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               Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting
Date 5/23/2012 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:01 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus Meeting of Wednesday, May 23, 2012 to order. Invited all in attendance to stand and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.
6:30:10 PM Gulledge Asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Vallino, Schmidt, Bell, Kostyshock, and Short. Trustee Garcia was absent from the roll call. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Lucas, Attorney Motil, Police Chief Schardan, Public Works Director Presson, Building and Zoning Administrator/ Fire Chief Flaugher.
6:30:53 PM Gulledge Called for the approval of the minutes of the May 9, 2012 Caucus meeting. Asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Deputy Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Schmidt and seconded by Vallino. Roll call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Bell - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Short - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:22 PM Gulledge Agenda item #1: Water Service & Pre-Annexation Agreement - Baig, 1 Valley View Drive, Collinsville. Agreements will be placed on the agenda prior to the Public meeting to give the trustees a chance to review them for questions. Questions can be addressed before the meeting. The Baig, 1 Valley View Drive Public meeting will be on June 6th.
6:32:02 PM Gulledge Agenda item #2: Planning Commission Recommendation - Final Development Plan, Trails Edge Town Homes. Invited Building and Zoning Administrator Flaugher to speak.
6:32:29 PM Flaugher The Final Development Plan along with all the required items was presented to the Planning Commission. The Commission voted to recommend the approval of the plan, with two items they would like resolved prior to the Village Board taking action on June 6th. Item 1: A typing correction to be made to the EPA Permit for the water and sewer to the Building. The correction has been made and returned to Juneau. Item 2: Lighting plan for the guest parking located next to the Charter Communication's building. Requested that several lights for that area be added to the plan and new drawings submitted prior to an action being taken on June 6th.
6:32:55 PM Trustee Garcia arrived and was seated.
6:34:53 PM Gulledge Asked for questions or comments.
6:35:05 PM Schmidt What are the lighting requirements? What about lighting for the backside of the two story units?
6:35:50 PM Flaugher According to the plan, the backside of the buildings are equipped with attached lights that light up the entire area all the way around to the parking lot. The Planning Commission had some concern with placing lights on poles because of the adjacent residential properties and the amount of light it would cast. The lights will all be dusk to dawn and will light up the entire area and parking lot.
6:37:48 PM Schmidt Asked why the plans did not include a page with elevations for the front and back of the buildings?
6:38:17 PM Flaugher Stated elevations where not included in the plans but were submitted last Monday to the Planning Commission. He will make that information available to the board for review.
6:39:50 PM Schmidt Had a concern and question about the lack of a fire hydrant in the north western region of the property. What is the required distance between hydrants?
6:40:24 PM Flaugher The Ordinance states the required distance between fire hydrants is 400 feet. The north western area that will not have a hydrant, falls with in 300 feet of the nearest hydrant.
6:41:07 PM Schmidt Asked if one dumpster would meet the needs of all the units? Felt the units farthest from the dumpster would have to walk a long way to deposit trash.
6:41:24 PM Flaugher The ordinance strictly states the dumpster must be in an enclosed area, which enlarges the area. A second dumpster on the property would have its location too close to adjacent residential properties causing a potential problem. It was determined one dumpster would work the best for the property size.
6:43:21 PM Schmidt What is the building code for firewalls between units? Are they required between all units?
6:43:44 PM Flaugher All units are required to have a firewall between each unit.
6:44:00 PM Schmidt Who maintains the mailboxes and where they will be placed?
6:44:08 PM Flaugher Stated he felt the Post Office oversees all the decisions about what type of mailboxes and where to place them.
6:44:29 PM Kostyshock How wide will the expansion joints be? Will concrete or asphalt material be used in the driveways and or street.
6:45:11 PM Flaugher According to the plans the parking areas and driveways will have asphalt and the street will be paved with concrete. Driveways with asphalt are not required to have expansion joints. Gulledge asked if the new ordinance that has been passed about expansion joints needed to be followed? Flaugher stated because this property is private the ordinance did not apply.
6:47:29 PM Bell Asked about the concrete sidewalk and the expansion between that and the street? Plans do not show the expansion.
6:48:31 PM Gulledge Asked Flaugher to look into where the expansion joints would be used or not used.
6:48:42 PM Kostyshock Asked what the square footage of each unit would be?
