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Village of Maryville, Illinois


Caucus Meeting




Council Chamber




6:30:29 PM


Called the Caucus Meeting to order Wednesday, June 13, 2012. Invited all in attendance to stand and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.

6:30:51 PM


Asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Vallino, Schmidt, Bell, Kostyshock, and Garcia. Trustee Short was absent from the roll call. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Triplo, Attorney Motil, Clerk/Treasurer Henry, Public Works Director Presson, 1 reporter, 7 guests

6:31:12 PM


Called for the approval of the minutes of the May 23, 2012 Caucus meeting. Asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Deputy Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Bell and seconded by Vallino. Roll call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Bell - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Garcia - yes. Motion carried.

6:31:46 PM


Agenda Item 5 - Video Gaming Machines - Matthew Hortenstine. He is not currently here but in route. We will pass this item until he arrives. Agenda Item 6 - 2011 Municipal Maintenance Expenditure Statement (MFT) - Presson

6:32:08 PM


2011 Municipal Maintenance Expenditure Fund Report. I can answer any questions you may have.

6:32:30 PM


Any questions or comments regarding your copy? If there aren't any we will add this to the agenda for next weeks meeting.

6:33:29 PM


Agenda Item 7 - Demolition of 316 W. Zupan Bid Results

6:33:53 PM


There were three returned bid packets for this project. The low bid went to Supreme Trucking & Excavating, LLC. The company references have been checked out.

6:34:20 PM


Motil is familiar with company due to a home that was removed in Pontoon Beach. The company did a great job for that property.

6:35:21 PM


Do you feel confident with this company? Presson says yes, he feels like they will do a great job. How long with the demolition take?

6:38:24 PM


Job will be completed in approximately four days.

6:38:29 PM


We are waiting on test results for asbestos. As soon as we receive the test results we will add it to the meeting agenda. Let the record show Trustee Short arrived to the meeting at 6:39 p.m.

6:40:17 PM


Village has the authority to remove property, since it is a danger to the community.

6:42:05 PM


Agenda Item 5 - Video Gaming Machines - introduced Matt Hortenstine.

6:42:32 PM

Matt Hortenstine

122 East Washington, Effingham, IL - He's appreciative for the opportunity to come and give his information. He would love to do business with us, but he also appreciates where the Board comes from in finding the balance and respects the Boards decision either way for our community. Hortenstine spoke on video gaming and the current Illinois laws. He spoke on the "gray games" that have been in bars and fraternal organizations, but it wasn't regulated. Two years ago the law was changed. He discussed the different levels of licenses. Hortenstine also explained his research as an investor on how other states operated this gaming business model. He is looking to mirror the West Virginia business model a "Starbuck's" type of environment. He's looking to open approximately 30-60 stores in Central and Southern Illinois by the end of December.

6:53:52 PM


How do you put a limit on gambling per day?

6:54:16 PM


There is no gaming limit on the maximum you can spend per day. There is a maximum on winning per day. His experience is it's more middle and upper-class people that are the primary gamers.

6:56:36 PM


Do you have any locations open in Illinois.

6:56:44 PM


Yes, two locations in Marion, IL. They are in the build out and license phase. So we are not yet up and running. Currently not a single license issued yet in the state.

6:57:52 PM


How do you plan to market the business?

6:58:03 PM


There will be no outside marketing. It will be strictly word of mouth and this type of entertainment will go viral.

6:58:54 PM


How long do you think it will take to break even on the entire building and equipment? And how many people will you employ.

6:59:03 PM


Thirteen months of operation and we will break even on the cost. We will employ, one regional manager per ten stores, each store will have an assistant manager and 1-3 fulltime employees, 3-6 part time employees. This will be based on the marketplace and vary based on customers, but hours will be something around 6am - 1am and depends on liquor license restrictions.

7:06:11 PM


He explained the position of the terminal operator. And how he handles all funds and real-time data that goes directly to the State of Illinois. He feels that this is the safest way to operate the business.

7:11:08 PM


All this data is based on the statistics for a different type of gamer, mostly women, low drinking, much more gaming than bars or taverns.

7:23:58 PM


Asked the Board if they had any other questions.

7:26:49 PM


Asked the question if our Board votes to opt in, and then in two months you can vote and opt out? Is that correct?

7:27:05 PM


That is correct. It is their risk and a municipality can vote it out at anytime.

7:28:42 PM


The State Police knows who has the gray games, they do have a list. Most communities know where they are and Maryville is no different than any other community.

7:30:05 PM


Thanked Matt Hortenstine and appreciates him coming and speaking to the Board on this matter.

7:30:18 PM


His only request is that the Board make a decision soon. Mayor does not have a date, but the Board is trying to make a decision quickly.

7:31:37 PM


Agenda Item 10 - Public Input to be moved before the Agenda Item 8.

7:32:38 PM

Sig Bjorklund

809 Rolling Meadows Drive, Pastor Sig Bjorklund from St. Luke?s United Methodist Church gave his opinion as being opposed to this. He feels like the state is going down a slippery slope that depends on gambling as revenue. He feels like source of revenue should be from hard working people and not games of chance. He feels like the percent of income generated wouldn't be worth it. Also from a counseling perspective, he has seen many families devastated by gambling.

