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Village of Maryville, Illinois

Description Public Hearing - Rezoning Request - KC Companies LLC (B-2 to MR-2)
Date 3/7/2012 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:15 PM Gulledge Called the public hearing of Wednesday, March 7, 2012 to order. There were 50 people who signed the Public Hearing Sign In Sheets. Stated the purpose of public hearing is to discuss a rezoning request from KC Companies LLC for property located at 210 W. Division Street from the current zoning of B-2 to MR-2 zoning. Gave instructions for the hearing. Will allow the property owner, Chris Geiler to speak first, then will alternate between an opponent to the rezoning and a proponent. Speakers will be allowed to speak once. Asked speakers to be brief to allow time for all who would want to address the board. Also asked audience to be respectful to speakers. Speakers need to speak into the microphone and state their name and address for the record.
6:31:52 PM Geiler Chris Geiler, 1501 Malia Drive, St. Jacob. Displayed a power point presentation. Stated asking for the rezoning change to allow for an upscale housing development on the property. Described the details of the proposed development. Noted several completed projects both residential and commercial. Stated need for additional town home development as current Zupan Town homes have been filled and have a waiting list. Explained economic need for rental properties. Discussed benefits of location. Stated reasons for changing zoning from the commercial B-2 to a residential zoning.
6:40:56 PM Dori Polarine 311 Nepute. Discussed mine subsidence issues on her property and in the area. Stated her concerns regarding the increased weight on the roads due to the development will cause more damage. Streets show damage from mine subsidence. Stated there have been several water breaks in the area due to the mine subsidence.
6:43:03 PM Carol Sparks PO Box 521, Maryville. Discussed benefits of multi-family housing. Presented information from Urban Land Institute as to why multi-family is beneficial for a community. Noted revenues that will be generated specifically to the Village from the proposed development.
6:46:59 PM Jim Mundy 101 Maryknoll. Spoke in opposition to rezoning for the development. Stated his personal history living in Maryville. Stated concerns regarding increased traffic and no parking by adding another multi-family development. Discussed condition of apartment dwelling at Lucas and Zupan. Discussed mine subsidence. Asked Village to provide guidance to citizens regarding mine subsidence. Noted he had viewed the Future Land Use & Transportation Plan on the Village website. Noted the statement that "single family residences have been identified as the preferred residential use within the Village".
6:56:10 PM Christy Vincent 6210 W. Main, Maryville. Stated she has lived in Maryville for 54 years. When first lived here the population was around 300 people. Noted that with time comes progress and growth. Stated she currently serves on planning commission and believes a variety of housing types is needed in Maryville. Objected to the negative perception that rental housing means low income, no maintenance and crime. Crime increase, traffic increases, infrastructure needs increases come with an increase in people, not with socioeconomic standing. Discussed the mine subsidence issue. Stated anyone who lives in Southern Illinois is potentially affected by this issue, there are engineers who plan for that. Stated planning commission must review all development plans. Stated B-2 zoning is open to many different kinds of commercial businesses. Revenue from rental property will bring in more than the land staying undeveloped.
7:00:01 PM Jack Callahan 6218 West Main. Stated he and Mr. Mundy had previously obtained signatures in opposition to the development. Stated that some of the revenues generated by the new development are for the enterprise fund and can only be used for that fund. Stated his opinion that Mr. Geiler will not be able to rent these units for the proposed asking price and is concerned if the units remain empty. Stated his opinion that the Board may be concerned about a law suit if the rezoning is not approved. Stated his opinion that the right thing for the Board to do is to not approve the rezoning.
7:04:41 PM Jason Barker 501 Drost St., Maryville. Stated the property is directly across from his property. Currently the property has a falling down fence. His preference is to look at Mr. Geiler's proposed development. Also stated issue tonight is not to approve Mr. Geiler's actual development, but is to approve a zoning change. He would rather have the property as residential than current zoning class.
7:06:58 PM Alyssa Kostyshock 135 W. Perry, Maryville. Read a statement she had prepared. Stated fears regarding current apartment building near her home and concern with adding additional one.
7:08:00 PM Gulledge Thanked all for comments. Adjourned public hearing.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jolene R. Henry, Village Clerk

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The Village of Maryville