6:48:54 PM Flaugher Stated each unit should be approximately 1000 square feet. The basement would be a two car garage with a two story unit above the garage.
6:51:07 PM Gulledge Agenda item # 3: Madison County Co-Permittee Group Membership Fee. Asked Presson to speak.
6:51:16 PM Presson RJN had been the Madison County Co-Permittee Group Administrator for the past several years. This year Madison County made a change and hired Oates Associates, Inc in the position for the 2012 - 2013 period. Madison County has submitted the agreement to the Village to review and approve. In the agreement, services shall consist of providing assistance in the preparation of required Notices of Intent and Annual Reports in connection with the County's ongoing MS4 permit program, and the recently implemented Pesticide Application Point Source Discharge permit program. The cost of services for a lump sum fee to be billed to each co-permittee will be: Madison County MS4 Program - $990 per agency, Pesticide Application Point Source Discharge Program - $990 per agency.
6:52:19 PM Gulledge Looked into the past cost for these services and found they have gone up and down. This years cost of $990 per program is in the middle. Schmidt asked if the cost was based on the number of agencies participating in the service? Presson explained the past cost increases were a result of how the program was broken down into different phases and the cost for each. Gulledge stated the recently implemented pesticide application point source discharge permit program has added to the cost of the agreement, but because Madison County requires the permit we have to pay for it as a member of the co-permittee. All Trustees ok with cost.
6:54:18 PM Gulledge 81st Annual Illinois Potable Water Supply Operators Association Conference (not on the agenda.) Presson would like to attend with Joe Simpson and Mathew Hoffman. The Conference hours will count towards the required certification hours each is required to have.
6:55:28 PM Short How many certified hours with the conference count for?
6:55:48 PM Presson Stated the conference would count for 32 of the 40 required.
6:55:52 PM Gulledge Asked for any objection to placing it on the next agenda? none. OK to place on the next agenda.
6:55:57 PM Short Asked Presson if he had hired different summer help because he had seen several faces he did not recognize from past years.
6:56:13 PM Gulledge Stated several of the summer help applicants had taken other jobs. Stated the Village would have a few names of new applicants for approval to hire at the June 6th meeting.
6:56:32 PM Bell Asked Presson about Public Works spraying for weeds in the community gardens? He had spoken with several of the Master Gardeners, who felt spraying at this time would not be a good idea. Bell asked Presson if he had already gone ahead and gotten a bid for that work?
6:56:55 PM Presson Stated he had gotten two bids, but both had suggested not to spray for weeds at this time of year and to hold off until early Spring.
6:57:31 PM Gulledge Agenda item # 8: Gaming Machines. Asked Chief Schardan to help him explain the item.
6:58:08 PM Gulledge Met with Mathew Hortenstine with the Taylor Law Offices about the newly passed Legislation for Gaming. All gaming machines must now be legalized by the State of Illinois. Lucy's Place has requested a business license and liquor license from the Village of Maryville. Lucy's Place will have 5 of the legalized gaming machines and offer drinks ( limited amounts) and sandwiches. Winnings from the gaming machines will be issued by a receipt to be cashed in at another location provided by the state and not handled by the business owner. The Village of Maryville or any other community that allows these machines will receive 5% of the gaming profit made in a month. The State handles all the break down of revenue profits. Motil stated the revenue made from the machines can be placed in the General Fund.
7:04:44 PM Kostyshock Is there a limit to the amount of money that can be spent in playing a machine? Gulledge stated that he and Chief Schardan had asked that question and was told he thought there was a limit.
7:05:22 PM Vallino Asked if other businesses with in Maryville will be allowed to place the new gaming machines in their facility? Gulledge stated they would if the Board votes to allow the legalized machines to be used in the Village and they met state approval.
7:07:47 PM Schmidt Old regulations stated where the machines could be located with in the buildings. Only people 21 and over could be allowed to use the machines. The new regulations will basically put the old machines out of business because they are not regulated by the state.
7:08:32 PM Short The only ordinance the Village would be passing would be an ordinance prohibiting the use of the gaming machines. Gulledge corrected Short and explained the Village currently has an ordinance not allowing the use of gaming machines. Motil would have to revise the current ordinance. Short asked if a referendum could be used or if the Village would just make the change to the ordinance? Motil stated a referendum could be use but it is not needed.