7:39:48 PM

Kevin Wilson

Pastor from New Rivers Assembly of God Maryville, Feels we shouldn't take the State's view and if it's not broke don't fix it, because the State is currently broke. He believes these gaming places break people. And why take a chance on ruining this great area. Would like to put a stop before it even gets started.

7:41:14 PM

Jerry Thomas

1013 Meadowlake Drive, He's lived here 16 years, he raised his kids here and now has five grandkids that all live here. He loves this town. For the money and pain, we just don?t need it here.

7:43:05 PM

Larry Bowden

2105 Copper Creek Road, Pastor of Copper Creek Church, this is a great community and a wonderful place to live. What do we want it said of Maryville, he thinks we should let some other town have this issue. Let's keep Maryville with a great reputation.

7:47:52 PM

David Amsden

1003 Hickory Point, Collinsville, IL ? Pastor of Son Life Church - He's here doing his homework, because he will be fighting it in his community. This man did a wonderful job doing a presentation on the law. He did not speak on the effects on the community.

7:54:48 PM


Agenda Item 8 - 2012/2013 Fiscal Year Budget

7:56:01 PM


Schmidt had Jolene send an email regarding the review of the budget. Schmidt discussed the budget details and how they came to the totals. As a reminder, we are in the same position as last year, with projects not yet completed and that's why we are showing a deficit.

7:59:32 PM


Most of this is finishing off projects and we have it in reserve.

8:00:25 PM


We have the means to finish these projects. Let's go thru each budget page and go thru questions as they arise.

8:12:27 PM


Question on page 22 - The account 382 should be 511. Henry will make that change.

8:28:50 PM


Questioned his request for a Gator, piece of equipment to maintain the park for watering trees, etc.

8:29:25 PM


That was cut, we have a truck that we can use for that. We had to make cuts in all areas.

8:29:51 PM


This request was for some of the park committee members too, not just Public Works Department. He really wanted to try to get that in the budget this year for park improvements. And also wanted a restroom for the west side of the lake.

8:31:14 PM


A restroom building would come out of the Public Comfort Funds, but it is not in the budget at this time.

8:31:46 PM


We do need one, yes. But we can't afford it at this time.

8:33:39 PM


He thinks that the most important item is the restroom on the west side. Trustee Vallino agreed with that.

8:34:08 PM


Can we put out a temporary restroom in that area?

8:35:01 PM


If something comes up with extra money, we can make that restroom a top priority. Henry to make note of the temporary restroom.

8:40:20 PM


Question on the street projects. Mayor noted these numbers are all estimates. Vallino asked if the money isn't there the project stops. Mayor said that is correct.

8:42:01 PM


Page 61 Maintance service, snow removal, what is that. Henry responded that is the township fee we pay for them to plow some of our streets.

8:47:31 PM


Asked the Board's thoughts on the budget. We will continue to do things the way we always have, with not making any purchases over $500 without our Board approval. No other comments on the budget. Will be placed on the agenda for next week.

8:49:45 PM


Agenda Item 9 - Calendar Updates - Board discussed upcoming dates.

8:53:06 PM


Agenda Item 10 - Public Input - No other comments from the public.

8:53:15 PM


Agenda Item 11 - To Do List - Went over the to do list.

8:55:21 PM


Agenda Item 12 - Trustees Comments

8:55:26 PM


Asked about the dead end sign for Fairway Drive - Kostyshock will check with Presson in the morning.

8:56:03 PM


We are getting inundated with sign requests lately. We are going to have to come up with a policy to stay consistent.

8:57:40 PM


Asked Short what the difference was with the speed limit signs with the bright red border.

8:58:08 PM


He explained just to change up the look and draw attention to them.

8:59:10 PM


What is the status on park signs with bocce and horseshoe pits? And as information, you may have seen the emails on new phone systems. The equipment is a cost, but there would be a monthly savings.

9:01:48 PM



9:01:56 PM



9:01:59 PM



9:02:04 PM


Agenda Item 13 - Mayor Comments

9:02:12 PM


We are currently at 13% on our recycling from Republic. We are currently at a $750 award.

9:02:52 PM


Asked Attorney Motil to talk about the Christine Ingram property at 6300 W. Main.

9:03:04 PM


House is a health hazard to the Village. Mayor, Motil and Flaugher have been trying to work on it and talk to the owner. She promised she would clean it up, but hasn't done anything. All notifications have been ignored. Due to no response and the state of the home, they will try to condemn the property. Motil has prepared the petition to be filed in the court, but he hasn't filed it yet. If the court agrees we will then ask for community funds to pay for all fees that go along with it. The resolution is to give Motil permission to file to the court which is the next factor to proceed.

9:11:58 PM


Asked the Board if all ok with putting that on the agenda for next week. Board agreed.

9:12:36 PM


Would like to discuss part-time summer help. We wanted to hire five summer help people at the May 2, 2012 meeting. We only hired three and since then one left and one went to one day a week. We currently have three people working that we haven't officially hired. Jared Blaylock, Eli Nelson, Chris Reed, at $8.50/hr. We need to officially hire them next week. Presson would also like to hire Nathan Rhodes at $8.50/hr.

9:17:09 PM


Asked the Board there feelings on officially hiring and adding it to the agenda for next week. The Board agreed.

9:25:01 PM


Called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion by Garcia and seconded by Vallino. Roll Call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Bell - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Garcia - yes, Short - yes.

9:25:43 PM


Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Triplo, Deputy Clerk

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The Village of Maryville