is working with the sign company to get the sign up and running as soon as possible.
8:45:16 PM Gulledge There being no further business to come before the Board, called for a motion to adjourn. Motion made by Vallino and seconded by Bell. Roll call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Bell - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Garcia - yes.
8:45:36 PM Gulledge Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,

Christy Lucas, Village Deputy Clerk

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