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Village of Maryville, IL 


Caucus Meeting




Council Chamber





6:30:06 PM


Called the Caucus Meeting to order Wednesday, April 10, 2013. Invited all in attendance to stand and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.

6:30:48 PM


Asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Vallino, Schmidt, Kostyshock, Garcia. Bell and Short were absent. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Triplo, Public Works Director Presson and 1 reporter.

6:31:08 PM


Called for the approval of the minutes of the March 27, 2013 Caucus Meeting. Asked if there were any questions, additions or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Deputy Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Vallino and seconded by Schmidt. Roll call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Garcia - yes. Motion carried.

6:31:33 PM


Agenda item 5: Water Service & Pre-Annexation Agreement - J. Lingle, 107 Hillcrest Dr., Glen Carbon

6:32:15 PM


Asked the Mayor if the homes around that house were annexed? Mayor doesn't believe they are annexed in, but will confirm that for him at next week's meeting.

6:32:36 PM


Agenda item 6: Results of 2013 Lawn Service Bids

6:32:44 PM


Discussed the results of 2013 Lawn Service Bids. Presson's recommendation is that we go with Quality Outdoor Services for the 2013 season, May 1st through November 30th.

6:33:51 PM


Asked what company did last year? Presson stated last year we used New Horizon. Asked Presson if he felt comfortable going with the low bidder? Presson feels confident; he checked the company’s references and did a walk through of everything that would be included in the bid.

6:34:23 PM


Trustee Bell arrived to the meeting.

6:34:54 PM


Our Village staff will take care of Fred Winters Park this year because of all the construction. Next year it will be included with the bid when the project is complete.

6:36:04 PM


Board is ok with the decision and we will add it to next week's agenda.

6:36:25 PM


Agenda item 7: Pay Estimate #5 from Thiems Construction for Lakeview Acres Road Project.

6:36:50 PM


Poured the second half of Lakeview Acres Rd. round about islands are poured. They are well on schedule if the weather cooperates.

6:37:33 PM


Any other questions in regards to the Lakeview Acres Road Project. There were none. We will add to the agenda for next week's meeting.

6:38:03 PM


Agenda item 8: Calendar Updates - Board discussed the upcoming events.

6:42:09 PM


Agenda item 9: Public Input - There was none.

6:42:14 PM


Agenda item 10: To Do List

6:42:30 PM


Agenda item 11: Trustees Comments

6:42:35 PM


Had no comments.

6:42:38 PM


Informed the Board that the Department Heads should have received budget worksheets. Schmidt will meet on Thursday, April 18th with the Mayor and Jolene to go over budgets with Department Heads. Schmidt encouraged the Trustees to get with the Department Heads on any areas where they are liaisons for the upcoming budget. Congratulated the Trustees and Mayor for the election victory.

6:43:41 PM


Had no comments.

6:43:46 PM


Reminded the Board that the Maryville School field trip is coming up, Friday, May 17th. The kids are really looking forward to it.

6:44:19 PM


Had no comments.

6:44:23 PM


Agenda item 12: Mayors Comments - Amendment No 1 - Glen Carbon Maryville Emergency Water Supply Agreement. It was approved last night at their Board Meeting. The only thing we added was we thought it was fair to share the repairs from this point forward on the meter vault. They are paying for the initial costs, but any repairs we would pay 50/50. Anyone have any questions with this? There was none. We will add to the agenda next week.

6:47:25 PM


Village needs to pass a resolution abolishing the working cash fund. The resolution needs to be approved before the fiscal year end. Board is ok, Mayor adding to the agenda for next week.

6:48:24 PM


Mayor discussed receiving good news from the Senate regarding the signed recommendation on Senate Bill 1076. Just wants the Board to know it was signed and the Mayor would like the Board to study it. Will be discussing further in two weeks.

6:50:33 PM


Asked the Mayor if we could we get the act mapped out so we can continue our research.

6:50:52 PM


The library needs to show they are in possession of the property for financial reasons. Property will still belong to the Village of Maryville. Mayor wants the Board to read it over and then discuss in two weeks.

6:52:15 PM


Sustainability grant program through the County. Mayor and Presson have been working on a project to fix the front of our Village Hall building. They are currently getting bids. Still awaiting a couple bids, so hopefully next week will have more information. Would like the building to continue to look like it did in the 20's, but make it better quality and airtight.

6:54:54 PM


Does the Board have any questions?

6:57:04 PM


Discussed the property on 162, what is our position? We have received a letter from the Amberleigh Homeowners Assn. asking if we would remove the sales tax requirement on that piece of property. In the last five years, this is the only interest shown in this property.

7:00:40 PM


Comprehensive Plan Committee had some questions. A recommendation to make it residential, he believes it should stay commercial.

7:03:36 PM


Board discussed and agreed that the Mayor would call the developer and say for now the Village is not ready to change its stance on the agreement.

7:09:35 PM


There being no further business to come before the meeting, called for a motion to adjourn. Motion to adjourn was made by Bell and seconded by Schmidt. Roll call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Bell - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Garcia - yes. Motion carried.

7:09:55 PM


Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Triplo, Deputy Clerk

The Village of Maryville