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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Caucus Meeting


5/9/2012 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:05 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus Meeting of Wednesday, May 9, 2012 to order. Invited all in attendance to stand and join in the Pledge of Allegiance.
6:30:31 PM Gulledge Asked for a roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Vallino, Schmidt, Bell, Kostyshock, Garcia, and Short. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Lucas, Attorney Motil, Fire Chief Flaugher, 1 reporter, 3 guests.
6:30:54 PM Gulledge Called for the approval of the minutes of the April 25, 2012 Caucus meeting. Asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Deputy Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Vallino and seconded by Schmidt. Roll call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Bell - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Garcia - yes, Short - yes. Motion Carried.
6:31:25 PM Gulledge Agenda item # 5 - Request Regarding " Cheering Up A Sweat 5K & 10K Race" June 30, 2012. Presented by Eric Frisbee of 1009 Meadow Lake Dr., Maryville IL 62062.
6:31:58 PM Frisbee Frisbee requested to speak at the Caucus meeting to request approval to hold a fundraising event for the Collinsville area Cheerleaders, who are in need of new equipment. The "Cheering Up A Sweat 5K & 10K Race" to be held on June 30 2012, starting and finishing at the Firemen's Park. (See flyer for route details).
6:32:34 PM Gulledge Parking will need to be addressed. Frisbee stated he would approach the Catholic Church and ask to use their parking lot as it would meet the needs for both the 5K & the 10K race. Frisbee will ask to use the parking lot area once the board approves the event. Gulledge suggested using the area near the Publics Works Building and the Library (Drost Park), if the church parking fell through.
6:34:46 PM Bell Recommended that Mr. Frisbee should go ahead and reserve the #4 pavilion (Firemen's Park pavilion) as soon as possible.
6:35:06 PM Gulledge Asked for further questions. Schmidt asked if the Police Department had been contacted. Gulledge stated Chief Schardan was aware of the event. Mr. Frisbee stated that volunteers will be located at every corner for traffic control and to make sure the runners are on the right side of the road. Short noted that the MCT trail had given an approval and supplied documentation for that. Mr. Frisbee stated the event will be insured. Will be on the next Board agenda for approval.
6:38:17 PM Gulledge Agenda item # 6 - American Cancer Society "Paint Maryville Purple"
6:38:34 PM Gulledge Explained the American cancer Society's "Paint Maryville Purple" request. The 12th annual Relay for Life of Troy will be held on June 1, 2012. This event unites the Troy area community to raise money to fight cancer and learn ways that they can fight back against a disease that takes too much. The Troy area - which includes the cities of Troy, Maryville, Granite City and other surrounding communities have gathered together to support this event. The American Cancer Society is requesting the approval from the Village Board to allow their organization to tie ribbons to light posts and stake signs around town. In addition, they would like to invite businesses to participate by hanging signs and information  in their businesses.
6:39:29 PM Schmidt Asked questions about what street poles they would be using and how big the signs and ribbons would be. Schmidt felt that allowing ribbons and signs to be placed on street poles would violate a Village ordinance and suggested placing just one large sign in front of the Village complex. Businesses could hang signage in their business window. Schmidt felt if the Village allow one organization to hang small signs all over the Village then they would have to allow others to do the same. Garcia stated she did not have an issue with allowing the ribbons and smaller signs because it is for a good cause. Attorney Motil explained he has seen the requested signage in other communities and the signs were not an eyesore and were removed in a timely matter. Gulledge to ask the American Cancer Society about the one large sign being placed in front of the Village Complex instead of several small signs being placed around the Village. Board agreed to place on the next agenda for approval.
6:48:00 PM Gulledge Agenda item # 7 - Concurrence of Bid Results for Re-Surfacing of Keebler Road
6:48:15 PM Kostyshock Stated five bids had been received for the re-surfacing of Keebler Road. The lowest bid of $193,514.34 had come from Christ Bros. Asphalt, Inc. Juneau Engineering & Land Surveying recommended the Village to use Christ Bros. Asphalt, Inc for the work.
6:48:54 PM Gulledge The re-surfacing of Keebler Road will be paid for with state grant funds. The State of Illinois requires written approval from the Village of Maryville stating it agrees with the chosen contractor recommended by Juneau Engineering & Land Surveying. Gulledge asked if we could go ahead and put it on the next agenda for approval by the Board? All agreed. Short asked where the change orders will come from? Gulledge stated that would have to be looked into. Short asked when the project would start and was told in the fall during the cooler temperatures. Schmidt asked how long the project would take to complete and was told it should not take any longer than 2 weeks to complete the entire project.
6:52:17 PM Gulledge Agenda item # 8 - Fire Department Purchases
