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Village of Maryville, IL

Description Caucus Meeting
Date 2/29/2012 Location Council Chamber
Time Speaker Note
6:30:06 PM Gulledge Called the Caucus meeting of Wednesday, February 29, 2012 to order and invited those in attendance to join in the Pledge of Allegiance.
6:30:45 PM Gulledge Asked for the roll call of those officers present. Answering the roll were Trustees Vallino, Schmidt, Bell, Kostyshock, Garcia, Short. Also in attendance were Deputy Clerk Triplo, Attorney Motil, Building & Zoning Administrator/Fire Chief Flaugher, Public Works Director Presson and 6 guests.
6:30:56 PM Gulledge Called for the approval of the minutes of the February 22, 2012 Caucus meeting. Mayor asked if there were any questions, additions, or subtractions to the minutes as prepared by the Deputy Clerk. There were none. Motion to approve the minutes was made by Scmidt and seconded by Vallino. Roll call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes; Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes; Short - yes. Motion carried.
6:31:31 PM Gulledge Agenda item number 5: Park Committee Recommendations - Mayor put back on thinking Colleen would be here to discuss the raised beds for the garden. We will just table until she can discuss the details.
6:33:27 PM Bell Approval of the Fred Winters Park layout.
6:34:11 PM Gulledge We have given them our verbal approval. We will contact the neighborhood and schedule a presentation for them of what the park committee is recommending in the next thirty to forty-five days.
6:34:34 PM Gulledge Agenda item number 6: Additional $165 Expense for Central Burglar Alarm Install at Water Plant.
6:35:10 PM Presson Explained the additional expense is for a mounting bracket for the monitor.
6:36:04 PM Bell Village Garden Committee is recommending the sign with a single person picture with Village logo.
6:37:40 PM Presson The sign company requested the it be a 4x6 sign due to the layout.
6:38:16 PM Gulledge To clarify this is a single sided sign.
6:38:39 PM Gulledge The board is in favor of the sign details. Mayor will add to the next agenda due to the purchase being over $500.
6:38:59 PM Gulledge Agenda item number 7: Pay App #3 from J. Wilkinson, Inc. ($37,340.49) for Firehouse Renovations.
6:39:29 PM Flaugher Spoke on the details of the pay request. There were no questions or comments.
6:40:01 PM Gulledge Agenda item number 8: Furniture for Firehouse Renovation from Dept. of Corrections.
6:40:36 PM Flaugher Feels like this quote is the best choice for our firehouse. It's solid oak quality furniture that is custom built. Furnishing two bunk rooms. Flaugher has photos available of each piece for your review. Price includes the shipping fee.
6:43:04 PM Schmidt Asked if there is room for a desk and a chair. Short answered it was a small desk, large enough for a lamp and a laptop. Schmidt asked where we are buying the mattresses. Schmidt also asked about the turn around time on the furniture.
6:43:18 PM Flaugher They are looking to purchase memory foam mattresses. A member of the firehouse is looking in to getting a discounted price. We will come back with that quote when we have it. Flaugher looking to get boards approval on furniture and then will put order in, usually takes approximately four weeks.
6:43:19 PM Gulledge Mayor asking if board was ok with this decision. And wanted to get the process moving. He feels like the renovation will be completed in about the same amount of time.
6:43:29 PM Short What part of the budget is it coming from.
6:43:36 PM Flaugher Flaugher budgeted a line item of furniture for the renovation. This will also include the mattresses and the blinds.
6:43:55 PM Gulledge Any questions or comments. There were none.
6:44:16 PM Gulledge Agenda item number 9: Request from Maryville Fire Protection District
6:44:27 PM Flaugher The Fire Protection District met and in the past they have agreed to commit to purchase a new Quint style fire apparatus for the Fire Dept. They have purchased items for us in the past. The piece we are looking in the $700,000 range. They proposed to pass to the Board the consideration to negotiate a new contract this May, and in the new contract drop their annual fee from $10,000 to $20,000. A ten year contract, we would both be served better.
6:46:16 PM Gulledge Mayor attended a meeting months ago and was asked if the Village would entertain a slighter fee. He mentioned to them that it would need to come to the Board in writing. If we decide to do this, the new contract would start May 1, 2012 and would be $10,000 instead of $20,000 to the Village.
6:47:34 PM Gulledge The trade off would be a very expensive fire apparatus truck, that the Village needs and that we can't afford on our own.
6:51:06 PM Kostyshock What's the life expectancy? Flaugher said we will get 20 to 30 years out of it.
6:51:26 PM Gulledge Maryville does have big buildings. And it may help our ISO rating.
6:52:04 PM Short Fire District has committed it's to provide this truck. They will also equip this truck which is like an investment for the Village.
6:53:48 PM Short Recommends that we move forward, and he appreciates what they are doing for the Village.
6:54:11 PM Gulledge Mayor confirmed that the Board is ok with the request.
6:54:26 PM Gulledge Agenda item number 10: Calendar Updates - Mayor went over the upcoming events and meetings.
6:55:06 PM Short Please add the Chicken and Beer Dance, March 10th and Library Meeting on the 22nd to the calendar.
6:56:34 PM Gulledge Agenda item number 11: Public Input - If anyone would like to address the board at this time, please do so.
6:56:59 PM Karonovich Fran Karonovich, 2787 Woodfield Drive - She would like to commend our Village Fire Department. She recently had a fire in the oven and they responded quickly and were very courteous and polite. She would like to give a small donation to the Fire Department.
6:58:57 PM Mundy Jim Mundy, 101 Mary Knoll - Prepared to speak at the public hearing. He is resisting the rezoning change because of the neighborhood and the traffic it will create. He spoke about the fence around the cable company laying down and falling over.
