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Village of Maryville, IL


Caucus Meeting




Council Chamber




6:30:53 PM


Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, March 14, 2012 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance.

6:31:02 PM


Asked for the roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Vallino, Schmidt, Garcia, Short. Absent from roll call were Trustees Bell and Kostyshock. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Lucas, Attorney Motil, Public Works Director Presson, 1 reporter, and 5 guests.
Called for the approval of the minutes of the February 29, 2012 Caucus meeting. Asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Deputy Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Schmidt and seconded by Vallino. Roll call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes; Schmidt - yes; Garcia - yes; Short - yes. Motion carried.

6:31:32 PM


Agenda item number 5: Herb/Vegetable Garden Presentation. Master Gardener, Colleen Seiffert was asked to give the presentation to the board.

6:31:52 PM


Colleen Seiffert - Address: 116 La Rosa Dr, Collinsville, IL. Stated the purpose of speaking to the board was to request funding for the Herb/ Vegetable Garden. Seiffert stated since the garden had started in 2001, it had become a large part of Maryville by contributing back to the community in donations of fresh produce to the village food pantry. The vegetable section of the garden was started in 2007 and since then has become very labor intense in up-keep and maintainability. Many Master Gardeners have donated many labor hours and made cash donations for the up-keep. Currently, soil preparation, soil tilling, fertilizing, and watering issues are a few of the items that have caused the increase in costs for maintaining the garden. Why the funding is needed? Seiffert stated installing raised cedar beds, a water drip irrigation system, a protective wall positioned around the garden areas, and an arbor would allow them to maintain the vegetable areas in a more cost effective way. All work will be done in three phases and completed by the spring of 2013. The total cost estimates requested, excluding the cost of the drip irrigation system, are as follows: raised beds $11,500, protective wall $1,800, and an entrance arbor for the amount of $366. Total cost estimate is $13,666. Total cost estimate to be paid out in 3 phases. Phase 1 - $6500 towards the raised bed in the spring of 2012. The remaining $7166 for phase 2 and 3 to be paid out over late fall of 2012 and early spring 2013.

6:46:34 PM


Asked for questions.

6:46:45 PM


Asked if the raised beds would consist of a raise section of ground to plant in? Seiffert stated that yes the raised beds, made of 12" x 10' cedar beams, would sit on top of the ground and house dirt to be planted in. Raise beds would eliminate the need to till the soil, reduce the weeds, and increase the yield of vegetables.

6:47:13 PM


Asked for more questions.

6:47:27 PM


Asked why cedar would be used for the raise beds? Seiffert stated that only certain types of materials could be used and in her research she had found that cedar should last for 10 to 15 years. Short asked where the current composting materials were being put. Seiffert stated currently they have 3 bins located behind the comfort station, but because most of the compost material will be garden waste it would be more convenient to have the bins located near the garden to demonstrate that part of the garden to the public. Compost bins were not included in the cost estimates. Short asked if any labor to install the requested items would be including in the cost estimates. Seiffert stated that all labor will be voluntary and only the materials are included in the cost estimated. Short asked if the Cooperative Extension had been approached for funding. Seiffert stated that the Village of Maryville was the first group they had requested funding from but she has submitted a request to the Cooperative Extension and has heard nothing back. In the past, the Co-op has supplied small amounts of funding. In addition, the Master Gardeners have tried to come up with ways in which they can use the garden items to help raise funds. Gulledge stated he had wanted Seiffert to come and make her presentation to the Board now, so if it was decided to go ahead with the funding it would be possible to see what money was left in this fiscal year. The remaining funds would have to be budgeted in the next fiscal year, which starts May 1st.

6:53:41 PM


Felt it was good that the project had been divided into three phases, so the village could spread out the funds. He also would like to take a look at the list of materials. He felt the village could possibly find a way to purchase them at a cheaper price. Vallino also commented about how the Master Garden area adds to the beauty of the Park and being able to fund the project would help them add to the beauty but at the same time the village has to be conscience of material pricing.

6:54:40 PM


Asked what a drip irrigation system was? Gulledge stated it was basically a hose with holes placed along the length of it. Gulledge also offered to donate several drip hoses to the Master Gardeners for use in the gardens.

6:56:27 PM


Commented that the money was more than likely needed now before the planting season starts. Gulledge asked if they would be able to wait until the end of the month to see if the money is within the budget. He also requested a list of materials to possibly find other people willing to donate the items.

6:58:38 PM


Wanted to clarify that the water lines were already in existence in the Garden. Seiffert stated they were.

6:59:12 PM


Stated the Board will try to work with them to get them the money for the garden.

6:59:46 PM


Thanked Seiffert for presenting at the meeting.

7:00:21 PM


Agenda item number 6: FTR Recording System Maintenance Contract Renewal with BusComm, Inc. Gulledge explained to the board the FTR Recording System maintenance contract had not changed. He stated the System was an important part of the village meeting process and with out it we would be at a loss. The renewal of the contract was important and needed to be done.

7:01:01 PM


Asked if the renewal cost was the same as the last time it was renewed? Gulledge answered that he thought it was the same but he was not 100% sure. Short asked if that could be determined before the next Board meeting.

7:01:19 PM


Asked if all the Board members were ok with the FTR recorder contract renewal? Everyone agreed to have it put next board meeting agenda.

7:01:27 PM


Agenda item number 7: Well Cleaning. Asked Presson to speak.

7:01:32 PM


Stated that Well number 3 needed to be cleaned. The village had taken bids for the work that needed to be completed and his recommendation would be for Brotcke Well & Pump at the cost of $12,375.00. Gulledge added, the cleaning was a normal maintenance that needed to be done to ensure that the wells are pumping at top production. Gulledge asked how often the wells were cleaned. Presson stated that pump 1 gets done every year and the others get done when production drops off or a failure happens. Gulledge stated the cost of the cleanings has been going up as a result of the increased cost of the chemical, but it is something that has to be done.

7:03:10 PM


Asked if the cleaning could be done in house or was it too cost prohibitive? Presson stated we do not have the capability to do the work and it would be very costly.

7:03:35 PM


Asked what the down time would be? Presson stated it would be about four days to complete the cleaning process.

7:03:47 PM


Asked what contractor was normally hired to do the cleaning? Presson stated Brocket Well & Pump has been the company they have used for the past couple of years, but they have used Layne-Western prior to using Brotcke Well & Pump. Presson recommends Brotcke Well & Pump.

7:04:38 PM


Asked for questions or comments. No questions or comments were made. Will be put on the agenda for the next Board meeting. Gulledge asked if there were any other questions for Presson. Schmidt asked when the bids would go out for grass cutting. Presson stated they should go out on Friday, March 16, 2012 to the papers. They will be collected and ready for the first Caucus meeting in April. Schmidt asked how much the village paid last year in grass cutting fees. Presson stated he thought it was around $30,000.

7:05:43 PM


Let the record state Trustee Kostyshock arrived and was seated.

7:05:56 PM


Agenda item number 8: Title VI Policy Statement for the Village. Gulledge explained this is a request from the East-West Gateway Council to ensure that local agencies have policies and procedures in place to comply with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This policy would take care of anyone that would have a complaint or problem. Gulledge talked with Charlie Juneau and he felt it was ok to just go ahead and pass the policy as it would be hard to get federal funding with out this in place.

7:06:57 PM


Asked if the village had received anything from the I.M.L. about this policy? Gulledge stated the village had not but most all of the other villages already had a policy in place.

7:07:23 PM


Commented that he felt it would be a good idea to pass a resolution agreeing with Title VI.

7:07:35 PM


Stated that the policy was an anti-discrimination policy that would provide those who wish to file a discrimination complaint, a path to do so.

7:07:53 PM


Asked Short to give him an example as to why we would be denied federal funding if the village did not have this policy in place. Short stated if an outside contractor felt he had been discriminated against with a bided job. The federal funds would help with this complaint. Motil stated the Village needed to pass this policy to comply with the federal laws. In order to receive Federal funds this policy needs to be in place.

7:09:04 PM


Asked Motil to draft a resolution for the new policy.

7:09:47 PM


Agenda item number 9: Congressional Prayer Breakfast. Gulledge stated the Breakfast would be held on Monday, April 30, 2012 at the Gateway Center. The Breakfast is an event the Village has been participating in for about 11 years. The price for one table of 8 is $160. That amount has been budgeted. Asked if everyone was ok with putting this item on the agenda for the next meeting. All agreed.

7:10:55 PM


Agenda item number 10: April 27, 2012 - Chamber Auction. Gulledge stated the village does not contribute very much to the Chamber and in the past they have sponsored 2 tables at the cost of $450 per table. This year the cost per table has gone up $25 making the total cost for 2 tables $950. Sponsoring would list the village in the program and also provide meals and drinks. Asked for thoughts or comments.

7:12:17 PM


Commented he felt it was a good cause because the Chamber does a lot of things for the Village of Maryville.

7:12:44 PM


Stated that the Village of Maryville does not pay any dues like other communities so this is a type of contribution to the Chamber for all the advertising they do for the Village. Asked if all the trustees were ok with sponsoring 2 tables? All ok.

7:13:09 PM


Agenda item number 11: STP Application for East Main Street Phase 3. Gulledge explained the Surface Transportation Program has been approved for phase 1 and phase 2 of East Main Street. This application is for phase 3, (Fairland Cemetery out to Lakeview Acres Road). A payment of one half of a percent of the requested federal funding amount must be paid. A check for $4770.31 must be approved at the next Board meeting. The $4770.31 will be refunded if  phase 3 is not approved for funding.

7:14:20 PM


Asked if phase 3 would complete the STP project? Gulledge stated it would complete the project

7:14:38 PM


Asked if everyone was ok with placing this on the next meeting's agenda? Garcia asked when they would start the first phase. Gulledge stated it would go out for bid in late summer but the village has to wait for approval on the last phase and for all the paper work to be in order before they can do any of the work. The whole program should take about 3 or 4 years to complete. Short asked about coordination with the county? Gulledge answered yes, the county is working with the Village. Gulledge asked if everyone was ok with placing this on the next agenda for approval. All ok.

7:16:51 PM


Agenda item number 12: Calendar Updates

7:17:03 PM


Best of Maryville Art show is March 18th, from 1pm to 3pm. Anyone wanting to help would be needed in setting up displays. The Planning Board will meet to discuss some concrete issues. Large item pick up will be March 26 through the 30th.

7:18:33 PM


Had a call from a resident about being able to pick up stuff on the curb. Gulledge did not have a problem with this as long as they did not leave a mess. Allied Waste will still be out to pick up items.

7:19:16 PM


Stated the Primary Election will be on Tuesday, March 20th.

7:19:24 PM


Card meeting will be held on March 20th.

7:19:39 PM


Agenda item number 13: Public Input. Gulledge asked for input. There was none. Gulledge introduced Alan Lewis as the new reporter for the village meetings from the Times Tribune.

7:20:12 PM


Agenda item number 14: To Do List

7:20:19 PM


Page 1: Asked for input? There was none.

7:21:16 PM


Page 2: Asked for input? There was none.

7:21:22 PM


Agenda item number 14: Trustee comments

7:21:30 PM


Rabies Clinic dates that are available will be May 12th and May 26th. Short felt that May 12th would work better because the 26th is Memorial Day Weekend. Everyone agreed May 12th would be the better weekend. The Clinic hours will be from 9am - 12pm. The cost of the shots will be: DAPP (dog Distemper/Parvo) $22, RV (rabies) $18, BV (Kennel Cough) $15, all 3 shots $50, FVRCP (cat Distemper) $22. Kostyshock stated he had read in the paper the Madison County fee will be collected before the shots can be given.

7:24:16 PM


Stated the water fountain at the Community Center needed to be repaired. Gulledge stated he would have it fixed. Schmidt asked about the village yard sale. Need to find out when and if we are having it. Also asked if something could be put on the Firemen's Electronic Message Board about the Community Garden Application being available on the village web page.

7:26:02 PM


We need to create a brochure to help bring in more commercial business to the Village. The village needs to work on development. Gulledge stated we do have a brochure and if everyone wants to focus on this project then money will have to be put into the budget.

7:29:18 PM


No comments.

7:29:22 PM


Wanted to thank everyone for all the support they offered with the Chicken and Beer Dance. The dance was a big success. Short stated he thought about 308 attended the event. Short wanted to thank Red Apple for supplying the Chicken.

7:32:05 PM


No comments.

7:32:10 PM


Called for a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion by Schmidt. Second by Vallino.  Roll call: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes, Kostyshock - yes, Garcia - yes, Short - yes.

7:32:36 PM


Meeting Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Christy Lucas, Deputy Clerk

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The Village of Maryville