6:52:27 PM Flaugher Requesting 3 different items: 1.) The purchase of a Smart Board for the training room in the Firehouse. The Smart Board is an interactive white board with touch screen action. The user can interact with the board or the hand held tablet. Numonics Interactive Products Division quoted the lowest amount of $1,382.95. Quote is only good for 30 days. The Smart Board will contribute to ISO and will be very helpful in training. Warranty on the board is 10 years with 5 years on the hand held tablet which includes technical support. Garcia asked if for some reason the foreseen budget were to be less than proposed at this time would the funds paying for the smart board be needed for something else. Flaugher stated he did not seen any other needs coming from the proposed training budget. Board agreed to place on the next agenda for approval. 2.) Folding tables for training rooms. 12 to 13 (18" x 72") tables. Flaugher stated he had researched many companies to find the lowest cost and had settled on This company offered a melamine top table for $72 per table. Total cost with shipping would be around $1300 Schmidt asked if chairs would be needed? Flaugher stated he had looked in to the cost of new chairs and found the cost would be around $50 a chair. He recommended taking the current metal framed chairs apart and sending the seats to the Department of Corrections to have them reupholstered for a fraction of the cost of new chairs. The Board agreed to put on the next agenda for approval. 3.) Graphics for front door sign and 12 inch letters identifying the building as "Maryville Fire Dept." will be placed on the overhead skirting, visible from the road.  Flaugher stated, Digitalartz had the best price quotes with a total of $1,132.55 for all signs. The signs will include the firehouse logo, the address and phone number on the front door and 12" white plastic letters for the building name. Gulledge stated the non-emergency number should be placed on the door to help residents that may need to speak with fire personnel on off hours. Flaugher stated at some point he would like to place a buzzer on the inside door to alert anyone inside the firehouse that someone is outside the building. Bell felt the buzzer should be installed as soon as possible. Schmidt asked about a sign for Safe Haven for Babies. Short stated that had been discussed and will be added. Flaugher stated the price quote will go up some with the added additions.  The Board agreed to place the 3 requests on the next agenda for approval.
7:18:45 PM Gulledge Agenda item # 9 Calendar Updates 
7:18:59 PM Gulledge Asked for Calendar Updates. Vallino stated the Rabies Clinic would be held this Saturday, May 12, 2012 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon. Parks and Recreation meeting on the 21st at 6 p.m. The Planning Commission may also meet on the 21st because Memorial Day will fall on the last Monday of the month. Gulledge to let the Board know if the Planning Commission will meet or not. Bell noted the Bike Safety Rodeo that was held last weekend, May 5th, did not have a very good turn out. Gulledge felt the Board should rethink this event before having it next year. Bell stated the first concert in the park would take place on May 25 at 7pm. May 28th the Village Hall will be closed to observe the Memorial Day Holiday. Gulledge to inform the Board if the Caucus meeting on the 30 will take place.
7:22:39 PM Gulledge Agenda item # 10 - Public Input - None
7:22:45 PM Gulledge Agenda item # 11 - To Do List. Page 1 - Schmidt asked a question about the status of the training facility. Gulledge stated the work is moving along. It is not where it should be but it is moving forward.
7:23:33 PM Gulledge To Do List - Page 2 - Schmidt stated it was his understanding the grass cutting had started. Gulledge confirmed the contracted company had started work as of this week. Bell asked if the bricks for park's committee members had been ordered yet?  Gulledge to ask Clerk Henry on the status of this.
7:23:54 PM Gulledge Agenda item # 12 - Trustee Comments
7:25:27 PM Vallino None
7:25:41 PM Schmidt Community Improvement Board met on May 7. The community wide yard sale will not be in June this year it has been moved to September 15. Fall fest will be on October 13. One of the members of the Community Improvement Committee will be making a presentation to the Board about the Village having a facebook page. Bell stated the Village of Maryville does have a facebook page. On the Webpage in the lower bottom right is a link to the page. The facebook page was designed so that residents can "like" the page but they can not "friend" the page. This setup was to keep people from posting non village related items on the wall. The Webpage host offers to link the facebook page to the webpage which will automatically send alerts and updates from the calendar of events to the facebook account. Service to the page is free of charge and does not require any one from the Village staff to moderate it. There should be no need for someone to volunteer to run the facebook page. Schmidt stated he had not received a second bid from Brewster for the landscaping around monument on the south side of town, as the Board had request from them. Schmidt felt Brewster had some questions about why they would need a second bid.  Gulledge stated the Village had just finished putting in a water line. Kostyshock stated he will use the summer help to keep up with the up keep of the landscaping if the mowing company fell short on mowing it. 
7:34:52 PM Bell Talked with Marvin Brussatti about an update on the projector for the Council Chamber. Brussatti stated the projector was on backorder and would not ship until the 15th of May.
7:35:16 PM Kostyshock The Library Expansion Committee has held 3 interviews for an architect. The committee will continue to meet and should have something to report to the Board in October.
7:38:20 PM Garcia None
7:38:23 PM Short Asked if the projector would be traded in for the new unit? Bell stated it would be given to the Fire Department per Chief Flaugher's request.
7:38:48 PM Gulledge Agenda item # 13 Mayors Comments - None
7:39:26 PM Gulledge Called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion by Vallino and seconded by Schmidt. Roll call: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Bell - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Garcia - yes, Short - yes.
7:39:54 PM Gulledge Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted, 


Christy Lucas, Deputy Clerk


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The Village of Maryville