7:01:36 PM Callahan Jack Callahan 6218 West Main - He's disappointed in the meeting last night. He didn't expect to win, but he didn't expect Planning Commission to have all ammunition. The Developer said they can get the road widened when this goes thru. There were alot of points that just didn't make sense. There is an overabundance in multi-family, too much traffic and existing crime. Why wouldn't they rent at the golf course. What if the buildings sit empty?
7:05:07 PM Callahan MR-2 zoning is permanent. All my points were blown off. He is disappointed by the members of the planning commission. It was obvious that we were going to lose.
7:10:13 PM Callahan He would like to know how you are going to recognize a Maryville citizen at next weeks meeting.
7:11:59 PM Gulledge Agenda item number 12: To Do List - No comments.
7:12:38 PM Gulledge Agenda item number 13: Trustee Comments - Bell spoke about the Village Garden, Presson moved it as requested and the lines are run. The applications are on the website and are being distributed to the public. Bell also responded to Mr. Callahan that there is a sign in sheet at the Public Hearing. May be a tool to recognize Village residents.
7:14:34 PM Gulledge Not everyone signs the sheet. Planning Commission is a recommendation. This Board will make the final decision.
7:16:39 PM Gulledge Kostyshock agrees with Mr. Callahan's comment, we should only let Maryville residents speak.
7:17:11 PM Motil Actually no, anyone can speak at the Public Hearing. No matter if they are residents of Maryville or not. It's up to the Board to decide if it's valid.
7:19:36 PM Kostyshock Library and Building Committee has the greatest meetings in the world. Their goal is to make Maryville the best village they can. They are doing a great job and he appreciates everything they are doing.
7:20:16 PM Gulledge No other Trustee comments.
7:20:37 PM Gulledge Agenda item number 14: Mayor Comments - Mayor is selling tickets for the annual Chicken and Beer Dance. All profit goes to new ambulances and fire equipment. He's encouraging everyone to support the event by buying tickets or donating raffle items.
7:21:25 PM Gulledge Girls Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary. They are wanting to make a proclamation and celebrate March 11-17th as Girl Scout week.
7:22:16 PM Gulledge Make a Difference Day, March 10th. Looking for volunteers to help participate in the event. Cindy will be giving a presentation for a new bench in Fred's name. If anyone can help in any way, the group does many great events for the Village.
7:23:35 PM Gulledge We had a recent ISO inspection. Mayor complimented the staff who worked hard on the ISO. Mayor discussed the inspection points. We are working on some of the improvements coming up. We took a lower score on our dispatching, and we were aware that would be the case with the change.
7:25:26 PM Vallino Why did we take a hit for relocating dispatching?
7:26:03 PM Short Reason for score is strictly based on call volume. They are handling more calls with Maryville and Glen Carbon calls routed together.
7:27:20 PM Flaugher Score has nothing to do with accuracy. Only based on call volume.
7:27:46 PM Gulledge We haven't been hurt by this. Mayor believes its been much smoother than expected.
7:30:17 PM Gulledge We improved on every area but the dispatching.
7:30:45 PM Flaugher They grade fire departments nationwide. The grading determines insurance rates.
7:31:59 PM Flaugher Goal was to get a 4. We may never be better just because of not being a full time fire department, but we will continue to work towards improving.
7:33:23 PM Gulledge Mayor would like to discuss library being built on the north side or the south side of the road. Mayor thought we should wait last week, because it's an important decision. The Board feels the right place for the library is out front. But there are some concerns that the south side will block the visibility of our police station. We need to know where it will set for visibility purposes and the size. We are looking at an outside plan with the dimensions of the building and the parking lots. We know you need to do a soil study. Afraid that until we have the right information we can't make an educational vote.
7:37:29 PM Karanovich As library chairman she believes that is the wise decision. They want to be good stewards of the library money. We will make those decisions on the March 22nd meeting on the dimensions, and then by November we will have a concept map and can make a final decision.
7:42:31 PM Bell Would like you to consider an expansion down the road in your plan.
7:42:53 PM Gulledge Looking for the Library Committee's wish list. Then the Board can see and vote on what the building will look like on the north side and on the south side. After we have that information, we can make a decision.
7:43:38 PM Motil Doesn't think you need to worry about the terms of the lease.
7:43:55 PM Gulledge Library Committee will let the Mayor know the week before, and we can get the Trustees all the information.
7:44:16 PM Gulledge Mayor commented on the questions on Chris Geilers group, and why do they have a different name, KC Companies LLC. Mayor wanted to bring it back to clarify, the first time he came to the Board he didn't own the property. He came back told Flaugher that he had bought the property. We thought he would have to go thru the entire process over again. That was the process that started Monday night. Step one is to get it rezoned from B-2 to MR-2. What we will hear on the 7th of March at 6:30 will be on zoning only, same request from B-2 to MR-2. Then he will have a preliminary plat review. There are several guidelines that go along with that. Then he would need to decide if he conforms to B-2 zoning guidelines or sell it to someone else. Challenging to the Board to send a clear message next week, one way or another.
7:49:56 PM Schmidt Doesn't the developer have a right to continue to come back with a request. There is no limit on requesting hearings.
7:50:46 PM Gulledge He does have the right to continue to come back for a zoning change.
7:53:34 PM Gulledge There being no further business; called for a motion to adjourn. Motion made by Bell, seconded by Schmidt. Roll call vote on the motion: Vallino - yes, Schmidt - yes; Bell - yes; Kostyshock - yes; Garcia - yes; Short - yes. Motion carried.
7:53:58 PM Gulledge Meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted,

Carrie Triplo, Deputy Clerk


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The Village of Maryville