7:08:48 PM Gulledge Explained the Village Board would make a decision and if the residents disagreed, then a referendum would have to be used to override what the board decided.
7:10:32 PM Gulledge Asked the Board if they would like to have the owner of Lucy's Place come to a meeting to explain and answer any questions.
7:11:22 PM Garcia Opposed allowing legalized gambling in the Village of Maryville.
7:11:46 PM Vallino There are two types of people who play the gaming machines. Those who want to make a profit and those who do it just for entertainment.
7:11:59 PM Gulledge Feels the Board should gather all the information first and then make a decision.
7:15:03 PM Short Stated the original gaming law stated all gambling had to be on a boat on the water, but to make up for the failing video horse racing games and loss of state revenues, the law changed to allow such machines to be located on land.
7:18:18 PM Schardan Felt the owner of Lucy's Place would make the business a safe and nice place for any patrons using the business.
7:19:07 PM Gulledge The type of customer that would frequent the restaurant would be respectful and not cause any issues with surrounding businesses.
7:20:42 PM Gulledge Stated the decision to allow the business into Maryville was up to them.
7:22:21 PM Gulledge The Village should research all the information and then make our decision. Stated the owner of Lucy's Place helped to lobby for the new laws, so he should know the most information and be able to answer any questions the Board should have. Short agreed with allowing the owner to come to a meeting.
7:26:19 PM Schmidt What is the Illinois Municipal League (IML) position on gaming machines? Gulledge was uncertain and stated the Village would have to find out that information.
7:27:07 PM Schardan The owner of Lucy's Place had stated he was ok with what ever decision the Board made. He had other areas in which he could put his business if the Board voted against the gaming machines.
7:28:05 PM Short The Village will have many more businesses coming to them trying to see if this is a community in which they want to do business. The state regulations are new and have not really be put in place yet. Any current business with illegal machines were asked to turn themselves in and in trade they would be put at the top of this list for new machines. It is easier for the State to place the legal machine in a business with established machines.
7:28:54 PM Gulledge The State Police have a list of current business with gaming machines that are not regulated by the state.
7:29:53 PM Vallino Asked if the State has a form of questions and answers available?
7:29:59 PM Motil There is a type of question and answer list, but it does not answer many of the questions being asked.
7:30:32 PM Short Would the current ordinance cover the new state law or would the Village have to make a change?
7:31:16 PM Motil Yes an amendment would have to be made because certain forms of gambling are permitted in the Village; bingo, pull tabs, and more than likely video gaming are included on that list. The change would include going through and striking out any form of gambling the Village would want to prohibit. The problem he can foresee in the future would be having businesses challenging the ordinance. Businesses can claim the ordinance is not lawful based on the fact the State allows the machines and the Village already allows some forms of gambling with in its limits.
7:32:41 PM Schardan Asked Motil if a community can set a limit to the number of facilities that can have the machines?
7:32:55 PM Gulledge Stated that most businesses that would want to put the gaming machines in place would also want to have a liquor license. Both items work together to help with sales. It is his feeling, that because he controls who gets a liquor license that he would in a way be able to control who gets the machines.
7:33:28 PM Vallino Asked if a business currently has two machines, would they be able to request the extra three machines. Motil stated they could, up to the maximum number of machines allowed (5 machines.)
7:33:48 PM Schmidt In the Village of Maryville, who would qualify for the machines? Current businesses that meet the requirements set up by the state would be 5 within the Village limits.
7:35:18 PM Gulledge Asked if the board wants the owner to come in and talk: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Bell - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Garcia - no, Short - yes. Will ask the owner of Lucy's Place to come to a meeting.
7:36:38 PM Schardan Requested to give an update on the Computron work at the police station. Computron is not finished with the work. They are close to being done but not finished as of yet. Computron has recommended that all the software be updated so all machines are on the most current version of Microsoft Office Suite. The old version are cause programs to malfunction. Computron gave a price quote of about $1700 to update all the machines. Schardan would use the funds from calendar donations to go ahead and get it installed.
7:38:22 PM Gulledge Did not see a problem with updating the software if Schardan was using his funds from the calendar fund.
7:38:52 PM Bell Stated the Village should come up with the money to pay for the updates.
7:39:25 PM Short Asked if there were funds for computers in the proposed budget? Schardan stated there were proposed funds.
7:39:57 PM Bell Asked if any of the computers were due to be replaced within the next few months or year? Schardan stated that two where scheduled to be replaced. Bell felt the Village should go ahead and buy the two new computers now because they will come with the upgraded software and in the long run will save the Village money.
7:40:11 PM Gulledge Asked if everyone was OK with the updated software and if there were any further questions. OK to update software.
7:41:06 PM Gulledge The Village of Maryville had a young child hit on one of the streets that was badly injured. One of the residents had given him a call requesting more police presence to control the speeding that occurs in the area the child was hit. Gulledge would like to place another street light in the street to make the area more visible. Asked the board to take a drive to the area at night to view the area to see how dark it is and then the Village board can make a decision to put in another light or not to put one in.
7:45:14 PM Gulledge Agenda Item # 9: Calendar Updates.
7:45:27 PM Bell May: Friday May 25th is a Concert in the park event.
7:45:49 PM Gulledge The Village will be closed Monday for the Memorial Day holiday. The Community Memorial Day Remembrance Service will also take place on Monday. Caucus meeting on May 30th will be canceled because budget items will not be ready to discuss.
7:47:13 PM Gulledge June: Fred Winters Park. Asked if June 16th at 10 am would work to discuss this project. Bell felt the time should be at 1pm because the Park's Fishing Derby is in the morning. Do to the lack of availability of the board members to be at the meeting on the 16th the date for the meeting will be on June 9th at 10 am.
7:50:02 PM Bell Fishing Derby on the 16th, Movie in the park on June 22nd.
7:50:57 PM Gulledge Agenda Item # 10: Public Input. No comments.
7:51:02 PM Gulledge Agenda Item # 11: To Do List - page 1
7:51:37 PM Bell Park Committee has a new logo. Waiting for Sharon Petty to draw the logo and submit it to the Committee.
7:52:36 PM Gulledge To Do List - page 2: None
7:52:44 PM Gulledge Agenda Item # 12: Trustee Comments
7:52:46 PM Vallino Stated he felt the purchase of Flaugher's new car was a very good deal. Asked for an update on the Dead End Sign on Stonebridge. Kostyshock checked into the placement of the sign. The resident on the corner had a problem with all the signs ending up in his lawn. Gulledge stated we need to limit how many signs due to the high cost to make them. Felt the new Chamber projectors worked very well.
7:58:03 PM Schmidt Asked to have Flaugher contact the owner of the boat with the for sale sign that is parked on the lot north of Walgreens. The lot is not a sales lot. The lot on West Main Street where the house was removed, is full of weeds and the foundation hole has not been filled in yet. Would like to have the lot cleaned up and the hole filled in.
7:59:46 PM Bell Thanked Bob Hunter for helping to install the Chamber's new projectors. Bell noted the new projectors work very well and are an improvement from the old projectors. One of the old projectors was given to the Firehouse. Asked Trustee Short if he had finished his FOIA training? Short stated he had not yet finished the training but was working on completing it. Park Committee recommendation was to allow the Junior Kahoks football team to use the lighted field behind the Village complex. The organization will provide their own insurance and will pay for the cost of lighting the field. The team will need to use the field for the months of September and October. It was suggested the Kahoks should check with the Khoury League on what dates they will need during the two month period. Trustee Short brought up the question of repairs to the field? Bell felt the Kahoks should make repairs to the field and it should be made a stipulation in the agreement.
8:04:53 PM Kostyshock Public Works and the summer help are doing a very good job cleaning up the Village. He has had several residents comment on how things look.
8:05:54 PM Garcia None
8:06:25 PM Short Asked Trustee Bell if the park signs for the Horseshoe and Bocce Ball courts were finished. Bell stated the signs were not finished and he has not heard any thing. Asked Trustee Kostyshock if the Master Gardeners had set the dates for their show? Kostyshock stated he has not been contacted with any dates. Kostyshock brought up a problem with village residents removing the mulch from the community garden area. suggested some action be taken to stop residents because the mulch is paid for by the Village and is very costly.
8:08:49 PM Gulledge Agenda Item # 13: Mayor's Comments - Discussed CARD and future events with CARD.
8:17:10 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion by Bell and seconded by Vallino. Roll call: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Bell - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Garcia - yes, Short - yes.
8:17:36 PM Gulledge Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,

Christy Lucas, Deputy Clerk

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