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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Public Hearing #1 - Government Aggregation Opt-Out Program & Plan of Operations and Governance for the Village
Date 11/28/2012 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
5:31:10 PM Gulledge Called the first public hearing of Wednesday, November 28, 2012 to order. There were 9 people in attendance. Stated the purpose of the hearing was to discuss and allow comments regarding the Village of Maryville's Program and Plan of Operations for the Government Aggregation Opt-Out Program for Electricity Service.
5:31:23 PM Gulledge Introduced Steve Bryant representing the Village's consulting firm, Good Energy.
5:31:41 PM Steve Bryant Opened by summarizing the time table of bringing the question of electricity aggregation to the voters. Since the referendum passed, the Village is now required to hold two public hearings which are being held this evening to review the plan of operations and governance and to answer any questions the public or Board may have. Stated the resolution allowing the Mayor to accept the low bid for electric supply and the ordinance adopting the plan of operations and governance must be passed no later than December 6, 2012. Explained how Good Energy prepares the RFB, Request for Bids, and requirements expected from a supplier. Stated there are 59 communities with approximately 230,000 households included in this second phase of aggregation. After the supplier is selected and ratified, the new supplier will send the Village a list of customers which will need to be reviewed and confirmed. The new supplier will then send a letter to all affected customers. Letter will give opt-out instructions. Customers will have an initial 19 days to opt out. A list of those choosing to opt-out is sent to Ameren. All customers will then receive a notice from Ameren which will give an additional 5 days to opt-out. Stated average is 3.5% of customers choose to opt-out. Explained bills from Ameren will look very similar to current bill. New supplier will be shown on the bill. Stated there will always be an "800" telephone number shown on the bills for questions. Stated the bid opening will be December 11, 2012. Explained Village will have an option of a 12 month, 17 month or 24 month contract with the new supplier. Explained the reasoning for the different durations. Suggested choosing the 17 month contract as this will expire at the same time as phase 1 aggregation communities. This will give an even larger customer base for new electric supply bidding prices, "more buying power". Stated phase 3 contracts will be for 12 months so that they as well will expire at the same time as phase 1 and phase 2 communities' contracts.
5:44:26 PM Steve Bryant Asked for any comments and/or questions from the public or Board.
5:44:39 PM Schmidt Asked if the entire group gets to choose the length of the contract. Confirmed Good Energy will suggest 17 month. Bryant answered yes and stated the reason to choose 24 months would be if the new supplier had an extreme discounted price.
5:45:36 PM Steve Bryant Stated that Good Energy is paid by the new supplier. The municipalities pay no costs.
5:46:33 PM Steve Bryant Stated the reason for the short time frame from the election to the December 11th bidding is so that we will still be in the winter rate period.
5:46:48 PM Short Asked if Ameren's telephone number will remain on bill as Ameren is the one to be contacted if there is an issue with power. Bryant answered yes, bill will state who to call for different questions. Confirmed Ameren still maintains lines and will deal with power issues such as outages.
5:47:34 PM Steve Bryant Explained there is a "match clause". If Ameren would be able to lower their rate and be lower than the new supplier, the new supplier has to either match the rate or the customers are reverted back to Ameren.
5:48:08 PM Schmidt Requested page numbers be added to the Plan document. In Section 3, asked where list of eligible customers comes from. Bryant answered the list will be provided to the Village from Ameren. Asked for clarification as to the type of residential customers who are not eligible for the program. Bryant stated initial list from Ameren will compare rates being charged to these customers. If the new supplier's rate is not lower than what these customers are currently paying, they will be automatically excluded from the program.
5:51:58 PM Schmidt Section 7. Asked how it is handled when moving to Maryville from another municipality. Also asked about new home construction. Bryant explained new construction is at Ameren's rate. Periodically will notify supplier of new home, supplier will send notice to resident.
5:55:04 PM Schmidt Section 10. Educational programs. Asked who is responsible for this. Bryant stated Good Energy does what ever the Village asks. Schmidt asked if the stated website was up. Bryant answered yes, and will offer a link to Maryville for our website.
5:56:45 PM Schmidt Asked how often a review of customers is done with the supplier. Bryant explained only when Maryville feels there is a need. Bryant stated the statement about this is included as a requirement.
5:59:48 PM Kostyshock Asked if the program includes street lighting. Bryant answered no, usage is too high. Explained that he is currently working on a program to work with municipalities to bid electric supply for large usage by the municipality.
6:00:54 PM Gulledge Noted that the Village has several different accounts, some are very small, wanted to know if these would qualify. Bryant stated no as they are all listed as "Village of Maryville".
6:01:31 PM Steve Bryant Stated Bethalto did a request for bids for municipal usage. Gulledge stated the Village would be interested in participating in this type of program.
6:02:43 PM Short Asked about people who opt-out of the program and then change their mind after the opt-out period. Bryant answered technically they are not allowed to participate, but it is up to the supplier.
6:03:28 PM Short If not allowed, would these customers have to wait until the next bid cycle to participate? Bryant answered yes.
6:03:48 PM Short Asked about the $25 fee if moved over to Ameren because of price match. Bryant answered the fee is waived in that instance.
6:04:27 PM Short Asked if Bryant knew of any situation of a supplier not being able to supply the volume of power needed. Bryant answered not that he is aware of. If this would happen, the supplier would be moved back to Ameren.
6:05:50 PM Kostyshock Asked about small Village buildings such as the museum and library. Again told would not be allowed as they are under the Village's umbrella as the overall customer.
6:06:29 PM Steve Bryant Stated Ameren is supportive of the program.
6:07:00 PM Gulledge Opened the hearing for questions and/or comments from the public.
6:07:07 PM Mary Lee Kicielinski 824 Daniel Drive, Maryville. Asked if in the situation where Ameren would drop their rate lower than the new supplier, are the customers moved back to Ameren automatically or do they wait until the current contract has expired? Bryant answered it would be immediate if the new supplier chose not to match Ameren's rate.
6:07:48 PM Mary Lee Kicielinski Asked Mayor Gulledge if the Village is getting any incentive to move to this program. Gulledge answered the Village gets nothing for doing this. Doing it for the residents to receive savings.
6:09:29 PM Norma Mendoza Reporter for the Times Tribune. Asked about customers who participate in "Power Smart" program. Bryant explained customer will stay in special program unless the rate from the new supplier is cheaper. Then the customer is moved to the aggregation program for the lower rate. Mendoza asked who determines/compares rates. Bryant answered Good Energy and the new supplier. Also Ameren will notify them if they have a customer who will save with the new supplier.
6:11:14 PM Short Confirmed bid opening is December 11th and asked where held. Bryant answered this area municipalities will meet in Granite City and will be teleconferenced with the rest of the State.
6:11:40 PM Gulledge There being no further comments or questions, closed the first public hearing.

 Respectfully submitted,

 Jolene R. Henry, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville